Alphaman Meets Mr. Cole Lector 2

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After Shocks

Cole sat at his desk smoking a cigar ginning in victory. His mind replayed all the events of a just few minutes ago. The stout older man visualized the sight of those perfectly rounded and dimpled orbs looking up at him from their position over his lap. Seeing the taller more chiseled superhero in such an arrangement like that had been intoxicating.  He could tell Alphaman hated every second of his predicament. Gazing at that upturned butt and those long well formed legs of the hero, Cole knew he was making progress. “You are going to feel every hit,” he had said at the very last second before he struck the first blow. “Ah how he did too,” Cole laughed as he recalled how Alphaman had howled and sobbed as each whack of his own belt hit home.

“Oh.Oh..awweeghh...oh,” The brawny hunk had cried and yelped as his lusciously white skin turned into a mass of red welts.

Cole had been in bliss watching the squirming superhero ‘s legs fan up and down. As he had spanked his “boi” Cole kept up a steady stream of chatter telling Alphaman how bad he had been and how Cole knew this was getting him hot. “That really mind fucked you,” Cole chuckled as he replayed how Alphaman’s cock had soon begun to harden. Cole recalled the strangled cry from the stud as he realized this butt slapping was turning him on. Cole’ meaty thighs  felt Alphaman’s stiff prong pressing on them. Cruelly Cole had jiggled his thighs up and down to rub on the hard-on. “”Made you beg,” Cole derisively snarled as his mind heard the now shaken hero words.

“I’ll be a good boy. Please stop.”

“I said a good widdle boy!” Cole had mockingly replied. He pressed his thighs upward on the hero’s cock’s under-shaft as he strapped Alphaman’s now red ass even more downward.

I will be a good WIDDLE boy,” Alphaman had gasped seconds before he came right onto Cole’s lap.

Cole smirked as he saw the once so self-confident superhero standing before him with his uniform around his ankles. He was red eyed and rubbing his rump with both hands not daring to see Cole’s face. His quite impressive cock was glistening with the cum stains on its surface. Cole had quietly let the stud stand before him as he wiped Alphaman's cream off his lap. “Really you need some self control boi,” Cole had smartly said in mock impatience as the muscular man silently  stood in shame while still rubbing his rump.

“I..I...sorry,” he whispered like a shy boy who was just caught masturbating by a parent.

“On your planet I’m told you all have a secret name that only one in complete authority over you knows. Is that correct?” Cole asked forcefully as he kept his eyes fixed on the quivering superhero.

“,” Alphaman had replied chocking back a sob.

“Tell me your name boi,” Cole had barked.

A teary eyed Alphaman has looked up at Cole. “No one… one...never...told,” he whined in a lightly terror filled voice. He saw Cole’s angry look and stopped talking. Alphaman seemed to shrink under Cole’s gaze. He gulped then let out a sigh. “I am...It’s...Bocaj…sir,” he uttered in despair.

A huge smile came to Cole. The superhero had surrendered what his culture thought of as a man’s “name of submission” to him. The holder of that name held power over its owner. Alphaman had never told a soul before knowing what its use meant for him. “Well Bocaj go clean up. I mean your uniform is a mess. No don’t argue. GO BOCAJ!”

Cole laughed as he watched as Alphaman attempted to pull up his tights. The material caught at the hero’s knees and somehow would not, at first, pull all the way up. When it finally did move upward, Alphaman had the indignity of stuffing his still semi-hard-on “junk” back into his uniform. In the end he slunk off.


A dejected Alphaman  sat on the roof of a nearby tower and replayed all that had happened. He had been spanked. He had sexually orgasm. Worse he had meekly given up his secret alien name to Cole. He gazed out towards Cole's mansion. Using his super-vision and hearing he found Cole in his office. To his shock he saw a naked Thad there as well. The athletic jock was facing the desk. His gym-toned body was leaning forward & bent slightly over Cole’s desk. Thad’s hands were on the top of the desk’s surface. Alphaman watched as Cole, who stood behind Thad, took a paddle to strike Thad’s exposed rump.

“Fuck yeah,” Thad bellowed as each hit struck his beefy ass. Alphaman was fascinated seeing those white cheeks grow red. He was also enthralled at the sight of Thad’s hefty low hanging balls that swung like a pendulum every time his rump was hit. “Fuck yeah!” Thad chanted  as his erect cock waved just inches above the surface of the desk.

