Blue Dust 2

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Mark was clapping and cheering along with the gathered crowd at the pep rally. The cheerleaders had just completed their routine as the coach walked out onto the temporary raised platform in the school’s courtyard. “It is my pleasure to announce the next county champions, the Fighting Tigers!” The crowd cheered louder than ever and the marching band played the school’s fight song. The gymnasium’s double doors opened and out walked the entire football team, not in their practice uniforms as usual, but in bikini briefs. Their bulked up bodies radiated youth and vigor. They looked like a college team not high schoolers. Leading the pack was Randy, the most muscular among his team mates. He had the precisely developed physique of an amateur bodybuilder. Even Randy couldn’t believe how quickly he was able to muscle up. He even looked bigger today than he did yesterday. The crowd grew louder, mostly from all the girls screaming. The starting team lined up along the front of the stage with Randy in the center. They went into a synchronized posing routine flexing their newly enlarged physiques. Randy barked out the poses as if he was a drill sergeant. As the routine ended, the entire squad turned around to show the team’s name printed on the seat of their Speedo briefs. With a last order from the captain, the team flexed their glutes to stretch the printing and yelled “Go Fighting Tigers!!” The crowd yet crazy, even Mark was whistling his approval. The team relaxed and shook hands as they congratulated themselves on their performance. The coach moved to the front of the stage. “I don’t know what to say after that, so here’s your team captain Randy Hamilton.”

Randy took the mic from his coach. “Thanks everybody. I hope the swim team doesn’t mind we borrowed their suits. But I think we look pretty good in them. Don’t you agree?” Randy held the microphone toward the crowd which erupted in cheers.

The team quarterback, Chad, grabbed the mic from his team mate. “They may not like the fact that being football players instead of girly swimmers, we’ve stretched them out of shape”. Chad grabbed his suits tightly packed pouch. The crowd laughed and cheered at the same time.

Randy smirked and high-fived Chad. “That was cold man. Of course when the swim team wears these they look like they’re freezing, if you know what I mean.”

“Major shrinkage” someone screamed form the crowd. The others hooted and laughed louder.

Randy raised his hand to quiet the group, “Seriously, I hope you enjoyed our routine. We thought it would be fun for you to see the new super men that make up your football team. This team that is going to destroy the Valley High Rams in tomorrow’s game. And we want you all there to cheer us on and join the victory celebration when we become the new county champs! Then on to the state title. Go Fighting Tigers!” The whole team went into a most muscular pose and the band played again. The team jumped off the front of the stage and greeted their fans. Each member was quickly surrounded by girls. Their bodies were being groped in every direction, but they didn’t mind. They encouraged the attention by flexing the various muscles the girls requested.

Randy had the most worshippers. Mark pushed his way through the coeds. “Hey kid, did you like the show?” Randy asked pretending not to notice the girls caressing his sculpted body. But Mark did. He couldn’t believe how bold all the girls were being. Mark looked at Randy with a do-you-believe-them look. Randy just shrugged his broad shoulders.

Chad came over to Randy barely able to contain himself. “That was awesome dude. We rule this fuckin’ place.” Both were still catching their breath. Chad scanned Randy’s pulsating body. “Man, look at you. You’re more jacked like Cena.” The blonde hunk was just as tall as Randy, but more slender. His body was ripped to the bone and covered in smooth, sun-kissed skin. He had the face and physique of a model. As many girls were feeling him up as Randy. “I’ll see you later, muscle man.” The two male specimens did an elaborate hand shake then bumped chests. Chad departed with his fans following behind.

“You did look great on that stage bro. I can’t believe how big you are. You’ve got the muscles of a professional athlete.” Mark said excitedly.

“Yeah, it’s pretty amazing what’s happening to us.” Randy said calmly while continuing to flex his muscles. He was glad his little brother wasn’t experiencing the kind of growth spurt he and his team mates were. “Don’t worry runt, having big muscles isn’t the most important thing in the world.”

“It’s got to be in the top two” one of the Randy’s admires said with a giggle.

“Don’t listen to them. Cheerleaders are notorious muscle groupies.” Randy said bouncing his substantial pec meat. The girls giggled again as their small hands quickly covered his chest. He was getting turned on by the attention. Lately, it didn’t take much to make him hard. He was constantly horny. He was jerking off three to four times a day, yet the slightest erotic thought made him sprout wood. It happened again when one of the girls started to feel up his ass. She ran her hand over the slick surface of his posers. Her index finger followed the length of the deep crack separating his hard, round globes. When she reached the bottom, she pushed her fingers through the narrow gap between his legs and lightly stroked the back of his tightly encased ball sack. The blood left his brain and surged south. He twisted his body to see the culprit. It was Cindy, the prettiest girl in school. He saw the same state of arousal in her eyes. “Hey listen, Mark. Why don’t we meet up after I change.” He spoke without taking his eyes off Cindy. “Right now, I have to get out of this suit. It’s becoming uncomfortably tight. Did you want to help me?” Cindy nodded with a sly smile. Randy smiled back. He then bent down and gently put his right shoulder into the girl’s petite waist. He stood up with the cheerleader draped over him. Randy started to walk toward the gym. The crowd parted and cheered on his progress. Cindy didn’t bother to protest. She just laughed and enjoyed the view of Randy’s ass as he carried her off.

The crowd soon thinned out. Mark sat on the edge of the stage waiting for his brother to return. More than an hour went by and still no Randy. Mark wondered if is big brother had forgotten about him. Maybe he left with one of his friends. Lately he has been spending less time at home. Mark decided to look around before he left. He went to the boys’ locker room. It seemed deserted. He heard running water and some other strange sounds. He walked toward the showers. The closer he got the louder the noises became. He wondered if someone was hurt and moaning in pain. He peered into the tiled room.

Mark could see someone through the thick steam. It was Randy. He stood nude under a shower in the far corner. The hot water cascaded over the ridges of his muscular body. Mark couldn’t believe how big and mature he looked. Randy was definitely a man, not a boy like him. Randy had his head was arched back. The moans were coming from him. Mark was becoming uneasy staring at his brother, he was about to turn away when he noticed Randy wasn’t alone. Someone was kneeling before him. Mark first thought it had to be Cindy, but the blonde hair was too short and the shoulders too broad. A familiar voice said between sucking noises, “My God,..(slurp).. you are packing so much meat. (slurp) You’re balls are huge. Each must be filled with (lick) a quart of super jizm.”

Randy lowered his head to look down at the other person. “Okay, you got me hard. Now stand up.” The person obeyed Randy’s orders. “Turn around.” Mark finally saw the person. It was Chad. Mark gasped. He quickly side stepped from the doorway out of view. He stood in complete silence to see if he had been noticed. It wasn’t until he heard more moaning that he let out a breath. Mark couldn’t believe his brother was letting another guy suck his dick. He was always surrounded by beautiful girls. He bragged about all his conquests. The moaning sounded different, a slightly higher pitch. It had to be Chad this time. Mark curiosity got the best of him. He had to see what was happening. He got down on all fours and leaned his head into the doorway.

The two men stood in the same spot. Randy’s hands were holding Chad’s hips. Chad moaned louder before mumbling “Deeper, please go deeper. I need to feel all of you. I beg you, deeper.”

