The Jocking: Kai Cole

CHAPTER 1: Briggs and Company

Coach Briggs had one goal in life: winning. At least everyone had always assumed that the former football star was content with a life of winning year after year in the small town. But Briggs had other plans. Hidden dreams and desires pushed him to employ new tactics to make his boys into stronger, tougher players. Besides losing, the only thing that made the coach furious was seeing males walk through the halls of the school who weren't on the team. His goal was to have a school were every boy played on the team, and every teacher helped coach. It had been years in planning and preparing, but he had finally found a solution. The key to gaining control of any man, and turning him into a mindless, obedient football player.

Truth be told, the method was not simple and in fact was highly dangerous to the individual. He gained help through a few other teachers who were coaches and the occasional science nerd who also played football. Through it all, he had constructed a machine that allowed the coach to reformat an individual's entire being. He could alter their pattern of thought, memories, habits, and any other part of their metal process. The machine also enabled him to morph the body to any whim. Height, weight, muscle mass, even down to hair length and eye color, the coach would have unlimited access to the individual.

The only obstacle that had been in his path was the administration. �An older educator, Burton Fisher, had sat as the principal for almost twenty years, and he was as anti-athletics as anyone could come. But Burton finally had enough of the school, and retired. Briggs himself had been a vice principal, and stepped up to take the opening. The other vice principal, Allen Windstock, had long been a supporter of his mission, and Briggs appointed a Chemistry teacher, Nicholas Cast, as the new vice principal. Cast was not an ally, but Briggs had plans for the former wrestler to become a defensive lineman coach. All he needed was an excuse to have an administrative meeting at the stadium. Construction on the school had provided that reason, and today was Cast's lucky day.

Nicholas was an older man. Forty and divorced, he had the great pleasure of looking young for his age and being in decent health. He wasn't against sports, his only problems was stupid people. Honestly, he told his students that they had to think to pass his class. However, his harsh approach resulted in high test pass rates, and earned him the love and respect of his kids.

He walked into the large locker room. The school was well-funded, and the ever successful team was granted large donations to continue its performance. The airy space smelled strongly of sweat and slightly of piss.

"Briggs?" He called out. Nicholas heard voices off to the back. He discovered a small door in the wall that looked as though it had been added to the building. Pushing open the door, he was greeted with the sight of Briggs sitting at a table.

"Cast!" He exclaimed. "So glad you could make it." As Nicholas walked in, the door closed behind him.

"Is Windstock-" Nicholas was cut off as Windstock grabbed the man from behind. Struggling violently, he was amazed at how firm Windstock held him.

"Cast, we've had a bit of a change. We really need to expand our football program. So, I nominated you to coach the defensive linemen."

"What?" Cast could only struggle uselessly against Windstock's bulk. Had the man been this big before? No, Nicholas thought, he had been thin, not muscular. Windstock carried the teacher over to a large tube-like structure. He open a door, forced Cast in, and slammed it shut. Nicholas heard a click, informing him that the door had been locked.

Briggs approach the computer screen and looked at the digital image of Cast it now displayed. The man was 5'5" weighing 155 pounds. He had no history of football but he had wrestled in high school. First, the memories. Nicholas was now Cast, he had been called that since sixth grade football. He had played defensive tackle from day one and had loved it. He loved slamming his beautifully muscled body into other men. He had been given the number 71, which he proudly wore through college. He became a teacher to help other men become football players. �He loved working for Briggs, the man was a genius and all men needed to play the game. It was the only sport that mattered.

Mentally, Nicholas was unable to resist the changes. I wrestled, my number was 71. Wrestlers don't wear a number. But I was 71, I have the jersey on the wall in my classroom. I was too small to play football, I was the heaviest guy on the team. I was skinny, I was pumped. I could rip shirts off by flexing my muscles. I did it in the locker room all the time, the guys loved it. No, no, no… I was a straight A student. Man, I barely pulled C's. I worked hard at school, no way, dude, like I totally devoted myself to the game. I had a life, and that life was football. I insist that was not me. I was the man! Dude, I could smash a beer can against my head and flatten it. That was so cool. Me and the guys getting drunk after all the wins. I only masticated, masticar, masti, dude, I was chewing down on meat all the time to gain weight. Yeah, I was 225 in high school, and I upped to 250 in college. No, I put on ten pounds in college, putting me at 155. I weighed 155 when I was 13. God, I love the game.

Now, Cast was lulling away in the false memories of the past. He learned plays, drills, uniform maintenance, even proper football player behavior. It integrated into his self, he was a football player, Nick Cast. All the guys called him Cast.

Everything that Briggs typed into the computer became fact in Cast's mind. Mentally, he was ready to endure the physical changes that would make him a football player. His bones smashed and snapped, ligaments ripped as his body grew to 6'6" and his weight changed to 400 pounds. Slowly, his feet stretched, snapping apart what had been Nicholas' body, turning it into Cast's. His calves pumped with muscle, veins sprouted throughout his legs, crawling up to his thighs as they began to triple in size, pumping and brimming with newfound strength and a desire to use it. His dick bucked as it thickened and lengthen, hanging lower as his testicles inflated to match the new size. All the former fat in his body flowed into his ass, forming a large, supple bottom on the man. His abs caved in to form six hard abs, painstakingly maintained, so deep they looked painful. The veins now reached his pecs and back, which quaked as they packed on huge amounts of muscle, giving his body an incredible pronounced "V" shape. The veins carrying the fluid traveled to his neck, which nearly popped as his voice dropped to the deepest sound possible. His jaw become square and strong enough to break metal. His nose flatten, as though it had broken several times. His green eyes became a dull brown, as did his hair. The changes entered his brain, as his body became the main focus of his life. That and football. He blinked his eyes, and upon opening, he looked less intelligent and more appropriate for his new life. Windstock opened the capsule, and Cast stepped out.

"Marvelous!" Briggs cheered. "Now Cast, get dressed so we can discuss the team."

"Yeah,… dudes," said the now dumb jock as he put on a jock strap and cup, white underarmor tights, and a white long-sleeved underarmor shirt. He put on his football cleats and sat down with the other men.

"Like, I got this new plan, see…"


CHAPTER 2 - Darren Brock

To all the student who came to school the first day, they had not idea what changes had occurred. Most had heard that Burton had retired, but only rumors had circulated as to who the new principal was. For the athletes, Briggs was a victory, while the academic kids felt strangely discarded. The biggest shock came in Chemistry. The formerly nerdy teacher was one hell of a hunk, and coaching football. For a man who had despised dumb kids, he certainly had experienced a change of heart. His clothes now pressed against his chest, stretching the fabric of his polo to the extreme. He spoke, but almost no one heard, as the kids were amazed at the changes. While most accepted it, one boy had a huge problem. Darren Brock knew, without a doubt, that such physical changes were impossible. Sitting 6'2" himself, the height gain confirmed for Darren that nothing about the change was natural. Having known the teacher from previous years, he also did not believe that the teacher would have ever asked to be called Cast before.

Darren spent most of the day pondering the extreme makeover of Nicholas, he had always called him Nicholas- for four years, and now he wanted to be called Cast or… Coach. Why? Darren had a conspiracy theory streak in him, but it was never this large. He couldn't help but notice that the new principal looked extremely pleased all day. The school had one thousand seniors, plus three thousand underclassmen. It was huge and noticing anything unusual or missing was near impossible. Except for Darren, who kept running into trouble. He had all male teachers this year, and after two uneventful hours, fourth period held a surprise, Allen Windstock, history teacher, had done some gaining. The jocks in the room were impressed with their offensive coach's changes. He was in charge of offensive linemen, specialty- the centers. Darren was actually the only guy who wasn't fawning over Windstock. The rest of the day proceeded normally, except that he couldn't help but think that Briggs was being too smug all day. He was too pleased with himself. He acted like his team had just won state, and they started practice this afternoon. Summer practice had been cancelled do to flooding, a once in a millennium occurrence, so all the players seemed eager to begin.

Darren decided to hang around and spy, watch the football practice. Oddly, they were holding their first meeting outside. Hmm, I always thought they did this in the locker room? Of course, I am gone most of the summer. He noticed that Briggs kept looking in his direction. Was he smiling? That wasn't a happy smile, that was… . what was it? All knowing. He knows, and he knows I know something is up. He is laughing at me! Because I have no idea what is going on, but I notice something amiss. Bastard. Of all the - wait, where's Nicholas? He scanned the crowd once, then got up and ran. Down the stands, into the entry and out the gate. Outside, he bumped into Cast.

"Yo, woah! Little dude, what's the matter?"

"Oh nothing, Nich-" Cast coughed, and a little saliva came out.

"Cast, bro, call me Cast or Coach. Nicholas makes me sound like a pussy."

"Sure, yeah, whatever. Look I gotta run. Job's waiting." He tried to leave but Cast stepped in his path.

"You know, you're pretty quick. We could use someone like you on the team."

"You know that would be fun, but, I have to work. Bills don't pay themselves."

"Dare, you could always move in with me." It was a common offer. Darren's parents had been killed on his eighteenth birthday, and he had been working ever since. Nicholas had been there for him. He had almost considered the offer, but not now.

"Gotta run!" Darren sidestepped Cast was dashed to his car. Cast just stood there smiling, just like Briggs.

