The Jocking: Halftime

So, how often do we ever end up where we intend to? The story went in this direction all on its own, and that's the reason it took so long. A very special thanks to Ethernet_Jock, whose original comment inspired this piece, not to give anything away. I appreciate the support and the patience.


It was all Kai could do to focus his eyes. There was a relentless throbbing in his head, which seemed to resonate through his entire being. A muddy glob filled with words and phrases bounced inside his skull, trying to make sense of chaos. It felt like the slow awakening from a night of drunken revelry, where the name of the other person in bed constantly eludes the mind. Or returning from a most incredible high, so all consuming that even saying your own name would prove impossible. Kai struggled, trying to open his eyes or his mouth. His throat was painfully dry. As he came to, he could feel his body lying against cold, hard plastic. Making several valiant attempts to turn over, Kai found himself unable to muster even that much coordination. So he continued in that daze, his glazed eyes hazily taking in the fuzzy background. Finally, in bleak desperation, he passed out.

Hours or even days later Kai awoke again. This time, the strange fog was less intense, more of an annoying throb, like an insect bite versus losing a limb. Attempting to rub his forehead, Kai discovered his wrist bound by a tight restraint. Efforts on the other side produced the same result, and still lacking any strength to disturb the rest of his body, he again passed into the world of darkness.

Upon his return, Kai possessed enough mental power to deduce that, along with his arms, his legs, neck, waist, and privates were each constrained by various devices. He was unable to raise his head to see the actual mechanism, but assumed that it would be very similar to the arm bands. The grogginess had been reduced to simple, raw ache inside his skull. But his eyes could at last focus and the urge to fade into shadow had nearly dissipated.

Almost on cue, a figure emerged from the eclipsed background. Tall and gruff, with an aged bodybuilders figure, his swarthy walk was oddly familiar to the boy. The light revealed first his solid legs, then his small waist, leading to the broad shoulders and chest, and finally passing light onto the face. It was the face of a man that Kai knew very well. A face from his past.

"Morning sunshine," the elephantine man voiced.



CHAPTER 1 - Locked Out, Boxed In

"And why not?" Adam tried to stare down the obscenely large police officer. His uniform stretched to accommodate the bulk of his bodies, constricting against tight muscle.

"I'm sorry," the man replied in a deep, gruff voice. "But this road is off limits."

"Why?" James sat in the car, afraid that Adam's outlandish behavior would end up getting him arrested.

"Because." Adam frowned at the answer, analyzing the situation. The road to the town in Nebraska was cut off, and he could find no other way in. The officer guarded large, cement road blocks, which Adam doubted he could move even without the officer present. Finally, after a moment of desperate plotting, Adam stormed back to the car. The engine puttered a few times before the car began to back away from the obstacle. Slowly, it turned towards the highway it came on, and was soon out of sight. The officer stood perfectly erect, moving not an inch from his position.

"Well, I haven't seen you in a while."

"You're whole taking-over-the-school routine really put a blip in our relationship."

"That so?"

"Yeah, how did it work out for ya?"

"All done."


"And I've gone global."


"Sailor's mouth."

"…you!" Kai felt a strong hand grip his soft hair and slam his head against the table to which he was chained. The sharp crack caused Kai to wince in quiet pain.

"You will never speak to me in such fashion again."

"Shove it up your ass, you cock-sucking, dog-fucking asshole!" And again Kai felt extreme pain. Tears welled up in his round eyes, but he refused to let one shed, to let Briggs have any joy in the torment.

"That will happen every time to address me in such manner." Kai glared up at the older man.

"And how in the world will you ever make me?" Briggs just smiled, the same annoying I-know-something-you-don't look for which he was so known. After a moment of silence, he pointed one finger over Kai. Adjusting his head, he now noticed that a large half cylinder was suspended above him. It fell at the that moment, encasing Kai in the plastic prison.

Briggs knocked and the tube and waved hurriedly. Kai's mouth opened and closed in violent mannerisms but Briggs heard nothing.

"Oh, I'm do apologize. I had them sound proof it." Kai's eyes fumed like burning hatred. More violent gestures, but no sound.

"And," Briggs continued. "If I can't beat you, you'll just have to join me." Frozen in fear by the last words, Briggs walked to the control panel without a inch of protest from the captive.

"Now, let's play…"

Despite the jockings that Kai had witnessed, he never really knew how the entire experience would feel. It was with the first snapping in his feet that he understood that no words could ever describe the pain. Every tiny bone and ligament in his foot was ripped and broken, stretching forward against the constrains of skin and structure. His slender toes stretched forward, becoming harder and more square, the nails losing their delicate appearance in favor of a harsher and dirtier look. The foot pushed forward, growing and growing in size.

The intense, burning sensation of the experience was amplified by the fact that Kai was partially immune to the changes, something which attributed to his discolored hair. For Kai, it made the pain overwhelming, and not passing out during the sensory overload proved nearly impossible.

"In case you're wondering," Briggs paused the changes as he spoke to the exhausted teen. "I've been working on a very special formula just for you. It's much, much more powerful. Unfortunately, I was informed that it could make the experience even more unbearable."

Although Briggs was unable to hear it, Kai informed him that something couldn't really become more unbearable, that was one of the requirements of the situation. He was silence when Briggs continued the process. Now, a fiery, bubbling sensation began at his ankles. Had he been able to see, huge veins began slowly crawling up his calves. The thin bone which was attached to cut muscle began to expand, preparing to accommodate a larger size person. The muscles began to fill with fluid, forcing the tiny muscle to exercise and grow. As it was filled with thick veins, the muscle grew to the size of a melon.

The feeling spread into his knees, wearing them in from years of contact sports but increasing their power and stamina. They spread upwards, circling through the cut quads. The thigh muscles inflated instantly, turning thin cuts into massive weapons. It would be nearly impossible to walk without the two meaty legs bumping into each other. The veins floated on top of the muscle, constantly pumping the muscles full of raw, masculine energy. The muscles were so developed that they were constantly flexed, never moving from their rock-solid position.

