Doug Trains the New Kid

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At seventeen, Doug's muscle size and strength continued to increase dramatically. His dad had added on to the garage, to make room for all the extra heavy weights and reinforced bars that Doug trained with. Now at least twice as strong as his ex-powerlifter dad, Doug was benching 630 for ten sets of twenty easy reps. He loved the freak pump he got, his huge teen chest swelling and throbbing after his lifts, but he wanted more. He was aiming for 750, which would be three times his bodyweight of 250lbs.

The last week of school, Doug had befriended the new kid, Joey. Joey was a big fat kid, 6'2, 240lbs of blubber, with narrow shoulders, wide hips, and little coordination. The other jocks teased the crap out of him, and Doug felt bad for him, so he asked Joey if he wanted to train with him that summer. Joey couldn't believe that the biggest, most heavily muscled guy he'd ever seen wanted to teach him about lifting, and he quickly accepted, his heart pounding.

Their first session in Doug's garage was a lesson in patience for him. Joey could barely lift 125 in the bench, and his technique was awkward and unsteady. But he was so eager to learn that Doug knew he was doing the right thing. And little did he know how well Joey would progress.

By the end of the second week, Joey was benching 225 for reps. Doug was amazed at his progress and could already see Joey's shoulders widening,even through the baggy sweats that Joey insisted on wearing to cover his fat. And Joey loved the new feeling his body was getting. In his bed at night, his muscles sore from training, he would whack off to the thought of his growing strength.

On the day that Doug had Joey try to hit 275 for a max, he surprised them both by pumping out 15 reps at that weight.

"Goddamn," said Doug.

"Put on more weight," said Joey, flush with excitement.

Doug added 50 lbs, taking the bar to 325, and stood ready to spot his friend. But Joey didn't need spotting, as he pressed out rep after rep, slow and steady, finally dropping the bar onto the rack after twelve. "FUCK YEAH," he growled.

"Nice job!" said Doug. "Shit, man, you're getting strong as hell."

"And that's not all," said Joey. "Check this out." And with that, he stripped off his baggy sweatshirt, exposing a new set of broad thickening shoulders, pumped delts and rising traps. He rolled his pumped pecs at Doug, just like he'd been doing in the mirror all week at home. He still had a big gut, but even it wasn't blubbery anymore, but harder and rounded, like a powerlifter.

"You're getting huge, fat boy," joked Doug, but he regretted it as soon as he said it. He saw the hurt of a thousand fatboy insults show in Joey's face.

"Hey," said Doug, thinking fast,"you don't have to take that shit from an asshole like me. Fire back, man."

At first, Joey said nothing. He had always clammed up when kids teased him about his weight. But now he was with Doug, and knew that he could do just about anything. "Fuck you, musclehead," he said timidly.

"That's better, pussyboy," said Doug.

"Eat me, shit-for-brains," said Joey, warming up to it, and feeling GOOD. His chest heaved and his heart pumped hard.

"I'll take you down," said Doug.

"Bring it on," answered Joey.

"Let's take this out back,bro,"said Doug. The two big teens lumbered out to the backyard. Doug stripped off his tank top. He was still immensely more powerful and thickly built than his buddy, but was aching for a friendly rumble. The two circled each other briefly, then lunged together, their big beefy bodies tangling into one. They tusselled around together long and hard, like two oversized puppies, one a thickly muscled Rottweiler, the other an overfed and growing Golden Lab. Doug tested his friend's newfound power, and could sense the intense change in Joey's strength and coordination. Joey had never fought anyone in his life, not even for fun, and as he strained and sweated, he too could sense a major change taking place in his big teen body.

And he liked it.

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