My New Pal 6

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"Let me see those posers," Tommy said to me as we stood on the front porch. He had beads of sweat all over his big sweaty torso, and despite my shower, I was sweating again too.

"Sure," I said. We went inside. "I'll be right back," I said, leaving Tommy in the living room. I found my gym bag, and pulled out a pair of black posers. I took off my shorts, and pulled on the posers, then went back to the living room.

"Whoa," said Tommy as he got a look at me. "You sure are skinny."

"Ripped," I said, as I look at myself in the mirror over the fireplace mantel. I was looking totally shredded, and could make my muscle ripple at the slightest move.

"Uh-huh, whatever," Tommy said. "Don't you feel funny walking around in that tiny bikini bottom?"

"Nah, not really. I did at first, but now I'm used to it. The hardest part for me is trying not to get a hardon when I'm wearing it."

"Yeah, I could see why, you got yourself all packed up in that tiny silky pouch. Your muscles sure do show up good, Joe."

I smiled, and flexed a double bi in the mirror. Tommy stepped up behind me, and put one hand on each of my peaks. "Yeah, real muscley," he said, rubbing my arm muscles with his fingers. "You're like a gazelle." I wasn't sure I liked that comparison. I didn't think I looked that lean. Suddenly, I could feel Tommy's hard gut pressing into the small of my back. I could feel the heat of it, the thick muscle of it. Tommy leaned his head toward me till I could feel his hot breath on my ear. "You got a pair of those posers for me?" he said.

I put my arms down and sidestepped away from him. "You can't be putting on posers, man, you're too bulked up."

"Chicks like my bulk," he said, huffing himself up, showing his size.

"How many chicks you been with exactly?" I asked.

"Some," he said defensively. "Maybe 5 or 6. And maybe they were all fat chicks, but they like my bulk."

"They liked you cause you smell like pizza," I said.

"Hah hah, very funny," said Tommy. He stepped toward me, and I reflexively stepped back, till my back was against the wall. "You think I smell like pizza, Joe?" he said. He leaned toward me, turned his head to one side, exposing his neck to me. "Take a whiff, man, tell me how it smells." His gut was now pressing against my washboard abs. His neck was wet with sweat. I leaned into it and breathed in. "What do you smell?" Tommy asked.

"Pepperoni," I said.

"Taste it," he said.

"You ever done this before, Tommy?"

"No. You?"

"No. Never much wanted to, before."

"You want to now?" he asked.

I answered by putting my mouth on his neck and sucking on his sweat. Now I knew why people wanted to be vampires. I couldn't resist the urge. Tommy let out a groan as I sucked his neck harder and moved my mouth up and down his sweaty skin. He did sort of taste like pizza, all greasy and salty. It tasted like my gym smelled, too, all musky and kind of funky. It tasted good and I wanted more. Tommy grabbed my crotch in his big right hand and gripped onto it, nearly sliding me up the wall. As his fingers groped my ball sac, I thought about how easy it was for him to close the #3 grippers.

"Yeah, you do get a hardon when you're wearing these little panties, don't ya?" he said, stroking me thru my posers. My eyes almost rolled back into my head as he gripped harder. I lifted my mouth off his neck, and started sucking on his ear. His ear was thick and sweaty, hard and chewy. He groaned again as I gnawed on the cartilage. He slid me up the wall with his crotch-gripping hand. I could feel his hardon on my leg, pressing thru his shorts like a steel rod. He started bucking against me, banging me into the wall. I arched myself into his powergut, feeling the size and hardness of it as it pushed into me.

Suddenly, I felt him lower me down. He let go of me and backed up. "Dude, is that the right time?" he asked as he looked at the clock on the wall.

"Yeah," I said, confused as hell. "It's 5:30. So what?"

"I gotta get home, man, we eat at 6. Pops will crucify me if I'm late."

"You kidding me, Tommy? What the fuck? And, you gonna go home like that?" He had a huge pup tent that was about to rip thru my dad's Nike shorts. "Besides, you just had 3 pizzas like ten minutes ago."

