Hunter: B.M.O.C. (musc AP)

Here's another Hunter story. I loved writing this, because I think it taps into a desire we all have, and also because I have a special affection for the characters in this chapter. Please leave comments, ideas, and questions!


Oh, and P.S. - this is set eight years after Sean's change...

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Neil breathed deeply and, his courage finally in place, called out. “He-he-hey, guys, wanna sign up for the school blood drive?”

The group of baseball players snickered and one looked over with a sneer. “Fuck off, Whale. Shouldn’t you be stuffing your face? It’s lunchtime.”

Neil’s cheeks burned. He didn’t know how word of his nickname, Whale, had spread, but everyone knew it now. He’d always been called it, because he was so fat and his last name was Blue. The Blue Whale.


He heard it again, not sure if the same guy had said it or if he was experiencing an instant replay in his mind. “Fuck off, Whale.”

He heard a deep voice. “Hey! Hey, Travis! I’m talkin’ to you.”

Travis stopped and turned. “What’s up, Hunter?”

“What’s up is that you’re a fucking asshole.”

Travis blushed. He backed down instantly, and Neil couldn’t even believe it. “Nah, man, I…”

“…suck? Yeah, you do, man. Go over and apologize to, uh…”

And then he turned and looked Neil right in the eye.

Neil was breathless. So this was Hunter Hardy up close and personal. Everything Neil had heard about the Big Man on Campus, or seen from far away, was true. How could someone this manly be in high school? He had that big swath of shimmering black hair, like Patrick Dempsey, and his face was beautiful. Two days worth of a dark beard, with smoldering green eyes, thick brows and a pouty, shapely lip. His jaw line looked like it had been sculpted by Michelangelo. And his body, on view in a very tight white t-shirt and cargo shorts, was unbelievable. He had huge muscles, and Neil knew his stats, like everyone in their high school – six-foot-six, 260 pounds. It must all be muscle. It was all magnificent, that was for damn sure – the breadth of his shoulders, the width of his back and barrel chest, the thickness of his calves and the way his head looked almost smaller than his big veiny biceps. How did somebody in high school look like this?

“Hey, dude?”

Neil realized he’d been staring. “Yeah, yeah, sorry. Yeah?”

“What’s your name, bud?”

“It’s Neil. Neil Blue.”

Hunter smiled, a sexy half-smile that made Neil weak at the knees, even though he’d normally only felt this way about girls. But Hunter couldn’t be ignored, could he?

Hunter stared Travis in the eye. “Well, Neil Blue, my friend here owes you an apology. Dontcha, Travis?”

Travis, who was no slouch in the looks or body department himself, was humbled. He stared at the floor. “Sorry. Sorry, Wh-I mean, Neil.”

Hunter swaggered over to the table, then looked over his shoulder at Travis. “So, where do WE sign up for the blood drive, Neil?”

“Oh! Uhhhh, here. Right here. Just your name, age, and ID number.”

“Cool. Got a pen?”

“I, uh…” Neil fumbled. Where the fuck did that pen go? “Yeah, I have one…somewhere…” He picked up pieces of paper.

“It’s cool, man, it’s cool. I’ve got one.”

Hunter scribbled his name – man, even his handwriting was sexy – his age (18), and his number. Then he passed the pen to Travis, who begrudgingly did the same, then passed the pen back to Hunter.

“Thanks for letting us sign up, man. Gotta do our part to better the world, huh, Trav?” Hunter mussed the center fielder’s hair and shoved him back to his waiting posse.

Neil could only size up the most beautiful man he’d ever seen, as Hunter stretched back up to his full height and popped his neck. “Sorry about those douchebags, bro. Hey, I got a question for ya…”

Neil waited, breathlessly, and let Hunter’s deep bass wash over him. But before Hunter could speak, Katie Snow was wrapping her arms around her boyfriend’s thick muscle neck.

“Hey, sweetie!” She kissed his neck. “Whatcha doin’?”

Hunter reached up and rubbed her tiny hands, dwarfed by the catcher’s mitts he had. “Babe! I just signed up for the blood drive. Katie, this is Neil. Neil, Katie.”

