Blue Dust 4

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David was sitting at the registration table. He looked over the daily schedule. “We have a volunteer joining us today?” He glanced at the paper work, “And he’s an American?”

“That’s what it says” Mark said without taking his head out of his comic book.

“I thought they had gathered up all of us.”

“I guess not.”

“The feds let one slip through their fingers. Tsk, tsk.” David leaned back in the chair; put his feet on the desk and his hands on top of his head. “New blood, uhm, I wonder what he’ll look like?”

“Let’s see; young, tall, massively muscular, strong as an ox and hung like a horse.”

“Very funny. I mean what he’ll look like, his face.”

“Aren’t we all gorgeous studs?” Mark said finally turning a page.

“You better be careful, youngin’. You’re sounding less like a breeder every day.”

Mark finally turned his full attention to David. “It’s your fault. You’re rubbing off on me.”

David laughed, “Hey I only did that once, when I was very lonely….and you looked so yummy in the moonlight.”

Mark smiled as he kicked David’s chair sending him rolling to the back of the kiosk. “Get away from me, queer boy.”

David giggled, “That’s no way to treat your tent mate.” He heard the squeal of a bus’s brakes as it stopped in front of the camp’s gate. Then he heard hiss of the door opening. He leaned forward in anticipation. He nearly fell off his chair when he saw the lone passenger appear. The hulk had to twist his shoulders and duck his head to fit through the small opening. “Awh Chihuahua! Look at the size of him.”

Tethon had Rob pinned up against the wall of the mess hall. He used his 2 inch height and 60 pound weight advantage to intimidate the smaller man. He had one hand on the wall next to Rob’s head. Tethon’s other hand was caressing Rob’s hard chest. “Your chest hair feels so sexy. My people don’t have chest hair, maybe that’s why I find it such a turn on.”

Rob’s pec muscles would involuntarily flex every few seconds as Tet felt him up. “Listen, I have a wife and kid.” Rob said trying to dismiss the pleasure he felt from Tethon’s strong hand on his skin.

Tethon looked around, “I don’t see them.” Tet leaned into Rob, their massive chests rubbed up against each together. Tethon bent his head to the side of Rob’s. He licked the smaller man’s neck before whispering in his ear. “All I care about is the two of us, right here, right now. Nothing or no one else matters.” Tethon slipped his hand inside the back of Rob’s shorts.

Rob gasped as the red man’s finger explored the deep crevice between his hard glutes Rob closed his eyes and breathed in other man’s scent. His cock pulsed as Tet’s nibbled on his pronounced trapezoid muscle. Tethon’s seduction was working, Rob’s resistance was fading fast. Rob hadn’t had sex since he left his wife eight days ago, and he was horny as hell. He never thought he would find himself aroused by another man. But Tet wasn’t just another man, he was a Blue, a big Blue. He tentatively put his hand on Tethon’s abs. “You’re body is so hard.” When Rob opened his eyes, he spotted the new comer walking through the front gate. “So fuckin’ big.”

“Thank you, and I’m getting bigger and harder by the second,” Tethon whispered back.

“No, not you. him” Rob said pointing behind his seducer.

Tethon turned his head to look at the camp’s new focal point. “Holy, shit” he mumbled. He turned around to get a better look. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. His jaw dropped, “No fucking way.”

Eric sat on the small bus alone. He wore one of the specially designed outfits issued to him. It consisted of very snug pair of square cut, sky blue trunks and a white tank top. Both were made of a stretchy, thin material he couldn’t identify. It seemed to be covered in tiny pin holes that made it extremely breathable. It was silky to the touch, but stretched over his body like a second skin without feeling the least bit restrictive. The garments expanded as his muscles flexed and bulged without protest. No matter how many times he flexed his glutes, pecs, or quads, the material clung to his body as if it was painted on never puckering or stretching out of shape. He found it surprising the government would provide such a revealing outfit. But he soon realized this was the perfect uniform for someone his size. It was skimpy enough to provide unlimited movement yet provided the necessary coverage for social standards.

The bumpy road made his whole body vibrate. The sensation made his balls itch. He stretched apart his thighs and squeezed his man parts with one of his huge paws. It felt good. He curled his torso to get a glimpse of his crotch. It looked like he was smuggling a softball in his shorts. That was due partially to the most surprising garment issued by the government. Instead of traditional underwear, he was given a jock. Like the outerwear, the jock had to be specifically designed for a Blues proportions. It consisted of a narrow waistband and a pouch. The man who gave him his uniform used the lower half of a mannequin to explain how to wear the unusual garment. “Allow the pouch to encase you snugly. It is specially designed to work with the size and weight of your genitalia. It will stay in place and supply the support you require without a seat or leg straps.” Eric had seen similar sock-like jocks in catalogs but never wore one. It was made of two different layers of material; the same silk-like material as the other garments on the outside and a soft cotton terry lining on the inside. The jock held his equipment up and out away from his body. It prevented his balls from being crushed by his tree trunk thighs, but also dramatically enhanced the appearance of his already impressive bulge. Eric had spent most of his life trying to downplay his package in public not showcase it. Again Eric was surprised by the comfort of the sexually overt piece of clothing. The smooth outer surface didn’t chaff his thighs as he walked and the lining kept his ball sack cool and dry. The thick terry also helped to smooth out the lines of his equipment in his skin tight shorts.

Like all other Blues, clothing was a big problem for Eric. Even clothes made for bodybuilders weren’t designed for a Blue’s dramatic proportions. He finally had clothes that were comfortable; fit perfectly, and didn’t make him sweat. Somehow the revealing, skin tight uniform made his physique look less freakish. He was given the clothes after an extensive physical at the veterans’ hospital. His last name and ID number were printed across the front of his shirt and along the hem of the shorts right leg opening. The same information was also printed on the Velcro closure of his Trek sandals. A small electronic chip, which looked like the lead from a pencil, was inserted under the skin of his right forearm. Eric was told it was the modern version of a dog tag. He was handed his official documents before he was put on the bus. The government issued items were the only things he was allowed to take with him. All the personal items he carried; his wallet and jewelry were taken away and stored for him until his return. His old life was behind him now. Eric continued to absent mindedly squeeze his package as he recounted the day’s events. He ran his other hand over the silky surface that covered his pec shelf. He loved how his bigger and harder muscles felt. Eric noticed the bus driver watching him. He lowered his hands and looked out the window.

