BMOC Beat Down

Humiliation in its most basic sense is the abasement of someone’s pride in order to humble them, this abasement when done for erotic purposes also hopefully results in them feeling a sense of humility and ultimately complete and total submission. Erotic humiliation basically plays on a range of emotional aspects that are extremely difficult for most people to understand. For the most part even the people engaging in the activities are generally not able to fully explain what their motivations are beyond the fact that they find the situation stimulating. From:

In this story the motives are clear or are they? Is revenge the driving force for one player or does longing come into the mix? Like many such situations nothing is ever simple. My thanks to Mstr.tiger for the helpful discussions we had on the above subject. A discussion that changed my outlook in many regards on this issue. I hope you enjoy this fictional tale as much as I did when writing it and I encourage you to check out his site! Kyle Cicero found at : [email protected]

This is a work of fiction and does not endorse either unsafe or non-consensual sex. You must also be over eighteen to read this and all rights are reserved.

We Begin

I stared down at him all trussed up naked and spread-eagled on my bed. Jared was a first class asshole but as I observed his six foot two inch muscular form writhing to break out of the leather straps that were holding him I couldn’t help but think that inspite of his personality disability his well-built body was smoking hot. His blue eyes glared with pure hatred at me. He tried to say something through the gag but it only came out as a muffled set of low growls. My strikingly good-looking young jock was clearly mad by the predicament he was in.

Recalling how he got here brought a smile to my face. I’d paid a “professional girl” to waylay him after his wrestling practice. A few cooing comments from her to the team captain on how much she admired the campus’ star athlete followed by a shy flirtatious hint about going to her place for drinks and some fun was all it took for the campus stud to eagerly agree to go with her. One moment he was drinking and grabbing her then, after one slip of roofies into his beer, he awoke to find himself in some room all tied up like the holiday goose. My female decoy left much richer and I had my man. She was lucky since good old Jared was known to be rather rough with both women and faggots forcefully sexually taking the former without regarded to their consent to such assaults while waylaying the latter in alleys in order to have fun beating them senseless.

As his powerful arms with their bulging biceps pulled helplessly on the ties I gleefully ran the ends of my fingers along his hard washboard abdominals tracing the light brown hairs of his honey trail toward his manhood. Jared was clearly deserving of his title as the BMOC all right. His uncut nine inches was appropriately thick. Some guys have the length but no matching girth to their rods so they looked like they were sporting a thin unappealing ropelike appendage. Jared’s manly equipment was perfectly proportioned in length and size. As I lightly let my fingertips play past his meat to tickle that heavy set of low hangers he was gifted with his body tensed. His entire torso pulled upward on his bindings. Another series of violent grunts emanated from his muffled mouth as I fondled the rough short hairs that sparsely covered the darker ribbed skin of his sack. I decided to free his gag so I could enjoy his protests while I played with him.

“I’ll fucking kill you,” he wheezed as I smiled and gently cupped his nuts in the palm of my right hand taking note how his “boys” raced upward in their sack until his pouch was transformed into a large hard ball. “I’ll so fuck you over for this you faggot, I swear I will,” Jared repeated as I felt him up letting the heat from my hand’s embrace on his balls have its effect. As I’d hoped his pouch soon relaxed letting his round warriors descend fully into my warm palm. I hefted them up and down reveling in the look of horror on his face at the thought of what I might do to them. His eyes never left my face except for one quick downward glance at his nuts, which were totally exposed to my manual activities. He sucked in a gulp of air but stayed silent no doubt earful to say anything that might trigger violence to his manhood.

“My, my,’ I said with a smirk, “You do have some nice potatoes boy.” I continued my jiggling actions treating them as if I was a butcher considering a prime piece of beef. The crisp “plopping” sounds his sack made as it slapped up and down onto my open palm was quite amusing. I maneuvered my thumb around them enjoying the feel of the ribbed area that held his family jewels.

He growled as I began to lightly tickle the soft under-skin behind his nuts with my thumb in a manner that caused his hips to wiggle involuntarily at the unexpected pleasure this activity gave to him. A soft expulsion of air escaped from between his clenched teeth. “Fuck,” he muttered as I now sensually massaged his sack. His legs began to quiver much to my delight. Jared was enjoying this! I continued my efforts watching with amusement as his strong upper thigh muscles twitched in response to this crotch stimulation. “You…cock…sucking bastard,” he mumbled as a distinct dilation overcame his pupils that clearly indicated an erogenous zone was being tapped within him.

Finding out my hotshot jock had sensitive nuts only made it better. I now expertly introduced my bound hunk to the erotic joys of “ball-play” taking delight on how his body tried not to reflect the arousals it was receiving. A sheen of sweat broke out on his torso. The beads of perspiration on him only highlighted the chiseled definition of his frame. When I glanced up toward his face I saw that he had squeezed his eyes tightly shut. “Fucking faggot,” he softly moaned as I gently played with his sack massaging and fondling it carefully while I savored the musky scents that emanated from this nether region. His powerful thighs spread open and he ground his arse into the mattress under him. “I…swear,” he hoarsely grunted in a way that showed my bound boy was drifting off on the sensual charges he was receiving from my hands. I silently continued working his pouch area and a short while later I happily observed his rod twitch ever so slightly now in response. “I’m going to fuck you so bad dude,” Jared groaned even as his meat flickered to life. Like a bent flower that only needed some water his long “stem” slowly rose up into a state of semi-erection. “I’m…fuck…you,” he whimpered as I let one side of my finger rub upward on the under-shaft of his semi hard rod. “I’ll…fuck…you.” He angrily threatened.

“Oh I think you have those ‘ fucking’ roles reversed,” I chuckled as I slipped my other hand under his arse to thrust one finger deep between the valley of his butt crack. A light dawned in the handsome jock’s brain. His eyes popped open to take in my grinning visage. He glared at me and then followed my own gaze downward at his partially hardened cock. “Son-of-a-bitch,” he yelped as he furiously gyrated in his bindings. I just smirked at his useless efforts to break free. After awhile he stopped and stared at me in sheer frustration. I said nothing, which seemed to enrage him more and soon a series of wild cursing alternating with threats ensued from him. I re-secured the gag while Jared began once more to violently buck and yank on his bindings. Watching his muscular frame jerk and flex filled me with desire. The ties held and the heat from the leather straps being pulled and twisted filled the room with their pleasing sensual scent. After awhile Jared exhausted himself and just lay there prone sucking air in raggedly through his nose. I had plenty of time now and any delay in my planned assault only made it sexier. I got up from the bed, walked out of the room, closed the bedroom door and, left him there alone. Letting buff boy spend some moments fully contemplating that last statement I had made!