Neil expected a cool reception, which is what he always got from hot girls. And Katie Snow was a hot girl. Her softly wavy blonde hair went down to the middle of her tiny back. She was five-foot-ten and a healthy 120 pounds, looking every inch an undiscovered Victoria’s Secret model with an ample bosom and dimples as deep as her boyfriend’s.

But they didn’t just share cute dimples - Katie Snow was also as kind as Hunter.

She warmly extended her hand. “Hi, Neil, nice to meet you.”

Hunter rubbed her arms. “You ready to eat, babe?”

“Uh, YES. I am starving, my God.”

“Let’s go. I’ll talk to you later, Neil! Have a good lunch.”

Neil watched the beautiful people walk away. “You too, guys.”

He slumped in his seat and waited for more people to come.


Neil Blue was a nice guy, but an ugly one. He was dumpy, with a potato nose and pasty, acne-riddled skin, and a kinky blonde afro. He’d had braces, so his teeth were decent, and he had the requisite great personality. People weren’t usually mean at school; incidents like the one at lunch were rare, but he felt like he deserved better friends than the ones he had. They were all nice, but way nerdy, and they didn’t like social activities. Neil managed the swim team, since he didn’t have the body to be a swimmer himself, and he stayed active in clubs. He liked people, but his friends just didn’t.

He hated mirrors. They reminded him of how inferior he was to people like Hunter Hardy and Katie Snow, with their perfect bodies and adorable faces. So when he’d step out of the shower, getting ready for work, he always flinched. He pulled on the red polo and khakis that he wore to Target every week. It wasn’t a great job, but it wasn’t a bad one either. He deserved it, he figured. He wasn’t handsome or talented enough to do anything else.

He figured Hunter was at football right now. Hunter was good at everything. Basketball, track, weightlifting – he was the best at all of them. It was football season at the moment, but his tall, chiseled body was most suited for field events like javelin or long jump, and he rocked at them. State champ every year, along with the additional rings from basketball winning sophomore year and football from junior year. The high school – fuck, the town – worshipped Hunter Hardy.

“That’ll be $18.79, ma’am.”

The woman used her card and Neil bagged her assorted toiletries. She mumbled a quick “thanks,” and scooted off. Neil turned and began scanning the next customer’s items.


It couldn’t be.

Neil knew that deep voice. It had been replaying in his head since lunch. He looked up. And up, and up, and up.


It came out more of a squeak and an actual word.

Hunter smiled the half-smile again. Fuuuuck, he was so hot. “Hey man, how’s it goin’? I didn’t know you worked here.”

“Yeah! I mean, yeah…since November.”

“Cool, cool. My Mom sent me here to get some stuff for my little brothers. Normally, I don’t use too many Pampers and juice boxes.”

Neil laughed. He was funny, too. Was there anything Hunter couldn’t do?

Hunter put his credit card into a tiny hand. “Can you stick the card in the slot, Henry?”

Neil looked down and saw Hunter’s previously unnoticed mini-me. Same dimpled chin, same tan skin and jet-black hair – no stubble yet, obviously – but the boy had broad shoulders and good musculature for such a little kid. He really did look like a cute, baby-faced little Hunter. Neil couldn’t even believe it.

Henry Hardy reached up and put in the credit card, then reached for the stylus before Hunter pulled it out of his grasp. “No, buddy, I gotta sign for that. You can’t reach yet.” He tousled his little brother’s hair, the same way he’d tousled Travis’ earlier in the day.

“He looks just like you.” Neil handed Henry the two bags.

Hunter smiled. “Actually, he and I both look just like my Dad, but thanks. I like to think so. They’re good kids, way better than I ever was.”

“Well, uh, you turned out alright.”

SHIT. That was so stupid. Stupid Neil, stupid! He mentally beat himself across the head.

Hunter grinned, a big grin, the first time Neil had seen all of his gleaming white teeth. “Thanks.”

Change subject, now Neil! NOW. “Uh, how many siblings do you have?”

“Four. Well, it’ll be five soon. My Mom is way pregnant right now, that’s why I’m here instead of her. Practice was cancelled today, so I could help her a little. I’m the oldest, by a lot, then there’s a ten-year gap. Henry here is eight, the twins, Hank and Hugh, are five, and my youngest brother Harrison is two.”

My God, it’s a fucking stud farm, thought Neil. Crazy that their parents didn’t get around to naming one of them Hunk yet. Heh, heh, Hunky Hardy.

