Author's Note: Although by strict definition, the following is not a muscle-growth story, it is a little fantasy of mine that I've been meaning to jot down and share for a couple of years now, so I hope you'll forgive me. I'm interested in feedback with this one -- I approached the mechanics of writing this story in a bit of a different way. Enjoy!

Benny didn’t realize how sensitive his nipples were until his girlfriend started pinching them hard one night while he fucked her. He came like a beast, driving his cock deep into her, screaming in a combination of pleasure and pain. He’d never experienced anything like it, but was definitely into trying it again.

It was his lifting partner, Trey, who told Benny about snake-bite kits. “They’re like suction cups,” he said. “It’s supposed to be pretty amazing.”

“You ever tried ‘em?”

“Nah,” Trey said, brushing over his nips with the back of his hand. “Mine don’t feel nothin’.”

“Really?” Benny asked, almost feeling sorry for the big guy. “Nothin’?”

Trey shrugged, his big traps bouncing. “Sometimes when I’m cycling real heavy, they hurt – but that’s only ‘cuz too much testosterone makes a guy produce estrogen sometimes… hey! Maybe THAT’S why you’re so sensitive – maybe your pecs are really tits!” He laughed at this lame joke, punching Benny in the pec (tit) – they’d been best friends and workout partners for years, since their first bodybuilding contests as teens, so Benny let it go.

But when he got home from the gym, the very first thing he did was Google “snake-bite kits.” He was almost disappointed that he could buy them at REI, or any camping store – that almost took the fun out of it. It didn’t stop him from buying them, but in his mind, he’d been hoping the WHOLE process would be erotic. Whatever.

It took a couple of unsuccessful tries before he figured out to lick the bottom of them to form a seal – and once they were on, he thought they looked ridiculous – anything BUT erotic – these big, honkin’ yellow things stuck on his pecs. He flexed for himself in the bedroom mirror for a few minutes, looking at the body that was gonna win the Nationals this year – he was gonna take the Light-Heavies and Trey was gonna take the heavyweights – but he kept getting distracted by the damn yellow suction cups on the edge of his pecs.

Okay, maybe they looked stupid, but working them was pretty hot. Squeezing them and increasing the vacuum, that familiar feeling of pain mixed with pleasure, that got him hard quick. He started to play with his cock while he increased the suction – VERY hot!

But as the vacuum increase, the pain/pleasure balance changed – they were really beginning to hurt around the base of his nipple. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore, so he popped them off.

His nipples were swollen, sucked out about three times their normal size, with bright red rings around the aeriola (from the snake-bite kit). It was freaky, but fascinating. And he certainly wasn’t expecting the way they felt – when he touched them, erotic jolts coursed through him, heading straight for his cock. When he pinched them, he shot a load even more powerful than the one he’d had with his girlfriend the other night, dowsing his torso with cum – all the way up to his neck!

Man, how had he never discovered this before? It was freakin’ great! He couldn’t wait to put them on and fuck. Unfortunately, his girl laughed at him when she saw them on, which pissed Benny off so much that he broke up with her – after he fucked her, of course (without the snake-bite kit on, too, damn it).

What Benny wanted was something that FELT like the snake-bite kit, but didn’t look as stupid.

His next Google search was more target specific. He typed “Nipple Toys Suction” and got a HUGE number of hits! He clicked on the very first: “Nip-Suck Toys – the final word in erotic pleasure.” The Nip-Suck page came up, displaying their latest and greatest – “NIPPLESLUTS, the latest and most comfortable suckers ever designed!”

“Nipplesluts” – he thought the name was laughably stupid, but the product looked pretty cool. For a start, they were latex, not hard rubber, so they’d be more comfortable. (One of the “testimonials” said: “They’re so comfortable, who’d WANT to take them off?”) More importantly, they weren’t neon yellow. There were four different flesh-tones from which to pick. (“They look so natural, nobody at the gym even knows I’m wearing them.”) Pricey, to be sure, but Benny decided it was worth it – the few orgasms he’d had while stimulating his nips decided for him.

Two days later, he found the UPS bag leaning against his front door. He had an hour before he was supposed to meet Trey at the gym, so, giddy like a schoolboy, he tore open the package. A 3x5 instruction sheet, a tube labled “Perma-Balm,” and a small sealed plastic pouch containing the product – the “Nipplesluts.” Benny was embarrassed by the name.

