Joey (mm hypno ma)

Zachary waited for the arrival of Joey, his roommate. They had shared a room in residence last year and decided to rent a place together this year. They had originally intended to get a third for the apartment but it hadn't happened yet and they were already amonth and a half into the term. The two boys got along exceptionally well despite their differences. Zachary was the studious type, often staying at home studying and reading. Joey was a natural athlete, body-builder, Phys Ed major and outgoing jock. Zachary knew about a month into the first year that he was in love with Joey, but after all this time Zachary still didn't suspect it. Zachary was very far back in his closet and put on a good show whenever Joey was around. He had developed wonderful self-control and convinced himself that it was enough just having Joey around him.

Zachary had developed an excellent understanding of sports even though he wasn't really interested in them. He collected Playboys although he looked much closer at any men in them. He carried on macho meanderings as well as anyone. He was always hurt, though, when Joey would make some homophobic comment, and he felt terrible that he would laugh at it or agree with Joey. Nevertheless, he was in love and he didn't want to do anything to rock the boat.

The past few weeks Zachary had been studying hypnosis in his psychology class and he asked Joey if he would be his guinea pig and get hypnotized. Joey laughed and said he probably couldn't be hypnotized but if Zach wanted to try, he would be back home early Tuesday night because his girlfriend, Sandy, had a test the next day and wanted to do some late studying.

Zachary thought that Joey might actually be a good subject. After a year he knew quite a bit about the boy. Joey had a very demanding father who would often humiliate him and slug him if Joey didn't live up to the image the father wanted. He had also had a strong Catholic upbringing and still went to Mass on Sundays. Religion didn't seem to enter into much of his life but he never missed Mass, as though his father would punish him if he didn't go. Basically, he was a pretty good guy, highly disciplined.

Joey had been dating Sandy for about three months although he had met her and was interested in her before that. Zachary knew because Joey confided in him that they weren't having sex, not because Joey hadn't tried, but Sandy was not about to lose her virginity yet. She felt very strongly about it, and so Joey had gradually accepted the fact that nothing was going to happen. He sublimated his sexual urges by working out more, playing more intramural field sports and generally keeping busy.

Zachary knew that if Joey wanted it, he could probably have any girl on the campus. Zachary watched the girls as they looked at him with as much lust as Zachary did. He seemed relatively unaware of his good looks, which made him all the more attractive.

Joey seemed to genuinely like Zachary; he would spend hours talking to him about serious and not-so-serious matters and they would often go out for a few beers or take in a show. He would even invite him sometimes when Sandy was with him, but Joey didn't often accept because he didn't want to be in the way. Other times Joey would would set Zach up with a date and Joey would play along and get through it passably well, but never call the girl back.

At ten minutes after the hour Joey barged in to the apartment anxious to tell Zach about his date, the game he had won earlier and this neat tour they were taking next week. Zachary listened with interest and then, when he was ready, reminded Joey about the hypnotism.

"Sure, go ahead. this ought to be interesting."

Following the procedure he had learned in class, he got Joey comfortable and started the relaxing spiel he had been working on all evening. He didn't get to use it, however, because Joey was such a good subject, that he was out cold in about three minutes, limp as a rag, and showing all the signs of a very deep sleep. Zachary was quite pleased that he had been able to do it - and so quickly - and set about to do a series of tests of depth, and generally see how suggestive Joey would be. Zach put him through the usual stiff arm, floating arm stuff and Joey reacted magnificently.

Zachary had been told that he could deepen a trance by bringing the subject in and out very quickly and repeatedly, so he decided to give Joey a verbal cue: "Joey, whenever I ask you "How are the Celtics doing?" and only when I ask you that question, you will immediately go deep into sleep, deeper than you are now. Your eyes will lock tight and you will go back deeper than you ever have. Now, I'm going to count to three and when I do you will be wide awake, feeling refreshed."

When Joey awoke he immediately asked Zach when they were going to start. Zach was amazed that he didn't remember being under even though Zach had not given him a suggestion for amnesia - so he was going to be a very good subject.

"We'll start in a moment." Zach replied.

"Just let me get a glass of milk first, okay. I'm thirsty."

"Sure. Say, how are the Celtics doing?"

Joey had been half way to a rising position when Zach gave the cue, and he just collapsed into the chair, again like a rag doll.

"You are really thirsty right now, aren't you, Joey?"

"Mmm-hmm", Joey replied.

"What you'd like right now, more than anything, is a nice cold can of Coke. You can't think of anything you'd like better than that. In fact, you have a huge craving for a can of Coke." Zachary knew that Joey didn't really like Coke - didn't like any soft drink for that matter. Aside from the occasional beer, he drank milk at home by the quart. Zach couldn't keep enough milk in the house and there was never any left for him.