The thick veins climbed further up his body, causing the muscle to sink in around his thigh bones, giving him the look of intense and sadistic dedication to his body. The fluid pumped into his ass, inflating the muscular mounds with layers of perky fat, causing him to thrust into the air. The erotic motion caused Kai's flaccid cock to stir, sticking straight into the air. As blood rushed into the engorged member, so did the thick fluid. The average-sized dick got harder and harder, pushing forward to a perfect nine inches. It thickened to the size of a water bottle. �The blood loss caused Kai to lose focus, all he could concentrate on was the immense sexual pleasure he was receiving. As the growth continued, he pressed his cock further and further in the air, gyrating to a throbbing beat created by his sexual desires.

His already developed abs improved with the changes. A once-defined six pack caved in, forming an impossibly deep eight pack, thick veins shooting through. The veins continued to travel, entering his laterals. Once cut enough to give a small but visible V-shape, they now shot to side, forcing his arms to hang at an angle. Pounds of thick muscle crammed into back, every moment further stretching to some insane goal. Already large enough to rip his old clothes, the muscles refused to stop until Kai's back resembled some extreme steroid abuse version of Michelangelo's David. The fluid entered his chest, and his once shapely pecs shot forward, inflating like balloons. Rounding out their shape, the muscles expanded in all directions, growing out so far that Kai could barely look down over their bulk. His nipples, hard from the stimulation, faced down on the now massive muscles.

The shoulders were next in the incredibly painful and yet exhilarating experience. Shooting out at both sides, the muscles became like two large balls, easily demonstrating their impressive size through any shirt in existence. The veins traveled down his arms, and the once fragile arms were in for a make over. The biceps, once tiny and cut, quadrupled in girth, gaining the permanent pump the rest of the body possessed. The forearms grew much like the arms, becoming the size of an average man's calf. Thick veins covered all of the arms. The thin and smooth hands grew, gaining a new roughness. His fingers became thick stubs, used to intense physical labor.

At last, the veins made the drive into his neck. The once graceful singer's light voice dropped from a vibrant soprano to a ridiculous, steroid-deep bass. The neck became nearly as thick as his head, harsh veins visible throughout. At last, his face began the change. His once angular face, an image of aristocratic beauty, gained a stronger, more chiseled look. The jaw became perfectly square, giving him a true jar head. His nose broke and reformed, looking quite worn. All of his skin obtained a bronze coloring. His eyes retained the bright green color, but the rest of his face became the true image of masculinity. He had gone from a 6'4" 165 pounds singer, to a 6'9" 435 pounds athlete.

And then something very strange happened. Just as the fluid began to change his hair color, the entire system froze. Briggs stared at the machine, only slightly annoyed. The hair was the only visible sign it left after all, he could hardly expect it to go away.

"Well, that was interesting."


CHAPTER 2 - A New Life, Wished But Never Wanted

Kai just lied on the table, breathing slowly. With each breathe, he could feel the new mass on his body. It took all his strength to simply breath. It was impossible to inhale through his nose, and so his mouth hung open, making him a mouth breather. Unknowingly, his cock was still thrusting into the air, but the intense sexual satisfaction had vanished along with the developments. As his mental functioning returned, Kai stopped the bucking motions. Twisting himself backwards, he noticed that the restraints still held, despite the insane growth.

"Oh, holy shit…"

"You recovered a lot faster than I imagined."

"You underestimate me," Kai groaned. Trying to turn over on his side, his immense bulk gave him as much trouble as the chains.

"I'm just never sure how well you deal with adversity. You certainly have spent a lot of time crying the past year."

"Have you been watching me for that long?"

"Yes, but not me. I had a little mole help me."

"Fuck me! That little rat!"


"Fucking shit! Was it Jamie? It was Jamie, I know it. That little punk-ass bitch!"

"You're highly perceptive."

"Are you trying to use big words to confuse me? Cause whatever happened to the others mentally didn't happen to me."

"I didn't even try. I couldn't even change your hair color."


"And as for the big words, well I assumed you would want something resembling intelligent conversation."

"Thanks," Kai's voice overflowed with sarcasm.

"You're welcome," Briggs said earnestly. "Whether you appreciate it or not, I am."

"Where do we go from here?"

"Only one more thing to fix," even as Briggs spoke, an intimidating man walked from the shadows. Like all the others, he was a walking mound of muscle. Approaching Kai, he unfastened the restrain around the neck and attached a leather collar in its place.

"What the…? Did he just put a collar on me?"

"It's an insurance policy. It will keep you from physically assaulting anyone. And prevent you from leaving."

"It's leather…"

"With just enough wiring to deliver a powerful electrical bolt into your spine. Trust me, it hurts."


"Like I said, I'm gonna have you, no matter what it takes."

Another large man emerged from the shadows and proceeded to release the ties on Kai. Even before the last one was released, he was charging towards the door. Reaching the door frame, a powerful electric surge burst through his body. Screaming out in pain, Kai slumped away from the door.

"I did warn you," Briggs chided. "You can't go anywhere I don't want you to." Rolling on the floor, still adapting to his new size, Kai simply groaned in response. The other man walked over and hoisted Kai to his feet.

"Kai," Briggs said, "this is Snake. He'll be your guide."

"Guide?" Kai questioned as he brushed himself off.

"Think of it like a mystical journey."

"Is this a divine comedy?"

"More like divine reality."

"Whatever," Kai muttered as he turned to follow after Snake. Still unbalanced, Kai lumbered behind the large jock. Briggs just laughed as he watched the two muscle heads walk out.


CHAPTER 3 - Snake's Guide to Jock World

It didn't even occur to Kai until he was walking that he wasn't wearing any clothes. His big cock flopped back and forth as he walked. He was stumbling over himself as he walked, and finally Snake turned around to address him.

"It's easier if you change your walk," he grunted.

"What?" Kai replied.

"Take bigger steps. And place you legs further to side. You know, have a swagger."

"Swagger? Holy crap," Kai laughed.

"Shit, dude. I'm trying to help. Watch me." And Snake walked. Or rather swaggered. Kai noted how he took long strides, stepping with confidence every inch of the way. Simply the effort he put into the walk cause his legs to be farther apart. Shrugging his shoulders, Kai could only think to himself.

When in Rome…

And he proceeded to mimic the man in front of him. Snake led him into a locker room, reeking the stench of male. He directed Kai over to one locker and gestured for him to sit down.

"What's this?" Kai questioned.

"It's you locker. All your shit will be here."