After twenty minutes, he could see the makeshift encampment in the distance. It looked more like a temporary city. Large army tents were neatly lined up in multiple rows. Blues wearing their uniforms, most without shirts, leisurely walked the pathways between the temporary structures. The bus rode along the fence which encircled the camp. It stopped when it reached the large entrance gate. The door opened and Eric took the cue to leave. He threw the issued backpack that contained his other uniforms, jocks and second pair of sandals over his shoulder. He stepped out of the bus into the dusty, dry air. All the other campers gathered around to check out the newbie. Eric could see a kiosk marked registration at the opposite end of a large open area from the entrance gate. He was told to report there to get his tent assignment. Eric began the long walk to the table. He could feel hundreds of eyes critiquing him. He kept his eyes straight ahead. He purposely moved slow not to appear nervous or intimidated by the other men. Eric was accustomed to being stared at; but was surprised he got the response from the other Blues. He looked the same as everyone else; it was like he was surrounded by hundreds of long last cousins.

Even though he didn’t think so, Eric stood out among the thousands of ultimate alpha males. His body was unbelievably developed. Every inch of his 6’ 10’ frame was packed with huge, thick, striated muscle. It was a miracle he could move, yet he did with surprising ease and grace. His tanned face looked like a piece of sculpture exquisitely carved from golden oak, then polished to perfection. His thick hair waved in the slightest breeze. His eyes looked like beams of sunlight breaking through the clouds to reveal azure skies. His features were large, flawless and masculine. The dark stubble covering his strong jaw only added to his off the chart manliness quotient.

Eric noticed someone walking quickly towards him. It was Tethon. Eric’s hand formed a fist. Tethon stopped directly in Eric’s path. They were a few yards from the registration desk. “Eric?” he asked looking up at the flawless muscle god. Eric didn’t say anything as he put his hands on his hips to make himself look even more intimidating. “But how? You told me you were rejected” Tethon eyes darted from one massive body part to another. “What happened?”

“Didn’t you tell me I needed to bulk up before we met again? Weren’t those your parting words when you walked out after having your way with me?”

“I don’t understand. You’re a Blue! You’re here.”

Seeing Tethon get flustered eased his anger slightly. “Yes, honey bun, I’m here for you,” Eric reached out and grabbed Tet’s package. He began to massage it roughly. The hundreds of on-lookers gasped. “You did it. I’m addicted to this huge cock of yours. I need to feel you inside me again. It’s all I can think about.”

Tethon’s face wrinkled up; his semi-hard cock and heavy balls were being crushed by Eric’s powerful grip. He realized Eric was not only bigger than him now, but a hell of a lot stronger. “Shit man, go easy. You are one strong dude,” Tethon said nervously. Eric continued to massage Tet’s equipment applying more force to his grip. Tethon’s body began to curl up from the pain. “I’m really sorry about what happened, Eric. You know what a jerk I can be.” Tethon gasped from the pain. “This is great though, right? We’re both Blues. Now that you’re here we can be together again. Just like old times.”

“Is that what you want Tethon; to be with me again?”

Tet bit his lower lip. “Of course, we love each other right? “

Fire raged in Eric’s eyes. He pulled back his other arm and slammed his fist into Tethon’s face. Tethon’s body went limp. Eric released his grip on the smaller man’s crotch and watched him collapse to the ground. Eric stepped over his former lover’s unconscious body as he continued his walk to the table.

“Welcome to the Blue Encampment, North American Region” Mark said nervously. Eric nodded and handed his paperwork to Mark. Mark opened the Manila envelope and scanned the documents. “Mr.EricHeitz. I’m MarkMorton and this is DavidHamilton, we’re the internment administrative liaisons for the military.”

David gestured toward the fallen Tethon. “A friend of yours?”

Eric shook his head no, “Hardly. He’s an ex-boyfriend.”

“Really” David said with a sly smile.

“Great, another one.” Mark pulled out two yellow sheets and held the remaining papers up in his hand. Eric gave the two a strange look.

David plucked them from his partner while keeping his eyes on Eric. “Thank you.” David scanned the paper work. “My, you’re a big one aren’t you Mr.Heitz?”

Eric looked around the camp. “Everyone here looks big to me.”

“At first it appears that way, but after awhile you’ll start to notice the differences.” David looked at the thick veins running down Eric’s arms. His muscles looked pumped like he was in the middle of a torturous routine. “I bet you turned while you were working out.”

Eric rolled his brow. “How could you know that?”

“By the fullest of your muscles and how ripped you are. When you set, it freezes and enhances your body’s appearance at that very moment. You’ll find the Blues with the most muscular bodies all turned when working out. I’m one.” David expanded his body to proof his point. David saw Eric’s eyes run over his form. He was about to say something, but suddenly Mark started to talk rather loudly.

“Yeah, the poor suckers that turned while sleeping are the smallest and smooth looking, almost puffy. They wake up and think they just had a wet dream or something.” Mark continued to speak as he went through Eric’s papers. “Most of us where just going about our day, when boom, it happened. I was sitting in class. You should have seen the look on my classmates’ faces. I started to growl and grow. My chair almost broke. God, it felt so amazing. I was the talk of the school. Everybody was coming up to congratulate me. It was a shame I had to go home to change my underwear.” Mark looked up at the two men staring at him. “Because you know…” he gestured to his crotch, “the explosion.”

“Thanks for sharing Junior.” David patted his room mate on the shoulder without taking his eyes off Eric’s papers. “Oh, they made a mistake on your measurements. It says you’re 6’ 10,” the tallest Blues are 6’ 9” like my very young friend here.” Eric shrugged his shoulders in a “whatever” gesture. David’s got a strange look on his face. He reached for Mark’s arm and pulled him upward. “Stand up Mark.”

Mark awkwardly got to his feet trying to keep his balance. “What are you doing?”

David looked at both men trying to see if Eric was taller. “Stand up straight,” he said to Mark as he slapped his chest. Mark did as he was told to do. David looked at the top of their heads again. “This is no good. Mark, go around and stand next to him.” David pushed Mark toward the door of the kiosk.

“Does it really matter? It’s only an inch.” Eric commented as Mark approached.

David ignored Eric’s words. “The two of you stand back to back.”

Mark looked at Eric. “I’ve found it easier just to do as he says. He can be an extremely aggravating if you don’t.” Mark turned away from Eric.

“That I believe.” Eric turned his back to the younger Blue.

