Hunter: R.S.V.P. (musc ap)

I've found storylines that I enjoy and am just having fun now! What more can I say? I love writing about Hunter, Neil, Katie and Mel; they seem like real people to me now. Never before have I felt like I know my characters personally.

I hope everyone enjoys reading this one, please, as usual, let me know what you want to read in the future. The more details, the better.

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The Golden Couple.

That’s what the media called them, Neil and Mel: Mr. and Mrs. Gold. After their victories in the NYC Olympics, the endorsement deals had been plentiful, and they got more swag than Midas from their success. Neil had won six golds at the Games; Mel, three – very impressive for a gymnast - a team gold, an all-around medal and a victory on the individual floor. She also threw in two silvers on beam and bars.

Even for people with bodies as perfect as theirs – and there weren’t many – Neil and Mel appeared naked or close to it a lot. Naked, kinda, on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Wearing skimpy Speedos in a spread for Harper’s Bazaar. Mel wore her medals as a makeshift bikini for the cover of Cosmo, Neil draped his in his large lap for Men’s Health, and they used the same device together for Esquire.

The fashion industry loved Mel, despite her smaller stature. Her smoldering Eastern European face, with its large, dark eyes and perfect nose, made her a magazine cover girl the world over. Neil was a guy’s guy, blond and buff and cute in an Abercrombie way. Throw a tailored suit and some stubble on him for GQ and he looked fantastic, shave him and put him on the cover of Best Life in his board shorts and he was still handsome in a completely different way.

Before they knew it, they were the most powerful, glamorous couple in sports, rivaled only by Posh and Becks and their own best friends, Hunter and Katie. And since those two couples each only had one sporting member, it became clear that, for sheer athletic talent, Neil and Mel were unbeatable.

That’s why, when they wanted to go out, they had to get the restaurant to shut down for them. Otherwise, they’d cause a riot – not like they didn’t anyway.

“Make way! Move! MOVE.” Both Neil and Mel had bodyguards, two hulking African-American men who made Hunter and Sean look (almost) small. With considerable force, they hacked their way through a forest of paparazzi and fans. “MOOOOVE!”

A two-foot gap appeared in the clamoring throng. Neil opened the door and stood strategically close to his girlfriend as he helped Mel exit, to avoid lenses up her small black dress.

They signed as much as they could before the crowd started getting too aggressive. Neil always remembered where he’d come from, after all.

Neil’s hand wrapped completely around Mel’s as he led her into the restaurant. The floor had been cleared of all but one table, immaculately set. The shades of the establishment’s large windows were all drawn, and no prying eyes could peek in, even if they tried.

Neil pulled out the chair for Mel, who sat, and then took his seat across from her. She put her left hand on the table and he took it, lightly rubbing his thumb over her ring finger and staring into her eyes.

She blushed and couldn’t help but giggle. Those big blue eyes, even bluer against his powder-blue dress shirt. “Whaaaat?”

“I just love you so damn much.”

“Oh, baby-“ There was a flash in her eyes, suddenly, as if she’d meant to say something else. “I love you too. So, so much. Happy Birthday.”

Neil smiled and they leaned in for a kiss over the table. He put one of his hands on her face as they locked lips and she swore could feel his pulse racing. His hands were hot.

They placed their orders. The food was brought out along with two flutes of champagne.

Mel laughed. “I didn’t order any champ-“

Neil handed her a flute and she saw a huge diamond ring in the bottom, amid the bubbles.

“What is this?” She smiled for a second, almost a twitch, looked into his eyes and then back at the ring. “Neil?”

“Baby…” His voice was low and calm, not betraying his nerves.

Neil got down on a knee and Mel burst into happy tears.

“Mirela Szabo, will you marry me and give a man the best birthday present he could have?”

He took the glass from her trembling hand and picked out the ring.

“YES. Yes, of course! I will marry you. I love you.”

The ring was on her finger.

He stood up, and when she looked up at him she could see how tall and beautiful he truly was. He bent down and kissed her hard, passionately, and the restaurant staff clapped excitedly.

