Roommates By Trance (hypno)

Craig took a break from his studying to sneak a look at the heavy set fullback that was his roommate at college. He was terribly attracted to Dallas but there was no way he would show it, or for that matter let anyone know he was gay. Dallas was twenty-one and had very broad shoulders, short blonde hair, perfect pecs and a winning smile. It was interesting really that Craig was so turned on by him despite his good looks. His wasn't the usual type that turned Craig on. Craig usually went for more bear-like, hairy guys - tougher and tattooed. Dallas was the All-American boy.

Dallas was also the better football player of the two. It was the biggest part of his life - but not Craig's. Craig enjoyed it, was good at it and it was paying his way through college - hell, he even got to look at some great-looking jocks, but it was only a sideline for Craig. He hoped to do very well in his studies and perhaps get into law. He still wasn't sure, though.

He turned away when Dallas stretched so that he would not be seen by Dallas and tried to go back to studying. Fuck, he needed a cigarette badly. But that would have to wait, too. Not only was he in the closet about his sexuality, he was also a closet smoker. No-one on the football team smoked and the coach was violently against it. That wouldn't be so bad except that Craig also had a fetish about smoking and really got off seeing a handsome stud with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. He'd had this fetish for as long as he could remember - certainly as far back as Grade 6 when some of the guys at school started smoking and he found himself turned on by it.

He himself had taken up smoking at age 11 but despite the fact that he loved it and was sexually turned on by it, he had never been a heavy smoker and seldom smoked in the presence of anyone else. Smoking , like homosexuality, did not present the image he wanted the world to see, and so he had to content himself with hiding a pack in the room and occasionally ducking out to the compound across the street from the administration building where he could wander around the trees and not be seen by anyone. At least it had worked for two years.

He went back to studying.

Dallas was in the middle of studying for a psychology quiz and trying to decide what to do a major paper on. He looked over the list of topics that were "suggestions" by the prof and none of them seemed appealing to him. He was not, by his own admission, the best student - but he was a hell of a football player and they had all better not forget that.

Looking down the list again he suddenly spied the topic "Hypnosis: Fact or Fiction" and paused on it. Earlier that year the football team had been put under hypnosis by one of the local psychologists in an attempt to improve their game concentration. He thought it had had some effect on him, but it hadn't been continued for reasons they weren't given.

He stretched and yawned and turned to look at Craig. Out of the corner of his eye he thought for a second that Craig had been looking at him. He wished!

Dallas had barely come around to admitting to himself that he was gay - he certainly wasn't going to DO anything about it. He was outwardly very macho and intended to stay that way. He could joke around with the best of them. No-one on the team even suspected that he might be gay.

He slept around with different girls - he could get it up if he thought about other guys while he was doing it - and he made sure that he played the field and never went more than twice with any one girl. As a gay, he was still a virgin and he so loathed himself for the gay thoughts that he knew he would stay that way.

But still. When he looked at Craig he could barely keep his flag at half mast. I mean the guy was so movie star good looking.

And always parading around with those tight white undershirts showing every muscle and pec that he had. They had been rooming together for the whole year and yet he didn't feel he knew much about him because he was almost afraid to talk to him and give himself away. Still, Craig now occupied most of his fantasies. Craig in and out of uniform. Craig slapping him. Craig demeaning him. Craig smoking. What bullshit.

Of course Craig didn't smoke. None of the team smoked. Dallas had smoked for a while in high school but the coaches all had made it so difficult and he truly wanted this scholarship so he managed to quit - except for the occasional private lapse.

And as far as domination - Craig was the gentlest of roommates, thoughtful, considerate and honest. Why did he have such thoughts? It so upset Dallas that he didn't even like to think about why these things turned him on.

But, oh, the fantasies would come of their own accord and now Dallas saw himself putting Craig under hypnosis. He saw him changing Craig into a dominant stud and suddenly there was an image of Craig peeing on him and calling him a dirtbag and scum. He shivered. This has got to stop.

However, the topic on hypnosis might be all right and he needed to have one to turn in by tomorrow, Wednesday, so he had better settle on it. Dallas turned again to look at Craig and decided he would keep the hypnosis essay secret - just in case.