“That’s it; now both of you stand up straight for God’s sake.” Both men stretched out their bodies. David had both men in profile. He noticed Eric’s body had greater girth than Mark’s. His arms and thighs looked much thicker and stronger. Eric’s ass and chest protruded further out too.

Mark moved slightly backwards to make contact with Eric. Only their heads, upper back, and round asses touched. There was a huge gap at their lower backs. The arched spines were caused by their bodies trying to balance the weight of their huge chests and shoulders over their narrow waists. Mark put a hand on top of his head and slid it backwards to make contact with Eric. “I’ll be darned. He is taller; at least by an inch.”

“Amazing.,” David sat down. “This means you are the tallest Blue on record.” Eric and Mark turned to face each other for a second. Mark gave Eric a subservient smile. Eric smiled back and looked around the camp. Everyone was whispering amongst themselves. It was like something important had just happened. Mark returned to his desk inside the kiosk.

“Now that’s been resolved, what’s next?” When David didn’t respond Eric added, “Do I get a prize or something?”

“You don’t understand. You’re the tallest Blue in the world.” David said again speaking slower.

Eric looked to Mark to help him understand David’s point. Mark just lowered his eyes back to the paperwork. “Then I can only assume your listed weight of 358 pounds is right. That’s makes you the heaviest too.”

“I prefer the term biggest boned.” Eric said with a straight face.

Mark chuckled; “He said boned.”

“Wow, you are young.” Eric said shaking his head.

David ignored the two other men. “More than likely that makes you the strongest, too. I bet you could be the next King.” David whispered as the gears turned in his head.

“What did you say?” Eric asked.

David emerged from his stupor. “Nothing, nothing. I see you are from the hills. I lived in the valley. Shame we never met before.”

“How telling, he’s a top and you’re a bottom.” Mark said under his breath. David kicked him under his desk.

“You have a problem with gay men?” Eric asked Mark.

“Me? No, my brother is gay; or was gay. He denied it, but he slept with other boys. Well, one in particular, Chad Burrows; the narc. He’s here somewhere. What an asshole. And I don’t mean that in some good, gay sex way. Feel free to punch him in the nose at anytime.” Mark took a deep breath. “Come to think of it, I’m not sure if my brother can be gay now. Because of what Chad did to him. So maybe he’s not gay, after all. Uhm, that’s Interesting.” Mark hesitated for a moment. “I find the whole thing very confusing, not to mention unsanitary.”

Eric and David just stared at Mark as he spoke. When he was done, there was a moment of stunned silence. David turned to look at Eric. “Ignore him, he’s a muffin eater.” Eric now gave David a confused look. “You know a beaver stuffer…..a pussy tamer.”

“I like girls,” Mark said under his breath.

“Oh, a heterosexual.” Eric mocked. “Don’t worry I won’t hold that against you. Rumor has it both my parents were straight.” Both men behind the registration table were emotionless as they looked up at Eric trying to read him. Eric then arched his eyebrow and smiled brightly. David and Mark laughed.

“All that and a sense of humor. How yummy.” David said softly. Eric scanned David’s impressive body before flashing him another smile. “You’re going to fit in perfectly.” Mark was about to say something, but David stopped him. “Don’t you dare, boy.”

Eric folded his arms over his chest, “You said something about a narc. Are drugs a problem in the camp?”

“No, the only drugs Blues can be addicted to our testosterone and adrenalin.” David scoffed. “Chad is one of the military’s recruits. They approach all of us eventually. They see who they can keep under their thumb. Personally, I think they’re afraid of us. They know they can’t really control us. If we wanted to we could take over this camp, if not the world.”

“Take it down a notch, Evita.” David interjected. “Coup d’etats are part of day two’s orientation.

Mark gave a pen to Eric and pointed to where he should sign. “We’ll assign you a cot and give you a quick tour of the camp.” After watching Eric sign, he added, “We didn’t expect any one else to be joining us at this late date. Did you have a problem getting transportation?”

“No, I was a late bloomer. I only set two days ago.” Eric answered. “Officially I guess I shouldn’t be here since I wasn’t included in the Lorian’s count. But my doctor sent my name in to the government when I became dusted. When the notice came, I thought better me than one of those kids I saw on TV who were only 16. That’s too young. A boy, even a Blue, shouldn’t be expected to fight in a war. Hopefully I can take one of their places.”

“A sixteen year old can fight just as well as a so-called adult.” Mark snapped.

“Maybe, but if a child doesn’t have the same rights as an adult, they shouldn’t have the same burdens either.” Eric said calmly.

“I think it’s a very noble gesture on your behalf.” David patted Mark’s forearm. “You must be a very caring man.” David scanned Eric again. He lingered a little longer on Eric’s huge arms. “You set only two days ago? Have you adjusted to your new strength yet? I broke so many things when I first turned. I felt like a lumbering oath. Exactly how strong are you?”

Before Eric could answer, Tethon stumbled to the desk. “This doesn’t count. It wasn’t a fair fight. I still hold my rank.” His voice sounded funny as he held his bloody nose.

“You know the rules. Being knocked unconscious is equivalent to a submission.” David spoke with authority.

Tethon looked at the two men behind the desk, “Formal protest.”

“Denied,” both said in unison.

“But he’s some kind of freak.” Tethon added to sway their decision.

“Yeah, super freaky.” David said softly to Mark. Both men continued to review the paperwork together.

Tethon became more aggravated “Or worse a liar.”

“Um, that’s one instrument I’d love to play.”

Mark stopped and looked at David, “I don’t get that one.”

“Because a lyre, l-y-r-e, is a musical instrument; kind of like a harp.” David explained. Mark shook his head no. “Too obscure? Hmmmm, it would have been better if he said Eric was lying. Then I could have said, I hope he’s lying next to me tonight.”

Mark shook his head yes, “Much better.”

David smiled, “Thank you. It’s all in the set up.” David looked at Tethon. “You have to work on that, chief.”

Tethon grew more upset. “Listen, Bud and Lou, skip the comedy routine. As members of the House I expect you to do something about this.”

“Bud and Lou?” Mark asked.

“That’s an Abbott and Costello reference.” Eric added to the disjointed conversation hoping to make Tethon more upset. “He loves old comedies; like the Marx Brothers and the Three Stooges. It’s one of the many things he has in common with an eight year old.”

“Oh, yeah they did that Who’s on First thing, right?” David asked. Eric tapped his index finger on his nose to indicate David was right. “Speaking of obscure; weren’t they popular in the 20s? Mark’s a teenager for God’s sake. Know your audience, dude.”