It Starts In Earnest

For the next few hours I let my captive stew about his predicament alone in his room. Occasionally I’d hear the noisy racket of his struggling to break free accompanied by a delightful series of disgusted grunts as his every attempt failed. Jared had always possessed a deeply sexy tone of voice and listening to him making those noises, combined with the knowledge of what I’d planned for him, made for a pleasurable passage of time. I waited until at last came the glorious sound I’d been hoping for. A final low moan emitting from my captive hunk that indicated he’d finally realized that he could not break free and had given up the effort. I grabbed my implements and went into see him.

The sight of my muscled prisoner’s sweat soaked body greeted me. The cool air from the other room came in after me and caused him to shiver. The effect was highly arousing and I was tempted to just take him right then but luckily my good sense prevailed. I grabbed a towel from the cabinet in the room and gently dried him off.

“No need to catch a cold now is there?” I teased as I rubbed every part of his anatomy while he glared at me utterly helpless to do anything. “I think you need to relax and get a touch warmer. I’ve just the thing to help you do both.” I said as I rose from the bed. Jared, still gagged, only made a disgusted set of noises but did not jerk on his bindings. His eyes fixed themselves on me opening wide when I produced a bottle of vodka. “Shall we take a few shots,” I lightly suggested as I removed his gag.

“If you think I’m going to do anything you ask!” He rasped with a defiance that was undercut by his situation.

“Oh I’d never forced feed you and bruise those luscious lips.” I answered as took out a tube, attached one end to the bottle’s lip then, a plug to the tube’s other end.

“Fuck you if you think I’m taking that into my throat you pathetic faggot!” He yelled as he clamped his jaw shut. The muscles along his jaw line flexed giving him a fierce but highly sexy look.

“You have more than one opening Jared,” I replied as I quickly greased the plug then, to his shock reached downward with it toward his arse.

“Get away from me,” Jared roared as his brain processed what I was about to do. He bucked on the bed and by doing so he, without intending it, made it easier to slip my hand and the plug under his full beefy rump. “I swear,” he screamed as he felt the plug moving deeply between his round cheeks. “Get it out of me,” he yelped finally as I eased my well lubed item toward the first barrier of his virginal rear chute.

I merely smirked and pushed onward. I hit my goal and smiled at Jared even more. “Open wide.’ I chuckled as I thrust inward.

“NO WAY,” he blurted out even as the lubricated plug pushed passed the ring’s outer defensive walls. Jared was tight but I’d greased my implement well and after a brief halt it quickly went in as my straight hunk moaned and cursed at me. “You bastard,” he whimpered at last as he experienced his first anal penetration.

“I guess this time its truly a case of bottoms up,” I giggled as I let the vodka flow through the tube into Jared knowing his sensitive anal walls would rapidly soak up the liquids. Using a skill that was borne of practice I regulated the flow just enough to get the desired results but not so much Jared would be a fatally effected by his intake.

“I swear,” he hissed as soon a dilated look came to his pupils. “Youth …soth…shith,” he muttered slurring his words now as the effects of the potent alcohol took effect. In a few minutes he was clearly intoxicated.

“You are not such a macho poser now are we Jared? “ I cooed as his unfocused eyes took me in.

“Faggotsth,” he babbled as his body relaxed and a silly grin came over his handsome features. Yes, my bound stud was completely drunk.

Gently I stopped the flow of vodka and, with even more care, I slowly began the process to remove the tube but not the plug from his arse. After I did so I jiggled the plug in him for a bit then started moving it in and out of his anal canal for a few strokes knowing it must be close to his prostate. I waited to see what would happen.

“Fuckth,” Jared wheezed as the implement moved inside him. A deep involuntary sigh escaped from his lips and his bleary eyes closed. His cock began to rise as a new erogenous zone in him came to life. “Fucking…shith dudth,” he grunted as his manhood went into a full erection.

“Why don’t I just let you take care of that Jared?” I stated. He opened his eyes and tried to focus on me through the alcoholic haze but just gave up the effort. I freed his right arm and brought his hand to his engorged cock. He gazed downward at his hand and his erection then, back up at me with a look of confusion.

“Huhth?” was all he said as his fingertips ran along the thick hardness of his rod. He grinned at he touched himself lost in his own cloudy boozy world.” I soth bonedth manth,” he giggled.

From the look on his face and his reactions thus far I knew jock-boy was too far-gone to pose any great risk. Sure enough, instead of trying to get at me he merely gripped his meat and, as I screwed his rear end with the plug, my macho hunk began to skillfully masturbate himself for my viewing pleasure while huskily moaning in heat.

“Awth fuckth manth,” he sighed as he worked his pole. His tapered waist began to move as well thrusting his meat upward into his firm grip thus enabling me to plunge my plug in and out of his hole with ever more ease to create an even better hitting effect on his anus’ inner pleasure button. “AWth fuckin …howth is this…possible…what the fuckth are you doing down there…aw shith my arse….it feels …feels….,” he cried as he succumbed to it all. “My arse…it…is,”

“Alive stud boy,” I whispered as I worked my anal magic on him getting my own thrill seeing this hard muscled body alternately twitching then writhing in heat under me and helpless to stop. I stared at Jared as he drifted off into his own highly charged world of arousal.

“Aw…oh fuckth…shith,” he grumbled as he began to beat his meat faster now. Soon his uttering’s became an unintelligible set of, “mmm…ooo…aarrgghh…,” as his masturbation’s pace intensified. His eyes squeezed tightly shut and his breathing deepened.

I could feel him getting close to a climax. “Blow your wad Jared," I said encouragingly, “come on stud pop a load for me while I do your arse.” I grunted as I worked his anus. I glanced at a camera I had previously set up in the room’s corner. Jared was giving a nice performance right now but like all good porn stars I wanted a “money shot” from him. I took a calculated risk that Jared was too far-gone to react badly and I used my other hand to fondle his nipples. Each one went stiff under my assault; their quarter-size light brown orbs constricting into hard raised dark bullets. “Oh you like your tits being touched huh bitch,” I snarled as I worked his rear and his chest areas. “Your hole is turning into a real pussy for screwing too it seems.”

“Oh fucking shit…my tits man…my pussy…fuck,” he grunted encouragingly in reply as he concentrated on jerking-off. The intensity of his efforts to reach orgasm seemed to bring back into focus.

