Vinny vs. the Mighty Beast

It had been two years since Vinny started balancing between his bodybuilding career and his pro wrestling gig, and it wasn't getting any easier. He loved bodybuilding, but it didn't exactly pay the bills, and he was getting to the point where the wrestling was paying pretty well, and he was due up for a two-year contract. Given his popularity in the circuit, he knew he could ask for a lot more. Still, that didn't stop him from entering a major bodybuilding contest just a week before the big wrestling match he was on the roster for that night. He was still a little drained from the hardcore dieting he'd done for the contest, but at 6' tall and 230lbs, he was ripped to the bone, and would drive the crowd wild with his flexing. Besides, the match was pretty much all choreographed out, and he was due to beat the Urban Cowboy for a chance to go for the championship belt. He'd fought the Urban Cowboy about a dozen times before, and they both had their moves down. What could go wrong?

But when Vinny got to the arena, he was met in the locker room by two of the promoters, both of whom looked agitated and nervous. "What's going on?" Vinny asked them.

"Ok, here's the deal, Vin," said one of them, a heavy-set guy in an ill-fitting suit. "The Urban Cowboy broke both his wrists in a rodeo this afternoon."

"So the match is off?" asked Vinnie.

"No,no, we can't do that. But we found a've probably heard of him, he's called the Mighty Beast."

Vinny got a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach. "Wasn't he that fat hairy old guy. I remember watching him when I was a little kid. I thought he retired?" What he failed to mention was that as that little kid, his older cousin had taken him to see pro wrestling, and the Mighty Beast was on the card. When the big gutted, bulked up powerhouse came out, Vinny had gotten that same tug in his gut. And as the brutally strong pro wrestler had beaten his opponent to oblivion, little Vinny had gotten his first boner. After that, he would ache for the Mighty Beast to show up on TV wrestling matches so he could masturbate to him.

"Not exactly retired," said the promoter. "He's been wrestling on and off in Japan."

"So I'm supposed to fight some old washed up dude on my way to a championship belt? What is he, like 50 years old?"

The second promoter mumbled thru his hand, "Fifty-seven."

"No way," said Vinny, "I'm not gonna beat up on some old timer like that. I'm 25 years old, I'll look like a jerk." Meanwhile, he was calculating in his head that the Massive Beast must have been in his forties when Vinny first started getting off on him. It was because of the thick brute muscle daddy that Vinny, when he was in his teens, started building his own muscles and flexing out in the mirror in his bedroom.

"Listen Vinny, I know it's last minute, but we have a full house tonight, and we need that fifth match. Just do this for us, and we can pretty much guarantee that 2-year contract and the championship match down the road."

Those sounded like some vague promises, but Vinny's heart was pounding hard at the thought of facing off with his idol. Still trying to sound nonchalant, he said "Ok, I'll do it. Does the old man know the routine?"

"You said it yourself, Vin, he's an old timer. He knows all the routines. You won't regret this." As the two promoters left the locker room, Vinny thought he heard the smaller guy say, "He's gonna regret this, isn't he?"

As the night progressed and the early matches started, Vinny stayed backstage, warming up and flexing in the mirrors. He couldn't help but admire his condition. His body fat was holding at about 4 percent. His muscles rippled at his slightest move, and his 8pac abs popped out like cobblestone when he flexed them. Some of the other wrestlers told him he was looking good as they passed by him, and he couldn't have agreed more. Although he had never been able to attain the sheer massive bulk of a guy like the Mighty Beast, he was still jacked up better than 99% of men. Meanwhile, there was still no sign of the old time wrestler. "Maybe he won't show up," said Vinny out loud as he hit a double-bi shot. Now that he'd had time to think about it, he had mixed feelings about beating down his long time hero. He watched himself in the mirror as his 18" biceps rose up. He kissed each hard peak, in a prelude to what he'd be doing when he got into the ring.

When the time came for his match, Vinny made his way to the ring. He loved having the spotlight on him, and hearing the cheers mixed with the boos. Billed as Vin the Viking God, he'd become popular in his short time as a wrestler, and his blond hair and good looks didn't hurt, but some people loved to hate him for his arrogance. That didn't bother him because he figured they'd be arrogant too, if they looked like him.