"Yeah?" he said, puzzled as to why that would matter. He looked down and grabbed the waistband of the shorts pulling it outward, and then bouncing his legs up and down to shake down his hardon. "Can you give me a ride?"

"Yeah, sure, no problem," I said sarcastically, as I readjusted my own boner. My posers were soaked with pre, and I had been about 8 seconds away from exploding in them. "Let me get changed." I went to my room and took off the posers. I had a real urge to just jack off right there, but I didn't want to mess up the wall. I put on a tank top and shorts and went back out. Tommy had taken off the shorts, and put his cargo pants back on. "You want a shirt?" I asked him.

He lifted up his arm and sniffed under his pit. "No, I'm good."

We went out the door and I led him to my red Toyota Tacoma pickup.

"This your car?" Tommy asked. When I said yes, he said, "It's cute. Like a little baby truck."

"Just get in, asshole," I said.

He laughed and said, "Why's the tailgate open."

"It's jammed," I said. "We were having a party at school, and some kid dropped a full keg on it. I'm taking it to a body shop this week to get it...." I looked over to see Tommy putting his hands under the tailgate and pushing up. His big bulky arms bulged as the tailgate stayed open, but the back tires lifted off the ground. "Jesus, dude," I said, stunned. He shoved on the tailgate again, and the truck lurched forward and slammed into the front of the house. I heard glass shatter.

"What was that?" Tommy grunted.

"My headlights, shithead. Stop."

Tommy lowered the truck back to the pavement. "Let me try one more thing," he said.

"Nah, man, come on, stop it," I said, but not very forcefully, because I kind of wanted to see what he would do. He put both his hands on the top edge of the tailgate and squeezed. I saw the metal dent in a little. Then he lifted, stepping into it with his shoulder. Now with the truck wedged against the front of the house, he had better leverage. I heard the hinges start to creak as the tailgate moved upward. They creaked louder as he pushed harder and shoved the tailgate shut with a loud slam. "There," he said. But he had pushed the tailgate shut with such force, there were two large dents where his hands had been. The whole door was bent out of shape. It looked like my truck had been rear-ended.

"Now how am I supposed to open it?" I asked.

"Like this," he said, grabbing the tailgate again and pulling down. This time, the hinges didn't just creak. They snapped. The whole door came off in Tommy's hands. "Dude," he said, looking at me like a dog that just got caught doing something wrong. "Will insurance pay for this?" he asked.

"Your insurance?" I said.

"I don't have insurance," he answered, still holding the door.

"No kidding," I said. "Let's go."

"Hey, Joe..."


"This door is totally trashed, right?"

"Looks that way."

"You wanna see if I can bend it in two?"

"You think you could?"

"It's not that heavy. I bet I could bend it right over my knee." Tommy got down on one knee, and laid the door across his other one. Then he put one big forearm over each side, and hooked his fingers onto the top. He leaned his torso over the door and started to press down. His back muscles bulged as his shoulder blades pushed his traps up to the size of watermelons. The tailgate started to bend down on each side. Once it started to give, Tommy poured on all his size and power, and the door bent in two really quickly. Tommy tossed it off his knee and stood up. "That was easier than I thought," he said, but his face was red and drenched in sweat again. I looked at the door, then up at him. "What's the matter?" he asked.

"Dude, you are a freak," I said. His torso was so pumped up from lifting the truck and bending the door. He looked even bigger than before, especially his fores, which were roadmapped with veins on both the tops and the bottoms. Big bloated fucking kid powerhouse. He looked like Zack Khan standing in my driveway, heaving with size and power.

"You like it though, right? You want me to show you more? I could roll that door up like a Ho-Ho," he asked, stepping toward me, thrusting out his mighty chest.

I was pretty sure I had cum a little, watching him bend the tailgate in two, but I said, "Aren't you late for dinner?"

"Shit!!" he said, rolling his head on his big neck. "We gotta go!"

As Tommy clambered into the passenger side of my truck, I watched the chassis tip to the right, and heard the shocks hissing. I dragged the trashed up tailgate from behind the truck and got in on the driver's side. I backed out of the drive and, with his directions, headed toward his house.

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