"What shit?"

"Look, let's do that shit tomorrow. It's late."

"Sleep where?" Walking over to his own locker, directly across from Kai, he reached in a pulled out a vial. He held one out for Kai, who took it tentatively from his hand.

"What's this?"

"It puts you to sleep. Eventually you'll be able to do it on your own, but it can be hard at first."

"Sleep where?"

"Just sit down, put you feet on the ground and sit up straight." Doing as he was told, Kai sat in front of Snake.

"Now drink." Sniffing the liquid for a moment, Kai was enticed by the aromatic smell emanating from the bottle. Throwing his head back, he did the liquid like a shot of liquor. It was smooth and creamy and Kai instantly felt tired. Remembering to sit up straight, he had just enough time to get in position before he faded into darkness. Snake stared down at the new recruit, watching as he entered complete fixation. His eyes didn't close, but he was asleep. He slapped Kai across the back to be sure, and when he didn't move or flinch, Snake sat down across from Kai, content. Not needing the vial, he simply sat for a moment before reaching the same state of catatonic rest.

Kai awoke at exactly six in the morning. It wasn't like waking up from a deep sleep, rather it was instantaneous. One moment he was asleep and the other he was wide awake. And he felt completely recharged and rested. He noted that Snake awoke at the same moment and was smiling at him.


"It's good that you reacted to the sleep so well. This is a lot harder if you don't."

"I feel like I just had the best sleep of my life."

"That's what catatonic fixation is like. And do you have a lot of energy?"

"Hell yeah! My god, I wanna… move!"

"Well, we have plenty to do today."

First, Snake took Kai to the rations hall. Since the players didn't need to eat, it served more as a clothing department than anything else. Kai recognized the man who was in charge as Kurt, or Stud as his new persona were. The sexy man took Kai's cock in one hand and quickly gave him a jock strap. Relieved to no longer be revealing himself to every passerby, he quickly put on the strap. The straps sat below his perky ass and the front held his dick and balls in surprising comfort. Now, Stud proceeded to measure every inch of Kai's body, from his thigh thickness to his neck down to his finger length. At the end, he gave Kai a pair of black slide shorts and black underarmor skin-tight shirt. The shorts showed off his chiseled legs and highlighted his increased package. The shirt struggled to cover his massive pecs and overdeveloped back. Clinging tightly to his abs, Kai wondered if these clothes were really any different than being naked. The last item he was given were some athletic socks and black sneakers. The entire look made him seem like a model, or a stereotypical jock. A really bad stereotype.

Snake took Kai to another jock, one who looked vaguely familiar and introduced himself as Man. He sat Kai down in a chair and pulled a barber's cloth over him. They told him that his mop hair had to go. Man looked at the former pop star for a moment before making a decision and reaching for a razor and some scissors. Without a care, he chopped off the multi-colored locks. Then, he took the razor and shaved off all the hair. Finally, he lathered up the head and shaved him perfectly clean. The man in the mirror hardly resembled Kai, a muscle-bound skin head with a large forehead and a strong chin.

Snake led Kai around the complex, giving him the grand tour. Everything- from the field to the lockers and even the multiple machines they had to jock people- Snake beared all for Kai. And while he would answer any questions he had about the building, more important knowledge was unattainable. Who Snake had been before, where he was from, where Kai was… all left Snake with a blank stare before he continued as though nothing had happened. He never even acknowledge the question, it was as though he blanked out at the exact moment.

After the main complex tour was finished, Snake led Kai into a strange room below the lockers. It had a chair like in a dentist's office, with a collection of wires and screens attached throughout.

"What's this?" Kai asked.

"This is your life."

"My what?"

"You're a football jock. This will give you all the knowledge that you need."

"What the fuck! No fucking way, no."

"It doesn't remove your personality. Briggs won't let anything like that happen."

"Why should I trust him?"

"Because he is obsessed with making you jocking yourself."

"Jocking? That's my word!"

"Look, every football player has a position, a job. You need one and you need to know how to perform in that position."

"And what's my position."

"I was hoping that you would play on my defensive line."

"Defensive lineman?"

"End, defensive end."

"What are you?"

"I'm a middle linebacker. And… I want you. Will you?" Kai paused for a moment while he stared at Snake. Finally, he shrugged his shoulders.

"If I leave I'm gonna get shocked and it will be done anyway. Am I right?" Snake nodded his head in agreement. With a heavy sigh, Kai sat down in the chair and allowed Snake to pull a strange helmet on him. It was a screen in front of the eyes and speakers in the ears.

Well, this is what I've gotten myself into. I tried and I guess I failed. Wonder why the machine didn't get destroyed. I know it should have. Maybe they built more than one when I did it, so it didn't matter. And I couldn't even protect myself, so how can I help anyone else. Fuck, and that little bastard Jamie, I will kill him personally. No matter what. I should have known, he was absurdly attentive. Oh wow, that's neat… how to set up on the line. A demonstrative video. Wow, I can feel it. All of it. I just learned how to do it, no… I've always known. Now plays, it all seems so easy. I have to remember that this is new information. But somehow, they make it all so seamless. There isn't anything to fight against, because nothing feels unnatural.

In the end, Kai retained every aspect of his original personality, even his desire to not be a jock and his hatred for Briggs. But he knew how to be a defensive end. He could perform any play. He knew what to do and when to do it. And when the day was done, that was all that anyone really cared about.

Kai lifted himself out of the chair and stared at Snake. Despite his huge desire to resist, part of Kai knew that obeying Snake was a good idea. Not in life, but in what to do on the field. He just reminded himself that the omnipotence should not extend off the field. Snake led Kai out onto the field and ran through a few plays with him. Nothing major, just running through the motions, ensuring that the machine had done its job.

When Snake took Kai back to his locker, he discovered that he know had some "shit." A red jersey with black side inserts hung inside, bearing number 93 along with the name "COLE" on the back. A folded pair of spandex football pants lay in the shelf. Like the jersey, it was primarily a rich red color with black stripes going down the sides. Near the lace up crock was a tiny symbol, two inter-looping Us turned on their side. On the other side was a symbol he had never seen before, the letter JCK in black.

"Isn't this the symbol of that clothing line."

"Yeah, they decided it was a good decision to sponsor us. Apparently their dreams were quite similar to our own."