Mel stood and smiled her white smile. “Thank you so much, everybody. Thank you, truly, for helping out with his birthday and with, well, the surprise he had for me.” She laughed and smiled. “Can I have a moment with my fiancé?”

The staff smiled collectively and retreated into the kitchen, some still clapping.

“Gonna drink your champagne, honey?” Neil – and his nerves – had already downed his whole serving.

She walked around and sat down on his lap. “About that…”

“Yeah?” He nuzzled her shoulder with his head and nibbled, lightly.

“I have a surprise for you too, Neil.”

Her hands wandered down toward his lap and he thought, for a split second, he was about to get a good ol’-fashioned handjob. Instead, she took one large, veiny hand and placed it on her belly.

There was a long silence. The nibbling stopped.

“I’m glad you asked me to marry you.”

No response.

“Neil, I’m pregnant.” She reached down and, this time, took his face in HER hands. “We’re pregnant.”

Tears involuntarily welled up in his deep blue eyes. “Really? Are you really?”

For a man who was so emotionally bare, she for once could not tell if he was happy or upset.

“Yes.” Her voice was higher-pitched, gentle and careful. “You’re a husband AND a father.”

“Oh my God.” He started laughing and she relaxed. “Oh my God! I’m gonna be a Dad! And you’re gonna be a Mom!” He shook his head. “I can’t even believe it! This really is the best birthday ever.”

She laughed. “Look at you! You’re like a little boy.”

“When did you figure it out?”

“Yesterday. I was late so I bought a test and took it while you were at the pool.”

“God. I just…a baby! Our baby. You’re going to be the best Mom.” He rubbed her still-flat stomach and kissed her again.

“Well, you’re going to be the best Dad, babe. I think you were born to be a Dad. You’re so kind and attentive…” She ran her hands through his silky blond hair. “I just love you.

“Will you be showing next month?”

“I doubt it.”

“Let’s get married next month.” He kissed her. “We can afford to throw a big white wedding in a month. I want your whole family here, I want it to be everything you want.”

“It will be.” She smiled. “Buuuuut…I don’t know if I can wear full-on white.”

They laughed together and she went back to her seat to eat, her still-stunningly svelte frame hugged by her little black dress.

“Can I tell the other two?”

“I’ll tell Katie, you tell Hunter.”

An urgent thought popped into Neil’s head. “Okay. You know he’s going to freak.”

They both laughed, Mel especially. “Oh, I know.”


“Are you serious? Are you fucking serious, dude?” Hunter stared, open-mouthed, at a beaming Neil.

“Dead serious, man. I proposed and she said yes, and then bam, she said was pregnant.”

“Isn’t it usually the other way around? I’m pregnant, oh shit, let’s get married?”

They laughed. “Yeah, it looks shotgun,” Neil admitted. “And it’s not! I swear.”

“No, I know, it’s just what happens when you’re fucking six or seven times a day.” Hunter laughed.

“Hey, we’re both athletes.” Neil leaned back and grinned. “We’ve got a lot of hormones.”

“Don’t talk to me about hormones, bud, I’m a fuckin’ quarterback. AND I’m gonna have to leave campus for the wedding, which will freak the coaches out. I’m gonna have to have Aaron arrange a flight for me.”

“I’m sorry, dude.” He leaned forward with urgency. “But I have a question for you.”


“This…OUR baby…what’s it going to look like?”

Hunter raised one of his shapely brows. “Uh…you? Mel? Probably a combination of the two?”

Which me?”

“Oh, God.” Hunter leaned forward to match Neil’s body language. “Okay, I get you.”

“I can’t consciously bring a child into this world knowing it looks like I used to, before you…helped me. Changed me. I can’t and I won’t. I-I-I just…what about the nose? And I was s-so fat! And-”

“NEIL. Neil, you’re stuttering.”

“Sorry. Sorry.”

“The baby’s going to be gorgeous just like you and Mel. There is no Old You. Old You never existed in any way except in the memories of the two of us.”

“Oh, God.” Neil swallowed and shut his eyes. “I’m not gonna cry this time. I told myself I wouldn’t, and I won’t.”

They made intense eye contact.

