Master (hypno)

"The following story may be true. The names have been changed to protect the...

Bart opened up his email as he did at this time each day. Occasionally he would get an email to this account which was the address given at the end of each of his stories. The email would be criticizing him for glorifying cigarette smoking or more occasionally a letter praising his work and explaining how it turned the reader on. Bart's stories all contained references to hypnotism and to smoking, the two fetishes that had intertwined in his life.

There was one message for him today. He clicked on it. Little did he know it was about to change his life.

Hi love your stories. i am a non smoker and have been finding myself turned on by the thought of being turned into one by hypnosis. Especially cigars. have j/o many times to the Hypno Slut & Mesmerotic Rhapsody.

take care hope for more stories from you.

was a top and now want to become a total bottom with the help of hypnosis. and lose any thoughts of being a Master.


Thanks for the compliment, drudge.

I have used hypnosis many times and that has become the basis for my stories. Glad you find them so entertaining.


really? Do YOU do hypnosis SIR? any chance of phone sessions? i'm told drudge is a natural when it comes to hypnosis & go under very easily SIR.



I have never attempted hypnosis over the phone and not even sure how one would go about it. It does sound interesting, though. Where do you live?


i am a 34 year old gay man, live in New York 5' 7" 245 at moment looking for hypno help with that (maybe we could substitute smoking for eating). like cigars but only have around one a month. blonde hair flat top, beard. hazel eyes. and as drudge said before have been a top for 8 years but now feel a calling to the bottom side. Want all feelings of topping taken away and become a total bottom.

Thanks for YOUR consideration SIR

drudge (tom)64


I really can't afford to be calling New York. I'm still open to it if you want to call.


Drudge tried calling him but the time change difference made it very early in the morning and Bart had not been receptive to losing his sleep.


Sorry i wasn't up when you called last night. Must have slept right through it. It was 2:45 when you called according to the answering machine. If you can figure out the time difference, I will be available at 11 pm tonight to get your call. Drudge, I want you to be prepared. Buy yourself a pack of Marlboro Lites and have matches. Have a smoke tonight and watch yourself in the mirror while you are smoking. As you watch yourself smoking you will find yourself getting hard.


SIR it sounds like we have a 2 hour difference. Will call at 11pm YOUR time SIR. And will buy a pack of lights today SIR. have enclosed a picture SIR


Bart watched the picture of drudge come up on the screen. It was a handsome man, a little overweight but burly, not fat, nose ring and cap. He got excited looking at it and imagining the prospect of hypnotizing this guy.

SIR after your message of last night drudge had a cigar and looked at it's self in mirror as ordered. as it was inhaling the smoke found self aroused and j/o' d SIR. have bought a pack of Marlboro lights SIR

looking forward to tonight SIR.


P.S. another picture is attached SIR. May drudge request one of YOU SIR.

SESSION ONE - The First Night Transcript

At eleven o'clock the phone rang.

Bart: Good evening.

drudge: Good evening, sir. How are you tonight, sir.

Bart: I'm fine. Do you have everything ready, drudge?

drudge: Yes, sir.

Bart: How are you going to do this? Are you laying down.

drudge: I have a speaker phone, sir and I'm staring at a hypnotic wheel on my computer.

Bart: Do you have the cigarettes close by.

drudge: Yes, sir.

Bart: All right, drudge. We'll begin. I want you to watch the hypnotic wheel and listen only to my voice. You will be able to talk all through this and give me feedback on how it is going. You will be able to answer any questions in a clear voice even though you may be deeply asleep. Do you understand?

drudge: Yes sir. drudge is watching the screen, sir.

Bart: We're going to try relaxing you.

drudge: Yes, sir.

Bart: So I want you to think about the part of your body I am talking about. Let the muscles there relax. You'll feel that part of the body getting heavy when the tension is gone and it is relaxed.

drudge: Yes, sir. I'm feeling relaxed, sir.

Bart: I want you to think about your feet and legs. I want you to consciously relax them by moving all the tension up and out your body and into that wheel you are watching. The tension is leaving and they are feeling heavy.

drudge: Heavy, sir.