Aliens, drugs, government conspiracies.… damn. Darren couldn't invent a solution to the problem. What the hell. He was awake at 2 a.m. trying to process the events of the day. Briggs was in charge, Windstock was a bodybuilder, and Cast was a dumb jock. No, no, no… .but it was all true. He didn't do drugs, he hadn't hallucinated, it had been real. What then? What to do? Go back, pretend everything is normal. No, I can't do that. I need to find out what happened to Nicholas. I could accept this if it happened to anyone else, but not him. I need him. Shit, what the hell am I doing, it could be natural. I didn't see Cast all summer, miracles do happen.… xcept growth spurts at forty. No, it was wrong. The meeting was outside, so what's going on in the locker room. Tomorrow, I will stay late, grade papers for Nicholas, get a ride home from him. Use the time to snoop around. Huh, never thought I would try to break into the football locker room. With that he turned, and slept.


CHAPTER 3 - Where Reality Ends

Everything and everyone seemed wrong when Darren arrived at school. But, as the day progressed, everything seemed more natural. His second hour was Dobson, the quarterback coach. God, he was All-American. Tall, blonde, handsomely chiseled, the guy walked out of a magazine. English was Van, the fullback coach, looking hot as always. Everything seemed so natural, like this was the way it was suppose to be. He went to Nick's room after school and looked around. Oh, duh, he coaches now. Well, might as well investigate. But, by the time he got to the field, he couldn't remember what was wrong.

"Dare, glad you came."

"Yeah, Cast." Did I just call him Cast, isn't that his name? No, it was Nicholas. But that wasn't a good name for the man before him. He was Cast. Yeah.

"Are you ready?" Cast looked at Darren.

"Yeah, dude, I wanna play." What? No, I don't. Darren does not want to play. Darren wants to know what is the matter. All the while he was following Cast through the locker room into the small room. Briggs sat at the table, dressed in white tights and long-sleeved shirt, his cup clearly defined beneath.

"So, does body fluid work?"

"Yes, sir, he came just as you suspected."

"Well, since it becomes a part of your DNA, I assumed it would. Now Brock, be a good boy and get undressed and step into the machine." Darren took off his clothes and discarded them. Then he stepped into the machine.

Briggs just laughed as he began the changes.

Darren Brock, Brock is a better name, much more masculine. Nick will be your father, so from now on you will be Brock Cast. Average student, of course. You love your father and wish to be exactly like him. You have the same style, personality, hell even the same mind.� Now you need new slang. Dude, bitchin, woah, fuck, fuck, fuck, dick, prick, football, football, yo, sup… hat will do for now.

Brock accepted the life willingly, as Briggs began phase two. Now… 6'2" better make it 6'8", need to be tall to be a star quarterback. How about… 405 pounds. A little bit bigger than you old man. Slowly, Darren's body began the change. His bones snapped apart and reassembled larger than before. His sunken chest bones shot forward as his should broadened. His feet reached a size 16. Veins began pumping through his calves as they grew massive. His thighs began to changes, from small and sleek to thick, like tree-trunks. His dick hung lower as it grew to nine inches. His ass inflated with juicy fat, and became a wonderful bubble-butt. His abs became a hard washboard which a truck could drive over. His chest grew from 30 inches to over 70. He skin gained a bronzed tone as the veins snaked through his body, changing his blood into a bile-like substance that marked him as a player. He would never bleed again. He neck grew thick as his voice became so deep it was almost unhearable. His hair became a dull brown as his nose, jaw, and skull restructured. Finally, he blinked, his deep blue eyes opening, and the strange dumbness sunk into him, and he was on the team.

He got out and put on the cup, jock strap, tights, top, and sneakers. Cast smiled at him and said, "Get in the game, dude!"

Brock smiled dumbly and said, "Fuck yeah, later man!" They high-fived and Briggs slapped his ass. Briggs smiled quietly as he had a new quarterback. The team was growing, but it was not complete. More nerds, skaters, everyone was going to play!


CHAPTER 4 - Kai Cole

(There is an actual story that is about to begin. The growth and change will still occur, its just gonna be a real story.)

A week of school had passed, and aside from Darren Brock, now Brock Cast, Briggs had not added any more players. He thought that too much too quickly would attract more attention than he wanted, at least until the season started. But at the start of week two, he had big plans, and a bigger problem. As looked out of his office he saw a tall, blonde, and beautiful boy walking… o dancing into the school. Late, as usual. His name was Kai Cole. And Briggs hated him.

He wasn't an actual blonde. It would be more correct to say that his light brown hair contained natural highlights of blonde, black, and red. To Kai, school was a great place to have fun, something he never took seriously. �And that seemed to work for him. He was humming a song to himself, I'm Here Saying Nothing. Kai had just gotten back from touring around Asia, yes he was a pop star in small Asian countries. The fact that no one he knew had ever heard him sing only made Kai laugh. He didn't do it for the fame, he just wanted have fun. Or he would have arrived on time for once in his life. Not that Kai had any worries, Burton had loved the boy. Kai was ranked first in his class, community volunteer, etc. etc. Simply put, he got beauty, brains, and a huge amount of luck. Life had been handed to him.

As he passed by the principal's office, Kai began belting a song in Japanese. Burton thought it was great that Kai learned other languages, and even performed in them. Briggs stepped outside to investigate the ruckus.

To say they were not friends would be an understatement. They were mortal enemies, a classic battle of good versus evil. Kai glared at Briggs but didn't stop singing until he noticed the name on the door. He stuttered and stared at Burton's missing nameplate.

"Where's Burton?"

"He retired."

"Shit!" A mouth like a sailor, Kai was known for cursing frequently in front of adults. Briggs just stared at him. No one in the world had the same affect on Briggs. Kai inspired combined rage, disgust and outright hatred in him. Even the thought of converting Kai couldn't restore his composure. Kai shook his head.

"You? What in the world made anyone think you were competent enough to manage anything larger than a sports team?" Kai smirked at the elder man who was turning a bright red.

"Aren't you late?"

"Yes, yes I am tardy. Blast me and my eternal lateness. Dommage! Note to self, look up how to say 'too bad' in Japanese. Would you believe for all my lessons I can't say that and 'you're welcome.' I felt so rude." A minute of silence followed as the two began to stare each other down.

"Burton may have let you get away with anything, but I will not. Being valedictorian is no excuse to be a bastard."

"That's cute," Kai responded. "And for future reference, I am a lot more to this school than number one. I am the largest individual sponsor in the state. Your job, is paid for by me."

You couldn't cut the tension with a knife, it would shatter long before their hatred would ever.

"Get to class."

"Fine, asshole. And… could I have my schedule? I was in Malaysia when you gave them out."

Briggs immediately pulled out the document and thrust it at Kai, who smiled as he took it.

"Drat, I missed Cast's class. Ah! He is gonna be pissy."

"You call him Cast?"

"Yup, pisses the hell out of him. But it didn't stop me from being Chem student of the year!"

"Along with Brock."

"Yeah, Dare is a little odd though. I mean, in me you've got a perfectly balanced person who didn't watch his parents get murdered." Kai just stared after that comment. He had never known Darren, but he felt bad for him. Kai had the great fortune of not watching his parents die. Though it was the same accident.

"See ya, bastard!"

"Does any else find this more than a little disturbing?" Kai questioned his friends at lunch. "I mean, I come back and the football team is huge and… no one wonders?"

"C'mon," Mike Stack answered. "Briggs had rough training methods. Remember, I used to be on the team. It's harsh."

"I'm sorry. It's just that I saw "The Stepford Wives" and I read the books. All the mind control books. And no suspects anything. Look at that." Kai pointed to a table of jocks sitting a few yards away. "They aren't even talking. They just sit there and eat. That is not natural. No one does not talk. They talk a lot, and loudly."

"Calm down." Mike replied.

"No! No I will not calm down. Something is wrong. What is this- Stepford Jocks! I'm sorry, I took my reality pill this morning and shit like this does not happen!" By the end, Kai had been screaming the words, and the entire cafeteria was now staring at him. Kai just blinked, sighed and walked out.

This is my nightmare. I think I'm in hell. Or high, am I high? No, no, no… . this is real.

Kai sat in the auditorium alone. Having decided to skip the rest of his classes, the theater room would be the perfect hiding place. He walked on the stage and stared out into the empty audience.

I could sing. Do a whole, Julie Andrews, make my fears go away. Nah, never really works for me. Singing doesn't solve my problems, it just blocks them from my mind. I want… o, don't think it. That makes it worse. I've moved on, nothing really matters anymore. I just can't stand being… Alone!"

The room echoed with his yell. He sat down as tears began to well in his eyes.

I can't cry, not anymore. Not for something this dumb. Crying is for wimps. Except I am crying. I can feel it on my face, down my chin.

It had all been a news report. The chemical research plant on Elm had a fire.… .police arrived at the scene… reports are coming in… multiple fatalities.… an explosion… .

I went to bed alone. Life has been like a dream ever since. I want to turn back the clock. I want to have everything I've lost. I want… . shit! Stop thinking like this. Rotten luck, bad luck, that's the only bad thing that ever happened in my life. I need to talk to someone. Darren, I should talk to Darren. He always said I could talk to him. His parents were the cameramen on the scene.

Mine were the researchers.


CHAPTER 5 - Brute and Bryan

While Kai was crying away his problems, Briggs was enacting his plans.

