The Jocking: 3rd Quarter, 5:00 -- Second String Relief

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Maybe it was just the way the day was going. After all, Adam hadn’t really planned on spending his time running around a secret research facility when he first left with James to watch the new NFL expansion team, the Soldiers, play their opening game. He hadn’t exactly known what he was getting into the day he packed his bags and drove across the country. College road trips are fun and all... but this was a little ridiculous. I mean, not only was he lost, alone, and confused, but he also had to constantly dodge massively muscled jocks who oozed testosterone and mindless pack mentality.

And to top it off, he had been most everywhere he could get to. He was quickly running out of time before he was supposed to meet up with Chloe and Kai. Not that they probably had much luck either. This place was a well designed maze. He know understood what Chloe had meant when she said that this place was hard to get into, and hard to get out of.

Or maybe he was at a new area. It wasn’t like the features of the environment really changed. Fluorescent lights and cold steel everywhere. Honestly, it looked like a set from Aliens. But then again, creatures popping out and attacking him seemed fairly possible.

He arrived right back where he started, feeling no more accomplished then before. And there was already someone at the cell. Then again, maybe luck was on his side.

It wasn’t Kai and Chloe, but it was a rather short Indian boy with a stocky build. His body was slumped against the wall of the cell, radiating a feeling of rejection.

“James!” Adam yelled as he ran towards the cell. James turned his head and look toward the noise. His eyes immediately lit up when he saw his friend.
“Adam! How? What the? What the hell is going on?”
“No time to explain, hang on. I think I can break this..,” Adam said as he began to throw his weight against the bolt. With a nasty squeak, the bolt began to turn and the gates opened. Throwing open the door, Adam ran forward to hug his friend. James seemed totally surprised by Adam’s enthusiasm.

“I’m just, so glad you’re alright,” Adam said, his voice beginning to choke up.
“Adam, I... well, thank you.”
“James, I just, well, just in case, you know, this doesn’t end well. I just want to say something.”
“Yeah,” James said. Adam sat back and stared straight into James’ brown eyes. He took a deep breath and hesitated for a moment.
“I love you,” Adam said. “I’m in love with you.” Adam continued to stare, and after a moment James averted his eyes.
“Oh, umm, thanks? Adam, I don’t really know what to say to that.”
“Well, there are a few things you could say... Umm, I just, well... I kind of thought... that...”
“Oh!” James suddenly realized what his friend was saying. And they sat in silence for another moment. Finally, James let out a sigh and said, “I’m not in love with you Adam. I’m not into guys.”
Adam just began to laugh a little. Really, it was just exhaling. He had a strange smile on his face as he nodded and continued laughing.
“That’s okay, I mean. I didn’t really. It’s not like I thought....”
“No really, we need to get moving. We have to meet up with Chloe and Kai.”
“Who are they?”
“Oh, the others. Yeah, you see, we’re kind of trapped and fighting an army of super jocks. You missed a lot.”
“Seems like it...”
“Anyway, umm, let’s go!”


Briggs was furious. Not only had Brock up and left, but now his two partners in crime seemed to be thinking of bailing out. He could see the signs a mile away. He had spent too much time with boys who thought about quitting the team, he could sense the warning signs of a quitter miles away. And then there was Brock. Fucker. Not a word, just headed west he said.

But he had his team. His über jocks. That was really all that mattered. Let them abandon him. He was basically unstoppable at this point. Three little people in his way, and truly they were powerless to stop him. He would coach the world very soon.

Just how he wanted it.


Kai and Chloe were having no luck finding an exit. There just wasn’t one, and Chloe knew it. But the two were having a grand battle royale in the wits department. They were a couple of elementary school kids flirting, given the name calling and physical violence.

“We should be getting back, it’s almost time,” Chloe said.
“Yeah, but we don’t know how to get out.”
“Yes, but it would be worse if we miss Adam. Then we’d go looking for him and we’d probably all end up dead. By the way, why were you just lying on that table?”
“Oh, Briggs told me I could just die.”
“So what? He knocked you out and left you?”
“Well, he knocked me out. I don’t really know what happened until you guys showed up.”
“How many times have you been knocked unconscious now?”
“Too many. I’m the punching bag it seems.”

They turned and headed into yet another lab, this one guarded with another key card that didn’t deny Chloe access. Inside were lines and lines of tubes. And two old men trapped inside two separate tubes. Adam walked up to one carefully and looked inside.

