Computer Coincidence (hypno)

Dr. Christopher Elwood was not worried that his new bride, the elegant widow, Lauren Hollingwood, was quite frankly, sexually incompatible with him. The esteemed doctor was a world class expert on subliminal influence and he knew that, once married, he could convince his somewhat frigid wife, through a series of simple subliminals, of the glories of whatever kind of sex he needed. And indeed the sex he needed was different and Lauren Hollingwood Elwood would be a challenge.

Lauren had been married for almost twenty years when her first husband died suddenly of an embolism. She was left with her sixteen year old son and twelve year old daughter. She was also left with a substantial fortune so she would have no trouble in supporting the children in the style to which they had been accustomed. She sent the children off to boarding school and had mourned alone for three years when she precipitously met Dr. Elwood at a benefit for cystic fibrosis.

Dr. Elwood had been dragged unwillingly to the dinner by the dean of science at the university. It was Elwood's turn to represent the university at this function and since he was notoriously against sitting on committees, this was the least he could do. Having been seated at table with Lauren, he was immediately attracted to the beauty of the woman and to her strong sense of self. Since her husband's death, she had chaired many charitable functions and indeed sat on the committee for this function as well. She carried with her the air of authority and influence.

Dr. Elwood had always been attracted to strong women - but he didn't like them to remain strong. He liked to tame them, he liked them submissive. He also had some interesting fetishes that could prove to be a difficulty with Lauren. For example, he liked more than anything to watch a woman smoke. If they smoked a strong cigarette or an unfiltered one, he could grow hard just thinking about it. If they took a cigar, he could go wild.

Lauren was not about to smoke, however. In fact, she was on the President's National Anti-Smoking Initiative and had been active for three years getting people to quit the habit. For Dr. Elwood, then, it was a fetish that was to go unrewarded unless he used some strong subliminal manipulation. But it was a great challenge, and he loved challenges.

He also had a control fetish which took the form of wanting to make people do things that they found disgusting or ugly. If they hated something that is what he would fantasize them doing. His research into subliminals had been a way to use his sexual turn-ons in a legal and controlled way.

Over the years he had manipulated many college students into doing things like wetting themselves at a social function or playing with excrement to get turned on. They never knew why they did these things, but the Doctor did. Many of the most beautiful girls suddenly started smoking in their early twenties without knowing what really started them.

Of course, he did valid research as well and was the leading authority in his field. The "side trips" as he called them were for his own benefit.

And so it was when he proposed to the widow Hollingwood that he was not worried about her coldness and "propriety" or her reluctance to share any of the things he sexually needed.

Lauren's children seemed well-balanced enough, the little he saw of them. Christopher was now nineteen and was going into his first year at university. Carly was fifteen and remained at boarding school. They had never really known their father so his death had been no great loss. They accepted the new father with little resentment or interest. Christopher was a little upset that his new father had the same name as he did, but since they were seldom together, it was hardly going to be a problem.

They were married in June. After a lengthy and somewhat boring honeymoon abroad, they settled into their new life. Dr. Elwood had convinced his wife that since she had plenty of time, she could be a great help to him if she would be histypist. He explained that a lot of what he was doing was secretive and for government agency eyes only and it was difficult to find typists that he could trust. If she could spend just a couple of hours a day doing that for him it would be such an enormous help.

She was glad to help. Christopher Elwood had been a perfect gentleman so far, and he was willing to let her continue her charitable work for as long a she wanted. This would give her day a focus and purpose, and would be very good for her, as well as a help to him.

Elwood brought home a new computer system and a word processor that he would see to it that she had training on. She took to the computer easily for she was very intelligent and seemed quite satisfied in typing his new book as her first project.

Meanwhile, Dr, Elwood went to work on the subliminal program that would be part of the word processor he had just given to his wife. It would be a remarkable program and with his wife on the computer for a couple of hours each day, he knew that the subliminals he had created would have there desired effect in a short time. He had to decide what it was that he was going to do and in what order.

