Summer 5: Summer's End

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I stepped into Paul and forced him backward. I had over 70lbs on him, so it wasn't like he had much choice but to back up. I pinned him against the big oak desk in his office, my massive chest in his face. Behind him, on his office wall, there was a picture of him with his marine buddies taken during Desert Storm. He still looked like one tough dude, his big neck still thick-skinned and reddened. No wonder they're called leathernecks. I could feel his hot breath on my pecs. I put my index finger on his shoulder and pushed. He resisted, but didn't exactly fight it. I bent his thick torso down onto his desk. I leaned into him until I was an inch or two from his face. We stared into each other's eyes, gauging each other, two big bulls.

"I could get you huge, boy," he said to me.

"I'm already huge, sarge," I said back. I started to grind into him, and his desk inched backward on the wood floor.

"I'll get you to a level you could only dream of," he said.

"A level higher than this one?" I said, and raised my big arms into a double bi, while still thrusting against him. My arms were freakier than any powerlifter or football player he'd ever seen and we both knew it. His desk screeched across the floor from the power of my thrusts until it pinned his desk chair against the wall. I sneered at the chair and bucked into the desk. One arm of the chair broke off. I bucked again, harder, and the chair crumpled up like an accordian.

"Jesuss," he said, looking backwards over his head as his cheap-ass office furniture was being garbage-compacted by my strength. "Show me just how much power you got, boy," he said to me. I leaned into him, and wrapped my arms around him. I lifted him off the desk and stepped back, holding him off the ground in my bearhug. I adjusted my grip around him and squeezed. "Ahhh, yeahhh, boy!" he grunted, feeling my arm power crushing into him.

"Sarge likes this boy's strength, huh?" I said, knowing the answer....hell, feeling the answer throbbing against my abs.

Sarge laid his hands on my shoulders and said, "Yeah, boy, but this pussy bearhug all the crushing power you got?"

"Shit, man, you're gonna need a chiropractor after this," I said, and crushed into him hard. I heard him grunt, so I knew he was feeling it now.

"Nice," he grunted out. Then he pounded on my shoulders with his fists and said, "but look at these monster delts, buddy boy, I think you're just being fuckin' lazy."

Cocky, hard-assed son of a bitch, I'd show him lazy. He had me charged up like a raging bull. I felt like I could crush a cement mixer with my super-pumped arms. I curled my lips and shut my eyes. Then I crushed him with every ounce of power I could pour into my bearhug. He arched back hard, as I felt the air forced out of him. I squeezed and squeezed and shook him like a bear might. I heard a dull, muffled pop as one of his ribs broke.

"You give?" I said through clenched teeth.

"ahhhhhyeahhhhh," he gritted between his teeth, and a shudder ran through him. "I give!" I sat him down on the desk and stepped back. He looked at me with glazed eyes, but he was grinning. His cock head was jutting out of his shorts, and his own homemade yogurt was coating his flat hairy gut.

"Dude, you creamed yourself having your rib busted?" I said.

He was holding his side a little, but still grinning. "Got you to tap into strength you didn't even know you had, didn't I, boy? Hell yeah, that turns me on. Some freak potential you got there. No one has ever made me give before, sonny. That was wild. Seems like you kinda liked it too," he said, nodding toward my shorts. I had a raging hard on. And damned if this feeling of super strength wasn't turning me on big time. He had tapped into something in me; I felt stronger than ever, unfuckingstoppably strong.

"Feed me some of that protein, boy," said Paul. He hopped off the desk and pulled my shorts down, freeing the beast. He got onto his knees and took me into his mouth. I grabbed onto his shoulders as everything went white inside my head. Holy shit. He worked me good, his hot mouth better than any pussy I'd ever had. The feeling was almost overwhelming, as if my sense of pleasure had increased right along with my growth and strength. Finally, the blinding whiteness in my head leveled off enough that I grabbed Paul's ears and worked him up and down my shaft. I wanted to fuck his face all night, to feel this feeling for the rest of eternity, but his tongue was working me all too good, and every nerve fiber in me was firing with mind-numbing ecstasy. I finally had to shove his head down and hold it. I could feel the surge of jiz working its way up from my toes, rushing through me like a dam had broken. I unloaded into his throat, quart after quart of my thick cream.

Drained, I sat back on the couch in his office. Before we both showered off, I had pledged to workout with Paul six days a week for the whole summer. He was determined to get me as big as he possibly could, and I was aching to go for it.

The summer went by faster than I could have imagined. I lifted with Paul once at 5am, then again after working the construction site all day. Some of the guys at the site thought I was a freak, but others were totally into seeing me get bigger and stronger with each passing week. They would test my strength by having me bend and lift shit, or by wrestling two or three of them at a time. I loved pinning them down in the dirt, all of us caked in muddy sweat. Some of them even brought me extra food at lunchtime. By the time I was ready to go back to college and start football practice, I was weighing in at 375lbs, pretty much all muscle, although I had a nice powergut going. One of the dudes at work liked to put on brass knuckles and work it over during lunchtime. It bruised me up some, but the bruising healed in a day or two, and it made my bulging 8pac even harder. Besides, it boned me up knowing I was so thickly muscle that even that couldn't hurt me. I wrapped things up with Paul, telling him if he didn't come up for some of my games, I'd have to rough him up when I came home for Christmas break. I had easily three times his strength now, and he'll probably stay away from my games just so I toss him around when I get back.

The only thing I had left to do was visit Val. I hadn't seen her much since I'd left her house that day. I figured I'd swing by to pick up my shirt that I'd left there then. I have to admit, I kind of want to see her reaction to my new size. She was hot for me 80lbs ago, be interesting to see what would happen now. Might just have to head over there tonight....

Continued in Autumn