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Download the Evolution Archive--This is where all the muscle growth stories of up to March 2007 can be found. [31MB]

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Building Walls 3: Danny Boy with buff cj
Darren pays his brother Danny a visit.
Daze of Our Lives: 1 | 2 with sneakerCA (mm hypno celeb fet)
The DiMeras launch their most insidious plot against the Bradys yet.
Detention (mm hypno oral anal inc hs)
Five jocks spend their Saturday morning at detention.
Dominating Dominic (tt hypno hs anal auth)
A high school wrestler being tutored gets schooled instead.
Homme Improvement (mm hypno oral)
Lou hypnotizes his neighbor's boyfriend, Garrett.
Hypnohunk (hypno musc)
Keith undergoes a special orientation program.
Hypped to be Square: 1 | 2 w/ buffster67 and Thom21 (mm hypno)
The revenge of the nerds.
Jockboy (hypno musc hs)
A jockboy is born. Based on two roleplays.
On the Count of Three... (mm coll hypno)
Rick has his friend Carl hypnotize his roommate Bruce.
Out of the Blue (mm hypno celeb ft)
Justin Timberlake needs some help get over his break-up with Britney.
Pizza Boy with jockmorphr (tt hypno)
Chip makes the mistake of pissing off the pizza boy, who has his own nefarious plans.
Room Service: A Walker to Remember (mm hypno celeb anal oral)
Randy can't believe Paul Walker is staying over in the hotel he works in.
S.I.M.O.N. Says (mc)
Simon Muldaur has a talk with his therapist.
Snuffy (mt med hypno oral)
A small town country doctor examines one of his father's former patients who's all grown up. Now in Italian!
Sweet Revenge with sunfiregod (mm coll oral anal humil hypno)
College athlete Jim's photo shoot is not what he expected it to be. Winner of the 2004/2005 EroticGayHypnosis contest.
What's that Smell? (hypno smoking gainer)
Harry wonders what his roommate Roald is doing in their room.

Muscle Growth & Transformation

B2B: Brother to Brother (tt body swap incest anal oral)
Dan seeks revenge on his homophobic jock brother Frank by switching the tables on him with a little help from the Net.
The Biker Bar (mm musc smoking oral anal)
An out-of-work, out-of-shape, out-of-luck guy finds a new life. Based on a roleplay for will88nh.
The Curse w/ muscl4life (mm musc oral anal)
Is there such a thing as too big?
Brett's UN-Lucky Jock Part 2 with jockmorphr (mm nc humil muscle theft)
The second chapter of Brett's humiliation.
Eat Your Vegetables (So That You Could Grow Up Bring and Strong): A Formula Story (mt musc AP oral anal incest)
Father and son Lou and Bryant experience a strange reaction from eating some vegetables grown using a fertilizer developed by a certain scientist.
The Formula (mm coll musc anal oral)
During his grad school days, a scientist tests his muscle growth formula on an unsuspecting roommate.
The High School Science Project (scifi musc)
When Alan met Jimmy
In the A.R.M.Y. Now (mm musc mc ASFR)
Nick gets recruited into the A.R.M.Y. Based on a role play by rexx9476 and kyan.
Max Biggermen series w/ Alyn Roze (mm musc mc ap ar tf cockgrowth oral anal)
Bad cop Sgt. Max Biggermen begins doing some good.
The Minos Touch (fant tf cb)
Superman locks horns with King Minos.
Midnight Muscle (mm musc oral)
An Olympic-sized Sidney shows up on Bill's doorstep in the middle of the night. Based on a role play by built_spill and sizzlep2000.
A Muscleman Monologue: A Formula Story (musc bond nc)
Rex Henderson submits himself to a experiment with stimulating results. Taken from first person point of view.
Shrinking Shawn (mm coll shrink oral)
Wes has had his eye on his basketball teammate Shawn for the longest time and decides to do something about it (while having some fun in the process).
Smoke Kin (tt AP musc smoking)
Two cousins sneak downstairs to try smoking cigars for the first time.
There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch with jockmorphr (mm musc cockgrowth inflation)
The best things in life are free. Or are they? Based on three role plays rolled into one story.
You Need Some Meat on Your Bones (mm mc musc)
Based on a story by jerkinagain.


Brody Double (mm bond nc oral)
Tom Brody is kidnapped by someone from his past

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