Bryan Keeves received a pass to the principal's office in fourth period. The skater with long black hair and half a dozen facial piercings got up, pulled up his pants, and walked. He didn't head to the office; rather, he meandered through the halls a bit. Stopped by the men's restroom in the Math wing to drop off some weed, better safe than sorry, before finally heading to Briggs' office. Once there, Briggs met him at the door and "escorted" him to the football arena. He told Bryan that some documents had to be examined and he had left them in that office. So Bryan and Briggs headed to the facility. Bryan had never been in any locker room, but he had been an active skateboarder since he was seven. He had never really considered what they would look like. Which was a good thing, since Briggs had been expanding it to hold a few thousand men. Bryan gasped at the huge size of the room. Briggs hadn't spoken a word since they left, and Bryan was beginning to feel nervous. Skater or not, Bryan was never a bad kid, really. Some drugs but that was it. And he didn't trust Briggs with the time of day.

Briggs held open the door to the interior room, allowing Bryan to walk in front of him. He slowly closed and locked the door behind him. Bryan stared in awe at the huge, tube-like container. He glanced at the computer screen next to it, and the multitude of wires running between the systems.

"What's going on?" Bryan inquired. Briggs said nothing, but snapped his fingers and Windstock appeared from nowhere. He hauled a violent Bryan into the tube and locked the door. Bryan began slamming into the door and screaming. The container had the sound-proof turned on, so only his moving body gave hint to his struggle. Briggs walked up to the machine and had a new toy.

Bryan Keeves, 17 years old, junior. Skater, literally a skate boarder. He had only done it for fun. The image of Bryan showed his pants barely hanging on to his body. Briggs was becoming curious as to how he could turn someone. Bryan was an experiment. Body before mind. The container had been fitted with a full body mirror all around, forcing Bryan to watch himself change.

Now them, enter program data.

Dyed black hair… nope blonde. Bryan watched the mirror as his hair suddenly turned bleach blonde. His long hair was replaced by the cool flat top. Once covering his eyes, Bryan's hair now stood straight up. He looked at the mirrors and couldn't believe the change. As he stared, his piercings suddenly disappeared, and where replaced with a few small scars on his face. No fucking way. But it was happening. Suddenly, Bryan stumbled to the ground, clutching in intense physical pain. It felt like all the bones in his body had shattered. He felt a horrendous pulling, as though he were being stretched out. He scream loudly. The he felt it, a strange pumping in his legs. He looked down in terror to see brutal veins pumping through his calves. His calves grew, ands Bryan noticed that his feet looked larger than before. The pumping was heading up his legs, and the once loose jeans began to become tight around the thigh. Bryan shoved them off to reveal huge muscles, chiseled and ready for action. Now the sensation spread to his dick, was it always that long? No way, it was much bigger now and his sac, it's huge. Bryan scratched his ass in confusion and was greeted by the first feeling of huge ass. He groped himself in confusion. Feeling up his own luscious ass, he slowly slid his fingers over his crack and brushed himself gently. That wasn't so bad. The pain in his stomach was gone, and Bryan found himself with a severe six pack, veins snaking through the hard muscle. He felt a bubbling sensation and tumbled over and pounds of muscle were added to his chest, giving him 80 inches around the area. His shoulders shot to the side becoming two feet wide. Now the veins inched through his arms, filling the once thin skater with 20 inch biceps and wide forearms. His once small and delicate fingers became thick and rough. The fluid began to enter his neck, which tripled in girth. Huge veins could be seen all around the neck, as his voice dropped deeper than ever possible. His pointed chin broke and reformed into a strong, square jaw. His nose shattered and regrew, looking much more rugged. His eyes went from brown to a bright green. His pale white skin became of deep brown color, from all the sun.

Bryan could only stand and breathe as he experienced the change. He was huge, too huge to skate board. No way, he couldn't be this big, ever. But he felt so powerful and strong. Like he could run forever or leap over buildings or hit things. Yeah, he was tough enough to beat the crap out of anyone. Those damn jocks wouldn't mess with him anymore.

Briggs was pleased with the changes. A 5'2" 125 pound man had turned into a 6'6" 500 pound linebacker. And he decided to see if Bryan could make the change by his own will. Just a few small details first. Bryan Keeves… Brian will work but not Keeves, no. Hmm, a new last name… Brute. Brian Brute, everyone calls him "the Brute."

Yeah, I am so fucking huge. Those damn jocks don't stand a chance against the brute. I can kick their asses. The Brute? Yeah, I am a fuckin brute. Might as well call me that. I mean, everyone calls me that. Cause my name is Bryan Brute, no it ain't. My name is Brian Brute, the Brute. The biggest mother fucker in the school.

The changes were working, even without direct cause, Brute was turning into a jock. Maybe just a little help. He plays football and loves being a linebacker.

Yeah man, I love being a fucking linebacker. I hit those fuckers so fucking hard that I knock their fucking heads off. Fuckers. Wait, no I'm not, I have never been a jock. Dude, I totally start as middle linebacker. I set a school record for interceptions last year. No I didn't but I did.

Even without specific orders, the fluid in Bryan's body was causing him to change into Brute.

Yeah, I am the fucking biggest fucker in the fucking school. Fuck yeah! I am the fucking Brute!

Briggs set one final order. Bryan's old memories were stored in his balls, the semen to be precise. Now, just add a little horniness.

Dude, I am so fucking horny. I gotta beat off man.

And with that, Brute began stroking his nine inch member. From stroking, his hands soon turned to harsh yanking on his big dick. His fucking tool. It felt so good, being a jock. Fuck yeah, all I ever want to do it play football. And help other guys become football players. Ooh, god it feels so good.

And that was it. As Brute sprayed the tube with thick white cum, he lost all memories of his previous life. He knew of nothing except being Brute and playing football. The door hissed open, and Brute got out, his recently spent dick hanging against his mammoth thigh. He instinctively put on a jock strap then pulled on a tight shirt and a pair of jeans. Briggs smiled and slapped Brute's fat ass as he walked out of the room. Another member.


CHAPTER 6 - Seeing What Cannot Be Seen

(Where I promise not to make another 'Br' name.)

Kai sat on stage all day, trying unsuccessfully to avoid his problems. Bad things never happened to him, yet here were two in a few months. For being problem free for eighteen years, the sudden trauma was almost too much to bear. Still, he thought it was a good idea to talk to Darren.

He knows how I feel, I'm sure he can tell me how to be happy again.

Kai got up and went into the commons. He glanced in the window, and as he guessed, Briggs was not in the office. Kai stepped inside and helped himself to the main terminal.

Computer classes really pay off!

He pulled up the school roster and searched for Darren Brock.

<No Matches>

"What?" Kai spoke aloud in his confusion. Search for Brock, Darren.…

<No Matches>

I don't get it. I know that Dare goes here. I'll just pull up the old files.… search… now I know that something is wrong. Darren attended school here last year. Unless that wasn't his actual name. No, he is not some kind of spy… how about this. Search all Darren… . no match. Not a single Darren in the school. Maybe Brock was a real name… . found 3 matches.

Brock Cast
Brock Dixon
Brock Sanders

Brock Cast? Now I do not remember that name. Pull up his file… average student. Ouch C's in regular classes. Must be… yep a football jock. Parents… Nick Cast? No way! Cast does not have a kid, definitely not one who has gone to this school for… 12 years? No chance. I have never met a Brock Cast, and have gone here for twelve years. This is weird. I think I may have seen too many suspense movies. There is not some huge conspiracy in the school. Except that Briggs always was a little odd… .Briggs… does he have a first name? Search Briggs… found one match… . Briggs, -shit! Think of the devil, here he comes. Blast!

Kai ducked behind a desk as Briggs led a huge jock into the office. Briggs sat down behind his desk as he pulled up a screen.

"Now, here we go Brute. He's your schedule for school. Also a copy of your transcript. Alright, see you at practice." The big jock got up and let himself out of the office. Briggs leaned back in his chair and pulled up another file.

"Better delete this." He said under his breath. Kai heard a click and the sound of a trash can being emptied. "Now, who is next? How about Stack, Michael. I'll send him a pass." Briggs wrote up a pass and walked out of the office.

What the hell? No way, I was right? Crap, stupid Stepford. Write a book like that and someone will make it come true. Actually this is a little bit more along the lines of the Faculty. Aliens? No, that is not right. Drat, he turned off the computer. I should probably get out of here. Actually, I need to find Mike. Now, he has… Calc this hour. Math nerd.

Mike Stack got the pass in the middle of Calculus. His teacher grimaced but released him. Mike was the epitome of good person, never done anything remotely immoral. Honestly, most people thought he needed a life and to an extent he agreed. He had played for Briggs a couple of years ago as an offensive linemen. Mike could only wonder what Briggs wanted. As he walked, he failed to notice Kai stalking him from behind.

When Mike arrived at the office, Briggs used an excuse to get Mike to come to the football room. Mike, trusting to a fault, came with him and they chatted about the team as they walked.

I can't believe my luck. They are both so thick that they don't even notice me. Just a little further. Why are they going to the football lockers?

The pair, being tailed by Kai, entered the locker room and Kai managed to sneak in behind to enter the small room. Hiding behind a few crates, Kai cold see without being seen.

"What do you want coach?"

"Actually Mike, we have a new filing system. If you would just into that machine, it will create a file on you that will make keeping track of students, classes, basically it will make the faculties lives much easier. We've having everyone do it."

"Oh, sure then." Mike willingly walked up and into the machine. Briggs locked the door behind him as he turned to the computer screen, which was directly in Kai's line of sight.

Michael Stack, 18, former football player, played from sixth to ninth grade. Stopped because he didn't have time. Felt the actions of some of the players was immoral also. 6'0" 224 lbs. Mike had been a guard, specifically right guard. Briggs knew that Mike would be easier to change.