“I wish I had a brother,” Neil said. “I’m an only child. But six boys, wow, that’s a lot of testosterone in one house.”

Neil winced internally and made a mental note to kill himself when he got home.

“Wellllll, not yet. I mean, they’re pretty freakin’ young. Thankfully, I’ll be outta the house before it starts to smell kinda bad.” He laughed. It was a musical laugh, melodious and deep.

“Yeah, I guess, man.” Neil felt so comfortable around this guy! “What’s the next one gonna be?”

“Gonna be? Oh, you mean the sex? It’s a boy, of course. Hudson. It’s Mom’s maiden name. I think this’ll be the last one. I’m amazed they never got around to naming one of us Hercules.”

Hunter laughed again. Neil almost blew a load.

“I wanna gooooo, Hunter.” Henry pulled on Hunter’s cargos.

Hunter held up his index finger. “Just a sec.”

Neil wanted to keep interviewing Hunter. He was so interesting. He wanted to see this family and look at how all the boys resembled each other, preceding one another into glorious future hunkdom. If Hunter looked like this, his Dad must be crazy handsome.

“Does your Mom want a girl?”

Hunter nodded. “Oh yeah, so bad, man. I feel for her. It’s gotta be tough with all of us men around. My Dad grew up poor, and he was an only child, so he wanted a big family since he could afford to have one. My parents were 21 when they had me, so I was obviously a mistake…” Some mistake, thought Neil. And that means his Dad is only, what, 39, 40? “…but the gyms really took off when I was ten…” God! Hardy Health Clubs! Of course, why hadn’t he put it together? “…so when they had all the money they needed, they just kinda went at it, I guess. Yeah, man, she really wants a girl. But I like all my bros, personally.”

Neil saw the smile on Henry’s face.

“Hey, Hunter? What was that question you were gonna ask me?”

Hunter looked Neil right in the eye. “Oh yeah. What’s your favorite sport, dude?”

“Oh, uh, I don’t really play…”

“Nah, man, like, if you had one sport you could be KILLER at, what would it be?”

Well, this was easy.

“Swimming. Er, maybe basketball, too.”

“Oh, you like swimming? Basketball?”

“Yeah, love it. I manage the swim teams. But basketball is great, too, I’ve always wanted to play that.”

Hunter cocked his head coolly. “Interesting combo.” Then, he leaned in close, so close that Neil could feel his cool breath. His seductive lips parted right next to Neil’s ear. “Then you’ll be a ballin’ swimmer, Neil. A great one. And you’re gonna loooooove it.”

Neil froze. Did that just really happen?

“Well! Let’s get goin’, huh, little dude?” Hunter picked up Henry in his broad arms. “Time to go help Mom! Good talkin’ with you, Neil.”

“B-b-bye, Hunter. Nice to meet you, Henry.”

Henry waved goodbye and Hunter looked over his shoulder, his All-American features illuminated in the light.

Neil could swear that he saw Hunter wink.

The next day started as normally as any other day. Neil was home alone, as usual; the alarm blared as loud as fuckin’ hell, as usual. He had morning wood, that was actually pretty unusual, but not too strange.

Neil’s bathroom was attached to his bedroom. He stuck his fingers in his thick curls and mussed it while he stumbled in and flipped on the light.


Another guy was in here with him! Jesus! He practically dove out onto his bedroom’s carpet and ran into the hall.

But the guy didn’t follow. Neil was by himself. But…

“Oh my God.”

He was the guy. Why hadn’t he noticed before?

He was skinny. Well, skinnier. He could see his little penis in his sleep-shorts now, because it wasn’t blocked by his belly. His body was still covered by a soft layer of fat, but it wasn’t as bad as it had once been. He touched his face and felt a subtle trace of bone – his jaw! He had a jawline! Not a jawline like a good-looking guy, like Hunter, but still…

He jogged back into the bathroom – he felt so good! He had energy! – and weighed himself.

He had lost ten pounds. That was it? Seemed like a small amount for such noticeable changes.

The water in the shower seemed hotter, and when he shaved, his skin didn’t get irritated. His acne was gone! He hadn’t noticed before, but there it was, beautifully clear skin. Everything was just better.