The suckers were much smaller than the snake-bite kit, but still bigger than his nipple – the color matched almost perfectly (his girlfriend – EX-girlfriend – might not have even known he had them on). Holding one up to his nipple, he examined the fit – the latex base covered the entirety of his aeriola, but the sucker was nearly three times the size of his nipple. Hot.

The instructions said to spread a small amount of the Balm onto the base and interior of the sucker – although any kind of lip balm would work, the stuff that was included in the package was touted to “never dry out!” Benny happily popped the cap on the tube. There wasn’t much, but enough to cover the inside of both of the suckers (Benny refused to call them by their name). Following the instructions, he put it on his nip, and squeezed the air out – it sounded like a leprechaun fart, which made him laugh. It tingled as it took hold, which he liked. Quickly, he did the same with the other side.

Even just on, they were better than the snake-bite kit – no pain from a hard plastic seal on his sensitive skin, just the pleasure. His dick started to come to life, twitching in his pants.

And then when he pinched them – just lightly pinched them – just barely barely put his fingers on the tips, he shot an orgasm so powerful his legs went out from under him and he fell to the ground.

“What the fuck?” he mumbled, the front of his sweat pants soaked in his own jism. What the hell had happened? Crazy. When Benny had touched the suckers, it was like lightning had shot down electric pathways to his cock – he’d never felt anything like it – like he was… hardwired or something. Nothing that powerful in his life.

Not surprisingly, he was a little hesitant when he went to touch them again. He gently rubbed his index finger down the underside of the latex – immediately, his cock was rock hard, throbbing as it did when he was at the most ready. Touching his nipples was like touching his cock from another outlet – like a remote control almost.

He masturbated himself through his nipples – and this time, when he felt the orgasm come, he pinched the tips of the suckers hard just before he shot, a blinding, blacking-out type of orgasm. His own load hit him in the face.

He was so turned on – he couldn’t STOP playing with them. Even as he sat there on the floor leaning against the sofa, his cum-soaked sweatpants pulled down and the remnants of his latest orgasm dripping off his torso, he couldn’t stop. It was so fuckin’ erotic…

Benny brought himself to orgasm twice more before he was able to get control over it, before he discovered the REAL issue.

He couldn’t get them off.

The seal on the aeriola wasn’t breaking – it held like superglue, clinging to his skin as he pulled. And when he tried to pinch the base, the ensuing erotic jolt blurred reality for a second – his cock was rock hard again. What the fuck was going on?

He wasn’t scared – not exactly. He was too turned on to be scared. The very IDEA that he was going to be forced to wear these things out in public – to the gym, in front of Trey! – was adding to his excitement, not his fear. “Stupid nippleslut,” he mumbled sarcastically, chuckling under his breath.

The tube had no info about any kind of solvent – with his free hand, he gently tweeked his nips while he read it – but he figured water at least, rubbing alcohol at most would dissolve the “Perma-Balm” (the name suddenly concerned him).

There was another part of him – a growing part – that wanted to leave them ON. The idea of wearing them at the gym was getting him hotter and hotter. There was some kind of… erotic fantasy brewing deep inside him – again, something he’d never experienced. For Benny, sex had never included eroticism – it’d been about fucking chicks – but suddenly, there was a new thought in his brain, new feelings.

Sure, with the rubbing alcohol, he could get them off later, so why not wear them and enjoy pretending that he COULDN’T? His cock liked that idea, so he went with it.

He wore a very loose t-shirt and a very tight jockstrap. Even in a double-XL, his nipples were prominent, and the constant brush of the material on the latex kept him on the brink of erection, tight jockstrap or not. But he liked it – he liked how it felt.

He kept waiting for Trey to notice, but the only comment that dumb fucker had was about Benny wearing an over-sized shirt on chest day – Trey always wore a spaghetti-strapped tank top that displayed so much more than it hid. And sometimes on chest day, he’d even lower the straps during cable flyes.

Benny found himself completely distracted by Trey’s nipples, which hung on the underside of his massive pecs – tiny little spots of pink. “They don’t feel anything at all?” he asked, hardly able to keep his hands off his own.