By the time Craig got up on Friday morning Dallas had already left the room to go jogging. Craig knew that he should have gone with him or he was going to be sore after practice today, but he was tired and still horny from last night. He hadn't gone out for a cigarette even though he wanted it badly, so when he got up this morning he went to his drawer, opened the box he had there and took out one of his Marlboro Lites. He knew that he would be safe if he opened the john window because Dallas would take his shower at the gym and not be back till after his 10 o'clock class.

He lit the cigarette and drew in deeply. Oh, it felt good. He hadn't had a cigarette in five days, trying to keep in training, but he missed the taste and his cock was already getting hard. He looked at himself in the bathroom mirror and became hard very quickly, watching the cigarette dangle from his lip, seeing his shoulder length, naturally curly hair touch his shoulders.

He played with the cigarette, in turn doing French inhales, blowing rings, keeping the cigarette dangling as he smoked it. All the while he rubbed his rock hard penis while thoughts of Dallas interrupted the reverie and Dallas' face appeared in the mirror.

Craig put the cigarette out and went out of the bathroom and over to Dallas' bed to finish his job. He grabbed the pair of underwear that Dallas had left on the floor, lay down on Dallas' bed and within minutes put himself into ecstacy.

As he went to sit up and wipe himself off, Craig's head hit something hard under the pillow. He grabbed a Kleenex and while he wiped up the cum, he pulled a book out from under the pillow - "How To Hypnotize in Easy Lessons". I wonder why he's hiding this, Craig thought.

Then he remembered the hypnotist that had come to work with the team. He had only come twice because the jocks were making so much fun of the process and he thought that Dallas was part of that group that thought the whole thing was new age and bullshit. Maybe he was wrong. Maybe Dallas actually benefited from the hypnosis.

He leafed through the book, stopping at the chapter on induction, got interested and read the chapter through. Wouldn't it be neat, he suddenly thought, if I could get Dallas to smoke just one cigarette without him realizing he was doing it. It would be fodder for his imagination for months to come - to see Dallas drag on a cigarette. Hmm, I wonder, he thought.

He looked at the clock. Shit it was ten o'clock now. He had spent the whole last hour or more reading through the hypnosis book. He put the book back under the pillow and got ready for his eleven o'clock class, promptly forgetting about anything except class and football.

Their team won the game tonight and was now ready to beat their closest rival next week. The winner of that game would go on to the state championships. Despite the fact they were still in training many of the guys on the team had gone out to celebrate. Dallas wanted Craig to come with them because he had the car, didn't drink and could be the designated driver. Somewhat reluctantly Craig had agreed. The parties were awfully boring for someone who didn't drink.

Now Craig was not opposed to drinking, but it just wasn't part of that clean-cut image he wanted to convey. The only thing he did, the only thing he allowed himself to do that might shatter his clean-cut image was grow his hair a little longer. Even at that he had to take a lot of ribbing from the team because his hair was the longest. Now some of the team had letters cut into their scalp and tattoos embedded in their skull, but they still made fun of Craig's hair. He allowed it, though, because he knew there had to be some "flaw" for them to kid about - or they might discover the real "flaw" in him.

The party went on till 3 and would have gone on longer except that Craig rounded up the guys he drove and talked them into leaving. One of them had scored with a girl from town and decided he was on his own. That left Dallas and Jigger. Jigger didn't live on campus but wasn't too far from where the party was.

After letting off Jigger, he and Dallas drove back to the University. Dallas had had a little too much to drink and was being somewhat comical and crude, but Craig wasn't paying much attention except to smile a lot and say: Right!. What he was thinking about, though, was the book on hypnosis and how he could get Dallas to go under.

Suddenly he remembered that they had been given a a key word by the psychologist to help bring them into the trance state. He fought hard, trying to remember what the key word or phrase was - it was so long ago, it seemed. What was it?

Meanwhile Dallas started telling him about this girl he had seen at the party and what a slut she was - going upstairs and doing it with half the team. Craig half-listened and then suddenly - he thought of it! It was a phrase, a stupid one he had thought at the time - "pampered pecs", it was. At least no-one was going to say that accidentally!

By the time they arrived on campus, Dallas was moving from the downright silly stage, to the downright sleepy stage. They had a bit of a walk from the car to the dorm and Dallas looked like he could sleep in the car.