By now Alphaman couldn’t stop himself from staring at the tableau. He watched as Thad was spanked. Clearly the powerful quarterback was sexually aroused by this abuse. Alphaman now remembered his own beating and how he too had blown his wad. He stood there observing the men. Suddenly it was all blurry for him. His mind transposed his body and face for that of Thad's. He was leaning over that desk. His rump was being spanked. It was his nuts that swung so obscenely. His cock thrusting in the air over Cole’s desk with a  full erection.

Thad gave out a series of low pleasurable grunts. Alphaman, without realizing what he was doing, joined in the chanting. Soon the two of them were groaning and cursing in tandem as their rumps were strapped. Alphaman’s mind now recreated all the sensations of his own spanking.  It overwhelmed him. Thad yelped as his cock shot a bolt of jism. “Fuck,” Thad whimpered as he climaxed or Alphaman thought, did he just say that word? Did he just spurt on that desk? The superhero’s chiseled form shuddered. Blackness overtook him. The next thing he knew Alphaman was on his back panting in the air. The cool night atmosphere chilled him. As he moved to get up he saw fresh white cream stains in his crotch area. The palm of his hand had sticky whitish residue on it as well.. He had another intense orgasm! The daze hero shakily got to his feet and flew off.

“Come in Bocaj,” Cole said as his office door opened. “I was expecting you actually!”


It Begins In Earnest

Alphaman entered the office. This time there was no denying that his visit had nothing to do with finding some missing men. He stood before a smirking Cole in his cum crusty tights with a haunted look in his eyes. The familiar cologne scent that he now associated with Cole filled his lungs

A triumphant Cole saw not the once moralistic superhero in front of him but a man who was broken. “Strip off that uniform Bocaj!” He barked.

Alphaman gulped and meekly undressed. He stood naked before Cole using his hands to cover a cock that was suddenly swelling in arousal.

Cole stood up and took Alphaman’s belt off the floor. “Hands behind you and clasped together. NOW!” He snapped.

Alphaman’s eyes filled with tears and he quietly did as he was instructed. Cole went behind him and tightly secured Alphaman’s hands. The thought of being tied up caused his cock to lengthen.

“Move over to a few inches from the front of the desk. Then, bend over, rest your head on the desktop and, spread your legs.”

Alpha man did as instructed. In this position his nuts swayed obscenely between his well-muscled thighs. He knew his cock was fully erect now but he was beyond shame. He was in heat!

Cole grabbed Alphaman’s hair to yank up the superhero’s head. He produced a ball on a leather string. “Open your mouth,” Cole simply stated.

Alphaman did as he was told and experienced his first encounter with a ball gag.

The coolness of the office air swirled around his low hangers. Cole suddenly blindfolded Alphaman then, he slowly rubbed the superhero’s rump.

“My ass now,” he hissed as he patted the fully formed rear end of the prone superhero.

Alphaman understood that his hands were effectively neutered but he also knew he could stop all this by merely standing up. Yet, this simple act was now mentally beyond him. Cole possessed his secret name. More importantly, Alphaman’s cock wanted this all to go on with Cole.

Alphaman felt an oily substance on his ass followed by Cole’s hand swirling on its surface. Alphaman groaned as his cock throbbed. Cole’s fingers were soon exploring deep between Alphaman’s butt-crack .

“Let’s see if you like this?” Cole rasped as his thumb slipped fully downward to play along the  muscled ridges of Alphaman’s anal entryway.

By now Alphaman was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. The stimulation was so intense he wanted more of it. Gradually he started to gyrate his hips backward onto that thumb. “Fuck,” he growled through his gag enjoy the thumb’s activities and the sounds of his foul words. As he swayed his balls moved back and forth slapping the hard sides of first one then the other of his two muscled thighs. This had the effect of producing more sexual stimulations in his brain. Seconds later he felt Cole’s thumb pressing to get inside him.

“Bocaj let my finger inside of you,” Cole commanded in a no nonsense tone of authority.

With  a sigh of surrender Alphaman willed his chute muscles to unwind. As Cole’s finger slipped into him, Alphaman gasped with desire. “You’re in me,” he mumbled in his gagged muffled voice. Soon Cole was vigorous fingering a  squirming Alpha man who was bellowing yelps of utter pleasure through the gag. It did not take long for Alphaman to just lose all dignity. He repeatedly rammed his ass downward on Cole’s finger reveling in his sexual stimulations. Then, with an almost incoherent roar of “ARGH ”, his massive muscled body shook. His legs tensed as he pressed his head on the surface of the desk. With another loud  but muffled bark, his cock shot its spunk. Panting now he let Cole ease him upward to his feet. He stood shivering as the older man untied him and removed the blindfold. He glanced over at the side of the desk to observe a hefty wad of his dripping cum running down its side moving toward the floor.