"How convenient."

"It was."

"And this," Kai asked, pointed to JCK.

"Briggs new symbol for his football league."


On the top shelf was a helmet, done in mixed red with black paint creating two "horns" on the side of the helmet.

"What's our mascot?"

"The Rams."


There was also a pair of knee-high black spandex socks. There were a few other various items: gloves, long-sleeved shirts (for cold weather), athletic tape, a cup, and cleats. Kai also noticed his very own supply of the sleep serum Snake had provided him.

"Well, that was a busy day."


"Time to sleep." Snake sat down across from Kai and immediately went into catatonic fixation. Kai stared at him curiously. He noticed that Snake's eyes hadn't closed, and that he was no longer breathing. He had always known that the jocks were superhuman, but he had never guessed to what extent.

What is all this? Some elaborate setup? Or am I surrendering. I don't think I've given up. It's just that all my hope is gone. Can I trust Snake? He seems nice, but nothing of his original personality remains. I mean, why can't he answer me questions? Stupid Briggs… Woah! That was not right. But I can't swear at him. They changed something… or maybe it's this fucking collar. Strange, I didn't notice it all days. In facts, its surprisingly comfortable. But still. I wish I knew what was going on. How did this happen? All I wanted was One Life and somehow I end up getting… what have I gotten?

A nightmare.


CHAPTER 4 - My Life In Daylight

Kai woke at the crack of dawn again and was not alone. Snake come to at the same moment, and Kai noticed that this time more people were around. All the jocks in the room activated at the same moment, and the others began their routine.

"Put on the uniform," Snake commanded. Kai turned and stared at the clothing for a moment. He then realized that during the night more had been added, including immensely wide shoulder pads with a neck roll attached. First, Kai inserted the cup into his jock strap. It slipped in quite easily, protecting his privates with causing any discomfort. He pulled on the shoulder pads, noting how well they fit over his frame. Snake helped him pull on the tight jersey. Considering how tight the shirt was, Kai was surprised to discover that the jersey was even more revealing. After pulling up the socks, Kai reached for the skintight pants. Running one hand gently over the stretchy material, part of his mind was strangely entranced by the pants. Pulling one leg through, then the other, Kai slowly hefted the pants around his massive thighs, and still he had to pull the back over his gorgeous ass. He tucked in the pants and pulled the belt tight.

Kai stared at himself in the mirror and found a true jock staring back at him. A well built man, with a chiseled, if somewhat large, face. It was at that moment that he noticed his brown, blonde, and red hair had returned with a vengeance. The sexy bangs again hung over his eyes.

"We'll get that taken care of," Snake said, acknowledging Kai's hair growth. Man did the exact thing as the day before, shaving the entire top clean. He also applied some black stuff to repel the sun. Kai let the series of operations be performed with a word. Part of him felt the need to be quiet and obedient while another was constantly screaming. But the screaming part realize it needed to choose its battles. With the quick edition of some shoes, he was ready.

Kai stepped into the daylight with other players. Silently, they divided up by their positions and proceeded to run through drills. Kai had been given the knowledge of all of them, and ran through perfectly. It was so mindless in fact, that Kai sank into a mental state not unlike the fixation. It scared him, but somehow it didn't seem worth fighting. He was still thinking, not calling himself some crazy nickname.

Getting on the line, Kai's newly accentuated ass bounced in the air. He held himself in place with one arm. It was no trouble at all to be perfectly still until the quarterback snapped the ball. Being an end, Kai was big and fast, and he enjoyed throwing his weight around. Sometimes, when an audible was called, Snake would walk up and place a hard hand on the perky butt. Somehow, Kai always knew what Snake wanted him to do.

And that was his day and his life. Kai went through the motions everyday, losing track of the days and time itself. He always kept his eyes open for some opportunity, but all he ever got was the chance to tackle some guy, or rush some quarterback. Each day his hair was shaved again. His life in daylight seemed quite normal, pleasant even. Uninspiring and unassuming, but simple. But the daylight is only the outside of a darker world that exists at night.


CHAPTER 5 - In The Eyes of Kai

It was time to sleep, and I was really getting good at knocking myself out without the vial. But Snake told me they had something else planned this evening. He took me, along with Man and Stud, out in a big van. We were suppose to wear our black tights and even the face coverings for extreme cold. Snake drove around the city for awhile, and it seemed like we had just gone for a drive when they saw this guy walking alone by the road. He was probably in his mid-twenties. Wearing a patterned sweater over a button down shirt. Why he was walking alone, I have no idea. The guys saw him and immediately said yes. I didn't know what was going on.

Snake pulled the car up next to the guy and Man and Stud grabbed him and pulled him inside before he could even struggle. The guy fought, a little, but the two guys were too big for him. The held him down in the back of van while Snake drove like hell back to the stadium. Man pushed the little guy out on the ground and for just a moment he tried to run, but Stud grabbed him under his shoulders and put him in a headlock. Man lifted up his feet and they carried him, quite unceremoniously, into the building. The guy had no chance against one of the two jocks, let alone their combined strength. I look over at Snake, unsure of what was happening. He signaled for me to follow them inside.

Man and Stud took him down into one the jocking chambers. They tore off his preppy clothes and tossed him onto the ground. There was a table in the back with syringes and food and a few other strange items. I heard Snake lock the door behind me, and in a guttural voice he said, "Let's go." Instantly, the three began attacking the dude. Helpless, he let himself be tossed and punched between the gang. Snake heaved him toward me, and instinctively I caught the man. Staring into his heavy, brown eyes, I realized how serious this whole thing was.

"Fucking hit him!" Snake commanded me. I just stood there, holding the helpless. I shook me head, there was no way I could do this to him. I couldn't treat another person like that. Snake charged over and smacked me on the head. He grabbed the man and punched him in the stomach, hard. The guy lost his breathe and tumbled into the floor. Man and Stud began kicking and punching him. The guy could hardly scream. Snake ordered me to hit the guy. I refused. And then he got pissed off and told me that I was a defensive lineman and I had to obey the linebacker. I told him to fuck off.

But he kept yelling at me, telling me what to do. Calling a dumb, fuck-witted asshole who needed to learn his place. And he hit me again. He punched my hard abs and bashed my head again and again. Telling me what to do, ordering me. It was intense psychological trauma. I started screaming for it to stop. Fuck, I would do anything.