Trey had finished with his set of flyes and was flexing in the mirror, forcing more blood into the muscle. “Nah, man,” he grumbled, focusing on his posing. “They’re just decoration. Why? Did you pick up a snake-bite kit like I told ya?”

Benny couldn’t help but smile. “Better,” he said – his forwardness was making him feel a little turned on.

Trey stopped posing and faced Benny, a mischievous curl at the corner of his mouth. “Is that why you’re wearing that big ol’ t-shirt today? Poor Benny got some sore nipples? You a little scabby buddy?” Laughing, he reached over unexpectedly and gave Benny an old-school fraternity tittie-twister, roughly grabbing Benny’s nipple and yanking it in a clockwise direction.

It was ecstacy – and torture – rolled into one. Blinding pain mixed with sweet, sweet orgasm. Benny fell to his knees, screaming – moaning – soaking his jockstrap in cum – the height of erotic bliss in direct contrast to the depth of jagged agony. He nearly passed out from the power of it, reaching up and grabbing Trey’s arm for support.

For his part, Trey thought the whole thing was very funny. “I guess that’s a ‘yes,’” he said, releasing Benny’s tit. Benny was gasping for air, on his knees before the big bodybuilder – but oddly, he felt very… right… all of a sudden, very natural. It was weird – but then it passed, and he got his senses back.

Embarrassed, he stood up quickly, not sure what to do – he’d just cum in his pants, but he was so turned on, he didn’t care. He didn’t want to leave. It took everything he had to resist playing with his own nipples. What was he turning into? What kind of nippleslut was he becoming?

Then he realized that he kind of felt sorry for Trey – dead nipples? Nothing at all? – what a shame. Imagine not being able to experience anything like THAT…

Which was why, when he finally got home, before he gave any more thought to solvent – as if he’d given ANY thought to solvent – he signed on to the Nip-Suck site and clicked “GIFTS.”

The next couple days were a haze of near constant masturbation. He couldn’t stop – he didn’t want to stop. It felt so fucking good. Each new twist or flick or knuckle ramped up the intensity that much more. He wore tight spandex shirts to the gym, for the friction – and the intensity of his workouts amped up, too. At least, his chest workouts did – blood in the muscle was blood in the nipple, after all. Seemed like every workout was a chest workout lately.

Finally, two days later, the package arrived. Benny was so excited, he had a rod the entire way to the gym. He’d fantasized every detail of this scene, going over it again and again as he teased and tortured his nipples. He hadn’t seen Trey since their last workout, the one where Trey’d given him the tittie-twister, and the memory of it sent a shudder through his system, intensifying his erection. He wanted Trey to know how good it could be.

It ended up being so easy – so incredibly easy – that Benny couldn’t believe it had been anything other than Fate.

Trey lumbered into the locker room just as Benny had finished prepping – they greeted each other with a “hey” and a fist punch. Benny was half-dressed, wearing only his knee-length gym shorts (no jock today, tho – hiding his ever-present rod wouldn’t be a problem for long), his latex suckers exposed and obvious (if one would take a close enough look).

Trey pulled his shirt off – he was still off-season, so bloated and full, his nipples, which hung off the bottom of his thick pecs, almost touched the top of his roidgut. Dude has some hot tits, Benny thought, amused instead of horrified by how much of a nippleslut he’d become. Look what he was about to do – the old Benny would never have even contemplated this next move, much less jerked off while planning it – sure, he rationalized it by saying it was for Trey’s own good, but in the end, he was sure to get as much out of it as Trey.

This new Benny, thought Benny, this nippleslut Benny was so much fuckin’ hotter.

But it was Trey who put Benny’s plan in motion without even realizing it. “What the fuck’s up with your nipple, man?” he asked. “Is there something on it?”

Benny smiled – a perfect cue! “Oh, yeah,” he said, turning to give Trey the full view. “These are the new latex things I was tellin’ you about.”

“You’re wearin’ them to the gym? That’s pretty fuckin’ weird, Benny.”

“No,” said Benny. “It’s hot. Believe me, Trey, it’s very, very hot. You don’t know what you’re missing.”

“If it’s being a pervert in a locker room, then I don’t think I’m really missing anything.”