“That’s it, runt. Beg me to fuck you like the girls do. Your scrawny ass craves my muscle cock as much as their wet pussies doesn’t it?”

“Yes; please fill me with your huge cock. Please deeper, deeper.” Chad forced out the words between quick shallow breathes. He put his hand around his own rigid rod and began to stroke it. “It feels so good. I’m going to come.”

Randy pulled Chad’s hands away from his throbbing cock. “I’ll tell you when you can come.” Randy bent Chad forward at the waist. Chad’s moans quickened and was briefly joined by Randy. His brother’s baritone grunts surpassed Chad’s in volume. The erotic duet was causing Mark to get hard. Soon the primal song reached a crescendo for Randy. Chad stood up and leaned against Randy’s heaving frame. Randy ran his hands over Chad’s wet torso. Randy pulled out of Chad. The two jocks turned to face each other. Randy put his hand on Chad’s still hard seven inches. The smaller man’s body shuddered from the touch. “Do you like how my big, strong hand feels on your tiny dick, boy.”

“Yes, sir.” Chad’s body tightened as he tried to fight the overwhelming pleasure he was feeling. “I’m going to spew.”

“Don’t you dare, boy. Not until I give you permission.” Randy went down to one knee and began to lick Chad’s throbbing rod. Chad clenched his jaw and leaned back against the shower wall. Randy moved his attention to Chad’s furry blonde balls. “You need to jerk off more. You’ve got the worse case of blue balls I’ve ever seen, runt.” Randy took one of Chad’s robin eggs into his mouth. Chad pounded his fist into the wall to help manage the pleasurable pain. “Does that hurt, boy?”

“Yes, sir” Chad whimpered.

Randy put his hand back onto Chad’s aching rod. “Do you want me to stop?” Randy asked with a smile. He tightened his grip and ran his thumb across the swollen tip

“No, sir” Chad answered gasping for air. “Please, I can’t hold it. I’m going to blow my load.”

Randy moved his mouth to the purple head of Chad’s aching cock and licked it. “If you come in my mouth, I’ll bash that pretty face of yours so no one will ever want you again. Understand?” Chad nodded yes, grinding his teeth. Randy then deep throated all that Chad possessed.

“Jesus Christ” Chad screamed and pounded both fists into the wall repeatedly. Randy ran his lips up and down the length of the meaty shaft several times before removing his mouth. He stood up with one hand tightly squeezing Chad’s throbbing tool. He moved to the side and leaned into his torture victim. Randy whispered “now” as he released his grip. Chad let out a loud grunt as a thick stream of cream spewed from his cock. Three volleys sprayed out into the middle of the shower room floor; each successive one having less volume and reach. The white ropes of cum swirled in the hot water before disappearing down the drain. Chad collapsed from exhaustion. He slid his back down the wall until he was sitting on the tile floor. The steam filled air made it difficult for him to catch his breath.

“Don’t you have something to say to me runt?” Randy asked looking down at Chad.

Chad hesitated for a moment. He looked up at the hulking man looming over him. The spray from the shower ricocheted off his hard body like bullets would Superman. “Thank you sir?”

Randy smiled and massaged his balls in one hand. “That’s a good, boy. Now grab some soap. I want you to wash your pathetic scent off me.”

Chad struggled to his feet. He grabbed a bar of soap and began to lather up Randy’s broad back. Randy flared his lats. Chad moaned his approval. “Randy, your body is so big and hard, you make me feel like such a weakling.”

Randy smirked and went into a double bicep pose, “Because you are, runt.” Chad immediately began to wash Randy’s mighty peaks.

Mark backed away from the doorway. He stood up and adjusted his softening manhood. A wet spot had formed near his hip. He removed the oversized button down shirt he wore over a t-shirt. The shirt was a hand-me-down from his brother. He looked at the shirt and thought of all the times he saw him wearing it. It was one of Randy’s favorites before it became too small for him. Mark wore it all the time now. He never realized how faded and frayed it was. He wouldn’t be able to look Randy or the shirt the same way again. He tied the shirt around his waist to hide the spot and ran to his house.

It wasn’t until after 10:00 that Randy showed up at home. Mark was in his room when Randy walked by and said “Hey, runt?” Mark didn’t respond. He pretended to be reading even though he hadn’t turned the page for over twenty minutes. He kept rereading the same paragraph over and over turning to concentrate on the words. But his mind was preoccupied by the images of Randy and Chad. After a few minutes Randy walked by his room again wearing only his underwear. “Runt, I’m going to take a shower; so no flushing the toilet.” Again Mark made no response. “Did you hear me, Mark?”

“Yes, I heard you.” Mark said in a nasty tone. “I’d think you spent enough time in the shower today.”



“Are you mad at me because I didn’t come back after I left with Cindy? Things just got complicated and I ended up doing stuff with some of the guys.” Randy put his hands on the top of the molding above Mark’s door and bent his knees slightly to stretch his back. His v-shaped torso filled the opening.

“Guys? You mean there was more than one?”

“What does that mean, runt?”

“Don’t call me that. I’m not one of your guys.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me? I’m not the one who’s fucking the school’s quarterback,” Mark said viciously finally looking at his brother.

Randy was stunned for a moment. He lowered his arms and walked into Marks’ room. “What are you talking about? You’re a crazy little shit.”

“I saw you Randy. Do you need to take anther shower because Chad couldn’t wash his pathetic scent off you?”

“You saw me?” Randy closed Mark’s bedroom door. “Were you spying on me like some kind of pervert?”

“You’re calling me a pervert? I saw the way you treated Chad, you’re the sick one.” Randy didn’t say anything. He was pacing at the foot of Mark’s bed. He had both hands on top of his head. “Are you ashamed of being gay, is that why you said those things to him?”

“I’m not gay.” Randy blurted out stopping his pacing to look at Mark. “I mean I don’t think I am.” Randy started to pace again. “I like women. I really, really like being with women. I don’t know why I did that to Chad. I don’t even think Chad’s gay. It just happened. I had finished with Cindy and yet I was still horned up. I went to the weight room and pumped some iron. I hoped the work out would tire me out, but the more I lifted the more turned on I got. It felt like my blood was on fire. I was covered in sweat. I decided to take a shower and maybe jerk off. When I walked in the shower Chad was there. He started to comment on how big I was and how good I looked during the rally. He said he wished he was as big and strong. He began to touch me and asked me to flex for him. Then he started to touch other parts of my body. It felt good.” Randy could see the confused look on his brother’s face. He sat down on the edge of Mark’s bed. “You don’t understand what it’s been like the last 6 weeks. My body has been demanding things of me beyond my control. All it cares about is growing bigger and stronger. I’m lifting weights I shouldn’t be able to. I’m eating more food than I ever imagined and yet I’m always hungry. And my sex drive is off the charts. It’s like I’m watching myself do these things from a distance. I can’t stop myself. And I want more. I thought I was strong before, but that was nothing to what I am now.” Mark put his hand on the huge mound of flesh pushing out the fly of his designer briefs. “I feel like a real super man, with no limit to how big I can get.” He squeezed himself roughly. He always enjoyed feeling his enhanced package, but this time he felt some pain. He squeezed again harder and winced slightly.