Tethon made a loud sigh to show his frustration. “Can we get back to the important issue of my rank?”

“Really, Tethon. Look around you. Think about what is going to happen to all of us in little more than a week. Do you think you moving down one position is really all that important. You can always challenge him to regain it.”

Tet looked at Eric. Eric expanded his chest confidently. The smaller man shrank dismissively. “I’m going to mention this to the Lord.”

“You do that.” David said calmly. Tethon gave them all a dirty look before storming away.

Eric watched him leave. “What rank does he hold?”

David grabbed a clipboard from under the desk and exited the back of kiosk. He walked around to where Eric stood. “I’ll explain everything to you as we go on our little tour.”

“We’re not done filing his paperwork,” Mark protested.

“We don’t need him for that. You stay and finish up. I’ll take care of him from this point forward,” David said in a lilting voice.

Mark sighed and held up a piece of yellow paper, “Fine, here’s his cot number”

David ripped it from his hand. He placed the note under the other papers on the board without looking at it. “Please, walk this way.” David moved in a slinky manner. Eric smiled and followed in his normal stride. David gestured toward the open space. “This is the central courtyard or hub of the quadrant. That is the mess hall. And no, the food isn’t good, but it’s plentiful. Posted outside will be the meal times and menus for the week. Over there is the medical trailer. It has everything that an ER would have. It’s open 24/7. The medical staff is glad to see anyone, they get so bored. Being Blues we don’t get sick and heal extremely fast. Someone actually had a broken neck here. Within a week, he was walking around as if nothing happened. “

David continued his tour walking quickly down the heavily used pathways. Everyone they passed stopped to stare at Eric. “All these green tents are the barracks that house the bunks. Each tent holds twenty five men and has a small lounge with a TV, telephone and computer with internet. Every fifth tent is white. The white tents are the showers. Any questions so far?” Eric shook his head no. “All the Blue camps around the world are overseen by the United Nations. This camp is managed the US military since it’s on American soil. The trailer over there marked CampCommunications is where you can find a UN and military representative if you have any concerns or questions about the program.

The military provides all our necessities; housing, clothing, medical, and food. Everything is provided to us free of charge. However, we allow them to perform medical research on us.” Eric made a disapproving look. “Don’t worry it’s nothing sinister. They take blood and semen samples. They’re trying to figure out how to make our super Blue enzyme work on the AJs, that’s Average Joes, you know non-Blues. They also test our physical condition, stamina, muscle tone, strength, blah, blah, blah. I’m sure they will be very interested in you.” David scanned Eric’s body again. “Anyway, they leave the running of the camp to us. There is a form of internal government. A nine member committee, called the House of Lords. The house consists of four randomly selected Blues from those processed the first day. Mark and I are two of them. Also there is the top ranking Blue, or Lord, from each quadrant and a military representative.”

“So that’s what Tethon meant about speaking with the Lord. For a moment there I thought he had found religion.” Eric joked.

“Tethon no, but we have a lot of recent converts. Looming death tend to prompt people make peace with their higher power of choice. If you’re interested, all religious services are held in the mess hall.” David came to a signpost marking the sections of the camp. “There are about ten thousand Blues in this camp; 2,500 in each quadrant.” David stopped moving for the first time since the tour began. He turned to face Eric. “With so many alpha males in close, confined quarters you might expect there to be a tendency toward violent behavior. Surprisingly, not so much. To quell the behavior, a ranking system or pecking order was created. Being fit, young men, it was only natural that physical strength would be the deciding factor. A man can challenge any other holding a higher rank. If the challenger wins, he assumes the rank and everybody else moves down one. As I mentioned the top ranking Blue in each quadrant is called the Lord. The top ranking Lord is called the King.”

“King of the camp, cute!”

“Yeah, well.”

“When you say challenge, are we talking about boxing, wrestling, ….pistons at dawn?” Eric asked.

“More like street fighting. The only rules are no weapons or protective gear. Not even gloves, shoes or cups. It’s just man against man, the way nature intended.”

“It sounds a little barbaric.”

“Yeah, most guys have that first reaction. But once you are in a fight, it all makes sense. It feels so natural and primal; as if it’s the very essence of being a Blue. Most find it liberating. We have a remarkably low rate of violence outside the challenges. It’s dumbfounded the so-called social experts. They assumed because of the super testosterone running through us, we would degrade back to cavemen. We’re more like gladiators, not Neanderthals.”

“You make beating each other to a pulp sound so civilized.”

“This is coming from a man who broke someone’s nose within the first two minutes of walking through the front gate?”

“Touche. That did feel really good.” Eric said clenching his fist.

“Speaking of that, you now hold the quadrant rank of 72nd. See that really dark skinned man over there. His name is Fillip. He’s from Cuba. He holds the number one rank in this quadrant and number 3 among the Lords. He’s a real charmer, let me introduce you.”

“That’s not necessary. I have no desire to move up the ranks. What’s that over there?” Eric pointed to a section of the ten foot high chain link fence that marked the camp’s boundaries. The fence had brightly colored strips of fabric tied on it. The ground on both sides was more worn than the surrounding areas. Eric walked over to it. He saw a series of holes cut in the chain link about waist high. The ten holes were spaced about three feet apart. Eric put his fingers through one of the holes. “What’s this for? It looks like a Buddhist shrine or something.” Eric asked as David caught up to him.

“Well, there is a lot of kneeling involved.” David smiled at his own joke. “It’s the quadrant’s sucking station.”

“Sucking station?” Eric moved to the next hole and explored it with his fingers.

“Yeah, it’s where AJs come for BJs.” David placed his hands behind his back waiting for Eric to figure it out. “AJs stand for..”

“Average Joes, I remember.”

“and BJ stands for…”

Eric pulled his hand away from the hole. “I think I know what BJ stands for.” Eric scanned the fence. “You mean Blues stick their dicks through the holes and people on the other side suck them off?” David smiled as he put his index finger to his nose, repeating the charade gesture Eric used earlier. “Wow! That’s a little disturbing.”

“Well, there’s a real demand for Blue juice. More and more bodybuilders are reporting huge gains from taking in the stuff. It makes their testosterone levels sky rocket allowing them to recover faster and put on pounds of pure muscle. It surpasses anything else on the market, legal or otherwise, and has no negative side effects. It also helps to relief tension and boredom for the Blues. Not to mention the extra cash comes in handy for a lot of the guys.”

