College Finals 4

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I opened the front door to my place and led Troy inside. He looked around and said, "Nice place."

"Thanks," I said, and for the guesthouse of an old estate, it was pretty nice. The owner had redone the place before I moved in, and it was open and airy, with a lot of big windows looking out onto the wooded grounds. I kicked my boots off in the foyer, and when I turned around, Troy dropped his gym bag and started unbuttoning his ripped jeans.

"Whoa!" I said.

Troy looked at me. "Didn't you want to sew these up?"

"Yeah, but would you mind changing in the bathroom?" When he looked at me puzzled, I said, "You are still my student, after all."

"Oh yeh, that," he said. "Hey, how old are you anyway, Doc?"

"I'm 29. Why?"

"My birthday is in two weeks. I'll be 26." Now it was my turn to look puzzled. "I worked construction for a couple years after high school. But if you still wanna do the teacher/student thing, I'm cool with that. Where's the bathroom?"

I pointed down the hallway and watched him waddle by me, his shoulders nearly brushing the walls. He was so heavy with muscle, it was like watching Jay Cutler walking thru my house. When he got to the bathroom, he went inside, but didn't shut the door. A second later, he held his pants out the doorway. "Here ya go," he said. I went down the hall and grabbed his jeans, but he didn't let go when I pulled at them. I turned to look at him in the doorway. The only thing he was wearing was a jockstrap and a shit-eating grin. "You're still gonna scrub my back for me, aren't ya, Teach?" The only thing holding me up was the grip I had on his pants. "Oh, and you gotta shave the back of my legs for me. I can't tell if I'm getting it all off. See?" And he let go of his pants and turned around. I stumbled back against the hallway wall. Troy's shoulders went past the doorjamb on each side. His torso tapered down to his waist, as if pointing the way to the thickly mounded globes of his ass, the size of which was highlighted on each side by the narrow straps of his jock. "See the hair?" he said, and as I looked, he clenched his butt cheeks, and I could see the striations spreading out across his glutes like ropes.

"Jeezus, Troy," I said weakly.

"Is that the shower?" he asked. He walked over to the opening at the right side of the wall. The bathroom to the house was oversized to begin with, and the owner had made the tiled shower so big, that it didn't need a door or shower curtain. You could just walk in, and because the showerhead was so far in, the spray never reached the opening. Troy clicked on the light switch next to the door and stuck his head in. "Wow," he said, "big shower." Then he stepped inside, and I heard the water turn on. "Nice pressure," I heard him say. I pushed myself off the wall of the hallway, dropped his jeans, and stripped down naked and headed toward the shower. I stepped inside just as Troy, facing in my direction, leaned his head back into the water, which pored down his thick neck and big slab pecs, down his abs, and onto his jock, which he was still wearing. I began to realize that big strapping muscle looked inordinately better when it got wet. Maybe it was the way his skin glistened, and tightened up over his huge muscles. Or maybe it was the way the water was making his nipples rise up like two erections on his massive chest. And then, as the jockstrap got soaked thru, it became more transparent, and looked like Troy had shoplifted a kielbasa and stuffed it inside his pouch. When I looked back up at him, Troy had pulled his head out of the water and was looking at me.

"Hey, Teach," he smirked. He grabbed a bottle of liquid bath soap off the shower shelf, popped the top, and poured it onto his big traps and pecs. He sat the bottle down, and began to lather himself up. The suds ran down into his deep pec cleavage, down the middle ridge of his abs, and bunched up at the top of his bulging jock pouch. I realized now that even better than wet massive muscle was soaped up massive muscle. "You ready to scrub my back?" he asked, turning around. He leaned into the shower stream, letting it soak his head, as hot soapy water ran down his enormous back. I grabbed a loofah sponge that I keep in the shower, soaped it up, and walked up to him. The middle of his back had a deep valley where the thick muscle met up along his spine. Water ran down it like a stream. I put the sponge in there and started scrubbing him down like a racehorse. Up and down I went with the scruffy loofah . "Oh yeh, Doc. Harder," he said. He pressed his hands harder against the tile, and his back muscles bulged and rolled. I scrubbed harder, until I could see his skin redden. His big thick traps had a light coating of blond peach fuzz. I scrubbed hard enough that the fuzz began to come off on the sponge. Troy grunted and said, "That's it Doc. Harder." I brought the loofah to his lats , and as he flared them out, I could see why bodybuilders' lats were sometimes referred to as 'batwings', because Troy's grew out wider and wider, like a bat raising its front limbs, and the wings opening out more and more, only Troy's wings seemed nearly a foot thick with muscle. I scrubbed harder and harder, breathing heavy with exertion, until Troy's back skin was a deep, ruddy red. I stopped for a second, and watch the water run down his beet red skin, rolling over his mounded glutes, and down into his ass crack. It was a mesmerizing sight. Without thinking, I dropped to my knees, and buried my face into Troy's ass muscles. I wasn't even much of an ass guy, but Troy's construction worker, football player, bodybuilder squat butt was beyond temptation. I pushed my face deeper into the muscled crack, and felt the hot soapy water running over my nose. I heard Troy grunt, and felt him arch into my face.