"You know Mike, I wish you had kept with the team. You would have been awesome."

"Yeah, I was just really busy."

"Oh, I understand. But don't you ever miss setting up for the snap." Briggs entered a desire for it as he spoke. Suddenly Mike was overcome with a desire to line up with the other guys, preparing to block for their QB. He loved how they were shoulder to shoulder, staring at the defensive linemen.

"Yeah, I do."

"I wish you would play for me again." Briggs changed all of Mike's thoughts so that they related to football.

"Yeah… " he spoke as though drugged. Images of football, running plays, the huddle… ctions, thoughts, smells blocked his mind, preventing him form thinking of anything but football.

"I could put you back on the team."

"Really?" Mike gained an incredible desire to play again. He would do anything to have those sensations again.

"All you have to do is do whatever I tell you. Can you do that?" Already, the program was eating away at Mike's personality, making him utterly mindless.

'Y, y, yes. Please yes!"

"First, promise to do whatever I tell you.

"I promise."

"Good, welcome back." Briggs typed in a few keys and the transformation began.

Mike had never quit football, in fact he had started since his sophomore year. He was a 6'8" 485 pound right guard. Yeah, he was big. He threw his weight around. Mike had devoted himself to football. He was the perfect lineman, completely obedient with only the thought of protecting the ball. Nothing else matter, except the ball. He was called Stacker since his sophomore year, cause he could stack up the other line.

The fluid began pumping through his body, contorting his barely in shape body to an image of pure muscle. His dick vibrated as fluid entered it, already having seeped through his legs, now huge, about the size of tires. His ass filled with all his fat, ripping apart his pants. His back and chest formed a perfect V against his waist. His shoulder became nearly three feet in length, offering him a huge area of mass. His arms strained with fluid as his biceps passed twenty inches. His hands gained a roughness to them, use to pressing on the ground and other men. His jaw became square as his neck began to look like coiled rope, the veins were so huge. His face changed to one well worn by weather, and he body gained the bronze of a man who spent his life outdoors. Finally, the simplicity set in his mind and his eyes gained a strange vagueness to them.

The tube opened and Stacker stepped out. He strutted over and put on his cup. Tight shirt and jeans followed. With a quick slap on the ass from Briggs, Stacker ran out of the office. Briggs sat for a minute and smile before finally leaving.

Kai sat in the corner, a look of terror embedded on his face.

No way, no fucking fucking way. Shit! Oh my god!

Kai's mind was blank aside from the curse words.

Well, I'm not crazy. Briggs is gone. Gotta concentrate. Look at the computer. It looks normal. Login… .new… . open… .exit. Hmm, open… . woah! Arrange from most recent.

Stack, Mike (Stacker)
Brute, Brian
Cast, Brock…

There we go… open.… now I would have noticed that guy… .how to find old information… hmm… . well alter… .cannot alter without template present… .that sucks… . modification log… that might work… former template… that is Darren. My God! Briggs is doing this. I don't believe it. What's this… view morph… sure why not.… .… . .wow… that's just what happened to Mike. Anyone else?

Cast, Brock
Van, Josh
Dobson, Mark

Teachers huh! Let's watch Josh… .

The 5'5" 195lb. former baseball player had an odd walk that put a huge distance between his legs, The joke was that his prick was that large. Seeing the nude image of the man, Kai realized it wasn't just a rumor. He saw the man contort in pain as huge veins began pumping through his body. His thighs grew so large that they touched no matter what. He backed gained gallons of pure muscle. Kai watched as Josh's body filled with nearly three hundred pounds of muscle. The whole process took only a minute, then out walked a 6'6" 455 lb. Fullback coach. Kai read the alterations in his memory, everything from the sport he played to the way he spoke. All changed.

Wow, and Dobson… holy shit! Ouch. My god look at him. He was thin, but now he's a god. Huge muscles, blonde hair, blue eyes. Perfect specimen of a man. This is insane. Oh all the shitty luck, I discover a mind control conspiracy. I hate this. I want to quit. I never quit anything. Of course, I've never lost either. Wait… .stop. Be rational. How could a computer do this to someone? It has to be something in the machine. But I don't see anything. Where do all those wires go? Is there a basement to this room? Wow, he's been planning this for a while. What was in those crates.�… football equipment. Not normal. Woah, this stuff is designed for those giants. There is enough here for… more people than just the school. Shit Briggs, who would have guessed that you have a god complex? So, he has the entire football team, Darren, Mike, some other guy, and a few teachers. I need to stop them before they get anyone else, revert the changes on the guys, and save the world. All in a days work for an Asian pop star. Yeah right. I need a drink.


CHAPTER 7 - Biology

Kai headed back into the school and proceeded to sixth hour, the final period of the day. His teacher was Mr. Kyle Gardner, the AP biology teacher. Kai was relieved to see the same man he had known for years, unchanged after the summer. Kai noticed that most of the class was the same also, in fact no one had been changed.

I should think of a name for what is happening to people. Just for my mind. Jocking… Mike and the others have been Jocked.

The lesson was simple, and as much as Kai expected it, no passes from the principle arrived. He hung around after class to talk with Mr. Gardner.

"Hi, Kai. Did you have fun in Japan?" Mr. Gardner had always worked hard to keep up with his students lives. He wasn't Kai's favorite teacher, but he was a nice man.

"Yeah, Japan was fun. Crowds are nice."

"That's good."

"Gardner… I have a really odd question to ask."

"Sure, Kai, what is it." Kai stopped before speaking. What would he say.

"Has Darren Brock been here today?"


"Brock comma Darren. You know the kid whose parents died last year?"

"Oh, no. I think… that's weird. I remember him, but not really."

Kai was at a loss for ideas when a golden opportunity walked through the door. Cast, in all his glory, paraded into the room.

"Hey, Kyle, just coming to check up on- Hello Kai, you weren't in class again."

No way. No fucking way. God I am getting tired of surprises. First thing tomorrow, download the entire list, just so I know.

"Yeah Cast, you really… rew over the summer."

"Yeah, its sweet man. Kyle, I really would like an answer."

Kyle Gardner hadn't moved. He just stood in thought for a minute before speaking.

"Sorry, Nick, but I need to take care of some schedule problems Kai is having. He just got back you know."

What the-

"Oh yeah, thanks Gardner. I really need that taken care of."

"Some other time," Cast walked out of the room.

I am not the only one who thinks that something is wrong here.

"So, what was he asking you about?"

"Nothing, just some… administrative work."

"You don't administrate."

I'll say it you twit, just let me. You just have to nod your freakin head!

"What is going on here, Mr. Gardner. I leave for a few months and something very big has happened."

"I don't really know-"

"What scheduling conflict do I have then?"

"Get out of here, Kai. Go somewhere far away. This is… I don't know. Just don't get involved."

Like I wouldn't get involved with something. Please, old man, I can handle myself more than you. I can get out of my own messes thank you very much!

"Okay then, I will figure it out on my own. Hell, I'm already half way there."

Say something!

"Bye." And with that Kai left the room.

So, Gardner knows something but won't say. Damn hero complex, ask for my help when I offer. I hate bailing people out when I could have prevented it ahead of time. I am going… to go watch the football practice. See if anything new is happening. Actually that is not a very good choice. I wouldn't be safe, seeing as how they are super strong… how can anyone weigh 400 something pounds. Wouldn't it crush their bodies? Think, think, think… .is not happening. I can't imagine what is causing this. I suppose the best option may be to wait. I know a lot more than anyone knows. I'll see what happens and to who. Briggs would never give me pass, he knows that I would never come.

Briggs sat at his table, listening to other men explain the results. Dobson, now a hot quarterback, explained how the DNA change made it possible to spread by body fluid contact; however, a close personal relationship was required.

"Apparently the strength of the relation affects the strength of the change."

For Briggs, that was one plan out the window. At least he got rid of the Brock kid, and gained the Brock kid. What an athlete, the guy was a great addition. Not to say that Brute or Stacker weren't just as great. The entire team was unbeatable now.

"We need way to cause the change without the machine. When the season starts, I want to convert the other teams ASAP." The goal had become much larger than Briggs intended. The school was too small for him, he wanted the city, maybe even the state. He had four coach's assisting him: Cast, Windstock, Van, and Dobson. He had plans for the rest, but it had to slowly and he was growing impatient.

"If we can convert everyone within a single day, then no suspicion will arise."

Van answered, "But, like, we haven't been able to age children to adult forms and there is still the problem of the women." Briggs knew the machine wouldn't work on females. In fact, it had been designed to work on only one male. What to do, there would be problems there.

"We need to alter reality. We can dispose of them"

"Pull a 'Matrix'?" Dobson asked.

"Something like that. We can't kill them, but they need to be out of the way."

"With all respect, we could kill them." Briggs knew that, of course, but it was a lot of people and more blood than he cared to have on his hands.

"No, once we get the alterations completed, we can separate the women from the world. Then it will be a free-for-all."

Out on the field- Stacker, Brute, and Brock trained in silence with the rest of the team, needing no guidance from a coach. They knew exactly what to do.


CHAPTER 8 - En Mass

The weeks passed, and Kai spent much of his time observing others and watching the changes. For the team members, it had been a busy five weeks.

Brock had become a hard-core jock, spending his time practicing and partying. He only talked to football jocks. And his days were spent thinking about the game.

Stacker took it upon himself to see the conversion of the nerds in the school. First, he lured his friend, Simon Schmidt, to the room and watched as he transformed into a wide receiver.

