High School Bully 4

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Thursday came, and Ponner went thru the day in somewhat of a daze. To begin with, he had weighed himself in his bathroom that morning at over 200lbs....204 to be exact. When he looked at himself in the mirror, he realized that 204lbs is a lot of muscle to be carrying at 5'6". And it was popping out all over him. He looked like the anatomical chart he'd seen hanging up in the biology classroom. Only more so. He had looked up the chart online when the muscles on his sides began protruding so pronouncedly. "Serratus" they were called. He liked the feel of them, thick and hard as rolls of quarters on the sides of his ribcage. He flexed, and they popped out even more, especially when he crunched down on one side, then the other. In school that day, all he wanted to do was reach up under his baggy sweatshirt and strum his fingers on them, to grope his own growing muscle.

The other thing keeping him preoccupied was his tutoring session with Ty. It had been 4 weeks since they'd gotten together, and other than the other day when Ty had shoulder blocked him in the hallway, they hadn't seen much of each other. Ponner was 60lbs bigger than the last time they'd sat in their cubicle together. But he had seen that Ty looked even bigger too.

When the final bell of the day went off, Ponner decided to play it cool. He would show up late for the tutoring session. This was something Ty did almost every time. Now it was time for him to feel what that's like. Ponner spent some time in the biology classroom, looking at the anatomy chart. He liked finding the name of a muscle he didn't know, then finding it on his own body, tracing it with his finger, picturing them becoming bigger and harder than those of the lean yet muscular figure in the chart. He liked the formal sound of the full latin names of the muscles, that he had just recently begun to learn the shortened versions of.....pecs, lats, glutes, etc. There were so many to learn, and 20 minutes went by quickly. He figured that was long enough, and headed to the library.

As he had hoped, Ty was waiting for him this time. And the big jock was none too happy about it either.

"Where the hell you been, asshole?" he said gruffly as Ponner walked in.

"Busy," said Ponner, pulling up a chair across from his advisary. Ty made a hulking presence in the small cubicle, intimidating in the way that some pro baseball players were in the late 90's. He made the room smell like 'jock'. He was bigger than ever, and sat sprawled in his chair like a muscular gang member who had been called in for questioning by the police, his thick legs spread wide and cocky, his tight polo shirt showing off the etched, swollen ab muscles. And he was glaring at Ponner.

"You gettin smart with me, shithead?" he said, leaning in toward Ponner.

"You wanna pass your class, or you wanna play 30 questions with me?" answered Ponner. Although his heart was racing, and he knew he was still no match for the massive jock, he was not feeling fear like he might have a month ago.

"What are you up to, punk?" said Ty, his eyes narrowing.

"What do you mean?"

"You're up to something, you think I can't see it. Those baggy clothes ain't hiding shit from me, I know you been lifting, and you're doing more than that too."

Ponner swallowed, but not too hard, and said, "I've just been taking care of myself, that's all."

"You think you're gonna be able to take care of this?" said Ty, and with that, he put his hand on the edge of the table top, wrapped his fingers underneath, and broke off the corner. It broke off in his big hand like a cracker. "You tell me what you're up to, or something bad might happen to the little friend of yours."

"Jimmy? You leave him out of this."

"Jimmy, huh? What is he, your girlfriend or something?" Ty said, smirking.

This time, it was Ponner's turn to lean across the table. "You lay one finger on him, and I'll kill you."

"Oh yeh?" said Ty, leaning in nose to nose with his tutor. "Big man, big talk. Look at how riled up you are, panties all in a twist. That new muscle you packed on gets to you, don't it? Taps into your head. Think I don't know it? Look at this..." Ty pulled his sleeve back and flexed his arm. "24 inches of teen muscle, shithead. You shoulda seen the coaches faces when I benched 960 for reps yesterday. That's triple my bodyweight. They never seen anything like me. I coulda taken them all on at once, the whole coaching squad, and they knew it too. Saw the look of fear in their eyes as they saw what a genetic freak I am. Tell you what, little man, you wanna mix it up with this, I'll give you a month. A month to get ready to go against this." Ty heaved out his insanely massive chest, and it swelled so much that it tugged up his shirt a good 6 inches, exposing his powerful jock gut. "A month to get ready for the trouncing of your little life."

"Game on," said Ponner. Then he put his hand over a corner of the table, and snapped off a chunk. He smashed the chunk onto the table top, shattering it like taffy. "See you in a month."

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