Spellmaster (hypno)

Part I

My name is Doug and I started school at Baybrook Academy during my senior year. My father had moved out west to take a new high paying job at an advertising agency and so I was forced to change schools in my last year. If that weren't difficult enough, the other students were not accepting me well, and I felt very lonely.

On my way home from school one day I happened upon an old bookstore that specialized in rare books and first editions. Most of them were very expensive but I loved reading and was a real bibliophile even from an early age. For almost a week after school I browsed the store until I came upon a book that really intrigued me. It was a book on spell-casting and had the words for hundreds of different spells. It was not an old book particularly and compared to the other books in the store was quite inexpensive.

When I brought it home and looked through it carefully, it seemed that it was a type of prayer book and there were prayers (read:spells) for all kinds of things, mostly involving weather, bringing good luck and so on. Only at the end did it seem to get a little blacker - where there were spells for making someone do what you wanted them to. The instructions were simple - just say the spell over and over for certain lengths of time, morning, noon and night. Some other spells had instructions about using body parts or clothing.

I found it a pleasant diversion and didn't really think too much about it. After a few days I put the book away without actually trying any of the spells.

Meanwhile my problems at school seemed to be escalating. When I was out at the back of the school having a cigarette one day, I was approached by three seniors - all from the football team - who accused me of trying to pick up the quarterback's girlfriend. I didn't even know who the quarterback's girlfriend was, but it turned out I had sat at her table at lunch that day and had made small talk with this girl who was in a couple of my classes. The quarterback's name was Rod and I was told in no uncertain terms that I was to stay away from Victoria. They roughed me up a little just to let me know who was in charge. Rod did none of the hitting - he stood and supervised with an annoying grin on his face.

After that I met with a number of "accidents" - being tripped in the cafeteria, falling in gym class and so on. I was definitely not a favourite with the football team. They particularly made fun of me because I smoked which was very uncool for the athletes of Baybrook and constantly made comments to me about being a "wanker".

The close-to-final straw came when they stole my chemistry assignments from the teacher's desk and the teacher accused me of not handing in these most important experiments. I had, of course. I might not have even suspected Rod and his friends except for the sarcastic comment made by Rod as he passed me coming out of Chem class. It had to have been him. The actual final straw had been when I found a large pile of shit on my front porch when I left for school the next morning. That had done it. I wanted to get even.

For the next week I thought about what I could do to get even. It wasn't until near the end of the week that I came across my Book of Spells. I turned to the back of the book which I remembered contained some darker spells. I had no ideas whether they would work - I didn't really believe in that kind of stuff - but I was desperate and was going to give it a good try.

For the darker spells it turned out that I had to have an object belonging to the person that I was going to use the spell on. The more intimate the object the better chance the spell would have of taking; so, for example, a hair would be much better than a piece of clothing, which would be much better than a pencil the person used. This presented a bit of a problem because he didn't want to get close enough to them to get anything he could use.

Luck was in store for me, though. The very next day Rod forgot his baseball cap in his desk. I noticed that it was there during class and prayed that he might forget it. I waited until everyone had filed out of class, then slipped the hat into my gym bag and went straight home. Rod's hair was fashionably long on top and very short on the sides. I was pleased to find out that there were a number of long hairs in the hat, so I now had a choice.

I brooded for three days before I actually came to a decision. I went out and bought the strongest brand of cigarettes I knew of, Camels unfiltered, and took one of the cigarettes out of the pack and wrapped one of Rod's hairs around it. Three times a day I chanted the spell that made someone do something.

Each day thereafter I would watch Rod carefully but he didn't seem to see any change in him - certainly no inclination to start smoking. After three days of chanting spells and watching Rod I decided that maybe my spell book was just a hoax and I was about to give it up. I tried first, though, to figure out what might have gone wrong. The only thing that I could come up with was that perhaps Rod had never tried smoking a cigarette. If that were the case the spell may not have been working because Rod had nothing to relate this need he now felt to. In any case, I didn't stop chanting my spell - just yet.

