Spring 2

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After he had torn apart most of the police squad and an entire block of downtown, Lester roamed the streets of the city the rest of the night, occassionally punching a hole through a brick wall or concrete slab. Whenever he got the urge to seek out some meth, he'd busy himself by ripping a metal street lamp out of the pavement, and seeing how small he could crush it down, accordian-style. He found that this gave him a jacked-up rush very similar to that of the chemicals. He didn't bother to go over to Angela's house, like he had threatened. He knew that the muscle jock Mikey and his muscled-up mentor would be there waiting, so let them wait, he thought.

Mikey and Mr G had, in fact, gone over to check things out at Mikey's parents' house. After awhile, Mr G had headed home, leaving Mikey to keep watch over the homestead. In the morning, his sister Angela found him asleep on the couch.

"Mikey, what are you doing down here?" she asked him.

Mikey sat up with a start. He hadn't meant to fall asleep, and he looked at Angela guiltily.

"I thought you were in heavy training with Val's dad," she said, as she opened up the curtains. Light flooded the room, and as she turned back to her brother, she took a step back. "My god, Mikey, you're huge!" she said. Mikey smiled sheepishly, and his massive pecs bounced reflexively at the compliment.

"Thanks," he said, "I've been working it real hard with Mr G, but I thought I'd take some time off and stay around here for awhile."

"Actually, that works out perfectly," said Angela, still absorbing the hulking form of her kid brother. "I'm moving into a new apartment this week. You can help me move."

Mikey shook off his sleepiness and focused. "You're moving? Out of here?"

"Yes," laughed his sister. "I got a job, and Mom and Dad will be back Friday. I want to have my own place."

After a few seconds, Mikey began to think this was a perfect thing. With his sister out of the house, he wouldn't have to worry about Lester stalking her down one night. He told his sister he'd be glad to help her move, and that morning they began to pack up her things. By the end of the week, she was in her new place across town, a nice garden apartment with a pool and tennis courts. Mikey was able to go back to training with Mr G with a clear conscience.

A month went by, with no news of Lester. Mr G, however, got an offer from the government for an overseas assignment that could take some months. It had been awhile since he'd had such an offer, and he was all stoked up as he packed his bags for Washington. He told Mikey to stay at the house and continue training. He said that Mikey's progress was coming along so well, that by the next assignment, he'd call him in for it too. Mikey was more that a little disappointed that he couldn't go on this one.

Then next morning, Mr G left town, and Mikey had the house to himself. Val had moved out in late winter for a job in the next town. Mikey was bumming. He put himself through a grueling workout. He knew it wasn't safe to bench over 1000lbs with no one there, so he kept the bar at 800, and just did higher reps. He had to admit, going lighter did give his muscle a vicious, serious pump. By his tenth set of thirty, his pecs were engorged. He sat up on the bench and looked down at the massive, swollen orbs. He puffed them out as high as he could and wondered...he went to the refrigerator and pulled out a can of beer. He sat the beer on top of his pecs, and just as he thought, it rested there easy. Huge pec shelf. Then he slammed the beer can between his pecs and wedged it in. Then he flexed his pecs inward and squeezed the sides of the can until the tab popped up, no match for his extreme powerchest. Then he drank the beer. Then he had another one. Then he stripped down naked and began to admire his 390lbs of muscle in the mirror. Look at that thick freak musclebeast, he thought, as he brought up his arms and watched his bull-sized lats jutting out from behind. He had a thick-plated 8pac going now too, from the weighted leg lifts Mr G had him doing...250lbs strapped to his ankles, and if he didn't do 100 reps, Mr G would cattle prod him till he did. The results were amazing. Mikey could grab hold of each ab and shake the thick muscle section, feeling the density and the power. He drank a gallon of protein shake, then another beer. He loved feeling his gut stretching tighter and fuller, trying to expand the muscled up abs, but only making them stronger. At this point, he and Mr G would gutpunch each other, testing their gut power. Mikey punched himself hard enough to leave some welts, but it wasn't as good as Mr G's sledgehammer fists going at him with lightning speed. Mikey had grown to love the sound of the old man's huge fists slamming him in the midsection. It bummed him out again, thinking of how long Mr G'd be gone.