Hearing him unconsciously adopting my own feminine terms with reference to parts of his own body while being recorded saying it on camera as well was mind blowing. I twisted his nipples vigorously now and increased my anal activities. “Being fucked is getting you off right Jared?” I lightly asked hoping for just the right answer from him. He was drunk out of skull and totally aroused by now and thus, might be completely open to manipulations that would be useful later.

“Oh, fuck yes,” he whined. Suddenly his body arched itself upward with his legs and shoulders as the base of a pyramid that had his rod its capstone. “Fuck my pussy arse!” He screamed out loudly as he furiously beat his erection. His superb muscled torso tensed showing off its sensual definition. Jared in his “fuck mode” was erotic as hell with those long tapered thighs and calves and the bulge of his biceps as he worked his cock for my and the camera’s viewing pleasure. When his nuts tightened in his sack I knew what that signaled. All at once, I felt his anal muscles grip the plug. “FUCK!” he bellowed erotically as my captive athlete’s cock blew his seed out from out of his cock-head’s slit in a high shot that went upward before plunging back down onto his defined sweat streaked frame. He collapsed back on the bed and lay there gasping for air. I felt his rear end’s hold on the plug relax and I removed it. “Shit,” he panted woozily as he opened his eyes and looked at me without truly seeing me. The liquor in him seemed to have once more come into play in his brain.

“One should clean up one’s messes Jared,” I said as I used my free hand to scoop up his spunk off his rigid eight-pac abdominals and full chest area to bring it to his mouth.

“Huh,” he replied uncomprehendingly as my cum-covered fingertips grazed across his lips.

“Just open and suck straight boy,” I sharply stated in a forceful tone. Jared was so out-of-it that he meekly compiled and opened his mouth while I feed him his own cream. Surprisingly he didn’t seem to fight off the taste but by now he was so high from the vodka he probably tasted nothing more than a salty wet slop going down his gullet. I reached down to fondle his nuts. Jared reacted to this ball-play” by licking my fingers even more eagerly. Seeing my homophobic prisoner slobbering over my fingers eating his spunk him however gave me one raging hard-on. I decided that I needed a time out. No need to rush into the next step I decided.

When he had finished I retied his free wrist and lovingly washed the leftovers of his jism off his torso then departed to plot the next phase. Before I left him I looked backward. My bound jock just lay there passed out now, his striking looks at peace wearing a grin of contentment, his full lips shining with the remnants of the creamy juices he had happily licked from my hand still on them.


Another Step

The next day my captive hunk was suffering from a truly big hangover. As I entered the room it was clear his ability to struggle further had been adequately compromised by the debilitating effects of his prior drunkenness’s..

“Hi stud.” I chirped with excessive cheerfulness as I took in the sick look on his features. He glared at me with bloodshot eyes his lips partially crusty with the few flecks of his spunk that he had obviously not licked off from them.

“Fuck you,” he hoarsely growled which might have had more effect if at that precise moment he didn’t turn his head to dry heave.

“My, we are grouchy,” I laughed as I went over to the sink and grabbed a basin of water and face towel. “Be nice and I will clean you up then give you something to make you feel better,” I said affecting a superior tone of voice as I sat next to him.

He glared at me then nodded his acquiescence. “Okay,” he muttered dejected.

As he silently looked at me I went about the business of giving my prisoner a total sponge bath. I had expected some further resistance or verbal threats but by now Jared was exhausted, physically hung-over and thus, devoid of any thoughts of trying to prevent my activities. In fact, by the way he reacted as I cleaned him up and gave him some aspirins with much needed fluids he appeared to show, however mildly, some gratitude for my consideration. I grinned as he took the pills with a drink of water from my hands. If he thought the worse was over he would soon learn otherwise!

“If you let me go I promise not to file and complainants,” he said quietly after he had finished drinking. “Seriously dude,” he continued babbling pathetically, “it’ all cool…what happened before. I mean you help me get off man.” He urgently said in a way that showed saying this cost his ego immensely.

I knew he was lying but pretended to go along with it. I glanced at the camera that was out of his line of sight. “So you wanted me to plug your arse and even fuck you with it. It was fun for you?” I asked innocently.

Jared gulped then struggled to reply. “Yeah dude,” he croaked, “ I mean fuck I shot a load while you butt fucked me so see it was and is all cool.”

“Are you sure you enjoyed it. I mean you looked a bit out of it?” I repeated keeping up my guise of one who was easily deceivable and letting him think I might be tricked by his remarks.

“No dude it was awesome,” Jared answered with even more faked enthusiasm thinking by now he was conning me. “My complaints were faked buddy. You know…to make it hotter for you.”

“But I’m a guy doing it to you and…,” I stopped and looked at him in a way that expressed to him I was falling for his lines so that he would press onward.

“Bro, that is what gets me so hot,” he said eagerly once more thinking he was home free with me. “A hard fucking of my arse by guys always gets to me, buddy,” he continued so intent on gaining his freedom he was willing to say anything by now to achieve his goals.

“So it was okay?” I dully said leading him on. “You truly enjoyed getting butt-fucked especially by a guy?”

“Absolutely man, love getting fucked by dudes” he insisted a touch too hard now hungry to win. Like true jock he wasn’t paying attention to anything else just his desire to trick me and emerge triumphant in our contest. “Man cut me free and you can fuck my arse again!”

“Well maybe I’ll let you go,” I replied noticing how his eyes brightened. “If we do one more thing,’ I quickly added enjoying how a look of concern replaced the prior image on his face.

“What…one thing,” he inquired in a scared tone.

“I need a sperm sample for research so can we get that from you please?” I asked slowly giving him my best innocent look. “Just a bit of sperm okay?”

Jared gazed at me. I could see the wheels turning in his brain. He decided to go for it. “Sure man,” he chuckled or tried too. “Just untie me and I’ll jerk off for you dude.”

I smiled. “Oh no need to abuse your poor cock. I mean after yesterday it must be a touch sensitive to touch. Besides you may need a few days to produce more sperm. I need a decent amount.” I insisted with mock concern”

A puzzled look came over Jared, “Buddy I need to touch the babe fucker to get off.” He said momentarily forgetting the circumstances he was in and reverting in part to his old sexist demeanor. “Besides I got lots of sperm bro,” he boasted, “My well never runs dry! Now untie me and I’ll beat off a gallon just for you my good buddy.” He said with a sexy smile pouring on his old charm totally convinced he had me by now.

“You don’t mind,’ I replied with fake shyness. “I mean doing this for me…you’re sure?”