“Why do they need money? Didn’t you say the government supplies everything?”

“The term everything is relative. We do receive the basics; but not the things that some people find almost as necessary.” David hugged the clipboard to his chest. “Like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and funds for gambling.”

“Really, I didn’t think people like that would have become Blues. I thought only healthy, fit men became Blues.”

“Oh, that’s true. Most didn’t start doing those things until they arrived.” Eric looked shocked. “Well, as I said boredom can be a real problem here. Also some are frightened about their future. Being drafted into a space war can be a little scary. And it’s not like we have to worry about doing any damage to our bodies.” David waited for Eric to respond. But he ran his hands through his thick hair and stared off through the fence in silence. “This whole sucking station is voluntary, so you don’t have to worry about it.” David grabbed Eric’s wrist and pulled him along. “I really want to introduce you to your Lord, Fillip.”

“I told you there was no need.” David ignored Eric’s protest. The tour guide walked quickly to where Fillip sat. He was surrounded by his countrymen cronies.

“Fillip, ¿puedo introducir Eric” David said with a smile. Fillip stood up as tall as he could, puffed out his chest and flared his lats to look bigger.

“Feliz conocerte” Eric said holding out his hand. Fillip didn’t move.

“Damn, you speak Spanish. This complicates things.” David scratched his head. “Oh well, what the hell.” He turned his back to Eric, “Él piensa que usted es tan feo, usted debe ser el hijo bastardo de un cerdo.” Fillip’s blood began to boil.

“What?” Eric said turning his head toward David. But before he could get another word out, Fillip punched Eric in the throat. Eric grabbed his neck and stumbled backwards dropping his backpack. Fillip kicked off his sandals and removed his shirt as he pursued Eric.

David took a step back out of the way. “I should have warned you about that. He always goes for the throat. It’s his signature move. Quite effective really.” Eric glared at David. Fillip then kicked Eric in the balls. “Oh, and he fights dirty too.”

Eric fell to his knees. Fillip spun around and kicked Eric in the mouth. Eric fell to his side. He regained his kneeling position quickly. Dazed, blood began to run from his mouth. Fillip grabbed Eric’s arm and flipped him over his shoulder. Eric’s 300 pound plus body flew high in the air before hitting the ground hard. Fillip stomped on Eric’s stomach several times, before moving his foot to Eric’s throat. “decir tío.” A crowd began to form around the two combatants.

“He wants you to say uncle.” David quipped. Eric gave him another angry look as he gasped for air. “Sorry, forgot about the Spanish thing. If you can’t speak you can tap out.” David crossed his arms over his chest. “You know, I really thought you would be better at this.”

Eric put his hand under the ball of Fillip’s size 16 foot and the other under his heel. Eric began to lift the Cuban’s foot off his neck. All of Eric’s muscles showed the strain. Fillip looked shock. It wasn’t possible for one Blue’s arms to be stronger than another’s legs. Fillip put more of his weight on the leg. Eric wrapped his fingers around the darker man’s toes. He bent the toes back. The digits began to snap in rapid succession. Fillip’s face showed the excruciating pain. Eric was able to lift the foot several inches above his neck; with a quick twist, a louder snap was heard. Eric had broken his attacker’s ankle. Fillip yelled out in pain. Eric released Fillip’s ankle and reached for his other leg. With a yank, Fillip lost his balance and fell on his ass. Moving amazingly quick for a man of his size, Eric got to his feet. He grabbed the same leg which contained the broken foot in one hand and pulled it tight. Eric put his foot on top of Fillip’s knee joint and applied downward pressure. “Diga el tío o se rompe la rodilla próximo y luego la cadera.” His battered throat made his voice hoarse.

“Tio, Tio,” Fillip screamed.

Eric let go. He grabbed his backpack and walked away. The crowd parted as he approached. His body was covered in sweat and dirt. His shirt stained with his blood. David scurried after him. “Jesus Christ, you must be one strong mother fucker. You took him down in record time. I knew you had it in you to be number one.”

“Get the fuck away from me. You’re a crazy man. What did I do to you to make you turn on me like that? What, are you taking it up the ass from Tethon? Was this some kind of sick revenge?”

“Please give me some credit. The guy’s such a whore. He’d fuck anything with muscles and a big dick. And let’s face it, that’s every guy here.” David spoke without thinking.

Eric stopped walking and rubbed his forehead. “Do you purposely irritate all strangers or am I special.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way. I’m sure he was a great guy before he turned. I mean only a complete idiot would sleep with a jerk like that.”

“You have no idea how much self control it’s taken not to beat the shit out of you right now.” Eric spoke with his teeth clenched.

“Eric, I’m sorry. If you only knew what Fillip was like? The number of complaints the House has received about him. He was a tyrant. But no one could defeat him. When I first saw you, I knew you were the one. You would have challenged him eventually being such an upstanding, intelligent, and if I may say so, very sexy individual. I just helped to move things along a little faster.” David ran his hand down Eric’s powerfully built right arm seductively. Eric watched the progress of his hand. David noticed his eyes still showed only hostility. David quickly removed his hand from Eric. “Too soon?” Eric clenched his jaw. “Aw come on. It’s not like you really got hurt. Let’s put this behind us. Is all forgiven, big guy?” David held out his hand.

Eric gave an obviously fake smile and grabbed his hand. David smiled in relief. Then his smile left his face as Eric applied more pressure. “You’ve got quite a grip there, Eric.” Eric didn’t let up. David’s face became distorted from the pain. “You know, this is a very immature of you.” Eric squeezed harder; the muscles in his arm bulged from the effort. David fell to one knee. “Okay, okay. Please stop. I’ve learned my lesson. I’m very sorry.” Eric squeezed even harder. “Fuuuck, and I’ll never do anything like it again. I promise. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.” Eric let go. David got back on his feet. He rubbed his hand. “That wasn’t funny. It really hurt.”

“Do you think it hurt as much as having someone stand on your windpipe?” Eric asked folding his arms over his chest.

David began to shake his head yes, but saw Eric’s disapproving look. David changed the movement of his head to indicate no, “I guess not.”

“Listen, short stuff, tell me where my tent is and let’s agree to never talk to each other ever again. That way neither one of us will...” Eric jabbed his finger into David’s chest. As he did, his gaze went from David’s handsome face to his chest. Eric couldn’t believe how plump and hard David’s pecs were. His mouth became a little dry as he saw David’s nipples pushing out through his tight shirt. Eric looked back at David’s face. He knew this guy was hot, but for the first time he realized just how incredibly developed his chest was. Eric swallowed hard. “uh, neither one of us will, uh get hurt again.”

