The Amazing Andrew (hypno)

The Amazing Andrew was finishing his Canadian tour and this was the last stop on the first part of that tour. He had purposely chosen this spot last for not only would it be a culmination of his success as a stage hypnotist but it would bring to an end twenty years of such seething anger and hatred that it would qualify as a glorious victory for him.

Twenty years earlier, driven out of their business by the powerful Moulder Enterprises, Andrew's father had committed suicide and his mother, having no-one to turn to for help, had had a severe nervous breakdown and had been institutionalised all these years.

Andrew and his brother were thrown from bad homes to worse until, after his brother's untimely death, Andrew ran away from home, changed his name, and with much effort managed to make a living. Having apprenticed himself to an amateur hypnotist, he learned the trade by careful study, not of books, but of actual practice. He was a careful observer and soon was far better than his mentor.

He managed to earn a living first, not as a stage hypnotist, but, through placing carefully worded ads in newspapers, as a helper of those in need. And he did well. Many of those who came to him for aches and pains, quitting smoking, getting over an obsession, left Andrew feeling much better. All that was stopped when a medical doctor reported that he was claiming to "cure" people, and the law very quickly shut down his practice.

Soon after, he was on the road - not as a hypnotist but as a mentalist, and by adding a few beautiful women and a comic, he had a show that became quite popular. But still the anger was there and the need for revenge.

He had done his homework well. He knew everything there was to know about Mr. Moulder of Moulder Enterprises, so much so that his own family did not know everything that Andrew knew. He knew everything about Moulder's business down to the last penny and had a "spy" working in the high ranks of the company. He hired private investigators to tell him everything he wanted to know about Moulder and his three sons. Both public and private lives were open to him, and he had planned his revenge well.

And now it was about to happen. He only needed a little luck to ensure that everything went as planned.

The Moulder boys were Joshua, Samuel and David. Though it sounded like they had planned the names to be very Biblical, the family really didn't support any organized religion. The mother may have been religious, but she had died ten years ago and now Moulder Sr. had remarried. The new wife was much younger, just a little older than the oldest boy, Joshua.

Though not religious, the elder Moulder was somewhat of a tyrant and demanded and got the best from his boys. He ran their lives as he would a military school, unable to show much love except in the fact that he demanded so much. Unfortunately he could be cruel if he didn't get his way. So the boys grew up very afraid of him and were, in fact, overachievers because of him.

Joshua, having just finished university was twenty-four and was destined to move into father's position. He had just "accepted" a job at Moulder Enterprises and with his business degree behind him, he was the hope of the elder Moulder. He was still living at home.

Samuel, the middle son, at twenty-two would have been the "problem" child if there had been one. Like most middle children he was more unsettled and more demanding of attention. He had dropped out of university and was holding a good job, set up by his father, at a local assembly plant. He had a steady girlfriend, Monica, but, because of Dad, was not yet living with her. He was living in an apartment away from Dad.

David was the son with the most personality. He was an all-around athlete, affable, handsome and humorous. He played the field with the girls and was somewhat of a playboy except for the fact that his father never gave him enough money to get into too much trouble. He liked his cars, though, and his simple ambition was to become a mechanic. At nineteen, he had just begun his first year of training at the local college. Like most first year students he was a little wild and Dad had to clamp down on him a little.

The invitation to the Amazing Andrew's show had been directed to the second son, Samuel. It arrived at his apartment and simply stated that he had been chosen at random to come to the show for free, that only the person named could use the ticket and that they could bring a guest if they so wished. To order extra tickets, please call......

Samuel had seen the advertising for the show and knew of the reputation of the Amazing Andrew and so was quite pleased to get the free ticket. He called Monica right away to see if she wanted to go - she did - and so the date was arranged.

The night of the free show for Samuel was the opening, so it was quite an exciting evening - and a good show it was. The first half consisted of great routines, beautiful dancers - very Los Vegas and glitzy. The second half would be Andrew's turf.

Andrew went out into the audience just before the intermission and asked for volunteers. He knew, of course, where Samuel would be seated, and if he didn't volunteer he was going to shame Samuel into it. He didn't have to worry, though, because Monica pushed him into it herself. So Samuel was selected as one of the volunteers for the second show.

Unlike most shows where the volunteers are hypnotized in front of the audience, Andrew brought the volunteers behind stage during the intermission and put them under. He always opened the show with the people under and got right to the good stuff. In this case it offered him an opportunity to plant a few suggestions before the show ever began.

Samuel was a very good subject as Andrew knew he would be. People with authoritarian fathers usually were. After he induced the trance in everyone he brought Samuel away from the others.

