Mac4black is an exploration into the sexual fantasies of a gay male macrophile.  Specifically, I am a GWM who fantasizes about entering a world of giant African-American men.....or, being "shrunk" in size until I am no bigger than a Ken doll -- so that my ebony giant can hold me in the palm of his hand. 

I've been attracted to tall men for a very long time.  I have memories as far back as the 6th or 7th grade in which I would encounter boys or men much taller than me, and I would simply melt in their presence.  When I came to the realization that these feelings came from sexual attraction (and that I was in fact a gay male), my obsession with height began to fuel all of my sexual fantasies.  Amazingly, I had the opportunity to date a very tall man right at the moment I was coming out of the closet.  My first big "crush" happened the day I met a very tall black man.  I was completely enthralled with this kind and gentle brother and loved how he towered over me. Although we were never able to develop a long-term relationship, I'm sure that first experience is what has shaped my attractions and fueled my fantasies ever since.

For years I have aroused myself with fantasies about shrinking to doll size or being in a world of giants.  How exciting it was when I discovered (via the web) that I was not the only gay man with such feelings. 

Welcome to the fantasy world of mac4black!

  I recommend that you leave this site if you are:
  • too young to look at sexual images or read sexually
    explicit stories
  • a racist, or not interested in looking at images of African-American men
  • offended by gay and/or macrophile stories & images
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  • looking for macrophile content that features violence,
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