Robbie's Hypnosis 2: Robbie's Tryout

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About a week into his 'trance' state, Robbie broke up with Judy. He realized that she didn't really want a man who was strong and take charge, because that's what he had become. What she wanted was a guy she could nag about being strong and take charge. He told her that too, just to piss her off. He found that he had gotten real good at that too, pushing peoples' buttons. That's how he had gotten himself fired from his job at the paint store, by pushing the poor manager's buttons. Well, that, and the fact that he'd taken to crushing cans of paint with his bare hands just for kicks.

He and Judy weren't going to work out on another level too. During the past week, Robbie's sex drive had gone through the roof. He found himself getting rougher and rougher with her in bed, pinning her into different positions and going hog wild. At first, she'd kind of liked it, but after awhile, he could tell it was making her nervous. Plus, he was leaving bruises on her. He didn't want to hurt her, but he needed to find someone who wasn't so fragile. And he was so amped up, he couldn't see himself being loyal to any one person. He saw the way people were looking at him now, both men and women, especially as he jogged by, shirtless, and drenched in sweat. He'd gotten a buzz cut, and his bodyfat was melting off him in buckets. Veins were starting to pop out on him where he never knew he had veins...up and down his arms, across his chest, on the sides of his lower abs, even his thighs and calves. His shoulders had widen, his waist tapered, and his muscles were looking hardened and etched.

His physical appearance wasn't the only thing that had changed. His eyesight had improved. Not that he had ever needed glasses, but now, he could see things better at a distance, more sharply, and more vividly. Like a hawk. Close up, it was like he was looking at things through a magnifying glass, especially if he focused. Everything was intensely clear. Even colors stood out more brilliantly. And his peripheral vision had widen noticeably too. He could detect the slightest motion in a broad range around him. That's why he enjoyed his morning runs so much. He could go ten, twenty miles, and soak in everything around him as he went. It was such a rush, he'd get back to his apartment, walk in the door, and jack off to the thrill of it. That, and the fact that his sense of touch was profoundly heightened too.

His only problem was that he was getting bored. With no job and no girlfriend, he had too much time on his hands, and he couldn't even afford to join a gym. So he decided to go try and join the wrestling team at the university. He knew it was an excellent program, and the team always did well, but he'd also overheard guys at the local bars talking about what a dickhead the coach was. He'd come from Russia, where he'd been an Olympic weightlifter back in the 80's. When he'd realized how easy it was for him to beat up other men, he'd gotten into wrestling. Apparently, he was a big bear of a guy, a beast with a mean streak. There were rumors every year that he was going to be fired for beating the crap out of one of his wrestlers, but he had a winning team, so he got to stay. Robbie was counting on the big brute to be as dumb as he was mean, so he might not actually check to see if Robbie was a student.

Robbie showed up at the athletic department unannounced. He got directions to Coach Koloff's office and headed down to it. It was right off the gymnasium, where the team was practicing. The door to the office was open, and the coach was at his desk, writing something down. Robbie knocked on the open door to get his attention. Coach Koloff just grunted, and continued to write. Robbie could see what a bear of a man he was. His shirt collar was unbuttoned, and his neck was wider than his head. Thick hair jutted out from all sides of the collar, even the back. The short sleeves of his shirt allowed Robbie to see his huge forearms, at least twice the size of a normal man's, and thick with grizzly hair. Even his knuckles had hair. The heavy muscles under the fur rippled as the coach wrote. His wrists were thick and blocky, and he had beefy powerful hands. The pen he was using looked so small in his grip, and was practically swallowed by his fist. Robbie stepped into the office. The coach's body odor almost knocked him back out of the room. It reminded Robbie of when he was a kid and went to the circus. That stench of animal and adrenaline.

"Excuse me, coach," said Robbie. "I'd like to join the team."

"Is too late," said the coach, still not looking up. "Practice start last month. Go avay."

"I think it would be your mistake not to let me try out," said Robbie.

The coach finally looked up. "I think it be your mistake not to go avay," he said gruffly, his harsh eyes glaring at Robbie from a fleshy, ruddy face.

Robbie was beginning to remember why he'd never played organized sports. Freakin' asshole coaches. "How about this," Robbie said, "you test me out on the mats, and if I don't measure up, I'll go."

The coach put down his pen and stood up. His big oak desk was shoved forward as he bumped against it. Robbie saw for the first time how truly huge the man was. Standing at least 6'5", he had to weigh over 350. His massive barrel chest stretched his shirt taut, as did his substantial bear gut. His upper arms were bigger than most mens' quads.

"I show you vhy you don't vant to challenge me, little man," said the coach, his lips curling into an evil smirk. He turned and walked toward a back door to his office. His back was huge, but it was his ass that made Robbie really take notice. It was monstrous and solid, a superhuge wide load that looked inhumanly powerful. The coach had on football shorts that were ill-prepared to handle the tree trunk thighs that were bulging out of them. His legs were hairy as a gorilla. Robbie followed him through the doorway, which led directly into the gymnasium. About eight pairs of wrestlers were practicing holds on each other around the matted room.

"SNYDER," yelled the coach, "Come here." One of the wrestlers broke off from his partner and came running over. He was a big farm-fed blond, about 200lbs of solid muscle. Robbie recognized him from pictures he'd seen in the sports pages as the Snyder who had won the division championship in the nationals last year. As the coach stripped off his shirt, a brief flash of panic crossed the college wrestler's face.