“Mark, I’ve seen the news stories and read the articles. Most men are going through what you are to some extent. But you’re not invincible. There’s a reason it’s called the super man phase. It’s not going to last forever.”

Mark shook his head. He was preoccupied with the soreness of his balls. He only heard bits and pieces of his brother’s words. “I don’t expect you to understand; only other jocks know what I’m going through. I think that’s why Chad and I were together. We knew exactly what the other one was feeling.”

“You have to be careful. Some men are hurting themselves, pushing their bodies to the breaking point. You have to be careful you don’t end up in the hospital like them.”

“Look at me. I’m not going to break like those old guys.” Mark stood up. “In the past month I’ve put on over 30 pounds of muscle.” He did a posing routine to show off his gains. “I’ve added 2 inches to my arms, 3 inches to my quads and over 5 inches to my chest. It should take me over a year to put on that much mass. I eat everything in sight, yet I’m shredded. Look at these abs, they’re perfect. Even you said I look like a professional athlete. I’ve never felt so strong. The way people look at me, wanting to touch me, wanting to be me, wanting to be with me. It’s such a fucking turn on.” Randy was getting aroused. He sat back down on the bed. “Like at school today. You saw how the crowd reacted to us. How the girls couldn’t take their hands off us. It’s like that wherever I go. Even teachers and my friend’s mothers are coming on to me.” Mark gave Randy a look of disbelieve. “You saw, I was the biggest dude on the stage. I’ve surpassed the other guys physically in every area. I’m like an ultra super man or something. It’s like I was chosen to be better than every one else. It’s what I’ve always dreamed of and it’s happening.”

“Yes, you have a body that people admire. You’ve always been bigger and stronger than other guys. That hasn’t changed. The surge of super testosterone has just brought it to a higher level. Don’t try to make it into some kind of Devine intervention that’s beyond your control.” Mark crawled next to Randy and put his hand on his Atlas like shoulders. “You are still responsible for your actions. You have to think of the consequences.”

“I know you’re right….up here.” Randy poked his finger into his forehead. “Sometimes the body over rules the mind. What’s the saying: the flesh is weak?”

“Even with all this muscle?” Mark asked squeezing Randy’s huge delts. Both brothers smiled.

Randy ran his hand over his thick chest. It felt sore. He stood up and stretched out his powerful limbs. His whole body felt a little sore. He opened Mark’s door. “All I can promise is I’ll try. Good night, run….Mark”. Mark wished his brother a good night in return. Randy walked into the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower. He stepped out of his underwear and looked into the mirror. He did a couple more poses. Despite the sore muscles, he was getting turned on again. His hand went to his growing rod to free it from some clinging pubic hairs. When he touched his balls he winced in pain again. He examined his package. His balls were a shade of blue. Randy thought about Chad’s sack earlier. It was a similar color. He wondered if all the action he had been getting lately was overworking his twins. He pulled back the shower curtain and felt his abs spasm. He rubbed them to relieve some of the discomfort he was experiencing. All his muscles seemed to be tightening up. He was sure after a long, hot shower; he would be as good as new.

The alarm clock woke David. He smacked the snooze bar before stretching his entire body. He was relieved his body wasn’t as achy as it was yesterday. He thought maybe he was getting sick. His hands ran over his hard chest and defined abs before reaching his semi-hard cock. His body twitched in pain when his hand made contact with his balls. He turned on the lamp which sat on the nightstand. He threw off the thin sheet which covered him. His scrotum was a pale blue color. “They look better too” he whispered. Yesterday his sack was the color of a blueberry or two very large blueberries to be more exact. The rest of his body was unaffected, only his ball sack was discolored. He touched it again and felt another twinge. It also wasn’t as sore as yesterday. He thought maybe he had someone damaged his balls, but didn’t remember hitting or twisting them. That wasn’t something a man would forget, especially the amount of force it would take to cause this kind of bruising.

David twisted his body to allow his legs to hang over the edge of the bed. Slowly he got onto his feet. Again he stretched out his entire body. He felt really tight and strong. He walked to the bathroom as he ran his hands over his hard body. He stood in front of the toilet and released the bodily fluids that built up during the night. A powerful stream erupted from his plump cock head. He was relieved he didn’t see any blood in his urine. He hoped the bright yellow liquid meant there was no permanent damage to his boys. He turned to the vanity and looked in the mirror. He flexed his muscles. “Shit, I look huge. It’s about time I started to put on some real muscle like the other guys at work.” He was just as muscular as when he was competing in gymnastics, except now he was more symmetrical. Gymnasts tend to have overly developed arms, shoulders, and backs; but now David’s legs and chest were covered equally with thick muscle. Like most men he didn’t understand why he was gaining muscle, but was very happy about it. He hadn’t returned to the gym like some men to capitalize on his growth, so it made his additional size even more surprising. He stepped on his bathroom scale. It read 160. He had gained 28 pounds in a month; 12 pounds since yesterday. David was confused. He went back to the mirror and scanned his physique. He looked better but not 12 pounds of muscle bigger. He rubbed his rock hard abs, it certainly wasn’t additional fat despite he recent poor eating habits. There was something about his face that was different too. He couldn’t figure it out. He leaned in closer to the mirror. His balls made contact with the vanity and he felt a twinge of pain. He had forgotten about his problem. He adjusted his legs as to not crush his sensitive area. He then realized his belly button was above the sink. How could that be? The sink wasn’t any lower. Could he be taller? “No, that’s not possible” he said to himself. He looked in the mirror and flexed his right arm again. He caressed his tennis ball-like bicep with his left hand. “Hell, this shouldn’t be possible either.”

David walked through the living room to the kitchen. He turned on the television as he passed it. Everything in the kitchen felt different too, lower. He listened to the news as he made coffee.

The strange epidemic that is effecting men worldwide has finally taken a negative turn. The Center for Disease Control has confirmed the same unknown virus-like entity that has caused men’s testicles to enlarge is causing them to discolor to a dark shade of blue. The discoloration is accompanied by soreness in the area. Men also report overall general muscle soreness of various levels at the onset of the discoloration. The symptoms last for 24 to 72 hours. At that time most men’s urine will turn a similar dark blue color. The blue urine occurs only once and usually during a rather large elimination consisting of more than a pint of liquid. Doctor’s believe this is the body’s way of expelling the toxin that caused the discoloration. They are unable to explain why a very small minority of those affected never experience the blue urine even after the discoloration of the scrotum dissipates.

A more detailed report is expected to be released this week. Doctors are still working to better understand exactly what is happening to the men of the world. However, they are stating that no permanent negative effects have arisen in any of the men afflicted by the discoloration. And emphasize there is no need for men to be alarmed at this point. However, the men who expel the substance through their urine due report an immediate decrease in muscle strength and testicular size. The blue urine seems to mark the end of the super man phase. Doctors warn that these men will most likely lose everything they gained and return to their pre-super man phase condition. This will come as very bad news to the men of the world. They will no longer be able to get in shape without having to work for it. But as they say, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

As Eric entered the night club, all eyes went to him as usual. He gave a half hearted smile to all those who checked him out as he passed by. He wore a pair of tight black jeans and an equally tight short sleeve, button down shirt made of a black, gauzy material. The short sleeves rode up toward his shoulders since they were unable to cover the girth of his upper arms. He had to top three buttons of the shirt undone. His thick chest forced the opening wider showing his smooth, tanned cleavage. He made his way to the bar and sat in the first open seat. He pulled a twenty out of his wallet before returning it to his back pocket. Immediately the bartender was there to take his drink order. “Beer, please.”