“You’re gonna be the best Dad, Neil. In fact, you should talk to mine. He had…” Hunter trailed off for a second, lost in thought, before he continued. “…he had me when he was 21, too.”

“I know. I’m going to call him, definitely.”

There was a long pause as each sipped a light beer. Neil spoke again. “But, about the wedding, there’s going to be a guest there that I wanted to give you a head’s up about…”

Hunter’s ears pricked up. “Oh yeah?”


“You, Mrs. Blue, look spectacular.”

Mel looked over her shoulder at Katie. “Thanks, Kate.”

“The dress is perfect, and I’m jealous that your tummy is still so flat. You’re going to have the smallest baby ever.”

Mel stood still as her attendants adjusted the train and fabric around her. “Don’t say that!” She laughed. “I’m guessing it’s actually gonna be pretty big, like Neil. I would love to have another Neil in my life.”

“Boy, I knew that feeling until I met the rest of Hunter’s family.” Katie grinned and Mel laughed again. “Yeah, all eighteen of them! Kudos to Sean and Wendy, I don’t think I could do it. Anyway, it’s not completely flat anymore. I’ve got a pretty decent bump going. The dress just fits well.”

“Neil’s gonna start to cry when those doors open and he sees you.” Katie picked up the extravagant bouquet and placed it in Mel’s small hands.

“Doubt it. He can keep it together when he needs to. I love how he’s in touch with his sensitive side.”

“I know you do, and I do too. He’s a great guy, Mel.” Katie spun her best friend around and held her wrists. “I love you, Mel, and you and Neil are going to be an incredible couple, and amazing parents.”

“Oh, Kate.” Mel smiled. “If I could hug you without messing up my hair, I would.”

Both women laughed, and Katie swept a wavy tendril of hair behind Mel’s ear.

“This is it, Mel.”

Mel closed her eyes and breathed, then exhaled. “Where’s my Mom?”

“She’s waiting in the hall. I’ll get her for you and then I’m going to line up to go in. You ready?”

“Oh yeah.”


Two hours later, the reception halls were packed with family and friends. The masses of Hardys were impossible to miss - Sean, Wendy, Hunter and his fiancée, Henry, Hank and Hugh, Harrison, Hudson. The youngest, and only girl, Hayley, was cradled in Sean’s strong arms, fast asleep. The youngest two boys surrounded him, infatuated by their baby sister, who was only a few months old.

Hunter took a sip of champagne and deftly held it above the reaching arms of the twins. “You’ll be drinking this over my dead body, guys.”

He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around to see the groom, magnificent in his fitted Dior tux. “Beautiful toast, Mr. Bond,” Neil grinned.

“The best man gives the best toast, it’s a rule. Everyone’s been saying I look like James Bond, what’s up with that?” Hunter put his arm around his friend.

“What’s up is that you look like James Bond. You’ve got the tailored tux and the big silver watch and all that black hair.” Hunter laughed and thought back to that fateful day when he was 10. “But that toast, man,” Neil continued. “You were trying to make me cry, you sonuvabitch.” Neil patted Hunter’s shoulder.

“Maaaaybe I was. I should’ve known that you wouldn’t turn on the waterworks in front of your wife and all the family.”

“I cried in front of like two billion people when I got my sixth gold, so what’re a few in-laws?” Neil grinned, paused and looked over at a banquet table. “That’s my cousin over there, the one I was telling you about.”

Hunter looked over to see a kid in a cheap suit. He wasn’t fat, but he was pear-shaped and his ass spilled out a little over the edges of the chair in which he was sitting. His face was round and freckled and he had thin, silky auburn hair.

“Oh, okay, yeah. What was his name?”

“Stone. Stone Morrison.”

“You’re kidding me.”

“Not at all. He’s eleven, my Aunt Rita adopted him because she wasn’t married and couldn’t have kids anyway. I think she should’ve taken the biological hint because she’s a horrible mother. She wanted a baby because all of her friends had them, not because she was ready to be a mother. She’s too self-centered to care for anybody else.”

“Every family has one, I guess.”

“Your family does too?”

“Well…no. But still. I mean, dude, she named him Stone?”