"Vatch, little man," Coach Koloff said to Robbie. Then the massive ape-like powerlifter turned and locked up, shoulder to shoulder with the younger, smaller wrestler. The coach immediately began to dominate his man, jacking him back and forth with his powerful upper body strength. Synder's legs flopped like a marionette's, as the coach wrenched him back and forth. This went on for a full minute of two, before the coach simply tossed Snyder to the mat like a sack of cement.

"Get up," said the coach. Snyder hopped up, and grabbing the coach's left arm with both of his, and forced it behind the coach's back. The coach smirked, and slowly muscled his way out of the hold, his massive delt and arm more powerful than Snyder's entire body. He lifted Snyder right into the air with one arm then slammed him into the mat even harder.

"Get up," he said again. Snyder struggled to his knees, his wind knocked out of him. He threw himself around one of the coach's huge legs and tried to knock him off balance. The coach stood his ground and looked down on the much smaller man with amusement. "Weak american pussy," he said, then brought his club-like forearm down across Snyder's back. Snyder slammed face first into the mat. When he rolled over, his nose was bleeding. The coach grabbed him by his hair and lifted him up, then wrapped his beefy arm around Snyder's neck in a reverse headlock. He jerked Snyder back and forth like a doll, occasionally slamming his forearm across Snyder's reddened back with a powerful thud.

""choked out Snyder.

"Stop your vhining, american weakling," growled the coach, then he punched him again.

"Cut it out, you sadistic fuck," said Robbie. The coach stopped. He let go off Snyder, who dropped to the mat, and scooted back against the padded wall of the gym. The coach turned toward Robbie.

"You vant some of this?" he said, his thick lips curling. Behind the coach, Robbie could see Snyder shaking his head no, and mouthing the word 'run'. Robbie could also see the huge hardon forming in the coach's shorts. Sick freak, he thought to himself. He peeled off his shirt.

"Bring it," he said, circling the coach in a crouch.

The coach didn't hesitate. He went for Robbie like lightening and grabbed him by the shoulders, his speed amazing for his immense size. Robbie grabbed back, and the two men locked up hard. Robbie could feel the enormous size and density of the bigger man's blocky shoulders. He could feel the huge man's fingers digging into him with a vise-like grip of iron. The coach pushed him toward the wall, and Robbie took a step back. But then, Robbie pushed back, and the coach went back a step, grunting with confusion as he did. They pushed back and forth on each other for minutes. The coach began to sweat profusely, and Robbie tried to ignore the stench of circus animal that came off him. As the pungent sweat began to wet the coach's thick pelt, Robbie had trouble maintaining his grip. The second he tried to readjust his hold, the coach took advantage. He wrenched Robbie's body around and got behind him. He slid his big arms under Robbie's and pinned his huge hands behind Robbie's neck. He lifted Robbie right off the ground in a full nelson.

"I snap your neck like twig," the coach hissed, bearing down on Robbie's neck with inhuman strength. A week ago, his vertebra might have given out, but not now. Instead, he made a fist and swung it backward into the coach's face. He felt it make contact with his nose, and heard cartilage crunching. The coach responded by bouncing Robbie up and down, trying to tighten his nelson. Robbie punched back at the nose again, making even better contact. The coach threw him down onto the mat.

"That was for Snyder," said Robbie.

"I vill kill you," raged the coach, feeling his nose, then looking at the blood on his fingers. He reached down and grabbed Robbie by the neck with a death grip. He lifted Robbie right off the ground with one hand.

"You'll have to squeeze harder than that," said Robbie, tensing his neck as hard as he could against the powerful onslaught.

The coach reared back to punch Robbie in the face with his other hand.

"COACH," yelled a man from the upper walkway around the gym. "Put that kid down!"

Robbie and the coach both looked up. The man was dressed in a suit and tie, and looked like a school administrator. The coach let go of Robbie's neck, and Robbie dropped to his feet.

"We have to talk, Koloff....Now!" said the suit.

The coach turned to Robbie, and said, "I am not down vit you, pussy."

"Who's the pussy," said Robbie, "I'm not the one who stopped fighting."

With that, the coach's face reddened like a madman's. His eyes glazed. He grabbed Robbie around the throat, lifted him and slammed him against the gym wall. He swung his other fist toward Robbie's head. Robbie twisted out of the way at the last second, and the coach's fist slammed into the padded wall. Robbie heard the cinder block crumble behind it.


"Can you spell 'deportation'?" choked out Robbie. The coach blinked. He lowered Robbie down and released him. "You're dead meat, american," he said.

"You're the one who's bleeding," said Robbie. The coach rubbed his forearm across his bloodied face, and walked over to the steps to go up to the boss man. The two of them walked out of the gym through an upper doorway. Snyder came over to Robbie.

"You okay, man?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," answered Robbie. "He do that kinda shit all the time?"

"Only when he gets pissed off, or we do something about once a practice, I guess." Snyder grinned.

"What do you do it for?" Robbie asked.

"Wrestling scholarship. Pays my whole way through college. What'd you do it for, bro...suicidal?"

"Nah, just looking for some kicks."

"Dude, you're crazy. You just made one powerful enemy. And don't think he won't come after you. The son of a bitch will come to your dorm at 3 in the morning, drag you out in the snow and kick your ass just to gets his rocks off."

"Yeah, well, I'm not a student here, so that can't happen."

"Man, you are nuts! Not a student, and you just went up against Koloff for kicks! Jeezus. I'd still leave town for a little bit, bud, the man will hold onto this like a pitbull."

Robbie felt the rush of heat racing through his body. He'd never felt stronger, or more alive. Every one of his muscles felt ten times stronger than before his short battle. Snyder could see the look on his face.

"You're thinking of going against him again, aren't you? Man, you need help."

"I'm not the one who's gonna need help," mused Robbie.

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