“You don’t understand,” Benny said, opening his locker, “But you will…”

It happened so fast that taking the time to describe it will lengthen the moment considerably. In one move – a move Benny had practiced many times the night before and this morning – he grabbed the pink suckers off the top shelf of his locker and charged Trey. Before Trey had a chance to react, Benny had shoved the 270-pound bodybuilder up against the lockers.

“Hey!” yelped Trey, reacting by opening his arms, inadvertently giving Benny a clear strike.

With a sucker pinched between three fingers of each hand, Benny quickly popped them onto Trey’s tiny pink nipples, squeezing until he heard the little Leprachaun farts that signaled success.

Trey pushed Benny away, causing him to stumble on the wooden bench behind him. “What the fuck…?” Trey mumbled, reaching up to pull the suckers off.

This was the moment that Benny couldn’t control – even though the website had practically guaranteed that the “X-tra Fast-Seal Perma-Balm” would bond within seconds, nothing was certain until Trey tried to get the suckers off. It would either work, or it wouldn’t – but Benny didn’t want to consider that alternative.

Not that he had to wait long – the moment was at hand. Trey wasn’t even gentle about something he considered a bad practical joke. With a firm hand, he grabbed the suckers and pulled hard.

The intensity of his orgasm was echoed in his moan – for sure they could hear him on the gym floor, but probably in the coffee shop down the street as well. Trey collapsed on his knees as a wet spot formed on the front of his sweat pants. “What the fuck…?” he said, panting. “What the fuck was that?”

Benny smiled. “That’s what it feels like to have sensitive nipples,” he said. “Wasn’t it fuckin’ hot?”

Trey knelt there, panting. “Holy fuck. That was… that was AMAZING! I’ve never felt anything like it before. What are these things?” He was hesitant about touching them, as if he’d get the same reaction.

Benny knew better. “Let me show you how it’s done,” he said, reaching out to Trey’s nipples – and just like in Benny’s fantasy, Trey let him. He’d just barely brushed the tips when Trey gasped and his erection returned, pushing out a tent in his sweat pants. Benny found himself fascinated with it, alternating attention between Trey’s nips, where he wanted to focus, and Trey’s cock, where he couldn’t help but look.

He lightly pinched the tips of Trey’s nips, causing Trey to roll his head back and moan – Trey’s cock poked painfully against the soaked material of his pants. Benny was aware that he, too, was feeling what Trey was feeling – somehow, Trey’s suckers were transmitting their pleasure to his. What he did to Trey, he did to himself. A little pinch, and they moaned together – Benny’s cock rose in an erection mirroring Trey’s, tenting the front of his baggy gym shorts.

“Oh, yeah,” Trey growled, as Benny ran the tips of his fingers back and forth over Trey’s nipples. “That’s hot – keep doing that.” Trey reached down and began toying with his dick, pinching it in rhythm with Benny’s motions.

Benny didn’t know Trey’s dick was that big – not that he’d ever thought much about it before. He’d seen it plenty of times in posers, or underwear, or flopping around loose under Trey’s gym shorts, but he’d never seen it hard – God damn, that was a hot dick!

And as Benny kept his gentle assault (compared to what he did to himself) going on Trey, Trey just casually slid the front of his pants down and pulled his surprisingly big cock out, serious about stroking it now. If he was bothered by the fact that he was jerking off in front of another guy, he didn’t show it. He pursed his lips at Benny and growled, “Harder.”

But Benny – who’d fantasized about this moment for the last two days – was so distracted by Trey’s dick that he wasn’t doing any of the things he planned. Finally, Trey released his cock and pushed Benny’s hands aside. “Let’s trade positions,” he said, and began toying with his own nipples, causing him to moan and writhe in pleasure – leaving his cock unattended. Throbbing.

Benny could feel in his own nipples what Trey was doing to himself – rough, clumsy, inexperienced – but it turned him on anyway. Without thinking, following the pleasure, Benny knelt in front of Trey and took that beautiful cock in his mouth.

And then the true connection was made – nipples that were hard-wired to cocks were transmitting like an electrical current to the other man’s set. Linked together, they were an outlet, a transformer, a generator – they were the fucking Hoover Dam. When Trey finally shot his load down Benny’s throat, the current that passed between them amped up that much more.

“Holy Motherfuck,” Trey said, leaning against the locker, trying to catch his breath. Just like Benny, he couldn’t help but reach up and play with them again – his hot, hot nipples.