“I want you to help him.” Neil cleared his throat and looked at the floor, briefly, before moving his head back up to look Hunter in the eye. “He’s gonna wind up like I was. He even kind of looks like I did when I was eleven, fat and dead inside.”

“You were never dead inside. You were just slowly suffocating.”

“Yeah. Man, I want him to have this.” Neil motioned to the packed hall, full of happiness and laughter. He looked at his new bride, her strapless gown fitting her perfect form like a glove. She was laughing with her Dad. Neil loved watching her laugh. “I don’t think he’s going to be able to come close unless…”

“I’ll do what I can.” Hunter watched Stone pick over a slice of wedding cake that his Mom had brought over before she swept away.

“He loves football, by the way. He’s been wanting to meet you for a while.”

“Does he play?”

“Nope. Pretty severe asthma.”

Hunter stared, longer, at Stone. “Hey guys, Hank and Hugh?” The twins ran over to their oldest brother. “Go talk to Stone over there, he’s Neil’s cousin and he’s been by himself for a little while.”

“Mmmmmkay.” The twins walked off to work the Hardy charm.

“What should I do, Neil?”

Neil shrugged and sipped a glass of champagne. “You’re 2-for-2 so far.”

“Actually, I’m…” Hunter stopped. Nobody would ever know about Sean, and he wasn’t going to bother explaining where he’d found Aaron, who was looking as metro and polished as ever and was, at that moment, aggressively flirting with a sexy bridesmaid. “Wait, you’re right. 2 for 2.”

Mel motioned Neil over. “I trust you, man.” Neil gave Hunter another slap on the back and headed over to his wife.

Hunter chuckled and shook his head. “I don’t know why.”

He heard the words “he’s my brother” and looked over to see the twins pointing at him. Walking over, he saw Stone’s face light up. “Hey, buddy.” He extended his hand and smiled his winning smile.

“Hi!” Stone met Hunter’s grip. “I’m Stone.”

“Neil was telling me about you.” Hunter pulled a chair out and eased his large frame into it. The twins walked off.

“Was he really?”

“Yeah, of course. Says you’re a great kid.”

“Wow! He was talking about me. To you! I love watching your games.”

“Thanks, bud.”

“I wish I saw him more. Neil’s so cool.”

“He is a pretty cool guy, you’re right. He wasn’t always completely cool, though, y’know?”


“Everyone has their awkward stage.” Hunter leaned in and rested his elbow on the table. “Remember that story The Ugly Duckling?” Stone nodded. “Well, Neil became the swan. You will, too. It’s in your blood, Stone.”

“We’re not actually related, though. I’m adopted.” Stone fidgeted slightly.

“Doesn’t matter. I think you’re going to grow up nicely, buddy. Where’s your Mom?”

“She’s over there,” Stone spat. “I dunno what she’s doing.”

“You sound mad at her.”

“We got in a fight in the car.”

Wow, he was an open kid. Poor guy probably didn’t have anybody to talk to, Hunter reasoned.

He put his arm around the boy, paternally. “What happened, Stone?”

“She doesn’t want me to play football. My asthma’s getting better but she says I’m not in good shape and that kids will pick on me.”

Hunter could practically feel his heart break.

“Your Mom probably knows better than me, but I think if you can do it medically, go for it.”

“Maybe I could wind up being like you one day!”

“I’ll bet so, Stone. I’d bet on it.”

Hunter stood and took Stone’s empty cake plate. “I’ll throw this away for you.”

Hunter could do his work wherever, even in public, but he never felt comfortable doing that. With Sean and Neil, it had been one-on-one, and since Neil was in on the secret already, it was okay making his stalker into a cop in front of him. Aaron had been all by himself. Public changes just felt…wrong.

So when Stone meandered into men’s room, Hunter was in hot pursuit.

As Hunter shut the door, he could see Stone’s wide frame stuffed into one of the urinal stalls. He went over and stood in another urinal, pretending to take a piss.

Following the guy code, neither spoke. Stone zipped up, flushed and walked over to the sink. Hunter stood, silent, watching.

Stone slightly adjusted his jacket. It felt too tight in the shoulders and across the back, like how his clothes felt when his Mom shrank them in the wash.