David was far from intimidated by the taller man. “Listen, jumbo. Before I turned I was 5’ 5”. That’s short, I hated it. Now I’m 6’ 5”. No one with a microscopic amount of sense considers that short. So don’t call me short!” David jammed his finger into Eric’s chest.

Eric smirked, “Remember, I’m the tallest Blue in the world.” Eric stretched his spine. “So I can call every other man in this camp short if I choose.” David’s face turned red in anger. Eric rubbed the top of David’s head. “5’ 5” huh? I bet you were absolutely adorable; cute as a button.” David slapped Eric’s hand away. “Oh, and a scrappy little thing too.” David’s eyes filled with rage. Eric chuckled, “Shit, you’ve got more hot buttons than furnace factory.”

“I’m guessing you were always tall and muscular; the type that had everybody swooning. What were you a college jock the ruled over the campus intimidating all the other guys? Making them feel worthless. I bet you got off on it, didn’t you; picking on little guys like me?” David’s anger didn’t subside as he tried to read Eric’s expression. The smirk left Eric’s face as he folded his arms over his chest in a defensive move. “What was it football or wrestling?” Eric didn’t blink. “No, don’t tell me; bodybuilding.” Eric looked away. David laughed. “Jesus Christ, a fucking bodybuilder. I should have known. I bet you had every guy in the gym creaming their shorts.” David could see he was getting to the big man. “With your looks, I bet you did some modeling too. You were all over the web weren’t you?” Eric’s breathing became louder as he became more upset. “Did you like knowing that fat, old men were jerking off as they stared at the bulge in your posers? Did that make you feel superior to everyone else?”

“You think you know me. You don’t know shit.” Eric lowered his arms and stormed away.

“I guess I’m not the only one with a hot button.” David said yelling after Eric. After a few moments he began to chase after him. “Do you have any idea where you are going?”

“Away from you.” Eric responded loudly.

“Listen I am sorry about how I handled things. I know we don’t know each other, but I promised no more tricks and I’m a man of my word.” Eric stopped and looked at David’s sincere and very handsome face. “I am really sorry.”

Eric sighed, “Fine, please take me to my tent. I would like to lie down. It’s been a very eventful hour.”

David smiled and bowed, “Right away, my Lord.” Eric gave him an annoyed look. David led Eric through the maze of tents and trailers. Eric studied David’s muscular body from behind. His ass cleavage was almost as impressive as his chest’s. He couldn’t believe he was getting turned on by this annoying, crazy man.

As the two men walked along the well worn paths everybody else stepped aside to let them pass. Word got out quickly there was a new ruler. Even those who hadn’t heard didn’t want to challenge a man Eric’s size. They arrived in an area of smaller tents. “Here we are” David said entering a neatly kept tent.

Eric looked around. There was a bed flanking each of the longer walls of the rectangular space. “I thought you said each tent housed 25 men?”

“This is a special VIP section.”

“It looks like someone already lives here.”

“Yeah, this is my bed. That’s my former room mates stuff. He had to leave for, uh, religious reasons. I’ll clear his stuff out later.” David sat on his bed. “Go ahead. Lie down, relax.”

“I’m sharing a tent with you? There’s got to be someplace else. Fate can’t hate me that much.”

“Would you rather be a big barrack with 24 other noisy men? Here you’ll have some peace and quiet.”

Eric gave David a suspicious look. “Somehow I doubt that.”

David smiled. Eric moved to the bed and sat down. He placed his backpack under it. He bounced slightly to test its sturdiness. “It’s safe. They’ve been especially made for us. They’re longer and have extra bracing for our weight. They’re really quite comfortable for a cot.”

Eric moved his bulk to a horizontal position. Once comfortable he let out a big sigh and closed his eyes. “This is nice.” David eyes slowly scanned the sensual contours of Eric’s form. After a few moments, “You’re not going to watch me sleep are you?”

“No, of course not.” David lied down on his cot. He kept his eyes open. He nervously strummed his thick fingers on his hard thigh as he studied the ceiling of the tent.

Eric put one hand behind his head exposing his arm pit. He inhaled before sitting back up in the bed. “The shower tent is the white one, right?” David nodded yes. Eric removed his sandals before standing up. He began to pull off his tank top. David rolled over onto his side to get a better look at the giant stripping in his tent. Eric looked at David, “Do you mind?”

“Mind, no I encourage you to continue.” David used his hand to hold up the side of his head. “Did you ever notice that muscular men look bigger in clothes than when out of them? I theorize a nude man looks more natural and balanced. Clothes create a kind of optical illusion making him more imposing.”

Eric shook his head and pulled off his shirt. Eric then stepped out of his shorts. “Yowza,” David commented looking at the massive man standing in his tent wearing only a skimpy jock. Eric locked eyes with David as he removed his jock. Eric stood up and continued to hold David in his gaze. Unable to hold back his curiosity, David finally dropped his eyes. “Well, you destroyed that theory all to hell.” Eric smiled. David rolled over onto his stomach without taking his eyes off the bigger man. Eric purposely stood in profile to allow David to see exactly how well endowed he was. Eric’s cock was like the man who possessed it. It was large, powerful and crisscrossed in thick veins. Even flaccid, it had the girth of the cardboard tube found in a roll of paper towels, and was almost as long. It softly arched over a set of skin encased tennis balls. Eric reached for a towel on the shelf near his bed. He wrapped it around his tight waist. The towel hung low on his hips allowing his muscle belt to be seen.

“I’ll be back in couple of minutes.” David just nodded. Eric ducked out through the flap door. David turned over onto his back. He immediately stuck in hand down his shorts and fought to release his engorged cock from his jock. Just then Eric reentered the tent. He looked at David. David covered himself with his pillow. Eric began to chuckle. “Uhm, I was just wondering do they have soap and shampoo in the shower or do I need to take some with me?”

“They have dispensers in each shower stall,” David answered in a shaky voice. “There’s a laundry drop off too.”

Eric gathered up his dirty clothes. “Thanks, I’ll leave you alone.” Eric disappeared again.