Craig took a deep breath and a big chance."Pampered pecs!" he said directly to Dallas. Dallas looked at him for a second like he was crazy, but then his eyes started going up into his head, his head started rolling on his shoulders and he fell back in the seat apparently deeply asleep. Dallas had undone his shirt and his hairless chest glowed bright from the streetlamp about eight feet from the car. His eyes were shut tight. Craig was both feeling sick and excited. He was actually scared and he didn't know what to do next. He thought back to the chapter in the book he read this morning and decided to deepen the trance.

"You are on an elevator, Craig, and it is going down. Each floor it goes down you are going deeper and deeper asleep. Watch the floor numbers in the elevator ass they go down. "Twenty...nineteen..eighteen...." He continued the descent and the expression on Dallas' face seemed to get more and more blank the deeper they went. " Very, very deep. As deep as you can go. You listen only to my voice." Then he took his chance.

"Have you ever smoked a cigarette, Dallas?"


Craig swallowed hard. His cock rose.

"Did you ever inhale a cigarette, Dallas?"


"How old were you when you first smoked a cigarette?"


Shit! If only he had cigarettes with him now! But he hadn't.

"In a minute I am going to wake you up, Dallas. When you awake you won't remember ever going to sleep or being hypnotized. In fact you are convinced that no-one can ever hypnotize you. But whenever I say the words "pampered pecs" to you, you will immediately fall deeply asleep - even deeper than you are now. Do you understand?"


"I'm going to count to ten now and when I say the word ten you will be wide awake and think you have just a a very short nap in the car on the way back to the dorm.

He counted to ten and Dallas awoke on cue, muttering something about 'where are we' and 'I must'a dozed off or something.' They got back to their room and Dallas immediately stripped down to his shorts and sat on the side of the bed ready to call it a night - without any other preparation.

Craig looked at him, gulped, and said, "Pampered pecs." Immediately Dallas' head dropped.

"I want you to get on the elevator again and bring yourself down as far as you go. Say the numbers of the floors to me as they change."

While Dallas counted out the changing numbers, Craig walked over to the dresser and took out his cigarettes.

"You are fourteen again, Dallas. You are fourteen right now and you want to smoke that cigarette again. How old are you, Dallas."


"And what is it you want?"

"A cigarette."

Craig put a cigarette to his mouth and lit it. Then he said to Dallas "You can smell a cigarette now, Dallas, and you want it. Hold out your hand and I'll give you the cigarette."

Immediately Dallas right hand went out. Careful Craig placed the cigarette between Dallas fingers.

"You have the cigarette now, Dallas and you can smoke it."

Dallas put the cigarette to his lips, sucked in and swallowed the smoke. Oh my God, he inhaled, thought Craig.

Dallas pulled the cigarette away and a thick stream of smoke issued from Dallas' mouth.

For the next few minutes Craig coaxed Dallas to take more and bigger drags as he masturbated himself watching. God, it was wonderful, Craig thought.

Finally Craig took the cigarette from Dallas after telling him he was going to take it away. Dallas even put up a little struggle and it seemed like he didn't want it taken away.

Then without waking Dallas, Craig had him lie down in the bed and told him to sleep well and peacefully till morning. The cigarette had helped relax him, he said, and he would have a great night's sleep.

Then Craig put out the light, went to bed... and masturbated again.

It took Dallas a few days to finish the book on hypnosis all the while planning how he was going to try to put his roommate under. Of course he could never be put under, he thought. The psychologist had not been able to do it and so he must be immune. But he wondered about Craig.

It wasn't till he got to the last chapter when it suggested a way to bring someone from normal sleep into hypnotic sleep that Dallas thought he might have his plan.

Plan. What plan? Don't be stupid, he told himself. You are never going to hypnotize anybody, much less Craig. Forget about it.

But he couldn't forget about it. It was on his mind the whole day.

He went out with Jigger that night but couldn't get the thought out of his head that he was only fourteen and more than ever he wanted to smoke. The smoky bars they went to didn't help and he left with an empty feeling inside not even having had a drink.

