Paul and the Mind Drug 1 (mm hypno)

Paul looked down at the new batch of applications he had "borrowed" from a rival company. All the models on these pages had been working at the Sunrise Modeling agency for about a year. One in particular caught his eye since he was attracted to the tall and dark. His name was Carlos, and he certainly was tall, dark and handsome. He read over his original application to Sunrise:

Name: Carlos Estaban
Place of Birth: Cuba
Profession: Weight instructor, model, dancer
What attracts him to a woman?
A beautiful smile, blonde hair (but they mustn't smoke--I have a thing against that!), good physique, likes sports.
What type of music do you like?
Most anything except hard rock and country.
Any bad habits?
Not really. I seldom drink; never do drugs; I'm a hard worker.

Paul looked carefully at the picture Carlos had submitted, his beautifully arrogant face looking up to the sun. His jeans hanging so they might actually fall right off. He knew that this was the one he wanted first. This was the one he would have. He would have his secretary arrange a meeting--and then he would do what he wanted with him and to him.

Paul could get any man to do anything he wanted now that he had stolen his uncle's formula. His uncle Max, a scientist, had invented a unique mind control drug that caused males to take any suggestion and incorporate it into their belief system. Max still had some work to do to make it work on females for reasons he didn't yet understand. When he told Paul about it, it was quite by accident.

Uncle Max had been sure that what was in the drug would not cause any physical damage to anyone, but he didn't know about the psychological. The fact that he had developed the drug had slipped out quite by accident one night when Paul made mention of some trouble he was having with a man at work. He told Paul that it had to do with mind control and that he had developed it far enough that he was about to tell the government about it.

Excited by the prospect of the drug and not wanting him to tell anyone, he managed to give his uncle his own drug. He made him write down the formula, and after a small suggestion, funny thing, he promptly forgot all about it!

Paul saw the drug as his key to having anything he wanted, but he would do it slowly, not to arouse any suspicions. He opened up a modeling agency because he wanted to have access to the most beautiful people in the world. The money had been provided by a few close male friends who, after having had a drink with Paul, would do anything to advance his career.

Paul needed to be in control. Orphaned at four, he was raised by a variety of families until his scientist uncle offered to take him in at 16. Along the way, he had suffered untold abuse by a variety of "caregivers" so that he grew to both hate men, but also need them in sexual ways. As much as he hated men and wanted to get even, and he was drawn sexually to the type of men who had abused him.

Also, Paul had developed a number of fetishes that really turned him on in a man. Smoking, for example. One of the first men to abuse him was a heavy smoker, and the sight of a man smoking really became a turn-on for him. He loved the very thing he hated.

Although they made him angry, he was also turned on by the type of biker in leather with lots of hair and tattoos. In the second family he stayed with, there had been a 19-year-old biker living with them that came to him every night for months and made him do all sorts of things to him that both turned him on and repulsed him.

In any case, he now loved to wield power over men. The more attractive or successful the man, the more he wanted to bring them down. What turned him on most was turning men into animals and keeping them under his control.

When Paul started this modeling agency he knew that he would specialize in beautiful men!

Aside from his uncle, his first experiment had been the 15-year-old gay paper boy. He had wanted to try out the drug, so since the day was hot he invited Tony in for a glass of lemonade. He accepted because Paul was very seductive and could turn on a young boy very easily. After his drink he suggested that Tony really hated a teacher at his school, a teacher that Paul had once had and who had called him "sick". It was too bad that the police caught Tony only after three weeks of doing vicious harassing things to the teacher. They could never figure out why such a nice boy so violently hated a teacher he never even had.

Carlos had arrived at the agency with his portfolio at 4 o'clock. Paul had arranged it that way since his two secretaries would be leaving shortly after that hour, and he would have the place to himself. Carlos had stated initially to the secretary that he was already signed with Sunrise and that he was happy with the work that they were giving him. Paul's secretary had convinced him that it might be profitable for him to at least listen to what his boss had to say.

At five minutes after the hour, Paul opened his door and invited Carlos in. He was even better looking in person than the original photo he had seen. He had dark hair, cut stylishly short, beautiful blue eyes and a winning smile. It wouldn't be too hard for any agency to get work for him!