He decided to start with the physical appearance first. He knew that Lauren hated with a passion the bleach-blonde bimbo look. She had commented on it a number of times when she would see some aging lady with long bleached blonde hair. Elwood rather liked the look though it wasn't a high priority with him, but part of his fetish of course was convincing her to do something she hated. He decided to start with that.

The beauty of the program he designed was that he could do it all now and over the next couple of months the subliminals would change and grow and reinforce without him really having to go back in and change anything. He could sit back and just observe and enjoy any changes in her.

The smoking might be a more challenging matter. She had built up quite a resistance to the idea of anyone smoking - he would not even try it around her after seeing her reaction to people who lit up near her. He would have to be clever in how he would get her to change her mind on the matter. He decided that he would somehow relate it to a sexual feeling for he felt she was quite inhibited in that area and there was probably a lot of repressed sexual energy there.

He also wanted to get her active as a sex partner and be open to sexual ideas. He particularly liked the idea of having his cock sucked by someone who was very prim and proper and would never do that "sort of thing". He knew anal entry would be another difficult concept for Lauren.

Along the way he also wanted to throw in a number of little things that Lauren normally disliked just so he could gauge how effectively it was working. She hated swearing, vulgar language, pornography, facial hair, speeding, raw meat, etc. etc. He had quite a variety of things to pick and choose.

Dr. Elwood aimed to have the new program ready and installed by Thanksgiving. Lauren would have settled into a daily pattern by then, and he could sit back and enjoy his efforts.

Thanksgiving was to be the first "family affair" since the wedding in June. Lauren had arranged to have both children home for the weekend. She had prepared a sumptuous dinner and was looking forward to the short time with her children.

Christopher at nineteen reminded Lauren too much of her first husband. He was exceptionally good-looking, having inherited the best traits of both parents. Like her dead husband he was a Type A personality and success oriented. He did wonderfully well in school, though he was more of a loner than her husband ever was. He didn't seem to want to take time for "fun" and was very studious. He held down a part-time job at a local bar for pocket money, mother having paid the expenses of tuition and board. In high school he was also a serious athlete who had won many medals for his expertise in track and field, but he made no time for these endeavours in university except to work out onceor twice a week to keep up his muscle tone. He had a series of girlfriends, none very serious - they were always more interested in him than he was in them- and due to lack of time and his too-focused goals, he didn't want to get involved at this point in his life. So he played the field and managed to meet a number of attractive and interesting girls that he would drop, but who made it on to his fantasy lists. Lauren had wondered if he would bring "someone" home for the holidays, but he hadn't.

As beautiful as Christopher was, Carly was the opposite. She unfortunately managed to get every feature that was unattractive or that didn't go together. Luckily she had a vivacious personality because it was going to be difficult for her later on. At fifteen she hadn't gone through the usual horrors of rebellion because she had been pretty much able to "raise" herself, and so the family had been spared the results of those horrific early teenage years.

Dr. Elwood had been true to his own promise and managed to instil the new word processing program on the eve of Thanksgiving before the relatives arrived. He was feeling self-satisfied over the weekend and managed to enjoy the first days with his "new" children.

And then tragedy struck.

On the Sunday morning of the Thanksgiving weekend, Dr. Elwood had a severe stroke which completely paralyzed him. He was hospitalised and although the doctors felt that his mind had been unaffected, he was living in a body which did not function. He had no motion, no speech - no external sign that anything was functioning on the inside - and the doctors saw no hope that this would change.

The children did not go back to school for a week. They stayed to comfort their mother while she had the good doctor institutionalised. And along with her husband, Lauren lost her new purpose in life. Elwood's book would never be finished and she would have to find something new to occupy her time.

The following Sunday she and Christopher packed up her new computer and all its programs. She knew that Christopher could use it back at school and she had no use for it now. She would have to find a new life in taking care of her invalid husband.

And so the children returned to school, Carly to her high school and Christopher to university - with his new high powered, state of the art computer.

Part 2

Christopher Hollingwood shared a small apartment with yet another Christopher - Christopher Adams. It was not a problem internally - they both called each other Christopher or Chris. Their friends tended to call them both by their last names - Hollingwood or Adams, so there was no confusion.