Bart: Now I want you to think about your hips and buttocks. Consciously relax them by moving all the tension up and out your body and into that wheel you are watching. The tension is leaving and they are feeling heavy.

drudge: Heavy, sir.

Gradually Bart continued up the whole body.

Bart: Your shoulders are a high place of tension, feel the tension leave through your eyes and into the wheel.

drudge: Yes, sir.

Bart: Your whole body is relaxed now and heavy. Especially your eyes - since all the tension has gone through them. They are going to start to close now and you won't be able to keep them open.

drudge: No, sir. Can't open them.

Bart: Now picture yourself on an elevator, drudge. You are in the closed elevator looking up at the number 20. Soon the elevator will be moving and you will feel yourself going down, deeper and deeper into sleep. By the time we get to the bottom floor you will be very deep asleep and will obey my voice and my voice only.

drudge: Only your voice...

Bart: Now, look at the numbers change. Watch the number 20 change to 19. feel the movement down. Feel yourself going deeper and deeper.

drudge: Yes sir.

Slowly Bart took the elevator down the 20 floors.

Bart: And now the number two is changing to one and soon the doors will be opened and you will go very deeply into sleep, still hearing and obeying my voice, still able to speak to me.

drudge: Yes, sir. Feeling very deep, sir.

Bart: The door is opening now, drudge and you are very deep, aware only of my voice, possessed by my voice, wanting to do everything my voice tells you, in love with my voice, obeying my voice.

drudge: Listening and obeying..yes, sir.

Bart: You want to please this voice with every ounce of your being..

drudge: Must please your voice...

Bart: Yes. You are doing very well, drudge. going deeper and deeper. Always going deeper when you hear my voice.

drudge: Deeper.

Bart: You know what will please me, don't you, drudge. It would please me very much if you learned to smoke cigarettes. The more cigarettes you smoke, the more pleased I will be.

drudge: Must smoke.

Bart: And I'm going to help you, drudge. I'm going to help you like smoking so that you can please me. You would like that wouldn't you?

drudge: Yes, sir.

Bart: And what is it that you want to do to please me, drudge?

drudge: Smoke, sir.

Bart: Yes, that's right. That's very good, drudge. You want a cigarette very badly right now if only to please me, isn't that right, drudge.

drudge: Oh, yes., sir. drudge wants a cigarette very badly, sir. Very badly.

Bart: And when you smoke a cigarette you know it pleases me, don't you drudge and you love to please me, don't you? Your whole life is devoted to pleasing me, isn't it?

drudge: Yes, master, pleasing you. I want a cigarette, sir. Please, can drudge have a cigarette, master.

Bart: Master would be very pleased if you smoked a cigarette, drudge, but you must learn to inhale it deeply. Master loves to see a cigarette smoked properly, manly.

drudge: Oh, please, sir, may I have a cigarette, master.

Bart: Yes, drudge - you may have a cigarette. In a moment you are going to be able to open your eyes, yet remain very deeply asleep. You will see the cigarettes, take one out of the pack and light it. You will take the smoke in your mouth and then breathe in very deeply. As you do that you will find yourself getting very hard, knowing that you are pleasing your master. Very hard, very excited, and each drag on the cigarette is going to be more and more pleasurable and you will get harder and harder. Now open your eyes, remaining asleep, and have that cigarette.

drudge: yes, master. Oh thank you, master. drudge needs a cigarette so badly. Thank you, master.

Over the phone Bart hear the sound of the cigarette pack being opened, the lighter being lit, the sound of a deep inhale - and then a cough.

Bart: Very good, drudge. Never mind the cough. You will be coughing for a while until your body gets used to the smoke. Take another drag of the cigarette and feel the smoke going into your lungs. Feel yourself getting so relaxed. Feel yourself getting hard. Feel yourself pleasing the Master.

drudge: It's good, sir. I'm getting hard, sir. So hard. (Cough)

Bart: You are doing very well, drudge. Try inhaling deeper and deeper and feel the smoke giving you a hard on. Know that you are pleasing me and that makes you very happy.

drudge: Very happy, sir. (Cough)

Bart: Now put the cigarette out carefully, lean back and close your eyes (Pause) The smoke has made you go even deeper. You are feeling a slight buzz and it feels so good. Best of all you know you have pleased your Master. You are very happy.

drudge: very happy, sir.

