The Youthnage Experience 10: Tom's Moment

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As they pulled out of the parking lot, Daniel said,"If I can get my hands on that formula, I'll have the greatest strength fighters of all time." He swung his Bentley out into traffic and took off.

"You know, there's two cases of the stuff in the back of the pickup that Sam and I drove here in," said Jack.

"There is?" I said.

"Yeah," replied Jack."We made Abrams give it to us before we left the hotel."

"All I need is one can," said Daniel, thinking aloud,"and I know a guy who can analyze the contents and recreate it." He swung the car around like a speedboat, swerving into oncoming traffic.

"Watch out!" I yelled, as a motorcycle nearly wiped out trying to avoid us. The rider cursed and flipped us the bird. Daniel pulled back into the high school parking lot and drove over to the pickup. Six of the guys from the competition were standing around the back, pulling out cans, and downing them fast. Apparently word had gotten out about how Karl had gained so much size and power. We all got out of the car, and Daniel ran over to the truck. He pulled out a can, and came running back to his car. He got in and started dialing his cell phone.

Jack said to me,"You know, you risked your life back there for me. Karl could have killed you for hitting him in the head with that crowbar."

"He was doing a damned good job on you at the time, if I remember correctly," I said. Jack cuffed me upside the head.

"How many cans of that stuff have you had?" he asked me."You're lookin good and buffed up yourself these days."

"Shut the fuck up," I said, certain that he was just yanking me. But now that he had brought it up, I did feel different somehow. More solid. And thicker. No where near Karl territory, but....different.

Suddenly, we heard a motorcycle pulling into the lot. It was the guy that Daniel had cut off in traffic. He was heading his hog right for Daniel's Bentley. He was a big biker dude, all in black leather, and no helmet. His Harley had those big chopper handlebars. He got off his bike, walked over to the driver's side window and punched out the glass with one fist. Then he reached in, grabbed Daniel, and pulled him out through the broken window. Before we knew it, he was dangling Daniel off the ground with one hand, and began to smash him against the side of the car like a ragdoll. Bam, bam, bam, over and over again, and fast too. With each slam into the car, he was going,"Little..(bam!)..muther..(bam!)...fucking..(bam!)..asshole..(bam!).." Daniel's body flailed helplessly.

"Shit," said Jack, as he started to make his way over to them.

"Hold on," I said. "Let me take care of this one." Had my voice gotten deeper? I walked over to the car, and said, "Let him go." The big biker dude pinned Daniel's head to the hood, and turned toward me. He was bigger than he looked from over there. I heard his leather gear creak as he shifted his attention to me.

"Well, lookie what we got here," he said, grinning. He was missing several important teeth. He let Daniel flop to the ground, and he came at me, his hands fisted tight. And he had big hands. They balled up into thick hamhock-sized weapons. His beefy knuckles were hairy and hard looking. He swung at me so fast, I could hear the wind. Just before his fist made contact with my face, my hand went up. It stopped his fist in mid-air. I clamped my fingers over the burly fist and squeezed with all my might. I could tell from his expression that he was feeling it, so I TWISTED as hard as I could. That buckled him right down to his knees. I had never felt so fucking powerful. I squeezed his hand harder, and felt the knuckle cartilage collapsing together. He grabbed his wrist with his other hand, and tried to pull away, but couldn't. My grip was like a vice, and I could feel pure strength surging in my forearm, so I increased the pressure. I felt the bones in his hand breaking. I twisted his wrist back, hard, and felt more bone crunch. His pupils rolled back into his head as he passed out from the pain. I let go of his hand, and he crumpled into a heap. I watched as a wet spot formed underneath his chaps.

"Fucking Ay," said Jack, who had come up behind me. "Where the hell did that come from?"

I wasn't sure. All I knew was that I was burning up, the heat of my new strength burning inside me. I tore off my shirt and threw it aside.