"Samuel, I want you to listen very carefully to me. You will enjoy yourself very much tonight. As part of the show tonight I am going to make you want a cigarette. I know that you don't often smoke, but after the show you will find yourself wanting to smoke very badly - in fact, you won't be able to stop from smoking. You will realize that I probably forgot to take the suggestion away, so after you drop off your girlfriend, you will come back to the Hotel next door to the theatre looking for me. You will want me to take away the suggestion for smoking because you don't want to be a smoker, do you?"


"No, and so you will come to seek my help in that. When I say to you <Why don't you have a last cigarette?> you will immediately want to have one last cigarette, you will smoke it and enjoy it very much and as soon as you inhale the third puff, you will go very deeply into sleep - even deeper than you are now. Do you understand?"

"Third puff. I understand."

Andrew gave him a few other suggestions to help with the show and then sent him back to the other volunteers.

The show went very well. People laughed hysterically at some of the antics. The big finale was when Andrew had all the participants become celebrities at a Hollywood cocktail party. He had come over to Andrew and in front of the audience asked him if he had ever smoked.

"A few times." Samuel had answered.

Andrew snapped his finger and Samuel was out like a light. "You are now James Dean," he ordered. "And you are out of cigarettes. James Dean can't be without a cigarette, can he?"

As the cocktail party progressed 'James Dean' went around and bummed cigarettes from Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Pee Wee Herman, and a host of TV and movie celebrities. The audience howled at the antics. Monica, Samuel's girlfriend, marvelled at the change in her boyfriend whom she had never actually seen smoke a cigarette or certainly act like a spoiled rebellious actor. She laughed till she thought she would die.

Andrew ended the show and sent the participants back to the audience, telling them they would not remember what they did on stage till they left the theatre. Samuel was back in his seat and honestly believed the show hadn't started yet, didn't remember being chosen for the act and didn't remember being put under. As soon as he walked out the door of the theatre, as Amazing Andrew had said, he remembered it all. Though not quite all. The suggestion made to him before the show was not part of his memory.

Monica and Samuel went out for a nightcap before going home and both became concerned when Samuel had an intense craving for a cigarette. In fact, when he first sat down at the bar he got very nervous and knew if he didn't have a cigarette soon he thought he would go crazy. Monica noticed something wrong with him. He told Monica he needed a cigarette and at first she laughed. Then as he got more and more tense and no fun to be with, she started to get worried. Finally he could stand it no longer and went over and bought a pack of Marlboro Lites. The person sitting a few seats away had been smoking those and they looked so good. Once he smoked the cigarette he was okay for a while and then it would start all over again until he had smoked four or five.

Finally Samuel told Monica that he better take her home. She told him she hoped that the suggestion would wear off soon because she didn't like to see him smoking. He agreed.

After he let Monica off, he had another cigarette fit. He lit the cigarette and then decided that maybe he should go back and seek out this hypnotist because it seemed like he gave Samuel a suggestion that he hadn't taken away. Of course, that's what he should do!

Samuel arrived at the hotel next door to the theatre and went into the lounge. There, seated at a booth, was the Amazing Andrew.

Samuel walked over to him. "Excuse me, sir." he began. "I don't know if you remember me but I was part of your show tonight, and I seem to have carried over a suggestion you made about smoking and I wonder if you could remove it, because I really don't want to start smoking."

"Sit down, please." said Andrew. So you still feel the need for a cigarette. Why don't you have a last cigarette before I help you?"

At those words Samuel immediately wanted another cigarette. He couldn't for the life of him imagine why he would even want to stop smoking. He took out his cigarettes and quickly lit one. He inhaled the smoke. It was so good.

"What did you say your name was?"

"Samuel Moulder." He took another deep drag.

"And do you live nearby?

"Not too far away." He took a third drag - and his world disappeared.

Andrew told Samuel to accompany him up to his suite. Once up there he told Samuel he was thirsty and gave him a drug that would deepen the hypnosis even more.

"You want to give up smoking, but you aren't going to be able to. The more you try to stop the more you will smoke. But you will give up your girlfriend- Monica, isn't it? . Every cigarette you smoke makes her less attractive to you."

Over the course of the next hour Andrew implanted suggestions into Samuel. When he was finished Samuel's whole personality had changed. He had begun to become what his father most hated - a bum. This was the word Moulder had so often used with his boys when he was angry with them - "so you want to be a bum... well, go ahead", he would say.