“So, you like ‘em?” Benny asked as he stood up.

Trey smirked, that arrogant, cocky look that he got when he was about to get his way. “Let’s get the fuck out of here. Can we go to your place?”

For the rest of that day – and well into the wee hours of the night – they played with each others nipples. Pinching, pulling, biting, sucking, twisting, flicking, stretching, squishing, until Trey was just as big a nippleslut as Benny – until Trey didn’t WANT to take the suckers off either.

It was a little more complicated for Trey – he had a fiancée, after all – but he’d moved in with Benny by the end of the first week. And Benny took care of his needs in a way his fiancée never did. No, Trey didn’t consider himself gay, but he quickly adopted the role – he confessed to Benny how much he missed fucking, even as he shot another load into Benny’s eager mouth, but he knew he’d never go back to girls as long as these suckers were stuck to him.

A few days later, another package from “Nip-Suck Toys” appeared on Benny’s doorstep, addressed to Trey. “What’s this?” asked Benny, handing it over, barely able to resist the urge to pinch Trey’s nipple while his hand was that near. It’d been the first time they’d stopped having sex that morning.

“Fuck, yeah, “ Trey said, reluctantly releasing his hold on himself to open the little mail sack. “I been waitin’ on this.” He dumped its contents on the table – surprisingly familiar to Benny: a 3x5 information and instruction card, a small tube labeled “Perma-Lube,” and instead of the suckers that had come in Benny’s package, there was what appeared to be a wrapped condom.

“What is it?” Benny asked, his arms crossed before him, gently caressing his own nipples while they talked. Even though they’d been going at it since they’d woken up, some five hours ago, he found himself wanting more, barely able to resist throwing himself at Trey and sucking his cock while he explained. What kind of nippleslut had these things turned him into?

“I told ya, dude,” Trey said, reading the card, “I gotta fuck. I mean, all this nipple shit is hot and everything, but ultimately, I’m a man. And men gotta fuck. So I was trolling around on that Nip-Suck site and I found this little doo-hickey.” He held up the little condom package.

“What is it?” Benny asked, pinching.

Trey smiled. “It’s gonna make it so’s you can take it,” he said. “At least, that’s what it says on the website. We’ll see – I mean, it was right about my nipples, after all.”

“Wait a minute,” said Benny, uncrossing his arms. “You think you’re gonna FUCK me?”

“It’s only fair, Benny. You put these things on me against my will. You turned me gay against my will. You made me love it against my will. The very least you can do is let me fuck you.” He opened the condom wrapper and pulled the little latex rubber out – it was the same color as his big, beautiful cock.

It took the barest squeeze of his nipple for Trey’s cock to get hard. Expertly, he rolled the condom on – but “condom” was only accurate to a degree. It was more like a sleeve – only his shaft was covered. Trey’s cockhead was completely exposed.

“What is that?” Benny asked, unable to stop fondling his own nipples.

Reaching for the tube, Trey said, “Something that’s gonna give you ten times the pleasure you gave me.”

Benny tried to run, even though there was really nowhere to go, no room to maneuver. Trey caught him easily, with one muscular arm, which he wrapped around Benny’s torso, grabbing his right nipple – hard. Benny went black from the pain (pleasure) – his cock went rock hard. Trey at once held him, but also managed to squeeze some of the tube’s contents onto his own middle finger.

“Don’t worry, Benny,” Trey said, easily containing Benny’s struggles – Trey had been a wrestler long before he’d become a heavyweight bodybuilder. “It’s not gonna hurt. This stuff makes it so it don’t hurt. It’s gonna make everything easy.”

He rubbed his finger up against Benny’s asshole – Benny could feel it, all slick with lube. Lube that tingled, warm and relaxing – it didn’t feel anything like what Benny expected. Trey massaged Benny’s nipple in the same circular rhythm he used on Benny’s asshole. Benny couldn’t help but moan.

“Feels good, don’t it?” Trey mumbled, slipping his finger inside. Slick with the Perma-Lube, it met no resistance. It did feel good – it made him relax – the sparkle of champagne. When the second finger easily went in, Benny felt the beginnings of a hunger he’d never experienced before. “Oh, this is gonna be nice,” said Trey softly. “Nice and tight. You ready for my cock, Benny?”