“Any particular brand? We have several on tap and about dozen in bottles.” The handsome man in a tight tank top asked with a smile.

“It doesn’t matter” Eric said with no regard. He didn’t want to come off as a jerk. “I’ll drink whatever you recommend. I’m in your hands.”

“Promise” the bartender said coyly before walking away. Eric scanned the room. Some people shifted their gaze when he made eye contact. Others smiled and one licked his lips seductively. Eric remembered why he hated going to clubs. But after his second break-up with Tethon, he needed some distraction. A beer soon appeared before him. “I hope this is to your liking. I want to make sure you’re fully satisfied.” Eric took a sip and nodded his approval. “Brody’s the name by the way.” Eric introduced himself before the two shook hands. “I’m sure you hear this all the time, but you are one great looking man. Are you a model or something?”

“Or something” Eric said before taking another drink.

“I’ve never seen you here before. Are you new to the area?”

“No, I just don’t go out much” Eric answered averting his eyes. He didn’t want Brody to think he was interested in prolonging their conversation.

“I bet you’re a professional athlete. You’ve got the hard body of a pro.” Eric didn’t respond and took another sip of beer. Another patron was trying to get Brody’s attention. He held up his finger to indicate one minute. “I’ve got to go. I hope we can continue our chat later, maybe after my shift. If you need anything, and I mean anything, let me know.”

“I will.” Eric pushed the twenty he had on the bar toward the barkeep. Brody just smiled and walked away without taking the bill. As soon as Brody left another man who was watching the conversation came over and asked Eric to dance. He fought his automatic response to say no, he really didn’t like to dance. A man his size was hardly graceful. But he came for some fun. He gulped down the rest of his beer and followed the cute boy to the floor. During their ten minute session, the twink had to fight off several others who tried to cut in. Eric ignored the numerous hands that groped him. After pushing away the hands of a third man who tried to unbutton his shirt, he returned to the bar. Another beer was waiting for him along with his untouched twenty. Eric looked up and saw Brody wink at him. Eric raised his glass and chugged half of it. Before he set down the glass two older men appeared on either side of him.

“Hi, I’m Jack” the one with a bad looking toupee and ascot said before pointing to his companion. “And that’s my husband Ralph.” The top of Ralph’s head was bald he wore a rather bulky dinner jacket. Both men had to be in their late sixties and stood shorter than Eric who was sitting.

“Hello, I’m Eric.” He smiled, he admired their chutzpah.

“Eric, see I told you Ralph. He thought you were someone else, someone famous. It’s understandable; you look like a matinee idol. But you must hear that all the time.”

“No that’s a new one.” He finished his second beer.

Brody was there in flash. “Get you another?”

“Why don’t we buy you a drink since we bothered you?” Jack put his hand on Eric’s forearm.

“That’s not necessary. You didn’t bother me.”

“What a kind young man. I insist on buying you a drink; but not a brutish beer, something more festive.” Jack ran his hand up and down Eric’s arm ending on his bulging bicep. He gave it a slight squeeze to test its firmness.

Eric pretended not to notice and said, “Why not. I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

“It’s a sex on the beach.” Jack moved his hand to the back of Eric’s arm and cupped his huge crescent shaped tricep.

Not an experienced drinker, the two beers in less than twenty minutes began to make Eric loosen up. “Brody, I’ll have a sex on the beach.” The two older men giggled like school boys hearing a dirty word.

“Make it a round for all of us, my good man” Ralph added before swallowing the remnants from his glass. Jack followed his partner’s lead.

After Brody walked away, Jack returned his attention back to Eric. “You have exquisite bone structure, so handsome.” He lowered his hand to the younger man’s thigh. “This all can’t be from that wonderful super man phase thing. It’s unusual for a man with your looks to spend so much time building up his body. Are you a model or an actor, Eric?” Eric shook his head no. He was so tired of being asked that question. “That’s surprising. I’m a photographer. I’ll be glad to do some free test shots with you. You’ll need them to get an agent. With your looks you can make a fortune in the entertainment industry.” Jack slid his hand to Eric’s crotch and gave it a squeeze. “It appears you have everything to make it really big.”

Eric let the harmless old man get in a couple of good gropes, before casually pushing his hand away. “Thanks, but I’m not interested. Really not interested.” Eric said emphatically.

Jack gave Ralph a nudge. “Yeah, you should reconsider. You owe it to the world. You shouldn’t keep your God given assets hidden away.” It was Ralph’s turn to feel up Eric’s other thigh.“ Jack give him your card.” Jack reached for his wallet.

Brody returned with the three drinks. “That’ll be $18” he said in a disapproving tone.

Jack gave him a twenty from his wallet. “Keep the change, sugar.”

Ralph took a small vial from his pocket and poured into his drink. He noticed Eric watching him. “It’s my vitamins. I can’t swallow pills. They just won’t go down.”

“It’s about the only thing he won’t swallow.” Jack covered his mouth as he giggled.

Eric smiled, “That’s not the best idea. Alcohol makes some vitamins less potent.”

“Ohh, he has a brain too. I think I’m in love!” Jack cooed. “You have to pose for me. Here’s my card.” He held his business card between two fingers for Eric to take. As Eric reached for it, Jack dropped it. “Oh no. I can be so clumsy. Eric, be a dear and pick it up for me. My lumbago is acting up.”

“Sure”. Eric reached down turning his back to Ralph. Ralph switched his drink with Eric’s. Eric picked up the card and looked at it before he stuffed it into his breast pocket.

“A toast,” Ralph interjected, “to the future!” All three raised their glass and sipped their drink.

Eric scrunched his nose. “Kind of bitter isn’t it?”

“Oh, you don’t like it. I’m sorry, it’s a bit of an acquired taste. Let’s get you something else; maybe champagne?” Jack’s hand returned to Eric’s thigh.

“No, no. This is fine. I never had one before, so I didn’t know what to expect that’s all” Eric took a bigger swig not wanting to offend his new acquaintances.

“That’s a good boy” Ralph gleamed. “Bottom’s up.” The two older men downed the drinks and Eric joined them. The couple gave one another a knowing look. Ralph and Jack continued to flatter Eric for several minutes. Eric became suddenly warm and lightheaded. He rubbed his forehead. “Are you okay, my boy?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Do you think it’s warm in here?”

“It must be the heat coming off that hot body of yours.” Jack said leaning into Eric.

“Excuse me for a moment; I think I’ll splash some water on my face.” Eric stood up and got dizzy. He grabbed onto the bar to support himself.

“What you need is some fresh air. Ralph, help me get him to the door.” Each of the shorter men moved under one of Eric’s arms and hugged his back. “My God he’s the biggest one yet” Jack said looking at his partner. They walked him to the door. Two powerfully built young men entered from the other side. They looked at Eric and the two older men.

“Eric you okay?” one of the new comers asked. “We heard about you and Tethon.”

