Blue Collar Muscle 5

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I opened up my duffel bag and pulled out the body gel I'd packed for Bennie's massage. Then I stripped out of my clothes, went over and straddled Bennie as he lay on his stomach on the floor of the hotel room. His naked body was piled thick with hard muscle. I lowered myself down on him, my ball sac coming to rest on the small of his back. Right where the big mounds of glute muscle merged into his back, there was a flat hard area just below his spinal erector muscles. My cock and balls fit into it like a pouch. I let out a groan as I lowered my weight onto him and felt how hard his body was. I took the massage gel, poured some into my hands and rubbed it into his upper back. His tanned skin was surprisingly smooth, especially as I spread the gel around on the thick back muscle.

"Geezus, Bennie," I said, "your back is massive."

"Yeah," he said, his head turned sideways on the bedspread he was laying on. "Imagine if I was on steroids."

"You're not? Geezus, Ben."

"Not yet," he answered. "But I'm plenty strong without them." He started doing pushups with me on his back. I rubbed my fingers into the back muscles as they rippled and swelled with each push. I could feel his skin stretching out under the thick muscle. He stopped after 25 easy reps, and I poured more body gel on his broad shoulders. I rubbed the gel across the rugged contours of his big traps, then spread it down until I covered each big delt. I ran my hands to the edge of his jutting lats, then underneath, into his deep pits. I felt the heat of those pits as I lubed up his thick lat wings.

"Feels good, man, but can you go harder?" he asked.

It was going to be hard to bust thru his dense back muscles with just my fingers. "You want me to use my elbows?" I asked him.

"Aw yeah, do that."

I leaned into him and put my elbows on his shoulder blades. I began to roll them around on his muscle, and he let out a groan of pleasure. As I leaned more of my bodyweight onto him, grinding harder into his grisly muscle, he groaned more deeply. "Aww yehh, man, harder," he grunted. I rubbed my elbows up and down his wrist-thick spinal erector muscles. I could feel the muscle fibers slipping and sliding under my elbows. By now, my cock was hard and resting along the muscle valley formed by his hard erector muscles. I poured some gel inside the valley and rubbed it up and down his spinal column with my erection. I was leaning onto my elbows with almost my entire bodyweight of 220. On a normal man, I'd say he had freakishly hard knots, but on Bennie, his back was just freakishly hard MUSCLE. I worked it harder and harder, till sweat was dripping off my brow and nose and chin, and as it poured down onto him, I rubbed that into his back too, making his skin even more slippery. I went back and forth across his broad expanse of a back, my elbows leaving ruddy welts on his satiny skin. I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed, until finally I had to take a break. I sat up and looked down on his shiny welted back. Bennie pulled his shoulders back and flexed his back muscles, and thick rolls of sinew popped out like a rugged mountain terrain.

"My god, Bennie," I said as the muscles swelled.

"Aw yeh man, I can feel myself growing. Can you feel it? Put your hands on my lats."

I put one hand on each side of Bennie's huge V lats. He tensed them and I felt them respond, expanding under my grip like an inflating tire.

"Oh my fuckin' god bro," I said. I felt my fingers spreading out as I held onto the sides of his thick swelling lat muscle....3 inches, then 4 inches, then 5. "Ben...." I stammered.

"Oh yeah," he said, "Now I'm going to turn over so you can do my front."

"I wanted to do your ass first," I said hopefully.

"You can do my ass later," he said as he started to turn.

"Bennie, I ..." and I started to apologize for my hardon, my raging hardon that was leaking pre all over his back valley, but as he turned underneath me, I felt his own erection flopping onto my thighs. "Whoa..." I said, as his hard dick slapped against my leg. I lifted my weight off him some as he could turn completely over. Our swollen cocks bounced off each other as he rolled over onto his back. I tried to adjust mine on his bulging, hard ab wall.

"Don't pay attention to that right now, man, I haven't had sex since my divorce and am so horny I could fuck a goat," he said.

"Baaaaa," I responded.

He laughed and ignored my plea. "Work my chest like you just did my back," he said. "I gotta feel it."

The fur of his chest was already wet with sweat and curled up into ringlets. I turned the gel bottle upside down and squeezed it till it shot all over his pecs. I rubbed it into his muscle and down into his cleavage, rubbing my fingers up and down the 3 inch deep cleft. I cupped his pecs and rubbed into them hard, lifting them upward, then I let them plop back downward under their own ponderous weight. I did this again and again, until I could see them swelling with pump. They grew harder and rounder. Fuller. And rubbed his delts and arms till they bloated so full his skin tightened like cellophane wrap.

"Ben, fuck," I stammered out as I watched his veins throbbed and pulsed across his chest and shoulders and into his swelling arm muscles, pumping more and more size into them. "Geezus, you're huge."

He flexed his arms. "Think I could go on stage with muscles like these?" he asked me. His biceps practically had a triple peak rising out of them they were so swollen with size.

"You'd crush everyone up there with you," I said.

"Oh yeah I would," he said, kissing his peaks. I almost shot my load just seeing him do that.

I ran my hand down to his abs. Then I poured more gel into my hand and grabbed his cock, stroking it. I couldn't keep my hand off it any longer. He let out a deep groan, and arched onto his neck in a wrestler's bridge. I stroked him harder. He lowered himself down, then grabbed me and lifted me into the air. I held onto his dick as he sat up and came face to face with me.

"I thought I could wait. Who was I fuckn' kidding," he said. "I'm so jacked up, my head's about to explode. Both my heads." He stood up, lifting me right along with him. He held me out at arms' length, my feet barely scraping the carpet. Then he tossed me onto the bed. "I hope you don't mind getting raped by 300-plus pounds of muscle," he said, grabbing the bottle of gel from me. He squeezed the bottle so hard that the cap flew off. He poured the contents into his hand and then shoved his hand between my ass. I felt 3 of his thick fingers enter me.

"Oh yeah, I am gonna fuck the hooves right off you, goatboy," he snarled, as he worked his fingers deeper into me. "I never done this to a dude before, but feels smooth as pussy to me."

"Smoother," I snarled back at him.

Bennie pushed my feet up behind my ears and popped his big cockhead into me. "Aw yehh, it is smoother," he said as he slid himself deeper inside me. I could feel the veins on his thick dick as I clenched down on him. He let the massage gel work its magic as he slid into me, clear down to his the big root of his cock. Then he started pounding into me. BAM BAM BAM. I could feel the power of his jacked up body behind each thrust.


"Bruise my fuckin' ass," I said to him.

"Oh YEAH," he said, grabbing hold of me and lifting me off the bed, then pounding me up and down his shaft with his powerful arms, the huge muscles rippling as he used my 220lbs body as his toy. "Gonna bruise you deep," he said. He plowed into me even harder, the bed creaking and shifting underneath us, sweat flying off both of us. He pounded and pounded into me, his arms swelling even bigger. They looked 25"s, unflexed...big as my thighs. I dug into them with my hands, feeling their power moving me up and down.

"Man, I'm gona cum," I said.

"Me too," he grunted. "Gona cum inside you, then you cum," he ordered. Then he shoved me down hard onto the base of his cock. He growled like an animal, and I felt him unloading inside me. And I shot all over his chest and the underside of his chin. Both of us spewed and spewed. He squeezed me as he pumped his cock empty. Then he lowered me onto the bed, and slid himself out of me. "Damn did I need that," he said as he stood up. "I gotta shower."

I watched him as he strutted off to the bathroom, his big glutes rolling. Next massage, I was going to hit those suckers hard, see how swole we can get them.

To be continued