Rumspringa: Karl's Place

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Karl led Nils and I up to the fourth floor of his gym. Karl had converted the entire fourth floor into his apartment. It was basically one huge room, with different areas laid out as kitchen, bedroom and living space. Off the bedroom area was a doorway that led to the bathroom. The bed itself was huge, like a California king, and the four-poster frame looked like it was made of cast iron that had been designed to look dented and bent.

Karl went over to the refrigerator and pulled out a gallon sized plastic jug, like milk comes in. He handed it to Nils and said, "Drink this." Nils looked like he was about to ask what it was, but he and Karl stared at each other for a few seconds, then Nils started drinking it down, unquestioned. Curiousity got the better of me though. "What is it?" I asked.

"It's my meal replacement mix," said Karl. He studied me for a moment, then he reached back into the refrigerator and handed me a quart-sized container. "Drink this down, boy, it'll make your bones grow." What the hell, I thought, I was starving anyway, after all the events of the day. I started mine as Nils finished his.

"Go shower off," Karl said to Nils. After their battle out in the alleyway, they were both caked in grime and sweat. I thought it was congenial of Karl to let Nils shower first. Then, as soon as Nils disappeared into the bathroom, Karl turned and grabbed be by the collar. I dropped the empty quart container to the ground. He slammed me up against the wall aggressively, pinning me two feet off the ground. He brought his face in close to mine.

"Time to pay off that bet," he said. I could feel his hot breath on my face. His huge arm held me in place against the wall with such ease, I started to wriggle in panic.

"Hey," I said, grabbing onto his big hand, "I didn't make that bet, you and Nils did."

"A bet's a bet," said Karl, ominously. He caressed my side with his other hand, his strong fingers barely touching my skin. Being this close to him, his strength was palpable. I could smell the thick, masculine scent of fight sweat coming off him. I started to calm slightly, but when his hand reached my pants, he grabbed hold of the waistline and violently ripped them down the pant leg. He continued to yank and yank, until he tore my pants off me in shreds.

"That fucking hurt!" I said.

"Just wait," he said. He flung me across the room and onto the bed like someone would toss a throw pillow. He walked up to the foot of the bed, towering over me. He stepped out of his sweats and stood there naked. At 300lbs of muscle, he was intensely intimidating as he looked down at me, a hungry look in his eyes. He was as thickly muscled and hairy as some sort of barn animal, a steer, or bull, that had been penned up for too long. His gut was more of a powerlifter's than a bodybuilder's, so thick and rugged, but I could hear how hard it was when his big dick began to thump flat up against it.

"I get so horned up after I beat a young buck like your boy," he said to me. Precum was already oozing out of his big mushroom cap. He leaned down and grabbed my ankle, and pulled me to the end of the bed. He put one big hand on each side of me, and leaned in closer. "Feel this chest, boy," he said. I reached up and laid my hands on his pecs. Big and pumped like two globes. He flexed them underneath my touch. Strong, hairy gorilla pecs.

"God," I groaned. I could feel his big rod between my legs, coating my hole with his pre.

"That's right, boy," he said, pulling me closer. He held my legs tight, then, with a slight thrust, his swollen cap popped into me. We both groaned, and my tight hole reflexively tightened even more around his head. "Nice," he grunted, then he slid in another inch. He leaned into me and kissed me. Deep. His tongue worked my mouth. He tasted so much like a man, like gunmetal and leather, yet also sweet, like syrup. And then he shoved in another inch.

"Gahh," I grunted, gripping his pole, feeling it sear into me. His grip on my legs was so tight that normally I would have been yelling in pain, but now it was turning me the fuck on, feeling the insane strength of him, knowing how he had beaten Nils and Matt, knowing what he could do to me. He leaned back, then arched forward, sinking in two more inches. He began to jab into me, short powerful jabs, loosening my hole to take the rest of him. Then he slid in two more inches.

"Hoooomannnn," I groaned. Both of us were drenched in sweat, and Karl's dripped off his chin onto my face. I reached up and around his columnar neck. Karl slowly stood up, taking me with him. He impaled me with three more inches, down to the base of his thick root. "Fuckkerr," I grunted into his ear. I held him around the his neck, but he held me only with his dick, impaling me, supporting me with his strength. He flexed inside me, and pinned me hard against his granite-hard gut. He began to thrust with his huge legs, bouncing me into him, up and down, up and down. Then he put his hands around my waist, and began lifting me up and down, sliding me like a sweaty trombone, in and out, in and out, pulling me down onto him. Pounding and pounding, brutalizing my hole. A hard, steady, rhythmic powerfuck, with Karl's deep grunts in my ear with each thrust. Then he sank me down deeper than ever, and stopped. He let go of me and held me with his cock again. Staring me straight in the eye, he raised his arms up, and flexed into a double-bi. His eyes glazed over as his peaks rose into 26" mountains. I let go of his neck and grabbed onto his huge guns. So solid and strong. I felt a shudder from deep inside me. I wasn't sure if it was him or me. Turns out, it was both. As I felt the power of his sweaty arms under my grip, and the grimy sweat of him filled my nose, I came hard, just as I felt the power of his cock surging inside me as his jiz emptied into me, pumping load after load.

Karl wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him tightly, rubbing my face into his monster hairy chest. I wallowed in the deep dark crevice, musky with his scent. He ran his hands down my back and then cupped my ass. He shifted me upward slightly, and I began to suck the sweat off his bull neck. We both groaned, and he began to slide me up and down, slowly, his hard cock still inside me. Then he began to bounce me harder, and I felt his size grow in me even more. The tempo increased. The massive fucking freak was going to fuck me again with barely a pause. This time his fucking was more brute-like, more mindless. There was no kissing, only deep guttural snorts from deep inside his powerful chest. He pounded into my ass hard, bruising me, using me as his own personal kleenex. He arched me back 45 degrees and plowed into me like a bucking bronco, a massively strong bronco at that. It hurt like hell, but I liked it, I loved having him go full out, using me as his toy, testing my limits. I sensed him getting close, and I clamped onto him as hard as I could with my brutalized hole. He blew inside me, another huge load, then held me in place for a bit. He looked at me, but it took him a second to focus, as if he'd been in a trance. He chuckled as he noticed I had cum a second time too. I'd never shot twice so close together, and began to wonder just what was in that meal replacement drink he gave me.

He popped out of me and dropped me onto the bed. I flopped down gratefully.

"Time for Daddy's shower," he said, looking at me all cocky. Guess he could be too, the big ole freak, still rock hard, and nearly 100 percent muscle. He strutted over to the bathroom, his massive glutes rolling, just as Nils was coming out. "My turn," he said to Nils, brushing by him. Nils walked over to the bed.

"You two have fun?" he asked me. "I heard you out here, sounded like the barnyard in springtime."

"I might have needed some help," I said to him.

"Yeah, right," he answered. "Hey, what do you think was in that drink? I got a total head rush from it, and am feeling like I could win a tug of war with a team of oxen."

I wasn't sure how to answer him, but I had the same feeling. And Nils even looked a little different. I thought it was from the hot shower, but his skin looked tighter and flushed, even healthier than before.

"Probably just our imagination," I said.