“Hell, I’d like to jerk off for you man,” he whispered huskily thinking, no doubt, to turn me on by his comments and thus, bring me around into wanting to do as he requested. “Cut me free so I can show you how much I want to pop my nut for you.” He stopped speaking and gave me his well-known boyish smile the one that usually sealed the deal on convincing coeds to go back to his room where he would then sexually assault them if they didn’t “put out voluntarily”. He lay there before me, just waiting for me to free him and then, I’m sure attack.

“Oh no need to touch your cock,” I stated as I reached under the bed to pull out what I had hidden under it. “This will accomplish the job nicely. Jared’s eyes grew wide as he took in the object I held. It was a truly remarkable electronic device. The apparatus was shaped like a somewhat thick dildo which, when inserted into a male’s anus and plugged in, stimulated the ejaculatory nerves inside the male by delivering a series of varied currents to the prostate and seminal vesicle glands. When used the male’s response to this serial variance of wave voltage was to cum every time his prostate and anal nerves were hit regardless of his actual sexual desires. “We just lube it like this,” I said quickly as I did this. “Then plug you right up which you say you truly enjoy.” Before the completely shocked Jared could react I had again rapidly shoved my hand under his rear-end and anally plugged him. “My it seems we are looser than yesterday,” I smirked as I vigorously rammed my item up his hole.

“Get that out of me,’ He yelped as he began to struggle in his bindings.

“Now you promised I could take a sample.” I cooed as I hit the button on the device’s remote and awaited the current’s flow. When it hit Jared’s anus area his response was highly arousing.

“MUTHA FUCK!” He screeched as he unconsciously thrust his hips upward in reaction to the electric shocks. His entire torso resembled a sort of arched bridge of defined musculature with his strong well-formed legs and broadly built shoulders providing the supporting columns holding up a top section that was composed of his hard abdominals and crotch area. As I’d hoped the electrical bolts had triggered his manhood sending it to its full height like an impressive flagpole! I took in the sight with absolute delight. “AW FUCK!” He yelled as he suddenly body-quaked and blew a respectable wad from his cock; the result of the effects of the charges assaulting inside his sensitive nether regions. He collapsed exhausted on the bed.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “You fucking bastard.” He continued. “Okay you sick pervert you got my damn cum now cut me loose!” he demanded as he tried to steady his breathing.

“Very good,” I laughed as I hit the button again. “But you said you had a gallon to spare so lets get it all.” Jared’s eyes glazed as another bolt hit him and once more he arched upward then, popped more of his spunk.

“What the fuck are you doing?” My bound hunk wheezed as he body hit the bed once more.

“Milking,” I stated quietly, “now MOOO for me like a good milk cow,” I answered as I re-hit the button. He roared in pain but I remained oblivious to Jared’s wails while I worked the device to drain my prey of his juices. After a half hour of spurting ever decreasing amounts of spunk Jared was dry. I continued to give him a few more shots from the device until he was bawling and begging me to desist. “But we had a deal,” I said in mock hurt. “You go free and I get my sample.”

“Deal’s off,” he whimpered. “No deal just stop please,” he rasped just before he started to cry like a baby.

“Well then I will do as you ask and agree to cancel our agreement.” I retorted with secret pleasure. “Now MOO for me and tell me you liked it or I will continue.” I said with fiendish delight as I sent a mild current up into his arse to show I meant business..

Jared squeezed his eyes shut, as time seemed to stop. The room was quiet then I heard it, “MMMOOOO!”

“What else,” I urged keeping my eyes on the camera.

Jared hesitated for just a second then it appeared as if something just broke in him, “I loved it man,” he cried as tears slipped out from under his tightly closed eyelids, “ I fucking loved it. MMMMOOO. MMMOOO,” he shouted. “I’m a milk cow….MMMOOOO!”

I rose and left him lying there panting and moaning his mooing with his muscular torso covered in glistening beads of his jism and the device still inside him.


Mental Meltdown

For the rest of the week I was busy preparing my next move. After a few days of solitary Jared began yelling but I ignored it and soon his verbal abuse and threats ceased. In fact he rapidly assumed a more respectful tone and his verbal utterances descended into whiny but respectful pleadings for my presence and relief of his discomfort. I decided such conduct was to be encouraged and took time off from my preparations to visit him.

“How are you doing boy,” I asked when I walked in making sure my voice registered concern.

“ Please,” he replied softly, “please untie me. I’m cold and my wrists hurt and I’m dying of hunger dude,” he pathetically answered back. “Untie me. I swear I’ll be good dude.”

Like a paternalistic authority figure I went over to him and sat next to him, “You didn’t keep your last deal as I recall.”

Tears welled up in his beautiful eyes. “I’m so sorry man,” he croaked. “I was…my nuts just hurt before and…I’m so sorry,” he continued to try and say calmly before he lost it and began to loudly sob over and over how sorry he was and promising to be good in the future.

I watched as the once bullying macho hunk’s ego shattered right in front of me. I gently stroked his face while muttering words of comfort soothing him into a quieter state. At one point I even hugged him without any objections from him. After he had stopped bawling I took the nearby washcloth and gently cleaned his face then propped him up in order to give him a nice drink of water. He accepted my ministrations without objection and I was even rewarded by a slight smile of gratitude. My intent by these actions was hopefully mentally seducing him even more into my control. Training a straight stud takes time. The first steps were done but I knew it was surface. I had to play him by keeping him off balance. Law enforcement called it the “good cop/bad cop” routine. Despite the ridicule that some gave to this tactic in the media the method was still a valid one.

“If I free you up just a bit you have to be a good boy and maybe refer to me more respectfully okay?” I suggested after he had recovered from his emotional breakdown.

Jared nodded, “I promise….sir.”

I was pleased that he had added the latter term without further prompting. Mentally Jared had taken another big step. For the first time my muscled hunk had yielded to another. True he had probably unconsciously decided his continued confinement made it imperative to please me. Still, for someone who had been highly competitive and even more, loathed to let anyone else win, he had taken a big footstep. Part of his confident macho self-image had dissolved. But was the transformation real or another trick. I took a chance.

I fixed a length of chain to each wrist restraint and then slowly affixed them to the bedposts. This would give my captive the ability to rise and move a few feet. Next, I padded the wrist linings and gave them a touch looser fit so they would not cut into him and indeed he would be able to move them just a bit around his skin areas. Gingerly I released his legs then got up and waited just far enough away but still reachable by him he if wanted to.

