Robbie's Hypnosis 4

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Dean Mack and Coach Koloff pulled up in front of Robbie's apartment complex. They parked the car on the street.

"Which one you think is kid's place?" asked Koloff.

"Maybe it's the one where Snyder is standing looking in the front window," said the dean, pointing. Koloff looked to where he pointed, and saw his the best wrestler from his team, the national champ in fact, standing in the bushes, peering into a first floor apartment.

"What is he doing?" said Koloff.

"I'm sure I don't know," said the dean, although he was clearly intrigued by what the young college wrestler could be doing. He could only surmise that Snyder, just like them, was trying to figure out the secret to this Robbie's strength and muscularity. Or maybe he wanted to test his own wrestling prowess against Robbie, just like Koloff did. Dean Mack never tired of observing the alpha male mind at work. He didn't exactly mind watching them use their bodies either.

"I vill find out," said Koloff, opening the car door and stepping out. "SNYDER," he yelled out, much as he did during wrestling practice. Snyder jumped about five feet when the coach's bellow hit him like a ton of bricks. He spun around and faced the massive russian. Little did the coach know that Snyder had been watching a hypnosis session between Robbie and Professor Thompson from the college. Snyder guessed that this might be why Robbie been able to tap into such vast strength and athletic ability. He couldn't hear everything that was being said by the professor, but he focussed hard on what was going on inside, and was hoping that he might gain enough from it to be able to finally take on his sadistic coach, who he detested. Although Snyder had never lost a match throughout high school or college, but even now, at 220lbs, he was unable to beat his coach, who with 350lbs of russian bear power to back him, would work Snyder around the mat like a small child, and would work him hard and brutal, pinning him over and over. The coach got sick pleasure from working Snyder till he was wretching from exhaustion. Then the coach would make him clean it up, and fight him again.

But now, Snyder thought, he might have just the edge he needed. He was at the height of his abilities, young and strong. He'd seen most of the hypnosis session going on in Robbie's apartment, and could sense his energy levels soaring. He stood staring at Coach Koloff, clenching his fists at his side.

"Come here, boy," ordered Koloff.

Snyder went at him, charging like a madman. He tackled Koloff around his left thigh, a thigh that was eight inches bigger than Snyder's 32" waist. A 40" thigh of solid beef. Snyder was hoping to knock Koloff off balance, and gain advantage on the ground. Unfortunately, Koloff didn't even budge. His massive thigh held like an ancient oak. He looked down at the young jock trying vainly to move him. He clamped his thick hands together and raised them over his head. He brought his arms down, aiming his double-fisted hammer blow for the center of Snyder's back. The blow would have snapped the spine of a normal man, but, while Snyder's back held, the wind was entirely knocked out of him. Dean Mack could hear the "ooooph" even from inside the car, as Snyder lost his grip from Koloff's leg, and landed hard on the sidewalk. Koloff leaned over Snyder and grabbed him by his waistline and neck. Then Koloff tossed him straight up into the air. Synder flew up over 12 feet before flopping down hard onto the yard. Koloff went over to him, flipped him onto his back with his boot, then leaned over him again.

"Koloff pin you in under ten seconds," said the monstrous coach, putting his hairy knuckle of his index finger on Synder's chest, pinning the boy with ease. "Now," he said, bitchslapping him with a hard backhand, "tell me vhat you vatch inside apartment."

Snyder spit into his face.

Koloff's face darkened. Two veins the size of garden hoses popped out on each side of his burly rugged neck.

"Stupid, weak American," Koloff snarled. "Now I break you into hundred pieces." He grabbed Snyder by his shirt with one hand, and lifted the jock off the ground. Then he clenched his other hand into a sledgehammer-sized fist. He reared back, ready to slam into Snyder's face.

"Leave him alone."

Koloff froze mid-swing. Dean Mack got out of the car. Both of them stared at Robbie, standing in the doorway of the apartment complex. Naked except for his boxer briefs, Robbie's muscularity was stunning. Every muscle of his legs was etched and sinewy, twitching like a thoroughbred racehorse's hindquarters before a race. His abs were like a stack of bricks...eight of them. They clenched deep and hard as he breathed, slow steady breaths, his chest heaving up with each inhale, the pecs like plated armor. His delts caps look liked they'd been glued on from pieces of pumpkin, all deeply striated and piled high. His arms would have been 100 percent muscle, if it wasn't for all the veins running the entire length of them. Dozens of veins, pumping power through his body. And in his forearms, seemingly hundreds of veins, like the roadmap of a busy city.

He put one hand on each side of the doorjamb, and said, "Why don't you pick on somebody who can do this?" With that, his arms tensed and flexed. The veins stood out even more pronounced. Suddenly, the crack of two steel beams snapping could be heard from a mile away. The entire facade of the apartment building shifted. The two closest windows shattered.

Koloff tossed Snyder aside. Then he took off his shirt. The monstrous size of the man became more apparent when he was shirtless. He was a Russian behemoth. Solid, thick as a tank, and hard as Siberian ice. So fur covered that he looked like he could sleep outside in a minus 20 degree Moscow winter and not need a blanket. He clenched his fist and made his knuckles crack as he stared down Robbie. He brought his arms in front of him into a most- muscular pose. Huge piles of muscle fired across his enormous torso. "Whoa," whispered the dean as he watched the coach's gorilla back mound up with thick slabs of beef. Snyder thought he could actually hear the muscles as they crunched together.

