Tricks (hypno)

WANTED. For rich, gay gentleman, live-in private secretary, companion and assistant. One year minimum guarantee both ways. No sex required. Salary negotiable. Write P.O. Box 572 to receive a questionnaire that must be filled in and submitted along with picture and resume.

Jay Ingram was indeed a rich man. At 53 years old he had amassed a fortune that made him one of the wealthiest individuals in North America. He had enough money to do almost anything his heart desired and he had done all that. What he really liked to do, however, was to corrupt, and that could be a little more difficult.

He had always been fascinated with the psychology of 'changing" people's attitudes and beliefs but it was the process that really turned him on sexually. He loved the power of corruption. Using the best equipment he prepared to realize his sexual fantasies starting with the "wanted" ad that he published.

Of course, he received thousands of inquiries. And he looked at all of them. Himself. He gradually whittled it down to 12 candidates that he thought he would bring in for an interview.

Meanwhile he prepared the living quarters for his new house guest and companion. It was an incredibly beautiful room, designed by one of the best architects he could find. It was both 'homey' and 'stunning'. Of course, hidden in the room was a system, hopefully undetectable, that would allow Mr. Ingram to observe and listen to everything that went on in the room.

The room also contained a sound system of unequalled clarity, which also happened to have frequencies not usually broadcast since they could not be heard except subliminally, by humans.

Each of the 12 candidates had the qualities he was looking for. They were pleasant looking, had no strong ties to girlfriends, jobs or family, disavowed drinking or drugs, were religious, had high marks in their post-secondary education and held excellent references from employers - team players, trustworthy, etc., etc.

At the interview he would let them know that the job paid $100,000 a year, would last for at least a year and that they had to promise in writing to stay for one year. He also outlined the many duties that he wanted taken care of in the house but there would be ample free time for the candidate to enjoy the surroundings of his estate and his luxurious quarters. This was to be a seven day a week job, though the occasional evening 'might' be free. He explained that he was paying so much because he wanted 24 hour a day care and availability. He also explained that he mentioned he was gay in the advertisement because he wanted all the cards on the table and he was not looking for a lover. He also explained that the interview was being taped, both so he could look at it later in helping to decide and so that he could not be blackmailed later for things he 'didn't' say.

Finally he got it down to two candidates and it was very difficult at this point to decide.

The first was Shawn Dwyer - 26 years old, 6'2 in height, 200 pounds, dark hair, shoulder length (usually in a pony-tail), solid body (though not into weights) with remarkable large green eyes. He reminded Jay of one of the Power Rangers whose television show he had invested heavily in. Shawn had been a teacher for two years but had been recently laid off due to cutbacks. His family resided in Michigan and though he called them regularly had not actually seen them since he went away. His long-time girlfriend had been recently killed by a drunk driver and he had been a long while getting over it and was just beginning to date again.

The second was Philip Smythe - 25 years old, 6' tall, blond, slightly curly hair kept relatively short, a body kept trim and fit with a winning smile. Philip had gone to acting school in New York and then moved out west. Because of her remarriage, Phil saw little, if any, of his mother and his father was long dead. Philip was working three jobs at the time and was still trying to break into show business but wasn't having much luck. Jay thought to himself that he should try modelling instead.

Both men were brought to the estate on different days and shown around. To say that they were overwhelmed by the surroundings would be understating it. The last thing they saw were the quarters that would be theirs if they got the job and both men were utterly stunned by it. Both had the same reaction in that they couldn't find anything to say when they saw it. Jay had each of them to dinner - a feast that couldn't be served in any of the fine restaurants in the area - and afterwards, they sat around and talked.

It was a hard decision. Both were affable, polite, hard-working, dedicated, needy, good-looking and respectful, but in the end Jay went with Shawn - probably for nothing more than the fact that Jay's hormones raged a little harder when he was around him.

It was hard telling Philip that he didn't get the job, but he was told that he would be kept in mind for a year from now when the contract ended. In the meantime, as a consolation prize, he arranged a meeting with Philip and one of the top modelling agents. Jay saw to it that he was signed on.

Shawn moved in the following Monday. He brought little with him because he had little. For the first month Jay taught Shawn what he wanted him to do. Jay was very demanding but Shawn took to it well, and whether it was setting up appointments, making phone calls or laying out clothes, he did a fastidious job.

Meanwhile Jay was spying a lot. He wanted to know what the real Shawn was like, what he did in private, what he did behind closed doors. Of course, he could not know his inner thoughts, but outwardly, he learned that what you saw seemed to be what you got. Shawn read the Bible before bed at night, though otherwise did not seem too religious. He watched a variety of things on TV, though never the cable channels that had porn - mostly sitcoms and dramas. He read quite a bit - and widely, from books on philosophy to the classics which he had been teaching. He ate well at meals but little in-between, though he had a fridge stocked at all times available. He had a glass of wine with supper and never anything else. When questioned, he explained he didn't like the taste of beer, and hard liquor just didn't appeal to him. He took care of his body - both in cleanliness and tone, but with a sense of respect. He was never seen masturbating though he had cleaned up a few wet dreams in the mornings.