When he came home from bar-hopping with Jigger only the bathroom light was on and it seemed that Craig was already asleep. It was only two a.m. - early for Dallas, but this was a fairly regular situation for him. He wasn't too noisy and never before had wakened Craig.

He went into the bathroom, sat on the toilet and thought about it. Should he? Of course not! What if Craig woke up - would he think that Dallas was some fag attacking him? He couldn't allow that to happen.

But still - he looked so handsome laying there reflected in the bathroom light.

Dallas decided that he wouldn't do anything - until he got outside the bathroom and took another look at the angelic body on the bed, his lower half covered only by a light sheet, his skin glistening in the bathroom light. It didn't matter the cost! He had to do it!

He followed the procedure he had read about in the book, talking softly and slowly until certain signs were manifest. The eye movement was a key one. It took about thirty minutes before Dallas was pretty sure that Craig was under.

He began to ask Craig questions and in a sleepy voice Craig began to answer him. He gave him a key to put him under the next time and to deepen the trance as the book had said.

"Whenever I say the words "Sleepy Hollow" you will feel very tired, your eyes will close and you will go deeper than you are right now. And always on awakening you will not remember being asleep. In fact you won't think that you can be put under hypnosis. Your will is too strong. But whenever I, and only I, say the words "Sleepy Hollow", you will immediately go very deeply into sleep."

Dallas wished he had a cigarette. He had been wanting one badly all day - in fact he had been giddy as a teenager all day, saying and doing really immature things.

Dallas needed to do something to test Craig. He thought for a moment. Whenever you are alone in the room with Dallas tomorrow you will find it impossible not to swear. You will be the world's worst swearer. You swear so much that you aren't even aware that you are swearing. However, if anyone comes into the room or if you leave the room, the swearing will stop."

Then he added... "Have you ever smoked a cigarette, Craig?"


"Really? I mean... do you like smoking Craig?"


Dallas could hardly believe his ears. The sight of this jock with a cig hanging from his mouth was such a turn on.

"Craig, you are going to find a way to smoke a cigarette tomorrow. You won't feel right until you have smoked a cigarette. It will bother you all day until you have one. Do you understand?"


"All right. Go back to regular sleep now and when you awake in the morning you will forget you were ever hypnotized."

Dallas went to bed with visions of not sugar plums but large Craigs, puffing, swearing and standing over him with a glare on his faces.

"Godammit, those cock-sucking sons-of-bitches."

Dallas awoke and looked toward the bathroom. He spoke sleepily. "What's the problem?"

Craig came into the room. "Those mother-fuckers next door have used up all the hot water - AGAIN! I'm going to ram their asses so hard if they don't leave a little fucking water for the rest of us!"

"Jesus, Craig. Calm down... it's too early to..." Suddenly Dallas remembered his instructions as Craig threw his towel angrily on the bed, slipped on a pair of shorts, grabbed a shirt and headed toward the door to shower at the gym - all the while muttering under his breath..."those fucking bastards... haven't got the fucking sense... cock-sucking mother-fucking bastards...." And out the door he went.

Wow! thought Dallas. It worked. Hurriedly he grabbed some clothes and ran out the door to follow him. He caught up to him just before Craig reached the gym.

"Hey, you're pretty upset this morning."

"And why shouldn't I be" Craig said. "I'm sick and tired of not having any hot water just because they like to take half-hour showers."

Not a swear word! thought Dallas.

Before he went into the gym with Craig he had a visit to make to the neighbourhood corner store.

Craig headed back to his room. I want a cigarette so badly, he thought, but I can't shake Dallas today. He seems to be following me. How can I get rid of him... he opened the door to his room.... and have a fucking smoke. Godammit."

Craig paced a bit while Dallas made his bed. What the fuck, Craig thought - Dallas never makes his bed. I got it!

"Dallas," he said. "Pampered pecs." Dallas landed on the bed and didn't hurt himself when he literally passed out. "Fuck!" said Craig. "This really fucking works." He walked over to the dresser and took out his cigarettes, lit one, exhaled deeply and came over to Dallas.

"Dallas, when you fucking wake up you are going to want to start smoking. You are going to fucking try to get Craig to start smoking, too. You will keep it a fucking secret and fucking no-one has to know except Craig. But you'll fucking find it impossible not to start smoking. You will fucking enjoy smoking more than any fucking thing in the world."