And he told me to do what he said.

But I wouldn't, I had to fight, there was more at stake than the one guy. And he hit me again. And the names he called me… for some reason it made me feel lower than scum. All I wanted was some approval, someone to tell me that I was alright. I begged for him to stop, to let me alone.

And he told me to do what he said.

And again I refused. I beating continued. So involved in my own attack, I didn't remember the other guy was in the room. All I wanted, no needed, I needed this abuse to stop. I needed Snake to smile at me and tell me what to do. That's what had been happening all along, wasn't it? I did what I was told. And everything went well. Nothing bad happened. I don't deserve this. I bet the other guy does. It's his fault I'm getting beaten up anyway. Fuck, this is all too complicated. I just want this all to stop.

And he told me to do what he said.

And I said alright. He told me to say that I was a dumb, fuck-witted, muscle head.

"I'm a dumb, fuck-witted muscle head."

Then he said to say that Snake knew everything and I should always obey him.

"Snake knows everything and I should always obey him."

Football is life.

"Football is life."

Say you're a dumb, obedient, dick-headed football jock.

"I'm a dumb, obedient, dick-headed football jock."

Snake told me to hit the yuppie. And I said okay. He helped me to my feet, and smiled. Somehow, life felt so much better. Obeying Snake was so easy. It would make life so simple. So what if I gave in a little? I was still Kai Cole. It feels good, and sometimes that's all that matters.

I swaggered over to the helpless little bitch and punched him right in the face. Then I threw myself on him and punched him over and over. I was in a rage, and this bastard was going to pay for it. I don't know how long I attacked him. But the moment Snake told me stop I got off him stood at Snake's side. We all took the syringes off the table and injected him with them. There was a total of twenty injections. The man was barely still alive. But with each injection, he seemed to recover. His wounds turned into battle scars. His face obtained a more square shape to it. His body was inflating with mad muscles. The arms becoming like a bodybuilders legs. His huge pecs were impossible to see over. And his neck was somehow thicker than his head. Tree trunks would envy this guys legs. His cock was now a thick and hard nine inches. It was thrusting into the air, jacking off to some invisible force. Man, Stud, Snake, and myself were totally enraptured by the changes, and I found myself getting dizzy as blood rushed into my hardening cock.

It was incredible, a sense of unity and power like I had never known. My his were bucking in the air, my dick pushing itself as far as it could. The others behaved in a similar manner. Waiting for some unpredictable moment.

I knew what pleasure was the moment the yuppie came. Big wads of thick goo sprayed over the room. I found my own cock spurting huge wads of cum, which a little thicker and stickier than usual. The others had all experienced intense orgasms at the same time. The man who got up was a football jock, I knew. He must have been a kicker, given the humongous quads and calves he possessed. Snake looked him in the eye and said, "Come on Flex, let's get you suited up." The newly formed Flex swaggered out of the room, having no trouble adapting to his new size. I was almost envious, until I remembered that he adapted so quickly because he was a different person.

I followed behind the other jocks, both excited and terrified. Unknown to me, I had finally perfected the jock walk that had been so challenging.


CHAPTER 6 - Getting A Grip

Kai put the night of Flex behind him, telling himself that it was merely a breakdown under pressure and he wasn't really giving in. He failed to notice how mindlessly he did everything Snake told him to. Flex was an amazing kicker, both punting and kicking. He was the first jocked kicker who hadn't been one in his previous life. Flex and the closest thing Kai had to a buddy in the group, and for some reason he found himself doing chores- cleaning, repairing, etc- with Flex. Snake took on a big brother role to both recruits.

Kai's life in the daylight continued undisturbed. Each day merely a rerun of the previous. And he put the events of Flex's existence out of his mind. It was all some surreal dream. In fact, part of him couldn't remember life without the big lug. He was dumber that dirt, but accurate as all hell and a nice guy. And while most of the jocks wouldn't engage Kai in conversation, Flex was happy to do so.

Briggs would out to examine the team periodically and Kai had learned to simply ignore everything he said. Unable to swear due to the collar, he simply stared straight ahead, like the others, accepting any criticism Briggs had. Kai's hatred for Briggs still burned brightly, a daily reminder of the person he was. It was one day cold day when Briggs selected Flex, Snake, and Kai for a mission. And all the memories Kai had suppressed came rolling back.

"I want you to find me a new wide receiver." Kai knew what the orders entailed. And he didn't want to a part of it.

"No." Briggs simply yawned and walked away, saying that he expected to have the new player by tomorrow. Snake chastised Kai and ordered him to run a lap. In a knee-jerk response Kai took off running. But his mind ran even faster, searching furiously for a solution. He couldn't do it again, he couldn't help them. But everything Snake told him to do sounded like such a good idea. And before he knew it they were dressed and driving.

The guy they chose was a pothead, higher than heaven. So incapable of coherent functioning that he got in the van by his own free will. Snake told Kai this one was all his. Kai ripped the clothes off the druggie and proceeded to analyze his body. Part of him held back, desperately trying to stop.

"Do it," Snake commanded. And Kai pulled out a syringe and held it at the boys neck.

How can I do this? I don't even know his name. What in the hell gives anyone the right to this much power?

"Do it now, Cole."


"What the fuck, you little bitch. Do what the fuck I tell you."

"What gives us the right?"



"Whatever he tells us to do, we do. That's how it is. He's the coach. We're the players."




"Yes, do it now." Instantly, Kai injected the boy, and faster still he regretted it. But the changes began. His long, unkept hair faded away, leaving a brown fade. His face gained a less angular, more jockish look. His mouth hung open in perpetual confusion. Now the tripled in girth, dropping his voice so low that animals could hear him better than humans. His once concave chest expanded, filling with hard muscle. His back obtained an impossible V shape. Thick veins pumped through his now massive arms, hands so large he could palm a bowling ball easily. His stomach became a series of washboard abs. His cock thickened and grew, and his balls descended further and increased in size, increasing his sexual drive as well. His ass bounced playfully in the air, as his formerly baggy pants became skin tight against his mammoth thighs. As he feet grew to a size 19, a strange fog descended over the man. Kai recognized the look at the end. The man was now a jock. Fast and agile, he was a perfect wide receiver. And Kai had made him. He was the one who had done it, no one else had touched the boy.

