Marooned 5

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Tim and Paolo ran up the beach, chasing the pirates as they headed back to their skiffs. Running thru the deep soft sand, the two musclemen felt their quads and calves swelling and burning with pump. Their quads were now over 38", and their calves a veiny 24". The pirates looked back frantically, as they reached their boats, and dug around inside looking for their weapons. Unfortunately for them, the mother plant, which had supplied the fruit that had turned Tim and Paolo into massively muscled powerhouses, had spread its vines inside the skiffs and twisted them around the pirates' rifles. Pull as they might, they couldn't untangle the guns from the twisting vines of the vigorous plant. The harder they tried, the more they managed to get their own hands entangled in the tendrils. Tim and Paolo were approaching fast.

In a blind panic, one of the pirates went to the front of one of the skiffs, and found that the mother plant's vines had not yet stretched that far. He reached in underneath a tarp, and pulled out a grenade launcher. His hands were shaking with fear, but he hoisted the big weapon and pointed it directly at Paolo, who stopped his advance. Even from 40 yards away, the pirate was stunned by Paolo's massive size, easily outweighing the man by 300lbs of pure muscle. The pirate held the launcher unsteadily, and just as Paolo said "Take it easy, man, no one needs to get hurt," the pirate's shaky fingers hit the trigger, and sent the grenade flying. It hit Paolo square in his chest. The grenade bounced off Paolo's thickly muscled pecs and fell to the sand. Paolo leaned over instantly, picked up the grenade, and tossed it out to see like a football. Everyone watched as it spiraled up and out, past the lagoon, and exploded in midair.

Paolo turned back to the pirate, and brushed off his chest, which had a rapidly disappearing welt where the grenade had hit it. He looked up slowly toward the pirate, who appeared to be about to wet himself, staring at Paolo in wide-eyed fear and awe. Paolo lifted his arm and shook his finger at the pirate, as if he'd been a bad boy. The man didn't even notice that Tim was approaching him from the side.

Tim grabbed the launcher from the shaken pirate. He took it in two hands, and bent it in two until the barrel tapped the butt. He tossed it aside, then grabbed the pirate by the neck, and stuck the man's head in between his huge quads. Tim squatted down and picked up a coconut, then stood up and tossed it to Paolo. Then Tim made sure the pirate's face was looking toward Paolo. Tim nodded to his Brazilian friend, who, catching on quickly, stuck the coconut between his own 28+ thighs. Then he crushed the hard nut in his legs, cracking it open like an egg. The white juices ran down his big dark calves. The pirate went into full-blown panic, his body flailing wildly. Only his head remained still, unable to budge from the super strong vise grip of Tim's golden muscle thighs.

While this was going on, the other pirates managed to free one of the skiffs from the vines. They were pushing it down the beach, headed toward the water. Tim and Paolo turned to watch them go. Tim released his grip from his captive's head, and the man dropped to the sand, but quickly clambered back to his feet, and ran toward the skiff, holding his throbbing head in his hands. As they reached the water, the pirates paddled frantically with their hands, until they were in deep enough water to start the engine. The boat took off slowly, overloaded with pirates, and dangerously low in the water.

"You think they'll be back?" Paolo asked as he waddled up to Tim.

"Maybe," said Tim."They left a lot of stuff behind in those two skiffs."

Paolo was looking down at Tim's legs. "Man, look at your quads," he said, nodding at Tim's gigantic tree trunks. Tim looked down at them too. Massive and bloated with pump, his quads thighs jutted out 5 inches over his kneecaps. He flexed them and the teardrop shaped muscle jumped up, the striations running up and down like zippers. His sartorius muscles ran across the front sweep of his thighs, thick as a python. Tim turned his left leg sideways, then flexed his calf muscle. It responded instantly, swelling up and out like an over inflated football with veins. He looked up at Paolo with a grin. "Huge musclebeast," said Paolo.

Tim reached out and put his hand on Paolo's chest, rubbing in between the two pecs, where the grenade had hit him. "How's it feeling?" asked Tim, as he sunk his fingers into the 6 inch deep muscle canyon formed by Paolo's massive chest.

"Didn't feel a thing. Nothing can hurt this muscle. Strong as an ox," answered Paolo, heaving his chest out farther, swallowing Tim's fingers in even deeper.

"Damn, bro, you shoulda crushed that grenade deep inside this muscle canyon," Tim said, stroking his hand up and down the sweating crevice.

"Yeah? You think we're that strong?"

"Hell yeah, dude. Shit, even stronger than that, stronger than Superman. I can feel it. Watch me." Tim tugged his hand out of Paolo's 68" chest, and headed toward the beach. He waded out into the water, then jumped in. He swam over to the pirate boat they had sailed in on. Only the mast was sticking out of the water. Paolo watched as Tim dove underneath the boat. Soon, the mast began to teeter back and forth, and then, rise up higher in the water. Soon, the hull of the ship breached the surface, water pouring off it, like an emerging submarine. The hull began to move toward the shore, rising up higher and higher, and soon, Tim was standing in shallow water, holding the boat overhead, water gushing from all sides of it. He walked up onto the beach, then stopped. He pressed the boat up and down a few times, and by the time he lowered the boat onto the sand, his muscles were jacked up huge, jutting out on all sides of him. He walked up to Paolo and flexed his arm, both musclemen watching as his biceps peaked up to 30". "Dude, we'd crush Superman with this mass," said Tim, totally charged up from his boat dredging. "Let's have some more fruit," he said, heading to the mother plant.

When they got to the vine, they were in for a surprise, for there, tangled in vines around the base of the palm tree, was one of the pirates. Tim recognized him as the young dude who had busted a load earlier as Tim flexed out his muscles. He was tall and lean, and black as night. He stared at the two huge musclemen with awe and trepidation.

"Don't worry, man, we won't hurt you," Tim said as they approached him. "You speak English?" He nodded yes, as Paolo pulled the vines away from him. As soon as he was untangled, he started to fall to his knees. Paolo caught him and held him up, and realized that the kid wasn't just lean, but so skinny that he could feel his ribs sticking out as he held him. "Those assholes didn't feed you much, huh?" said Paolo.

The boy shook his head no. "They raided my village and kidnapped me along with the other young men. It was my 18th birthday, so I've been with them about 8 months."

"Looks like he could use some nourishment," Tim said to Paolo, who nodded in agreement. He reached into the vines, and pulled out a handful of berries. He took them and pushed them gently into the kid's mouth. The boy's eyes rolled back in head from the sweet intoxicating flavor of the juicy black fruit. Tim and Paolo ate more of the berries too, and continued to feed the kid as they did. Soon, the young guy was able to support himself, and led them over to the skiffs. He hopped into one, and opened a big metal trunk. It was full of restaurant-sized tins of canned tuna.

"The leaders would eat these, as we ate stale bread," he said, handing a tin to each of his new friends. Soon, the three of them were feasting on heaps of albacore tuna. Can after can, till Tim and Paolo's 8packs were swelling out tight, and the boy's stomach rounded out like a basketball. "I feel all warm inside," said the kid. Already, Tim and Paolo could see his veins starting to stand out, pulsing thru his limbs, feeding his hungry body.

"We should rest," said Paolo, feeling warm inside himself. They lay down right on the sand, the boy in between the two superheavyweight musclemen, both of whom were curious to see what changes would take place while they slept.

To be continued