Bart: The only problem is that the cigarette made you so happy and pleased me so much that you can feel yourself wanting another one again. You can feel it, can't you.

drudge: Oh yes, sir. drudge wants another one, sir. Please, sir.

Bart: drudge wants one all the time now, because he knows it pleases me and pleasing me is the most important thing in the world for him now.

drudge: Must please you, sir. Please may I have another cigarette, sir.

Bart: How much are you going to smoke now, drudge. How many cigarettes in a day?

drudge: I don't know, sir? What would please you, sir? Four?

Bart: Oh, much more than that, drudge. I think we can start at a pack a day. You want to smoke another one now very badly, don't you.

drudge: Oh, yes, sir.

Bart: And each cigarette makes you want another one even more. You enjoy it so much because it pleases me, don't you.

drudge: Oh, yes, sir. Please, sir, may I have another?

Bart: I guess you may, drudge. You are certainly pleasing me. You may open your eyes and have another one.

The sound of another cigarette being taken out of the pack and hungrily lit.

drudge: .

Bart: You are certainly pleasing me, drudge. Remember to inhale a little more deeply each time. Feel the smoke in your lungs. Feel yourself get hard.

drudge: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

Bart: And while you are smoking the cigarette and pleasing me, I want you to listen to my next commands. Whenever you hear me say the words "Sleep, drudgeboy, sleep!" you will immediately feel yourself going deeper than you are right now. Your eyes will want to lock tight and you will go much deeper than before. Every cigarette you smoke now is going to help you to go deeper and deeper as well as pleasing me.

drudge: Yes, sir.

Bart: When you awaken you will crave cigarettes all the time. You will find it easy to smoke a pack a day and will want even more. Every time you smoke the cigarette you will think of me and get hard. But you won't be able to cum until you've smoked the last cigarette in the pack. You will get harder and harder but you won't be able to cum. When you smoke the last cigarette you will have the biggest orgasm you've ever had, knowing that your Master is so pleased with you.

drudge: Yes, sir.

Bart: Put out the cigarette, now.

drudge: Must I, sir.

Bart: Yes, you must. I have told you to. You want to please me more and more, You think about pleasing me all the time.

drudge: yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

Bart: You've put the cigarette out, but you still want to smoke, don't you, drudge.

drudge: Oh, yes, sir. drudge wants a cigarette badly.

Bart: That's right. Good, drudge, your master is pleased. Now before I wake you I want you to remember that each cigarette you will enjoy more and more. And I want you to smoke in front of the mirror a lot, so that you can practice how you smoke. You want to smoke well for your Master. You will start to watch people as they smoke and imitate those smokers that do it the best.

drudge: Yes, master. I need another cigarette, master. May I?

Master: No. Only when I tell you.

drudge: Yes, master.

Master: When you watch yourself in the mirror you will get a hard on each time you smoke and you will think of me and how lucky you are to be pleasing your master.

drudge: Anxious to please you.

Master: I'm going to count down from 5 now and you will be wide awake. When you awake you will want a cigarette very badly. And when I say "Sleep, drudgeboy, sleep" you will go immediately to sleep. Do you understand?

drudge: Yes, Master.

Master: 5,4,3,2,1 Wide awake. How do you feel.

drudge: Great, sir. Very relaxed. But I want a cigarette. May I have a cigarette, sir.

Master: No, not yet.

drudge: Oh, master, please, I need one.

Master: I said NOT YET!

drudge: Yes, master.

Master: I'm going to leave you now, but you know what will please me. You can feel free to call me again if you wish.

drudge: yes, master. thank you, master.

Master: Now you may have a cigarette and I'll talk to you again soon.

drudge: Yes, master. Thank you, thank you so much. Oh, it's good, master. Good night.

Master: Good night, drudge.