Craig took another deep drag on his cigarette. Fuck, he thought, this is so fucking good! Then he remembered something Dallas had said to him that made him wonder whether he got rid of a suggestion.

"How fucking old are you, Dallas."

"Fourteen," came the reply.

Shit! I fucking forgot to get rid of that suggestion, he thought.

"You're no fucking longer fourteen, Dallas. You're fucking twenty-one again and you fucking well want to be a smoker. Do you fucking understand?"


"Good. I'll fucking count to ten and you can fucking wake up - forgetting everything except wanting a smoke. One..two...three..."

On ten Dallas woke up.

Isn't it amazing, thought Dallas, how he wasn't swearing at all, then he walked through the door into the bedroom and then he started swearing again. That's funny. I don't remember laying down. Christ! I want a fucking cigarette, he thought. I wonder if that worked on Craig, too.

He got up and finished making his bed, turned to look at Craig and said "Craig, Sleepy Hollow." Immediately Craig's eyes started to close and though he seemed to fight it for a moment, he was very quickly fast asleep.

Dallas thought for a moment before pulling out the cigarettes he bought at the store this morning.

"Craig, you said last night that you enjoyed smoking. Do you?"

"Fuck, yes."

Well, that was still working, too. "You want a cigarette very badly right now, don't you.

"Yes. Really fucking bad."

"Why didn't you get one?"

"I couldn't fucking shake Dallas and I don't want anyone to fucking know I smoke."

"When I wake you up, Craig, you are no longer going to be afraid to smoke in front of Dallas. In fact you'll like smoking around Dallas and it can be your secret with him. You really want to get him to smoke, too, don't you.

"Fucking A!"

"Look, you can stop the swearing now and concentrate on having that cigarette you want."

"What fucking swearing?"

Oh, shit, Dallas thought. I told him he wouldn't realize he was swearing. Oh well, it will wear off by tomorrow anyway. I think I told him it would just be for today. "Never mind. Concentrate on the cigarette. I'm going to wake you know and you will forget this ever happened. You will only know you want a smoke and you are not afraid to smoke around Dallas. In fact, you hope he will smoke, too. These are your cigarettes and I will put them on your bed stand. You bought them yesterday."


Dallas placed the pack of Camels on the stand and started to wake Craig up.

When Craig woke he acted as though it was quite natural for him to smoke in front of Dallas. He reached over for the cigarettes, looked oddly at the brand as if to say, why did I buy these, and opened the pack and lit up without seemingly thinking about it.

"Why the fuck, don't you smoke, Dallas. It is so fucking relaxing and cool. Here, fucking try one. "

"I guess so. I'll try it." Dallas said naively.

Craig thought the whole fucking thing was his idea! Dallas laughed to himself.

The next week or so both of the guys smoked in the presence of each other, each thinking the other had caused it to happen. Craig was particularly turned on by Dallas' smoking because of his male smoking fetish, and he had an almost perpetual hard-on, relieved only when he had the room to himself.

In his turn, Dallas found Craig's smoking exciting, but only as a prelude to the dominant male he had in mind that really turned him on.

Neither found a need to hypnotize the other for this time period because at this point they had seemingly gone as far as they wanted, but there was a nagging feeling in each of them that only grew as time went on.

The first to give in was Dallas. Over the week he had more and more fantasies of being dominated by by Craig. The image of Craig, cigarette in mouth, standing over him, slapping him, whipping him... was more than Dallas could take.

One night just before bed, Dallas looked at Craig and said: Sleepy Hollow. Immediately Craig's eyelids lowered and he was in a deep trance.

While he was under Dallas gave Craig many suggestions about wanting to dominate Craig. Although the intense bouts of swearing had only lasted the day as he had had stated the last time, Dallas found that the swearing turned him on and he told Craig that he would continue to swear in Dallas' presence. He told Craig that he would like to push Dallas around, humiliate him and enslave him. He told him that it would really turn him on sexually. He also increased Craig's love of smoking so that his image of the tough dominator could be met.

