Addicted to STUDD 4

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a work of fiction. As such, the characters in this world sometimes behave badly without fear of consequences outside the imagination of the author or the needs of the plot. In this story alone there is mind-control, forced muscle-growth, unsafe sex with multiple partners and plenty of drug use. The author neither condones nor condemns anyone’s personal choices, but the cost of addiction is the theme of this story. Be warned.

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I rmember the day I turnd 3-0-0. I wuz pretty sure and I told Paul when he came home from work that I thunk I was 3-0-0 and he shud chek. And when he did, he sez, “Good boy, Tommy!” and patted me on the neck like he dun when I dun good. I flexd my pecks for him and my cock got hard. I wanted to fuck him – I always want to fuck him. Fuckin’ hot fuckin’ ass he got. But I no that 3-0-0 means “annidote” and he nose to because he’z ben the one sayin’ how when I’m 3-0-0 then I don’t gotta smoke STUDD no more because 3-0-0 means “annidote.”

Becuz sumtimes I know that I ain’t thinkin’ like I wuz used to be able to. It don’t matter cuz when guys see how freeky crazy big I am, they think oh, he’z a fuckin’ dum-ass cuz he’z so big and that’s okay cuz they don’t fuckin’ no nothin’ ‘bout me anyways and I don’t give a shit if they think I sum dum-ass. When they see my fuckin’ cock – my hot fuckin’ huge thick cock – they don’t care ‘bout how dum they think I am anyway, cuz there fuckin’ fags and they just want me to fuck ‘em and split their asses open with my hot cock. Whoz beggin’ the dum-ass to fuck ‘em now, right smart guy?

I keep my mouth shut most of the time, anyway. Sumtimes they dont no I got so dum if I dont talk nun. Most times all I got to do is smile at ‘em a little and flex for ‘em and show ‘em my cock and they dont care nun about talkin’. I aint nothin’ but what they hired to fuck ‘em anyway so why duz it matter if I dont talk nun? Long as I say you like it, faggot? or lick theez fuckin’ pecks, bitch or whatever – they aint lookin’ to talk to a fuckin’ muscle-head ‘bout smart-guy stuff, anyway. They just want my big cock up in ‘em, right? Fuck, yeah.

But the day I get 3-0-0 after shootin’ for it for a real long time – since before the snow cum anyway – and Paul sez “Jesus, finally!” like he din’t think I wuz gonna get it or whatever. But I fuckin’ showed HIM, din’t I? And maybe I got a little dummer than I had thunk Id get, but fuck man, look at my fuckin’ body! Look at my fuckin’ COCK! Big muscles like theez, huge fuckin’ cock like this, what man woodnt want that? Woodnt give up some brain for that? Right – so shut the fuck up.

But now Im 3-0-0 witch is what me and Paul had a goal for and Im fuckin’ hot as shit and fuckin’ huge and look at my arm when I flex and theez freaky legs and who woodnt want my cock all swole up and hard up there ass. Feels so fuckin’ good, man – speshly Pauls ass, best fuckin’ ass I ever had in my life. I wood do anything for Paul’s ass. Even get dummer bein’ 3-0-0. And now I get my annidot like heez ben tellin’ me I wood, cuz heez had it for a long time he sed. He had it since before the snow cum but I wuznt 3-0-0 yet so we din’t want to waste it if I wuznt as big as he and me wanted and it was just a few more brains so what the fuck, right?

“Three-hunnerd,” he sez. “You no what that meenz.”

“Im 3-0-0,” I sez. “That meenz I get my annidot. You sed 3-0-0 meenz my annidot and no more STUDD.”

“Thats true. After I give you the annidote you wont need STUDD anymore.”

I clap my hands like a kid, all happy and dum. Im glad I dont gotta smoke it no more – it dont taste good and it hurts my lungz. My cock luvs it tho. My cock will miss it. My brain wont, tho – stupid fuckin’ brain.