Briggs laughed as he reviewed the digital image of Simon. A hardcore math nerd, spent his time studying and building… hovercrafts. Huh, well we can't let all that intelligence go to waste. 5'0" 120 pounds. He would be better suited as 6'7" 476 pounds.

Simon was terrified as he stood in the machine. His body began to throb in pain, causing him to let out a yelp. Staring down, he noticed that his feet were getting bigger, much bigger from a size 6 to 14. Huge veins began pumping through his leg and entered his calves. As they were pumped with the fluid, they increased to the size of footballs. His tiny thighs became like two tree trunks filled with veins. They spread over his body, sending his five inch dick straight out, but it wasn't five inches and more. It pushed forward to a neat 8 inches. His sac and balls enlarged to match his new proportions. The veins pushed through his stomach, leaving a six pack and thick veins. His ass bubbled with fat, as it grew to ten times the old size The veins spread through his chest and back, endowing him with over 70 inches of muscle. He gained huge shoulders, like a steel beam. His puny arms became as thick as bowling balls and his forearms grew to match. His hands became thick and worn, but still maintained the precision he'd had before. The veins coiled through his neck, dropping his voice. His jaw became square, as the rest of his face looked as though it had suffered from heavy beatings. His scalp began to itch as all of his hair receded into his head, permanently.� Finally his white skin turned a deep chocolate. Simon just stared in amazement at his body. Once a puny geek, now a huge bodybuilder.

Briggs was quite satisfied with the physical change, but there was still the mind. He may be able to help me still. I need him to think and obey. Okay… here we go. "Simon, Simon I know you can hear me."

Simon looked up at Briggs. "What?" He said in a tired voice.

"Simon, you are going to be a jock. One way or another. Here's the thing. You're a smart guy. I could really use your help. If you would just work with me…"

"Work… with you?" Already the idea sounded like a good idea in Simon's brain. Briggs was a nice guy, he should help him. Besides, being a jock would be really cool. "Okay."

"That a boy, but first. Simon isn't a good name for a big, tough wide receiver."

"No… it's not… "

"From now on, your name is… Hunter. Josh Hunter. The Hunter."

"Josh… Hunter… "

"Good now," Briggs entered all the other changes into the machine. Josh first played football in ninth grade and loved it. He was still intelligent in math and sciences, but put most of his energy toward football. He wanted the coach to succeed and was determined to help. He was called the Hunter cause he could hunt down any ball and catch it.

Simon's brain was struggling with the changes. I don't play football, but Josh does. Hunter is a wide receiver. I'm awesome, but I'm not him. Yes, I am. I am Josh Hunter. Wide receiver. I play for Briggs, he is a genius of a man and I want to help him in his plans. I want to serve Briggs. Football is life, and will be for everyone.

The changes set in his mind, and Josh Hunter was born. He still had the haze of stupidity common to all the other jocks, but he could function in math and science. The huge receiver stepped out and put on his jock. Mike had waited for his friend, and they high fived and walked out, deciding who to turn next. Briggs gave Hunter a slap on the ass before he left.

Brute decided to help the skaters become jocks. His target was Jarod Smith, the biggest punk in the school. Lots of the other skaters only were such because they followed Jarod. Brute; however, decided to play this one a little different. They were experimenting with the reality alterations. He was trying to slowly change Jarod. He had first just talk to him, been friendly and talkative. He could talk about skateboarding, being a former skater. Brute worked hard to make Jarod feel comfortable around him. The slacker loosened and started engaging in conversation with Brute.

They had gym class together fourth hour. All the slackers took it for an easy pass. Brute had gotten some of his teammates to sneak in and steal Jarod's stuff. After class, he walked in to discover his belongings missing. He had no clothes to change into, and had decided not to wear a shirt that day. He would be walking around the school in a pair of shorts.

"Shit, anyone got some extra clothes?" Most of the class was on the football team, so no one spoke up.

"Fuck yeah, I do," Brute answered. He pulled out a football jersey, a jock, and some tight jeans. "This is all I fucking have."

"Shit." But Jarod had no choice, he had to go to class, so he took the clothes and them on. He had always worked out, and the clothes seemed to accentuate his body. The jersey, number 80, clung to his body, giving him a visible "V" shape.

"Looks fucking good," Brute commented. Jarod really looked like a jock dressed up like that.

"I can't go out like this. The other guys will ream me!"

"Well fuck, come to lunch with us," Brute suggested.

"With the jocks," Jarod responded. But he had no choice. So, he agreed to come along. Lunch was actually fun. The jocks treated him like on of their own, hitting him and having eating contests with them. Jarod had a great time and wondered how he never got along with these guys before.

"They're cool dudes," he thought to himself. He was having such fun with them that he agreed to go out after school today. Practice didn't start until late that day.

Jarod met up with them after school and they went to the mall. The talked about school, football, and Jarod tried hard to join in the conversation. A part of him really wanted the guys to like him. In fact, he began adopting their slang and movements. He stride gained a bit of a swagger, and he walked with his legs farther apart.

"Hey, dude," Brute said. "You're still wearin' my shit!" Jarod had completely forgotten about the jersey.

"Shit, man," Jarod said. "You need it back, fucker?"

"Fuck no, Rod!" Brute said.

"Rod?" Jarod thought. "Is that me?"

"Yeah you are fucking 'Rod', dude."

"Rod… like that," Jarod thought to himself. "You know dudes, I really need a new pair of sneakers." And with that, Brute took him to an athletic shoe store and, showed him a pair of football cleats.

"Come fucking on, dude. They are so fucking cool."

"They're a size 16."

"Just try them on." Jarod tried on the shoes, and was amazed to discover that it was a perfect fit. How had he worn size 10's before? They felt so natural on his feet. He bought the shoes, because all the guys told Rod that he needed them. They walked around some more until it was time for practice. The guys drove back to the school. As Jarod was leaving the guys, Brute shouted back, "Where you goin, fucker? Don't you want to try out your fucking cool pair of fucking new shoes?"

Jarod was confused, but he did want to try them out. And they were football shoes. Where better? So he went into the locker room with the guys and Briggs asked if he wanted to be on the team. Rod wanted to be on the team badly, but Jarod just said that he would like to try. Briggs handed him pants, pads, a helmet. All of the equipment seemed too big.

"Aren't you giving me a jersey?"

"What about the one you have on?"

"Isn't it Brute's?"

"Fuck no," Brute spoke up wearing his number 54 jersey. "That one is yours Rod." Briggs just told Rod to run some drills and then he would see how he was doing. He told Jarod that he was gonna be a tight end, and would have to practice catching and blocking. He went out and got on the line like a pro.

"This is easy," Jarod thought. He ran all the drills perfectly. �He could feel his body pumping as he worked out all his muscles playing football. As practice continued, the equipment didn't feel too big any more. When he reached back to scratch his butt, Jarod discovered that the spandex was barely containing his ass. The entire uniform felt tighter, and better. Yeah it felt a lot better to Rod. Jarod had to think about some of the plays, but after a while Rod didn't have to think about anything. Halfway through practice, Jarod had a boner that wasn't going away. He went to the locker room and stripped down to jack off. What he saw in the mirror scared him, but it seemed perfectly natural. He was a 6'7" 523 pounds tight end. Veins shooting through his entire body. His hair was bleach blonde. His chest had to be at least 75 inches, and his ass was mountainous. He began to grope his big cock. His fucking nine inch fuck stick. It felt so good. God, he loved this feeling. Is this what it felt like to be jock? Yeah, this was jock. I'm a fucking jock. I'm Rod. Fuck yeah, I am a fucking fucker. Fuck yeah.

And he came. As he did, he fucked out any thought of his old life. He was fucking Rod, the tight end. And he put back on his gear to get back to practice. Briggs was waiting for him outside, and gave a big whack on the ass before he went to practice.


CHAPTER 9 - Broken Walls

The team didn't stop with Hunter and Rod, many nerds and skaters were now huge members of the football team. In the five weeks before the first game, they had succeeded in converting about half the male population of the school. Hunter and Briggs were working on expanding the machine's powers. They could now cause limited bends in reality, as they tested on Rod. Increasing the scope of the effect was their next goal.

Brute and Rod had recruited a collection of former skaters, now massive jocks. Stacker had recruited the nerds to play. Brock and the other jocks had contributed numerous other men. Some groups lay completely untouched, while entire cliches had been assimilated. Cast and the other teachers had refrained from any more faculty changes until reality could be bent.

In the midst of it all, Kai was developing a routine. Each day, he snuck into the principal's office and copied the school roster, then went back the next day and determined who had been changed. It was to protect himself more than anything, knowing when they got near his friends. And so far, Briggs had stayed far away.

It didn't help that Kai was occupied with musical business and spent hours a day at local recording studios. He had guessed that a push would occur once the first game approached. He still didn't know what caused the Jocking or even if it could be reversed.

Great, so I know nothing. The first match is approaching, of course against the big rival team, and I still know nothing! Nothing! How is that possible. I mean, I know everyone who has been Jocked, but still that's a very small piece of the mystery. I need to get back in that room. But how, with the number of jocks around I bet someone is always guarding it now. Except at night. I can see the parking lot from my apartment. No one is here at night. But the locks on the school are awesome. I can't pick the lock… and the doors are triple reinforced so breaking them down is not an option. Okay, this is a small town… was advantage does that give. Everyone knows their neighbor, trust… I bet he leaves the keys in his office. So, that's a little easier to break into. I doubt he changed the locks from Burton's day. Burton gave me a key didn't he?… Yes! That's lucky. So, I'll hide in the school for a couple of hours. Right.… aving the world… blast my luck. All I ever wanted in life was to be pretty and have fun, why is this happening to me?