The next day Dallas could feel that the changes in Craig were already at work. Before he left in the morning Craig had called him a shit for disturbing him and warned him not to do it again. He had ordered him, not asked, to clean up the bathroom as well. (I want you to fucking clean that shit house of a bathroom - you make all the fucking mess, not me!).

During classes that day, Dallas couldn't wait to get to practice to be around Craig again and see what would happen. At practice Craig was cynical, though he didn't swear, and cut Dallas down three or four times in front of his teammates, making sarcastic remarks about how dirty Dallas' side of the room was, and what a pig he was in the bathroom, and how he was so dumb he wouldn't know botany from biology. Dallas hated it but also loved it!

When Craig got back to his room after supper he found himself so pissed off with Dallas that he couldn't get it out of his head that he wanted to hurt him. He grabbed another cigarette - God he had been smoking a lot today, for some reason - and paced the room.

Dallas came in a few minutes later and before he could even say anything, Craig blurted out: Pampered pecs - and Dallas was out like a shot. Craig had not tried to hypnotize him for over a week, but tonight, well, he just wanted to do it. He could feel an unusual anger building in him.

"You are under deeper than ever before, Dallas, and you are so fucking deep that you will listen only to me and obey everything I say. You are a real pansy, Dallas - a real fucking wuss, did you know that? Eh, cocksucker?

He paused. No reaction. "Have you ever grown your hair long, Dallas?"


"Why not?"

"Only girls should have long hair. I'm not a girl."

"What a fucking dope!" said Craig. Well, you're such a wimp, Dallas, that you are going to grow your fucking hair long. In fact, you want it so long it runs down your back. If you ever even try to get a haircut, you'll get violently ill. The longer your hair gets, the more you'll feel like a wimp! but... you won't be able to fucking cut it. Do you understand, cocksucker!"

"Yes." Dallas looked like he was about to cry.

Then Craig thought about his own love of hairy men. "And you're going to grow a moustache, too - so people won't think you're a fucking girl with that long hair. A biker's moustache - a fu manchu type. Understand."


"And from now on, I'm the fucking boss. You will do whatever I ask you to do around here." Craig's cock was rock hard now. "Open your eyes, but stay asleep."

Dallas did.

"You see this cock in front of you, boy?" he said as he pulled down his pants in front of the entranced Dallas. "Well, you know what you fucking are, don't you. You're a cocksucker. So get to work, cocksucker. Suck that cock."

Dallas did just that - almost to Craig's surprise. And Craig didn't let up. "You fucking love it, cocksucker. That's it. You love it. Suck it harder. Oh. I'm cumming...I'm cumming. You love my cum, suck it up. Oh...oh..."

Dallas performed better than Craig could have ever hoped and Craig was amazed at his own boldness. How could he have fucking done this? He looked down at Dallas who licked his lips as though he had just had a great steak, still completely entranced.

Then another mean streak came across him from God knows where.

"How much do you like football, cocksucker?"

"A lot."

"No you don't. You think football is the most fucking boring thing in the world. I want you to forget everything you know about football - right now. I'm placing my hand on your head and you are forgetting fucking everything you know. It's all just boring to you now. When you get out on the field tomorrow you won't have a clue what to do, will you?"


"All you will be able to think about is coming here and serving me. You fucking love to serve me and do anything I ask you to. You want to be my slave."


A shiver went through Craig. He didn't know where this was coming from in himself. He didn't realize he had such a mean fucking streak in him. Suddenly guilt ran through him as he worried about a fucking clueless Dallas on the football field tomorrow and what that would do to his scholarship and potential career. What was happening to him to make him like this.

But then he looked down at Dallas and the fucking guilt went away. All he fucking wanted to do now was watch Dallas smoke, so he gave him a command that he would chain smoke around him tonight, and then quickly made him forget the session and wake up.

When he was awake, Dallas didn't seem to remember even being asleep but he grabbed a cigarette right away and spent the next hour before bed smoking one after another, inhaling deeper and deeper while Craig just looked on and loved what he saw.

Craig asked him some questions about the plays tomorrow and he seemed disinterested and kept changing the topic. Then Craig said something about how good he would look in longer hair and Dallas said, "Funny you should mention that cause I thought I'd like to grow mine out. What would you think of a moustache?"

Craig just smiled.