He grabbed his trusty pair of jean shorts – Neil didn’t have much style – and pulled them on.


The waist of the shorts fit fine; it was the length. They looked like fuckin’ Daisy Dukes. Well, maybe not that bad, but still so unfashionable that even Neil knew something was up. So that was why the weight loss was so minimal – he had grown!

“These usually come to my knees…”

He took off the shorts and put on a pair of baggy sweats and an oversized t-shirt that was now oversized in width only. He waddled down to the garage and grabbed a tape measure, and tried to measure himself.

Well, if he did it right, he was 5-11. Five inches in a night. This isn’t normal at all…

“You look great today, babe.”

Hunter kissed Katie softly on the lips, his stubble brushing against her rosy cheeks. She smiled. “So do you, Mr. December.” She called him that after his birth month. “I love when you wear this green tie, it makes your eyes pop.”

“Yeah, well, when you’re being introduced in front of the whole school, you want to make sure something is popping.”

She sized him up. God, he was gorgeous. Like a movie star. The white shirt and green tie were taut against his rippling chest and tight around his bulging neck, shoulders and arms. They fit him and his musculature perfectly. He looked like young version of his Dad, but sexy, and aware of his beauty. The cuff links, the pinstriped pants, the spit-shined shoes…boy, did she love a well-dressed man…

He saw her staring at him and grinned. “What?”

She bit her lip to stifle a smirk, and batted her eyes. “Nothin’.”

She felt his hands around her waist, pulling her close. She smelled his musky cologne.

Hunter brushed her flowing blonde locks aside and kissed her neck. “You’re not nervous, are you, Miss Homecoming Queen?”

“Of course not!” Her hastiness to answer gave her away. “And I’m not Queen yet.”

His big green eyes stared into her blue ones. “You’re nervous, babe, but don’t be. You look…” He trailed off, and looked at her, deeply. When he stared that intently, it made her nervous. He was so intense sometimes.

“I look what?”

“You look unbelievable. I don’t deserve someone as perfect as you. I can’t believe you picked me.” He meant it, and she knew.

“Well, I can’t believe you picked me, either.”

They kissed, of course. They were so into each other. The Hardy men found mates young and easily.

Hunter briefly opened his eyes, in time to see Neil walking in, oblivious to Hunter’s presence.

He tilted Katie’s chin up and kissed her forehead. “I’ll see you at the Homecoming Court assembly today, Miss February.”


“Neil! Hey, Neil!”

Neil spun to face Hunter. “Did you do this?! Did you make me like this?”

“Do what, dude? You look good today! Nice skin.”

“I…I, I look good because I’m different! I’ve lost ten pounds and I’m, like, five inches taller!”

“How’d you find clothes that fit you so well?”

“They don’t…” Neil looked down. The sweatpants and shirt hung nicely on his frame, hiding the rolls of fat on his wide waist and the fact that he had moobs, not pecs. He looked, well, good. And the clothes did fit well. “Oh God, I’m goin’ fuckin’ crazy.”

Hunter smirked. “Nah, not crazy. You still seem cool to me.”

Neil looked up at Hunter, his eyes wet with tears. “No. No, I’ve never been cool in my life. I’m short, and I’m fat, and I’ve got a nose the size of a Buick.”

“You’re a good guy, dude. You’re nice. THAT is what’s important.”

“No. It’s good to be nice, but nobody will notice you unless you’re…like you. And you…” Neil trailed off. “I’ll never look like you.”

Hunter put his muscled hands on Neil’s sloping, sloppy shoulders. “Come with me, bud. I’ve got something to show you.”

“It’s first hour in a minute, man…I’ll be late.”

“I’ll excuse you.” Hunter grabbed Neil’s hand and started to walk, a gesture that surprised the fat boy.

Falling back, Neil said, “You can do that?”

Hunter’s eyes twinkled. “I own this school, bud.”

They went into the empty pom practice room, a heavily mirrored studio where the cheerleaders and dancers would practice.

The small pane of glass inset in the door was covered by construction paper, to avoid the prying eyes of the male students walking by during cheer practice. Hunter locked the door. It was just him, Neil, and the mirrors.

“What are you…”

“Shhhhhh.” Hunter wordlessly spun Neil to face the mirrors. He could see his profile, his back, his front.