They spoke for a few minutes about the kinds of things he had been doing during the past year. At one point Paul rose and went to the bar and asked him if he would have a coffee or a soda. He refused at first but with a little prodding he said he would have a little soda. He was very polite--a real gentleman.

While he was sipping his soda he asked him a number of questions about his family, whether he had a girlfriend at the moment--he did--and generally made small talk. The drug kicked in about five minutes later. About the only sign that the drug was working was in the eyes. They became rather glazed over. At that point the victim didn't offer to talk any more but just sat there until asked a question. The eyes never closed. They weren't asleep; they were just a little zombie-like but very responsive to any suggestion.

Paul knew he had about a half hour to play around, an hour if he made him finish the drink. He reached over to the coffee table and pulled over a silver cigarette box.

"Carlos," he said. "I understand you like blonds. I'm a blond."

"Yes," Carlos agreed.

He remembered he had a thing against smoking. "And it really turns you on to see a blond smoke, doesn't it, Carlos?"

Carlos looked a little confused. Paul lit his cigarette, inhaled deeply and blew out the smoke in a long full stream. "When you watch me, you can feel yourself getting excited, can't you Carlos?"

"Uh... yes. I can."

"Every time you see me take a drag of my cigarette you are getting harder and harder, aren't you?"

"Yes. Please... do it again. " Paul watched now as he smoked his cigarette as seductively as possible. Every time he took a drag, Carlos began to look more and more uncomfortable as his underwear became tighter and tighter.

"Have you ever smoked, Carlos?"

"No," he said. "I haven't."

"Why, Carlos?"

"It isn't good for your body; it smells awful."

"But you are really turned on by it, aren't you?"

"Oh, yes."

"You wish all people smoked, don't you."

"Yes. Yes!"

"You know, if you smoked, you could convince anyone that doesn't smoke that they should smoke for you."

"That's true." Carlos's eyes were glued to him.

"I'm finishing my cigarette now, and I don't think I'll have another one because you don't smoke, and it might upset you, and I wouldn't want that."

"No. That's all right. I like to watch you smoke. Please go ahead." Carlos looked uncomfortable, almost panic-stricken that Paul might not smoke again.

"No, no. If you smoked then I wouldn't mind having another but since you don't..."

"I could learn..."

"Do you want me to teach you to smoke, Carlos?"

"Yes, sure--then you could have another cigarette." He smiled his beautiful smile.

With Paul's suggestions he took to smoking very quickly. He had him smoke about five cigarettes, and he had him inhaling after the second one. He was careful to do it slowly so that he wouldn't be too sick--not that it would matter because he would forget it anyway. Then Paul told him that he was really hooked on smoking now, that a pack a day would probably not be enough for him, that he was a real advocate of smoking now and couldn't understand why everyone didn't smoke, that he got really pissed off when anyone suggested that he not smoke, that smoking was for him one of the most pleasurable things and that it made him feel sexy. He loved the feel of the cigarette between his lips and he loved to watch men smoke, especially him.

He was the sexiest smoker he had ever seen. Whenever he was with Paul he wanted to keep smoking so Paul might too.

Then he turned to his competition. He suggested that his present girlfriend was a real tramp and that he no longer had interest in her whatsoever. She was just using him. After he was finished Carlos was describing her as "a real pig."

It was approaching the time that drug was going to be wearing off, so he suggested that he was thirsty and he finish the rest of the drink. That would buy him another half hour at least.

Each time he would ask him if he wanted another cigarette, he eagerly responded 'yes' and got better and better at smoking them. He seemed to really enjoy the taste of the smoke, and he began inhaling deeper and deeper.

Paul was getting really turned on now just watching him. Liking the feel of the cigarette between his lips he let it dangle there while he watched Paul smoke and he even dragged on the cigarette a few times leaving it between his lips.

"Carlos, you really are turned on by me, aren't you. Are you gay?"

"I am turned on by you, but I don't think i am gay."

"I can tell you think I am the sexiest man you ever laid eyes on and that you would do anything to have me. That must make you gay. Isn't that true?"

"Anything. So must be... gay." He was almost panting.

