The Healer

He heard his pec tear even with his headphones blasting, a sickly wet popping sound that echoed through his body like the aftershock of an earthquake. He immediately lost his left arm and, if not for his spotter, the 275 pounds on the bar would’ve landed on his rib cage. This was his third set of inclines and up till now he’d been feeling fine -- he was just warming up. “Fuck!” he yelped, sitting up and clutching the arm close to his body. “FUCK!”

At 28, Danny didn’t have insurance -- he had aspirations of professional bodybuilding and all his spare money went toward supps and “supps”, not health insurance. The Emergency Room visit alone was more than he made in half a year, much less the surgery they were pushing to reattach the tendon. In one failed set, it seemed his bodybuilding career was over. “Fuckin’ fag-ass piece of shit shoulder,” Danny mumbled as they isolated his arm with a brace and put him on an icing regime. “Fuck me.”

Even the pain-killers didn’t help. He couldn’t sleep -- he couldn’t lay back in the bed -- hell, he couldn’t even wipe his own ass because the hand he used was attached to his immobilized arm. The first night was swollen agony.

He still had clients, so he had to go to the gym the next morning -- just a couple of women and that one guy he was pretty sure was a fag. All the queers liked Danny -- he was a national competitor and build like a brick shithouse, after all -- and as long as they didn’t try anything stupid, Danny would tolerate them and take their money. He knew they all fantasized about turning the big straight bodybuilder gay -- can you blame them? Of course, the first one that tried was likely to find himself sporting a black eye. Or worse.

The women fussed over his injury, which made him feel better, but it was his fag client who offered him some help. “I got a guy you should see,” he said. “Helped me out when I had a hernia. Kind of unorthodox, but the results speak for themselves!” The gay guy raised his shirt and showed his flawless abs (“Skinny boy abs,” Danny called them, but even he couldn’t deny the guy had a great core), the only thing about his build that was any good.

�Really?� Danny asked, trying not to look. Danny�s abs were a little on the thick side -- carbs.

�See a surgery scar?� the guy responded. �I�m telling you, he�s awesome. Totally worth the cost.�

�That�s part of the problem,� Danny said, running his free hand over his isolated arm, �I don�t have a lot of money��

The guy snorted. “That’s not what I meant,” he said. “Don’t worry -- you’ll come to an arrangement. This guy works with all kinds of athletes.”

And Danny, who didn’t have a lot of options, took the recommendation.

That’s how he found himself here on the west side of the city, in a neighborhood he’d never been to, searching for a street he’d never heard of. Thank the muscle-gods for SIRI and Google Maps or he’d be turned around backwards lost. This guy’s office was upstairs from a yoga studio, which didn’t bode well to Danny. Worse, he was pretty positive this was a gay neighborhood -- those stupid fag-flags were everywhere.

He barely fit up the narrow stairs and painfully banged his shoulder as he made the turn -- there was only one door, frosted glass, a small sign attached:

C. GALEN, Healer


�What the fuck does that mean?� Danny mumbled, opening the door. There was a tiny waiting room and another door leading deeper into the office -- a sign on this other door (hand-written) read, �If this door is closed, Galen is with someone. Please wait comfortably and quietly.�

Danny sat on the edge of one of the two chairs and inspected the magazine selection: Health, Fitness, Alternative Medicine, Today’s Paper -- snore -- he pulled out his smartphone.

Just as he was “checking-in” on Facebook, updating his status to “Getting Healed”, he heard a soft moaning coming from the inner office. He was sure it was the sound of someone being sexually stimulated, that’s the kind of moan it was. A guy…

This WAS a fag joint! He was sure of it!

Fuckin’ fags touch me with their fuckin’ fag hands…

He listened intently, but heard nothing more than muffled voices in conversation. A second later, the inner door opened and the two men stepped into the room. “I can’t believe it,” the first man was saying, stretching. “My back feels great! You’re a godsend, Galen!”

The second man, Galen, the healer, smiled gently and said, “You should stop running on your heels -- I won’t be there to fix you every time.”

The guy stopped at the door, turned, and with an amazing amount of sincerity, said, “Ha! You’ve already fixed me better than I’ve ever been!” Then he shot a quick, embarrassed look at Danny, and reddened.

Galen begrudgingly nodded. “You’re very kind. Now get out of here before you make my new patient uncomfortable.” He shooed the guy out while smiling at Danny. “See you next week.”

When the door closed, he turned to Danny and said, “That’s quite a contraption.”