Hunter leaned in close once more, as if telling a secret. “Now tell me…what is the first thing you notice about yourself?”

“I…I just see…everything.”

“No. That would mean you see the big picture instantly, and almost nobody does. There is something you always jump to first. Now, what do you see?

Neil sighed. And then, he started to cry. Big tears rolled down his cheeks and lips, rolling into his mouth and dropping onto the safely padded floor. His lips flapped in and out, expelling air as he silently sobbed.

“My nose. And my fat.”

“Your nose is beautiful. It’s the perfect size, and it’s so straight. Just look at it.”

So Neil looked. And as he watched, he could swear he actually saw his nose get smaller. It seemed to pull in at the center and got narrower, straighter, defined. The bump on the top disappeared, the nostrils got smaller. It really was a beautiful nose – regal, ramrod straight, the perfect width and length.

He was crying, and it made it hard to speak. “I…holy…”

“See? Like a model.”

“But…it wasn’t. It wasn’t like…”

Once again, Hunter silenced him. “Shhhhh.”

Neil stood there, shaking. Sobbing.

“I hate myself, Hunter. I hate myself…”

Hunter spoke softly and steadily, his voice deep in timbre and emotion. “You’re getting taller, Neil.”

Neil could feel it, that tingling sensation, that ache that all boys feel sometime in their lives. Except now, it was more concentrated, more alive. He felt it from the inside out. His ankles were visible, and he could see his big stomach being revealed by the shrinking tee. He got taller, stretching upward. Skyward.

Neil knew he was dreaming. He had to be. He groaned and leaned his head back onto Hunter’s chest, then relaxed his whole body and felt Hunter wrap his strong arms around him, holding up his slumped form.

“Stay with me, Neil. Stay right here.”

Neil opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly, he was overcome with extreme sexual desire, and instead of words, he moaned loudly.

This felt better than anything, better than the best orgasm in the world. His whole body, head to toe, was exploding with pleasure. He tried to ease onto his feet, but slumped back into Hunter, smelling his musky scent.

“Uhhhh…oh! OH! OHHHHH…”

He wiped the stinging sweat from his eyes and pulled on the collar of his shirt. “It’s a dream, it’s a dream…”

Hunter was watching with pride. “It’s not a dream, Neil.”

Neil had a glow to him that had been absent before – the glow of stamina, of joy, of life. His pasty skin was looking quite golden. He realized all at once how tan he was. His pale skin and freckles were gone, replaced with smooth, supple golden silk.

The next thing he knew, his sweatpants were gone, along with his shoes and socks. He stood there in his boxers, tanned and fat, his confused face covered in sweat and tears.

The crying and the sweat had drained him of energy and moisture. He tried to make noise, but raspy syllables were all that came out.

Even his boxers felt tight. He felt movement, a sensation creeping across his skin, and he looked down.

The boxers’ pattern was gone, replaced with a black sheen. The boxer length creeped up his legs, getting shorter and tighter to the point of discomfort. He pulled the fabric out, but it slipped out from his fingers and snapped back into place with a crack. “Ahhh!”

The material hugged his nuts and ass, so tight that he could see the outline of his balls and the head of his dick, which was getting harder every second.

Oh, it was a Speedo. A really, really small one. His fat ass made it look like a Speedo thong.

His tongue rolled out and back in as he tried to get some moisture in his mouth. His thoughts were ahead of his mouth. He didn’t feel dumber, though. In fact, he felt smarter.

He came, explosively, like a fire hose. He had never felt that much leave his body at once. He felt so alive, staring at himself – still fat, but tall and tan, two things he never thought he would be. The white liquid oozed out of his Speedo, down his legs.

“Dude, nasty.” Hunter couldn’t help but laugh.

Big tears rolled down Neil’s blubbering face. Hunter couldn’t tell if he was happy, or in pain.

He finally made a word. “Gooooooooood…”

Another spurt of cum, but this time it felt cooler than before. His dick had wriggled its way out of his Speedo, looking bigger and harder than it had ever before. It was longer. He could see it stretching out, almost expecting it to split open like a snake shedding its skin. But the skin grew with it, the big veins pulsating blood, as precum leaked out of the big pink head. It was a big cock, and his balls were getting bigger too. It felt like his balls were in spin cycle inside his suit, pushing out toward the bottom and dropping lower in their sack. His equipment was massive now, like a porn star’s.

