Arm Day

Big Danny walked into the gym that day for a arm workout. Every once in awhile he would do an "arms only" session, and spend 2 hours blasting deep into the fibers of his forearms and biceps. He loved the insane, burning pump he would get. He knew he could handle the pain better than anyone he'd ever met. When he first started packing on some good size, he'd lifted with the bigger guys in the gym. It didn't take him long to realize that he could go way beyond the pain barrier that made them give up in agony. And now, he'd gotten bigger than any of them. Way bigger. In fact, he'd gotten his nickname Big Danny when he outgrew Danny the gym manager, who was a six foot tall, 230lb bodybuilding champ. Big Danny, who had started out as a lean 17 year old jock who paid for his gym membership by working the front desk in the beginning, was now a 21 year old weighing in at 293lbs at 6'4" tall. Now, nobody came close to him in size at the gym.

He liked to finish off his arms only day on the preacher curl machine. He'd gotten so strong lately, that he could pin the whole stack of weights and do rep after rep after rep. So he'd taken to finishing off his arms by doing one-arm curls with the whole rack. 220lbs. Ten reps each arm. Set after set. Turned himself on feeling the insane bloated pump in his bi's and tris.

Today, he'd just finished his fourth set, when some college dude came up to him. "Mind if I jump in for a set?" asked the kid. Most people didn't bother Big Danny when he trained, or if they did, he didn't notice them, he was so focused. This kid, though, was halfway onto the preacher by the time Big Danny said, "Whatever, dude."

The kid tried to do a rep using both arms. "Hey, how much you got on here?" he grunted when the stack didn't move.

"It's the whole rack," Big Danny said. "Now let me do my set." Big Danny muscled his way next to the kid and slowly yet forcefully nudged him off the seat.

"Whoa, take it easy big guy," said the kid, sidling away from the machine. Then Danny started doing one-arm reps. The kid's eyes grew wide. "Holy shit....." stammered the smaller dude.

Danny did 15 reps, then switched arms and did 15 more. Then he stepped off the preacher and shook out his arms. He loved feeling them engorge like two 20+ inch round cocks. He looked in the mirror and admired the thick vein standing out on his ceps like hoses. Then he flexed. Oh yeah. He loved feeling his arms ball up and rise. And peak. Look at them, all bloated up, like over-pumped tires.

He heard someone stumble next to him and looked over. He'd forgotten all about the kid as he'd worked his arms. The little dude had staggered back in awe as Danny flexed his superheavyweight arms. He'd fallen back onto a bench as his knees gave out. Danny smirked as he noticed the kid's chubby showing thru his shorts. So did one of the big older lifters who was standing nearby. He just shook his head and chuckled. Danny decided to give them both a show.

He stepped over to the kid, and leaned down toward him. He raised his arm up and flexed it in the kid's face. "You ever see a 23" arm, little dude?" Danny said. He squeezed his arm till it was harder than rock, and watched the color drain out of the kid's face as his hardon grew in his shorts. "And I'm just getting started," said Danny as he moved his peak till it was almost touching the kid's nose. "Soon I'm gonna have this arm over 24". That's bigger than your quads, isn't it, dude?"

The kid was now leaking pre thru his shorts. Danny looked over and saw that the older lifter was swelling up pretty good too, enjoying the show.

"And I'm not stopping there," said Danny. "Wait till this arm passes 26 inches, boy. Maybe I'll let you tape it out." Danny swiped the peak of his arm across the tip of the dude's nose. The kid groaned, gripped down on the bench harder, and busted right in his pants. Danny stepped back, and the kid scurried his way to the locker room.

"Nice," acknowledged the older lifter, who adjust his hardon in his sweats, and went back to lifting.

Danny shifted his own engorged dick in his sweats and went back to the preacher bench, where he did 6 more sets of one arm curls. He felt like he could lift the whole goddam machine off the floor. Maybe next time, he'd try it.