As luck would have it, I had been invited to a party for the first time by a girl in my English class - she was nice but I didn't find her particularly attractive. Wanting to make some friends I decided to go and maybe have some fun. I spent most of the evening off in a corner by myself being ignored and was just about thinking of leaving when Rod showed up with Victoria. The crowd must have been friends of Victoria because Rod seemed just about as bored as I was by everyone there. None of his jock friends were in my crowd.

Not particularly wanting to have to deal with Rod, I slipped out onto a back terrace and had a cigarette. I was about half way through when I was interrupted by a familiar voice: "Well, if it isn't the asshole!"

"What do you want, Rod? Why can't you just leave me alone."

"Oh... are we just a little bit neglected tonight, asshole?" Rod smirked.

"So you had to come out here and pollute the air."

"Look, I happen to like smoking, so just leave me alone about.." Then without thinking I added. "I bet you've never even had the balls to try it - you and your sissy friends." Whoops, I was going to get it now - I could tell by the look in Rod's eyes.

"You think I've never had a cigarette, asshole..."

"Right. I think you've been too chicken to even try it."

"You think so!" He reached down and grabbed the cigarette out of my hand and quickly took a tiny drag. "See, asshole." He was just about to give it back, when he suddenly stopped almost in mid motion, looked at the cigarette with a funny look on his face - and took another drag, this time deeper. Then another - even deeper.

"You know...I never..knew.. I mean... how ... " Then another - very deep, holding it in.

His sullen mood changed. "I see why you like these. You were right, you know. I never really tried one before. Not bad. Say, you wouldn't have another one, would you?"

That had been my last cigarette from my package. I hadn't had enough money to buy another pack today so I had brought the Camels with me. I pulled them out of my jacket pocket and offered him one."

"These don't have filters?"

"No," I said, "they taste even better because you get the real taste." "Yeah? Thanks." And I lit the end of the cigarette now dangling between his lips.

It was sort of like love at first sight. He couldn't smoke it hard enough or deep enough. He smoked three of my Camels - right in a row. Then I told him I had to get going. He looked panic-stricken.

"You couldn't give me a few of those for later, could you?"

"Sorry, man. These are my last till Sunday when I get my allowance."

"Too bad, asshole. Give me those fuckin' cigarettes - NOW!" He had grabbed me by the collar and had me up against the patio wall. I reached into my pocket and grabbed the pack, threw it across the patio and took off as he almost dove for the smokes.

I hid in the bushes and watched him the rest of the night. He came out about ten times to have a cigarette. He had a slightly puzzled look on his face like he couldn't figure out why he was doing this or why the damn cigarettes were so good.

Over the next few days I tried to avoid him, even in the smoking area of the school. He stayed pretty much by himself while he smoked, like he was embarrassed to be one of the smokers out there - or maybe it was because athletes like himself were not supposed to smoke in football season. In any case I watched him - as he smoked with a passion! He couldn't wait to get one lit and he drew on it very deeply and long, enjoying each drag more than the last one.

The third day he came over and again tried to steal my cigarettes but they weren't unfiltered Camels and I guess he was hooked on those because he only pushed be against a tree, slugged me once and threw the filtered cigarettes to the ground. He called me a cocksucker and was extremely unpleasant, but what was new.

The first part of my plan had worked so well that I kept thinking about what I wanted to do next. I thought of a billion little things but he had so pissed me off that I wanted now to do something big. Then I came across a spell I had overlooked before - the spell to make someone your slave. Now we'll see who's the cocksucker!

Part II

I felt rather foolish doing this but I was only following instructions. I took a piece of hair and wrapped it around my flaccid cock. I was able to wrap it around three times kinda loosely. The strange thing was that as I remembered what I'd done to Rod so far and what I was now planning to do, my cock kept getting harder and the hair began to hurt.