Hollingwood was a Economics major and Adams was a fine arts major and they got along fairly well. They both tended to be home a lot when not at school but with Hollingwood's part time job at the pub and with Adams studio work, they weren't home a whole lot. But when they were they got along and managed to share the workload of the apartment well. They were both neat and tidy and enjoyed cooking when they had time.

Adams was quite pleased when Hollingwood came home with the new computer. They had both been using an old electric typewriter at home and had to go to the computer centre when they wanted a word processor. Adams was also impressed with the graphic capability of the computer which would be a great help to him in third year when they did a lot of graphic work. For now it just meant that they would be spared trips to the computer centre.

Hollingwood would find it most useful since as an Economics major in his first year, he had a ton of papers to compose and, in his mind, staying home to do the work would be a real time saver!

Because he used it the most regularly, the changes in Christopher Hollingwood came much quicker than in Christopher Adams.

By the time he went home for Christmas he had begun to grow his hair longer, something he had studiously avoided all his life, was insistent on keeping a five day growth of stubble on his face, had pierced both ears and wore too rather large hoopsin each, and had occasionally tried smoking while he was working at the bar. On his breaks at the bar Chris had been drawn to watching a burly Texan bartender smoking one after another and seemingly really enjoying it. He was attracted to the jovial, good-natured personality of the bartender and somehow associated smoking with it.

After watching the Texan for a week or so, he finally asked the Texan why he smoked so much. The Texan, an ardent smoker, had so touted the glories of smoking that Chris asked if he could try one. He had never even been tempted before - it was always something he found stupid and medically unsound. Surprisingly he liked the taste of it almost immediately. He inhaled some on his first smoke and found it a relaxing and pleasant experience. This was a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Of course he didn't smoke while he was at home. He knew his mother would go crazy and while he was away from school it didn't seem to interest him much. He argued, though, with his mother about the hair and stubble and earrings. It was about time that he tried a new look and he wasn't going to change just because his mother didn't like it. He felt very strongly about that! Besides when he looked in the mirror, he liked what he saw. And he loved to feel his stubble, run his hands through his beard. It even gave him a hard on at times. He would look in the mirror, imagine his hair much longer and lighter, rub his hands on his stubble and feel like jacking off. It was a very pleasant sensation.

When he went back to school after Christmas, he knew he would be there till the end of the term and he wouldn't be seeing his mother again till the summer. He found it hard to go home anyway - so many papers to do!

Christopher Adams had not gone home over the holidays - his parents were away and so he stayed at school and got a lot of paperwork done.

When Hollingwood returned Adams remarked on how much he liked the new look and how he, too, was thinking of letting his hair grow longer. He asked where the earrings came from - they were really cool, too.

The next day Christopher Hollingwood sat down to work on one of many papers due in February.

The subliminals in the machine were hard at work. <You love the way you look. The longer your hair gets the more sexual you feel. You love running your hands through a man's beard. The stubble really turns you on. You love large earrings - the bigger the better. They give you confidence - they bring out the sexual creature in you.>

<More and more you enjoy watching people smoke. You only notice how pleasurable it is, how relaxed it makes them feel. You love to watch how they inhale the smoke and hold the smoke and how happy it makes them. You don't think about long term effects of smoking. You don't care about what it does to you later on. It is only important that it makes them happy now. Watching someone smoke stimulates you, arouses you. You want to be like that person who smokes. You want to try smoking. You want to inhale the wonderful smoke and hold it and feel it working its magic in you. You want to master the art of smoking. You want to smoke - more and more you want to smoke.>

Over and over the suggestions played. And each day something new was added.

<You are really turned on by the sight of an erect penis. Christopher's erect penis really turns you on. You think about Christopher's erect penis all the time. How you would like to put it in your mouth- suck on it. The feel of a cigarette in your mouth reminds you of this. It is sexual. You love it. You love smoking and sucking. You particularly want to smoke around Christopher and you want Christopher to smoke. You love watching Christopher smoke. It excites you. You want to suck Christopher's cock.>

Over and over the suggestions played.