David didn’t move. He noticed that the usual noise level outside ceased. The silence ended after a few moments. The noise level was higher as people discussed Eric. David removed his hand from his deflated cock. “Shit, he must think I’m some kind of sex fiend.” He whispered as he sat up in bed. He saw Mark’s stuff scattered about. He got up and began to gather it. He placed the stuff in a small locker he had under his bed. He quickly straightened the room. He checked himself in the mirror and the status of his breath by breathing into his hands. The camp became silent again. David hurried back to his bed and pretended to be resting.

“All done in there?” Eric asked from outside the door.

“Yes,” David said. “I was just scratching myself. You know how tight these government jocks are. Don’t they make you itch sometimes?”

“Of course,” Eric said removing the towel from his nude body. Eric put his hand on his balls and scratched them. He turned to David and smiled.

David turned his head away this time not wanting to get the same reaction from seeing Eric on full display. “Was there any hot water?”

“Yes, it was fine.” After a few moments David heard the bed creak. He turned to see a clothed Eric lying on the bed with his eyes closed. The mountainous bulges of his body looked like the world’s most beautiful landscape to David.

“What is that smell?” Eric said.

“What smell?” David asked with some concern.

“You don’t smell it? I thought it was coming from me at fist. But it’s the entire camp. It smells like a locker room.”

“Oh, that.” David put a hand behind his head. “It’s testosterone. The stuff oozes out of our every pore. When you have such a concentration of Blues the air is thick with the stuff. I don’t notice anymore during the day. But at night; that’s a different story. The air is so musky, it acts like an aphrodisiac. Just knowing there are thousands of us satisfying our primal urges either with an accommodating tent mate or with Tom Thumb and his four brothers. You can actually hear the heavy breathing and moaning; shit, I’m getting hard now thinking about it”

“Again, so soon? What a show off.” Both men laughed, “Do you want to leave you alone with Tom and his siblings?”

David rolled over to his side and propped his head up with his elbow, “I would prefer the alternative.”

Eric moved to a mirror image of David’s position. The two men smiled at each other. “Are you always this blatant?”

“Hey, life is short. But I’m not anymore, present company excepted. I have no reason to sit on the sidelines now. I like being big and strong enough to be a starting player. I can go after what I want.”

“That’s what you want now that you are a super man, to fuck more men?”

“It’s not just sex, it’s everything out there.” David gestured toward the door. “I have no excuses now. All my insecurities are gone. I’m what I always wanted to be. How lucky am I?”

“Lucky? Well, at least you are optimistic about what’s happening. It seems going off to fight a space war is a steep price to pay for a little added muscle.”

“A little added muscle?” David scanned Eric’s body again. “God, you must have been something before turning. How tall were you before?”

“Six three.”

David laughed, “And you were a bodybuilder right? Did you win any titles?”

“A few, when I was a teenager.”

“Oh, only a few titles when you were a teenager. No wonder you’re so blasé about turning.”

Eric sighed, “Does any of that really matter?” He rolled over onto his back.

“It does to someone you didn’t have it before becoming a Blue.” David could see he wasn’t getting through to Eric. “You said you set only two days ago.” Eric nodded. “So you became dusted like…8 days”


“Nine days before that. Uh?” David paused, “That means I was set before you became dusted.”

“Your point being?”

“It means I was taller, bigger and stronger than you for a couple of days. I wish I met you then.”

Eric turned his head to face David. “Why?”

“I would have liked that.”

“Why does everyone fantasize about being bigger than me? Do you want to force me to have sex with you too?” Eric rolled back onto his side.

“No, of course not.” David said quickly. He lowered his eyes to the edge of his cot as he pulled on some loose threads. “Things would have been different, that’s all.”

“Different how?” Eric asked trying to understand.

Just then Mark entered the tent. “Oh, here you are. I’ve been looking all over for you.” Eric rolled onto his back. “I’m glad you’re making yourself comfortable.” He looked at David, you just shrugged his shoulders. “I heard about you defeating Fillip. Congratulations; it didn’t take you long to get to the top spot. The Cuban brotherhood has removed his stuff from your trailer, so you can move in any time.”

Eric sat up on the cot, “What trailer?”

“It’s one of the perks of holding the top rank. You get a comfy trailer all to yourself.”

“But, I was told this was my cot.”

“Who told you that? Uh, you’re in my bed.” Eric looked at David. Mark followed his lead and stared at his tent mate. Mark folded his arms. “What was it still time? Did I desert, commit suicide, or die in a challenge?”

Eric stood up, “Religious reasons”.

“That’s a new one. And what does that actually mean?”

David shrugged his shoulders, “I panicked.”

Mark laughed, “Wow, you made Mr. Smooth panic. He must really like you.”

Eric scoffed. David stood up and pushed Mark, “Shut up, Junior.”

Eric shook his head as he picked up his stuff. “Mark, can you show me where the trailer is?”

“Sure,” Mark held the flap open for the new Lord of the quadrant.

David stood, “Hey Eric, will it be all right if I stop by your trailer later. You know, to finish our conversation. I think we ended on a wrong note.”

Eric turned and looked back. “Not tonight, it’s been enough of a memorable day.” David looked crestfallen. Eric rubbed his forehead. “Look David, everything’s fine between us. Okay.”

David nodded his head with an insincere smile. “Okay.”

“I’ll be thinking of you tonight while enjoying the night air.” He winked at David before leaving.

The door to the camp’s communication trailer opened. The eight Blue members of the House of Lords emerged. Once all had descended the small stairs, they said their polite goodbyes. All made an effort to shake Eric’s hand before leaving. Eric began to walk back to his trailer. David and Mark appeared at his side. “That was a long, but productive meeting.” David observed, “Ivan was very cordial to you. I thought he was the type to hold a grudge.”

“He’s probably too exhausted. Did you see his bruises and that gash on his chin? That’s going to leave a scar. Do we get scars? Anyway, I heard since he was dethroned, he’s had about eight challenges. That’s a lot for anyone to handle in two days.” Mark put his hand on Eric’s basketball sized delt. “Of course our new King had to fend off five upstarts in that time too, including the other two Lords.”

“Yeah, but he doesn’t have a scratch on him.” David said proudly.

Eric looked up at the crimson sky and attempted to change the subject. “Dusk is the best time of day in the desert. Don’t you think?”

“JesusChristEric, loosen up. It’s okay to enjoy your rank. You earned it.”

Eric didn’t respond. He quickened his pace. When he passed other Blues, they nodded to him in a respectful manner. Eric kept a grin on his face to look less threatening. It didn’t work. The lowest ranking members of the camp changed direction when they saw him approach; just being near the King made them nervous. When he was near the sucking station, someone called out to him.