Paul goze to the door and calls upstares to Jeff. I aint seen Jeff much cuz I like fuckin’ Paul so much that I forget him and Jeff are a cupple sumtimes. Dont matter – I like fuckin’ Jeff to. And Jeff’ll say, when yer 3-0-0 yer gonna be a hot fuck cuz he likes big freeks with big cocks like mine but his ass is kind of skinny not like Pauls ass witch Id do anything to fuck. I coud never get tired of fuckin’ Pauls amazing ass.

And here cums Jeff warin’ that rasslin’ thing – whats it called? Dammit, Im so fuckin’ dum – and heez hot enuff to fuck. He sez “FINALLY!” wenn Paul tells him Im 3-0-0 and then he sez “Now we’ll get our gest room back” witch I dont unnerstand but what the fuck, right? I dont gotta unnerstand nuthin’ with a body like this. All that matters is Im big and my cock is big and I like to fuck. Thats all Im good for now, right? I hope this annidot givs me sum fuckin’ branes back.

He givs Paul a needle like what Id get at the docs office and its full of this yellow stuff and Paul opens the rapper and says, “This is the annidot” and I sez, “Thats gonna make me better, right? Thats gonna make me get sum branes back?” and Paul sez, “After this, you wont need STUDD no more, jus like I promissd.”

And Im like a kid at Crissmas Im so happy and Paul tells me to relacks and asks where do I want it, like in the ass or the arm? and I sez ass becuz you shuld get shots in the ass cuz it hurts less and I like Paul tuchin’ my ass even tho I no he aint never gonna fuck it. Fuckin’ bottoms, right?

So he wipes my ass with this wet pad witch makes me start to get hard – cuz Im just warin’ a jock strap rite now witch Paul likes mor than them posers like Jeff likes and Paul likes me warin’ theez black boots to but I cant tie ‘em cuz my finners ar to thick an’ I alwayz fuck it up anywayz so I been just warin’ sneekers that dont tie and fuck it, wen I got to go out of the house, Paul taks me anywayz cuz I dont rmember direkshuns no good cuz of the fuckin’ STUDD. But I like warin’ a jock strap cuz I look so fuckin’ good in it like the biggest football player in the hole fuckin’ world and look at my fuckin’ body and my mussles and my fuckin’ cock, man. No wonder I get so hard – Im so fuckin’ hot.

Wen he pokes me with the needle, I mon and he sez, “You like that, dont you, you big fucker?” an’ I sez “Fuck yeah” as he pushes the thing and the stuff goze in me. Wen he pullz it out, it bleeds a little and he presses the pad on it and tells me to hold it ther, so I do what he sez cuz he nos better than me. Then he sez, “you got about an hour before it kix in.” And I sez, “’for what kicks in? it’s the annidote, rite?” and he sez, “yeah, sort of.”

And I think sumthins rong cuz I dont no what he meenz, so I sez, “what do you mean, sort of? Aint this the annidote, you sed this wuz the annidote.”

And he sez, “I sed you woodnt need STUDD any more. And you wont.”

“I dont unnerstand.”

And he laffs and sez, “of corse you dont. We made dam shur of that a long time ago. Yor so dam stoopid now that its barely worth tellin’ you what weev dun.”

So Im gettin’ a little mad now cuz I dont no what he meenz and I dont like it, so Im gettin’ mad and he sez, “comm down, big boy – gettin’ mad aint gonna help you, itll just make it happen faster.”

“Make what happen? What r you talkin’ about?”

And he sez to Jeff, “Mite as well show him. Go get it” and Jeff goze upstars and Paul keeps talkin’ and sez, “Its tuff bein’ in a relayshunship with to bottums, speshully when weer both of us such pigs, but you alreddy no that, dont you? I meen, you fucked us both enuff, rite? You sucked down plenny of our tina and pownded our holes plenny. And u luv fuckin’ me, dont u?”

“U got a fuckin’ hot ass,” I sez, starting to get hard. “I luv fuckin’ yer hot ass.”

He smiles. “I no you doo,” he sez. “Even if you din’t beefor, youv had enuff of the condishunning now that you wood even if you dint. Yer compleetly in my power.”

“No I aint,” I sez. “I aint in no ones power. Im my own man.” I start to moov tord him – Im so mad.