"Jesus," said Daniel, who was leaning against his car, recovering from his attack. I looked down at myself. I had always kept in pretty good shape. Better than average. But not a lot better. Things had changed. My muscles were pronounced and ETCHED. Every ounce of bodyfat was gone. Fuck if I didn't look bulletproof. And veiny. Snaking, branching, pulsing VEINS. I was a goddam Machine. I flexed my arm, and blinked in surprise, as my biceps rose up, and rounded up like a baseball. No, like a cannonball. Only harder. Full of striations, and a deep split running across it. And the FEELING. I had to use this power. I walked over the the biker's Harley. I put my hand around the tire and squeezed. It popped like a cheap balloon. I bent the heavy rim with a slight twist of my hand. I lifted the bike up by the wheel, and crashed it down into the pavement. Metal pieces broke off. The lights shattered. I crashed it again and again, mutilating the big bike into scrap. I stopped and stood there, sweaty and snorting. Daniel had whacked himself, I think to completion, despite his pain. I looked up at Jack, lost as to what to do.

"Take it easy, bro," he said, coming over to me. "Take some deep breaths, and relax, man." He put his hand on my shoulder. That helped me de-escalate from the raging power that had just overwhelmed me.

"What the fuck...." I said to him.

"You'll be fine, buddy," he said to me. "Just go with it."

Once I had calmed down a bit, I began to think he was right. In fact, I began to think I was gonna like this....a lot.

After I had crushed the big biker dude down like a bug, I was raging with the feeling of power. I was probably foaming at the mouth, I was so jacked up. I looked over at the pickup truck that had the Youthnage in the back. Some of the guys from the competition were still standing around it. I zeroed in on a big Samoan powerlifter. I had noticed him earlier during the contest, barking orders at the assistants, and shoving them out of his way. He weighed a good 350, with a big musclegut, but an even bigger chest and shoulders, thick and heavy with power. He was downing can after can of the formula. I stormed over to him. I heard Jack say, "Tom, where the hell you going?", but his voice seemed far away, and I just kept going. I got to about ten paces of him and said, "Hey Konga, come over here and lick my fucking shoes." I had clearly gone insane, but I ached to test this new muscle and strength of mine.

The huge powerlifter looked at me. The tribal tattoos on his face crunched up as he frowned. "What the fuck you just say?"

"You heard me, pansy," I said. "Get on your knees and kiss my shoes, or I'll clean up this parking lot with your face."

The massive Samoan stripped off his shirt, revealing muscle piled on muscle. His huge gut must have been over 42", but looked hard as a tractor tire, and on it rested his massive hogtits that were bulging and veiny with power. He rolled them slowly at me, then raised his arms, and flexed his amazing 26" biceps. He had huge, deep, dark musclepits. His monstrous thunderthighs stuck out of his spandex lifting shorts, the legs of which he had rolled up to his groin.

"I've got ten times your strength, little man," he said to me, "and you're about to feel it." He charged me like a rhino, and lowered his massive shoulders to slam into me as hard as he could. But just before he hit, I grabbed him by the neck with one hand, and by his shorts with the other. I whipped him up and over me, tossing him like a bag of garbage. He landed on the asphalt, and slid about twenty feet. I went over to him and lifted him, pressing the huge powerlifter over my head. I did reps with him, and with each rep, he felt lighter. My arms began to feel heavy as granite as I pressed him out, but they kept getting stronger. He struggled with all his 350lb bulk to escape my grip, but couldn't. I had superhuman strength. After 75 reps, I sat him down on the ground. He looked dazed and confused, and like he still wanted to come at me.

"Come on, man, take your best shot," I said. I squeezed into a most muscular pose, popping out every steel fiber of muscle. I had the strength of a god compared to him now, and he could see it. But he stood up anyway. There was no easy way for him to back down, especially since everyone was now watching. We circled each other in a wrestling crouch. Then we locked up. I could feel him trying to muscle me down, but he couldn't. I had way too much strength for him, and for awhile, I played with him, going back on forth, letting him tighten his grip and try over and over, and futilely try to gain an advantage. Finally, I flipped him down easily, landing him with a thud on his big back. Then I pinned him down like a flea. I could feel his massive powerlifter body struggling like it had never struggled before.

"That all you got, boy?" I asked him. Then I slid my free hand into his shorts, and groped his balls. That made him struggle harder. I worked my hand around to his deep massive muscle crack. The man had a huge Samoan powerlifter ass. Thick with muscle and bulk. I could feel him growing hard as I worked my way toward his hole. He didn't struggle so much anymore, but groaned deeply. I worked two powerful fingers into him and began to probe. His eyes lulled into his head. His hands clawed the pavement. I found his prostate, and massaged it. Over and over and over. The big man groaned and groaned with pleasure.