“Burton?” He whispered. Chloe walked to his side.
“Burton? Who’s Burton?”
“He was... my high school principal, until Briggs took over.”
“And now he’s here. Coincidence? I think not.” Chloe walked over to the control panel, and with a few simple key strokes, the door to both cells opened. The two older men sort of stumbled out, unable to really support themselves. Each of the men was soon supported by one of the dynamic duo.
“Oh, Kai. Fancy meeting you here!” Burton said looking up at Kai.
“Burton? What the hell?”
“Ha! See Theodore! I told you it was Kai.” The man Chloe was holding glared at Burton.
“Oh come on! It’s Adam. I swear it!”
“Adam Turner?” Chloe asked.
“Yes! You know Adam?”
“He’s here too,” Kai and Chloe said together. The two Fisher men looked at each other bemused.
“Well,” Theodore said.
“Maybe it’s both of them,” Burton finished.
“What the fuck are you two talking about?” Chloe spat.
“Take us to Adam, all will be explained.”


Peter Ramman’s least favorite class was weightlifting. It was just a living nightmare for him. He didn’t have a stick thin body, but he wasn’t built like the hulking goons who populated the weight room. This was just a free elective that fit into his schedule and he needed a fitness credit in order to graduate and get out of high school. And so, here he was, hefting around weights surrounded by dim-witted meatheads with muscles inside their skulls.

Over to one side, doing a super loaded clean and press were the brothers TT and MJ, whose spandex covered bodies looked like anatomy charts. While their speaking revealed the true depth, or lack there any, of their thoughts.

“Come on fucker, one fucking more! Yeah bitch. Let me go.” And they switched and the next began the impossible set.

On the other side, Peter could see the overgrown fullback, Rick, doing such heavy bicep curls it looked as though the veins on his arms would soon explode. His lifting partner stood off to the side, performing a hammer curl. Once the sets were finished, the two switched in unison and continued the exercises.

There were two things about the class that really made Peter uncomfortable. One, the uniform. Everyone wore a matching set of spandex shorts and sleeveless shirt. The super tight material clung to the impossibly large bodies of the jocks, but on him it just looked rather pathetic. And then was the tiny matter that not only was he the only person in the class not on the football team, but he was the odd man out, literally. Everyone else had their lifting partner, while he was the lonely little boy who did it all alone. And the total lack of chatter, aside from animalistic grunts and manly encouragement, made him incredibly self conscious. And he didn’t even really know what he was doing.

And it was one day, attempting a bench press by himself and failing miserably, that a mountain of a man came up to help him. He lifted the bar off of Peter’s body and set it back on the bars. He walked around and held his hand out to the exhausted boy.

“Hi, I’m Brock,” the large man said.
“Peter,” was his curt reply.
“So, Pete, you working out alone? That’s kinda dangerous, dude.”
“Well, everyone else has a partner.”
“Can I work with you?”
“Who are you?”
“Brock, I’m the new personal trainer they hired.”
“Oh, aren’t you suppose to help the team?”
“Yeah, well, at team practices. But here I can help you. And it looks like you need it.”
“Look, I’m not a charity case or anything.”
“Calm down dude. I have several national certifications and a degree.”
“Well, I guess.”
“Sweet dude. Now, first of all, I’m gonna change up the routine.”
“Cause, I got better ideas. Plus, you gotta workout for your body type.”

And so Brock changed up Peter’ workout routine. It had been a Friday, and the new one started on Monday. In the meantime, Brock just told Peter to start eating, cause they were gonna start lifting. Although he would never say it, Peter was definitely jealous of the muscle dudes. It’s not like he would ever get as big as them, but shaping up a little would be nice. And this Brock guy seemed really cool.

It was Monday when the new routine started. Peter had lunch break right before. He ate a light lunch and went in nervous and excited.

“Alright, dude, how’s it going?” Brock smiled as Peter walked up.
“You eat a big lunch?”
“Umm, not really...”
“Dude! That’s not cool. You gotta eat up if you wanna muscle up.”
“I don’t really want to.”
“Dude, no, dude. Seriously. Your body needs the energy. You gotta start eating, okay?”
“Cool dude,” Brock said and smiled. He led the smaller boy around the weight room and began the first day. “Today it’s Speed/Explosive Strength.” And he showed him his list for the day.

