My New Buddy's Arms

I met this guy by chance, in a m4m chatroom for Seattle, of all places. I don't live in Seattle, but was going to be out there for work, and was hoping to find someone to meet, maybe go out to dinner with, show me around...not even necessarily a hook-up. Although, in the chatrooms, that's hard to find. Most of the first responses I got were "you top or bottom?" Just when I started thinking I'd be spending a lot of evenings in Seattle on my own, I got IM'd from Jeff.

"How you doing?" he asked.

"Good here man," I answered cautiously.

"Why are you in this chatroom, your profile says you're from Cleveland?"

I was impressed that he was typing in whole words.

"I'll be there for a few days on business starting tomorrow, and was looking for someone who might enjoy showing me the town."

We chatted for a few minutes more. Jeff was a 29yo computer geek, which were his words, and was easy to chat with. We seemed to have enough in common to make us both agree to meet. We swapped pictures, and he didn't look like a psycho, assuming it was really him in the pic. In fact, he really did look like a computer geek. He was cute though, and reminded me of the guy that plays Ugly Betty's boyfriend Henry on the TV show, and since this is normally not my type sexually, I thought it would work out perfectly to have a casual time with him during my short stay.

We arranged to meet up the next evening at the restaurant next to the hotel I'd be staying at. I had to go to bed after that, as I had a 6am flight to Seattle the next morning that would hopefully get me to my conference by 11am pacific time.

Everything went on time with my flight, although I was a little late to the conference by the time I checked into the hotel. Fortunately the meetings were right in the hotel itself, but I got so busy with them that I nearly forgot about my dinner with Jeff until I got back up to my room around 7 o'clock. I rushed down to the lobby and onto the street. As Jeff had said, the restaurant was literally next door, so I was not late at all. In fact, as I reached for the front door of the restaurant, a tall clean-cut nerdy looking guy was reaching for it at the same time.

"Jeff?" I asked tentatively.

"Mike?" he asked back.

We both smiled and shook hands. He did have a cute smile, but was actually thinner than I had even imagined.

We had a great time at dinner, especially for two people who had never met. I thought to myself half-way thru the dinner that this guy could make a great friend, and how nice it was not to have the sexual pressure I'd have had if he was a musclehead. Although four glasses of wine later, I was feeling some sexual pressure. Jeff was starting to look cuter and cuter, and muscle or no muscle, I had an empty hotel room waiting for me right next door.

We chatted ourselves thru the main course, and when the dessert menu came, I looked at Jeff and said "You want to just go back to my room for a little bit?"

"Sure," he said with a grin.

We made our way back to my hotel. In the elevator, I promised myself not to make the first move. I didn't want to ruin a potential friendship by some half-tipsy sexual advances.

We got up to my room, and I let him in ahead of me. The second I stepped inside and the door shut, we were all over each other. Groping and pawing. I pinned him up against the door and kissed him deep and hard and long. Both of us had hard-ons by the time I stopped.

"Wow," he said.

We both took off our shirts. We both had on white guinea tees. I was bigger and more muscled than him, but he was lean and smooth.

"You have a great body," he said. "I wish I had muscles like that."

I flexed my right arm at him.

"Wow," he said.

"Now let me see yours," I said to him.

"Nah. I'm way too skinny!"

"You look tight though. Let me see."

He raised his arm and gave it a half-assed flex. It was skinny, but a tight little mound formed.

"Come on, Jeff, flex it harder."

He flexed harder, and the mound bunched up a bit higher. "I told you I was skinny!" he said.

"That's not half bad, man. Now, shake out your arm, and flex it again."

He shook his arm out, then brought it back into a flex, looking at himself in the mirror.

"See?" I said. "You got gunz. Now squeeze out that flex as hard as you can and hold it." He flexed harder, and the muscle bunched up even more. "Now unflex it and let it hang down for a minute." He put his arm down and I went over to him and started rubbing it up and down. His skin was smooth as satin, and his skin had no imperfections at all. His arm, though fairly thin, felt hard and sinewy. "You feel it swelling up?"

"Yeah, I think I do." I knew from our talk at dinner that he had never lifted weights. I could feel his biceps belly plumping up like a Ball Park frank.

After about a minute of massage his arm, I said "Now, flex it again." He flexed into the mirror, and his arm did look fuller.

"WOW!" he responded. Even I was a little taken aback by how swole it had grown. Both of us were getting turned on by his newly pumped arm.

"Feel it," I told him.

He reached over with his other hand and squeezed his arm. He looked at me surprised. "It's hot to the touch!" he said excitedly. I reached over and put my hand over his mound. It was surprisely hard.

"Jeff, man, imagine if you lifted," I said, getting hard to the feel of his tight lean arm. "Here," I said, "lay on the bed and let your arm hang over the edge." He did it, and we both watched as his forearm veins started to show thru his smooth skin. They popped out more than I would have imagined. Blue and branching, pulsing thru the pale underside of his forearm. I got onto the bed and straddled him. I rubbed his arm from his shoulder down, force it to swell even more. And then more. His skin felt so tight, like it might split from the swelling of his arm muscles.

"God," he said, "It's throbbing! Keep doing it!"

His right arm wasn't the only thing throbbing. We both had raging hard-ons, and I couldn't remember when my cock had ached with such pleasure. I leaned down onto Jeff and kissed him again, pulling his arm up and against the side of my neck, feeling the heat of it, the pulsing of his swelling veins. We kissed deeply and I bucked hard into him, our cocks grinding into each other thru our pants.

Suddenly, Jeff flipped us both over on the bed. Now he was on top of me, looking down. He brought up his right arm and FLEXED. His arm was probably all of 15 inches, but he flexes so hard, the biceps swelled together, pulling away from his elbow and mounding UP. The peak had to be 2 inches bigger than when we had started.

"Godddam, Jeff!" I grunted, as my whole body shuddered at the sight of his tight nerd muscle. I felt him shuddering too. Both of us came in our pants at the same moment.

He lowered himself on top of me. We laid there breathing heavily on each other for awhile. Finally, he said "I just came to my own muscle."

"Jeffie, bud, we gotta get you some weights...."

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