The Kid 3

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Big John made his way back to the scrapyard. Ripping apart the SUV had pumped him up like no lifting session ever had. His thickly muscled body stretched his skin tight as a military bedsheet. As he strode across the lot, his army fatigues stroked his hard-on. He stepped through the hole he had ripped in the cyclone fence, then twisted the metal cords roughly back into place, securing the fence. Then he turned and faced Tim, who had watched him destroy the truck.

"Guess you liked the show," said Big John. Tim hadn't even realized it, but he was stroking himself through his pants. He should have been scared, but he was totally transfixed by John's size and power.

"How'd you get so fucking strong?" Tim asked timidly.

"When I was a foster kid, my last foster dad used to abuse the shit outta me. That is till I turned twelve."

"What happened then?" asked Tim.

"On the night of my twelvth birthday, I was sleeping on the couch, and I heard him coming down the steps. The big asshole thought he was God's gift, cause he was a pro football player. He'd been using me since I was nine, and I was over it that night. He came at me naked, all 275lbs of him, all jacked up on roids, big rocksolid gut from all the GH, and he pins me down on the couch. Something snapped inside my head, and I shoved him back, hard as I could. Musta caught him off-balance, cause he flew back into the wall, cracking the plaster. I was as shocked as he was. Then he focused in on me, said 'you little goddam punk' and came at me. He reared back with his huge right arm and swung at me. My hand reacted like lightning, grabbing his thick wrist and deflecting the blow. Then I SQUEEZED into his wrist with my thumb, and twisted at the same time. Musta hit a nerve, cause he crumpled to his knees in pain. Then I grabbed the back of his head and pushed it down, and brought up my knee at the same time and SMASHED his face. I could actually hear his nose crush. I let him go and he fell into the carpet, face first."

"Jesus," said Tim.

"Yeah," said Big John,"but that wasn't even the best part. Cause then I busted his cherry right there on the living room floor, him moaning the whole time. Filled him up good, then packed my shit and left. Been working farms and construction ever since, till now. Just kept getting stronger and stronger too." John raised his arm up and flexed, the craggy bicep bouncing to attention. "Wanna touch?"

"Hell yeah," said Tim. He had never been into guys before, but he was so hot for John, he was about to blow. He reached out and put his hand atop the massive boulder-shaped peak."Fuck," he said, as he felt the heat and power of the granite arm.

Big John reached around to the back of Tim's head, and slowly pushed him toward his deep musclepit. " I won't hurt you," he said,"just check it out."

Tim's face was swallowed into the muscle cave, one side of which was pure lat. Then he heard John say "Now breathe". Tim inhaled deeply through his nose, and was instantly intoxicated by the heady musk of pure testosterone.

He breathed in again and again, shivers coursing through his body, he couldn't get enough, while John slowly moved his face up and down the pit, exposing Tim's nose to fresh manscent pockets. Then John clamped his big arm down, holding Tim's head in firmly but gently. Tim blew in his pants instantly. Every cell of his body seemed to climax.He came and came, till he was dizzy and spent.

John released Tim's head, and set him down on the weight bench. He sat down next to him. "You alright, man?" John asked. Tim looked up at him, glassy-eyed.

"Never better," said Tim.

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