He reached out to turn on the faucet and saw his arms shoot out past his sleeves, a good inch-and-a-half. When he looked down, he could see bare legs sticking out of his suit pants.

He heard Hunter’s fly zip up, so he could talk now. “Hey, Mr. Hardy?”

Stone felt more stretching, more tightness. When Hunter replied – “Call me Hunter” – it sounded like he was underwater, as if Stone’s brain was pressing against the inside of his head.

“How fast are growth spurts?”

“When you wind up being my height, they’re pretty fast.” Hunter feigned ignorance. “Why do you ask?”

“Because…” Stone felt his jacket press against his body and suit pants push out. He looked in the mirror and saw how comically small his suit looked. “…I think I’m having one right now.”

“I would say. Look how your suit doesn’t fit.” Once again, Hunter’s voice didn’t sound close.

Stone rolled his shoulders forward and back and heard the inside seams pop. “Hunter, I feel weird.”

“It’s alright, Stone. It’ll be over soon.”

“How soon?” Stone shifted uncomfortably and, all at once, sprouted. He bent forward and felt his spine push up against his neck and then his neck elongate as well, as his skeleton came into proportion within him.

He started to panic as soon as the seams of the jacket began to pop. He self-consciously tried to pull his shirt over the stretching rolls of fat, but all he did was rip the white fabric.

“I…I don’t think this is normal anymore.” He turned to face Hunter, who was watching silently, arms crossed and head slightly tilted, like an artist observing his work. “This is weird, Hunter! Help!”

“Just relax.”

“I can’t!” Stone’s voice cracked and he clutched his throat. “Help!”

He ran forward and darted past Hunter’s imposing frame. But when he pulled on the door, it didn’t open, even though there was no lock. In fact, when he looked, it was like there was just a handle on a wall – not even a crack.

“What the…” Stone pulled again. “There was a door here! I swear!” His voice had that tinge to it that all adolescent boys know well.

“Let me out!” He turned to Hunter and screamed.

“Calm down.”

Stone rushed at him and Hunter wrapped his big arms around the burgeoning teen’s body. “Cool it, Stone.” The kid was a foot taller now – six-foot-one – but not used to his new size. He thrashed and cried, but Hunter easily held him fast.

Stone screamed into Hunter’s shoulder as he felt his body blow out of the suit. He balled his fists and punched at the air.

Hunter felt Stone bite his jacket and scream more. The shreds of the suit started to fall off as Stone’s growing body became more visible. The folds began to straighten out as his body turned fat into muscle.

Stone stumbled back and pulled at the constricting fabric until he wore nothing but a pair of shredded white briefs. He looked at his body hardening. He wasn’t getting any smaller anywhere, in fact, he was blowing out, getting so big.

“This is like the Hulk! I’m…” He felt another spurt hit and his muscles took on new form, deep cuts appearing between his abs, pecs forming fast. “I’m…swole.”

“Swole, huh?” Hunter smirked.

“I feel like my brain’s growing, too. I feel smarter.”

“That’s what happens when you grow up.”

“Yeah, yeah…grow up…” Stone watched his body bulge outwards. “…that’s what I’m doing. I’m growing up.”

It looked like a kielbasa and a sock with two rocks in it had been stuffed into his tightie-whities. He adjusted his stance and felt his ass tighten up, losing the body shape he’d had since he’d started puberty. His shoulders were wider than his waist now, and growing outward quickly. Their slope became broad and straight and he reached up to feel the big ball of muscle growing outward from his neck.

“This is called the trap, isn’t it?” He massaged the muscles on both side of his neck, as if someone had slipped baseballs under his skin. They were huge now, looking like they were going to swallow his thick neck.


“God, how do I know that? And these, these are my deltoids…my delts.” They were like bowling balls, and as hard as them, too. He was very broad-shouldered, this Stone Morrison.

“My biceps, my forearms.” He ticked them off in his head as they grew, as his biceps grew as thick and wide as his delts so that it was impossible to see where one ended and the other began. “20 inches.”