To get my mind off my swollen cock, I started the chanting procedures and spent about an hour chanting. I did this three times a day for the next week, morning, right after school and before I went to bed. The chant repeated the fact that he would do anything I tell him to.

Meanwhile at school Rod was absent on the third day. His girlfriend Victoria was my lab partner that day so I used the opportunity to talk about Rod. She was quite concerned about him. He had developed a cough from smoking and she couldn't understand why he ever started but he seemed to be smoking an awful lot. And last night he was acting so peculiar, she said. I pushed to get out of her just what had happened but she didn't want to go into it. All she said was that they went for a car ride and he just wasn't himself. She had asked him to stop smoking and he broke down crying saying he wanted to but he just couldn't. It was like he was addicted or something and he didn't know what he was going to do. Victoria was quite upset.

The next day Rod was back at school. Before school started he was in the smoking area and was starting his third cigarette when he noticed me. A strange look came into his eyes and he walked slowly over to me. I expected him to say something like, "Why are you looking at me, asshole?" but he didn't. He just stood there looking a little more dumb than usual.

"Are you okay?" I managed to blurt out.

"Yes." He just continued to stand there so since he looked rather hypnotized I thought I'd try something.

"Why don't you skip school today."

"Yes. I'll do that."

"Meet me at the entrance to Carol Park at three o'clock today. And make sure you're wearing a leather jacket, even if you have to steal one." I don't have any idea what made me say those things -it just came out.

"Three o'clock...with a leather jacket."

"Now finish your cigarette and leave."

He walked away from me and stood back in his original spot, finished his cigarette as though he hadn't seen or talked to me, and then took off away from the school.

I didn't concentrate on school much the rest of the morning - I just thought about what kind of control I had over Rod - and managed to hide my continuous erections.

I arrived at the park entrance before he did and sat down just inside the gate. The park was pretty well deserted this time of year even though it wasn't cold enough yet that it should drive people away. I lita cigarette and just about finished it when someone grabbed me by the throat from behind and lifted me up and against the wall next to the bench.

Rod looked wide-eyed in a new black leather jacket. Roughly he pushed me up against the wall and he began to kiss me roughly.

"I..I..'ve been thinking about you all day...I don't know why...I'm sorry but I have to do this!" This was said as he roughly kissed and pawed my body. I didn't reply. I couldn't. I felt like I was being raped. The more excited he got, the rougher he got. He slid his hand behind my belt and felt my hard dick. He pulled my pants down without undoing anything and brought his mouth down on my erect cock, all the time running his hands all over me.

I came very quickly, all over him. He hadn't even pulled his cock out. When it was over he looked very angry.

"If you tell anyone about this...I'll kill you! and then he slugged me, hitting my jaw on the left side and throwing me to the ground, practically knocking me out. He ran off through the park.

Slowly I rose, pulled up my pants, making my way home in a daze. I went right up to my bedroom and when the daze wore off, cried for a long time.

Part III

I tried to figure out what I had to done to make Rod do that to me. I had told him to get a leather jacket, which he either bought or stole (it was so new looking) and to meet me at the gate. Perhaps the combination of how I was getting him under control with his hair around my penis and his need to see me made his mind interpret that as what he had to do. I would have to be careful of what I said and how I said it, because I didn't want it to happen again - at least that way, violently. I have to admit I liked it and I have been fantasizing about it, but the reality of violence really turns me off.

At school the next day I saw Rod in the smoking area again and I was a little nervous to have him see me. I needed a cigarette, though, so, as i had planned, I went up to him and asked for a light.

He gave me the light and his eyes took on the same dazed expression as yesterday. So I thought I would try.

"You really like me, Rod. You wouldn't want to see anything bad happen to me. You are my best friend. You would do anything for me. Anything.


It seemed to be working. "I want you to do everything in your power to get Jerry and Mike to start smoking. You really want them to smoke so you can have other friends that smoke besides me."