Jay also realized that the boy was quite naive and had led a fairly sheltered existence. Some boys, given his background, might have made lives for themselves on the street, but instead Shawn had fallen in love with literature and culture, creating a more private world, so the real world had never intruded very much. When he had lost his first teaching job, he had fallen into a depression - the first time in his life he had not known what to do, but before his teaching year was up, he had seen the ad that Jay had placed in all the papers.

The only other area that Shawn remained quite closed about was Julie. When questioned, he gave answers but he was obviously dealing with her death from a distance. Jay presumed that they had been living together but found out that that was not the case. Shawn and Julie had been dating two years before the accident and he had proposed to her only a week before she had been killed. Any more than that, Shawn didn't seem to want to remember.

At first Jay used the audio system to send messages that reinforced was Shawn was already feeling - messages that went on in his room, hour after hour, unheard except in the deepest corners of Shawn's mind. The messages told him how much he liked it at Jay's, how lucky he was to be there, how much he trusted Jay, how grateful he was to Jay, how much he enjoyed being at Ingram House.

After the first month a few tests were begun. The subliminal signals started to change. Jay first decided to make Shawn enjoy beer - a substance that he usually found distasteful. Over and over again, subliminal messages bombarded his waking and sleeping mind telling him how much he enjoyed beer, and how much he wanted one. Subliminals were added to all the television channels as well in a more sophisticated process developed by Dr. Uder-Danfer at UCLA and purchased surreptitiously by Jay. These subliminals equated whatever you wanted the person to develop a liking for or interest in with unconscious sexual urges, as each item was related visually to a sex stimulus.

Within two weeks Shawn had taken a beer from his fridge - beer that had sat there unopened the whole previous month and within three weeks he was drinking a beer or two each day. By the fourth week he was drinking a case a week. The subliminals changed slightly during the process, taking away any guilt or moral feelings that might have originally prevented him from drinking the beer. Jay had a hunch that the drunkenness of the driver that killed his girlfriend may have influenced his dislike of alcohol.

Beginning at the end of the second month, subliminals were added that built on the beer drinking, encouraging Shawn to work out more to avoid a beer belly. The equipment at Ingram House far exceeded the best gym in the world but until now Shawn had only visited the weight room once. Over the next few weeks as his beer drinking increased he started to become quite passionate about body-building and would spend much of the time he used to spend reading, working out.

During these first two months Shawn continued to be an excellent, dedicated worker and a companion that put his own needs aside for his boss' needs. Each evening after supper he would read items from the newspaper to Jay that he had picked out earlier. Since Jay was finding it difficult to read newspaper print due to some glaucoma, he trained Shawn to find useful information from the paper, and each evening Shawn would read it to him and they would discuss it. Jay would sit there smoking his cigarette, or the occasional cigar, while Shawn read and then they would talk about the more interesting items. Shawn felt that he was learning a lot from Jay - Jay was no slouch as a businessman entrepreneur, and in his turn, Jay felt he was picking up some 'young' ideas as well.

It was during these times that Jay was aware how much Shawn disliked his smoking. He hadn't said anything for the first month, but quite often he would read an article that talked about the bad effects of smoking. Jay always ignored those in their discussions, but a couple of times Shawn had made a comment about how he should give it up because of his health.

That is why the test for the third month had been about smoking. The subliminals became an onslaught of materials pro-smoking. The television subliminals all were directed at associating smoking with a sense of pleasure, sexual satisfaction and comfort. For the first three weeks, though, it didn't seem to be working. Nothing was happening - unless you can call the absence of any mention of smoking in their conversations nothing. Then after three weeks Jay began to notice Shawn's eyes moving toward him when he inhaled and exhaled on a cigarette. Each day there seemed to be more interest Jay's smoking. Jay even managed to use that in the subliminals remarking over and over again how Shawn liked watching Jay smoke, how relaxed Jay seemed, how enjoyable it was for Jay. In actuality Jay smoked only after dinner each day and had remarkable self-control the rest of the time.

Finally in the fourth week of smoking subliminals Jay mentioned that Shawn was watching him smoke and would he like to try one of his cigarettes. Shawn seemed thrown by that - a little confused - as he wrestled with the idea. "I don't know... I guess....maybe, I could... try... just one - you seem to enjoy it so much."

"I really do. Here... help yourself. When you light it, draw in a little and swallow the smoke by breathing in once you have smoke in your mouth - just a little, though, at first."

Shawn drew in on the cigarette - a little too deeply - and began to cough.