Jared slowly rose. He was unsteady on his feet. He stretched, rubbed his wrists then he walked toward me then stopped, looked at me for a second before dropping his gaze. “ Thank you sir,” he said as he walked back to the bed and eased into a sitting position.

I walked out of the room and returned with food, fresh bed linens and, a blanket. I gave Jared another set of damp washcloths and instructed him to clean off while I changed his spoiled sheets. I quickly changed the sheets then aided Jared’s with his “bathing activities”. I honestly found his body compelling sensual with his broad well-built shoulders tapering downward past his muscular back area toward his full dimpled and round upturned butt but I resisted my natural urges to explore him sexually. My captive didn’t flinch as my hands first scrubbed across then, down his backside but he did flinch slightly when I worked around his bottom. His beefy rear end’s muscled cheeks clamped tightly.

“Please don’t,” he weakly protested adding a quick “sir.” afterwards.

“Now you promised to be a good boy,” I replied sharply. “I need to clean this area; now behave like a good boy.”

“Yes sir,” he mumbled back as he relaxed his clenched rump so I could probe inside with my washcloth. His breathing grew shallow with, what I assumed, was fear of yet another violation. Still he made no overt moves or threats but stoically endured this intimate desecration.

Soon though, I thought as I lightly cleaned between his anal cheeks enjoying the invasion I was now performing. I glanced over his shoulder. Jared’s eyes were tightly shut and his cock was flaccid. Ah well one cannot have it all at once, I mused as I finished up my ministrations inside his anus.

“Now you did clean in front right?” I suddenly asked lightly as I reached over to take his manhood firmly in my hand. “Behind the balls too right?” I continued saying as I jiggled them gently in the palm of my hand.

Jared’s eyes popped open and he gasped as he looked down to see his “jewels” completely in my grip.” “I…yes…cleaned…yes sir,” he sputtered unsure of what to do.

I rolled his nuts a bit and happily observed his cock flicker. Jared was now staring down intently at his rod then over at me while flushed with embarrassment. His breathing grew even more ragged. Would he revert back to his old defiant demeanor in the face of this handling? “Yes it seems you did quite well,” I said maintaining a calm tone. I rolled Jared’s nuts around in their sack using some tricks I’d learned on how to stimulate this area. As I did so I took notice that my straight boy’s cock was now showing just the slightest the hint of excitement. Jared’s sensitivity to expert nut-play would aid me once more.

“I…uh…fuck,” he rasped as his body went rigid.

I decided not to overplay my hand and dropped his sack watching as it swung between his legs. Jared was completely flustered and instinctively he used one hand to cover his privates. I took note that once more he had not attacked but simply complied. My dominating hunk was mentally transforming into a more passive state.

When he was sufficiently cleaned Jared accepted the food and let me drape the blanket over him. “Thank you sir,” he meekly responded again before slipping into silence. He sat on the freshly made bed and ate while I sat and watched. He could have reached me during those interactions but clearly had not contemplated it. Inside I broke out into a grin. Step one accomplished. I was gelding my stallion. My control over him was beginning to be processed inside his brain as a natural situation. He no longer saw himself as invincible and unconquerable. He was slowly acknowledging someone else’s authority over him for, no doubt, the first time in his life. In fact, he had just acquiesced in being felt-up by another male. His brain must be spinning right now, I pondered.

My next project would be to shatter completely his last major identity prop: his self-vision as some masculine and completely straight sexual lothario. My captive hunk’s perceived sexual personality made up the overwhelming part of his ego. It was how he had defined himself since puberty as a man. Everything about him was mentally invested and tied into in this aspect of his individuality. He reveled in thinking of himself as a strong athletic stud that took his sexual pleasures by force if necessary. I was positive he saw those he ravished as weak and utterly pathetic. To fully mentally demolish him and thus, render him into my total submissive I would have to destroy that aspect inside him. His sexual persona had been badly dented but more needed to be done. Jared had loudly boasted he was a “Baller of Bitches.” I would have to undertake a process that would ultimately convert him sexually into seeing himself in the future as merely a guy who was a “Bitch who gets Balled.” Jared would not give up his “straightness” without a fight but it was a fight I was prepared to win! Little did my young stud know he had already provided me with the means to help me crack him open. Today the good cop had performed his role; the bad cop was now coming!


Star Turn

So far my plans on demolishing Jared’s old macho persona had run according to plan. Mentally I had, on one level, softened him up sufficiently so that he had stopped fighting me. Over the next few days I’d fed him and clothed him watching as slowly he came to the realization, and more importantly, adapted to the mindset that I was the one in charge. I could see other changes developing in him. Call it the famed “Stockholm Syndrome” or whatever you want but by the end of the second week he relaxed with me in our conversations. I took advantage of this by making sure to maintain some form of occasional physical contact with him while we talked getting him used to bodily contact from me. At first his reaction to these had been one of skittishness but soon, as anticipated, he got accustomed to them. I’d laugh and touch his arm over some remark or briefly throw an arm over his shoulder. On occasion I’d affectionately tousle his hair symbolically reducing him in his eyes into a “boy-status”. Patience was the key and I never overdid the contacts. I started out slow and every day increased the number of “touchings” or lengthened the duration for some of them. As a boy I had lived on a farm that handled horses. I’d watched as the wranglers eased the new horses into saddle wear. It took time before reaching that the final event. First the frequent stroking of the horse to establish physical contact with the man then, one day throwing a blanket on the animal followed by bridle wear all ultimately ending in a saddling up and total mounting by the cowboy. In this situation I considered Jared as my wild stallion and I was going to break him and then mount him.

After some time Jared was fully deferential to me and did not show any distaste when I touched him. For all this I was under no delusion about what was going on. If I released him and set him free these changes would soon disappear and the old Jared would return to his prior aggressive strutting homo hating personality. No, I had other plans for my hunk of beef. I intended to transform my jock boy forever. I set up the final touches on my design and walked into his room. Today we would undertake the process wherein I would geld his masculinity and reduce him completely into a state of servile sexuality.

I began the day by making sure powerful herbal sexual stimulants were laced in Jared’s food. I had taken pains to be with him that day as much as possible to ensure he had no way of privately tapping his rising urges. In addition, when I left him I secured him back down onto the bed so he could not touch himself while he was alone. I wanted those nuts of his itching to explode. Part of my schemes revolved around harnessing Jared’s youthful sexual needs to aid me in my plans. By supper my young buff captive was twitching in heat.

“Anything wrong?”’ I asked him knowing that by the way he was squirming around he must be experiencing the full effects of the sexual stimulants in his food.

