The Roommate

Part 1

My first semester at college started out in a pretty ordinary way. I had arrived at campus a week before classes started to meet the Biology professor, who I was going to be a lab assistant for. By the time most of the other students started to pour in, I was already familiar with my dorm, Elmwood Hall, and most of the campus. So when this big freak of a jock stopped me to ask directions, I was more than happy to help out.

"Excuse me," he said,"can you tell me the way to Elmwood Hall?

Now, I'm 19 years old, 5'9", and weigh 170lbs solid. This guy looked about my age, but was about 6' tall, and at least 250lbs of muscle. His sweatshirt says "XXL" on the front, and is fitting him like a second skin. The sleeves are so tight I can see Veins. His delts were so oversized that at first I thought he had shoulder pads on. I knew that when I answer him, my mouth will move, but I'm not sure any sound will come out.

"Sure," I managed to stammer, "just go around this first building here, and Elmwood is right behind it."

"Thanks, man," he said, and strode off. I watched him saunter off in that confident jock way, and then zeroed in on the way his jeans highlighted his rolling, mounded glutes. Holy shit, I'd never seen anything like it. And then I thought of something. I didn't have a roommate assigned to me yet. What if.....nah, nothing that good ever happens to me. But hope springs eternal!

I went off to the lab to get things set up. Classes started the next day, and I had a bunch of crap to do, but I couldn't get my mind of the super jock. I hurried to get things done and get back to the dorm. I had to know....

I powerwalked across campus, my heart pounding. I went into the dorm, and as I neared my door, I slowed down. I leaned my ear against the door and listened....someone was in there. I opened the door slowly and leaned in.

It was him. Putting his shit away. Shirtless. His back was to me as he put stuff into his closet area. Or should I say his BBBAACCKKK. It was so wide and thickly mounded with muscle. His traps rested on top like an ox yoke. And he had that deep valley running down the middle, down to his tight as a drum lower back. As I stepped in, he heard me and turned around.

"Hey, look who it is!" he said, all smiling. "Is this your room?"

"Yeah...yours too?" I said, stupidly.

" Hell yeah," he said."Looks like we're bunkmates!"

Holy fuck. My roommate was a massive, hulking musclehead. And nice as hell too. How was I going to survive this.

"I noticed some of your books, man, you gotta be pretty bright."

"Thanks," I said, "I'm here on an academic scholarship, so I try and fake it."

"That's cool as hell. You might have to help me out with some of my classes, bro, cause all I really care about is lifting and growing!"

Oh my god in heaven.

"It sure as hell shows," I said. "My name's Scott, by the way."

"Hey Scott, Jack." He put out his hand and we shook. I couldn't help looking at his huge pec rippling as we shook, and the silver dollar-sized nips staring at me.

"Yeah, man, I know it shows, I see people staring at it all the time. I fucking LOVE it." With that he put his hands on his big pecs, cupping them and hoisting them up and down, then slowly ran his hands down over his amazing 8pac abs.

"And I can't wait to get even Bigger!"

"HHow much you weigh now?" I stammered. I could hardly breath, and my cock was getting real curious to get a peak for itself.

" Weighed in yesterday at 279. We need to get a mirror in here. I love to watch my progress. Aiming to hit 320 by the end of the semester."

I sat down on my bed before my knees gave out.

"That's over 40 pounds in 4 months, Jack. Won't some of that be fat?"

"Nah," he said, " Everything I eat turns to muscle, always has."

With that he sat on his bed across from me, and raise his arm into a bicep shot. My cock was throbbing and inching up and out.

"You like that, don't you, Scott? Twenty-two inches cold. And I'm not even flexing it yet."

I was getting nervous as hell. My cock was starting to force its head outta my pants....but then I realized, so was his. He was getting totally into his own freak arm, rolling his wrist to make the bicep rise and fall, the heavy musclebelly totally under his control.

"Yeah, look at this monster, Scott." He flexed it over and over, slowly and purposefully, almost trance-like, as he stroked himself with his other hand. He was leaking pre all over himself and so was I. His arm was pumping up huge, and his forearm looked like a bowling pin snaked with veins.

"Now watch this, boy," he said, and he tightened his arm as hard as he could....his huge bicep balled up bigger than ever, the deep bicep split separating the two bicep heads, the rear one rising up over the front one, the peak rising up big as a tennis ball.