Benny was gasping for air. “I don’t know,” he said. “It’s so big.”

“Trust me, Benny. This thing’s gonna do for your ass what these suckers do for our nips. Let me in.”

And Benny couldn’t help himself – Trey already knew his weaknesses. Trey knew how to stroke Benny and pinch Benny and lead Benny where he wanted. In this case, the back of the sofa – Trey bent Benny over it and dribbled the rest of the lube on his cock, over the latex sleeve that covered it.

Benny could feel it pressing against his hole, big and slick – but it was like his hole wanted it, so he pushed out against Trey’s cock and he felt the head slide inside.

The lube made it easy – erotic – warm and gentle. No pain, only slick pleasure – the more of Trey’s cock that slid inside, the more it filled him, the more aware of it he became in his nipples. Yes, his nipples – something about it was connecting to the circuits that already existed between his nipples and his cock. It was like Trey was adding another outlet – another plug.

But it didn’t hurt – the lube saw to that, or maybe that condom-thing – if filled him to be sure, but something made it so wonderful that he stopped worrying about it and he soon found himself riding Trey’s cock like a bull – all the while working the hell out of his own nipples.

Trey loved to fuck – gentle at first, making sure Benny was ready, more like – because all at once he launched into a violent series of thrusts, long-dicking Benny’s muscular ass. He held Benny by the hips and pounded away.

Benny lit up inside – Trey’s cock assaulted his prostate. The magic of whatever was inside him – aside from Trey – reached that little gland as well, soaked it, stroked it, sensitized it like Benny had never experienced before. He’d already given in to it, he knew it as Trey’s thrusts went even deeper, if he’d turned Trey into a nippleslut, then Trey had sure turned him into fuck toy. And he already loved it.

And then the electricity of orgasm, solidifying the connection between his hole and his nips and his cock, his threeway climactic shock. When Trey was in his deepest, Benny reached up and pinched his own nipples – and it pushed him over the edge.

WAY over the edge! When came and Trey came, Benny fell into the abyss, the great depth of feeling and passion and newly discovered desires. So deep, he couldn’t see the top anymore – (let alone BE a top anymore.) And even when it passed, he wanted it again – Trey hadn’t even pulled his cock out yet, and yet Benny wanted it again.

When Trey finally slipped out, smirking and smacking Benny on the ass, Benny saw that the condom thing hadn’t come out with him. “Where’s that thing?” he asked groggily, rolling onto his hip, almost unable to help toying with his own nip. “That condom thing?”

“Felt good, didn’t it?” Trey asked, flexing for himself in the mirror, stroking his nipples like tiny lovers, which kept his cock interested. “You were moaning like such a whore that I figured you were getting off on it.” He looked over his shoulder at Benny. “Am I wrong?”

“Where’s that thing?” Benny asked again, waching Trey tease himself into another erection. God damn, his cock looked good.

“You know how these things are stuck on, right?” he asked, toying with his suckers, which brought him back to full erection. “You know how you put ‘em on me against my will and turned me into a fag?” Benny was fascinated with Trey’s big cock – it was so… beautiful. Suddenly, he realized he wanted it inside him. “Well, that thing is doing for your asshole what you did to my nipples. How fuckin’ cool is that? Now your ass is gonna be just like our nips are – super-sensitive and hungry for more.”

Benny was nearly drooling, he was suddenly feeling so empty inside. “Fuck me, Trey,” he said, pinching his own nipples till he was erect. “C’mon, man – do it again, will ya? Fuck me.”

Trey gave himself a good squeeze, pushing himself to throbbing. “No doubt,” he said, lifting Benny’s muscular legs and resting them over his shoulders. “Pretty soon it won’t even bother you that it’s permanent.”

But Benny wasn’t listening, no once he felt Trey’s cock against his hole – he would figure out that only Trey’s cock would fit him right soon enough. All that mattered at the moment was getting that incredible hunk inside him. Once it was, Benny’s circuit was reconnected and the electricity started flowing again. He could stay like that forever.

They fucked so long and so hard that Benny’s sense of reason was fairly well fried. Trey was right – Benny became glad about the permanence before the end of the first night. Sure, only Trey’s cock would do it for him – but getting Trey hard was just a matter of squeezing his nipples, so it stopped mattering.

What a slut he’d become – and how much he’d loved it.