"Yeah, you like this?" I said to him."I could do this for hours, and drive you wild with ecstasy, babe." I stroked him and stroked him, flicking his male gland until the big Samoan body shuddered from head to toe, and he came in his spandex shorts. That hadn't taken long, but I figured I could work this guy to at least four more climaxes. I had lots of plans for the big boy. But then I felt two strong arms slip under my armpits and lift me off him.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I said, as Jack pulled me off my big Samoan toy.

"You're an asshole, man, and I'm gonna teach you some manners," he said.

"The fuck you are," I said.

"That's right," he said back, "the fuck I am. You can't just go around taking dudes down and finger fucking them for kicks, dickhead."

"Looks like I just did," I said, as snidely as I could. Jack backhanded me across the face, hard. Two days ago, a hit from Jack like that would have knocked my head off. Now it just barely turned. But he drew blood. I could taste it in my mouth. I could also feel the rage building up inside me. I had never felt such fury. The son of a bitch had hit me, and was gonna pay. I leaned down a grabbed a concrete parking divider. It was about four feet long, and embedded into the asphalt with two sections of rebar. I ripped it out of the ground with one hand, snapping the rebar like dried twigs. I swung the divider in the air like a bat. I was gonna take his fucking head off.

"You need a weapon against me, boy?" asked Jack. "I thought you had muscle now, pansy. Hand-to-hand too manly for ya?"

"You're right, Jackie," I said,"I don't need no stinkin' weapon, I could take on a battalion of marines with this strength." With that, I raised the divider into the air, and slammed it upright into the pavement, sinking it in over two feet deep. I felt strong. I felt SO strong. I looked up at Jack, and felt my rage subsiding. I didn't want to knock his head off anymore, but I still wanted to test my new strength against his. We stared at each other, then locked up, hand to hand. He pushed me back two feet, then I pushed back. I felt in him a strength that was far greater than either the biker or the Samoan. Although I pushed him back a few feet, he stopped me, and pushed me back again. Our nostrils flared for oxygen as we gauged each others' power. Then he pulled me into him hard, and twisted me around, yanking my arm back and up, pushing up on my wrist so hard that I was lifted off the ground. His powerful hammerlock should have busted my arm, but it didn't even hurt. When I landed back down, I reached back with my other arm, grabbed behind his head, and flipped him over me. He landed on the pavement so hard, it cracked under him. He stood up fast, and whirled toward me, but I roundhouse kicked him high and hard, clipping him in the jaw with the power of a jackhammer. His head twisted sideways, and spittle flew. When he turned back, a trickle of blood appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"How's that taste, huh?" I said. Now I felt even, but Jack was pissed. I had never seen him look so mad. He came at me fast, extended his arm, and slammed into my neck with a clothesline so powerful, it knocked me right on my ass. Before I could react, Jack was behind me. He slipped his arms under mine, slid his big hands behind my neck and locked them tightly. I was still choking from the clothesline as Jack lifted me up and increased the pressure to my neck. No one had ever broken out of one of Jack's full nelsons, and that was before he had increased his strength exponentially. To make matters worse, he walked me over to the old high school, and pinned my face against the brick building.

"You ready to give to the master?" he said to me.

"Fuck you," I said.

He doubled the pressure to my neck, and banged my head against the bricks, hard enough to crush some of the old mortar.

"Give it up boy, it's only gonna get worse," he said.

"NO," I said stubbornly. I banged the wall with my fists, trying to push off, but I only crushed holes into the bricks. Jack banged my head at the same time, crushing a hole in the wall with my skull. He pinned me harder against the building, and I could hear the wall cracking from the pressure. There was no way out of his hold, and I was getting a headache.

"I give," I said, tapping out on the wall.

"What ya say, I didn't hear ya," said Jack, pushing into me harder.

"Real fuckin funny, asshole," I said. "I give, I GIVE." Jack let up, and pulled me away from the wall just as a whole section collapsed around us.

"Now look what you've done," I said, amidst the dust and falling rubble.

"You were the one being a prick," he said. "You gonna behave yourself now?"

"OK, dad. Shit, try to have a little fun around here, and what do I get. You're a pain in the ass, you know that?" I said, rubbing my neck.

"Yeah, I can tell you hated it, " he said, nodding at my hard-on.

"Yeah, so I'm a little turned on. What are you gonna do about it?"

Jack grabbed the back of my neck, and led me through the hole in the wall to the inside of the building. "I've got some more power moves to show ya," he said.