The-Big-and-Tall 9: Jeb's Return

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Jay and Pablo fell asleep on the floor together till around dawn. Jay woke up as light began to fill the room. He held Pablo wrapped in his huge arms. Pablo's muscled body felt hard as, smoldering Latino marble. Jay felt twice as strong as ever, since armwrestling and mixing it up with Pablo last night. Jay lifted his right arm off of his mexican bud, and flexed his big bicep. He was in awe of his own muscle, with size and density of which he had never seen before. He flexed it over and over, making it swell even more. Has to be 26 plus inches, he thought with pride. His cock was proud too, and rose up in response to its master's freak muscle arm. Jay grabbed his cock with his left hand, and stoked it. He rubbed the head up and down Pablo's marble-hard ass crack. They had gone six times last night, this would make seven. Jay flexed his arm again, harder, tighter. It peaked up high and full now, already pumped and swollen, thick veins popping. His big cock reacted the same way, swelling up, veins popping.

"Pablo, wake up man, I'm horny as hell," said Jay. Pablo moaned, only half awake, but his hole twitched in response to Jay's big head running up and down his dark crack.

"You're crazy, gringo," said Pablo. "It's too goddam early, man. Anyway, I have to get to work. Let me up." He pushed back on Jay's chest, but Jay didn't budge. Instead, he rolled over on top of Pable, pinning him with his huge legs.

"Make me," said Jay. Pablo looked up at his massive fuck buddy. Jay seemed to have grown overnight, and was holding him down easily. Pablo couldn't budge. Jay raised his arms up into a double bi shot of superior power. "Fuck YEH, feel the power, little one," he said, looking at one arm, then the other. They were bulked up and massive, rock hard and veiny. "I could crush a tank with these suckers!" He started to grind his cock into Pablo's shredded, diamond-cut abs. His cock was leaking pre all over Pablo's torso when they heard a truck door slam.

"Ut-oh," said Jay. They heard a key go into the front door. Then the door opened, and Jeb stepped in to the hallway. His huge strongman physique filled the entranceway. The straps of his tanktop were stretched to the max by his heaving, mounded barrel-chest. Even in his baggy workout pants, his thick squat butt jutted out. His square-jawed face had three days of stubble, and he looked tired and gruff. He dropped his big duffel bag onto the floor and stretched. His beefy masculine body bulged with power. He lifted his thick arm up and stuck his nose into his own deep musclepit and sniffed deeply.

"Damn, I need a shower!" he said to himself, and adjusted his balls, as if the smell of his own ripeness had gotten him stirring. Then he noticed movement in the living room, and he looked over to see Jay straddling Pablo, the rubble that was once his living room wall, his shattered trophy case, and broken trophies all over the floor.

"What the fuck....." he said, stepping into the living room.

"Hey, Jeb, you're home early," said Jay, standing up and facing Jeb.

"What the fuck??" said Jeb again, still absorbing the scene.

"We had a little fun last night," said Jay, "guess we got a little carried away."

Jeb looked Jay up and down. A rope of pre-cum trailed from Jay's thick cock to the floor, and his hair was white with plaster dust.

"You mutherfuckers," Jeb growled lowly.

"It's no big deal, Jeb, we can fix this up in no time," said Jay.

"You mutherfuckers," Jeb said again, only slower and angrier.

Jay, perhaps feeling cocky from his defeat of Pablo the night before, or from the rush of his newly increased size and power, said, "It's only a fucking wall, man."

Jeb took a step toward Jay, and locked his gaze right on Jay's eyes. "What did you just say?" he asked Jay.

Jay took a step toward Jeb, held his gaze, and said, "Don't blow a fucking gasket, old man, I said we'd fix it."

Jeb stepped toward Jay until their massive gorilla chests were touching, nip to nip. Their nostrils flared as they glared at each other. No one had ever talked back to Jeb without getting something to remember it by, like a broken bone, or major tooth loss, or the destruction of their car. But he wasn't sure he wanted to pummel the hell out of Jay. He could see that Jay was bigger and more powerful looking than ever, and he understood how gaining so much size and strength could make a kid all cocky and arrogant. He'd been there. It's tough not to turn into an asshole, knowing you could beat the crap outta anyone out there. Half the fun of it is strutting it around like a Bull. But look what they'd done to his house. Although, he had to admit, it was almost funny, what with Pablo sitting on the floor over there all naked and more muscled up than ever himself. Little did Jay know that Jeb had been fooling around with Pablo ever since he hired him as his lawn guy. Pablo worshipped him, and Jeb knew that the kid had enormous potential as a musclehead strongman. Jeb was a fool for potential, just like with Jay. He loved both these guys, but still, he felt he needed to teach them a lesson, and to get Jay's cockiness in check. He continued to press his huge chest into Jay's when Jay suddenly raised his arms into a double bi shot.

"Match these suckers, man," said Jay, squeezing his herculean arms full and hard. Jeb met the challenge by raising his arms up into a matching double bi. Both men stared at each other as they crunched their fists and flexed. Jay's arms were mounded boulders, bigger than ever, smooth, solid tight arms of a 24 year old power freak, but Jeb's more mature muscles were denser with fiber, and his biceps peaked up freakishly high, like Boyer Coe's, with a deep split that separated the huge biceps muscles and highlighted his size and power.

"You're going down, boy," Jeb said.

"Not without a fight, fucker," snarled Jay.

Suddenly, Pablo appeared at their side, sliding his hands between the two powerful men's chests.

"Cut it the fuck out," he said, trying vainly to pry them apart. Jeb looked at Pablo, the back at Jay.

"You ever make a muscle sandwich?" he said to Jay.

"What?" asked Jay.

"Like this," said Jeb, and with that he picked up Pablo, and wedged him in between him and Jay. Pablo's feet were off the ground, as he was pinned between them. Then Jeb leaned into him and kissed him full on the mouth.

"What the fuck?" said Jay.

"You think you're the only one that knows how to play, bud?" answered Jeb. Jay caught on quickly, and the two bigger men began to grind against Pablo's tight powerful body. Their hands began to grope everywhere, grabbing handfuls of muscle and flesh. By now, they were all sweating again, and Pablo groaned as Jay's smooth musclebulk slid against him on one side, while Jeb's hairy, grizzly muscle scruffed up against his other side. The room began to smell like the lockerroom of a pro football team. All three men were hard as steel.

"Let's go upstairs for an hour or so, then I think we should go find a gym to terrorize," said Jeb.

"Sounds good to me," said Jay, relieved to realize that he didn't have to challenge his mentor, at least not yet. Jeb's arms had looked tough to beat.

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