Andrew took away any drive to succeed that Samuel had. He would no longer be able keep his job at the plant for he would no longer be able to get up in the morning (no matter how hard he tried); with his first cigarette in the morning would come the need for his first drink of the day; with his first drink of the day came the desire to do nothing but play pool at the local bar; now he would rather take money than earn it - either from the government or in even more illegal ways. He would soon seem to lose his sense of what is right or wrong. Whenever he heard the word "fuck" he would have an uncontrollable urge to do so -with whatever woman he could find or with himself; he would never be able to love a woman because as soon as he felt himself falling for someone, panic would sink in and he would have to leave them.

Andrew looked at the body of the young man before him. He obviously took care of himself - he was properly manicured, hair neatly trimmed, clean-shaven even for the late hour of the night, with well-toned muscles and a tight stomach; what a shame, Andrew thought, that it would no longer be so.

He took the young man down to the bar where he first met him and told him to have a cigarette. On lighting the cigarette Samuel awoke as though he had just arrived at the bar and met the hypnotist. But he no longer remembered why he had specifically come; he knew he enjoyed the company of this amazing man. Samuel took a deep drag on his cigarette and was overwhelmed by the need for a drink. The two of them sat drinking till early in the morning.

When Samuel arrived home he couldn't quite remember what he had done with the evening. He knew he had had a lot to drink for he was definitely feeling the effects of it. There was a message on his answering machine from Monica, and as he lit a cigarette and played it back, he thought: "That bitch. Bothering me at all hours."

When his alarm went off in the morning, he threw it against the wall and went back to sleep. He didn't wake up until almost noon. His mind was blank about last evening and he felt hung over. He had a horrible taste in his mouth and though he felt badly about not showing up for work, he really didn't care. He saw his Marlboro Lites laying on the bedside table and he knew immediately that was what he needed. He took one from the pack, placed it between his lips, lit it, and drew deeply. God, that feels good, he thought.

Next he figured he should get some breakfast but all he could think about having was a beer. He looked in the fridge and there was one left. He downed the bottle quickly, taking time to call the factory and report his absence due to sickness, apologizing for calling so late, got dressed and headed down to Barney's Bar where he could get another beer and maybe shoot some pool. No need to go to work now anyway since they thought he was sick.

At Barney's he ordered his first of many beer when he overheard someone say, "Where's the fuckin' washroom." His cock immediately got hard and he tried desperately to pick up the forty-two year old waitress, Betty. When she would have nothing to do with him, he went into the bathroom and jacked off. That day and ever after it seemed like he was horny all the time.

The second week of the Amazing Andrew's show was almost a sellout. In the audience that Friday was Samuel and his brother Joshua. Out of the blue that week Samuel had called Joshua and apologized for not getting together very much. He was quite maudlin and told Joshua that brothers should find things to do together and not grow apart. Joshua thought he sounded like he had been drinking, but since he had already bought a ticket to the show and since they hadn't seen each other for quite a few weeks, he decided to go.

Joshua met Samuel for dinner and was quite disturbed by the changes that had taken place in Samuel. He didn't look very well. He had started smoking, for God's sake! During supper he was drinking quite heavily, and at dessert he mentioned how he had just been fired from his job. When Joshua got angry at him and shouted: "What the fuck are you doing to yourself?", Samuel looked disconcerted and had to excuse himself and go to the bathroom suddenly.

The Amazing Andrew had, of course, planted the suggestion in Samuel that his brother should be taken to the show. During the intermission, having chosen Joshua who had been quite unwilling to go up until pushed by his brother to do so, Andrew easily put Joshua under and arranged for the two brothers to go to the hotel next door for a drink after the show.

During the show which had the audience in hysterics, Joshua kept forgetting his name and even became a male stripper at one point. Samuel thought it all quite amusing and had no memory that he was up there just a week before.

When Andrew walked into the bar later that evening he saw Samuel and Joshua at a booth near the back of the room. Joshua looked a little embarrassed at how loud Samuel was and how he kept hitting on all the waitresses, but he couldn't seem to find the will to just go home.

Andrew introduced himself to the two brothers and within minutes they were following up to his suite on the fifteenth floor. He told Samuel that he was watching a great football game on TV, sat him in the front room with the TV off, gave him some beer and just let him be. Samuel enjoyed the game immensely, though he did burn a hole in the hotel's new sofa.

Andrew brought Joshua into the bedroom, told him to lay on the bed, and administered a dose of his drug. He knew that Joshua was the most conservative of the brothers and that was why his father trusted him with the finances. With deeply rooted suggestions Joshua now became addicted to gambling and would not be adverse to embezzling the family fortune to feed his addiction. Secondly, he worked on an attraction that was surprisingly already there - to his new "mother". She suddenly became the most attractive, desirable woman he had ever seen and he would go to any lengths to have her. He would not be able to eat, drink or sleep until she was his. Lastly, he would take up smoking cigars - most despised by his father - and the more the father complained about them, the more he would need and want them.