He tried to make another word, but no sound came out. Cum was splattered on the mirror in front of him.

Hunter’s voice was as deep and calm as ever. “You’re gonna need to wear jammers in meets, bro, you’re hung like a horse.”

Neil’s whole body quivered, and finally he made a noise, a noise from the bottom of his soul. It emanated through him, and he roared, screamed, for release. He pushed his man-boobs out and pulled his arms back.


The tendons in his neck pushed out as he leaned his head back, screaming, and came again. Man, ever since his balls had gotten so big, his voice sounded a lot deeper.

He heard a sharp crack in his feet and yelped, more in surprise than pain. He was a hairy kid, but when he looked, his feet were hairless. The veins in them seemed to bulge out, and another sharp crack sounded out. “Ahhh…ahhh…” His toes popped and his feet stretched out longer, wider. Every tendon reformed, standing out, until his feet were thickly muscled. They fit his new six-four frame much better than his former size 8s.

His heart was racing faster than his head. It felt like it was going to pop out of his chest.

His fingers popped just like his toes, the knuckles shook and then reformed as his palms got bigger and bigger. He clenched his fists and opened them once more. His hands were suddenly bigger, wider. They didn’t even look in proportion to his new height. His feet and his hands, he realized, could be used a lot like flippers.

He came again. He was trying to control himself, especially in front of Hunter, but either this was real life or the most realistic lucid dream ever. His right leg was coated in cum, like the mirror in front of it. He tried to wipe some off, and noticed his legs were smooth, really smooth.

No hair.

It crossed his mind right as he saw his calves bulge out in one thick blast, sending muscle out on both sides of his leg. His thighs began to thicken, the hamstrings and quadriceps tightening and defining. The fat was gone. His thighs weren’t dimply anymore, they were tightly muscled, smooth and glistening with golden sweat and cum. His ass had shrank into a pert little shelf, holding up the low-hanging Speedo, exposing a slight hairless crack at the top.


It was an exclamation of realization and of acceptance. His voice sounded even deeper now, resonant, confident. It sounded, he noted, a lot like Hunter’s.

His shoulders cramped, and suddenly his shirt felt so tight. He pulled the collar and heard a rip. He shook his head from side to side, trying to negate the cramping from the rapid muscle growth in his neck and shoulders. His neck didn’t feel flabby anymore, and when he watched, it actually thickened, growing wider. He suddenly had a very sharp jawline.

But the real growth was occurring in Neil’s shoulders, which grew wider with every breath he managed to inhale. As they grew out side to side, they also enlarged front to back, the traps and delts swallowing his fat and bones and becoming enormously muscled. His neck was longer than it was before, and he projected a newfound regality due to his beautifully long and chiseled limbs. As his back and shoulders became wide and looming, his waist shrank in appearance. The folds of fat began to smooth over and tighten. Neil bent over and sucked in air through his teeth as he felt his belly disappear. He pulled the edge of his shirt over his head, leaving it hugging his shoulders while his front was bared. He stretched up and saw the abs pop out, one at a time, until there were eight (ten?) They were hugged by a cradle of muscle all around them, dipping into blazingly sharp obliques that led down to the waistband of his Speedo, pushed so low that Neil could see the very top of where his genitalia began. He didn’t have pubes anymore, or a treasure trail, or any hair on his chest and arms; just shimmering gold skin caked with sweat. He had a stomach as flat and ripped as a washboard, each muscle slightly uneven like an old cobblestone road.

Hunter repeated an old adage. “Wow, Neil, you look great so far.”

Neil heard the last two words and came again.

“Damn, Neil, what is that, like a hundred times already? You’re gonna be killer in the sack.”

Neil spun around and faced Hunter, his eyes wild. He shook his head. “Stop…stop saying stuff like that…I can’t hold it in…too tired. So. Tired.” When he spoke, his voice sounded wheezy and dry. It was rough…sexy?