�What?� Danny asked, then realized the guy was talking about his shoulder brace. �Oh, yeah. It�s bullshit. I�m so fuckin� pissed -- and they want me to have surgery!�

�Well,� Galen said, stepping completely into the room, �let�s not jump to any conclusions. Hopefully you won�t have to resort to anything so invasive. I�m Galen.� He offered his hand.

When Danny stood, he realized how tall Galen actually was -- at least 6’4”, maybe 6’5” -- a good head taller than Danny’s perfect 5’10” mesomorph -- lean, but still muscular. Galen wore a tight white t-shirt and loose white workout pants, which did nothing to hide the kind of shape he was in, the veins and strength in his arms.

�Danny,� Danny said, and they shook hands.

He swore he felt a jolt, a shock, when they touched -- it seemed like Galen was looking deep inside of him -- but then the moment was over and Galen said, “I think I can help you. Come in.”

The inner room was much larger, but very sparsely decorated -- the window on the far wall had curtains, sheers not blinds, and the afternoon sun filtered warmly into the room -- a few plants, Galen’s desk and computer in the corner, a privacy screen, a huge floor-to-ceiling mirror next to it, a couple of anatomy charts, a few abstract paintings in soothing colors, very comfortable yet masculine at the same time. The center of the room was dominated by what looked like a massage table, but that it had sheets.

�Did you fill out the forms and paperwork online, Danny?� Galen asked, motioning toward his computer.

Danny nodded, but couldn’t help but check himself out in the big mirror. “Yeah,” he mumbled. “I did it after we talked on the phone yesterday. Wasn’t easy to type in this thing.”

Galen chuckled. “I suppose not. While I check everything over, why don’t you strip down and hop on the table there? Can you get that off by yourself?”

�To my underwear, or�?�

Galen looked at him and smiled. “All the way,” he said. “A guy with a body like yours is nervous about showing it?”

�Well, I mean� you�re a guy.�

Galen stifled a laugh. “I’ve seen plenty of bodies, Danny, male and female. I like them all. And yours IS extraordinary. You shouldn’t be worried about people looking, you should like it -- the only one thinking bad thoughts is you.”

Danny nodded once and acquiesced, ducking behind the screen and loosening the straps on his cast. He’d worn a button-front shirt, anticipating baring his torso, so stripping down was easy. His cargo shorts dropped, revealing his tightie whities. He paused for a brief second, debating whether to leave them on -- what possible reason should he be naked for a guy to fix his shoulder? But finally, he wrapped one of the soft white towels around his waist and pulled his briefs down.

He stepped out from behind the screen -- Galin was still at his desk, typing into his computer. “Hop up on the table between the covers,” Galin said, not looking at him. “Be right there. Would you like music?”

For the amount of pain he was in, it wasn’t easy, but Danny managed to lay back and cover his package with the half sheet. “No,” he said, trying not to sound like it hurt to move. “I’m good.”

Galen walked over to the table. “You don’t look too good,” he said, rubbing his hands to warm them and smiling gently. “How’d this happen?” he asked, placing the flat of his hand on Danny’s torn pec -- Danny could feel the warmth of Galen’s touch. Before he could answer, Galen said, “In the gym… incline bench… about 275, I’d guess. Right?”

Danny’s blank stare was answer enough. “That’s awful heavy for incline,” Galen said, sliding his hand gently across the bruised muscle of Danny’s pec. “Well, you’ve fucked this up pretty good,” he continued. “Looks like a small tear at the insertion point for the pectoralis minor, a ton of trauma on the rotator cuff. How long on cycle?”

�What?� Danny asked innocently, like he always did when questioned about steroids.

Galen’s smile was knowing. “You’ve been on long enough for your reproductive system to shut down -- there’s obvious atrophy in the gonads. A little bit of gyno here on the other pec, and your skin…”

Danny tried to laugh it off. “Okay, you got me,” he said. “I’m a bad boy.”

Galen left his hands on Danny’s torso, but looked him straight in the eye. “I’m not judging you, Danny. But I can’t fix you if I don’t know what I’m up against.”

So Danny confessed to him -- for some strange reason, he didn’t hide anything. He was still talking when Galen interrupted him -- but Danny was nervous. The big (Greek?) man was stroking Danny’s bruised pec, softly, almost… lovingly. Danny was worried the guy might be a fag. (The oddest expression blew across Galen’s face -- like he’d heard Danny’s thought. -- they exchanged the briefest of glances.)