Speed Warm Up (8 min.)
Core (upright med. ball)
Agilities (ladder, ropes, cones)
Speed (upright)
Snatch 3 X (3-4) X 30%-50%
Clean Pull/Power Clean 4-5 X (1-4) 60%-105%
One Legged-Squat 3 X 5 X 55%-65%
Back/Bicep Circuit
Specific Skills: Hand Fighting, Punch Drills
Specific Conditioning

“That’s quite a lot,” Peter said.
“Yeah dude. Better get cracking!” Within the first ten minutes Peter was more exhausted than he had ever been before. He didn’t even know what most of the exercises were, or why he was doing them. The first real weight exercise, the Snatch, almost knocked him over completely. It seemed way too difficult, but Brock spotted him along the way and caught him more than once. He had seen some of the other exercises before, but working by himself he had always stuck to the most basic routines imaginable. Here he was- sweating and straining- under the tutelage of a trainer. When it was all over, Peter thought he was going to die from exhaustion. He clothes, usually containing only a hint of moisture, were soaked in every part imaginable.

Brock just slapped him on the back and said, “Awesome day, bro! See you tomorrow. Be sure you get something to eat!” And he headed off, leaving Peter to shower off. He was famished, but he had class immediately after, so he had to run. His body felt strange the next day. Maybe it was just the great pump he had going, but he felt bigger. A lot bigger. And it was great.

Tuesday, Peter was sure to have a huge lunch before going to lifting class. Brock smiled at him as he walked in and asked about his eating, to which Peter happily informed him that he was eating more. Brock just smiled even bigger and made him start.

Tuesday (Explosive Movement/Strength) :
Power Warm Up (8 min.)
Core (Ground Based)
Plyometrics (vertical)
Med Ball (vertical)
Squat 4-5 X (1-10) X 60%-105%
Front Squat 3 X (2-5) X 60%-90%
RDL 3 X 5 X 50%-65%
Bench 4 X (2-8) 65%-90%
Aux Bench (30-45 degrees Alt DB)
Sh/Tricep Circuit
Manual Neck

It was another terribly wonderful day. Peter’s body was aching to its very core. His muscles and joints felt like they were going to die. But the whole time, Brock just spotted him and smiled and cheered him on. It felt great to Peter, to finally have someone supporting him. He could understand why the guys all had a buddy now, a partner. It was so much easier to keep trying with someone to encourage you. Once again, the period ended with Peter being soaked in sweat. Brock told him to go get some food, after which Peter told him he had to go straight to class, which made Brock frown just a little. But he quickly smiled again and told Peter to shower up. Peter still couldn’t believe how he was feeling. He felt even bigger today than before. Like this new routine was really working. For just a moment, Peter let himself imagine his body as a mega-muscled machine. A total meathead. But he shook that dream aside and laughed. He didn’t want to be a meathead, just a rather built boy.

When he came in on Wednesday, having just chowed down on the largest meal Peter had ever eaten in his life, Brock told him that this would be an off day from now on. He was disappointed, but Brock told him that time off would make him get bigger a lot faster, and that made Peter happy. Instead, they did some speed exercises and just generally fucked around. Peter really like Brock, he didn’t act like the self-absorbed, football-obsessed jocks he knew. He was nice and smart and funny and really helpful. And Peter really did feel even bigger. Like that day off was just making everything grow even more. He could swear that all his clothes were a little tighter than at the start of the week. But that was a ridiculous thought.

Thursday Peter knew he would be back on the weights, so he ate even more than the previous day. Brock smiled as Peter walked up, commenting that he looked rather full and a little buff, which made Peter smile sheepishly.

Thursday (Speed/Explosive Strength):
Speed Warm-up (8 min.)
Core (Ground Med. Ball)
Agilities (Ladder, Ropes, Cones)
Speed (Starts)
Jerk 3 X (3-4) X 55%-70%
Hang Clean 4 X (2-3) X 50%-80%
Clean Pull 3 X 4 X 50%-105%
Box Step-Up 3 X 5 X 50%-65%
Back/Bicep (Circuit)
Specific Skills (Hand-eye coord., Foot Drills)
Specific Conditioning

Three days ago, Peter would never have believed that he could make it through the workout. And sure, it was tough, but with Brock there he could do it. And that’s what he kept telling himself as he let out a masculine grunt every time he managed to heft a heavy weight. And Brock was always there to catch the bar when he couldn’t do it himself. Having a lifting partner was great, it just made it so After the ultra intense workout, Brock suggested they go get some grub, but Peter told him again that he had class to get to. Brock just shrugged his shoulders and playfully rolled his eyes. Peter dropped his head and went off to shower.