He hopped into the ring, wearing only his wrestling boots and a pair of Speedo sized trunks. He put on a show of flexing his muscular body, making sure to hit each side of the squared circle. The crowd ate it up, even the ones that heckled him. He hit pose after pose, till he was dripping sweat. Just as he was starting to think that the Beast was not going to show, entrance music started to play in the arena. The houselights dimmed, and a spotlight shown on a big hulking figure that was making his way down the main aisle. The big man wore a black cape that flowed around him as he sauntered toward the ring. He didn't wave or respond at all to the audience's cheers, but instead, seemed to be focused solely on Vinny. His dark eyes glared toward the ring . His grizzled face had an extremely powerful jaw line, thick with stubble, and an overdeveloped brow that was Neanderthal-like as it jutted out over his eyes. As he grabbed the ropes and pulled himself up, Vinny felt the whole ring shift. When he got inside the ropes, still cloaked in his cape, he jumped up and down a few times. The whole floor of the ring bounced like a trampoline. Both Vinny and the ref almost lost their footing. Just how fat had the old dude gotten, Vinny thought.

But then the Mighty Beast undid his cape and let it fall behind him. There was a collective gasp from the crowd. Standing at 6'6", he weighed easily 350lbs. He was not fat. He looked solid as an ox. His chest was huge, and covered with thick salt and pepper hair. His roidgut rounded out, and even thru his thick gut hair you could see his ab ridges, cutting deeply into his hard 6pak. He had on black square cut trunks which were stretched tight as seal skin over his huge glutes and thighs...huge swollen thighs that pushed the legs of the short trunks up higher toward his crotch. His leg hair had not turned gray at all, but was jet black and curly on his 36"quads. He was barefooted, and after kicking his cape out of the ring, he turned and focused his full attention on Vinny. He stepped into the middle of the ring and put his fists up into a boxing stance. Vinny, deciding to play along, stepped up to him and put his hands up too. Vinny realized that he must look small in comparison to the massive old wrestler. He also noticed that the big man's face was overly bloated, as if from doing large amounts of anabolics. That would explain his extremely heavy muscularity. He was much bigger than Vinny had ever seen him as a younger man. Vinny noticed the size of the Beast's forearms. They had to be 18 inches, as big as Vinny's biceps, and all gnarly with twisting veins. Even his fists were over-the-top huge, with big bulging knuckles, made even bigger by his clenching of his meaty hands.

Suddenly, he opened one of those meaty fists, and pointed to his big jaw, motioning to Vinny to take his best shot. This was off scripted, but Vinny decided, again, to play along. He swung up at the bigger man's jaw. The Beast dodged Vinny's jab with ease. The crowd laughed. This made Vinny bristle a little. He swung at the bigger man again, this time harder and faster. The Beast dodged again, easily. Then he did a little rope-a-dope in front of Vinny, which made the crowd laugh louder and start to cheer. Vinny didn't like the way this was going at all, so instead of throwing another punch, he swung a roundhouse kick into the side of the big man's knee.

Vinny might as well have kicked a telephone pole. All he did was hurt his own shin. It felt like it almost shattered. The Mighty Beast glowered at him, balled up his ham-sized fist and slammed it into Vinny's abs. Vinny flew back like a rocket. His feet actually left the ground from the force of the blow. He hit the ropes hard, then fell to the ring. He could barely breath, he'd had the wind knocked out of him so badly. He looked up as the Beast made his way over to him. The big older man leaned over from his towering height, and put two thick fingers under Vinny's chin. He lifted Vinny up to his feet, and then kept pushing upward with those powerful fingers. Vinny, gagging and choking, grabbed the big man's 18" forearm and tried to push him away, but the powerful Beast kept digging in, until Vinny was on his tiptoes. And then, completely off the ground. Vinny's eyes teared from the pain of it. The old man held him airborne with his two fingers, then flexed his free arm, letting it rise up to its full 26" size. He kissed the peak, then lowered Vinny down till they were face to face.

"This is going to be fun," said the big man, his breath hitting Vinny's face like a heat wave. He dropped Vinny to the mat, and then hit a most-muscular pose over him. His traps rose up, thick as an ox yoke. His delts swelled to the size of basketballs. The crowd went apeshit. Vinny had never seen so much muscle on one man. The tug in his gut was ten times stronger than he'd ever felt it, and it spread to his loins. He felt his dick engorging. He knew that if he stood up, the crowd would see his hardon. But before he had a chance to move, the Beast scooped him off the ground and pressed him overhead, one hand on his crotch and one hand on his neck. He started walking around the ring, showing the crowd how he could press Vinny's 230 pounds up and down like a broomstick. Vinny saw the ref leaning against a turnbuckle with awe in his eyes and a pup tent in his pants.