He was V-shaped but did not have a small waist so much as abnormally wide shoulders. He was developing into a big, wide man, obviously a big-boned mesomorph, like a fullback. His abs had a slight curve to them, not a roid-gut but not flat either.

“Hamstrings, quads…glutes. Yeah, glutes.” He now had a big, muscular ass, one that could only be achieved through great genetics and lots of training. His thighs were so large that he had to stand with his legs far apart, and when he walked he slightly swung them around each other.

“Pecs. Pectorals, yeah.” Stone’s voice had dropped like a rock, so much lower that it sounded like he was grunting. It had a rasp to it, as if he yelled too much. His pectorals pushed out far, overhanging the canyon of his abs and stomach, thickening into big plates. They pushed his arms out to an angle and his movement became limited, instantly, due to the large swoops of muscle blasting out in all directions.

His body began to reshape itself more. His calves were as big footballs. Fingers and toes grew longer and thicker on suddenly bigger hands and feet. His neck grew to match the mass of his brawny shoulders and massive chest. The bad posture and low confidence was gone. He stood ramrod straight, hands out to the side, grasping at air.

He shuddered and bulked again, muscle added onto muscle, flowing down every limb. “So big. Fuckin’ huge…”

His hair had gotten shorter and turned chestnut, a wavy one-inch style that was crinkly with gel on top and shorter on the sides. He tried to awkwardly adjust his massive package, but just wound up scratching his balls absentmindedly. They took up his whole grip, and his grip was huge.

Stone felt a push on his face, as if someone was slowly forcing it outward with their hand. It felt like needles poking his face, and then suddenly, a sharp snap as his nose cracked into a different position. “Ahhh, shit!” The bridge twisted into a slighty skewed position and his nostrils got slightly bigger. His cheekbones pushed outward and got higher on his face, getting very close to the start of his high jawline. His face widened as his eyes flashed, darker than before. The fat around his neck and jaw vanished into a chiseled mass of muscle, a twisted tree-trunk of a neck leading into a wide lantern jaw and grit teeth. His forehead stopped sloping and became flat, giving his face a solid symmetry. Stone was a handsome man, not beautiful like Hunter or pretty like Neil, but a real, devastatingly masculine mug of a face, with thickly sharp features like musclemen were supposed to have.

Stone had become a classic gridiron jock.

He stared in the mirror. “That…” The man in the mirror’s hand moved up to touch his face. “That’s me? Th-that ain’t me.”

He was the same weight and the same musculature as Hunter, but a full five inches shorter at six-one. Hunter, in the classic mold of tall, dark and handsome, with full muscles and a god’s face, was a counterbalance to Stone, a hot jock who could barely walk through a door straight-on.

“That’s you.” Hunter slapped Stone on the back, who stumbled slightly forward at the gesture, not used to his own bigger body.

When he breathed, he seemingly felt every muscle in his whole body twitch in anticipation of use. He felt like his muscles were an army in his body, and he was the captain of soldiers that cried out for battle.

“I thought this happened ten years ago…” Stone looked in the mirror. “I am 21, aren’t I?”

“Yeah, we’re the same age. I’m the quarterback and you’re the fullback.”

“Oh yeah, just making sure. Florida Gators. See, I remember changing, but I remember all the years in between too.”

“Yep.” Hunter watched the shredded clothes reform on the ground as Stone talked.

“This is my cousin’s wedding, huh? Weird.” Stone shook his head vigorously, as if rattling his brain into place. “Everything makes sense now. Isn’t it funny that your best friend is my cousin, and you and I just happened to go to the same college and be awesome at football, and Neil’s a world-class athlete too?”


Stone looked Hunter in the eye. “I was kidding. I still know you turned me into this, you know.”

“Oh, I know. I could still make it otherwise.”

“Nah, I like it like this. Thank you, man. Got me away from my nutty Mom.”

“No problem. Neil actually asked me to do it.” Hunter picked up a pair of tux pants. Stone had a big cock, shelf-like ass and thick thighs, but his waist was relatively small, and all his pants had to be made specially. “Here, Stone, put these on.”

“Thanks, man. Neil did, huh? He’s such a good guy. My cousin is fuckin’ awesome.”