Andrew toyed with the idea with the idea of debasing the two of them in some way before he sent them off, but he was too tired. His plan had taken a lot out of him. Instead he told both brothers to return to the bar. He told Samuel to have a cigarette and once lit, the two would wake up. Samuel's cigarette would remind Joshua that he wanted a cigar and the chain reaction would begin. Andrew smiled to himself as he closed the door behind the two brothers.

On his way home, Joshua felt that he understood his brother a little better. It was so nice of him to take him out for the evening. He puffed on his Ashton Magnum as he drove along and his thoughts turned to his beautiful mother and how he could get her alone...

The third boy, David, he would reach at a volunteer show he was doing at the college to advertise his grand show downtown. He had set up the engagement as a fund raiser for the college but he made sure that free tickets would be given out to "random" students. David was sitting in the third row, cutting up with the friends around him.

Of the three boys, Andrew knew that he would hate this one the most. Not only did David look like a younger, though handsomer, version of his father, he seemed to have everything going for him. He was personable and likeable - through the curtain Andrew could see that everyone around him knew him, thought he was fun, and wanted to be with him. Though he was not a great student he liked the practical work of school and still found time to work out, play recreational sports and date a wide variety of girls.

On stage he was probably the best subject of the three - a natural extravert. So it was that he geared the show to his college audience and got a little raunchier than he would at the theatre. He told David that every time he was asked a question he would find it impossible not to swear. Throughout the show, when he wanted a laugh, he would simply walk over to David and ask an innocent question: "Do you know where you are?" "Fuck, no." came the reply. "Do you know who pinched you?" "That fucking son-of-a-bitch next to me!" And the audience would roar even louder. (In the audience though, his brother was having an increasingly hard time keeping his dick down.)

Since this time the induction was done on stage, Andrew had to create a diversion so that he could talk to David privately. And so, when Tarzan was out in the audience looking for his Jane, Andrew told David that it was imperative for him to meet and talk to him after the show.

When the show had ended and David had indeed sought Andrew out, Andrew brought David along for a ride in his limo, administering the drug out of sight of the driver. When he was let off at the hotel with David, he had David get into a rented car and he drove out of town to a place that he had carefully scouted out.

It was a seedy bar in the outskirts of town and it was the local hangout of a dangerous motorcycle gang. The gang had recently been harassed by police through a series of three big raids but had managed to come out looking clean. Andrew had hypnotized Pork, the leader of the group a few years back when he had been doing his "medicine" gig, and he had known it would be simple to reinstate in Pork a feeling that he was a long long friend. He had done this a few nights ago, so he had no fear of entering the place.

But, before they entered he began to work on David. Before the evening was out, David would become "born again" to the beauties of gang life, the freedom of riding, the camaraderie of friends, the license of sex, drugs and 'leather'.

When he entered with David, he was greeted by Pork as a long lost friend, introduced to the gang and given 'star' treatment. Pork took an immediate liking to David (already pre-planned) and David began immediately to idolize Pork. He had never met anyone quite like him. David thought the vulgarity refreshing, the language honest, the drinking fun, the sex delightful and the company invigorating.

Pork's interest in David had sexual overtones toit, planted also by Andrew. Before the evening was out, a drunk David was taken up to Pork's room where he was raped violently and found himself loving every minute of it. He vowed that night to stay with them and become part of their world.

Two weeks later when Andrew got around to dropping in on the bar, he saw David clinging like a puppy to his new idol. Pork had seen to it that David had been pierced, tatooed, and leathered to his liking - he was particularly fond of the nipple ring David sported, visible under the leather vest. Pork had initiated David to smoking by inhaling the smoke himself and through kissing blowing the smoke into David's mouth and lungs. David would soon be ready to branch out on his own.

Andrew asked David if he had heard from his parents. David responded by saying that the gang was thinking of paying a visit to his old man and demand some of the old fart's money. Andrew laughed and said: "Won't he be surprised, though.

Andrew's show was booked for a number of other cities for a second year and so sadly he had to leave the town. It didn't matter that he wouldn't be around for all the tragedy soon to befall. It was enough that he had set it in motion. That made him feel God-like. After all, he wasn't called the Amazing Andrew for nothing. But he wasn't a forgiving God - no, not that. Unfortunately for the Moulders.