�You know, Danny,� Galen said, interrupting Danny�s nervous rambling, �perhaps it�s best if you relax.� With that, Galen reached his hands around Danny�s neck, putting a finger from each hand in the joint where Danny�s skull met the spine, pressing a nerve lightly -- and then Danny felt the slightest jolt of� well, electricity was what it felt like, a tiny, tiny buzz.

And Danny was suddenly paralyzed, completely unable to move. When Galen removed his hands, Danny’s head fell back, settling into the foam of the table. He couldn’t even shift his eyes, but instead stared directly up, aware of Galen in his peripheral vision, but unable to look at him. Danny’s heart still beat, he still breathed, he still blinked, but his voluntary muscle function was totally gone. He wanted to panic, but for some reason, he couldn’t. He remained relaxed -- relaxed and paralyzed, but not panicked.

He could feel Galen’s hands on his chest, gently massaging the injury -- it felt very nice, even the pain was abating. Galen ran one hand up the side of Danny’s hurt pec, up into the armpit. This brought significant pain -- even paralyzed, Danny gasped slightly. “I know,” Galen mumbled. “Be strong.”

Danny could feel something -- cold maybe, followed by heat -- knitting. Galen’s fingers stroked the muscle fibers and tendons leading to Danny’s armpit -- it was ticklish and the tiniest bit sexual, but Danny suppressed that quickly -- then Galen reached his other hand around to the back of Danny’s shoulder and squeezed Danny’s rotator cuff. Again, the pain, then a river of coolness ran down his arm.

Without warning, Galen lifted the whole shoulder off the table -- Danny heard a loud crack echo through his body, followed by a splash of pain, a cymbal crash, like being hit with a water balloon.

And then, nothing. Nothing -- the pain that had been his companion for the last two days was gone. His whole shoulder and upper pec felt… amazing. Incredible! He could still feel Galen stroking the muscle, from the sternum to the outer pec. Then, he swore he felt Galen KISS his pec lightly, like a daddy kissing a kid’s boo-boo. There again! And again -- going toward the armpit. If Danny could move, he would jerk himself away. What the fuck…?

Then he felt one Galen’s hands grip the nipple of his other pec and quickly squeeze it -- it tickled a little uncomfortably, although his nipples had never been sensitive before.

Galen’s fingers traced the grooves of Danny’s bloated abs and the flat-palmed his ab-wall from top to bottom -- running his hands over them made his abs burn, then tingle. He squeezed Danny’s hips at the obliques. Did Danny just feel Galen kissing him right below the navel? Right above his pubes?

Suddenly, unexpectedly, Danny felt Galen grab his balls. Galen grabbed them from beneath, stroking either side of the base of Danny’s cock so he had the whole of Danny’s scrotum in his palm. Danny was freaking out, fighting his paralysis, but he was unable to do anything to stop Galen from fondling him. Galen put his other palm flat against Danny’s heart. “Here we go,” he said. “Breathe.”

And then Danny felt a shock, a current, a flow -- something -- something transferred energy from Galen’s hand into his balls. They tingled and tickled -- a current. It intensified by the second -- and Danny suddenly realized his dick was hard. Was this shit turning him on? What was this fag DOING to him?

The intensity doubled. Galen started tugging on his balls, stretching them down -- Danny could feel even more energy coming from Galen -- his balls filled with it. Liquid energy -- masculinity.

He was rock hard, his cock so powerful that it lifted his paralyzed hips off the bed, his back arching. He moaned -- paralyzed, it was all he was capable of doing. It felt so fucking good.

When Galen’s finger slipped into his asshole, Danny shot his load. It was all too much -- he spurted like a geyser, like a mascular fountain.

He collapsed back onto the table and blacked out.


He awoke as if from the most refreshing, rejuvenating sleep he’d ever had -- the first thought he had was, “I feel great!” as he opened his eyes to the sun-filled room.

He was clean and dry and the crisp sheet covered him to the waist. Hadn’t he cum? Didn’t he shoot some huge load before he’d passed out? If he had, someone had cleaned him and the bed up. Besides, it wouldn’t explain the fact that he was outrageously horny right now -- not like a man who’d just lost consciousness from orgasm.

It was when Danny sat up on the table that he realized two things: he could move, and his shoulder didn’t hurt. It had been aching for nearly three solid days, so he’d nearly adjusted to the discomfort -- and now, nothing! It felt like it had the morning before the accident happened -- better, actually. He felt like he was ready to take the field at the big game.

Danny looked down, not expecting to see what he saw -- the wound was completely gone. No bruising, no swelling, nothing. As if the wound had never happened.

