Barista Muscle 4

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That night, I got on the Thai website. Nick was right, they had restricted assess to old members only. And they limited orders for their protein powder to four 30lbs bags a month. And the price had quadrupled. I placed my order. Then I mixed up some drinks with the bag I still had. The stuff mixed instantly with water, no blender needed. Nick downed two gallons of it, while I drank down about a quart. The stuff was almost tasteless going down, but there was a slight chemical aftertaste. Nick face started sweating pretty heavily. He stripped off his sweatshirt, his torso shiny with sweat, and his hard gut rounding out like a barrel. He looked down at his big pecs.

"Look at this muscle, man," he said. "Since I been using this powder, all I have to do is flex and I get a fierce pump." He bounced his pecs back and forth a couple of times, and his chest swelled up higher and rounder. "I got the body of an off-season superheavyweight, and the strength of a couple powerlifters combined." He waddled over to me, walked me backwards until he had me pinned against the wall with his hard gutball. I put my hands on the sides of it, and felt his hard bulging abs through the skin that was stretched tight as a snare drum. "Now feel my arms," he said. "I'm not even gonna flex them, and feel how hard they are." I put my hands on his 'relaxed' arms that were straight down to his side. His bi's and tri's were hard as petrified wood. "And when I flex them," he said, "they get even harder." He clenched his fists and tightened his arm muscles, and they bulged and hardened under my hands.

"You wanna taste it?" he asked me, pushing his pecs toward my face. Now we were both sweating hard. I leaned into his chest and licked the rivulet of sweat that was running into his deep pec valley. It tasted like a salty version of the shakes we'd just had. I could have eaten out his deep ridge all night, getting my face wet from pressing into the sides of his huge pecs, but he slung me over his shoulder and carried me into the bedroom. "I don't know what all is in that powder, man, but it's definitely more than just protein. Cause when I'm on it, I get so horned up, like I need sex every fifteen minutes." I was feeling it, too. But I figured it was just because of Nick's massive, sweat-drenched muscle.

I found out differently, though, because I'd never been able to keep going, time after time, every fifteen or twenty minutes, for a whole night. That's what we did though. And I found out that night that how versatile Nick could be. Told me he didn't want my protein going to waste. So I tapped into his prostate hard and long. More than a couple times. Just like he did to me. And I think he was right, that extra protein helped with the growth. Because after that, I started growing faster, too. And good thing I did, because Nick, with his mass and strength, almost busted my ribs a couple times that night.

That was two months ago. Both of us have been using the Thai protein blend and packing on big time gains. Now I'm coming in at 245lbs of muscle at 7% body fat. It'd be real hard to bust a rib on me. And I have some of my own worshippers now, too. The other night, a guy came in his pants just seeing me walk into the room shirtless. He said I looked like Kellan Lutz, except more bunched up with muscle. I fucked the dude good and hard for that compliment. After he left, I got off on myself. Twice.

It wouldn't seem like I'd need Nick at all to get off on big muscle, except that he is now 320lbs at 3%. A truck could hit him, and it wouldn't break a rib. Might not even budge him. He's gotten so cocky, I wouldn't be surprised if he stood out on the road and dared one to try. His job as a bouncer has just fed into his cockiness, too, as he has found out how much stronger he is than anyone he's come up against. The bigger the guy is, the more Nick gets into it. He's told me how much he loves it when he's guiding some troublemaker out of the club, and the guy starts to resist. Nick grabs the guy by the back of his elbow or neck and squeezes just hard enough to make the guy crumple to his knees. Nick gets hard just telling me about it later. He flexes out in the mirror as he tells me how weak they feel to him. How he feels like he's barely squeezing their arm before they go down, squealing in pain.

"Imagine if I ever decided to fight the guy for real?" he said to me the other night, as he flexed his chest in the mirror and stroked himself hard. "Maybe I should go on that ultimate fighter show, teach those scrawny guys a lesson. Think what these 29" pythons could do to them." He hit a double bi shot. "Man, even
you could take most the guys I've seen on that show. We should both go on it. Only downside is, I'd have to mop the mats with you at the end to take the title," he said, laughing. "Like this," he said, grabbing me and throwing me to the floor like a rag doll. I struggled against him with my jacked up 245lbs, but it was no use. It was truly like trying to fight against the strength of four big powerlifters. "Aw, yeah," he said, "so freaking strong. Bones me up feeling it." We were both hard as rock...all over. "Maybe I should win the Mr O first," he said, holding me down like I was a little kid. "I'd crush Heath." He rubbed his huge forearm into my face until it hurt.

"Maybe you should do the strongest man contest," I suggested, as I tried to push up on his soccer ball sized delts to get some of his weight off me. It was like trying to move a bank vault. My suggestion just made him rage into me even harder.

"Aww fuck yeah man, I'd crush those fat fuckers. I'd break every record on that show with this muscle!" I finally let out a grunt of pain from him bucking into me on the hardwood floor. He looked at me and said, "All this muscle hurting you, Frankie?" As he straddled me with his Paco Bautista-sized quads, his big dick leaked precum all over my chest.

"Fuck you," I said, even though I enjoyed feeling him muscling into me, pain or no pain.

"I could use a good protein injection to help get me to 350." He rolled off of me and onto his stomach on the floor. "Pull my posers off me," he said. I grabbed the waistband of his posers and pulled them up and over his huge glutes. I had to stretch the silky fabric to the snapping point to get them over the thickly mounded ass muscle. I pulled them down over his 34" quads and 24" calves.

"Now get on my back," he said. "I feel like doing a couple hundred pushups with your weight on me."

I climbed on willingly, aching to feel his cyborg-like strength. "Oh yeah," I groaned, as he started doing pushups. One after another, pushing our combined weight of 565lbs of dense muscle up and down. His back muscles thickened and rolled with each push. I put the palms of my hands on his huge delts and pushed myself up, arching into him. My dick rubbed against his Ramy Elssbiay-sized glutes. The sound of his hard roidgut and big pecs slamming into the hardwood floor made me leak all over the Christmas tree shaped muscles of his lower back. I grabbed onto his lats, which stuck out two feet wider on each side of his back. I felt the power in them as he did pushup after pushup. Big, strong, thick power. Superheavyweight strength. I couldn't hold back. I braced myself up with one hand in the middle of his sweat-soaked back, and jerked myself off with my free hand. I shot all over his huge back. Rope after rope of hot paste spraying his big gorilla muscle.

"Aw, yeh, that's it, cum to this muscle," Nick grunted out as he felt my jiz hitting him. "Rub it in, man, I wanna soak it in and grow from it." I rubbed the thick cum all over his back like suntan lotion. "Hold onto, bud," he said, and stood up with me riding on his back. He turned and looked into the mirror. "Hoo, yeah, bro, look at us. Two freaking mass monsters." Nick started jacking his rock hard cock. "So much fucking muscle. Look at my fucking 8 pack..." He flexed his roidgut and eight sections popped out like bricks. "Holy shit yeahhhh," he grunted as he jacked himself hard and let his jiz fly all over the room. "Aw yehhh...fuck yeah......." I felt his huge muscles ripple as he drained himself dry.

Afterwards, I had to use a mop to wipe up all the sweat on the floor. The mirror looked like someone had thrown a quart of yogurt all over it, so I mopped it down too.

We were still both dripping sweat as we downed a gallon each of the protein mix. "You want to shower off?" I asked Nick.

"Nah, Frankie, I want your worship juice feeding this muscle for every rep of my workout." So we went to lift. I was raging to hit 260 as soon as I could, but I wanted even more to see Nick break the 350 mark.

To be continued?