He laffs. “Stand still,” he sez an I stop in my trax. “You arnt mad at me, Tommy. You luv me.”

An I do. I luv him utterly and compleetly – why is he with Jeff wen I luv him so much? My cock is rock hard – even the jock cant hold it no more. I cant be mad at him. I just wanna fuck him and never stop.

What wuz I mad about again?

He steppd up to me and kissd me and I rappd my big strong arms around him and kissd him back. God, I luvd him so much. “Pleez tell me what you dun to me.”

“Do you luv me?”

Im almost crying. “I luv u so much,” I sez. “Pleez let me fuck u. Pleez tell me what you dun to me.”

“Im turnin’ you into my fantasy,” he sez. “Im turnin’ you into my own persunnal dum-ass fuck toy, just like I tol’ you on that first day. And you luv it, dont you?”

I did – I do. “I do,” I sez. “I luv it – look at my fuckin’ body! Look at theez mussles. Look at my cock! Im fuckin’ awsum! Pleez let me fuck you!”

“Soon enuff,” he sez, stepping away from me, but I just stand ther, like he tol’ me. “Tharz sumthin’ I need to sho you first. Ah, heer they cum, now.”

And Jeff cums back in the room and behind him heer cums this freekin’ HUGE mussle-guy – my size, maybee even bigger – dressd in the same kind of rasslin’ thing that Jeff is warin’, only the straps are down, so I can see this beests hole upper body. Heez smooth as glass, from his bald hed all the way down to his feet, sept heez got a gotee on his chin. I meen, heez fuckin’ HUGE, his mussles, his crazy cock. Therz sumthin’ about him… sumthin’ I cant figger…

Paul smiles and sez, “You rmember Eddie, dont you?”

And once he sez it, I do. I rmember Eddie – he wuz that guy I used to train with, my STUDD-buddee. We dun all that shit together, all that smokin’ and fuckin’ and liftin’ and…

…and heed had the annidote, to!

But this guy that stood ther, sumthin wuz rong with him. Sumthin’ rong with his eyez. They wuz kind of dim and far away, like he dint no ware he wuz or what wuz goin’ on. He stood ther flexin’ his big mussles and feelin’ hisself like he wuz turnin hisself on – his cock just layd ther like sum big log, twitchin’ and hard. He stood rite beehind Jeffs sholder like he wuz sum dog on a leesh.

He wuz so big – and so fuckin’ hot – and so fuckin’ dum! Ther wuznt a brane in his hed.

Oh, fuck. Oh FUCK!

“Yu figgered it out allreddy,” Paul sez, tapping my hed. “Yu still got sum branes up ther after all. Well, dont worry, Tommy. Not for much longer.”

“Wut yu do to him?”

“Same as weev dun to yu,” Jeff sez, stroking Eddies jaw. Eddie smirkd and his cock got full hard – he startd to fuckin drool. “But he liks it, dont yu, Eddie?”

Eddie laffd a littel, grabbing his thik, thik cock. “Fuck,” he sez, rapping hiz arm around Jeff. “Me wan fuck.”

“Go over to the bed,” Jeff sez. “Ill be ther in a minnit.” And Eddie taks his time shamblin’ over – his legs ar so big he has trubble gettin’ them around eech other. Jeff pats him on the ass as he passes. “Heez like the dog I always wanted. And God damm can he fuck.”

“I can fuck to,” I sez. “I can fuck better ‘n anybody. Look at my mussles. Look at my cock!”

“Yer Paulz toy,” he sez to me, patting my chest – my big fuckin’ hot pecks. “Beesides, I dont like all this hair and shit. Thats all Paul. I like my mussle-guys smooth as silk.”

“Ill fuckin’ show yu, faggut,” I sez, brisslin’ up at him. “I fuckd yu plenty beefor.”

Then Paul sez, “Comm down, Tommy. Dont get mad at him – nobody forst yu to take the STUDD. Yu did it all yorself.” And so I comms down like Paul sez. Fuck, Im so fuckin’ stoopid. What the fuck wuz I thinkin’? Wy did I take that shit in the furst plase? “Am I right?” he aks.