I hadn't even touched myself, but I came. and came. and came. And so did he. We shot at the exact same time. We're roomies.


Part 2

We were a few weeks into the semester now, and I was struggling to keep up. My classes weren't all that challenging, but I found myself spending more and more time in the lab, trying to break my total infatuation with Jack, my musclebeast roommate. You wouldn't blame me if you could have seen. I got a special scale for Jack through a laboratory supply company, a scale that went up to 500lbs. He had been packing on over 5lbs of muscle a week, and was closing in on 300lbs faster than either of us had imagined. Only when I was in the lab could I keep myself busy enough not to constantly think of him.

Most nights, I would get back to our room so late, he'd already be asleep. I'd open the door quietly, and as soon as I stepped in, I could smell him. Not a funky stale smell at all, but a guy smell, the pheromonal aroma of a powerful, growing 19 year old weightlifter musclehead. I would sit on my bed looking over at his hulking shape underneath his sheet. His massive chest heaving as he breathed in deep and full. Sometimes I swore I could hear his muscles growing.

Actually, it was my attraction to his scent that almost got me in big trouble. I was in the room alone one night, trying to study. I noticed a pile of his used workout clothes at the end of his bed. I knew they would be ripe with his musclesweat, and eventually I couldn't help myself. I went over and picked up a tank top, damp with Jack. As I raised it up to my nose, I thought "this is so not right". It was then that the door opened and Jack walked in.

"Dude, what the fuck are you doin?" he said. I was so fucking embarrassed. I dropped the tank and stood there like an ass.

"Nothing Jack,nothing really....shit..." I said.

"Come over here, you little perv," he ordered. Jack had just gotten back from lifting. He was more pumped up than I had ever seen him, and more new veins were crisscrossing up and down his huge arms and delts. I don't know how, but I got my legs to move over to him. I stood in front of his hulking mass thinking "fuck, I'm gonna die".

" Why didn't you just come to the source, little dude, " he said, smirking. He lifted his left arm into a bicep pose. His huge lat spread out like a bat wing, exposing a deep powerhouse armpit. He put his right hand behind my head and slowly pushed my face up and into his underarm.

"Yeah, little buddy, just benched 960 for reps with all this, " he said, pushing me gently but firmly against his deep pits. The sweat glands still pushing forth the smell of musclegod. I breathed in slow and deeeeep. Slowww and Deeeeep. Jack began to moan. "YEH, man, smell my POWER", he said. I wrapped my legs around his waist and locked on. He supported my weight with ease, and began to thrust against me. I could feel his hard cock against my stomach, while mine slid up and down on his thickly muscled abs. He pinned me up against the wall, grinding into me hard. "Fuck," he groaned, "you get me so horned", and he grunted and grunted against me, restraining himself from full bore, but getting us both to climax. We both unloaded every drop we had on each other.

So far, just j/o buddy roommates, but who knows what will happen next...


Part 3

Yesterday, I was in the lab setting up equipment for the next class when Jack showed up.

"Hey, Little Man," he said, strutting over to me,"I thought I'd find you in here. What're you up to?" I was sitting at the lab desk going over instructions, and he leaned over me, laying his big hand on my neck. "You work too hard, Scottie," he said,"you're tense as hell." He slowly began to massage my neck and traps with his thick powerful fingers. It would be nearly impossible to explain the sensation of having a 325lbs muscleteen gently but firmly rubbing you down, with hands that could crush just about anything.

"Man, that feels so good," I moaned, leaning into the rub.

"Yeah, I thought you'd like that," he said. " But you gotta check this out for me, bro. I just did legs at the gym, and am feeling more pumped than ever." Jack was wearing one of his spaghetti-strap tanks and spandex lifting shorts. I don't normally like the look of the spandex shit on guys, but on Jack it was a fucking trip. He had explained to me that his quads had been unusually large since he had started playing ice hockey when he was thirteen. During the very first practice, his legs had pumped up intensely, and he was hooked. After that, he would stay after practice and do extra speed sprints on the ice, just to feel the searing burn. Within three months, he had thick monster quads, snaked with veins. "Freaked the other boys out in the locker room when the saw these man thighs" he had told me.