I pulled out for a second and said, "That OK?"

"Oh yeh...just go way deeper than that, man."

I sank my face back into Troy's powerbutt. My cock throbbed as I ate him out. He groaned out deeply as he braced himself against the shower walls with his huge arms. I felt him flex his ass cheeks against my face cheeks. I had to pull out.

"Dammit, Doc, you got a hot tongue. Why'd you stop?"

"I almost came."

Troy chuckled and turned toward me. "Me too," he said. His big hardon was pushing his jock out about a foot, stretching the wet fabric till it looked like fish netting. His big jock balls had swung down loose under the jockstrap. "You wanna suck me off thru the jock?"

Holy shit. "You don't want to strip it off?" I asked him.

"Nah. It'd just gag you. And if I cum, I might blow the back of your head off. Try it thru the jock," he said, taking a gently hold on my ears and pulling me into him. I put my hands on his big legs. I could feel the power in those thick thighs as he tensed them up. I put my mouth over the jock and sucked. Again, I almost came as I tasted the hot shower water mixed with Troy's precum. I sucked and sucked and sucked. I looked up at Troy, who has his head tipped back, his big Adam's apple jutting out of his thick neck muscle. He used my ears to pump my head back and forth on his jock-covered mushroom head.

Suddenly, he pulled me off of his jock and let go of my ears. He pulled his big dick out of his jock and stroked it hard. It only took him about ten pumps before his jiz started to fly. The ropes of cum were nearly 2 feet long, and shot across the shower, hitting the far wall like a paintball. After 5 shots like that, he grabbed my head again, and put it over his naked cockhead.

"Take the rest, Doc," he said. I complied by sucking on his head till the thick oozing paste stopped flowing.

I pulled my head away. "Whoa," I said.

"Yeh, see, I told you I might blow the back of your head off. I cum so hard sometimes, it scares me. Hey, you ever fuck a man's pecs?"


"You wanna do mine?" he asked, as he shut off the shower water.

I looked up at the huge mounded power slabs that were his pecs. "Ok," I managed weakly.

"Cool. Let's dry off."

We got out of the shower, and toweled each other off. His big back was still red and hot to the touch.
"That didn't hurt?" I asked him, as I rubbed his freak backspread with the towel.

"Heck no, feels awesome. Hey, you have any kinda oil?" I grabbed a bottle of Neutragena sesame oil from the cabinet. Come on," he said eagerly. He led me out to my living room, and then laid down on his back on the rug. "Straddle me," he said. My heart pounded rapidly as I straddled the huge mountain of muscle laying on my living room floor. He took the bottle of oil and poured it all over his chest. "Sit on me and rub it into my pecs." I sat down on his rockhard body. My cock had never been harder. I rubbed the oil across his broad chest, and he flexed his muscle under my hands. I thought of him bench pressing 900lbs.

"Geezus, Troy," I stuttered.

"Don't cum yet," he said, and he poured the oil directly onto his deep pec valley. "Put your cock in there," he said as he rubbed the oil up and down his crevice. I leaned into him and let my cock slide in between his pecs.

"God," I said, as my hardon slid along his hot oiled skin, smooth as silk yet hard as granite. He put his hand on my dick and pressed it in deeper, wedging it in even deeper. "Fuckk," I said, almost blind with the pleasure of it.

"Yeh, that's it, man, fuck these hogs."

He put his huge arms out, and I leaned more into him, putting my hands on his big biceps. Then I started grinding my cock against his chest, sliding up and down. I could feel my dick disappearing inside his pec meat.

"You ever seen a set so big, Doc?" he asked.

"God no," I sputtered as I thrust against him.

"They're just gonna get bigger. I want a 75" chest, at least. I'll be pressing 1200 soon." I let out a groan. "Don't cum yet," he said. "Sit up a little." I lifted my hands off his arms and sat up. He wrapped his big arms around me and pinned me tight into him. Then he started to stand up, lifting me as he did. I wrapped my legs around his thick torso muscles. He stood up, holding me, my abs against the side of his face. He started humping me up and down, my dick still wedged in his oiled pecs. "Gonna get so huge, doc, and so strong," he grunted as he muscled me up and down. "Gonna make Cutler look like a punk," he said. Then he flexed his pecs hard. "Cum on me Doc, help me grow."

I came till I thought I was going to black out. Came and came, inside his crushing powerchest. He put me down, and I stepped back from him. He looked down at his chest. "Nice load, man. Rub that paste into my pecs, Doc, make me grow." I reached up and started rubbing my cum into him like ointment. "Yeah," he said, "look at these suckers," and he heaved them up and out. "Can rest a beer can on each one of these bad boys. I'll show you sometime. Gonna be 400lbs of muscle by the end of summer, you'll see. You wanna see me at 400, Teach?"

"More than anything," I said, as I cupped his massive hog pecs.

His swollen chest felt like it was already growing bigger.

To be continued