That evening just as Craig was about to turn the light out, Dallas said: "Sleepy Hollow". He then took Craig through a longer deepening process that he had been reading about for his paper. At the end of it, Dallas looked at Craig's beautiful body which he had lusted after for months and decided he just couldn't take it any longer - he was going to fuck Craig whether he wanted it or not. He figured he had him deep enough, so he told Craig that he wanted a cigarette really bad, but that when he smoked it, his ass would get so itchy he would need someone to scratch it. No matter how hard he tried he wouldn't be able to reach it. His swearing would get really bad over it. Dallas also tried a new technique of having the subject keep his eyes open but still remain asleep.

Craig opened his eyes on order, then lit a cigarette. Suddenly he began shifting uncomfortably on the bed and the more he tried to reach down to touch his ass the more difficult it got. Finally Dallas asked him if he wanted some help in relieving the itch. By this time Dallas was quite hard and grabbing the lubricant, he made sure he was ready. Craig turned over on the bed and stuck his ass up into the air. Afraid he was going to cum too quickly, Dallas managed to insert his rod while Craig was screaming: "Fuck.. that's it. Relieve it more. Oh, fuck.. oh fuck..."

The sound of Craig screaming and swearing unfortunately made Dallas come all that much faster and when he pulled out, Craig still wasn't relieved and was still itchy, practically begging him to relieve him some more.

Because he was actually still asleep, Dallas was able to stop the itch, make Craig forget the whole incident. He also told him to stop talking about football so much because it was boring and he just didn't care. He reinforced the fact that he wanted Craig to be the dominant one, told him to continue the swearing and double the smoking - maybe even try a little cigar action. Then he told him to go to sleep and Craig put out the lights.

The football game the next day was a total disaster for Dallas. He screwed up just about everything the coach or the players asked him to do. More than that, he didn't seem to care. Unfortunately after the game, the team gave him such a hard time that Dallas stayed behind and was in tears when Craig came looking for him.

Craig didn't seem to have much interest in the game either and kept getting bored on the sidelines. He didn't get played much anyway.

When he found Dallas in the locker room crying, he felt badly for a minute but it didn't last. He found himself suddenly calling Dallas a fucking baby and stupid and a fool. He began giving him a harder time than the other guys. Dallas continued to cry but was also getting excited by it. Craig could see that his cock was growing, so finally he said: "Pampered pecs" and Dallas was under - erection and all. Craig told him that he was really fucking horny, that he had to take his fucking pants off to give room for his cock. Dallas did as he was told.

Craig asked Dallas why he was getting so fucking hard, what was turning him on and was surprised by the reply - "You are. I love it when you put me down. I want to be your slave."

"What did you say, cocksucker?"

"I want to be your slave."

"All right, cocksucker, you SHALL be my slave. I want you to get down on your fucking knees and suck me off. Open your eyes, cocksucker!"

Dallas did what he was told, got down on his knees, and ignoring his own hard-on, started to undo Craig's fly and take out his penis. Craig lit a cigarette. Dallas was sucking and Craig was smoking screaming and swearing and so they didn't hear the coach who came in and caught them!

The coach was old-fashioned and strict. Hell, he wouldn't even allow smoking, so there was no way he was going to allow two "HOMOsexual"s on his team.

Without football, neither of them had a scholarship and that meant that they would have to leave school. They decided that they wouldn't tell their parents till the end of the year and the two of them got a job at a local construction company and rented a room in a hotel downtown. By the end of the term they were very much in love and through the hypnosis, meeting each other's needs. They decided that they wouldn't go home and went to another town farther away without telling their families where they were.

They continued working in construction and making more than a decent living. Dallas continued to grow his hair long and wear a fu manchu which pleased Craig no end, as well as to become a three pack a day smoker.

Craig continued to hypnotize Dallas and got him to do many more demeaning things which turned Dallas on even more. Dallas could never get enough or be demeaned badly enough. Then, when they made love, they smoked and turned each other on even more.

They had few friends, partly because Craig had become so dominant that it carried over into his other life as well. Also, his swearing would be described as pretty bad even by some of the more colourful construction workers. Eventually they were able to constrain themselves enough that their sex life didn't impinge on their work or social life and they led a very happy life together.