Robbie walked down the sidewalk toward Koloff, his jacked up physique rippling in the sun. The two men glared at each other. Robbie approached until they were eye to eye.

"I see dead boy," said the coach harshly.

"Bring it, circus freak," said Robbie.

Behind them, Professor Thompson came ducking nervously under the sagging doorway of the apartment. He went over to Snyder.

"You alright, son?" the professor asked the young jock.

"Yeah, I'm good," said Snyder, not looking away from the two musclemen, waiting for the action to start.

Koloff grabbed Robbie into a bearhug. To Snyder, it looked like Robbie didn't even try to avoid it. Koloff crushed Robbie into his enormous chest and began to squeeze and smirk. No man could withstand his bearhug. But as he leaned back, lifting Robbie off the ground, and dug his arms into Robbie's ribcage, Robbie yawned.

"You ready to start?" Robbie said nonchalantly.

Koloff's smirk disappeared. He squeezed harder, but he could tell that Robbie's iron-hard body was not submitting to his power hold. The brutal coach bore down on Robbie with all his might, straining and grunting. As a young man, back in Russia, Koloff had crushed a bear into unconsciousness in a literal 'bear hug'. Now, he could not get this young American to submit. He was very confused. He shook Robbie back and forth with the full power of his massive hairy arms, but to no avail. The boy should be broken in two by now, he thought to himself. He set Robbie down and released his hold. Then he turned to Dean Mack, who was behind him. He grabbed the dean and pulled him into his bearhug. He lifted the dean off the ground like a pillow. Then he squeezed.

Both Snyder and the professor grimaced as they heard what sounded like muffled popcorn popping, as Dean Mack's ribs gave to Koloff's insane power. Satisfied that he was not losing his strength, Koloff dropped the dean, who collapsed to the ground.

The big man turned back to Robbie, who leapt into the air and swung a roundhouse kick right into Koloff's thick jaw. The powerful kick landed squarely, and spun Koloff around 360 degrees, sweat spraying off his face for several feet around him. He was just regaining his footing when he saw Robbie coming at him fast. Robbie tackled him at gut level, pushing the coach back until he slammed against the dean's car. They hit the car so hard that the frame buckled, and the tires screeched as they slid sideways, pushing the car into the road.

Robbie backed up onto the yard, putting up his dukes in a boxer stance, and bobbing back and forth, looking cocky as hell. Koloff came at him in a fury. He threw punch after punch at Robbie's face, but Robbie dodged them or deflected them so fast that none of them landed. The coach was beginning to huff and redden as he winded himself from so many powerful swings. To make matters worse, between his punches, Robbie was pummeling him with 4 or 5 lightning fast jabs. Robbie's arms seemed to swell up larger and harder with every connect, the veins engorging them. He got careless though, and on one of his inside punches, Koloff was able to snag his arm. The big hulk wrenched Robbie's arm with the power of a turbine, and flipped him down to the sidewalk. He then grabbed Robbie's stomach in a claw hold, digging his thick fingers deep into the younger man's rockhard gut. Koloff was clenching onto so much muscle that he was able to lift Robbie off the ground with just that hand, like he was palming a basketball. He lifted Robbie higher than his head, then slammed him down onto the pavement, cracking the concrete. Then he did it again. And again, his grip getting tighter and deeper each time.

The professor and Snyder watched, stunned by the power of the two men.

"What did you do to him?" asked Snyder.

"I got him to tap into his full potential of muscle and concentration," answered the professor.

"Could you do it for me?" asked Snyder, still watching the two fighters.

"Robbie made an excellent subject, not everyone responds nearly so well." But the professor looked at Snyder, and wondered. Here was a top-notch, national champ athlete, in much better condition than Robbie had been. What if it did work for him? Then the professor looked over at Koloff. The big russian had the strength of ten men. Imagine....

The professor glanced over at the dean, who, despite his pain, noticed the professor studying the massive coach. Their eyes met, and both academians knew what the other was thinking. Imagine hypnotizing the brutal monster russian....

Both of them looked back at the two powerhouses fighting, as Koloff lifted Robbie off the ground and ran with him, slamming him into a street lamp. He pinned Robbie against it as he tightened the claw hold. Robbie looked at him, steely-eyed. He snarled his upper lip, then bears down on his abs. The muscle clamping down around Koloff's finger tips. Koloff tried to pull his hand out, but couldn't. The three men watching could hear as his finger tips were crushed. Koloff roared as Robbie smirked and released his ab hold. Koloff jerked his hand out and reeled back. Robbie grabbed him and pressed him overhead. He pressed the big russian up and down for reps, then he walked out into the road, and tossed him through the windshield of the dean's car. Robbie walked around the car, pounding in the roof with both fists, crushing it down, sealing the coach inside. He continued to pound the roof until the metal was dented evenly around, like a caribbean steel drum.

Robbie strutted over to Snyder and the professor. "Let's go get something to eat," he said brushing off his hands, his sinewy body shiny with sweat, his 8-pack still welted and red. "I'm hungry."

Only the professor looked back at the car as they left, as Koloff's fists worked at the roof from the inside, popping up the metal like a JiffyPop top with each blow.

To be continued?