"That's too bad. You know, Carlos, you're not my type. I don't really like men with short hair like yours. And you're so gentle. I'm really turned on by rough men. I love leather and motorcycles and stubble I can feel when I kiss a man. You don't seem to be like that."

"No, I'm not." He looked very sad as he took the cigarette from his lips and blew out a deep drag of smoke.

"But I do like you, Carlos, and I know that you will do anything for me. You are going to get very interested in all those things. In fact, long hair and leather and bikes are things that you always wanted to get into, aren't they?"

"I think so."

"I can see that you're getting rougher just watching you. Why even your language is getting so rough. You seem to not be able to say a sentence without swearing, can you?"

"Fuck. I guess not."

"You want me desperately, Carlos. You won't be able to stop thinking about me day and night, but you know that I won't even be able to look at you as a lover until you've become the kind of man that turns me on. What kind of man is that, Carlos?"

"Rough. A biker. Long hair. Leather. Fuck, if that's what you want, I'll fucking do it. Godammit, I have to have you!"

Paul came over to him and gave him the most delicious kiss. As his tongue caressed Carlos's, Carlos almost melted in front of him. He loved the tobacco taste of his mouth. When he was getting very near climaxing, Paul broke away.

"Well, Carlos, I'm just not interested until you change. Why don't you come back in six months when your contract runs out at Sunrise, and we'll see if I can't take you on in the agency and maybe, if you've changed, well, we'll see... about us."

The glaze was leaving his eyes, and he was becoming more animated and in control of himself, so Paul knew he had to draw things to a close.

"I know you've only been here a few minutes, Carlos, but I can't use you in the agency just now. I know that disappoints you, but we'll see in about six months."

"Hey, look, I really fuckin' want to join your agency. And you are so fuckin' great--you have to take me in. Look, I'll do fuckin' anything."

"Six months, Carlos. We'll see." He practically pushed him out the door.

Through his contacts at Sunrise, Paul knew that Carlos was indeed undergoing a change. Within a month, no one there could stand him any more. He had been given two warnings and with the third he was out.

He refused to cut his hair for shots, was always unkempt. He had become very rude and verbally abusive, smoked like a chimney. They couldn't believe how one nice person could change so radically. He had sold his Toyota, his pride and joy, and picked up a bike. He dropped his girlfriend and dated a variety of other bikers that no one at the agency could stand. The final straw came when he almost missed a shoot because he had been hung over. When the director told him that he couldn't smoke on the set, Carlos turned around and slugged him. He was fired that very day, and for weeks the crew at Sunrise talked about the abusive and crude language he used when he was told to leave and the scene that he had created.

It wasn't until the six months were up that Paul gave in to seeing Carlos--not that he hadn't tried. He had been calling his home, leaving notes, sending cigars, parking outside his window, doing everything he could to even see him again.

During that time that he was letting him hang, Paul had been quite busy. He did have a modeling agency to run, but he had his fun on the side as well.

One real coup was the young policeman that stopped him for speeding. The whole time he was writing him a ticket, he could feel himself being aroused.

As hot as he looked, the cop never seemed to notice him as anything but a lawbreaker.

He knew that he wanted him badly, so he followed his police car at a distance and luckily it ended up at a coffee shop. He was seated by the window doing reports so Paul bought two coffees at the counter and brought it over to him. Of course, he couldn't refuse since he had already bought it for him. Too bad he didn't know that there was something else in the coffee as well.

This cop was 32, happily married and had two, and he was a strikingly handsome man. He found out his background after the drug took effect, and then he was more than willing to answer any questions he posed.

He had married at 23 to his childhood sweetheart, of course. He neither smoke nor drank. He was a real churchgoing Christian and was completely honest. That would soon change, Paul thought. He got hot thinking about it.

An hour later he was deeply in love with Paul and would do anything for him. He knew he loved to smoke, so he wanted take up the habit so he could join him. He loved doing a little pot, so he knew where he could steal some for him. His marriage with his wife was not working out, he now thought, and he was fed up with these phony hypocritical church ministers. He arranged to meet Paul in a motel after his shift that evening, and he couldn't wait to be fucked.

After his shift he met Paul with a bottle of scotch, Paul's favorite, and a carton of cigarettes. He had also got some pot from a kid he'd been following, and instead of arresting him, he let the kid go and pocketed the stash. He was so horny when he arrived at the motel he could think of nothing else but this man with the perfect body that so turned him on that he would do anything for him.