“Good boi,” Cole said patronizingly finally speaking for the first time since he had commanded Bocaj to anally relax. “Here drink this large glass to refill your internal liquids. A dry-mouthed Alphaman greedily drank the goblets contents. Its familiar warmth comforted him.. Cole rang a bell and the same servant entered. “Take him to that room to clean up.” Cole muttered with an indifference to the superhero that aroused Alphaman more. The naked hero and the servant left.



The servant led the superhero to a small room. “There is shower for your use,” he sniffed with distain as he glared at the muscular naked form of a mortified Alphaman. “I will fetch your outfit and dress you once you are done. Please don’t argue,” he stated seeing the superhero was about to object to that last set of words.

Alphaman glumly nodded and went to shower. As he soaped his body his mind recalled the events that had just occurred. His cock became erect. “Shit,’ he muttered as he closed his eyes and masturbated. He ran his hand up and down his soapy shaft while images of the activities in the office and his participating in it replayed in his mind. “Fuck. Fuck,” he groaned. Minutes later he erupted. He was still squirting when suddenly he heard a cough. Opening his eyes he saw the servant shaking his head. The superhero blushed. The servant turned to leave. The horrified and embarrassed Alphaman quickly washed off. He stepped out of the shower to go into the room where the elderly servant waited.

“Get in this,” the servant harshly stated as he held out a pair of black leather shorts.

Alphaman took them then speedily got into them. They were skintight and there was a crotch pouch that his “jewels” slipped into. The effect was to emphasize their bulk by pushing them slightly up ward and out from between his muscle thighs. The shorts had a series of drawstrings in the back. The hero stood silent as the servant “laced him up”. The man took a hood from his vest and roughly placed it on the superhero’s head. It hood covered only the upper half of the latter’s face. “Don’t touch it unless ordered too,” the man gruffly said as he left.

Alphaman paced the room unnerved yet sexually excited as well. Soon, Cole came into the room carrying a goblet. He wore a pair of black leather gloves. Cole nodded at the sight of the re-dressed superhero then silently strode up to where Alphaman was standing. The former grabbed and yanked down a cord on the wall. The action pulled back the curtain on the wall revealing a full-length mirror. Alphaman saw himself in its reflection.  He stood there costumed in his tight black leather shorts and a dog mask that covered the upper half his face. “Its like my dream,” he thought. He did not recognize himself or rather his “old self” in the figure there before him.

Cole came up beside him. “It needs one final touch,” he whispered as he took an item out of a side pant’s pocket. Quickly he fastened the black leather studded collar around the superhero’s neck. Alphaman was transfixed by the vision of his "new look”. He observed the collar and a rush of arousal hit him causing his crotch area to bulge outward even more now. He knew he was once more experiencing renewed sexual heat.

“What do you see there in the mirror, Bocaj,” Cole said softly into the hero’s ear.

“I see a dog sir,” he replied as his cock stiffened even more inside its black leather pouch. “I see your dog Master.”

“Then get down on all fours ,” Cole rasped. The superhero quickly complied. He gazed up at his “owner”. He knew he had been taken. Alphaman was no more! Cole was holding a goblet. He dipped his leather-gloved fingers in the brew then brought them to the superhero’s mouth. Alphaman eagerly opened his lips to slurp on the wine soaked leather encased fingers. His tongue sucked in the heady tastes of the brew and warm leather.

“Good dog,” Cole laughed. He put down the goblet and unzipped his pants with his free hand to pull out his own cock. He withdrew his fingers from Alphaman’s mouth. Cole immediately took up the goblet and poured some of the brew onto his dick. “Suck me,” Cole said.

A fully compliant Alphaman slobbered on the Cole's dick. By now Alphaman’s own cock ached to explode. He felt to press of its leather covering on every area of its skin.

  “Good doggie,” Cole joked as he humped the superhero’s face. “Aw fuck good doggie,” Cole gasped at last as he ejaculated into the willing throat of the superhero.

“Oomph. Oomph,” Alphaman replied s he sucked Cole heady cream down his throat. His own cock erupted in its tight confines causing a mildly erotic scent of cum stained leather to fill his nostrils. When he had finished, Cole pulled a leash out from his back pocket and attached it to Alphaman's collar. “Now we show you your new home,” Cole stated as he led his crawling  “dog’ from the room.


A leashed Alphaman crawled alongside his "Master” on all fours happily contented in his new outfit and role in life. Cole led him into a nice room furnished with a rather large steel cage that was five feet by five feet. Inside the cage was a large soft pillow that took up a third of the enclosure. Off to one other side was a silver doggie bowl filled with the same liquid Alphaman so enjoying consuming.