SIR drudge has had 15 cigs so far SIR. they seem to be tasting better each time drudge has one SIR. will need another pack shortly SIR. not coughing as much as earlier SIR. drudge gets hard when looking at self smoking in mirror. also have been having hot flashes and feel a bit high as if drudge had a drink SIR.


drudge, I am pleased. Have you decided when you will be calling again?

SIR thank YOU SIR need to please SIR


PS only one left in pack SIR need to get another; when would YOU like me to call, SIR?

drudge - You may call at eleven tonight.

SIR just had the most incredible orgasm SIR. Was watching self smoke in mirror SIR and as drudge took last puff came something fierce SIR. Need to get another pack now MASTER. drudge loves smoking SIR gives it a buzz. Hope to talk to u later tonight SIR.


SESSION TWO-The Second Night Transcript

Master: Good evening, drudge!

drudge: Good evening, sir. How are you, sir?

Master: Just fine, drudge. Are you ready to go? Is the hypnotic wheel on the computer?

drudge: Yes, sir.

Master: Are your cigarettes handy?

drudge: Yes, sir.

Master: You will find that you will go under very quickly tonight, drudgeboy.

drudge: Yes, sir.

Master: Are you feeling relaxed?

drudge: Yes, sir.

Master: All right then. SLEEP, DRUDGEBOY, SLEEP. Your eyes are locking tight and you are going even deeper than you went before. You are on the elevator again and it is moving very quickly now. You are watching the numbers as they go to 1 and when the elevator stops and the door opens you will be very deeply asleep. It is stopping now and the doors are opening. You can still talk clearly to me, drudgeboy. Are you deeper than you were before?

drudge: Oh, yes, sir.

Master: And how do you feel about smoking, now drudge?

drudge: I need a cigarette badly, sir.

Master: Well, you can't have one yet, drudge.

drudge: Oh, sir.

Master: Not until I tell you. How do the cigarettes compare to your cigars, drudge?

drudge: Oh, much better, master. Much.

Master: And how many cigarettes have you smoked since last night, drudge?

drudge: About thirty, sir.

Master: That's very good, drudge.

drudge: And I'm coughing less, sir.

Master: Very good, drudge. But you mist be getting worried, drudge. You only have ten cigarettes left. You will run out soon.

drudge: Yes, sir. I won't have any left. I'll have to get some more.

Master: But you may be without cigarettes for a time. That will be very hard for you, won't it.

drudge: Oh yes, sir. drudge needs a cigarette, sir.

Master: And what are you thinking about when you smoke the cigarettes, drudge?

drudge: About you, sir.

Master: Yes, drudge, that's right. About me. You are thinking about me all the time. How you will do anything to please me. How you will do anything to please this voice.

drudge: Anything...

Master: And are you enjoying the cigarettes, drudge?

drudge: Yes, sir. More each time, sir.

Master: That's right. Now, drudge, you are going to find that you are starting to swear a lot more. The more you smoke, the more you swear, You will find it impossible not to swear now. How are you feeling now, drudge?

drudge: Fuck, sir. I want a fucking cigarette, sir. Fucking bad. Please sir.

Master: Yes, you want it very bad, drudge. But not yet.

drudge: Oh, sir. Fuck! Oh, sir.

Master: Just thinking about the cigarette is making you hard, drudge. And what are you thinking about that's making you hard?

drudge: You, master. Oh, fuck, I'm so hot. I need a cigarette.

Master: I want you to tell me what you'd do to me if I were with you, drudge. I want you to see me next to you and tell me what you'd do to me.

drudge: oh, fuck, sir. i want to serve you.

Master: But what exactly would you do?

drudge: Tell me what you want, Master, Your cocksucker will do it for you.

Master: Be inventive. Tell me what you'd like to do.

drudge: I'd start with your fucking boots, sir. I'd take them off and I'd lick your toes and feet. Oh, fuck! Then I'd move up your legs. Oh, shit, sir, I'm getting so hot. Then I'd take your beautiful balls and I'd move my tongue over them. Oh, shit, Oh, shit, sir. Then I'd take your big, beautiful cock into my mouth, sir. Oh, God! I'm so hot, sir.