“No…no…not at all,” he hesitantly sputtered as he adjusted himself trying not to show the raging hard-on he was now sporting. “Everything is cool sir.”

I glanced into his crotch then back up at him. “Well maybe it is “all cool” but it appears that something about you is in heat.” My captive hunk looked at me and flushed with embarrassment. Now I knew that Jared had never had any qualms about parading naked when he was in the locker rooms but this was an entirely different situation. Seeing him squeezing his powerful thighs together to try and “cover-up” was amusing. The pressure of his leg muscles on his member only seemed to stimulate his manhood more. “Jared,” I said patronizingly, “I give you permission to take care of that.” I smiled indulgently, took his hand and, placed it on his engorging rod.

Jared stared at me with a combination of shock and mortification. He opened his mouth to say something, in probable protest, but before he did so I used his hand to rub his cock. His strong body shivered as his rod fully burst forth from between his compressed thighs. A low moan of, “Aw fuck,” escaped from his lips while his eyes began to blink. I pressed his hand down harder on that rising cock and rubbed it more vigorously with Jared’s hands. A dull look came over my captive stud and I knew he was losing it to his sex drive. At our age the normal “urge to sperm” is pretty intense. Thanks to the drugs it must be wildly raging inside of Jared.

“Go on jerk-off for me boy,” I whispered as I let my hand guide his own in pleasuring that now throbbing pole that was thrusting outward from between his legs. “You know you want to.”

“I…not…right…I mean in front of a…guy,” he mumbled as the throes of his over stimulated cock screamed for greater attention. Even as he objected I noticed that his hand had taken the initiative and was obscenely fondling his erection. “Aw shit my fucking dick sir,” he wheezed while he shamelessly fondled himself right in front of my eyes. “But …you here…not…right…a dude…me doing…this…aw my cock,” He weakly complained as he worked himself in spite of it al.

“Boy the fact I’m here, a guy, watching didn’t get you soft,” I softly told him, “In fact I’m sure you are even more aroused by a guy watching you pump your dick right,” I continued encouraging is sexual activities.

“I…guy watching…aw fuck I’m so hard,” he groaned as the logic of my arguments played out in his brain. I knew it was the drugs that were popping his nuts but he did not. I also figured that in his now sex addled brain the only logical explanation for the erotic heat he was in had to be what I said. Slowly his legs spread to fully free his cock and balls. “Got…to…get…off,” he grunted as my muscular stud slipped into his rutting mode. “Getting off…you watching…fuck it,” he sighed in surrender.

“Yeah boy beat that cock for me,” I hissed as I leaned in close, “Pop a wad while I watch you. Oh yeah, you like nutting for another guy,” I said as I released his hand to do what it wanted. Jared changed his grip to one he must have normally used to jerk-off and soon was frantically pumping himself like he as drilling for oil. “Blow your spunk just for me!”

“Got…to…nut…for you…sir,” he replied as he stroked on his manhood to satisfy the overwhelming need firing inside his body and brain.

As he worked his pud I used my now free hand own to cup Jared’s ball-sack and begin a sensual massage of his nuts.

“Yeah my fucking nuts,” Jared grunted lost now in the delirium of his cock actions. “You’re working my fucking balls sir.”

“You enjoy me handling your fucking nuts huh Jared?” I asked as I expertly manipulated them, “ my man’s hands squeezing and stimulating them gets you even hotter right?”

“I love when you play my fucking pouch sir,” he moaned in response. He was so far gone now he would have said anything and that was just the situation I required.

“Go on boy,” I replied keenly, “shoot your spunk for me!”

“Aw shit I’m close,” he rasped as he furiously increased the tempo of his masturbation. His breathing intensified and I noted, with my own sense of arousal, the rise and fall of his well-sculpted chest as he sucked in air. His strong legs spread out further giving me even more access to his full hefty low hangers.

“Pop boy,” I urged as I worked his sack rolling his cum filled nuts between my fingers enjoying the scratch of his short hairs on their tips. I could feel his twin round orbs getting ready to erupt. I glanced at Jared. My aroused prey was muttering and panting. His eyes were completely unfocused. I took a chance and leaned over to kiss him and, he kissed back! I knew he was not aware of this activity so intense was his concentration on finally ending the sexual itch that had been building in him but success is built on such daring deeds in combat and I was firm that I was going to win my war!

“FUCK!” He suddenly yelped breaking off our lip-lock, “I’m going to shoot man,” he gasped. I felt his nuts rise upward. With a strangled cry Jared’s cock erupted sending a long creamy white glob from the slit of his cock-head. It flew out in front of him into to room before plopping on the floor. “Aw yeah busting a nut,” he groaned as spurt after spurt emanated from his dick. When he finished he collapsed against me. I took in the sight of Jared’s glistening emissions on the floor; it was quite a respectable amount in fact.

The press of my jock’s overheated muscular torso on mine gave me my own boner but I had things to do. As his breathing quieted and his mind came back into focus I reached for nearby towel and causally gave it to him. Such actions soon had me more composed.

“Here is something to clean up with,” I stated as, now flaccid, I paternalistically tousled his hair and rose to leave. I smiled at him. “I hope this helped in some way to calm your jitters.”

Jared glazed across at his copious sperm on the floor in front of him then, upward at. He now fully realized what had occurred. He knew three things: 1) He had engaged in a very intimate act of personal sexuality in front of a guy. 2) He had allowed another guy to not only feel him up he also had a vague image of making out with him while it was happening. 3) He had maintained a boner and ejaculated during all of it. A flush of embarrassment swept over his handsome face. He glanced down. “Thanks for letting me…you know,” he mumbled shyly.

Perfect, I thought as I left knowing that another step had been accomplished. Jared had performed sexually with my “permission” and had done so in a way that no doubt demolished his pre-conceived views of his own manhood. My homo-mocking stud had engaged in some big man-on-man sexual play. I was confident that even more mind blowing for him was the knowledge that he had creamed while it was all happening. Even better he had spontaneously thanked me like a good submissive should.

Jared now had a lot to process while I had my next steps to rehearse. I’d totally fucked over his mind; after our next encounter his arse would be in the same condition!


The Game Plan Ends as I do The “Dude”

We begin,

Nothing succeeds if you rush into it. I’d taken the right preliminary steps but the next erotic activity with Jared would be my sexual piece de resistance. That required even more particular care. So, with that in end in mind, I let my boy rest up for a few days while still spiking his foods with herbal stimulants but at much lower doses. I wanted him twitchy but not overly so.