"I'm going to wake you now and you want a coke so badly that it hurts. One..two..three.."

Joey jumped up from the chair and ran into the kitchen, saying something about how thirsty he was...he'd be right back.

Suddenly...."Shit!!!" There's no Coke. What happened to the Coke. There's always Coke in there! Did you drink the last Coke and not get any more? Shit! I'm so thirsty. Look, I'll be right back. I gotta run to the store. You can try to hypnotize me later. I'll be right back."

He left the apartment before Zach could do or say anything. Wow, thought Zach! Twenty minutes later Joey walked back into the apartment. He had bought two large bottles of Coke and was finishing the first one as he entered. Joey sat down on the chair and took the cap off the second bottle and downed half of it before coming up for air.

"How are the Celtics doing?" Zach asked. The bottle dropped to the floor and spilled. Zach grabbed it and set it on the side table - Joey was out like a light.

Now for a different test. Last week when he had asked Joey to be his subject, Sandy had been around. Two days ago, she had approached him outside of his Psych class and asked if he could do a favour for her. She had said that she really liked Joey and they really got along well, except for one thing. She liked to smoke, and he wouldn't allow her to smoke around him. He felt as strongly about smoking as she did about her virginity, Zach thought.

"When you've got him under, see if you can make him a bit more understanding about my habit, could you do that? I enjoy smoking and I don't want to give it up."

Zach told her he would see what he could do.

Zach had an approach that he wanted to try. "Joey, who is the woman that you most fantasize about?"


"She's in front of you right now. You can see her very clearly. She has her eyes directly looking at you. She's taking out a cigarette and putting it into her mouth."

Zach noticed the frown on Joey's face immediately.

"You find the cigarette very sexy. It reminds you of a cock. She has your cock in her mouth - that's all you can think of when you see her smoke. She's drawing in on the cigarette, you can see her sucking the smoke and it's making you hard. The more you watch her smoke, the harder you get. It's getting very tight in your pants now and you need to make some room. Watch her smoke the cigarette and think about your hard cock and how you have to let it free." He could see Joey's erection. "Use your hand to free your cock. Good. Rub your cock as you watch her smoke. Each time she sucks on the cigarette you get even harder. You can't hold it much longer. Rub it harder." He was masturbating faster and faster. "Oh-oh, she's putting out the cigarette. Stop rubbing yourself. You are losing your hardness. Without the cigarette you are no longer excited. You feel very sad about that. You are watching her very closely, hoping that she'll have another cigarette."

Three times Zach brought him close to cumming, and stopped him each time. Gradually, he introduced the fact that Pamela's face was changing to Sandy's and by the end of an hour Joey was dying to cum.

"You've completely changed the way you feel about cigarettes, haven't you, Joey?"


"And what do you want to see right now?"

"I want to see Sandy smoking a cigarette."

"What kind of a cigarette?"

"A Marlboro light,"

"And what do you love?"

"I love to see her smoke?"

"And what happens when you watch her smoke?"

"I get hard... so hard."

"In a minute I am going to wake you up. You won't remember being hypnotized - you've just come back from getting a Coke. It's still before eleven. When you awaken, you will be very tired, you'll be sorry I couldn't hypnotize you, but you'll go right to bed. When you get to bed you'll jack off thinking about Sandy smoking and you'll sleep really well the rest of the night. Do you understand?"


"Good. You'll awaken on the count of three."

Joey apologized for being a poor subject, yawned and went straight to bed. I could hear the bed moving in the next room before he went to sleep.

Zach had enjoyed hypnotizing Joey. He was surprised at the feeling of power it gave him. He had intended to do something to help Joey, like get him to study more, but he got too tied up with Sandy's request. Over the next week he was very busy studying for mid terms and I didn't see Joey hardly at all. He found a little "Thank You" card from Sandy stuck on his desk, so he figured that she could smoke in front of Joey now.

So it came as a complete shock to him the following Monday when Joey came home early and plopped down to shoot the breeze with him. He sat down on the bed and while talking about the latest football scores, he pulled out a Marlboro light, stuck it in his mouth and lit it.

Zach was shocked beyond belief. He didn't know what to say - he just sat there, stunned, and watched as Joey inhaled a deep drag of the cigarette and blew out the smoke and even tried to blow rings.

"What...what are you doing? You don't smoke."

"Huh. Oh. Well, you know Sandy smokes, and I guess I just kinda started."

"What do you mean you just kinda started. You hated smoking."