Hunter laughed and Neil began to cum again at the sound of it. He ran his hands up and down his bare stomach, feeling the tight muscles – every indentation, every carved mound and valley. His nipples looked bigger, and less puffy. He felt his spine straighten and his posture improved instantly, as the muscles around his spine grew out to counterbalance his barreling chest. His back got even wider than before, as his chest burst outward, and in one quick spurt, his shirt exploded off his shoulders, sending cotton shreds all over the room. He felt the side of his pecs push against the leftover flab in his arms, as his nipples shifted to point straight downward. The pectorals were solid muscle, corked with beautiful nipples. They got more cut and square, until they had a beautiful overhang toward his abs.

Neil’s mouth hung open, panting and dry as a bone. He reached his long arms out to the side, showing off his amazing wingspan, and then grimaced and threw his arms back. His elbows stuck up and his hands clawed his aching shoulders. He felt the fat in his arms harden as it pressed against his face, then felt the biceps literally sprout from the coffin of fat surrounding them. They got bigger, stronger, as they and his delts pushed against his face harder and harder.

His large hands looked suddenly more proportioned as his forearms reformed into bigger instruments, the striated muscle popping out with the hairless skin. He stuck his hands under his smooth underarms and felt the pecs and biceps pushing against them as they grew even bigger.

His face had a smear of dark-blonde stubble on it, despite his shaving that morning. They were beautiful whiskers, silky and thick, but not yet a beard. His mouth became fuller, the Cupid’s bow of his pouty lips deepening. He felt a pushing on the front of his jaw as his chin jutted out from his muscled neck, then a sharp crack as his jaw flared out to the sides. The tight skin hugged the angles of his chiseled jawline as he moved his head. His eyes became an ice-blue, so light and sparkling that he wondered if it was even possible for eyes to naturally be that color. It looked like pool water shimmering from his deep eye-sockets, peering out from a thick blonde brow, still knotted in confusion and slight fear. His head was literally growing bigger, elongating and losing its roundness, as the fat was chiseled away to reveal beautiful bone structure. Even his ears got smaller and less pronounced. His hair lost its kinky curl and fell around his face in waves, then shortened and pulled into a carefully disheveled shag, about two inches long. It was a beautiful blonde shade, slightly bleached from excessive chlorine submersion.

“It’s over, bud.” Hunter stood in the shadows, looking at the new Neil.

Neil’s muscled chest heaved up and down. His eyes were practically popping out of his head as he stared at the image in front of him – the power of his height and weight, the fullness of every muscle, the masculine beauty of his face. He looked like he belonged in a Dolce and Gabbana campaign, or a soap opera.

Or an Olympic pool.

“Yessir, six-four and 205 pounds. Size 14 feet, damn. Pretty decent stats, huh, dude?” Hunter smacked Neil’s tight Speedo-clad ass. “Y’know, I was going to do it over a week or so, but I’ve just never been a patient guy.”

Neil’s deep voice came out as a raspy whisper. It was all he could manage. “L-look. Look…at me.”

Tears rolled down his chiseled cheekbones and into his whiskers. He could only manage one more word, more of a squeak than anything.



The tears kept flowing. Neil couldn’t stop touching himself. His abs, his chest, his cock… “No, it was you. It was you. Are you God?”

Hunter laughed. “I sure as hell hope not, or else we’re all fucked. But I don’t have any explanation better than that. I’m just…some kind of middleman. I just want to help a nice guy.”

“Me. That’s me,” Neil wheezed out. It was more of a realization than a question.

He threw his long arms around Hunter and kissed his cheek. “Thank you! Thank you, thank you…oh, God…thank you so much.”

And he sobbed, big choking sobs wracking his beautiful frame, tears rolling from his eyes onto Hunter’s white shirt.

Hunter put his hand on Neil’s head and held him close. “Don’t thank me. You earned it, because you were beautiful on the inside. You never felt sorry for yourself.”

Neil laughed between his sobs. “Yeah, actually, I did a lot.”

“Well, you didn’t let it come across.” Hunter grinned. “You ready for that homecoming assembly?”

“You bet your ass I’ll be voting for you and Katie.”

“Vote for Katie, damn right, but cast one for yourself, bro. You’re on Court too.”

“But I’m not…”

“…popular? Trust me, you are now. Every girl in school wants to fuck you. Look at yourself, man. You’re hot. Hotter than hot. You’ve got a face like Robert Redford or something, and check out that bod.” Hunter shook Neil’s big shoulders. “You’re built for the Olympics, dude! You’ve got a wingspan like a fuckin’ albatross, and your hands and feet are like flippers. You’re gonna be more comfortable in the pool than out of it.”