He took a shower, and decided to drive over to his sister's apartment, hoping she'd invite him to stay for dinner. When he got there though, she was dressing to go out.

"I've got a date," said his sister, in her excited 'new boyfriend' voice.

"Someone from work," Mikey asked, turning on the tv. He wasn't crazy about his sister going out with someone he didn't know, especially since her last loser, Nick, who Mikey had had to kick the crap out of to make him leave her.

"No, just someone I met out. I think you'll like this one." Angela knew her brother didn't like her taste in men, and she had to admit she liked them on the rough side. "In fact, you two could probably workout together." She went back into her bedroom to finish getting ready.

It took a few seconds for Mikey to mull his sister's last words around. This would have to be one big dude, for her to say that. She knew the kind of weights he was tossing around with Mr G. He turned off the tv, and started to walk to her bedroom door when he saw a big black SUV pull into the parking lot outside. His heart began to race. The truck's window were too tinted to see inside. It had oversized wheels, and extra-heavy duty suspension, but the truck still lurched as the driver door opened and the big man climbed out.

"Fucking Lester," Mikey said to himself, as the big musclehead strutted up the sidewalk. He had on new jeans and black shitkickers. His shirt was a shiny blue spandex muscle tee that stuck to him like a second skin, showing off every fiber of monstrous muscularity as he rippled his way toward the door. He carried a huge bouquet of flowers.

He rang the doorbell, and as Angela yelled out for Mikey to answer it, he was already opening the door. Lester didn't look at all surprised to see him.

"Well, look who it is," he said with a big evil grin. "The kid brother. I've heard so much about you, Mikey boy." Lester filled the whole doorway and then some. He put one big hand on the doorframe and leaned in. "You gonna let me in, cowboy, or do I have to rip the place down?" As he said that, his grip tightened on the wood frame, and Mikey could hear the wood beginning to splinter from the pressure of his thick fingers.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Mikey whispered.

"Is that any way to talk to a future brother-in-law, junior?" said Lester, ducking his head to get in and muscling his way past Mikey. Lester was a good six inches taller than Mikey. The two of them nearly filled the small living room with their bulk.

"You hurt my sister, and I'll kill you," snarled Mikey at the bigger man.

"You and what fucking army? Besides, maybe you should as her what she wants. Seems to me, when she's screaming out my name at the top of her lungs, she doesn't think I'm hurting her. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm taking her places she never dreamed possible, given the volume. Shit, if it wasn't for the fact that I could rip him apart, the landlord would have thrown her out of here a week ago, all that hollering, hour after hour, all night long. I have to admit, I just love tapping that honeypot of a sister of yours."

Mikey head was about to explode. Veins were popping out on his neck and forehead. Lester leaned into his ear and said, "Funny thing is, everytime I'm doing her, I'm thinking about doing you."

Just then, Angela came out of her room.

"Sorry I took so long, but at least you two got to meet. Mikey, maybe you remember Lester from high school? He was in my class, and he sure didn't look like this then," she said as she rubbed Lester's massive forearm. "Oh look, flowers! It's so nice when a big powerful man thinks about something so sweet. Let me go put these in water."

She went into her kitchette. Mikey looked at Lester. Lester winked at him. "Think about it, boy, 450lbs of power, fuckin you silly."

Angela came back out. "OK, I'm ready. Mikey, are you alright? You look a little dizzy. Maybe you should rest here for awhile? Help yourself to something to eat."

"Uh huh," said Mikey. He was actually feeling dizzy. Maybe is was the beer from earlier.He didn't know what to do exactly. If he got into a full out rumble with Lester, his sister would never speak to him again, and would probably leave with the big freak anyway. But an aching part of him wanted to go head to head with him, to test their strength against each other, to go at it in a no-holds-bar battle until one of them was forced to submit. But it would have to wait.

"Don't wait up, Tiger," said Lester, leading Angela out the door, and into the waiting truck.

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