"A little too deep for a starter. Try again." The second attempt was just right.

The next night when Jay offered him a cigarette he took it with a simple thank you and smoked it right down. Within a week he was smoking his nightly cigarette and inhaling much deeper. Seven days later he surprised Jay by pulling out his own pack and offering him one. He had tired of always 'bumming' cigarettes from Jay and had bought a pack (actually, it turns out, a carton) when he was out doing a few errands for Jay that afternoon. That evening when Jay tuned in to Shawn's room, he watched Shawn have three cigarettes within a couple of hours. Jay smiled. It had worked. He also noticed that the beer drinking might be getting out of hand, so he eliminated the subliminals on beer. That same evening Shawn had had eight bottles of beer with the three cigarettes. It was time for the next level.

Over the next few months Jay tried to change the 'morality' of Shawn. By the time Shawn was a three pack a day or more smoker, he had begun stealing from Jay and loafing off from work whenever he thought he could get away with it. The porn stations on TV became his only regular watching and he jacked off vigorously while watching. Though his body had grown quite muscular with his love for body-building, his hair had grown quite long, he would go days without shaving, he had acquired three earrings and a tattoo and was going to sleep drunk each evening. His language was becoming more street-wise. Getting more and more money seemed to be an obsession with him now, though he spent little except for cigarettes and a few new clothes that better fit his muscular body.

Beginning the sixth month Jay tried to change his sexuality as well. Jay knew this might be impossible for we have no control seemingly over who we are attracted to, so Jay went at it a number of ways, hoping that one or the other might work. The subliminals constantly related sexual prowess and satisfaction to male images and the sounds constantly told Shawn he was interested in Jay and Jay's body - which was pretty good for a 53 year old. He created a porn channel that was ostensibly on cable but was in reality a feed from within his own house, showing 24 hour gay movies. Finally he worked on Jay's interest in doing "anything' for cash - and even preyed on his mind telling him that if he became Jay's lover he would be rich.

Again all that happened for the first month was that Shawn watched him more. Gradually he gained interest in the new porn channel and by the end of a month he was watching that one more than the others.

Jay chucked to himself that Shawn was getting to be a bit of an embarrassment to be around. Although Shawn fawned on him when they were together, he was always a little drunk or nursing a hangover, smoked like a chimney and, using off-coloured language, often made sexual innuendoes that were quite out of place. The other servants in the house began to dislike him and were making their dislike known.

On the tenth month anniversary of his arrival Jay called Shawn to his bedroom and asked him to fix the toilet which had been running all day. While Shawn was doing that, Jay took off his shirt in readiness for bed. Suddenly he felt Shawn move up behind him and put his arms around him. "I've been waiting for this. Please don't mind- but thinking of you - it's been driving me crazy." Then Shawn turned him around took him in his arms and kissed him deeply.

Jay could feel Shawn's tongue probing the inside of his mouth, the taste of nicotine and beer and sweat intermingled. Jay, engulfed by the building passion of the past months threw his arms around Shawn, rubbed his hands through Shawn's long loose black hair, down his muscular back to his near-perfect buttocks.

Wordlessly Shawn moved Jay to the bed and the two fell over on it arms entwined. Shawn, masculine, brawny and strong, took the lead, and after much passionate kissing and touching turned Jay over and entered him. He was rough and inexperienced - Jay had reached over for some gel in the nightstand, lest he be ripped apart by this raging sexual man - and the sex was hot and violent. Afterwards Jay sucked Shawn's cock to another erection and they went at it another three times before they were both spent.

It was interesting to see over the next two weeks how Shawn then tried to become the master, the aggressor and the 'boss'. Definitely things had changed. Shawn would come into a room, smirk on face, and push Jay against the wall, almost attacking him physically. Other times he would circle Jay, like a tattooed James Dean, cigarette dangling from his lips, daring Jay to move. He made his desires known in statements like "I want..." or "You will..." and more direct "Come here!"'s.

For the next two months Shawn grew cruder, more violent and more aggressive. Jay was demeaned, hurt, threatened and sexually fulfilled. Shawn had become a drunken, sexually aggressive, money-hungry, lustful man. In the last month, though, Jay pulled away from it all, hiding in the house from Shawn, locking himself away. Shawn, with the help of subliminals, became more and more depressed, starting drinking even more, using drugs and having anger fits over the loss of his lover. He tried to commit suicide and was committed by Jay to a psychiatric hospital.

After he left there in three months , his depression having been "cured", he found a life for himself on the streets, cruising and running dope.

Back at the Ingram House, Jay looked up at the beautiful young man in front of him. "You've been looking at me while I've been smoking each day. Would you like to try one of my cigarettes? "

"I guess so..." said Philip - intrigued by the beautiful smoke and how relaxed Jay looked. "I don't know why I never tried before...."