Master: Very good, drudge. You may have a cigarette, now. Your eyes may open but you'll still be very deeply asleep.

drudge: Oh, God. Thank you, sir. I fucking need a cigarette so fucking bad. Oh shit, where's the matches. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck! Oh, there they are. Oooh! (Sound of lighter and deep inhale.) Oh, god, that's good, sir. Thank you, sir. Your fucking cocksucker thanks you, sir. Aaah!

Master: Each drag of the cigarette is deeper and deeper and deeper. It's making you feel so good. But you do notice that now you are smoking so much that the Lites are losing their taste. You are starting to want something stronger. They are seeming a little weak. Your going to find now that they are getting a little weaker with each one and you have to smoke them harder and deeper to get the same buzz.

drudge: Fuck, sir, these seem weak. They're good, though, sir. Fucking good, but they are getting weak.

Master: In a few days you are going to want to try Marlboro Reds and you will find them much better.

drudge: Yes, sir. Fucking better.

Master: Did you go out today, drudge? Did you smoke outside your house.

drudge: Cocksucker went out, sir, to a movie, but only smoked in the fucking house, sir. They didn't fucking allow smoking there, sir.

Master: Have you been noticing other smokers. Have you been trying to copy expert smokers?

drudge: cocksucker didn't see any smokers, sir.

Master: Did no-one in the movie smoke?

drudge: No, sir, not a fucking one.

Master: Then it mustn't have been a very good movie, drudge.

drudge: No, sir, fucking awful. No fucking smokers.

Master: Do you have any friends who will be surprised to see you smoke?

drudge: I don't fucking care, sir. I can do what I want, sir. Master, cocksucker needs another cigarette. Could it have another, cigarette, sir?

Master: No, cocksucker. I want you to continue watching yourself smoke, becoming an expert smoker, but I want you to watch other smokers as well. Learn from them how to smoke well - to please me.

drudge: It will fucking please you, sir.

Master: I also want you to start losing some weight. You will find it very easy while smoking because smoking will be more important to you than food. Have you found yourself eating less since you started smoking?

drudge: Yes, sir.

Master: Good, because i want my slave to be fit, like I am. Also to combat some of the effects of smoking you may want to start working out a little.

drudge: Right, sir.

Master: In a moment I am going to wake you up, drudge. You will follow my instructions perfectly and you will write me often with updates on how it is going. I want all the details of your day. Remember, that every cigarette you smoke will make you want another even more and you will find yourself feeling horny because with every cigarette you think about me and about pleasing me and you would do anything for me. I also want you to remember the words that will put you to sleep: sleep drudgeboy, sleep! I want you to awaken now. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Wide awake.

drudge: Oh, fuck.

Master: Hello.

drudge: Fuck! Hello, sir. God I need a fucking cigarette bad. May I, sir?

Master: Yes, you may.

drudge: Thank you, sir. Damn. The matches... ah...

Master: I hope that you think things are going well.

drudge: Oh, that's good. Yes, sir. I'm fucking enjoying the cigarettes. thank you, sir.

Master: That's good. Well, it's getting late here. I'd better go. Feel free to call again.

drudge: Oh thank, you sir. You are a fucking great master, sir!

The next day, a Sunday, Bart waited till three in the afternoon and had still not heard from drudge. he began to get angry.


Master is very upset with, drudge. i have been expecting an update and it has not been forthcoming. As a punishment, when you read this, you will not be able to smoke for one whole hour! You can spend that hour communicating with me!

Master. drudge went to bar after our conversation last night and didn't get to sleep until 3 am SIR just went on-line now SIR. drudge didn't mean to fuck up SIR. sorry if drudge upset YOU Master. Shit SIR drudge really needs a smoke too. Anyway Master, at bar drudge kept staring at guys who were smoking. the guys who were smoking were much hotter than the others there found self getting turned on while watching. Cigs kinda lost their punch so when drudge bought next pack it went to reds SIR hope that's alright SIR. they're much better SIR.

asked for a light from smoker at bar and he said I didn't know u smoked. and drudge said i don't think there's a fuckin book on everything i do you know. just give me a light, mother fucker. he grinned and lit my cig. kept getting hornier as night went on SIR. but was really dead by the time drudge got home. woke this morning with a hard on and beat my cock while thinking of this one hot bodybuilder stud who was smoking last night. shot a big wad of cum this morning SIR than felt like a cig went to breakfast and came home SIR that's about it SIR. hope this report meets with YOUR approval SIR.