“He’s pretty cool, isn’t he?” Hunter handed Stone a crisp white shirt. The big man struggled a bit but eventually slipped it on over his massive upper frame. “Studs?”

“Yeah.” Hunter slipped a handful of studs and two cuff links into Stone’s palm. Stone fumbled a little with the linking. His fingers were just too big.

“He’s gonna be a great Dad. I’m kinda jealous of that kid.” Stone linked his cuffs and took the custom tux jacket from Hunter’s waiting grip.

Hunter helped Stone slip it on, smoothing out the folds and adjusting the fabric so that it fit perfectly. A man of Stone’s size and structure, in a tailored tux, was an incredible sight.

“Jealous of Neil or Neil’s baby?”

“Both, I guess.” Stone’s shirt was only buttoned midway. He liked wearing shirts like that, it was more comfortable, his neck and chest felt less constricted. He breathed and turned around to stare at his reflection. “I wouldn’t have wound up like this if it weren’t for you. Neil’s just such a great guy, you know? And his baby’s gonna have the life…the life…”

A tear rolled down his big cheek, into the sandpaper shadow coating his face.

“The life you didn’t get to have.”

“Right.” Stone brushed the tear away. “I’m not crying.”

“You telling me that, or yourself? Listen, Stone, you can do whatever you want with your life now. Look at yourself. You’re a great guy, too, just like Neil. You haven’t had a bad life, you just had a moderately unpleasant childhood. You weren’t abused and you weren’t poor – you just didn’t get the love you need. It’s time for you to move on by yourself, to pull yourself up…you’re gonna get an NFL contract, just like me. The ladies love you, just like they love me.” Hunter grinned and Stone laughed.

“LL Cool Stone, huh?” Stone popped his neck and smirked. He really did look good, he realized.

“You bet, bro. You ready to go out there?”

“Yeah. Of course, now that the door’s there.”


“Uhhh, Mr. Blue?” Hunter sidled up to his buddy.

“Yes, Mr. Hardy?”

“There’s someone I want you to meet, man.” Hunter grabbed Neil’s shoulder and guided him into the hall.

A bodybuilder was there, or someone who looked like one. Huge shoulders and big arms, not even able to hide in his well-tailored tux. Big chest peeking through the open white shirt. Hands like catcher’s mitts, with a good-looking, masculine face. Neil was taller, but slightly taken aback.

“Who-“ Neil started to ask, turning a quick glance at Hunter.

“It’s me!” The bodybuilder’s – football player’s? – voice was more tender than expected. “Stone. Your cousin.”

“Stone? STONE?! C’mere, buddy!” Neil threw his arms around his cousin. “Look at you! My God!”

The cousins hugged and turned their faces toward Hunter.

“Thank you so much,” Stone whispered into Neil’s ear.

“I just asked, that’s all I did.”

“I’ll leave you two alone. You’ve got a lot to talk about, and I haven’t talked to my fiancée in, let’s see…twenty minutes, so I’m gonna go find Katie...” Hunter slapped Neil’s back. “…and not get her pregnant just yet.”



Hunter looked out the kitchen window, into the pouring rain. The lightning flashed and the water pelted the wooden window frame.

“Popcorn done, babe?” He heard Katie’s voice from the living room. She tore herself away from New York whenever she could to come visit him at school. It was easier since he lived off-campus now.

“Yeah.” Hunter poured it into a bowl and couldn’t help but smile at how domesticated he already was. Ever since Neil and Mel had tied the knot and gotten pregnant, partying didn’t hold the same appeal. There was more to live for. Family, friends, football. In that order.

He set the bowl on the coffee table, plopped onto the sofa and pulled Katie into his strong arms. She was enveloped in muscle, smelling his natural scent.

“Mmmmm, this is the best kind of night.” She kissed his chest area, which was covered by a thin cotton shirt. “Can we just make love?”

“I’m not gonna say no to that.”

They started to kiss, then began to get physical. She ran her hands up and down his body and stretched back as he pulled off her shirt and unhooked her bra, caressing her perfect breasts. “Oh God, baby…”

He kissed her and cut the sentence short, then moved down and began nibbling, licking, unzipping.