Peter definitely felt different the rest of Thursday. Maybe it was just the sheer exhaustion his body from feeling from the new, arduous workout routine. Or maybe it was the increased number of calories he had begun to consume, but he felt odd. Good odd. Very different then he had ever felt before. Stronger definitely. But there was something else too. Peter couldn’t put his finger on it, but he liked it. A lot.

When it came time for Friday, Peter was ready to see what the final day in his new weekly routine would bring. And his excitement definitely showed. He was jittery and bouncy all morning. His energy level was higher than it had ever been before. He’d heard that working out was good for that, but he had never felt like this before. Lunchtime, he followed orders exactly, he needed to eat a lot.

Friday (Explosive Movement/Strength) :
Power Warm Up (8 min.)
Core (Core Board)
Plyometrics (Horizontal)
Med. Ball (Lateral)
Squat 4X (4-8) X 60%-80%
Bench 4X (1-8) X 65%-105%
Aux Bench (45-30 degree Incline Bench)
Hamstring (Glute-Ham/Leg Curl/R Lean)
Sh/Tricep (Circuit)
Machine Neck

Friday was harder than the other days. The weights were heavier, but he was lifting them. It felt great. Every single lift and pull seemed to feel better than the last, tougher, but so much better. Yeah, it was so much better than before. Once he was done, Brock gave a big smile and said, “Well, how was it? Wanna keep going?”
“Fuck yeah! This has been awesome,” Peter replied. “I feel so much stronger already.”
“Yeah dude, you’ve grown.”
“So, wanna get something to eat?”
“I thought you had class?”
“It’s Friday, I can skip.”
“Cool, bro. Let’s go! I’ll even buy.”

They went to a good-old-fashioned buffet, where Peter saw a lot of the other guys from the class eating. Peter got himself a huge helping of steak and veggies and sat down. Brock was munching down on grilled chicken and suggested that Peter try that next. The conversation was limited to friendly man talk. He learned where Brock had gone to school, how he got into training, and a lot of stuff about football and the football team. He asked Peter what school activities he did and what his plans after graduation were. It was fun, and Peter was feeling more and more attached to his trainer everyday.

When they got back to campus, Brock high-fived him and went off to get ready for football practice. Peter had one more class period that day, but decided to just go home, since he had already skipped the one before. He had a lot of energy to blow off, and he just didn’t really know what to do. So he ate. All weekend, Peter ate. And he went running. And on Sunday, he found himself watching Sunday football. All the while he was eating, eating, eating.

When it came time for school on Monday, Peter was sure that it wasn’t just a pump. His shirts were tighter. His pants were looser and tighter, in the appropriate places. And he felt like he could conquer the world. But the biggest change was definitely when he walked into weightlifting and saw Brock.

“Ramman! Dude, look at you! All buff and shit.” Peter had to admit, he was bigger. “Dude, like, I think it’s time to move up. You ain’t a fucking medium anymore!” And Brock went to the back and brought out a large shirt and shorts. Peter went back to the locker room and changed. The thing about the clothes, the size was clearly labeled. It said large around the waistband of the shorts, while the back of the shirt had the size clearly visible on the back at the neckline. He felt proud when he walked back out. And everyone noticed that he had gone up a size. All the guys were congratulating him, and TT and MJ were both really excited about it and his effort. But Brock was definitely happy to see his guy buffing up.

They went through all the motions of Monday again. It was harder and yet easier. The weights were more difficult, but Peter definitely found working out as a whole to be a lot easier and more fulfilling than before. As most of the guys cleaned up and prepared to go get some food before practice, Brock waved good-bye to Peter.

“Wait dude,” Peter said. “You leaving without me?”
“What bro? I thought you had class or something?”
“Yeah well,” Peter said looking at the ground. “I dropped it. I mean, I don’t really care about media tech anymore.”

Brock let out a big smile and slapped Peter on the arm. “Well come on Ramman! Let’s get some food!” They got some food, this time they went with MJ and TT, both of whom were being uncharacteristically outgoing. They went back to school and all the other guys went to football practice, but Peter headed home again. There didn’t really seem a point to going back to one class. He wasn’t even really sure what it was.