Master is glad he finally heard from you, drudge. I hope you learned your lesson. When do you expect to be calling again, so I can be prepared? Also, you neglected to tell me how much you had been smoking.

Smoked 5 this morning SIR. MASTER drudge loves going under with YOU SIR. but am getting concerned about cost SIR, as both calls were around 50 min SIR and drudge just found out that it's 67 cents per minute SIR. am a little freaked out about this SIR. fuck gotta have a cigarette SIR. OOOOh that seems to help MASTER. but still concerned SIR.


I forgot to ask you, did you get the picture I sent you? I perfectly understand that you can't afford to keep calling at that rate. I know that I couldn't afford it. Perhaps we can find a way to do it over the internet. Have you ever done this before? What work do you do? Will you have any trouble smoking at work? Let's try this. As you read the next lines, your eyes will remain open but you will go deeper than before.


You are now deeper than before and you can read my words and they get you very excited. You want to increase you smoking with each cigarette you smoke and you are enjoying them more and more with each cigarette.

With every cigarette you continue to think of me, and pleasing me, and what you would do to me. With every cigarette you feel stronger and stronger in your need to serve me. In a few days you will find the Reds are getting too weak for you and you will switch to another brand: Camel Wides. Only then will you be satisfied.

In a moment you will wake and want a cigarette even more badly.
5, 4, 3, 2 1 Awake.

Each time you read this letter you will go deeper and deeper and it will affect you each time.

SIR got your picture but it came as a MIME file SIR which is really fucked up SIR because it has not been able to open it yet. drudge's tenant is computer wiz and knows how to open MIME files SIR. MASTER He's the asshole who opened others for drudge SIR. Anytime a file is received like that it has to be fucking processed to open it SIR.. just finished off first pack of reds SIR. and feel horny as hell but cocksucker will wait till morning as it loves to start day with a good jack off SIR. better yet is when drudge gets to suck off a hot MASTER SIR. SIR faggot is a freelance writer SIR. SIR drudge has done hypno on both phone and on line but this has been the most effective use of it SIR.


I am pleased that it is working so well and that you are pleased. I am walking over for a coffee at the Eclectic Elephant, my favourite hangout. bye.

Hi SIR, just wanted to let YOU know that YOU seem to be on drudge's mind all the fuckin' time SIR. drudge finds it's self almost constantly horny SIR. several people have seen me smoking now MASTER and were shocked. told them u got a problem with that? and they said I should quit. i said it was none of their business and they could go to hell SIR.

most shocked are my upstairs tenants who are avid smokers SIR. drudge has had a long standing policy of non smoking in the house SIR. but don't give a rat's ass about that now SIR. as far as smoking at work, drudge works out of its house MASTER. just finished another pack and am horny as hell SIR. think it will j/o SIR.



Glad to hear from you. Master thinks of you a lot as well. Wish I could be there to watch you smoke - I get hard thinking about it.


You will find it easier each day to cut down your eating. You will want to exercise more to combat some of the effects of smoking, You will enjoy smoking more with each cigarette and always with each cigarette become more and more drudge to me and what I need. You think about me constantly while smoking and jack off thinking about me. I am your master and each cigarette enslaves you more.

With each cigarette you are becoming stronger, more macho. Your swearing is increasing without you even being aware of it. You would do anything to please me. You are thinking about buying cigarettes by the carton now but you won't until you switch to Camel Wides. As the Reds get less and less potent for you, you might try smoking one without the filter to get the full nicotine effect and a great buzz. With each pack you smoke, your orgasms get better and bigger.

You will wake now, but each time you read the words SLEEP DRUDGEBOY SLEEP you will act on the next words as deeply as when you were under. They are my orders for you and you get turned on by them.