“In you go boi,” Cole said as he unhooked the leash on the superhero’s collar. “Drink all your liquids before you sleep boi.”

The well-built “pooch” ambled inside his cage still on all fours and settled down on the pillow. He stared at Cole as the latter locked his new home’s door. They both knew two things: 1) This earthly made lock and cage could not really imprison the powerful alien; 2) The mind blown former super-stud would never to be able to summon the will to break out of his cage.

“Night boi,” Cole said as he left the room. He gazed with humor as Alphaman settled down inside his “dog house” still wearing his cum soaked shorts and hood. Cole turned out the lights leaving the once proud superhero on all fours with his face bent downward into his bowl quietly lapping its contents like a very good doggie!



The television screen’s brightness flickered in the dark room

“And so I would like to express my gratitude to everyone for making my time here so welcoming. I have tried to be everything you expected me to be as your defender. I hope the immense responsibility you entrusted to me was vindicated. I must now leave you. I’ve a mission before me that takes me from you. Be well.”

Cole smirks as he watches the tape of Alphaman’s last press conference before he disappeared. Rumors had swirled about the city as to why their “champion” had laid down his responsibilities as their defender. Many said another planet needed him quite badly. Others said he was just tired after years of service. Everyone however knew two things: 1) Alphaman would always be the gold standard for judging manly heroes and, 2) He represented what a man should be!

“Well that was short and sweet,” Cole chuckles as he lights the various candles in the small room. He turns off the television and directs his gaze at the tall well-built man who is trussed up securely onto a St. Andrew’s Cross. The bound figure is wearing a black hood that completely covers his face. The slit openings for eyes and his mouth are zippered shut. He wears only an intricate type of leather chest and crotch strap outfit. The thin black straps criss-crossed the man’s impressive pectorals then wind downward to wrap around his large low hanging balls. The visual effect is to tie off his bulging sack in tight vise grip that thrusts them forward and lewdly accentuates them. The man is totally erect. His red cock-head glistens slickly with a covering of the leaking pre-cum dripping out of it. A snug cock ring clamps at the base of the man’s thick long tool.  As Cole approaches the tied up muscle man the latter groans through his mask. The sound of his muffled voice is deep and guttural. To anyone listening it is obvious the man’s bondage situation has him in sexual heat.

Cole smiles as he runs his hand down the broad cobra-flared muscled back of his captive.  He drifts downward to cup the twin meaty globes that make up the other man’s butt. Cole pats that hard rump recalling how many nights now that fully packed rear has willingly surrendered itself to so many insertions by so many anatomical and non-anatomical objects. He reaches deep between the man’s ass-crack and grabs a small string. Gently he pulls back on the string. As he does do a series of large round balls plop from out of the bound figure’s anal opening.

“Oomph,” the muscled man grunts in obvious arousal as each ball escaped from inside his guts.

Cole can see that the man’s cock is now leaking even more pre-cum.  A shimmering drop drips to the floor on a shiny string from the slit in the man’s dick-head. As the last ball is removed the tied up hunk sags in his bindings. His breathing deepens. Cole reaches over to unzip the mouth area of his “prisoner.”

“Thank you sir,” wheezes the sensually toned voice of the muscled stud, “Thank you everything.”

Cole smirks as he picks up a large paddle that had been specifically treated for use just for this man. He raises his arm and proceeds to give a set of fast slaps to the sexy upturned ass of his prey.

“Yesss,” the man whimpers as he savors every painful connection to his rear end. By now his erection is obscenely flopping in the air. “Whip my ass Master!” he sobs as more pre-cum flows from his dick. Soon his luscious butt is a bright crimson.

Cole knows how such harsh punishment turns on his “victim”. Early on even Cole had been amazed at the extent to which this man soon craved every type of degradation and abuse. Once Cole had cracked him open the latter rapidly adapted to the BD scene reveling at his reversal from being well-respected figure to merely being a totally submissive sex pig. Cole is always aroused now by the man’s devotion to complete sexual and physical mortification. He stops to unzip his pants. He swiftly inserts his hard-on between the fiery red cheeks of his “boi” recalling the first time the man inwardly succumbed to Cole’s authority.

“Fuck me master,” the hunk yelps encouragingly as Cole reaches around the man’s narrowly tapered waist to masturbate him.