I hang my hed like a bad dog. “Yer right,” I sez, kinda sorry. “It aint hiz fault Im so fuckin’ stoopid.”

“Good boy,” Paul sez, patting me on the hed – I start to get hard wen he duz it. I cant help myself – I fuckin’ luv his hot fuckin’ ass. Wut the fuck has he dun to me? “Beesides, I think yu luv Jeff almost as much as yu luv me, dont yu?”

As soon as he sez it, I reelize I do. Nothin’ rong with Jeff – heez so fuckin’ hot in that rasslin’ thing an’ I do luv fuckin’ him. Not as much as Paul, but I do. Fuck! Im so confoozed – all this talk, I just wanna fuck sumthin’. Its so much eezeeyer to fuck sumthin’ than to think of shit. I dont no wut to think – its so fuckin’ hard! Jeff is lyin’ on the bed and Eddiez allreddy fuckin’ him and it sounds so fuckin’ hot and Im gettin’ hard and its distraktun me and Eddie looks so happee and shit powndin’ away on Jeffs hot hole. I wanna pownd on hole – fuck, so hot…

Paul snaps his finners. “Over heer, Tommy,” he sez. “Fokus for just a few minnits mor.” So I look at him, so hot in his jock strap and I luv him so much and he dun turnd me into sum dum-ass and I wanna fuck and…

…and I need to get out! Esscape and get out. Get help – lik the poleese or sumthin’ can help, so hot in ther yooniforms. Need to get away from heer. He dun trikked me, muther fuckr. Fuck, wuhts rong with me?

I moov toward the dor.

“Wer r u goin’?” Paul sez. “Tryin’ to run away? Think, dum-ass! War u supozed to go? U left yer apartmnt MONTHS ago! Yu qwit yer job haff a yeer ago – yu sined all yer banks and munnees over to me. As far az the world is cunsernd, ther IZ no mor Tommy. And in a few minnits, yer gonna blow a lode innta this ass that yu luv lik no other and its gonna wipe yer brane as cleen as Eddie over ther.”

Eddie iz powndin’ Jeff so hard, gruntin’ and slammin’ his cock inta Jeffs ass, a look of farraway bliss in his eyz, drool on hiz chin. Its so fuckin’ hot…

“Yeah, yu do luv it,” Paul sez, steppin’ up to me, strokin’ the har on my pecks. “Dont preeten’ this iznt yor fantasee, too – turn inna sum dum mussel-stud. Yu went along with it evry step of the way, Tommy. Tell me yu dont luv lookin’ in the mirrer, pumpd up and hot. Yu no yu doo. Now, yu can stay down heer with Eddie, liftin’ in the jim in the next room, no other thawts in that hed of yers but liftin’ and fuckin’ for the rest of yer long life. Good, obeedyent dogs, allmos’ as smart. We innvestid a lot of munny in the to of yu an weer gonna mak it back in spayds. Therz plenny of gayz owt ther trippin on tina and needin’ a good fuck. Thay got plenny of munny to spend on mussel gyz with cocks lik yers. Wy, we got a party heer this weekend ware yull mak yer daybyoo. Look how hard yer cock is, Tommy. Tell me yu dont wannit.”

My cock is rock hard – so he muss be tellin’ the truth. So hard to think…

“Fuck me, Tommy,” he sez in my eer, grippin’ my cock in hiz hand. “Tak me to the bed and fuck me till yer branes blow owt. Cum and bee the mussel-dog yu no yu ar.”

I lift him off the grownd and carree him to the bed, throwin’ him down nex’ to Jeff. I gotta fuck. I wanna fuck. My cock dont giv me no choys. Look at that ass – its so perfekt. Paulz got an amayzing ass. I cood never get tired of fuckin’ Paul’s amayzing ass! So tiyt wen I enter it – so fuckin’ hot!