The next day at school, things were a little different. The guys from lifting who had never seemed to notice him before all said hello and talked to him. But it was at lunch when he really felt different. TT and MJ insisted that he sit down with them. It was great too, because Peter had felt like a fool eating so much all alone. Now he sat with two huge dudes who ate like he did. They talked about weights and football, both guys talking about how much he had grown.

“Yeah, dude, it’s like fucking badass how much weight you’ve put on,” MJ growled.
“Fuck yeah dude!” TT chipped in. “You keep this up and you’ll give us a fucking challenge, dude!”
“I don’t think I’ll ever be as big as you guys.”
“Hell yeah dude!” They both said. “You just gotta keep lifting and eating.”
“Okay dudes!” Peter said and continued to eat. He went to weightlifting with Brock and went through the motions again. But the motions were exciting and really made Peter feel great. After all, he was having so much progress. With Brock’s help, he was going to get as big as he wanted.

By the end of the week, Peter had fallen into a new routine. Lunch with MJ and TT, followed by lifting with Brock and then another meal with the boys. Then he went home and they went to practice. It didn’t even occur to him that he actually had another period to attend, but it didn’t seem to matter.

It was Tuesday the next week when Brock handed Peter a new set of clothes. “Fuck Ramman! You outgrowing yo shit fast!” When Peter walked out wearing the XL clothing, he felt like a prize bull at a show or something. He felt powerful and buff. Sure, not as buff as the other guys but still. “You keep this up,” Brock said. “And you’re gonna get to XXXL in no time at all.”
“Fuck yeah Ramman,” MJ and TT said. “We’re XXXL! You can totally do it, fucker.”

Something about XXXL sounded really good to Peter. Much better than he would have imagined it would. He used to just want to be fairly buff, but something about being as big as those two meatheads, MJ and TT, sounded rightly fine. At the second meal that day, Brock mentioned to Peter than he hadn’t been to his next period in a long time.

“Shit dude!” Peter said. “I totally forgot about it.”
“You might as well drop it, Ramman.”
“Yeah, but what else am I gonna take?”
“You could enroll in football.”
“Football? Me?”
“Fuck yeah bro!” MJ and TT piped in with their mindless enthusiasm.
“Nah, dudes. I don’t play football.”
“Why not?”
“Well, I’m not as big as you.”
“You know what,” Brock said. “You enroll in it. You don’t have to come. But that way you don’t fail a class.”
“Oh dude! Thanks a ton!”

Peter went to the office that day and enrolled in football with no intention of ever going. The guys had a game that Friday, but afterwards Peter went to a party with the guys. He hadn’t even realized just how many people on the football team he knew. And the booze and the boys made for a great evening. He did a keg stand to the sound of the football team cheering, “Ramming! Ramming! Ramming!” He didn’t even tell them that wasn’t his name.

When it came time for school again on Monday, Peter walked straight up to the jocks and greeted them in their super awesome, hyper masculine way. He was accepted enthusiastically by the group and got even more invitations to join the football team. That day, Brock upped him again, handing him the XXL uniform. It clung so tightly to his now muscular frame. Ramming loved the look. It was so hot. MJ and TT made jokes about him catching up to them.
“Hell yeah, fuckers! I’m catching yo ass!”
“Fuck yeah dude!”
“Fuck yeah!”

Seeing Ramming now, no one would ever have guessed that he used to be the average man. Instead, the buff man was just another loud jock bro. He hung out with the boys before, during, and after class. Once football practice was over, he hung out some more. They ate and drank and generally had a good fucking time.

Friday, while working out, Brock looked at Ramming and smiled.
“Well Ramming, yo quite a stud, dude.”
“Thanks fucker! You know, bitch, I fucking owe this shit all to you dude. You’re like a fucking badass mothafucka, yo!”
“So, when you gonna start playing football?”
“Umm, dude, well.”
“Yo almost as big as TT and MJ, plus you hang with all the boys.”
“Dude, it’s just that. Like, I’m not like them.”
“Why not? You got the body. You’re a total homeboy.”
“Yeah, but, dude....”
“They’re like total meatheads.”
“And you’re not?”
“Fuck no! I mean, I’m like totally buff and shit. But like, I have priorities. I’m not just another brainless jock.”

