Winter 3

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Mr G approached Lester and repeated his command.

"Get up," he said.

Lester looked up from the 300lb cop he had pinned to the ground. He eyed Mr G up and down, sizing him up. Then he smiled a sick twisted smile, his lips curling up into a sneer. His tweaked-out brain had been reduced to the most basic of emotions like pain, pleasure, and domination. He cocked his head and sniffed the air, like one of the raptors from Jurassic Park, trying to catch the scent of his new opponent with his heightened reptilian senses.

"Looks like they're sending out the geezer squad to get me now, huh, old man?" Lester said to Mr G. "Maybe you should go back and get your walker so you don't snap a hip," he said mockingly.

Mr G held his ground. "Get up and step away from him," he said, nodding at the big cop on the ground.

Lester looked down at the cop, and smirked again. Lester began to stand, but first he wrapped his arm around the big cop's neck, and pulled him up with him like a sack of potatoes. When Lester stood to full height, the cop's feet were dangling off the ground. At this point, I got out of the car to get a better sense of what was going on. Lester raised his free arm into a flex, the huge peak rising and rising as he squeezed it up hard. Even from where I stood, I could see that he had put on some major muscle since his run in with Val and I. He had the biggest arm I'd ever seen, easily 28 inches. Mr G took another step toward him.

"Whoahohooo," said Lester, "take it easy there, old timer." Lester looked at the cop he was holding suspended in a neck hold. "You know how hard it is to snap a man's neck? Even a normal dude, the neck is almost all muscle. This guy must have, what, a 22" neck. Strong too, thick and solid. But if you take one more step, I will snap it like a dried up twig without even thinking about it." With that, Lester jerked the big cop back and forth like a ragdoll, showing that he had the goods to back up his threat. Mr G held his ground, but did not advance.

"Good choice," snarled Lester. He took his free hand and stuck it into his pants and started stroking himself. "Been about three hours since I sprayed my load," he said. "My fucking nads are pumping it out so fast I'm getting blue-balled here. Might just have to use this cop ass to service my need."

The cop, hearing this, reflexively tightened his cheeks hard.

"Ahh, ain't that sweet," said Lester, whipping out his rigged steel pole of a cock. Then he leaned into the cop's ear and growled, "You can clamp up that tight hole as much as you want, weakling, because right now I am so horned up I could fuck thru a concrete bunker with this hardon." The big cop began to struggle, but Lester just chuckled, then ripped the back of the cop's pants off of him as if they were a sheet of paper toweling. "I'll do you a favor so it won't rip you so bad," said Lester. He spit into his hand and lubed himself up with it. Precum was trailing down in ropes, so he scooped that up and used it too. He was just about to bust into the cop's thick glutes when Mr G said, "That what your daddy used to do to you, boy?"

Lester stopped dead in his tracks. He glared up at Mr G, hard.

"Or was it your stepdaddy?"

Lester began to forget the cop, focussing, like a raptor, on Mr G.

"Or was it one of your drunk momma's 'boyfriends', pinning you down in your trailer home, banging you against the wall like the little boywhore you were?"

Lester tossed the cop aside. His nostils were flaring, he was breathing deep and heavy, and his face was deep red. "You just signed your own death warrant, grandpa," he said. He charged Mr G like a rabid bull, making deep, sick animal noises as he ran. Just as he was about to slam into Mr G like a freight train, Mr G turned, and grabbed Lester's waistband as he passed. He aimed Lester right into a telephone pole on the curb, slamming Lester's head smack into it. The pole snapped from the force of it. Mr G quickly spun Lester around, ran him back into the lot, and smashed his head into the brick wall, busting his head through, down to his traps. After a few moments, when Lester hadn't moved, Mr G brushed the mortar dust of his chest and hands. He began to turn back toward me, when Lester pushed his head out of the wall. Lester ripped a loose brick from the wall, and smashed it into his forehead. Then he did it with another brick, crushing it into bits.

"Gonna take a lot more than that to stop me, pops," he said. Even Mr G looked shocked, and standing toe-to-toe like they were, I could see that Lester was significantly bigger than Mr G was. He reached out and grabbed Mr G under his armpits. He lifted him off the ground. He brought Mr G into him, then tossed him clear across the lot like a huge cannonball. Mr G slammed into the far wall about 12 feet up, cracking the cement, and sliding down with a thud. Lester walked over to him and stood over him. All I could see was Lester's back and Mr G trying to catch his breath. Lester's back was so huge and jacked up, he would have made Marcus Ruhl look like his kid sister. Lester motioned with his fingers for Mr G to get up. When Mr G didn't move, Lester reached down and grabbed him by the ankle. He pulled him away from the wall, then he twisted his ankle hard, flipping Mr G onto his stomach. Lester pivotted and lifted Mr G's leg up high. He twisted the ankle with both hands, and I heard bone break. Mr G arched his back hard, and dug into the ground, but didn't cry out. Lester twisted again, and I heard more bone break.

I couldn't stand by anymore. I walked into the lot. Lester was focussing everything he had on breaking Mr G apart, and didn't see me, but Mr G did.

"Get the hell out of here, Mikey," he said to me thru clenched teeth.

Lester looked up at me. I could see him trying to figure out who I was.

"Mikey?" he said, more to himself than to me. His reptile brain shuffling thru its limited info. I saw a dim light of recognition dawning on him. "You're the mutherfucker who busted up my truck.." he said.

"That's right," I said.

"You were one of those shithead jocks at my high school," he said.

"Two for two, asshole," I said.

"Your sister Angela was in my class," he said. I didn't like the direction this was going."I remember wanting to tap her ass bad. That tight little cheerleader ass. She had big tits too. Bitch would never talk to me, but I jacked off to it plenty." Lester's eyes were glazing over from his fond memories, and his dick was swelling up again too.

"That's my sister you're talking about, jackweed," I said.

"That's right it is, twit," he said, twisting on Mr G's leg hard enough to keep him from struggling. "Might just have to pay her a visit. Used to sit outside your house in high school, watch her through her bedroom window. Now I could just bust down the front door and take some of that sweetness. Not that she won't be begging to have some of this."

"Don't even think about it, shithead."

Lester's cock started to bust the teeth of his zipper.

"Look at that," he said. "The beast thinks it's a good idea too. Can't wait to hear her begging me for it."

I took a step toward him, and he twisted Mr G's leg hard. I heard a pop, and this time, Mr G let out a groan.

"Back off, or I will break this old man's leg into a thousand pieces. And then I'll start with the other leg."

I backed off.

"Not that I couldn't take you both apart at once," he said, bouncing his enormous striated pecs at me. "But right now, I gotta find me some sister meat to fuck." He dragged Mr G to the street by his busted leg. He went about half way down the block, then stopped. He lifted Mr G by that bad leg, then swung him into the air, and slammed him through the windshield of a parked car. Then he took off running down the street, disappearing into the darkness.

I ran down to Mr G as he was pulling himself out of the broken windshield.

"Who the hell was that guy?" he said to me.

"That was the asshole that tried to get at Val last month. Now he's gone after my sister."

"He went for Val?"

"Yeah, that's the guy that came to your house," I said.

Mr G slid off the car, and popped his leg bones back into place. Despite the fact that some of his ankle bones had been crushed by Lester, he headed back to the car, ignoring the pain.

"Let's go," he said. "You have to show me where you live."

Continued in Spring