"What's his name, Kai?" Snake asked.



CHAPTER 7 - Rock My World

Kai couldn't forgive himself. He sat in despair for days, even commands from Snake unable to move him. It was a sadistic catatonic fixation, without the waking.

I can't believe I did that. It didn't happen. But I know it did. My god, I can never forgive myself.

Kai's rest was so intense that Briggs decided to pull out the big guns. He took the huge muscle man back into the jocking chamber and let the master of conversions, Brute, have his way. Brute decided that the current Kai was unsuited for his place as a tough jock and decided to give him a make over. Brute changed his name to Cole Rock, and everyone calls him Rock. He was still a defensive end, but he was totally dependent on Brute to tell him what to do. Brute took away his ability to speak or even ask questions, he could only respond when spoken to.

Kai was aware that his mind was changing but couldn't quite determine what was different. He remembered when he first started playing football, his first jersey accidentally had the name COLE on it instead of ROCK. Why rock? It's my last name. Cole Rock. I rock their world. And Brute, god he is so awesome. He's such a fucking tough mother-fucking jock. Fuck yeah. All I ever fucking wanna do is fucking obey him. Fuck fucking yeah. Fucking fucking fuck yeah. Brute, you are fucking the fucking man, fucker. God, I fucking love fucking football.

The man who stepped out of tube was quite different from Kai. Rock was a tough player. Brute made sure that he could really only say fuck. He was totally obedient on and off the field. And while the toughest portions of Kai's personality still remained, Brute had managed to permanently alter parts of his personality. Rock wasn't dumb, but he was almost totally incapable of individual thought. Rock's hair was a flattop, and it wouldn't grow back. The multiple colors still revealed his true form, but that was it. Rock even had two tribal bands tattooed around his immense biceps. Brute high-fived the new jock, and led him out onto the field.

Rock was a perfect player, fast and powerful. He relied on Brute to guide him through the motions, each time reminding him what he was trying to accomplish. Rush the quarterback, sack or tackle whoever has the ball. Rock knew that part of what was happening was wrong, part of him still wanted to resist. But resist what? His life was great, no worries, only the best game in the world all the time. But that voice that told him to fight never quit, and Rock still kept his ears and eyes open for some invisible knowledge.

He got it one night. Despite some the identity loss associated with Kai becoming Rock, he did gain a large amount of freedom and some cleverness. He often pretended to enter catatonic fixation until the others were gone. Then he would go exploring. He never found anything except a few conversions, which got him horny everything he watched. Part of fought against the desire to cum, and that part always won. This time, he found a hall he's never been to before. It was full of offices and inside one were two people with whom Kai and Rock were very familiar. One was an aged coach, the other a mousy little rat.

Briggs and Jamie Carter were discussing the changes the Rock had recently undergone.

"Rock is great. I can't image the team without him," Briggs said.

"Yes, but I still worry about Kai."

"Don't even say that name, he is gone."

"But we couldn't remove all of the TAN1, even the catatonic fixation. And that always let's us change any little problem or blip in the players minds."

"Don't worry, this is perfect. Kai will surrender of his own will. He has already almost accepted everything."

"But it's not just him. We've had to alter many players during fixation. They are regaining some aspects of their personalities."

"Relax, once the jocking is complete it won't matter. There will be no other options. Everyone will finally embrace the new world."

"Is that happening soon?"

"All I have to do is take care of two little problems."

"But Kai is gone."

"Yes, but it seems that I have a girl problem."

"The Barnette woman?"

"She's the original research scientist in charge of XAP. And she's well aware that something is going on. We'll push in Miami soon, and the attack on the complex will solve our problem."

"Will you remove her from existence?"

"No, I will kill her. She and Adam, one death for one life. I know the prophecy well, they are the split souls it mentions. The two halves that must be separate for this to work."

"You know, there is a question about the jocks that I've never asked you."


"Their bodies, as they continue to change, all their body fluids- blood, spit, cum- they all change to some substance, like bile. What is that?"

Briggs gave a large, hearty laugh before he answered. "That," he exclaimed, "is XAP. It overrides their systems. Cum is usually the final substance it replaces. Once the boys spew XAP, the change is finished. They are a perfect jock. They can't be hurt anymore, because XAP won't let them. They bleed XAP, which is easily remedied. You see, the substance turns their once sperm producing testes into sites for the production of XAP. The only thing that can hurt them is having their balls cut off. And that's why the cups they always wear are made of the hardest metals we could muster."

"So, Kai, I mean Rock…"

"Once he gives into the sexual 'urges' that is the end. He will surrender himself to a life of eternal pleasure."

Rock stood outside the room, listening intently to the entire conversation. So, he would lose the little voice when he came pure XAP. And he would have eternal pleasure. But why did the little man call him Kai? That name sounded so familiar, but its meaning was out of reach. He didn't know what to do. He wanted to ask Brute, but knew that he wasn't allowed to ask questions. So Rock walked around the complex, stretching his big legs. In his confusion, Rock found scratching the cleft of his massive pec made him feel so much better. He rubbed his bouncy ass and found it comforting as well. Heading back to the locker rooms, he examined himself in the mirror. Staring back at him was Rock Cole, defensive end. And somehow, just looking at himself made him feel better. He knew the guy in the mirror. His multi colored flat top, highlighting his large forehead. His jaw was strong and square and his entire face look almost ape-like. A huge, vein-filled neck leading down to wide and huge deltoids. Arms so large he couldn't even put them behind his back and grab them. His back was so huge that he could only wear spandex and lycra, and even then some shirts had to stretch. He bounced his pecs while he looked at himself, admiring his huge control over his body. It was so familiar, so comforting. Straining his neck, he could barely see the entrenched eight pack, so developed that no flexing was ever required. He lovingly rubbed his fat, perky ass. His thigh bones were exposed in the form of the hottest models. Though he couldn't see them, Rock knew that his quads were thicker than a fat man's beer belly, and no part of them would ever jiggle. �His calves looked like two melons. And his huge feet, perfect for carrying his beautiful body. And his cock, his big jock cock. Slowly tilting upwards. He could feel the blood and some XAP rushing in to fill it, making it harder to concentrate. His body was perfect, a machine designed for football. He bent over like getting on the line, watching his rippling back as he moved. He could feel his ass constantly bouncing as he moved. And his cock was hard as a rock. As hard as him. God, it would feel so good to touch it. But the man said that jacking off would cause him to lose the voice. Torn between pleasure and caution, Rock sat in front of the mirror.