Tentatively, Danny raised his left hand -- no pain. Nothing. How was that possible…?

Drawn to the mirror, Danny slipped off the table, but when he saw his reflection, he realized it wasn’t only his shoulder that was different.

Yeah, his shoulder was completely healed and normal, but what he noticed was his abs, ripped and tight and deeply defined, not a spot of fat anywhere on his torso -- even his gyno was gone! He looked like he was about to step onstage for competition, pumped and primed, veiny and a little dry.

His perfect abs and obvious Adonis belt led his eye to his package. Danny’s cock hung there plump and confident, like it always did when he was horny, in front of a pair of big, juicy balls. Danny’s balls had all but dried up from his last cycle, almost non-existent. But now they were easily as big as eggs and the weight of them hanging there, pulling on the base of his dick, felt kind of sexy. He was touching them, cupping them in his hands when he noticed Galen in the mirror behind him.

Danny spun surprised, immediately releasing his balls, but Galen was sitting at his desk, eyes closed, hands folded over his chest. Was he asleep? Danny wondered. Meditating?

Suddenly, Galen’s inhaled deeply and without opening his eyes, said, “You’re awake. How are you feeling?”

�I feel amazing!� Danny said, smiling, making no move to cover himself. �How did you do that?�

Galen smiled and opened his eyes -- he looked tired. “I’m a healer, Danny. It’s kind of a gift.”

�But my abs�? My BALLS!�

�You had a lot that needed healing, Danny,� he said, sighing. �Aside from the chest and shoulder, I cleaned up the fat layer over your abs and obliques and I reset your reproductive system. You�ll probably find yourself really horny over the next couple weeks and your� output will be significantly increased. Enjoy!�

�I can�t believe it,� Danny said, cupping his balls -- as if that were more miraculous than his shoulder. But he was definitely horny.

Damn, he felt good.

�There is one more thing I need to fix,� Galen said, standing with effort. �I just needed to gather my strength first.�

�What�s to fix?� Danny asked, teasingly running a hand across his abs. �I�m just about perfect now.�

Galen smiled and faced him. “Almost,” he said. reaching out and placing his hands on either side of Danny’s head. Before Danny could react, he could feel the power flow from Galen again, warming and cooling his brain. Danny stood there with his hands at his sides, helpless again, head back in Galen’s hands, mouth open as white and blue light filled his vision, burned something new in his brain. Danny could feel his cock harden again -- whatever Galen was filling him with, it felt as amazing as before. He was painfully close.

When Galen kissed him, Danny nearly orgasmed, it so powerful. But then Galen released him, the power flow stopped, and the young bodybuilder fell to his knees, panting.

After a second, he looked up at Galen, a dopey smile on his face -- Danny had never felt so relaxed and carefree, without stress, without worries. Everything felt great. He didn’t even feel the slightest bit embarrassed that his cock was rock hard in front of this man -- why would that upset him? Galen was so handsome (and built!) -- had Danny noticed that before? -- he felt so fucking good.

Galen smirked, holding Danny’s gaze for a moment, then lowered the front of his white workout pants until his thick cock flopped out.

It was the most beautiful thing Danny had ever seen, Galen’s cock floating there in front of his face, slowly hardening. He couldn’t resist -- he didn’t want to.

Danny leaned forward and kissed the head of Galen’s cock before he took it completely in his mouth.

Galen softly moaned, putting his hand against the back of Danny’s head. “NOW I”ve fixed everything,” the Healer said, just before he came in Danny’s eager mouth.


When the emerged into the outer office, fully clothed, Danny was beaming with joy. “I can’t believe it!” he said. “My shoulder feels GREAT! You’re so freakin’ awesome!” It was then that he noticed Galen’s next client sitting in one of the waiting room chairs. Danny was a little embarrassed at having been caught gushing, but he felt too good to hold on to the emotion.

�Give yourself a week or so before you hit the gym again,� Galen said from the doorway. �Let it strengthen. I won�t be there to fix you every time.�

Danny smiled. “You’ve already fixed me better than I’ve ever been,” he said, aware that he was getting hard in front of the stranger -- he didn’t care. With a big smile, he flexed a Most-Muscular for the guy.

Galen waved him off. “Go before you embarrass my next patient. I want to see you again in ten days.”

�Ten days,� Danny said. �You got it.� As he closed the office door, he bounced down the stairs like a horny Tigger, energetic and eager.

He felt so good he could suck off the entire city.

He felt healed.