Brock glared at Ramming for a minute before shaking his head and sighing. “No dude, I guess you’re not. I mean, I never really thought you had what it takes to be XXXL anyway. To be a real man.”
“Oh come on dude.”
“No bro, you’re right. They are meatheads. I mean, look at TT and MJ. They’re heads are full of meat, their meat is in their heads.”
“They don’t have a care in the world., excepting for lifting weights and playing football. Yeah, you’re better off with all the stress in your life. Worrying about school, you like to worry don’t you? You like to be stressed. See meatheads, they can like anyone. It doesn’t matter the teams, in the end. A meathead is a bro, a dude. Yeah, the simple, happy life of a meathead isn’t what you want. You want to be stressed, unhappy. To hate your job and your future. See, they’re never unhappy. Cause even if we lose a game, there’s always next week. They can always improve. You don’t want that. You don’t want to be simple and happy, do you bro?

Ramming was holding his head in confusion and staring at Brock. “No dude,” Ramming said. “Like, that sounds like, totally fucking awesome, man. Like, it’s not that I don’t wanna be a meathead. But like...”
“No dude, you’re better off being what you are. It’s too bad too. Cause they’re meat is in their head, their head is full of meat.”
“But where’s my meat?”
“I don’t know dude. But you’re obviously not a meathead.”

Brock walked away, leaving a perplexed Ramming holding his head and shaking He began muttering to himself, “My meat is in my head, my head is full of meat. My meat is in my head, my head is full of meat.”

MJ and TT walked over to Ramming.
“Yo, Ram dude! Like look at that! Some fucking pussy is in our gym. He doesn’t know this is a meathead gym!”
“We should show him who is fucking boss here.”
“What bros?” Ramming said.
“Cause like, my meat is in my head, my head is full of meat!” TT said as he punched his skull and smiled like the Cheshire cat.
“Umm, urg. Dudes. Like, I don’t....fuck man! Fuck!”

Meanwhile, MJ and TT, in their bovine voices, began to sort of chant and sort of sing, “My meat is in my head, my head is full of meat!”

Ramming felt like his head was about to explode. There was so much pressure! It was so hard to think. There was just so much in his head. Brock’s disapproval and his friends stupid little jingle. And football and weight lifting and school and homework and the future and plans and graduation and thinking and thoughts and plans and dreams and this guy who wasn’t a meathead in his gym and getting bigger and getting larger and wearing a larger size and fucking and shitting and sitting and stooping and stopping and FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

Ram ran over to a trash can threw off the lid and vomited. Strange grey chunks flew out of his mouth. And when he lifted his head back up, Brock, MJ, and TT were smiling at him. And finally, Ram let go of everything and smiled like a dumb jock.

“My meat is in my head, my head is full of meat!” Ram announced proudly.
“You a fucking meathead, dude?” Brock asked.
“Fuck yeah, mothafucka!”
“You wanna play some football!”
“Fuck yeah!” Came the simplistic reply.
“Fuck dude, we can’t let that fucka show us up, yo,” MJ said.”
“Yo dude, this is like a meathead factory! We gotta shows that pussy who the fuck is big here!”
“Fuck yeah!” Ram said as the three all marched over to the guy.

“Hey boys,” the lighter man said. But Ram just pushed him to the ground.
“What the fuck you think yo doin’ fucker?”
“Yeah bitch, this is a meathead gym!”
“Fuck yeah!”

The three meatheads grabbed him and took him to the football locker rooms. They threw off his clothes and put him in a jock strap and some football pants. All the while he was screaming and kicking, but the meatheads were so much stronger than him. Then, Ram opened up a locker and shoved the dude’s head inside and sat down on the part of the his back that stuck out. The three dudes began their little diddy again.

“My meat is in my head, my head is full of meat!”

The guy was struggling, but couldn’t move the massive monster off his lithe frame. Slowly, the body stopped resisting, and his muscles began to inflate the pants. Ram got off the man and pulled him out of the locker. Gone was the slender pretty boy, replaced with a square jawed meathead with a dopey smile on his face.

“Fuck yeah!”
“Fuck yeah!” cheered the newest jock.
“What yo name bro?” TT asked.
“Troy, bitches.”
“Well Ram, looks like you and Troy are lifting partners now,” Brock emerged from the shadows. Both eyes lit up and they high-fived.
“Thanks a fucking lot, Brock!”
“It’s cool bros. But we’d better get some food before practice!”
“Fuck yeah,” all the dumb jocks shouted as they headed out. And they began singing, “My meat is in my head, my head is full of meat!”

4:00 remaining in the quarter . . .

End note: That workout routine is stolen from the USC Trojans football team from spring 2005, FYI.