Vinny had never felt such strength. And then he felt the Beast's thick thumb rubbing into his crotch until it stroked up against his swelling cock. Vinny's vision went white with pleasure. He put his left hand down onto the top of the bigger man's delt, a delt that was bigger than Vinny's head, and bowling ball hard. He could feel the power of it as the Beast pressed him up and down, up and down.

After twenty reps, just as Vinny thought he was going shoot in his trunks, the Beast dropped him behind his head, letting Vinny fall the eight feet to the ring with a thud. With the wind knocked out of him again, Vinny struggled to his knees. He looked over and found that he was eye level with the big man's calves. They were immense. Vinny shook his head in disbelief. The Beast saw him looking at them, so he raised on foot up onto its ball and flexed the calf muscle. It swelled out like an over-filled hot water bottle. Vinny grunted out in awe. But then the Beast dove on top of him, driving Vinny flat onto his face. It felt like a bank vault had landed on him.

"Come on, babe, fight me," growled the big man, as he ground his weight into him. Vinny twisted and squirmed as hard as he could, and maybe it was because he was so slippery from the heavy sweat he'd already worked up, he was able to slip out from under his brutally strong opponent. He rolled away from him quickly, jumped to his feet, ran to the ropes, bounced off of them and bodyslammed himself on top of the Beast. It was like landing on top of a boulder. At least when he landed on the mat, it had give. The big brute's back muscles had no give at all. Vinny shimmied his way to the back of the Beast's neck, slid his arms around and under the huge back and applied his full-nelson as tight as he could. He felt the massive mountain of a man underneath him start to move, the back muscles tighten as he got to his feet, Vinny clinging to his hold.

By the time the Mighty Beast stood up to full height, Vinny's feet were dangling off the ground. He struggled to maintain his full-nelson, but the big man's lats were so wide and thick, he felt his grip slipping. And then, the Beast took a hold of Vinny's forearms. Vinny felt the powerful fingers wrap around his wrists like vices. Then he felt the Beast break his hold, pulling his hands apart with ease, then pulling his arms upward and judo flipping Vinny's whole body over his head and down to the mat onto his back. Vinny looked up, his eyes glazed, and watched as the Mighty Beast put his big foot on Vinny's chest, then flexed into a double-bi shot. The Beast was so heavily muscled, he reminded Vinny of the cartoon wrestler from the Bugs Bunny cartoon, whose muscles piled up and up, muscle on top of muscle, just like the Beast. Vinny was harder than he'd ever been in his life, and when his massive opponent bent over and picked him up, slamming him into a tight bearhug, his feet dangling in the air. Vinny let out a groan not from the crushing pain of the hug, but because he felt his hardon pressing into the stone hard roidgut of the big man.

"Oh yeah, babe," the Beast said to Vinny, "you like this, don't you?" He squeezed Vinny harder against his huge chest and gutball. Then he slid Vinny up and down his hairy torso, grinding Vinny's dick into his thick pro wrestler muscle.

"Oh god....." groaned Vinny.

"And I just keep getting bigger and stronger. Feel it?" said the Beast as he squeezed harder. Vinny felt like his ribs would shatter.

"Ffuckk," said the young pro.

"That's it, babe. Cum to this muscle. Worship it. Spew to my 350lbs of superior size and power." He slid Vinny up and down. Vinny couldn't hold out. He busted right in his trunks. He came and came to his powerful opponent. He leaned his head against the Beast's thick neck and breathed him in. His scent smelled like leather and gun metal. Vinny came some more. Then he heard the roar of the crowd, and remembered where he was.

"They can't see this...." Vinny said, realizing that his reputation might be sullied if the crowd got a look at him in this state.

"Don't worry, stud," said the older fighter, "I'll get you out of here. Just tap out on my shoulder." Then he shook Vinny back and forth a couple of times, then squeezed him hard. Vinny tapped out on the massive wrestler's right delt. The ref called the match and the bell rang. The Beast lifted Vinny up and laid him over his right shoulder. The ref tried to raise the Beast's arm in victory, but the look that the big man gave him made him back up against the ropes. Instead, the wrestler flexed his free left arm and held it up next to Vinny's leg, showing that his biceps were bigger than Vinny's quads. Then he carried Vinny out of the ring, climbing down with the smaller man on his shoulder. He strutted up the aisle as the crowd went wild, and disappeared into the backstage area.

"Now we're going to shower off," said the Beast, as he set Vinny down in the locker room. "Then, I'm taking you back to my hotel room, where you can service me proper." The big man stripped off his black trunks and his big dick flopped out, swinging between his massive thighs. Vinny wasn't sure what he could do with something that big, but he was eager to find out.