Now he stood before me, six years later, aching to show me his gains.

"Check this shit out," he said. He reached down and pulled the legs of his spandex shorts up to his crotch, totally exposing his thighs. His quads responded by bulging out even more, free from the skin tight shorts. The veins were strong and pulsing, feeding his freshly trained legs with power. His quadriceps rolled out over his kneecaps like balloons. Then he started to flex out his legs. The freaky thick muscles jumped out like steel bridge cables, writhing and striating. It was a show of muscularity like I had never seen. His quads were the size of kegs.

"YEHHHH, you like this, don't ya, boy?" he said." I measured these mutherfuckers out at 34" today."

I gaped as he flexed them out over and over, the huge muscle dancing and responding to his every command. The best part about it was that he was as into it as I was, totally getting off on his size.

"Now, check out the glutes," he said, turning and showing off the beachball sized glutes of my musclebound roomie. His shorts were sweat-stained and skin tight, so you could see the striations in his huge musclebutt as he rolled them high and tight.

"Shit, Scott, I'm feeling HUGE today, " he said, stopping the show, " but now I'm hungry as hell." I had been keeping pre-mixed protein shakes for Jack here at the lab,where there was a big refrigerator. He could eat more in one sitting than anyone I ever saw, and two hours later he'd be starving. I pulled a gallon of protein shake out of the frig and handed it to him. He downed it fast, handed me the empty container, and said "Make that a double." I handed him another gallon, which he gulped down greedily. "Gotta feed this growing boy muscle!" he said, hitting a double-bi shot. I swore I could see a triple peak forming on his 26"biceps.

"Shit, Scottie, I gotta run, man, " he said, noticing the time. " I got a meeting with the football coach. He saw me lifting the other day, and has been dogging me to join the team."

"You gonna do it?" I asked.

"I don't know, man, would take away lifting time. But we'll see how far the coach is willing to go to 'convince' me!" Jack headed out the door, turning his massive shoulders a bit sideways to fit them thru the doorway.


Part 4

On his way to meet with the football coach at the gym, Jack cut through the stadium. The college stadium was big and old, built of three tiers of concrete. Jack had worked his legs for three hours that morning, but was still aching to blast them hard, so he decided to do some stair laps up and down the stadium. There were 120 oversized steps, and Jack took them two at a time, over and over, fast as he could go, till he had completed 30 trips. His huge legs were on fire, skin reddened and steaming, veins bulging and pulsing. Jack could practically feel the two gallons of protein shake he had had earlier feeding his growing musclequads.

He waddled into the lockerroom, stripped down, and stood in front of the full-length wall mirror, naked and raging. "Fuck," he thought, as he checked out his massive freakzone 19 year-old musclebody. "Look at this MASS," he said, hitting a most muscular pose. His huge muscles popped and rippled at his slightest command. "YEHHHHH," he roared, his cock rising as he got off on his own monster size. His traps mounded up behind his ears, merging with his thick bullneck. And his veins, full and pumping, feeding his growing young godmuscle.

Jack turned to hit a side-chest shot, when he saw someone standing in the shadows watching him. He recognized Brad Kingston right away. Brad was the star quarterback for the football team, the big man on campus. Total cocky jock attitude, Brad had a new babe on his arm every week. At 6'2, 210lbs, he was handsome as hell, and the girls didn't even mind how badly he used them, as long as they got to be with him. Now here he was in the lockerroom, checking out Jack's muscle posing routine. Jack could tell Brad was sprouting a hard-on.

"Hey, you like what you see, bro?" said Jack. He knew what kind of power his massive size could have on "straight" guys. "Yeahh, I know you do...360lbs of pure muscle, boy. Why don't you come over here for a closer look."

Brad stepped tentatively out of the shadows. He couldn't believe Jack's size, or his own reaction to it. He walked toward Jack as if in a trance. He had never been turned on by a guy before, but his cock was raging inside his sweats, throbbing as he stood face to face with this mass monster.

"That's right boy," said Jack. "Now worship my cock while I flex out."

Brad sunk to his knees, stunned at how badly he wanted to work Jack's rockhard bullcock. Jack was already oozing pre as he grabbed Brad's ears and forced the quarterback's mouth onto his bulging mushroom head. He moved Brad's head up and down his shaft.

