The Juicehead 4: Epilogue

When Tony first came to, he threatened to crush my dick, which was deep up his ass, into pulp, just by squeezing his glute muscles together. "I squat 1200lbs with those ass cheeks, punk, imagine what I can do to your cock." But when I shoved into him deeper, and tapped against his prostate, his eyes glazed over and he grunted like a bull in heat. Turned out, with all his sensory receptors so extremely heightened by the Chinese gear, Tony liked getting topped. In fact, he ejaculated 8 times during the next 3 hours that I was jackhammering his massive squatbutt. He even got up on all fours so I could tap into him deeper and deeper. He sprayed his milky paste all over the room in thick ropes. That's when we found out that Ted liked getting splattered with hot thick roidcum. Tony would rear back and aim it at him, hitting him square in the chest, so hard that Ted would have to take a few steps back. Then he'd rub the jiz all over his hairy pecs. Made him hard as a rock. Tony even sucked him off a couple times before spraying him again. What a night.

During the next couple months, Tony got into some hardcore training at an underground gym that was financed by his doctor buddy. Last time I saw him, he had grown to 6'9" and 495lbs. The Chinese lab that made the inhalers was sending a private jet to fly him over to China to do some testing with some new gear that they had developed. They also wanted to pay Tony to do some breeding experiments, to see if his superior genetic alterations would be passed on to the next generation. "That sounds crazy," I said to him. "So is this," he said as he flexed his 36" arm in my face. I had to agree.

Ted had gotten onto the UFC reality show, where he soundly beat every other competitor, usually in seconds, with one punch or submission hold. Then he took on the coaches of both teams, at the same time, in the first two-on-one fight they had ever televised live. Ted had such superior strength, speed and stamina, that he was able to toy with the two seasoned veterans till they were so dazed they'd forgotten their own names. Both coaches retired from fighting after that. Last time I heard from Ted, he said he was working his way up the K-1 kickboxing ranks, and had his eyes set for taking on Alistair Overeem for the overall championship. He said he'd send me front row tickets, so that when he was wiping the mat with Overeem's face, I'd know it was for me. I said I'd be there.

As for me, I was lifting hard and heavy, with Jessica as my trainer. She did it for free, as long as I provided her with a monthly inhaler. Bitch sure did like packing on muscle, and at 6' tall, 250lbs of shredded mass, she could have entered the heavyweight division of a male bodybuilding contest and won. I'd decided not to compete just yet, although she thought I should. I never seemed to get any taller, but I sure was slabbing on size, and now, at 5'7", weighed in at a granite-hard 365lbs. I was a totally freak. You'd think I'd be too muscular to move, but I was agile enough to do a handstand walk up and down the gym stairs. One weekend for kicks, Jessica and I flew out to Texas to workout at a top pro bodybuilder's gym. I got to pose with him, but felt bad when I looked into the mirror...standing side by side with him, it looked like I was outflexing a little kid. And I hadn't even workout yet, so I was posing cold. After I lifted, I looked 3 times his size. Benching 1200lbs for 20 reps will do that to you.

I'm not sure I want to get any bigger, but who knows. Tony just sent me an inhaler with the next generation of gear. Maybe 5'7", 400+lbs wouldn't be so bad.