Cole fucks away enjoying the grunts and cries of his fuck object. Things had gone so well. Alphaman had turned out to be the best stud in his stable.  In fact Cole recently sold all his other “boi’s” to various Arab and African rulers so he could focus on his superstar. He smiled recalling the excitement of one scrawny young sheik that eagerly brought the buff All-American jock, Thad. The thought of the closet racist redneck Texan quarterback being “sacked” both orally and anally by the dark skinned Arab was rather humorous. Then there was that studly blue-eyed blonde born again Christian homophobic baseball star who was currently servicing that atheistic tyrant in Africa.

“Cunt me master,” the bound hunk grunts breaking Cole’s reveries. “Take my pussy-boi hole Sir!”

Cole Lector hoots with excitement as once more, he violates the now oh-so-willing-ass of the former macho-superhero. “All that manly goody-two shoes posturing you did in public. You never realized that you unknowingly had within you the tiny seeds of a personality that craved the opposite. As a scientist, I discovered that some men, who behave extremely masculine, have that seed in them to become the exact opposite. Your brains somehow block off that small tendency to be more submissive by behaviorally overcompensating in a contradictory direction. No doubt types like you possessed some inner defense holding that other seed at bay. When I find such men I merely slip it out of its cage. I tried my formula on you and, from your reactions during our initial encounters; I’d struck gold it seems. You never knew it was in my cologne and the wine did you boi? My formula freed up that hidden side, feed it and, strengthened it until it conquered then dissolved your old persona.”

“I need your dick screwing into my ass, Master,” the once clean-cut superhero moaned oblivious to the words Cole spoke. He was in heat and he wanted release. He recalled the first time Cole had penetrated him. How his body quivered as it was stuffed for the first time with a cock. Then the throb of his prostate as Cole expertly hit that organ over and over with his erection. How he had whimpered and grunted as his anal virginity was screwed away forever!  Even in his own alien culture he knew being willingly sexually mounted by another man was the ultimate in submission. As he had thought these things his own cock pulsated into its full twelve-inch thick glory. Finally, it was too much for them both. There was a howl from both men. The sensations of that moist hotness of Cole ejaculations into his rump while in tandem he too had an orgasm. Later when Cole pulled out of him, that awful emptiness inside of him that Alphaman had experienced. Cole had immediately shoved a butt-plug into Alphaman’s anal cavity. Cole wanted his seed to stay inside of the superhero until it was absorbed into Alphaman’s system.  The wily man knew, from his studies of Alphaman’s home world, that once that was accomplished the once iconic masculine hero would be forever his submissive sex slave right down into his cellar level.

“Every such flawed man has some real trigger that sets it all in motion.” Cole mused out loud. “For Thad, well I soon found out that he always kept the panties of every woman he fucked as a souvenir. That had to imply something. You know the day I got him into a pair of frilly lacy panties the poor boy actually whimpered then shot his load in seconds. He was my bitch in that very instant! I’d found his key and turned his lock.

As Cole continued to sodomize his hunk he recalled how sweet the manly beefy quarterback looked as he was bent ass-up over the office chair. How provocatively sexy was the sight of Thad’s round manly butt squeezed inside those frilly cum filled panties. Cole had cut a slit in back of them so he could fuck the star jock right while Thad was still wearing them. Thad had squealed like a stuffed pig as Cole screwed him that first time while Cole kept up a running mind-fucking commentary on how Thad’s teammates would love seeing their team captain in such a posture. Well from now on when the football quarterback, once labeled “every woman’s wet dream,” reached between guys’ legs for a ball it would be made of something other than pigskin.

Alphaman’s loud blissful yelping brought Cole’s mind back from his recollections. He grins and continues talking as he fucks the tight cavity hole. “Now with you it was rather obvious. Everyone deferred to you. You put yourself on a pedestal. You always kept yourself there. Frankly you were truly overcompensating for something else deep inside of you. So I began treating you the opposite way when I dosed you during our first meeting. Of course I had to add some of your planet’s dust to get the formula past your normal invulnerabilities. You poor stud, you lapped up my degradation and put-downs. So the key for conquering you was making sure you were not treated with deference and respect. Always short-circuiting your attempts at posing like some macho take-charge superman. Yeah you really were flawed, boi. You were always a potential natural bitch huh, Bocaj. Lucky you met me so I could unearth the true aspect of your closeted nature for you. I guess in the future Alphaman,” Cole sneers as he vigorously fucks the gyrating body of his utterly devoted sub, “I should call you Bottom-boi from now on!”

The once invincible and proud Alphaman can only gasp, “fuck my cunt,” in agreement as he erupts shooting his seed uselessly to the ground. His new superhero “mission” to sexually service and be abused by this man who had so effectively and completely “turned him out” now transfixes him!

The End