Kai hid in the auditorium all afternoon. No one ever came in, so he was pretty sure that it was a safe spot. He waited until the sun set before going outside. Silent in the darkness, the halls of the building exhibited greater intimidation and evil than ever before.

This school is evil. I just know it. Nothing in life is this wrong. Here's the office… bam bitch! Always change your locks. Now, where would I keep keys? On my key chain, but since that's not here.… n the desk. Nope… files… lots of files… most of these pages are blank. Has he moved the office into the locker room? Shit! He is taking precautions at the very least. Look for something hidden. I mean, I would make a hidden shelf in my office if I was trying be the next Hitler.… god there is nothing here. I mean there are documents, but they don't say anything. And that chunk of wall is out of place. �I mean it fits normally… but… anyone can see… that… t… can… be moved. If you're stronger than me. Fine, kicking! Ha! I knew those classes paid off. And we have… A big black book. What the engraving on the cover? Not Latin… or Asian… that's not a real language. Well, let's open it… is this a book of prophecy? Briggs is into the supernatural? No… this… looks very familiar. A battle between good and evil… the evil coming to steal the happiness of the people. The good fighting back. Shit! This… can't be happening. This is fake.… ld. Really old. And the voice of light shall save the world or be swallowed in the darkness. Good ending, not telling what happens. The journey determines the ending, I'm sure. The beginning… time flows and repeats. What the fuck? The death of the elder by the child… the rise of…

Kai slammed the book shut.

This is ridiculous. I refuse to think that anything like this is real. Someone is writing fiction. Odd though, the cover is in some ancient text, and the book is written in English. I need those keys… stop thinking about the book. Briggs has made some changes to the office… was that there when Burton was here? No,… but… I remember that hole. He pointed out that section of the wall to me. Told me that it opened. Shit, I'm doing that thing where I convince myself of something totally wrong. Keys, keys, keys… lying on the desk. Where I should have looked from the start. Now, to the room.

Not a sound could be heard in the locker room. The pale fluorescent lights gave an eerie glow to the room. Kai found the door and unlocked it. He stepped inside to see the room had changed.

Obviously, he has used it more. Clothes are everywhere. Discards? Must be the old shit people wore. Now, wow the computer has seen a lot of action. The back log is huge. Hmm… I need to look at the tube. I really don't want to get in. Plus, it has to be something in the wires. A chemical. Of course, the big box in the corner with Chem 5 written on it is no hint. 5? That blew up last year. I watched it blow up on the news. There was a fire. Which caused something to rupture. What is this shit? It's thick, like bile or cum. Tastes like… oh god.… eww. That is not natural. I think I found the answer. But if its from the plant, they can't make anymore. Maybe he doesn't need anymore. Does it have a name.… no… I'll call it… jock juice. Huh, so, got the method now for the madness. Why was this stuff made, by who, and why does Briggs happen to have a few crates full of it? The plant has been torn down… how would you access their records. Where would I store my back up files if I was a mysterious chemical company? I have no idea, but I have my parents files so… better get home and check. I only have three days until Friday.

Soon after Kai went home, Hunter and Briggs came up to work on the machine. Hunter had only a few minor changes to make.

"There," huffed his bass voice. "That should make it work."

"Excellent. How far does it reach?"

"I can affect the people in the school. Until we get more 'stuff' it can't go further."

"That is still a great achievement. Alright. Let's get ready for tomorrow."

They worked late into the night.


CHAPTER 10 - Just a Thought

Kai spent the night reading over his parent's files, and finding nothing useful. He was having trouble staying awake, so would burst into song whenever he felt himself drifting off.

La la la. This sucks. I need some luck. All these files talk about bending reality. That's not what the machine does… except that I guess it bends the reality of the person. Could you expand something like… speak of the devil… Briggs? Worked at the plant. For a summer, six years ago. I never knew that. So, he knew my parents. That's rather odd. Would explain how he has access to the chemicals though. Hey, they tried to experiment with expanding the bend. They needed something more powerful as a base for reality. So they began creating a new chemical. They had used XAP6 but were trying to upgrade, make a XAP7. No chemicals listed… and the files only go to six months before. Yeah, they were going to be late cause it was back up day. The accident happened on the last day. Any research for the season was done, and mysteriously all the files are destroyed. I wonder if that stuff was XAP7. No… he prototype of seven had been made before the back up. It was thinner and green. Probably a good thing they changed the color. So, what? Is Briggs playing with XAP8? Or even nine or ten. I suppose, who knows how long that stuff was in the making. They erased the previous season's files… at least my parents did. Grr! What?… the effects of XAP6 can be prevented by adding… to the person. What? They blanked it out. Data recovery to the rescue. Uplog file… evert to date… six months before… added… TAN1. TAN1 prevents the affects of the XAP. It can be added to the individual, the only know affect it has is altering the color of the person's hair. It tends to exploit multiple colors ranges that were previously unaccessible. So in other words it gave the persons streaks. Oh! Huh! Mom and dad weren't gonna let it happen to their kid, were they. TAN1 has been tested on one subject, and reactions were positive. Further success is suspected. TAN1… TA1… TAI… Tai. Fun, so a chemical was named after me. What does the N stand for? Shit, the sun is coming up. Better get to school.


CHAPTER 11 - The Next Day

This is so wrong. I mean… wow.

The entire school had changed. It was now an all-male school. Two thousand guys in 9-12 grade. That was not the major change. Every member of the football team now walked around in a jock strap and cup, football cleats, white tights, and a white long-sleeved under armor tight shirt. And everyone else acted like it was normal. People told Kai that it was the normal football uniform.

"That's what they wear every non-game day."

No it isn't. No one would ever wear that. Ever. Not in public. Maybe in the privacy of a locker room. Changing into something else. Not parading around school. Until now, it hadn't really occurred to me how much of the school had been Jocked. It is way too many.

Another change that Briggs had made was that now body fluid could alter a man. He still had to be tuned with the machine, but the physical changes could happen with anything he wanted. He just had to program them in. Plus, after any alteration, the man would be ready for the final change, and come willingly.

Kai walked straight up to Briggs when he saw him.

"How the fuck did you pull this off?" Briggs was surprised, but not entirely. He figured that somehow nothing would or could change Kai.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"This… bullshit! It's just not possible."

"Sorry, Kai but you had better get to class." Even Kai couldn't destroy Briggs' good mood.

I want to yell at him. I want to hit him. But keep shut. Don't let him know what I know. Silence is golden. He still thinks I am clueless, when I really only need a few more clues.

The entire football team felt liberated. Finally, they could strut their stuff. This was how they had been programed and now life felt perfect. Except for all the non jocks in the school, but that was going to change by Friday and they all knew. The others thought everything was normal and it was, they just didn't realize how normal yet.

"I'm surrounded by idiots!" Kai yelled that in the middle of Cast's class. They had spent most of the hour talking about football, as everyone else was a player now. Everyone except for Kurt Dudson. He always wanted to be a jock, Kai couldn't believe they hadn't taken him.

Maybe he's too easy, they want to try harder ones first.

Kurt asked to go the restroom, and Cast wrote him a pass and he left. Not soon after Brock got up and left the room.

Guess they're taking him today.

Kai just sat in silence, waiting for the bell. Or really anything to get him out. He was leaving the moment the class ended. He would steal away into the auditorium, then leave.

In the bathroom, Kurt was standing up, taking a piss. He saw Brock come in after him and stand at the one next to him. He did a small gesture to acknowledge him. Kurt always wanted to be friends with the cool jock, but he wasn't big enough to play. So, he followed them around like a puppy. The "Dud" they called him. When he was done, he zipped up and turned around. Brock was standing in front of him, waiting.

"What-" he as cut off as Brock pushed him to the ground. He struggled as Brock forced himself onto Kurt. It took a moment before Kurt noticed that Brock's tights were on the ground, then he felt a large dick rubbing up on him. Kurt could barely struggle against Brock, as he shoved off Kurt's pants and boxers, revealing his ass.

Body fluid worked after all, and Brock really wanted to get off. Kurt felt a sharp pain as his ass was penetrated. He let out a little scream which Brock cut off by kissing him. Kurt could feel the full length of Brock's manhood pressing inside of him, so warm. It felt good. Really good. The rhythmic pumping inside him was incredible. In fact, he loved the feeling of Brock's cum spraying in him. He could feel the other man's dick force out the fluid. It was a little thicker than normal. And then the pain began. Veins shot through his dick, and the once 6 inch prick became an 8 inch monster. His balls inflated like balloons. All over, the veins pumped his body with hot, jock muscle. He could feel himself becoming stronger and stupider, and he accepted it. No, he wanted it, he begged for it. His ass become two big melons, and he had to waddle to prevent his thighs from hitting. His pecs become the size of platters and his back gained so much muscle it almost made him hunch over. His arms turned into the size of legs, brimming with muscle. As the veins filled his neck, he became a resonant bass. The restructuring of the face took only moments, followed by the deep sexual haze that followed. His hair was dull brown, like his eyes. He had gone from 5'3" 150 pound loser to 6'6" 435 pound star halfback, running incredible touchdowns. Brock helped him up and led him to the locker room.

Forget the dud, Kurt Studson, dressed in white tights, walked back into the Chem class. The football Stud. He acted like a jock, and finally was one. Kai just sighed and prayed for the bell.


