My New Buddy's Arms 8

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Jeff stood in the doorway of his bedroom, his massive shoulders blocking out the light behind him. Sweat stains soaked thru his hooded gray sweatshirt around his pits and under his big pecs. He grabbed the sweatshirt at the bottom, and started to pull it up, but got stuck about halfway up.

"Help me get this off, man, my lats are too big."

No they're not, I thought to myself, as I walked over to help him. I pulled the sweatshirt higher, and could feel the heat of him pouring off like a sauna. With his arms up over his head, his lats did flare out super wide. I wanted to bury my face in the deep pocket of muscle that they formed, but instead, I continued to tug the hoodie up and over his head, then tug it off him as he bent over. Once it came off him, he stood back up. Damned if he didn't look even more massive, standing there heaving with pump, his tank top clinging to him like wet tissue.

"You need help with that, too?" I asked him, nodding at the tank. He raised his huge arms up over his head in response. I grabbed each side of the hot, wet tank and began to hike it up his torso. His skin was so tight over his swollen muscles. I rolled the tank over his huge delts, then over his head, his hair still wet with sweat. He took the tank from me and wrung it out in his big hands. Sweat dripped out of it onto the floor. I stared at his forearms as they rippled with muscularity.

"Jesus, Jeff," I moaned.

"Go ahead and touch them," he said, nodding at his fores. "I spent a half an hour pumping them up just for you. 100 set reps til they were so full I thought the skin was gonna rip. Feel them." I put my hands on his forearms as he gave the tank top and extra hard twist. His muscle writhed around under my touch, hard as steel cables.

"Oh my god, Jeff."

"All for you, man, all 18 inches of fores. Look at the veins in these suckers." Jeff rolled his hands back at the wrists, and his forearm veins popped out all over, thick and hard. I ran my thumbs up and down the bumpy veins as they pulsed with power. "All for you, Mike. Every rep."

"Godddam, I love you, Jeff."

"I love you too, Mike." Then he reached out and grabbed me by the waist, and lifted me overhead. He pressed me over and over. "Look at how strong I've gotten because of you." I almost came as he pressed my 200+lbs for over 30 reps. He sat me down and said, "I could do that all day," he said, looking over at his delts. "They look bigger?"

"Oh my god yeh, man." And they did too. Big beefed up delts with each muscle head standing out like a cord.

"Hey, come take a look at something," he said suddenly

I followed him into his dining room, where there was a box on the table. .He opened it up and pulled out a Spiderman costume. "I had this special ordered for Halloween. 5XL."

"Dude....Spiderman? You are such a geek."

"Fuck you," he said with a sheepish grin. "Just for that, I'm not gonna let you watch me change into it. Wait here." He went back into the bedroom, and stood off to one side. I could hear him grunting and clunking around as he tugged the costume on. When he came back out, I almost fell over. The suit was skin tight on him, and highlighted the intense mass of his superheavyweight muscle. "Guess I shoulda ordered 6XL," he said. "It feels like a compression shirt," he said. "I feel so powerful." He came over to the solid oak dining room table and lifted it off the ground with one hand. "OH YEAH," he said. Dorky as the suit was, it was turning me on. Jeff had a good 200lbs more muscle then the cartoon Spiderman. He put the table down, and flexed into a most-muscular pose. We both heard the rip. "Shit," he said.

"Turn around," I said to him. When he did, I saw the tear he made running up the back of the costume, his heaving back muscles thrusting their way outward. "Maybe you should be going as the Hulk," I suggested.

"Ah, man, that just seemed so obvious," Jeff said.

"Maybe you should paint yourself green, and go as the hulked-out Spidey."

"You think?" he said sarcastically. "You mean like this?" And with that, he flared his nostrils, and focused in on those huge delts of his. He reared his shoulders back, and concentrated. His delts began to swell, I could see it even thru the lycra suit. The material stretched out like an inflating balloon. It stretched so thin, I could almost see thru to his muscle.

"Jeff...." I stammered.

"Oh yehhh," he growled. And his delts swelled, and then ripped thru the suit all the way up his traps. A big grin stretched across his sweat drenched face. "How's that?"

"Hold on a minute," I said to him, running into the kitchen. I came back with a pair of scissors. I began to cut the costume mid-torso, exposing Jeff's thickly muscled 8pack. I stood back and looked him over. He clenched his abs at me, and the sections popped out like blocky cobblestones. "Fucking A, Jeff, who would have thought anyone could make a Spiderman outfit look that insane."

Jeff looked me up and down as he flexed his abs. The Spidey suit began to ride up his huge pecs as he heaved them in and out. "You ever been fucked by a raging superhero?" he asked me, taking a step toward me.

"You gonna shoot me with your web, Freakshow?"

"Nope. Gonna shoot it so deep inside you, you'll never get away."

To be continued