I also dropped in another drug that would keep him mentally disoriented so when it came time for anally taking his cherry my strictly straight (by now was that totally true *>) boy would be in a more compliant state of mind.

At last the time came. I strode into the room, Jared a quick hello while tousling his hair (thus mentally reminding him of his boyhood) then, with maximum efficiency I set up my screen as a docile Jared looked on in confusion.

“Well I see that you are wondering what I’m doing.” I stated in a cheerful tone as I handed him his lunch. He took it and started eating. This time I had tripled the dose of herbal substances and had added a healthy dose of VIAGRA to seal the deal. By my calculations the effects would come fast so I quickened my activities. “I’m going to show you a film but first let’s talk,” I answered in response to my own query as Jared tried to mentally focus his drug impaired brain. I sat next to him and draped one arm over his shoulder. “Now Jared I know it has been difficult for you in finally admitting your true sexuality,” I cooed as I smiled at him.

“My…true…huh,” my zapped young muscle boy responded lost in that mixture of drugs.

“Why you know,” I said with mock concern, “You being not only gay but also a guy who gets off being fucked by guys.” I stated in a matter-of-fact tone of voice.

“I…like…fucked…by…guys,” Jared muttered to protest.

“Well let’s just look at this tape for proof of this,” I sighed as I hit play on the remote in my hands. It had taken me some time going over loops of video to create this film and I was eager to see my boy’s reaction.

The screen flickered to life and there before his eyes Jared saw himself not only moaning in delight as he jerked-off while I played with his balls but later the sight of his hoots of sexual arousals as he was being sodomized. As he stared slack-jawed at the images the room filled with the comments he had uttered during those events.

“Aw…oh fuck…shit,”

“Oh fucking shit…my tits man…my pussy…fuck,”

“Fuck my pussy arse!”

“A hard fucking of my arse by guys always gets to me, buddy,”

“Got…to…nut…for you…sir,”

“I love when you play my fucking pouch sir,”

While he watched in horror I glanced down into his crotch happily observing that the drugs he had just ingested had done their job. My straight athlete’s manhood was hard as a rock. He glanced over at me to say something then saw where I was looking. His eyes followed to where I had intentionally focused and saw himself sporting a raging hard-on. As he took this sight in he heard more of his words being repeated on the screen.

“ I fucking loved it. MMMMOOO. MMMOOO,”

“I’m a milk cow….MMMOOOO!”

Jared gazed back at me then again at his boner. “I can’t be,” he whined completely unsure of anything and now at the perfect place mentally to be taken.

“Well there is one test which would determine if it true,” I replied. “I could perform it with you but, only if you want me to give it to you.”

“Yes let’s try it,” he quickly agreed. “Please sir, give it to me!”

BINGO! I thought. Oh yes, I most assured would give it to you Jared.


It ends

I moved rapidly forward with my planned my actions. Even if he was loopy from the drugs I did not want to give Jared time to think. “Okay I’m taking off your cuffs and, after I do this, I need you to lie face down on the bed,” I rapidly said as I uncuffed him. Setting him completely free even for a few seconds was dangerous to do but unavoidable if I wanted to accomplish my final goal. With great risks come great gains, I thought.

Luckily for me Jared was so thrown by the video and so doped up he did exactly as I said never stirring once as I re-secured his wrists to either end of the bed. The bright overhead lights cast his well-formed prone torso off in all its glory. The broad shoulders, round biceps and that straight back with its flared upper body narrowing downward to the creamy round full rump that I would soon defile.

“Okay now up on your knees Jared.” I urgently commanded.

“What are we doing,” he asked in confusion.

“UP ON YOUR KNEES BOY!” I retorted sharply as I raised my hand and brought it down with full force on those white pale buttocks.


“EEEOOWW!” Jared screamed as he hustled to get up onto his knees as ordered. My blow had left a nice pinkish handprint on his bubbled posterior. I smiled thinking that was only the first assault that rear would receive today.

“Listen we need to test out if you are just another guys fuck boy,” I said with annoyance. “You asked me to do this so I am now cooperate got it.”

“Yes sir,” he meekly replied.

I pushed his legs apart and secured each of them to the side of the bed. My boy’s rear was now full exposed and, in fact, his position from the back gave one the arousing sight of his hefty nuts dangling downward while they waved like some clock pendulum between the muscled thighs of his strong legs.

“What is going on?” Jared inquired lightly as I greased up a finger and reached toward the shiny pinkish rose that was his anal entryway.

“Testing you to see if you are a bottom fag-boy,” I replied as, after a slight effort, I slipped my finger into his hole. He squealed as I did so but that did not stop my actions. I was going to take him no matter what the reactions from my straight hunk. Jared’s anal cavity was hot and tight but prior sodomizing from before had adequately reduced any initial reluctance from his ring muscles to a penetration. True he bucked as I began fingering him but only slightly and hardly a denial of admission for something he’d never let anyone do before his capture. I pushed my finger deeper into him.

“Aw fuck,” my young jock cried, “no please don’t sir,” he vainly pleaded. He struggled to close his rear entry and push my invader out but he quickly discovered that his ankles were too tightly bound apart at either end of the bed for this defensive maneuver to succeed. “I don’t want this sir,” he said wildly as he rocked his well-built form on the bed in a futile hope the bound holding him might rip free.

“If you hate it why are you throwing such an impressive boner huh boy?” I asked while I pumped my finger inside of him.

Jared bent his head downward to stare past his chiseled abdominals toward his crotch are. “I’m fucking,” he mumbled. “Gees sir…I’m…I’m…,” he croaked as what he saw stopped his movements.

“I believe the descriptive word you are seeking to find is “hard” boy,” I finished saying for him as I worked my finger within his wet hot guts loosening him up for the finale to come. I found his prostate and began to give it a hard massage. Jared’s body quacked from the contact..

“Oh fuck,” he gasped as his hips involuntarily wiggled and delightfully squirmed. “Shit…what the…aw fuck!” He whimpered lowly. His engorged cock waved lewdly as it swung in time with Jared’s hip actions. “Fuck sir,” he continued.

“Something I should know boy?” I quizzed as I deftly gave his prostate the benefit of my finger’s maneuvers. Obviously he was truly getting off on this activity on that organ now thanks to me.

“Your hitting something sir,” he said without thinking. “AW FUCKING SHIT!” he cried as I let my finger gently squeeze the round ball-like organ.