“Oh, hi Troy, Shane. That fucker; good riddance. My new buds are helping me forget about him. I think I’ve had a little too mush to trink tonight.” Eric realized he was slurring his words and smiled, “too much to drink.”

“You must be shit faced to be leaving with these two.” Shane joked. The younger duo laughed. “Listen old timers, why don’t we take it from here. You don’t want to break a hip or something trying to carry him.”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll only be a second. We’re getting some resh fair. We’ll have fome fun when I get tack, now that I’m a ree man you’se two could get fucky. I mean lucky” Eric winked at the two studs.

Shane and Troy couldn’t hide there excitement at the prospect of being with Eric. Both men have often fantasized about it as did everyone else at the gym. “Okay, hurry back.” Shane held open the door for the entangled trio.

“Yeah, we’ll be waiting for you” Troy added.

Eric was escorted out the door and through the parking lot. “Where we woing?” he asked becoming worried. His tongue felt swollen and he was having trouble holding his head up. He was losing more control of his body with each step. He could barely support his weight with his legs.

“Just to the other side of this berm. We can sit down and have some privacy.” The two seniors struggled as Eric became unconscious. They had to drag his massive body into position the last several feet. After verifying they had been unseen. They went to work.

Ralph began to undress. Under his jacket he wore a vest made of leather and chains. As he took off his pants a matching g-string was revealed. He reached for a large duffle bag that they left there earlier and pulled out a leather mask that covered his entire head. Meanwhile Jack began to unbutton Eric’s shirt, he pushed the material off his torso and ran his wrinkled hands over Eric’s tight form. “Ohhh, nothing feels better than young muscle.” He then unzipped Eric’s pants. It took both of them to lift Eric’s body to fully remove his clothing. Once nude both men took a minute to take in Eric’s beauty. “He’s incredible. You’re right he does look like Matt Olympus.” Jack straightened out Eric’s long shaft which was lying sideways, “but even better.”

“He’s a looker, but he’s no Matt Olympus. It’s great he doesn’t have any tattoos. Means less time in post and the faster we can get them on the site” Ralph removed another hood from the bag. “We have to take lots of pictures of this one.” Jack didn’t move, he just stared at Eric. “Jack, set up the lights.” Jack looked at Ralph and then the bag. He removed four battery operated lights. He put them around their victim. The constant glow would attract less attention than an irregular camera flash. Ralph began to put the hood over Eric’s face.

“Do we have to use the hood? He’s so handsome.” Jack whined.

“You know the answer to that. Do you want someone to recognize him?” Ralph zipped up Eric’s studded leather mask. “Do you want to go to jail?”

“No, I’m too pretty for jail.”

“I think you mean too old.” Ralph took out a large nut cracker from the bag. He positioned himself at Eric’s side and carefully placed one of his extra large nuts into the device. “Jesus, look at the size of them.”

Jack took a couple of quick photos. “You always get bitchy at photo shoots.”

“Being around these men in their prime makes me realize how old I am.” He applied pressure to the device. “Now take the damn pictures.” Eric groaned and crunched his body. “Take it now, when his muscles are flexed.” Jack took shot after shot moving to get different angles. Ralph squeezed harder. Eric muscles flexed more. “Go wider, get his entire torso. There’s nothing sexier than a man with huge gonads and an eight pack. This is pure gold.” Eric groaned louder and his hands unconsciously went to protect his balls. Ralph pushed his hands away and applied more pressure.

“You’re squeezing too hard. Be careful you don’t want to cause any permanent damage.” Jack protested.

Ralph moved the cracker to Eric’s other ball for more shots. “Don’t tell me how to do my job. I’ve been a master for fifty years He’s got to be in the super man phase. He’ll heal quickly.” He used several other medieval looking devices to scramble Eric’s jumbo eggs. The twisting, pulling, and crushing went on for some time. Eric’s protesting grunts and body contortions only made for more satisfying pictures.

“It’s been almost an hour since he drank the sedative. I have over 300 shots. Do you want to call it a night? It’s freezing out here. And this wind is messing up my hair.” Jack checked his own reflection in the camera lens.

“No kidding, Jack. I’m the one in the g-string.” Ralph looked at Eric’s body again. “He’s too good. We’ve got time before it starts to wake. We have to get everything we can with this one. Let’s get some ass shots. Help me turn him over.” They rolled Eric onto his stomach.

Jack ran his hands over Eric’s round globes. “As plump and soft as a new born; he makes me long for the days when I could get an erection without medicinal help. Remember when I had an ass like that?”

“No!” Ralph said sadistically.

“Why do you have to be such a meany?” A strong wind blew cold, moist air off the lake. Eric’s body shivered in response. “Oh the poor dear is covered in goose pimples.”

Ralph removed a whip from the bag. “I’ll take care of that. Let’s get some video.” Jack switched his digital camera to video mode. Ralph used his expertise to hit Eric hard enough to turn his ass red without leaving any permanent marks. He then inserted, one at a time, an assortment of butt plugs into Eric. Jack added a hundred more shots to his collection. Eric rolled over to his side and curled up into the fetal position as a defense against the cold and violations. He mumbled something incoherent. “He’s getting back more muscle control. We don’t have much time.”

“We have plenty of time.”

“Please Dear, I don’t want you to get sick in this weather” Jack pleaded.

Ralph looked at his life partner. “Okay, what we got will have to do. Damn he was good. I hate to end this.” Ralph patted Eric’s ass before pulling out the last plug. “Let’s get him dressed.” The two men struggled with Eric’s massive form. It was much harder putting the tight clothing on him than removing it. Ralph redressed Eric’s upper body and Jack’s his lower. Jack began to put on Eric’s bikini briefs but stopped. He made sure Ralph wasn’t watching as he stuffed them into his pocket to enjoy later. Ralph began to push Eric’s jeans up his thick legs.

Troy and Shane came out of the bar. “Look, there’s his Porsche. He’s got to still be here.” Troy said pointing to Eric’s car.

“You don’t think he left with Father Time squared?’ Shane asked.

“Hell, no. Unless the offered him a fortune. I heard he gets $500 an hour.”

“Shit! That’s more than I bring home in a week.” Shade rubbed his package. “You think he could be worth it. I mean what does he do to get that kind of money. I know he’s built and cut and hung and gorgeous with an ass that doesn’t stop, but $500. Damn!”

“Eric! Yo, Eric! Where the hell are you?” Troy yelled.

“It’s his friends, Ebony and Ivory. I forgot about them.” Ralph said pulling the leather hood off Eric’s head. Troy walked closer to the berm and called out again. Eric mumbled something when he heard his name. Ralph pushed the hood into Eric’s mouth to keep his quiet. He finished buttoning Eric’s shirt. “Hurry, their coming.” He began to redress himself. Jack was having trouble zipping Eric’s pants. His enlarged package was protruding through the opening. He yanked up on the zipper catching Eric’s skin. Eric groaned loudly.

“Did you hear something?” Troy asked his friend.

Jack lowered the zipper. He roughly pushed Eric’s battered balls and thick rod into the opening and closed the zipper. Jack pulled down Eric’s shirt and threw all his photograph material back into the bag.

“Yeah, I think it came from the other side of this hill.” Shane answered pointing to the berm.