Brute walked up behind Rock, still in line formation, and put in firm hand on his ass and began to jiggle the fat. Rock got harder still. He was waiting for an order. He wanted to ask Brute what to do. Finally, Brute leaned over the muscle machine and pressed his cock against Rock's bottom.

"Fucking horny, ain't you?" He asked the sweating Rock, who nodded in affirmation. "Wouldn't it fucking feel nice to fucking grab that fucking cock, fucker? Fuck yeah, to just let the fucking jock juice flow in you. Can you accept it? The pleasure. Jerk off for me." Needing no further encouragement, Rock proceed to grope his big cock. He was still in line formation, one hand holding himself off the ground, the other violently clutching his painfully hard member.

Oh god, it feels so good.

"Fucking tell me how you fucking feel," Brute commanded.

"Fucking awesome. Fuck yeah, dude. It feels so fucking good, fuckers. Fucking fuck!"

"Fuck yeah, do you fucking wanna play football?"

"Fuck yeah, fucker. All I fucking ever want to fucking do is fucking play football. And be a fucking jock. Oh fucking hell, my fucking fuck stick feels so fucker fucking good."

"Say you're a fucking dumbass jock."

"I'm a fucking dumbass jock."

"Say football is life you fucking life."

"Football is my fucking life."

"All you fucking ever want to fucking do is play fucking football."

"All I fucking ever want to fucking do is play fucking football, man!"

"And you play fucking football by fucking obeying me."

"I fucking do everything fucking thing you tell me to, fucker."

"Who is your god?"


"Say Briggs is your fucking god!"

"Briggs is fucking god!" At that moment, Rock came all over the room. Part of it was come, but he also shot large wads of thick XAP. Rock's muscles expanded further. His shoulder pushed out a few more inches. His pecs became to large to see below. His balls hung even lower, producing more XAP. Rock's hair lost the multi colors, becoming blonde with a few red streaks. A new haze descended in his eyes, making him look perpetually confused. A new simplicity had set into his mind. All Rock had to do was play football. Briggs was god. It was all so easy.

"C'mon, fucker!" Brute said as he led the now 7'0", 540 pound stud back to the lockers.


CHAPTER 8 - From Fear To Desire

Rock played his first official football game the next day. His outright dedication coupled with his perfect body made him a dominating force. Three sacks in the first quarter. More later. When the sweat soaked man entered the locker room at the end of the game, there was no doubt in his mind how a great a life this was. Everything about football made him feel so good, from tackling to the physical pain, everything made life perfect.

Without thinking, he stripped off his gear, listened to Briggs after game lecture, and showered. It was all so natural and easy. The guys congratulated him on his performance, and he had to admit that he was very pleased with himself. Whatever else Rock might be, he was an awesome football player.

Grip approached Rock in the shower and congratulated him.

"Hey," the ebony man said, "we're doing a little 'recruitment' tonight. You want in?"

"Fuck yeah!" Rock exclaimed.

Rock, Grip, Man, and Stud went jock shopping that night. This time, they were going to rely more on reality bending than direct chemical injections. They found a group of three thirty-something business man going bar hopping. Still in their prime, each man was attractive, though their bodies were not as hard as they had been in college. The van pulled up as they were getting in a car. One guy was on the other side. Man and Stud yanked in the two close to the car, while Rock jumped over the car and wrestled with the third guy. Kicking violently, Rock was amused by the futile struggle. He took the man into the back of the van, where each of the three were stripped and pinned down. The jocks then slipped a jock strap on each man. The changes began instantly.

The trim men instantly began to change. Their mature faces gained a new sense of youth, but with a stronger jay and more simian face than any of them had possessed. Their bodies gained a pumped look as hundred of veins appeared all over their bodies. Their bones expanded as pounds and pounds of muscle grew on their bodies. They gained about three hundred pounds in a few minutes. The eruption of their huge cocks announced the end of their old lives. Lying in quiet stupor, each of their eyes possessed a strange quality of distance and happiness. Finally, the three new muscle jocks hoisted themselves up. Rock named them Net (the free safety), Clutch (the wide receiver), and Hammer (the linebacker). They took the three new studs back to the stadium to get suited up. Rock noticed how quickly and seamlessly they entered their new lives. Even though he was perfectly happy and accepting, part of him knew that he was different from the other guys. Part of him wanted that feeling of total assimilation.


CHAPTER 9 - Rock In Control

It was a day like any other when Briggs asked Rock to come into his office. The huge defensive end lumbered into the office and sat down across from the man he revered. Briggs' office was covered in football trophies and photos, along with a few souvenirs from some of his favorite conversions.

"Well Rock, how is everything?"

"Fucking awesome, dude!"

"Are you happy here?"

"Fuck yeah!"

"Is football the best or what?"

"Football fucking rocks!"

"Glad to hear it," Briggs said, slapping Rock on the shoulder. "I have a little job for you."

"Need some new jocks, man?"

"Sort of. Actually, I have one in particular. I want to you change him as you see fit."

"Fuck? With the fucking machine?"

"Yes! Can you do it?"

"Fuck yeah! Thanks a fucking bunch, sir!"

"No problem. Now Rock, you need to go to the ninth room. Do you know where that is?"

"Umm, fuck no."

"That's okay, most players don't. I'll take you myself."

Briggs led Rock through the same hallway he had never been when he overheard the conversation between Briggs and Jamie. Some part of him hated Jamie, but he assumed it was because the man was such a little twerp. At last arriving at a door in the very back, Briggs ushered Rock in. Suspended in a tube was a middle age man. He looked slightly familiar to Rock, but he couldn't place him.

"This," Briggs began, "is a man who tried to resist me. His name is Kyle Gardner, and I would like you to deal with him for me."

Kyle Gardner?