“I’m popular. I’m popular and I’m pretty. And talented.” Neil spoke the words in a daze, not believing it.

“Close your eyes, Neil.”

Entirely trusting, Neil shut them.


Neil now stood in a locker room shower and Hunter was on the other side of the tile arch. He reached in and flipped on the lever, and the warm water cascaded down Neil’s now-nude body, washing off the cum and sweat.

Neil rubbed his body with soap. “How did you…”

Hunter gave him a withering glance. “Dude.”

Neil chortled. “Right.”

Hunter walked to an open locker as Neil thoroughly cleaned himself. “Favorite color, man?”

“I dunno…blue?”

Hunter pulled out an ice-blue shirt, the same color as Neil’s eyes, and a speckled red tie. He tossed them onto a bench by the shower area, along with a pair of 2-xist briefs and some black pinstriped pants. “When you’re done, put these on.” He turned away as Neil finished.

Neil looked at Hunter’s wide back and small waist, the way his considerable weight shifted from leg to leg, the way that the muscle was visible even when hidden by designer duds. “Look at my body, Hunter.” It wasn’t a sexual offer, but an amazed observation. Neil couldn’t stop staring at his golden, hairless muscles.

“Don’t need to, bud. I have my own bod to look at.”

There were a few moments of silence.

Neil slipped on the briefs, which barely encased his big dick, and then pulled the pants over them. They were snug, and rubbed against his large thighs and ass before becoming looser below the knee. “Safe.”

Hunter turned around to see Neil buttoning up his shirt. It was as snug as the pants, tight enough to show every abdominal muscle and the beautiful strength of his shoulders and chest.

He admired his handiwork. “You look great, man.”

“Hunter, I don’t know how to tie a tie.”

“C’mere. Didn’t your Dad ever teach you?”

“My Dad died before I needed to know.”

Hunter slipped the tie around itself and began to knot. Neil could swear, when he mentioned his father’s passing, that Hunter’s eyes glistened. Was it sadness or inspiration?

“I’m sorry, dude. Didn’t know.”

He pushed the knot up, then unbuttoned Neil’s top button and loosened the tie slightly, giving the formal outfit a slightly more casual quality. Beautiful black leather shoes were on Neil’s big feet.

For the first time, they stared each other in the eye. Hunter spoke first. “Ever miss him?”

“All the time, because I…” He trailed off, and once again to silently cry.

“Because what?”

“Because I didn’t think I’d ever be able to take care of her like he did.”

“Neil.” Hunter slipped into older brother mode, his green eyes sparkling with admiration. “You would’ve been able to anyway. And now, you’ll definitely be able to. She will be so proud of you. She is proud of you.”

“I hope so.”

Hunter put his arm around his friend and they walked into the corridors of the school.

“Get your ass to class, bro. Two minutes until first hour.”

Neil looked at the clock. It was the exact same time as it had been when Hunter had led him to the cheer studio.

Neil rubbed his tear-stained eyes and began to laugh. “Hunter, I’m not even gonna ask.”

Hunter broke into a full-tilt smile. “Good. Don’t.” There was a pause before he added: “Whale.”

Before Neil could correct him, he realized it was a fitting nickname. He was Neil Blue, large and in charge, with a beautiful, magnificent serenity. People respected and admired him at once. He was kind, not vengeful. And, in the pool, he had the same comfort level as any denizen of the deep.

He looked back at Hunter and lightly punched his rock-hard stomach. “Whale. I get it! God, you’re fuckin’ brilliant.”

“See ya at the assembly.” Hunter gave Neil an affectionate shove into his classroom, as Neil managed a final “thank you.”

Hunter loosened his own tie and rolled up his sleeves as he strolled to class. He flipped out his phone and sent a text to Katie.

He stopped for a second, outside of his classroom, and thought. Then, he found Neil’s number in his phone, and fired off a quick message.

“B4 I 4get – let’s workout after school 2day at my Dad’s gym. Cool?”

He waited, and then his phone vibrated. One new message – Neil the Whale.

“MOS DEF. Thank you. Thank you so much.”

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