Paul insisted, of course, that he have a drink first, and although he had never even tried scotch, it soon became his favorite drink and he downed more than half the bottle himself. With the added drug to the scotch, he was ready to be his slave, to do anything Paul wanted.

Paul taught him how to smoke, told him how he got off on beating his wife because he was a slutty tramp and how he couldn't wait to be rid of the bitch. Paul allowed him to make love to him, and he was rough the way he liked it. He gave him a new set of friends at the local pool hall--friends who could fence the dope.

He told him he liked money and nice things, and if he wanted to keep seeing him, he would have to see to it that he took a few bribes and found other ways of augmenting his police salary. He told him that he loved being his slave and that whatever he did to humiliate him really turned him on.

Paul let the cop, Jack, see him once a week although Jack was desperate to be with him more. Before his wife left him, Jack beat her badly three or four times. He drank a lot, too, but he made sure that it didn't ever influence his job. He developed a nice drug trade and took many bribes, but he wanted few luxuries for himself other than smokes and a few drinks and shooting pool with some lowlifes he now called friends, so he was able to bank most of it.

When Paul finally allowed Carlos in to see him, he was quite satisfied with the changes he had wrought. He had become very belligerent before he let him in, but once in the Room you could tell that he was a man in love. Before he gave him a drink, he questioned him and learned that he hadn't had a job since he was fired by Sunrise, that he was smoking three to four packs a day, that he had stopped drinking because he couldn't afford the booze and that he was desperate for a job. Every time Paul lit a cigarette, he could see the lump in his crotch rise. His language was now quite filthy, and his taste in clothes had a decidedly leather bent.

He waited until 4:30 to offer him the drink, which he took quite readily, and within five minutes, he was ready to go again. At a quarter to six, Paul's policeman arrived. He met Jack in the outer office, drink in hand, as he always did. He was so good, he thought, thinking only of him. Five minutes later he brought him into meet Carlos.

Paul suggested to them that one of the things he really enjoyed was seeing men get off on other men and how he knew they would really love to arouse each other for his sake. He suggested that they had even had fantasies about sucking another man's cock for Paul and that they were getting hard thinking about it. They started getting hard, of course. He smiled and lit another cigarette as both men watched and grew even harder.

Soon they were starting to take each other's clothes off. He suggested to his cop that he leave his hat on because that would excite Carlos even more.

Every suggestion he made seem to only get them more hot and excited. They began talking dirty to each other, calling one another cocksucker and motherfucker. One by one they took turns sucking each other, and as they did, he kept telling them how they loved it, how they had never been so aroused and how it was the best sex they ever had. He even suggested that they were liking it better than they would sex with him. They grew wilder and wilder in their sex until the both came two or three times with Paul watching.

Paul convinced them that they were now very much turned on by each other and that perhaps they should room with each other.

He had grown tired of them by this point, and there were many more men out there that he was attracted to and he could have them do anything he wanted. The whole world was his. What did he care about these lowlifes? He did give Carlos a job, however, doing hardcore porn which his company had branched out into so he was able to keep in touch with the two of them. As a porn star he was amazing because he would do anything and keep it up for as long as they wanted. Carlos and the cop became lovers. They shared their love of bikes and their love of each other's bodies.

Carlos wasn't able to work very long, though. His hair was getting far too long, he refused to shave his beard and he was getting a paunch from drinking so much. He no longer looked the part of a young male stud even though he was only 21.

Life with Jack and Carlos had been very interesting. Between the two of them they smoked six packs a day and had sex every night. When the cop was finally arrested for extortion and drugs and sentenced to ten years, Carlos almost went crazy. He'd have killed himself had he not visited Paul and later that day fell in love with the crippled man who sold cigars in the shop below Paul's office. God, he loved those fuckin' cigars.

Paul looked over his latest resumes and smiled:

"John is the all-American boy, All-State football champ, and wrestling star. He likes going to church and girls who can make him laugh. At heart he is just a country boy."

He laughed aloud as he dialed the phone.

"John, this is the Power Modeling Agency calling..."

Continued in next chapter