"Sure, sir." Briggs left Rock alone in the room with the man. He was unconscious. Some part of Rock knew the man, felt bad for the man. But Rock knew how lucky the guy was, every guy needed to be a jock, whether they knew it or not. He sat down at the panel and looked over his details. Nothing too bizarre or unusual, though the town he was from sounded really familiar as well. And even as Rock was about to start he just couldn't. Some part of him, held deep in the reservoir of his mind refused to do this.

What proceeded would be one of the most intense emotional battles imaginable. Two distinct halves of his personality battling it out. On one shoulder stood K.C., the Asian pop star and mortal enemy of Briggs. On the other stood Rock, football activist. Unfortunately for Kai, Rock had Snake and Brute behind him. Along with all the others football players. Still, Kai proved he wasn't dead yet, refusing to give in. That part of Rock knew it has given in before, but it refused to bend here. There would be no compromise. But Snake and Brute urged Rock onward, telling him of the great mission to jock the world. Reminding him how good it felt.

It was an intense battle, but in the end his cock won out, and Rock began the transformation. Kyle had been a high school biology teacher who had attempted to fight Briggs. He had failed and been captured. But Briggs held no grudge so long as he converted. First things first. His name from now on would be Kyle Guard, called Guard after his position as right guard. He had been playing for years and coached with Briggs at the school before the expansion. And, of course, he loved football.

The 5'7" 200 pound Gardner had no idea what was happening. His body began to stretch and change. His once middle age form faded away into intense muscular prime. He grew foot taller, as though hitting a second puberty. A small train of hair formed on his once smooth stomach, leading down to his pubic forest. His shoulders burst sideways, becoming over four feet long. His biceps swelled with new power, and his neck become a wire of tightly wound cords. His quads tremored and shook as pounds of muscle were added to the former chicken legs. Cuts so deep they looked unnatural. All the hair fell out his head as his brain descended into a muck of sexual satisfaction. His skin gained a yellow tint as his eyes gained an ethnic slant.

When it was all over the 6'7" 500 pound Guard sat up and geared up. He left without a word to Rock. Having chosen a path, Rock was panting over the machine. He had experienced intense sexual satisfaction from watching the change. His hard cock was pressing against the strict confines of his cup. He hadn't come, but it had been close. The stubborn part of his mind devoted all of its energy to prevent the orgasm. That part of Rock also knew that it couldn't hold out much longer.

And Rock was very happy about that.


CHAPTER 10 - Homeward Bound

Rock's life continued. Playing intense football games followed by night time jockings, each time the voice in his head becoming quieter and quieter. And without the voice it was so much easier to obey Brute and Snake and Briggs. Briggs was such a brilliant man. Rock couldn't understand what the voice had against him.

A great change occurred after a game. Rock had achieved a record breaking number of sacks, and the team was celebrating. In congratulations, Briggs slapped the defensive end on his ass. Rock immediately froze. Something about the smack was so pleasant. It was like petting a dog for fetching the paper. Part of him wanted Briggs to do it again, to tell him he did a good job.

And over the next few games he did. Each time, Rock's mind soared with intense delight. Each time he got a butt slap, he became a bit more like a perfect jock. His muscles got a little firmer, a little bigger. His ass got wider and perkier. The deep haze of confusion and sexual satisfaction descended further and further. At the end of one week he was 7'2" and 589 pounds. He could barely turn his head to either side, and his arms had to hang at a ninety degree angle to avoid bumping into his laterals, now more like reversed mountain than a simple V. His voice was so deep it sounded ridiculous to even speak. Not that he could form any coherent phrases anymore. Mostly he just sounded his approval though fuck and a few other words. And his cock was thicker still, threatening to erupt each time Briggs slapped him.

One day, Briggs told the entire team to congratulate Rock. Rock stood in place as each member of the team smacked his bubbly ass. His cock thickened and hardened each time. His posture became more erect and his body continued to expand. Brute slapped him and playfully bouncing his fat. That was too much for Rock, whose massive cock began to spurt beneath the confines of the uniform. It was life a fire hose, and with each successive slap it blew harder and faster. By the time Briggs got to him, Rock had poured about a gallon of cum mixed with XAP in his cup. Briggs old hand grabbed the young flesh and he whispered, "Welcome home," in Rock's ear. He collapsed on the floor, completely overwhelmed by the pleasure. His mind became even more football centric, as most of his previous thoughts and memories where banished. His hair became totally bleached blonde.

After lying in satisfaction for a moment, Rock got on his feet and pulled off his helmet. He examined his body in the mirror. The 7'5" 613 pound defensive end was a monster. His shoulder, broad as steel beams, were covered by unreal pads and a jersey stretched so tight, leading down to his cut waist. Even in the long sleeved shirt he was wearing, every crevice of Rock's immense muscles showed through, every cut and vein popped out of the lycra. The spandex pants highlighted his mountainous, fatty ass. And the cup could barely contain the cock monster beneath. The pants showed each cut and vein in his quads, much like the arms. And the socks covered huge calves. His neck was a thick mess of veins. His ape-like, masculine face was beautiful. His strong jaw and large forehead, along with the hair cut which made it look even larger. His loose jaw hung open, allowing him to breathe through his mouth. Every breathe, his huge muscles moved up and down.

Rock was home.



Rock was living his life in peace, each day reveling in the joys of football. Every man he jocked made him feel even better. Briggs was awesome and even talked about moving Rock to his professional team, the Soldiers. The quarterback, Brock Cast, said that he was perfect. His life was perfect. Briggs had taken care of all the problems, nothing could ever stop him now.

*******I call that alternate ending one*********

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Except, one day, Rock was waking on the field when he noticed that Brute seemed to be fading away. The field suddenly turned into a dark prison, and then to the capsule Kai was once contained in. He suddenly felt deflated, as though all his muscles were leaking out of him. Lying on the ground, he felt glass falling on him. Reaching his hands up to cover his race, Rock was surprised to find that they were small. Defined, but very tiny. His hair got in front of his eyes, and as he moved to throw back on obtrusive bang, he saw a man standing over him. Breathing heavily and holding a fire extinguisher.

"Kai Cole?" The man said.

"What?" Kai replied.

"I'm Adam Turner, and I'll be your rescuer today. Dammit."

Kai just looked up at the almost beautiful man above him.

It was all a dream? Briggs made a fake reality around me . . .

And then Kai fell into darkness.

End of Part 3