“You’ve missed me, I can tell. You’re so fuckin’ horny.”

“God, yeah. Fuck me.”

No tricks, no games, just some nice fuckin’. She ripped his jeans off and looked at his big, erect dick. “Fuck, I forgot how big it was.”

She went down on him. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes and enjoyed it.

His cell went off. Hunter grit his teeth and moaned. “Fuck!”

Katie was in exceptional form. He tried to ignore the phone, until she looked up.

“Answer it.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, it’s okay, just answer.”

“It’s Neil.” He flipped it open. “Neil! Hey, buddy.”

Katie wiped her mouth and got a glass of water, listening all the while.

“Holy shit. Holy shit, dude!”

“Is it the baby? Did they have the baby?” Katie rushed over and cuddled up to Hunter, their perfect naked bodies intertwined.

Hunter nodded, a big grin plastered on his face. “Hold up, hold up dude. I’m putting you on speaker. Katie’s here.”

He set the phone down and tapped a button.

“Hey, Kate!” They heard Neil’s jubilant voice.

“Neil, hi! How’s Mel doing?”

“She’s great. We’re all great. All three of us! I’m a Dad, you guys! I’m holding him right now!”

“Him?” Hunter and Katie exchanged a look. “It’s a boy?”

“It’s a boy! Head full of dark hair, like Mel. 11 pounds, 22 inches! I told Mel he’s gonna be a swimmer, like me. He’s a tall sucker.”

“My God, Neil, that’s a huge baby. And Mel’s so little! Is he beautiful?”

“C-section, Kate! Don’t worry, she’s fine. Exhausted but fine. And of course, he’s amazing. He’s the most handsome boy I’ve ever seen.” Neil’s voice was tinged with pride, in a way that neither Katie nor Hunter had ever heard him speak before.

Katie leaned forward. “What’s his name?! Tell us the name! You tease.”

“We named him Lachlan. It means ‘Warrior from the Water,’ get it?” He laughed, and then there was a pause. “Hunter, his middle name is Hardy. After you. Lachlan Hardy Blue.”

Hunter was suddenly overcome with emotion, in a way he hadn’t expected at all. Katie didn’t notice at first. “Neil! That’s so sweet. What a beautiful, beautiful name. I’m going to visit next time my calendar clears up, okay? And of course we’ll spend the whole summer together and get to know Lachlan.”

Hunter put his head down and silently sobbed. Katie looked over and wrapped her arms around her fiancé.

“I gotta go, I gotta go, my Mom’s here. I’ll talk to you later, guys. I love you both so much.”

“We love you too, Neil.” Katie flipped the phone shut and kissed Hunter on the cheek.

“It’s okay,” she whispered. “It’s okay. Shhhh. Why are you crying? I’ve never seen you cry before.”

Hunter would never be able to tell her the real reason. He looked at her through his tears, through loving eyes, and reciprocated the embrace. They sat there, silently.

“It’s the biggest compliment anyone has ever given me, I guess.” He kissed her full-on. “Lachlan Hardy Blue, can you believe it?”

There was a pause before he spoke again. “You know what’s funny? The idea of you being pregnant turns me on.”

“Me too.” She kissed him back. “But no babies yet. I have to keep my girlish figure, I’m sorry. It’s what pays the bills.”

“I know. I’ve got my brothers to look after, anyway. But when we’re married, when we’re a little older…”

She put her hands on his head and wiped the tears away with her tiny thumbs. “…I would love to have your babies, Mr. December.”

“Sometimes I pinch myself because I can’t believe I have someone as perfect as you are.”

“That’s funny, because I do the same thing.” She bit her lip coquettishly. “You crying is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen."

They lay on the large cushions and tenderly made love, as rain poured down outside. Every now and then, Katie would wipe away a tear from Hunter’s beautiful face.

Miles away, Neil cradled his son and wept as well, staring into the perfect face of his child. Lachlan was wrapped in a blue blanket with a matching beanie cap stretched over his small head.

Mel was asleep in her bed. The lights were off. Lachlan stared up into the face of his father, and Neil leaned down and touched his forehead to his son’s.

“You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

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