Pastor Muscle 3

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The pastor was on a stay ahead of his ever-growing son. He started packing away more high quality food than ever....chicken breasts, tuna, steak, more tuna, sweet potatoes, vats of oatmeal, mixing bowls full to the brim with rice mixed with vegetables. To top it off, he downed several blenders full of protein shakes a day using heavy cream mixed with whey powder and bananas. He would drink it right out of the blender, and sometimes it was so thick, he'd have to use a serving spoon to get it to slide down the blender spout and into his open mouth. He loved the taste and texture of this thick batter, especially because he could feel it bloating him up with size. He swallowed and swallowed, turned on by the thought of how much it would help him grow.

One Sunday morning, after a breakfast of a dozen eggs and a loaf of whole wheat toast, he went to do his sermon. Ten minutes into the service, he could feel his upper body about to shred the seams of his suit coat he was wearing, so he took it off. Underneath, he had on a short sleeve white dress shirt. His biceps were so swole, the stretched the sleeves tight as a blood pressure cuff. He continued to talk, but he couldn't help but subtly flex his arms. One of his male parishioners yelled out, "Hey Pastor, how big you gonna get?" Some people laughed. The pastor smiled and stepped to the left of the altar. "Way bigger than this," he said, and flexed his arms into a double bi. It didn't take much for the sleeves to go RRRIIIIPPP as his huge 24+ peak shredded the tightly woven cotton. He looked at each peak with admiration, then gave each one a quick kiss. He looked out into the congregation when he heard a few gasps. He saw some of the men shifting themselves in their seats, trying to adjust themselves. Some of the women were fanning themselves. He put his big ape arms down, but they jutted 45 degrees outward as they came up against his side-of-beef sized lats. The pastor continued with his sermon, which was, ironically, about lust. He felt his chest heaving inside his shirt, and finally, he couldn't help himself... he swelled his pecs up and out, straining his dress shirt until the top 3 buttons flew off into the crowd. The pastor's 350lbs body was generating so much heat that his underarm sweat had soaked thru his shirt. He ripped his shirt open, then tore it off his torso, leaving him dressed in his suit pants and a tight white guinea tee. Sweat streamed out of his hairy deep pits. He tossed the shirt remnants behind the altar, and stepped down in front of it. The crowd grew silent as they began to grasp the true size of their massive pastor. He outweighed most of the men by nearly 200 pounds. He began to pace back and forth in front of them, continuing his sermon about lust, even as most of the parish were lusting for him. His power emanated off of him as he got nearer and nearer to his flock. Some of the women were close to fainting. The men either desired to be like him, or to feel him take them. He felt like a god in front of them. He peeled the sweat drenched guinea tee off his massive torso like he was molting, twisting and turning as he struggled to get it over his head. He wrung the sweat out of the tee before tossing it aside, causing his 19" forearms to writhe and bunch up with insane strength.

"Who among you is free of lust?" boomed the big, bare-chested gorilla of a pastor. "You there," he said, pointing to a man in an aisle seat. The man looked at him with awe and terror, as the jacked up pastor walked up to him. Every step he took seemed to shake the whole church. The pastor recognized the man as the local plumber. He leaned forward until he came face to face with the shaking parishioner. The pastor's neck and traps were twice the size of the man he was facing. "Tell me, my son, have you lusted in your heart today?" Then the 350lb powerlifting pastor flexed into a most muscular pose. His traps rose up, pushing past the bottom lobe of his ears. Veins on his bull neck popped out, thicker than pencils, his thick ruddy skin reddening into a tanned scarlet shade. Sweat ran down his massive torso. He flexed until his enormous traps swelled up higher than he'd ever felt them.

The man reached out to touch the pastor, his hand shaking, his lust beyond his control. "I have sinned, Pastor," he said.

The pastor grabbed the pew and ripped it out of the floor, raising it till the plumber's face was close to his. The crowd gasped in awe as the other parishioners in the pew slid to the far end. The pastor leaned into the man's ear, and whispered, "I will absolve you, my son." Then he lowered the pew, shoved his big right hand underneath the man's crotch, and curled him right out of his seat. People gasped again, as the pastor put his other hand on the man's shoulder, and began to press him overhead. The pastor walked up and down the aisles, pressing the beefy 200lb man like a toy.

"Absolve yourself of the sin of Lust," he commanded. As he pressed the man over and over, the pastor's torso swelled and rolled with muscle. He felt himself growing stronger and stronger. He switched the weight of the man to one hand, and continued to press him up and down. The pastor's thickly muscled wall of abs heaved in and out as he became more passionate. His parishioners began to yell in ecstasy and hallelujahs. Some of them began speaking in tongues. Some of them rolled into the aisles. All of them were completely embracing their capacity for lust. They worshipped their pastor beyond anything they'd ever felt before.

He lowered the man in his grip into a bearhug, wrapping his enormous beefy arms around him like a muscle cocoon. The plumber's groin pressed up against the pastor's iron-hard gutball. "I will crush the lust out of you," he growled into the man's ear. The man's eyes rolled back in his head as the pastor squeezed him tightly against his huge hairy chest. "Who's your god now?," he whispered to the man. And he tightened his grip around him. He shook the plumber back and forth in his powerful grip.

The pastor could feel the man shudder in ecstasy, a profound physical and spiritual ecstasy of such intensity that the man would never experience anything close again in his life. The pastor squeezed him tighter. The man's ribcage was about to give.

"Who's your god now?" growled the pastor.

"You, my god, you..." stammered the plumber, as he came in his churchgoing pants, shuddering down to his soul with lust.

The pastor lowered the man down to the floor, and leaned him up against the altar, then he walked over and picked up his white guinea tee. He used the undershirt to wipe the sweat off his torso, like he was wiping down a pack animal. Then he took the wet shirt, and wiped the sweat from the face of the plumber, who looked up at the pastor in a daze.

"I've crushed the lust right out of you," said the pastor. Then he turned to face his flock, and said, "I have freed you all of your lust. Now, go home and give thanks for all your many blessings." He turned his barndoor back to his flock, adjusted his raging hardon in his pants, and waddled out of the church. He never felt so swollen with size and power.

He headed for home. His son would be arriving soon, and he wanted to be there to greet him.

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