Ralph just finished getting dressed when Shane and Troy appeared. “Hello there handsome-zums. We meet again.” Jack said nervously trying to catch his breath. Ralph looked over and quickly pulled out the hood from Eric’s mouth while Jack had their attention.

The men gave Jack an annoyed look and saw Eric lying behind him. “What did you do to Eric?” Troy asked pushing Jack aside to get to his gym buddy.

“Hey, we didn’t do anything. What could two helpless old men do to a strong, young Adonis like him? He passed out and we were staying with him until he woke up.” Ralph answered. “It’s such a beautiful night. You should join us.”

Shane stood over Eric. “Where are his shoes?”

“Where are his shoes?” Jack repeated.

“They’re right here. He took them off.” Ralph replied picking up Eric’s size 14 custom made Italian loafers. “Before he passed out. We all did.” Ralph showed his bare feet. The men looked at Jack’s covered feet. “I mean Eric and I did. The cool grass is so refreshing after a long day on your feet.”

Troy grabbed the shoes from Ralph “You are some fuckin’ strange old dudes.” He put Eric’s shoes on the sleeping giant. He then grabbed his arm and raised him to a sitting position. “We’re taking him home. Shane, get his other side.” Shane did as he was told. The two hunks easily raised Eric and carried him away.

“Ciao! Nice to have met you. We’ll have that drink another time.” Jack said with a little wave. Ralph gave him a disapproving look as he put on his shoes. “What? They’re both very sexy. They’ll be good for a future shoot. Good looking people always have good looking friends. They travel in packs. Shane is so pretty and I bet that Troy is hung like a horse. You know what the say about black men.” He spoke as he watched the hunks get to their cars and drive away. “Let’s get out of here, Ralph.” Jack helped him help to his feet. They checked to make sure they hadn’t forgotten anything before zipping close their supply bag. It took both men to lift the heavy duffle. After putting the bag in the trunk, they drove out of the club’s parking lot. Jack reached over and caressed Ralph’s arm. “Hurry home dear, I can’t wait to see the photos.”

Shane followed Troy who was driving Eric’s car with its owner passed out in the passenger’s seat. Both cars pulled into Eric’s long driveway. Shane helped Troy lift Eric out of the low sports car. The men carried the unconscious hulk into the house and up to his bedroom. They laid him on his California king bed and stared down at him. “Should we take off his clothes?” Shane asked.

“Yeah, he’ll be more comfortable.” Troy said to rationalize his desire to undress the fantasy man. The men quickly removed his clothes. “Shit, do his balls look blue to you? Do you think he’s a Duster?”

“He doesn’t look that much bigger than he always did. It must have just happened.” Shane licked his lips. “Imagine what he’s going to look like in a few days; and how strong he’ll be.” Both men rubbed their crotches.

“It figures he’ll become a Blue. He’s already perfect. It’s so fuckin’ unfair. I hate his guts”

“There goes our chance of ever being with him. He’ll be able to get $1,000 an hour.” Shane sat down on the bed next to Eric. “I hate him too.” He then punched Eric’s barrel shaped thigh with all his might.

“Dude, what are you doing?” Troy asked with a laugh, “Are you crazy?”

“It felt kind of good. Didn’t you ever fantasize about challenging him in a fight and knocking the shit out of him? You know, taking down the King of the gym?” Shane repositioned himself on the bed as he spoke. “You beat him down so hard, he begs you for mercy, cowering at your feet.”

“Dude, he benches like twice as much as you. He would kill you in a fight.”

“I know, that’s why it’s a fantasy, dude; because it will never really happen.” Shane grabbed Eric’s wrist and pulled it toward the big man’s ear. The position caused his bicep to bulge. “Look at the size of that arm. No wonder he curls 300 pounds.” Shane ran his hand over the mound of muscle, then slammed his fist into it. The loud thud echoed in the room. He did it again and again. Eric groaned and tried to lower his arm.

“Man you are crazy? If he wakes up you’re dead meat,” Troy warned.

“He’s totally out of it.” Shane slapped both sides of Eric’s stubble covered face. “If he asks, we’ll say we found him like this and blame it on the old dudes. Come on, join me Troy. I know you want to. You must have jerked off thinking about this guy. It’s okay, it’s only natural. I won’t get jealous. You’ll never get a chance like this again.” Shane pulled Eric’s thick arm to make him roll to his back. He then took the same arm and pushed it up behind his back in an arm lock. He kneeled on Eric’s back, “Say uncle, you muscle bound freak. Say it or I’ll snap your arm into two.”

Troy laughed, “My turn, let me do it.” Shane got out of the way and Troy got in the same position pushed Eric’s arm further back. Eric groaned. “That’s it, you weakling. Beg me to stop.” Troy punched Eric in his shoulder. He let go and adjusted his growing package.

Shane started to pummel Eric’s smooth, round globes with both fists. “That’s for teasing us with that ass of yours for the past year.”

Troy punched Eric’s cheeks too. “Yeah, no white man should have an ass that big and round.” He then rolled Eric over again. Following Shane’s action, he forced Eric’s other arm in a bicep pose. “Showing off again, heh?” He punched it twice, the second one harder than the first. “All that muscle, yet you’re as weak as a little girl.” He straightened Eric’s arm and brought it back again. “Didn’t learn your lesson?” He punched it again. “Fuck I’m so hard, it hurts.”

Shane put his hand on his boyfriend’s crotch and squeezed. “Shit, I’ve had major pipage since we undressed him.” Troy put his hand over the outline of Shane’s wood. The two squeezed each other’s boners while looking into each other eyes. Both men kept up the massage but turned their attention to Eric’s nude body. “We shouldn’t,” Shane finally said.

“No, I wouldn’t want him this way.” Troy said not taking his eyes off the biggest man in the room. The two continue to massage each other’s cocks for a few more moments while staring at Eric.

Shane broke the silence. “There’s one more thing I need to do. Try holding him up for me.” Shane and Troy pulled Eric off the bed. Troy hooked his arms under Eric’s to hold him up. “That’s it hold him like that.” Shane licked his lips than pulled his fist back and slammed it into his stomach. Shane’s glee was apparent as he shuffled his feet like a boxer. He punched Eric eight pack again, then again. Eric mumbled, “stop, it hurts.” Shane grabbed his crotch, “Fuck, I think I just came.”

“Let’s switch positions.” Once free from his burden, Troy gave a quick one, two into Eric’s stretched out torso. He began to dance around like a boxer too. He came in again and did another combination into Eric’s stomach before moving on to his chest. “I always hated the fact he could build up his chest so easily, while my pecs are flat as pancakes.” Again his slammed his fist into Eric’s beefy tits. He hit him so hard Shane lost his hold and Eric fell to the floor. Troy raised his arms. “Ladies and gentlemen, the new heavyweight champion of the world, Troy Leonard. And the crowd goes nuts (makes cheering sound).” Both men looked down at the beaten hulk. “Damn, that was hot. We better get him back in bed before he wakes up.”

The men pulled Eric’s battered, nude body to the center of his bed. “Shit, it’s hot in here.” Shane opened the sliding glass door that led to a large balcony. Instantly the room was filled with the chilly air of the autumn night. “That’s better.”

Troy wiped the sweat from his fore head. “Should we cover him?”