Heez lookin’ at Jeff and the to of them ar smilin’ and kissin’ eech other wile Eddie and me slam ther asses – stop lookin’ at him, muther fuckr! Im the wuns fuckin’ yu! Not that I reely fuckin’ care – it feelz so fuckin’ good to bee in hiz ass.

Eeven tho I no its gonna happn, I dont care. I no wen I cum Im gonna end up a dum-ass lik Eddie iz, but I dont care – it feelz so good. So powerfl. I feel the drool on my chin, lik it iz on Eddie, but my cock… o my god my cock…

“Cum in me, yu fuckin dum-ass dog,” Paul yells. “Tell me how fuckin’ stoopid yu ar!”

“Im fuckin’ dum-ass dog!” I yell an fuck hardr. “Im fuckin’ stoopid dum-ass dog!”

Eddie barks owt, “Dum-ass dog!” and laffs. He raps his arm arown my nek. My STUDD-budee dog bro.

“Stoopid muthr-fuckr!” Paul yells. “Fuckin’ dum-ass mussle-slav! Tell me yu luv it!”

I doo. God help me, I doo! “I luv it!” I yell. “I FUCKIN’ LUV IT!”

Pownd that fuckin’ hole!

“Cum in me, bich!” he yells. “Shoot yer fuckin’ branes up my hole an bee my fuckin’ slave!”

“Yeh! Fuck YEH!”

An’ I doo. I cum an cum an cum an cum. I hadda lotta branes, so it tayks a wile to cum ‘em all away. But I doo – for Paul, I doo. For my master, I doo. Wen Im dun, he taks me upstars an maks me fuck him agan in the showr. Fuckn luv fuckn Paul – hiz perfkt ass! Ovr an ovr an ovr – fuckn Paul so fuckn hot ass – fuckn agn an fuckn hrd. Im so fuckn big n strng.

Eddee n me pmp up 4 th prty n wen Paul callz us upstrs wee go an fuck hiz budz an the sun cums up an therz new guyz an we fuck ‘em to cuz god dam I luv to fuck an eevn wen Im raw I fuck em cuz I luv to fuck an Paul tellz me to fuck an so I fuck an Eddee an me sleep sumtims an jerk togethr but he dont fuck me cuz Im not sum fag an neetherz he and fuck man I luv to fuck Paul an sumtims Jeff an ther budz that cum by to get fuckd look at my mussels and my fuckin hot cock and fuck man suck my cock fag an lift the fuckin wate yu pussee an look how fuckin big it is wen I flecks yu fuckr yeah yu lik my cock fuckr Ill fuck yu with it hot ass cuz Im sum dum-ass dog hoo noz how to fuck hard an long fuckr yu giv the munnees to Paul I dont no nuthin bout that and fuck yu to fuckr an feel this fuckin cock up in yu fuckr lik that do yoo fuckr heerz mor fuckr how bowt yer buddee Ill fuck him to an smok that shit an Ill fuk yu an evrywun hoo wans a fuck cuz I luv fuckn an look at ths cock an theez mussels fuck an cock and fuck an work must be ovr cuz heer cums Paul an Im jumpin up n down an happee lik a fuckn dog Im a fuckn dog an I get to fuck Paul now an I luv fuckn hiz amayzn ass fuck yeah Im so fuckn dum ass dum an fuck an wen Im in Paul nothn mattrs but Pauls ass an I luv beein a fuckn dum ass dum fuck an shit gonna cum an fuck yeah fuckr all insid Paul I luv him so much an fuckn do aneethin for him fuck yea fuck mussels an cock an hoo do I get to fuck now fuck yeah fuckn dum ass

luv fuckn dum ass fuckn stud fuckr call Paul an lemme cum fuck yu to Ill fuck yu Ill fuck ennywon fuck yeah dum ass fuck stud c’mmon and lemme fuk yu I need to fuck cmon lemme fuck Paul gotta fuck with this cock an theez mussels and fuk fuck fuckk fukd fukc fckwu fuslks fusk vfuc fjslkl jkj ufck fuf ohfuk fuk me fuk gots fuk yu fukka skjdyu jknlknns fuckndkfuk aduk nvukd fukc fuck vcjh fuk

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