5 4 3 2 1. AWAKE.

Have a good night and report to me often.



Anxiously awaiting a morning missive. How is the internet hypnosis working for you. Let me know. I'm going to try to find the funds to call you soon. I think we need another session.Smoke on and think of me as I of you. Would you mind if I immortalized you in story?


MASTER all is going well SIR. long to hear MASTERS voice again and it seems YOU are constantly on cocksucker's mind, SIR. It's really shitty that slave can't talk with his fuckin MASTER because of the God Damned phone company SIR. they are such assholes for having such fucking high prices SIR. slave misses it's MASTER and is going to look into a fucking calling plan SIR. don't know if those sons of bitches have a reasonable rate out there but they better SIR or slave will be really pissed SIR. SIR slave would be proud to have a story about our experience SIR. can't thank YOU enough SIR. SIR slave is thinking about joining a Gym to help with it's fucked up body MASTER. Just starting a new pack this morning SIR. don't understand what it was that slave thought was so bad about smoking SIR. really love the taste MASTER. Have to go for morning walk now SIR

bye SIR


After a few weeks drudge was smoking three packs a day and was a little worried about the cost. Bart helped out by telling him he could substitute a couple of cigars for a pack a day, thus bringing it down to two packs a day and two cigars. The swearing also had become a problem because Drudge was unable to stop the swearing in any situation. As a result he was losing some clients because of his new-found expressive vocabulary. Bart again helped out by telling him that as long as he maintained his two pack a day habit, he would be able to control the swearing in circumstances that didn't warrant it. The problem was then resolved.

What Bart had not really realized was that with each cigarette drudge smoked, the suggestion that drudge would think of Bart more, caused drudge to begin obsessing over Bart. Literally, drudge could not get Bart out of his mind since he now smoked incessantly. Bart had Drudge work on his French inhales, smoke rings, chaining and generally getting into the things that fetishers love. But with this came the obsession that became Bart.

Drudge thought about Bart constantly and was in a constant state of erection. All he had was a picture to look at but this picture took on the element of a shrine. With each cigarette drudge's need to serve his master grew and grew until he was barely able to do any work. Drudge knew that he had to see his Master so he took out a loan and went in search of his Master.

By this time Drudge was looking pretty good. He had lost 90 pounds and was now where the charts told him he should be. He had been working out a little every day and had toned up the body which had always been slightly overweight. Even with the smoking he had never been in such good health. Using his Air Miles and what little cash he had left, drudge bought a ticket to see his Master.

When he arrived in Bart's city, drudge immediately scanned the phone book to find out the address of his master. There were fourteen listings which could have been his. Remembering the name of the strange cafe (the Eclectic Elephant) which Bart said was a hangout and that he walked to it, he used a map to see if the cafe was near one of the 14 addresses and it was. Now he had an address and sure enough, it was the correct phone number.

Drudge set out to the Eclectic Elephant, found it, ordered a coffee and sat back in a dark corner waiting to see if his Master might arrive. Smoking was still allowed in this State and so, he sat there smoking continually and getting continually harder and more obsessed for the next three hours. Suddenly he saw his Master for the first time. He was so beautiful! All of the months of lust and tension for his Master caused his cock to swell. He was just about to get up to introduce himself when another man walked in and over to Bart's table.

Drudge's heart sank as he watched the two kiss and then sit down at the table hand in hand. All sorts of emotions started going through drudge as he chained another whole pack of cigarettes watching the two of them. Finally, they both got up and walked to the cafe door. On the street they kissed and went in opposite directions. drudge got up and followed the stranger that had been so loving to his Master.

He followed for two blocks and eventually caught up with the man. "Sir, do you have a match, sir?" he asked.

"Why, I think I do" said the man. As he reached into his pocket, drudge's anger exploded and the man fell to the ground. Drudge dragged him into an alley and beat him.

Slowly, Drudge retraced his steps and found the address of the house that contained his Master. His beautiful Master. His Life and Soul. Never would he ever leave his Master. Never would he let his Master leave him. He lit a cigarette, left it dangling in his mouth and walked up to the front door and rang the bell.