“No, I’m sure he’s warm after going fifteen rounds.” Shane joked.

“Fifteen? Shit, I knocked him out in the first.”

Shane groped his partner again. “I hope the new world champion is up for another match when we get home.” Shane leaned in and kissed Troy. The two men left the house arm in arm. Eric was alone in his room after his abusive night. His teeth began to chatter as the breeze swept over his nude body.

It has been a week since the first reports of the Blue Ball syndrome. The World Health Organization reports that approximately 90% of the world’s adult male population has now experienced the condition. It is only a matter of time before the remaining 10% will succumb.

The CDC released a report this morning officially linking the virus-like entity to the meteorite that crashed into the Sahara dessert two months ago for the first time. The same compound that made up the blue dust that blanketed the planet was found in men’s blue urine samples. Unfortunately, that is all they do know about the compound. They still don’t totally understand how or why it affects humans. The compound actually mutates when it comes in contact with the human body, specifically the human male. To help us better understand the CDC report Dr. Jonas Moore has joined me. Dr. Moore, what does this dust do to us once it enters our system?

It reacts to the most prevalent sex hormone within our body; for men that would be testosterone and for women estrogen.

The WHO report focuses mostly on men, is that right?

Yes, because the dust is only affected by testosterone. As it enters a man’s body it searches for the source of the testosterone; a man’s testes. Once it finds the testicle the dust begins to accumulate inside. Since women do not have testes, the dust safely passes through their system and is eliminated.

So how are men affected?

As I said, once the dust enters a man’s body it accumulates in his testicles and this enlarges them. Something then triggers the dust to mutate into a viral-like entity. The virus forces the enlarged testicle to produce more testosterone. The dust also changes the molecular structure of the testosterone making it super charged and much more potent. This super hormone intensifies the male characteristics like muscle size, strength, sex drive and aggression. These high doses caused men to undergo the superman phase which lasts about 4 to 8 weeks. This phase tests the body to see how it reacts to the super hormone. When the test is completed the next phase begins, what is called the judgment phase. The testicles become discolored and super sensitive. A man’s muscles may also become sore. The judgment phase lasts only one to three days. If the virus rejects or is rejected by the man’s body; we’re not sure which, it is eliminated in his urine. The blue urine we’ve all heard about. However, if the man’s body accepts the virus he doesn’t produce the blue urine because the dust stays within his body. That dust mutates again and starts to change the man’s DNA. And that’s the truly amazing part.

Dr. Moore, is it easy to alter DNA?

Not in a complex living organism like a human being. The only way scientist can alter DNA is by radiation exposure. And we have no control over the random damage that is done. The dust changes the DNA precisely in every man.

What changes does it make?

It changes the way a man’s body reacts to this new form of testosterone, by altering the hormones receptors. The changed receptors make the man’s body react much more quickly and dramatically to the super testosterone, even more so then during the superman phase. These men will experience virtually a second puberty. They will see an increase in height, a deepening of the voice, and an enlargement of their penises to match the already larger testicles. Also the men will be able to build muscle at a remarkably fast rate.

Why is that?

It’s been discovered that the men’s muscle fibers much more easily break down than they used to.

That doesn’t sound good.

Maybe not, but it needs to happen for muscle to rebuild larger and stronger. As we exercise, the muscle fiber’s break and as those muscles heal they become larger and stronger. In the past, we had to forcibly exert the muscle beyond our normal ability to break the fibers; usually by lifting heavy weights. But now simple everyday activities like walking, raking leaves, or carrying groceries causes the older fibers to break and be replaced with new, altered fibers that are much larger and stronger.

This is why the men become so muscular even though they may not be working out with weights?

Yes, absolutely. Like I said the fibers break easier, so traditional weight lifting is not necessary for them to build muscle. But if they do some kind of resistance training it will only accelerate the muscle growth. The muscle also recovers quicker. Before it took anywhere from 24 to 72 hours for a muscle to repair itself after breaking, but now these men’s muscles are fully repaired in 3 to 4 hours. Doctors recommended resting a body part after working it to prevent injury. Now a dusted man can work his arms 3 or 4 times a day without any negative impact on the muscle. In fact, just the opposite, it will only grow bigger and stronger.

Is that why these contaminated men are stronger than their non-contaminated peers who are the same size?

Yes, pound to pound the altered muscle fibers are 2 to 3 times stronger than normal muscle fiber. So if two men are the same height and weight and appear to have the same muscular development, the contaminated man will be 2 to 3 times stronger than his dust free counterpart.

Remarkable! Are their other DNA changes besides muscle size and strength?

Yes. Behaving similar to traditional testosterone, the super version boosts the man’s immune system, speeds healing, increases sexual desire, and gives a general feeling of well being. It also greatly ramps up his metabolism to lower body fat.

These men sound and look like real super men. Are their any known negative effects?

None that we have seen. There is some concern about the level of aggression caused by the super hormone. So far only a small percentage of the dusted men have exhibited increased aggression, unlike the masses that went through the super man phase. Most of the aggression is toward other men, especially physically powerful men. It seems a man’s competitiveness has increased more than his aggression. It should make these men amazing athletes.

That brings up an interesting point. Most sports writers feel these dusted men should not be able to compete against average athletes because of their physical advantages. The NFL has already disqualified “dusted” players, TomTethony, and BradyQuinn. Do you agree with the decision?

Although no man intentionally made these changes, they are by far physically superior to the average athlete. It just wouldn’t be fair. In team sports, the chance of injury to the average athlete is too great.

This issue will impact every sport at every level. I’m sure we will have many more discussions in the future as more details emerge. What should men do at this point?

There is little they can do. Once their DNA is altered there is no going back. We have no way to correct or change the DNA back to what it was. Also once the dust is rejected a man can not be “infected” again. It appears to be a once in a lifetime event.

We’ve all seen men deliberately ingesting large amounts of the blue dust to try to induce the change. It won’t work if they have already been through process?

Right. It will just pass through their system as if they were a woman.

Do we know why some men are accepted and others rejected?

No. But it seems men you have naturally high levels of testosterone are much more likely to be accepted. Ironically these men experienced less changes during the super man phase. It’s believed these men are able to better assimilate the super charged hormone. Their bodies don’t respond as dramatically because it’s not as shocking to their system as men with naturally low levels of testosterone. Also studies show if men are taking steroids, they are more likely to be rejected. Scientists theorize it’s because steroids cause spikes in testosterone levels and disrupt the natural male hormone cycles that occur daily

It seems the dust is choosing to enhance the men who had a natural physical advantage to begin with. There won’t be any Charles Atlas like stories where the 90 pound weakling becomes a super hero. I guess that leaves me out.

Unfortunately I’m out too, Dan. The bully on the beach is more likely to become dusted. And only the biggest bully. Like the old saying the rich only get richer; in this case the biggest will only get bigger. Preliminary studies show less than 1% of the total adult male population will become dusted.

If we all didn’t see it happening to us or someone we know, this would be hard to believe. Thank Dr. Moore for your expertise in helping us understand the WHO’s startling report.