"Yeah, boy," groaned Jack. "Nice hot mouth. Now watch this."

Jack let go of Brad's ears, and raised his huge arms up into a double-bi shot.

"YEHHHHH....Fuck man," yelled Jack," 28 inches of pure bicep!!"

Brad's mind was reeling. All the pussy he had been with had never turned him on like Jack's huge muscle. He reached into his sweats and pulled out his cock, jerking to this massive teen god, and sucking, sucking, sucking Jack's throbbing meat.

"Fuck yeah," said Jack, " nice mouth, boy. Now I'm gonna make you blow."

Jack began to heave out his oversized chest, flexing his massive pecs slow and hard. Brad looked up at the huge mounded pecs, both the size of large pumpkins, striated beyond belief and glistening with sweat. Brad couldn't hold back, and he spewed his jockcum all over the floor between Jack's feet.

"Now get ready to eat my paste, bitch," said Jack, fucking Brad's face faster and faster. "Look at all this muscle, you fuck," moaned Jack, staring at himself in the mirror, huge and pumped, bigger than any pro bodybuilder.

"Ahhhh YEHHHHH," yelled Jack, spewing over and over down the quarterback's throat. "Take this musclejiz, little fucker, you might grow some," said Jack, draining every drop into Brad's mouth. Brad drank it all down, the best shake he had ever had.

Jack pulled him off his cock and looked down at him.

"Not bad, little dude,"said Jack." We'll do this again real soon, only then I'll be even bigger."


Part 5

"Scott... hey Scott... wake up, man."

I woke up with a start, only to find my massive musclehead roommate straddling me in bed. "What's going on, Jack?" I asked him.

"Check this out, little buddy," he said, hopping off me, and standing up. We had mirrored one whole wall of our dorm room so he could check out his growth and size. He stood in front of it now, staring at himself.

"I woke up this morning raging, man, so I hit the gym. Spent the last three hours tossing around heavy iron. Weighed in at 420, bro. Look at this fucking pump." Jack hit a double-bi shot that made my cock bounce.

"Look at these arms, Scottie," he said, " make Poppa Pump look like a wuss!" He was right, too. His freak biceps bunched up huge and high. They were at least 28 inches, with a peak on top big as a tennis ball. As he held the bicep pose, he rolled his wrists around, making his oversized popeye forearms writhe and bloat with thick sinewy muscle and veins.

"Fuckin Huge," he said. And he was right again. We had set a goal of 400lbs for him to hit by christmas break. Here it was the week before, and he was busting out at 420. As he flexed his arms over and over, the room filled with his scent, the powerful teenmuscle scent he gave off, so totally erotic it made me dizzy. Sometimes during the night, I would whack off to that aroma as he lay sleeping in the bed next to mine.

"Now check out this back, man," he said, turning his back to me, and hitting a lat spread. "I did 10 sets of pull ups with 400lbs chained onto a weight belt. Thirty reps per set.Goddam pump is throbbing." Jack's huge back spread out like a cobra hood, the muscle dense and solid as granite. "Feel these monster lats, man," he said. I stood up and put one hand on each lat. They were hot to the touch, the skin red and tight, yet also smooth as silk. At the top of his back, my arms were fully outstretched to reach both sides of him. I ran my hands down his V-shaped gorilla back, till I was touching the band of his bikini briefs, which were soaked in his sweat. "Yeah, pull these goddam things off me, Scott. I need to see all this muscle."

I had to overstretch the briefs to get them over his huge glutes, striated and bulging out like two massive pumpkins.Then again to get them over his freaky 42" quads, all snaked with veins. I had yet to take my morning piss, and my cock was rockhard and leaking pre. I looked at Jack in the mirror, and saw that his newly freed bullcock was at 2 o'clock high, with a thick rope of his own pre oozing out.

"Hey," said Jack, "you know what today is, Scott?"

"It's Saturday," I said.

"Nah, not that,'s my birthday. I turn 20."

"No shit?" I asked him.

"That's right, Scottie," he said, turning toward me, and slowly pinning me up against the wall. "And you know what I want for my birthday this year, babe?"

"What?" I said, suddenly nervous.

He leaned into my ear and growled, "I want your ass."