CHAPTER 12 - Fourth Hour

I am never going back to school. I will stay in the auditorium until the end of the day, only because guards are blocking the exits. They must have high hopes for the day. The thing is, this makes sense to a point. The Chem plant fire, Briggs having the XAP, I bet Briggs killed my parents. And Darren's. �Bastard. It also makes sense. He bent reality a lot. They must have been past 7 or 8, it was probably on XAP10. And TAN1, injected in me, prevents it. So, I see what cannot be seen. Fuck me. I don't have a clue what to do. And all the while I sit and hide waiting to get off this hell bound ride. I don't write my own lyrics for a reason, my songs are awful. I just say no to any song that I think is bad. What was that book in Briggs' office? Was it random? I just, think that everything makes sense, or would make sense if I knew something. Really, just the motives. And how XAP works. And what Briggs was doing at the Chem plant. Bastard, killed my parents. I'm sure of it. I wonder how everyone in the school is? It's fourth hour, probably a lot of Jocking happening.

And there was.

Brock fucked about twenty guys in the bathroom, most of whom become defensive tackles, like himself. Stacker had invented fun method to convert offensive linemen. He created a meat platter and challenged guys to eating contests. As the other guy ate, he slowly bulked up, putting on over three hundred pounds in a few minutes. Veins would being popping out of the guys body as he slowly descended into a mental fog, where he would remain forever. Stacker would take them down to the room, where they would be mentally altered into offensive linemen, strong and mindless. Stacker enjoyed his mammoth posse, and challenged dozens of guys throughout the day. If any said no, the linemen would shove the food down his throat until he started crazing the feeling of football in every bite.

Hunter stayed with Briggs all day, helping him convert the men.

Meanwhile, Brute and Rod used clothes to make the men. The gym scheme worked on a few guy. While David Masterson was showering after second period gym, they took his briefs and exchanged them with an identical pair that would work for them. As he put them, David only noticed that they didn't seem worn. He put on his other clothes and proceeded with his day. During the next hour, David's dick began to itch and it wouldn't stop. David spent most of the hour trying to scratch himself without anyone noticing. By the end of the hour; however, David didn't give a shit who saw him. Hell, every guy scratched his nuts, it was fucking natural. David couldn't believe how much he was swearing mentally and orally. His dick seemed to be getting bigger through the day, and he clothes all seemed tighter. His shirt was about to split two hours after gym, and he excused himself to the restroom. He flexed and snapped off his clothes in the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror. Huge veins roped around his body, now covered in muscle. He had gone from 5'5" 157 pounds to 6'0" 275lbs. As he struggled to get off his pants, he noticed that something was odd about his briefs. Scratching his ass in confusion, he discovered that nothing covered his rear. His briefs had become a jock strap, one that barely contained his huge 9 inch cock. And that cock demanded attention. He yanked and pulled on his big cock. Completely absorbed in the sexual lust, David failed to notice Brute and Rod come in. He was too busy using his fucking tool. His big fucking machine. Fucking himself. Yeah, it felt great.

Big wads of cum showered the sinks in the boys bathroom. The muscular David turned around to notice Brute and Rod staring at him.

"What the fuck do you fuckers fucking want?" Did I just say that David thought. Yeah, I fucking did. What the fuck of it.

"Fuck nothing," Rod answered.

"You're just one big mother fucker," Brute finished. "With some training, you would be a fucking awesome fucking football player."

"No fucking way," David answered. "I don't play fucking dumb games, like fuckin' football and other fucking shit."

"Well, fucker, tell me if you change your fucking mind," Brute said.

"Here dude," Rod said. "You ripped your fucking old clothes. Here are some new ones for you fucker."

"Thanks, fuckers, if I fucking need any of you fucking help I'll fucking let you know." David began to put on the clothes. It was a tight shirt and jeans, along with some football cleats.

"Damn fuckers," David thought. I ain't no fucking jock. Shit! These shoes are cleats. Gotta fuckin wear em. Damn fuckers." David however like the feeling of the cleats. Hey those guys were trying help him He should be nice. He chased them into the hall.

"Hey, stop fuckers. Thanks for your fuckin help, bastards."

"No sweat fucker, hey, what you fucking doing at lunch?"

"Fuck nothing, fuckers."

"Come with us you fucking dickhead." So David went to lunch with them. The guys grew on David, he started liking the fuckers, and they really wanted him on their team.

"Fuck, I could try," David finally gave in.

"Great, fucker," Brute and Rod said. As the meal progressed, David was slowly growing out of his clothes. He had gained another 100 pounds and three more inches.

"Hey fucker," Rod pointed to his clothes, "You're fucking coming out of your fuckin duds."

"Fuck, fuckers." It was true, he would soon rip the clothes apart.

"Fuck, I'll fucking give you some of my clothes. But first, will you mash this can?" Brute asked.


"Fucking mash this fucking can on your fucking face."

"Fuck yeah," David said as he took the can and slammed it into his nose so hard it shattered his nose. A small amount of blood trickled out.

"Dude, fucker," Rod spoke up. "You're a fucking masher."

"Yeah, you're fucking the fucking Masher."

"Fuck yeah," David said.

David agreed to change back at the school. The blood coming out of his nose had been replaced by a slightly thicker juice. Brute and Rod took him into the locker room and gave him a pair of white tights and shirt.

"Fuck dude, I fucking can't wear this fucking shit."

"Why the fuck not. We fucking do."

"But you fuckers are on the fucking football team."

"So the fuck are you, Masher." David's prick began to bark again, and the huge boy began manhandling himself. In front of other guys, hell he didn't care. His prick demanded some attention, and was going to give it.

"It feels go fucking good. Oh, fuck yeah, fucking feel that." And he spewed again. This time, it wasn't cum, but a thicker substance, like bile. The veins bugled out of his body as the 500 pound 6'9" giant Masher got up. He was the fucking center of the fucking team. He fucking snapped the ball and mashed the fucking other team away from the fucking ball. Fuck yeah. Masher put on the tights and turned around to see Briggs. He just laughed and smacked the boy's ass. The three football players left the room, another great conversion.


CHAPTER 13 - Never See It Coming

Tuesday and Wednesday came and went, with most of the school on the football team now. In fact, only about one hundred guys were left, and thanks to some bending, were completely unaware of the changes occurring in front of them. Kai had disappeared. He didn't pick up his phone or answer his door. Some people said he left town, others said that he had some big recording deal. Briggs simply eliminated the memory of Kai from everyone's mind and that was the end of it. The entire school was getting excited about the big game.

I don't have a clue. I have spent the last two days working to find out something about XAP or TAN1. But nothing, my parents were way too careful. People keep looking for me. I am gonna have to skip town soon. If I can't stop it before the game, then there are going to be a lot of jocks out there. And probably a lot of them looking for me. I can't get a in contact with my agent either, were is he? I need a plane ticket now. I have never felt this scared. Even after watching the report on the news telling me that my parents were dead, going to sleep alone that night, this inspires greater emotion in me than that. This is my life, and I refuse to lose myself, ever. I need that black book. I think it may offer some help. Maybe it is a real prophecy. In that case, I need to learn how to fight the evil. Thursday today. They will be having a pep assembly tomorrow. I am sure they will get everyone today. And they probably won't leave the school once everyone is Jocked. They will just practice all night. Or something like that. Fine then, tonight is the night I go to war.

For the football team, Thursday had been a great day for conversions. Brock again took to bathroom fucking, something that he was finding greater and greater pleasure in. His father, Cast, used the same technique to convert teachers. Indeed, sometimes the pair found themselves in need of a quickie and would use each other.

Stacker loved the feeding method he had been using and continued, producing all kinds of players. The key part of his conversion was giving the boys a burning desire to have football sensations. His favorite people to Jock were fat guys. He loved watching their fat swell in their asses as their bodies gained hundred of pounds of muscle.

Hunter was working on the machine as always, and did most of the technical work for the team. Briggs and he worked constantly on improving the methods.

Brute, Rod, and Masher decided they wanted one more member in their posse. So they went searching for another guy who needed a clothing make over. They chose Brandon Bell, a semi-intelligent kid who spent most of his time flying planes. He would be Jocked in a slightly different method. Brandon arrived at school an hour late, had to park in the very back, and it was pouring rain. His clothed were soaked. Fortunately for Brandon, the trio were at the door.

"Shit, fucker," Rod started. "You're fuckin' soaked."

"Fuck, dude," Masher pipped in.

"You fucking need some fucking dry clothes." Brute finished.

"Thanks guys," Brandon answered. "But I'll be okay. I'll dry off."

"Fuck no, buddy," Masher said.

"We've fucking got some fucking dry clothes," Brute stated.

"It's no big fucking deal. Just fucking borrow the fucking clothes" Rod said.

"Well, okay." The guys led Brandon to the locker rooms, where they gave him a jock strap, tight jeans and shirt, along with some football cleats.

"Guys, I don't fit into this very well." Brandon worked out, and the clothes were too small on his body. He was 6'0" 220 pounds. The shoes were way too big, and he felt uncomfortable wearing some guys jock strap.

"That's a fucking extra jock, bitch." Rod mentioned.

"Don't fucking worry." Brute smiled at Brandon, who put on the clothes. They made him look even more muscular than before. The jock also made his dick look larger. The shoes were just some normal high tops.

"Thanks guys," Brandon turned to leave.

"Wait fucker," Brute called after him. "If you ever fucking need anything, fucker. Just fucking let us know.

"Fuck yeah," Rod and Masher chimed.