"Other friends..."

"How did you get the jacket, Rod?"

"I.. stole it... from Sears.

"You like stealing, don't you Rod? It gives you a rush."

"Like stealing..."

"You don't like your car anymore, Rod. You're going to steal a car tonight, Rod and take Jerry and Mike and me for a ride. Why don't you skip school again today, figure out a plan and you can call us all later and pick us up. And while you're off, why don't you get a tattoo and earrings. I'd like that and you really like me, don't you. I'm your best..best friend!"

"Best friend."

"And I'd really like to see you with tattoos and an earring. Have another cigarette. I have to get to class. See you later...friend!"

Immediately Rod lit another Camel and smoked it deeply. I watched as he finished it, ground it with his foot, looked around and took off toward his car. I went to classes feeling excited and in control.

I found it a very long day, but sure enough, when I got home from school Rod called and said he would pick me up at nine that evening. I got quite excited waiting for nine o'clock and had to jack off twice in anticipation. When he got to my place he already had Jerry with him and I think Jerry was more than a little surprised that Rod was picking me up. Rod told Jerry to get in the back seat because he wanted me to sit up front with him.

I looked Rod over and sure enough he had two studs in his right ear and I couldn't see the left yet. I couldn't tell if he had been tattooed because he wore his leather jacket. A cigarette dangled from his mouth unlit.

"Have a cigarette, Doug?" he offered as he took out his lighter.

"Thanks. I have my own."

"Hey, Jerr, want a smoke?"

"You know I don't smoke, man." Jerry looked quite confused.

"Yeah. I know that, wuss. You're so fucking straight. I don't know why I fucking hang out with you anymore. Have a cigarette, asshole and stop being such a dork!"

Rod practically shoved the pack into Jerry's face, and Jerry, not knowing what to do, actually took one. Rod lit his own, then Jerry's. Jerry coughed violently - they were pretty strong cigarettes for a first time - and Rod kept on making fun of him, daring him to keep smoking, daring him to inhale - and Jerry did! So much so, that he threw up afterwards. Rod laughed all the more. When Jerry apologized for getting the backseat so messy, Rod laughed and said it didn't matter, that he had "borrowed the car" and they could just "borrow" another one.

Jerry looked for every chance to get away after that. He didn't want to be involved in stealing a car, so he begged off, using his sick stomach, and took off on foot for home.

Rod seemed to be having a great time. I suggested that we get some beers and go down to the lake so Rod drove to a liquor store and paid some guy to get us a six-pack and off we went.

We sat by the lake and talked for a long while. He told me he didn't understand the feelings he was having for me, but he knew he could talk to me because I was his best friend. He told me how he went for help to stop smoking, but he just couldn't seem to, and in fact it had gotten worse every day until just recently and now it was levelling off to two to three packs a day. (I had stopped chanting, but this hair was still around the cigarette.) The whole time we were there he had chained smoked very deeply. He finally admitted he had feelings for me, but seemed to have no memory of the attack on me the other day. Slowly, I undid my pants and he was able to see my throbbing cock. Slowly and tenderly this time, he put it in his mouth -and became the "cocksucker" he had recently called me.

Afterwards as we lay there on the ground, his new tattoo all sweaty with lust, I suggested to him that a nipple ring would be very nice and that I really liked long hair on a guy.

From that day on, I ignored him. He was like a lovesick puppy. Over the next few months he grew his hair long, failed his semester, was arrested for stealing - and through it all, he called and begged to meet, go out, do anything together. Although the look of him did turn me on, I wanted to make him suffer. He would never forget me.

After a while, though, I kind of lost interest in hurting him. I removed the spell objects and I think he did "tone" down his smoking and his protestations of "love". The last I heard he had been working in a garage, but then took up with some motorcycle gang and left town. Every once in a while I still get a phone call with no-one talking on the other end and i think it is probably Rod, just wanting to hear my voice.