It was past 10 in the morning before Eric woke. He reached out his long limbs then ran his hands over his thick biceps. He was relieved his muscles weren’t as sore as they were the day before. The bruising had faded too. “Thank God, the superman phase speeds healing. I couldn’t take another day like yesterday” he thought. He spent the entire day downing Advils and sitting in the hot tub. He threw off the red silk top sheet from his sculpted body. He inspected his nut sack. It wasn’t as tender as yesterday; and the bluish color was more subdued. He put on his robe and went to the kitchen. As he entered the room, he smiled to his housekeeper. “Good morning, Carmen.”

“Good Morning, Mr. Eric,” she replied with a thick Spanish accent. Eric went on to prepare his usual morning meal, a quart sized protein shake. Carmen left the room. She was relieved her boss had finally gotten out of bed. The master suite was the only room she hadn’t cleaned. She went upstairs and began her routine starting with the bathroom. She flushed the toilet to get rid of the amber colored water. She filled the bowl with a new cleaner and left it to soak. She went back into the bedroom to make the bed. Before she could gather up the pillows, the door bell rang. She hurried down the stairs to answer the door.

Carmen slid open the large glass door to the expansive deck off the dining room. “Mr. Eric, there is a Mr. Stanley here to see you.”

Eric swallowed a mouthful of supplement infused milk. “I’m not in the mood to see anyone this morning, please tell him I’m….”

“Eric, how are you feeling?” Stanley said loudly as he squeezed by Carmen to enter the deck.

“Fine, Stanley. How nice to see you….so early this morning.” Eric stood up and shook his visitor’s hand.

“Early, it’s almost eleven. For most people the day’s half over, big guy.”

“Can we get you something to drink? Juice, coffee?”

“Coffee would be nice.” Stanley answered as he took a seat in one of the lounge chairs.

“Carmen, would you please make a cup of coffee for our guest.”

Carmen shook her head and began to close the door. “Señora, a cappuccino would be better. Skim milk and a touch of nutmeg, thanks.” Stanley added before she could escape.

Carmen looked at Eric. Eric shrugged his shoulders, “We would be very grateful, thank you Carmen.” Eric returned to the lounge next to Stanley. “You’re wearing your gym clothes. Have you started to work out again?”

“Yeah, the last time we spoke I said I was giving it up. I didn’t see the point. Once my body rejected the dust, I know there’s no chance of me ever putting on the amount of muscle I wanted. But I missed exercising. I enjoyed going to the gym and seeing my friends, even Kathy. I’ve decided to switch things up and go with my strengths. Big muscles are so overrated. I mean how narcissistic can you get. No offense.” Eric smiled politely. “Endurance sports are what’s hot; think Lance Armstrong and Michael Phelps. That’s my new passion. I’m becoming a triathlete. You’re looking at the next Iron Man.” Stanley said proudly.

Eric choked on his drink. “Wow, that’s….great, man.”

“But enough about the exciting, new me. I’m here for you, poor thing. You must be devastated. Troy and Shane told me about your night on the town. It’s not like you to go on a drunken binge. Was it that horrible break up scene with Tethon that sent you spiraling? It can’t be a common occurrence for someone like you. It had to be horrifically embarrassing to be dumped like that in front of the entire gym. Then to whore yourself out to two shriveled-up geezers while in an alcoholic stupor, I mean really. I was shocked. When you didn’t show up at the gym for the past two days I just had to stop by to see you.” Stanley patted Eric’s thigh. “I was worried about you, my dearest friend.”

Eric could almost see the twisted glee in Stanley’s eyes as he spoke. “Thanks for your concern. But I’m fine. I only had three drinks that night. At least I think I had only three, the whole night is bit of a blur. I had to let off a little steam, but it’s over.”

“Are you sure? If you need to talk about your heartache, I’m here for you. Spill your guts, share every gory detail.” Stanley squeezed Eric’s thigh. Eric’s face showed the pain he felt. “It’s okay to give in to the pain. Cry your eyes out if you need to, big guy. It’s okay.”

Eric laughed, “No, it’s my quad. It’s a little sore.”

“Sore, what did you do?”

“I feel asleep with the balcony door open. The draft caused my muscles to get a little stiff, that’s all.”

“There’s a difference between a stiff muscle and a sore muscle. It shouldn’t hurt if I touch a stiff muscle.”

“Well, all my muscles were stiff and some were sore; my leg…my abs…chest and arms.” Eric read off the list has he touched each body part. “It’s a lot better today than yesterday. I’m not that sore anymore.”

“Oh, is that all.” Stanley shook his head, “Did you ever think you entered the judgment phase? Did your twins turn blue?” Stanley moved his legs to the side of the lounge to face Eric.

Eric took on a strange expression. “They’re more of a mixture of blue, red and purple. Marbled, like a bruise. Aren’t they supposed to be really blue, like sapphire blue?”

“Mine were deep blue, kind of purplish. But my piss was really blue when it was over. You said you feel better today. That means you could have entered the dusted phase. Did you piss blue?” Stanley asked excitedly.

“No, not that I remember.”

“Not that you remember. I think that’s something that would stick out in your daily routine?”

“I took a leak in the middle of the night. I didn’t turn on the light so I’m not sure.” Eric brought his thumb nail to his mouth. He nervously bit on it. “Wait, I didn’t flush.” Stanley gave him a disapproving look. “What, we’re in the middle of a drought. We’re supposed to conserve water. You know; if it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.”

“God, I hate tree hugger poetry. Let’s go see if it’s mellowing.” Stanley sprung to his feet and opened the sliding glass door surprising Carmen on the other side.

“Here’s your fancy coffee, sir.” She uttered holding the cup and saucer.

“Set it down, woman. I’ve got more important matters to attend.” Stanley said as he headed for the staircase.

“Thank you Carmen,” Eric added as he passed by her and followed Stanley. When he made it to his bathroom, he found Stanley looking down into the bowl. Eric walked up and stood beside him. Both stared at the blue water.

Stanley lifted the lid off the tank and peered inside. “Wanted to make sure you didn’t use one of those self cleaning drop-in things.” He carefully replaced the lid. “Sorry, dude.” Stanley added after a few seconds, “Mine was a lot darker.” Eric gave Stanley an annoyed look before he walked out of the bathroom and sat on the edge of his bed. “You all right?” Stanley sat next to his host.

“Yes, the odds were against me right. Only one guy in every 25,000 or something becomes dusted?”

“True, but still….you hope you’ll be that one. I cried for a week after it happened to me.” Stanley thought about what he said. “I didn’t mean cried, like a baby cries, more lamented, in a manly way.” Eric smirked. “Look on the bright side. You won’t have to buy a new wardrobe to fit a freakishly muscular body.” Eric shook his head and forced a smile. “Do you need anything or want me to do something for you. You were there when it happened to me. I gladly return the deed. Of course I had a much more severe reaction, with excoriating muscle cramps. But that’s beside the point.”

“I just want to be alone.”

“I understand. Look on the bright side; you’re still a stud amongst us regular folks.” Eric forced another smile. “Okay, I better be going.” Stanley stood up. “Again, I’m really sorry.” He began to walk out the door.” “See you around, man.”

Eric fell back onto the bed. He rolled himself in his flat sheet. He decided to stay there for the rest of the day. Carmen came up the stairs and peered into the room. She saw Eric lying on the bed. She sighed and walked away.

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