I saw his cock stiffen even more with the beginnings of pre-cum leaking out from its slit’s opening. Yeah he was so ready. Quickly I pulled my finger out then, greased my own hardness and climbed between his splayed thighs. “Let’s take this test to the maximum boy,” I growled as I steadied myself between his legs, grabbed those full well-formed thighs of his and, thrust my dick hard into my captive hunk’s anus. There was a brief resistance at his opening ring but my finger work had paid off and within a few seconds I was inside him.

“AW SHIT!” Jared bellowed as his head rose violently upward during my initial penetration followed a louder grunt of, “ooofff,” escaping from him as I pushed forward. “You’ve got your dick up my arse sir!” he panted in shock when he realized that I was completely inside him. “Fuck sir,” he babbled, “you’re in my arse sir.”

Hearing him still maintain a respectful tone with me sweetened my coming triumph since, despite what was going on, clearly his prior mentally conditioning to be submissive in his mode of thought was holding.

“I believe you are still hard though right boy,” I teased as I waited for his virginal hole to adjust to my invading cock before I started to screw him.

Jared looked down once more between his legs then wild-eyed at me. “I’m boned,” he uttered in amazement. “I’m fucking boned sir!”

“Indeed you are. See I knew you were a just a closet pussy boy,” I snarled as I began humping into his luscious buttocks while reaching between his legs to cup his nuts and begin my expert ball massaging. “You’ve got a guy’s cock up your arse and your fucking in heat over it boy. Just like I thought you were secretly pussy-boy hungry for a man’s dick!”

Jared moaned and shook his head. “I…pussy...boy…me?” he sobbed out loud as his self-image as a bitch buster began dissolving in the face of his raging hard-on. “But…oh my arse hole sir…I can’t be…fuck my nuts,” he yelped as I pressed onward.

I hit the remote on a tape I’d brought and set the audio on high as I fucked him hard and deep. Jared’s ears filled with the sound of his own voice thanks to taped excerpts from the video while I pummeled his arse.

“Aw…oh fuck…shit,”

“Oh fucking shit…my tits man…my pussy…fuck,”

“Fuck my pussy arse!”

“A hard fucking of my arse by guys always gets to me, buddy,”

“Got…to…nut…for you…sir,”

“I love when you play my fucking pouch sir

And, naturally of course my own personal favorite:

“ I fucking loved it. MMMMOOO. MMMOOO,”

“I’m a milk cow….MMMOOOO!”

“Aw gees my arse,” Jared sobbed as I fucked away his virginity to the audio accompaniment of his own words emphasizing to him that he loved getting butt-fucked. My buff boy was getting a complete sensory overload by now.

“Just flow with it,” I whispered to him. “You can hear how much you liked it before Jared. Your own cock right now shows you love this so go with the heat boy.” I urged him as I rode him viciously driving my hunk toward permanent residence in pussy-land.

“Aw...argh…oh..uh…fuck,” he chanted as I worked his nuts. Soon a string of glop was dripping from his cock.

“Give into it Jared,” I hissed as I screwed him. “You always wanted this.” I continued. “Gees dude your leaking jiss and rigid.”

“Leaking…rigid,” Jared moaned as he rode the drugs and my cock into uncontrollable sexual heat. Soon he was grunting away with a series of “ughs” and “aws” that clearly told me had succumbed to the stimuli he was receiving. Thus inspired I gave hammered away into him with abandon.

“Aw fucking my arse,” he whimpered. “Fucking my cunted arse! Making me your pussy-boy,” he lewdly grunted as he rocked his muscular body back and forth on my hard dick literally screwing himself now. “AW FUCK ME SIR!” he finally yelped as he rode on my erection. His inner anal lining muscles squeezed and relaxed around my pole unconsciously using his ass in a way that increased my pleasure.

Yeah, I hooted silently, I got him. I thrust faster now while working on his nuts with glee. I was going to pop a load into him. Judging by the fluids coming from Jared’s dick I’d bet he bust a nut soon too.

We filled the room with the sounds of two men rutting. All too soon however nether of us could hold off. With a loud cry of, “take my cream boy,” I emptied my load into him filling him so deep with so much of my jism I’d swear the back of his throat would probably taste it.

As my hot spunk seeded his inner arse, my stallion let out his own loud yell of, “ARGH!” as his cock erupted flooding the sheets under him with spunk.

When he’d finished he collapsed onto the bed with myself still riding on top of him and my cock buried deep inside his guts. We lay there gasping for air; our bodies sticking together in a sweaty pile.

“I’m a pussy sir,” Jared finally softly moaned as he lost the last of his prior sexual self-image. “ I’m a pussy sir,” he sighed contentedly.

“Yes indeed you are,” I laughed in reply knowing that in the immediate days to come I would be reconstructing a new sexual persona for him in place of the one I had just demolished. I’d taken on the macho jock and scored the final winning goal!


After that session things fell into a pattern with Jared and myself. For the next few weeks I kept him drugged and repeatedly engaged in sodomizing him. Naturally any residual reluctance by him dissipated over time as I knew it would especially since, thanks to those drugs, my once totally hetero-hunk blew his spunk during every anal encounter. Slowly his mind adapted to the concept that he was sexually aroused by submissive behavior in conjunction with sexually servicing more dominant men. Over time, as he adapted, I weaned him off the drugs until at last he was a total bottom shooting his pud on command and servicing cock with whatever hole was required from him all on his own without any chemical aids. I will admit though that teaching him how to deep throat was time consuming.

“AGTH,” he initially gurgled as I stuffed his face. “Ith..canth..breatheth...sirth!” he would sob. But over time and, with the aid of a vibrating butt plug that aroused his now completely sensitized prostate in such a way as to get him not only erect but also to come with multiple ejaculations, my young formerly straight lothario adjusted and soon he could slobber like a true bitch reveling in the taste of hard male’s member. “Lovth youth cockth sirth ,” he happily gurgled now as he blew my manhood.

He is still the campus’ star athlete and the BMOC who is every girl’s wet dream but now, instead of fucking some bimbo behind the bleachers or in some dorm/deserted school room he hurries home to me where I bitch him good while he yelps in excitement. I find it amusing and, I will confess, an extra turn on having the school’s buff muscled symbol of manliness as my personal submissive fuck-toy!

In fact, when we are alone, he even calls me Master now, which is just appropriate as he is totally my punked property. Every so often, as a treat we go out and visit the local gay BD clubs where I dress him in doggie leather gear complete with the doggie-mask and pads. I laugh as he crawls around the puppy pen wagging his cute rump while wearing his doggie tail butt plug. If I feel like it I even let my bitch play with the other men’s “bones.” So, in the end you see it just took time and patience until finally the BMOC got his well deserved beat down!