"Okay, thanks," Brandon said as he walked out of the lockers. As he walked, he enjoyed the new sensation of a jock holding his dick and sac. He loved the way it gripped them as he walked. He had to take a wider stride as he walked, because the pants gripped him so tightly. The shirt felt like a second skin. As much as he wouldn't admit it, Brandon enjoyed showing off his body. He wanted to let those jocks know that he was just as big as they were.

As he sat in class, Brandon couldn't help but notice the new sensations on his body. The jock strap held his dick so tight that he had to grab at it every few minutes. The fabric of the jeans against his raw ass excited him, he liked the feeling of new material against his backside. The shirt magically clung to him, no matter how he moved. He loved the way the shoes felt. He had thought that they were too big, but walking in them felt perfectly natural. He put more energy into his step, it was more direct, more powerful. And he liked the feeling of power.

Unfortunately, as he was frequently grabbing his dick, he got aroused very quickly. Between hours, he went to the men's restroom, the same bathroom that Brute, Rod, and Masher used. Brandon threw off his tight clothes and grabbed his dick in a fit of rage. He hands gnawed at his flesh. His throbbing dick. God, it felt so alive. Brandon was more aroused than he had ever been. He jerked himself off with such force that he fell onto the floor. That didn't stop him from pumping his big, rigid cock. His fucking 9 inch tool. God, it felt wonderful, fucking himself like this.

He blew everywhere. Most of the bathroom was covered in white cum. When Brandon got up, veins could be seen shooting through his body. His dick hung, entirely spent, against his pumped thigh. His back and chest showed the most growth. He had grown three inches and gained one hundred pounds of muscle. A faint outline of a six-pack could be seen on his abs. His neck had one huge vein in it now. His voice was slightly deeper, and Brandon was a little dumber.

"Fuck, fucker. You fucking okay," Rod asked the downed Brandon.

"Fuck, I fucking think so. I mean thank you," Brandon recovered himself.

"No fucking deal, fucker. You fucking want anything?" Masher said.

"No fucking thanks," Brandon was amazed at how often he was using fuck. He got up an put back on the borrowed clothes. Strangely, they still fit. The pants seemed to have more of a stretch, and was the shirt white before? Whatever.

"Thanks again fuckers," Brandon said after getting dressed.

"Fuck, no fucking deal, yo!" Brute said. "What the fuck you got this hour?"

"Umm, fuck. I don't remember."

"Fuck that then!" Masher cheered.

"Fuckin come hang with us," Rod offered.

"Come fucking on dude," Brute said. Brandon was confused, but he couldn't remember what he had this hour, in fact, he couldn't remember anything about school. But he did know that the big rival game was tomorrow.

"Okay," Brandon said as he followed the other guys out of the bathroom. They led him down to the locker rooms again. Each opened up their lockers, and shifted some shit around. Looking at the room, Brandon wished that he had a locker. It would be cool to be on the team. But he had never wanted to be on the team before, why the sudden change. Must be hanging around with these guys.

"Yo! Fucker, Brandon, get fucking over here," Brute called Brandon to an open locker near the other three.

"You fuckin ever want to be a fuckin football player." Brandon normally would have said no, but in the locker rooms, his school spirit kicked in.

"It would be cool," Brandon admitted.

"Yeah," Masher said. "I fucking jack off thinking about the fucking game. Setting up on the fucking line. Feeling the QB's hands on my fucking ass, preparing to fucking hike the ball."

"Fuck, getting down on the line, ready to fucking block or run a pass." Rod added.

"Watching the fucking line set up. Fuck, telling them if something needs to fucking change. Tackling some bastard from the other team. God, talking about it makes me fucking horny." All the guys began jacking off as they talked about football. Brandon was getting uncontrollably aroused by the conversation. Even more, he wished he played for the team.

"What fucking position would you fucking play, fucker," Brute asked Brandon.

"I don't know."

"Fucking tell me," Brute demanded.

"I guess I'd want to be a defensive tackle. Lining up, getting ready to pound some meat."

"Some fucking meat," Masher said.

"Yeah, pound some fucking meat from the fucking other team."

"Tell me about it while you get off." So Brandon pulled out his cock and began talking about being a defensive tackle. All the while jacking off. It felt so good, so fucking good. The other guys added in things to make it even better. He knew more and more about football. And that reminded him that football players say fuck. Brandon loved fucking his fucking tool. His fucking fuck stick. He grabbed himself like the big fucker that he was, the great fucking football player, who fucking charged into guys on the other team to fucking tackle the fucking QB. God it was so fucking hot.

Brandon came again, this time his white cum was mixed with thicker substance. He just laid there in spent lethargy with the other guys.

"Fuck, you should join the fucking team. I'm sure Briggs would fucking let you," Masher offered.

"Fuck maybe," Brandon said in a deeper voice. He got up to put on his clothes. The shirt was now long-sleeved and skin tight. It was underarmor. Brandon didn't think anything of it as he put it on. The pants were now white too, and even tighter than before. His shoes were now football cleats that fit perfectly. Huge veins showed through the tight clothes. He had gained another hundred pounds, putting him at 425. He was 6'6" now, and his once brown hair had gone bleach blonde and stood straight up in a flat top. His neck showed at least five huge veins, and the muscles on his body were chiseled like stone.

"Fuck man," Brute spoke. "Man, I am fucking hungry. Fuck, let's fucking eat some shit."

"Fuck yeah," Masher and Rod joined in.

"You fucking coming bitch?" Brute questioned Brandon. He hesitated for a moment.

"Fuck yeah, fuckers," Brandon said as they left the room.

They went to a cheap BBQ place were Brute ordered ten pounds of meat for each of them. Brandon said he couldn't eat that much, but Brute assured him he could. The meat came, and the boys began to dig in. Brandon lost all concern for manners. He practically ate off the plate, just like the other guys. Every time he started to get full, one of the other guys would cheer him on. So he ate like a monster. As he ate, he could feel his body getting bigger, adding another fifty pounds of muscle to his body. He began thinking even slower and all his thoughts centered around football, and he chugged down tons of water with the other guys. They belched loudly at the same time, and laughed. His pants had changed to white tights, just like the others. By the time they left, Brandon was long gone, but Brute hadn't given him a new name yet.

When they got back to the school, Brandon wanted to go to the locker room again, cause he wanted to join the team. Brute asked him again to describe how he would play and jack off while he talked. Brandon began jerking his big rigid dick with full force, talking about setting up the line and charging the other team. Making huge tackles. He knew everything about football.

"You want to fucking charge the other fucking team."

"Fuck yeah," Brandon said as he grabbed his balls.

"Then from now on, you're name is Brandon Bull. You're the fucking Bull on the team."

"I'm the fucking Bull!" Brandon screamed as he whack himself off. Bull was consumed by thoughts of football. He knew how to run plays, how to act. He was the fucking Bull.

"Bull, Bull, Bull," the other three began chanting as Brandon got closer and closer to cumming.

Finally, Bull let out a groan, and thick white goo flew across the lockers. The fourth locker in the group gained the name tag Brandon Bull. The Bull got up, scratched his crotch, and put on his tights. At the neck of each boys shirt, the initials BRMB became embedded. It was a symbol of their unity and would appear on the shirt of any player they jocked. The other guys high-fived and belched as they walked out. Briggs was there to slap Bull's ass as he left. The men could be heard yelling, "Fuck yeah" to each other as they walked.


CHAPTER 14 - The Last Night

(Ha! And I'm sure someone out there thinks I must be nearing the end!)

There was one guy left in the school by the time school was almost out. Carl Manner realized that he was the only guy in school not on the football team, so he decided to join. He walked down to the locker rooms and told Briggs that he wanted to join. Briggs showed him into the tube and changed him. The 5'10" 189 pounder was turned into a 6'8" 512 pound cornerback, called Man. His old name was just too long. Mentally he was long ready. When he stepped out, the school had a new sense of unity. Two thousand players and about one hundred coach's sat in the locker room, all wearing identical white tights and jocks. No more speaking had to occur, they were ready. Tonight they would practice, and tomorrow they would expand.

What the fuck am I fighting for? Individuality? Freedom? Myself? That seems like the most likely answer. I have to destroy the machine. That is most important. They will lose the ability to bend reality any further. It may reverse changes that have already occurred, and it will prevent that method of Jocking. And more importantly, they can't pull the rug out from under me. From there, I just have to fight them. I, Kai Cole, swear to fight for the freedom of life and choice. I have two guns with six shots each. I need to be quick. The little explosion Cast taught me how to make will be enough to destroy the machine. Are you ready? No. But I won't ever be ready to fight. I have to be brave, the fate of the world hangs in my hands. I cannot lose. I mean I can, but I won't let myself. I refuse to die until I destroy that machine. I can worry about the rest later, but I cannot let an entire school be altered during the game. The stands are right below the machine, they will be well within its range.

Kai, dressed all in black, walked in the school at midnight. He walked straight to the football lockers. He passed by players and paid them no mind. They were too involved practicing to notice him. In the locker, to the room. Now the guns come out.

Ooh. They have guns too. Fuck, ouch, shit. Got him and that one too. Duck! Dammit, he expected me. A few shots, one gun gone. Dive, and fire! I think I hit one. A little paste, some matches and now the magic ingredient. Ten seconds to run.

Kai stood up to run and was hit by a barrage of bullets. They pierced his entire body and sent him flying into the wall. As the approached him, the mental timer in his head hit zero. And the room exploded.

End of Part 1