"No. That's pretty strong. Not hate. I thought I didn't like the smell of it, that's all. It actually kind of turns me on watching Sandy smoke. She seems to enjoy it so much, so the other day I asked her if I could have a drag. I kinda liked it. I probably won't smoke much."

Zach wasn't sure. He sure smoked this one right down to the filter. Boy, this was powerful stuff he was dealing with.

Now Zach was confused. It had been stressed in his psychology class that a person could not be made to do anything against their beliefs or morals but this seemed to disprove that theory. A week ago Joey was a confirmed non-smoker, almost violently so. Now he was enjoying a cigarette.

Now Zach found himself getting hard thinking of the power he could wield over Joey.

"Joey, how are the Celtics doing?"

Instantaneously Joey was laid out on the bed.

"You're all alone in your own room and you're thinking about Sandy smoking. Take off your clothes and get comfortable."

Zach felt a little guilty about what he had done. He didn't touch Joey, though he had wanted to, but he sat there and watched Joey masturbate. He talked him through it graphically and slowly, and in the end, he had cum about the same time as Joey. He made Joey smoke another cigarette, tieing it into the sex, and found that he was turned on by the sight of this jock, this guy who was the antithesis of a smoker, dragging slowly on the cigarette and enjoying the sensation.

He wanted to see how far he could make Joey go against his beliefs so he told him that he was now an addicted smoker, that he wanted a cigarette all the time, that every cigarette he smoked would be even more enjoyable. He told him that he wanted him to try stronger cigarettes because he wasn't getting enough of the nicotine he was addicted to.

The other big one was to get Joey to downplay his interest in athletics. Zach was sick of playing the "macho" game and always making small talk about a subject which did not interest him in the least. The more Joey smoked the less he would care about sports. He would instead get more and more interested in pornography - magazines, pictures, videos all would be a much stronger interest to him. He would keep his body in shape, however, because he could picture himself posing for some of the pornography and he had to look good. Zach still couldn't bring himself to actually try to make Joey love him or have sex with him. Instead, he thought, I'll make him my own private fantasy man.

Sandy came to him a week later quite troubled. She explained that at first she was pleased she could smoke in front of Joey and that it excited her a little when he began smoking with her, but now it had gotten out of control. Last Saturday night at the bar with their friends he had smoked a pack and a half in just a few hours - and he had changed brands and was smoking Camels - unfiltered. His manner and language had changed, too. He kept pressing her " to fuck" - he never used that word with her before, and he would get really angry at her refusals. He talked about sex all the time and had tried twice now to force himself on her. Could Zach explain what was going on?

Zach explained that he had only given the suggestion that he should let her smoke. He assured her that he didn't know what was going on and that she should be patient - maybe it was just a phase. Inside he knew that it was time for Sandy to become history.

And so she was.

It was so touching the way Joey spent the evening explaining to Zach why he had broken up with that bitch Sandy. He sat there releasing a diatribe on everything that was wrong with Sandy, smoking one Camel after another, sucking each one deeper and deeper.

Joey slowly started to share his porno collection with Zach, only because whenever Zach came home, Joey was in the middle of some flick or magazine and he didn't have much choice. Joey spent a good part of the day working out (difficult because they wouldn't let him smoke in the gym and he had to keep running out for one), and he began to get very narcissistic about the way he looked, letting his hair grow in a bit longer, changing its style, its colour; trying for different facial hair looks - Zach rather liked the "fu manchu" style moustache he tried for a few weeks and always talking about the kind of clothes that would best show off his physique.

Zach had been too busy with his own courses, though, to realize that Joey's new lack of interest in sports had translated into not being interested in his Phys Ed college program either. By the time Zach realized, Joey had stopped going to classes altogether. The house reeked of cigarette smoke for Joey was smoking at least three packs a day.

Joey had begun to look for work at modelling agencies and had inquired how to get into making porno flicks as well. He was very high on himself. Zach was feeling very guilty for all this. As well he was regularly watching Joey jack off after asking how the Celtics were doing. Despite the guilt he continued to do it.

One day Joey came home all upset. He had been asked to do a role in this movie and he was all excited about it and had said yes. Then he found out it was a gay porno flick and he panicked. He was practically in tears as he told the story to Zach.

Zach, of course, saw his chance and took it. That evening under the banner of the Celtics, Joey gratefully learned the joys of gay sex and was not so frightened at the "acting" he was going to have to do.

From then on they "practiced scenes" every evening and Joey got to be quite expert.

Gradually Zach lessened Joey's smoking habit so they could breathe in the apartment, gave him back some of his love of sports, became Joey's best friend and agent, and went on to make a bundle of cash in the movie business.

Sandy became a librarian in Indiana.