At the bar Christopher Hollingwood could hardly wait for his break. He had been watching the burly Texan with his constant cigarette and he wanted a smoke so badly he was getting a hard-on thinking about it. Funny. He was so sexually stimulated all the time - and the weirdest things would turn him on. At the break he bought his first pack of cigarettes - Camels, the same as the Texan smoked. He sat there smoking and imitating the Texan. He had to hide his hard-on when he got up to get back to work.

That night when he got home he was really feeling horny. Adams was asleep probably since it was late and though he felt like talking he didn't want to disturb him. He went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror as he lit a cigarette. He watched himself smoke the cigarette and practiced a few moves. His hair had grown fast - it was well over his neck now and covered three quarters of his ears. His stubble looked really hot. He took his left hand and rubbed his beard. The cigarette he let dangle and he inhaled the smoke without removing the cigarette from his lips. His cock got harder and harder. He was still rubbing and staring when he noticed that Adams was watching him from the doorway.

"When did you start smoking? I've never seen you smoke."

Embarrassed and hiding his bulge with a towel from the sink, he feigned disinterest. "Oh, I smoke a little now and then, mostly at the bar. It relaxes me."

Adams followed him out into the living room. "You know, this is crazy, but I've been wanting to start smoking again. Standing there just now, watching you - well, I want one really bad. Could you lend me a smoke."

Hollingwood offered him the package. "You used to smoke? When?"

"When I was twelve, actually. My mother caught me after about six months and made me smoke a whole carton right in a row until I was so sick I threw up for hours. I never touched one again."

"That was cruel."

"It worked - until now." He lit the cigarette and inhaled deeply. The forgotten memory came back very quickly, this time with only good feelings attached to it. Hollingwood couldn't take his eyes off of him. So that it wouldn't look like he was staring too much, he lit another one himself. Then it was Adams turn to stare.

"You know, " said Hollingwood, "this is stupid, but... my cock is so hard right now. This cigarette is really turning me on tonight. I feel like a kid in boarding school when we used to jack off together looking at dirty pictures."

Adams reached to the coffee table to put the cigarette out in a plate that had been left there. Instead of sitting back down, he moved to the floor in front of Hollingwood. "Let's be kids again. I'm horny, too. I'll jack you off if you do the same to me.

Hollingwood only had to smile and Adams was on him. Hollingwood slid down to the floor and in doing so brushed Adams arm with his stubble. Adams reached up and ran his hand through the stubble as he sucked Hollingwood to a quick climax.

Hollingwood reciprocated but took a little more time. Afterwards they both had another cigarette, made some macho cracks and went off for a restless night's sleep.

Over the next two months the cocksucking became a ritual. Neither would admit that it was anything more than a post-adolescent way of sublimating their sexual energy - a mutual masturbation. However, they became constant smokers around each other, on weekends smoking as much as three packs each when they were alone together. They both started using lightener on their lengthening hair and started wearing their pants tighter and tighter.

When they were around each other they delighted in using foul language and they had contests to see who could be the foulest. They developed an unusual interest in eating their meat very rare and started wandering around the house with their tops off.

Around April they both wanted to drop out of university and devote themselves to each other - only their fear of their parents stopped them, but their school work was taking up less and less of their time. They would hand in papers but seldom go to classes.

It was May when Christopher Hollingwood expressed an interest in using Adams butt as a resting place for his ever erect cock. They both took to it eagerly but were having a hard time believing in their heterosexuality when the couldn't keep their minds off each other. When Adams started smoking cigars and Hollingwood stopped smoking filtered cigarettes, they were even more aroused with each other. They gave up the charade and accepted their interest in each other for what it was - sexual.

Christopher Hollingwood brought his lover Christopher Adams home to meet mother that June. When he visited his father on the hospital grounds that weekend, what Dr. Christopher Elwood saw was his twenty year old stepson, hair bleached blond and hanging down to the centre of his back in tight black jeans, unfiltered cigarette dangling from his mouth , holding hands with a similarly blonde and coiffed young man who constantly smoked and inhaled a large imported cigar. "How the fuck are you?" his stepson asked.

Dr. Elwood was not able to answer but he knew what he had done.