“Sir, sir. Your majesty.” Eric stopped and waited for his subject to reach him. “Your majesty, I wanted to thank…”

Eric interrupted him, “Please, my name is Eric.” He held out his hand.

“Yes, sir. I mean Eric.” The man slipped his hand into Eric’s larger palm. “I’m Rob.” The two men shook.

“I’ve seen you before, Rob. You were with Tethon when I first arrived. Are you a friend of his?”

“No, that was the one and only time I ever talked to him. I’m surprised you remember me after what happened.”

“Well, you have a unique look around here.” Eric glanced down at Rob’s chest.

Rob followed Eric’s eyes. “Yeah, I hear it’s much more common at the European camps.”

“Well, it looks good on you….especially with your olive skin. Are you Greek?” Eric licked his lips. It was obvious he found Rob attractive. Eric raised his hand and held it several inches away from Rob’s fur covered pecs. “May I?”

“Uh, sure.” Rob said becoming nervous. “You’re the first person to ask. Every one else just dove right in like it was their right.”

Eric smiled. He gently ran his fingers over Rob’s solid muscle slabs. He brushed the dark, silky hairs back and forth. “Your chest hair is perfect; just the right density and length. And it covers only your chest without spilling over onto your shoulders or creeping up your neck. I think that’s why so many men shave their chest. It’s the strange patterns; you know tufts around the nipples or a weird patch in the center.” Eric spoke as if in a trance as he continued to pet Rob. “It makes you look so masculine and virile.” Eric stopped moving his hand and began to squeeze Rob’s nipple in the crook of his hand using his thumb. Rob began to flex his pec in response. He couldn’t believe the King was touching him so sensually. Both men were becoming aroused.

David cleared his throat. “Rob, did you want something?”

Rob looked at David, “Yeah, I mean no.” He turned back to Eric. “I just wanted to thank you.”

“Thank me,” Eric removed his hand from Rob, “for what?”

“This may sound stupid, but for becoming King.” Rob became slightly embarrassed. “You see, I’m a regular at the sucking station.” He quickly added, “I send the money back home to my family.”

“What does that have to do with me?” Eric folded his arms over his chest.

“The uhm…patrons like to be near the King. So what ever quadrant is home to the king tends to get more patronage. So when you became King, the station has been busier and therefore, I can make more money.”

“Why do they care were the King resides?” Eric looked confused.

“Because the King is considered, and rightfully so, the strongest Blue. The belief is the stronger the Blue the more potent his….product.” Rob continued since it was apparent he wasn’t making his point. “Usually the strongest Blue is also the biggest. They feel the biggest man would naturally have the biggest, uhm….equipment, who know, balls.”

Eric shuffled his feet, “Okay.”

Rob was becoming more and more uncomfortable. “Well, they’re after our jizm. A Blues volume is about 100 times that of an AJ. The logic is the larger the Blue’s balls the even greater the output. So the want the highest ranking Blue they can get because of his greater size and strength. They feel they’re getting more bang for their buck.”

David let out a quick laugh. Eric gave him a disapproving look. David put his fist to his mouth and forced out a cough. “Sorry, it’s the damp, night air. Gets me all choked up.”

Eric turned back to Rob. “So the patrons come to the King’s quadrant hoping he’ll show up and offer himself?”

“Yeah, I mean, the odds are better than going to another quadrant right?” Rob looked at the other three men. Both David and Mark shook their head in agreement. “Being ranked 254th I rarely got an opportunity to make money, but now there are so many patrons I made over $150 this week alone.”

“Well, that’s great.” Eric moved his hands to his hips. “Not to pry, but I thought the government allowed the wives’ of Blues sent here to collect their social security benefits early.”

“That’s true. But I have a little daughter who I want to go to a good university one day. The money I send home goes to her college fund. I hope it will be kind of a legacy so she won’t forget about me.” Rob’s voice became softer. “Since I won’t be there.”

“Your daughter is your legacy.” Eric put his hand on Rob’s shoulder and gave it a comforting squeeze. “How much money did you make tonight?”

“None, yet. People don’t show up until it’s dark. The government doesn’t look favorably at these transactions. If we attempt to keep it low key, they leave us alone. I was just heading over there now. I have a better chance of being picked before the higher ranking Blues show up later in the night.”

“Well, I hope you make good money.” Eric shook Rob’s hand again. Rob nodded to the other two men and walked away. Eric watched him leave. He started to follow him after a few moments.

“Where are you going?” David asked.

Eric stopped and twisted his body toward David. “He has me curious. I have to see how this process works. You coming?”

David smiled and began to chuckle. “Oh, there are so many ways to answer that question.” Eric continued his departure and David followed. He turned to look at Mark and gestured for him to join them. David raised his hands and shook his head no. David shrugged his shoulders and quickened his pace. He caught up with Eric who was standing in the shadows between two tents. The gap was too narrow to serve as a pathway. The ground looked undisturbed. Eric thought it would be a good place to go undetected. He had a clear view of the sucking station a few yards to the left of him. David leaned out from behind the larger man to get a view. Eric realized the problem and squatted down to give David an unobstructed view over him. David stood directly behind Eric. He rested his hands on the bigger man’s broad shoulders. Eric felt David’s strong hands gently massaging his thick traps and delts. A shy smile overtook the big man’s face.

Both men held their position in silence. The last rays of the sun were fading over the horizon. The headlights of several cars were seen on a road in the distance. The cars turned off the paved road and headed toward the camp on a newly created path. The cars parked about ten yards away. The glare from the lights and the noise from the engines ended as the drivers exited their vehicles. After the first seven or eight cars, more cars came sporadically.

The patrons approached the fence. The vast majority were men. Most looked fit and athletic. Some even muscular as Average Joe’s go. Eric thought they had to be bodybuilders. They gathered in front of a section of fence adjacent to official sucking station with its colored rag decorations. On the other side a group of about thirty Blues formed. All seemed to be smaller men holding lower ranks. Rob looked to be one of the biggest. The two groups seemed to ignore each other. As the sky turned black, the camp’s external lights came on. The two groups went into action at the cue. The patron’s walked up to the fence. The Blues began to undress. Once down to their jocks, they turned to face the fence. One patron yelled out, “ten dollars”. It was a man who looked in his early fifties and obviously out of shape. His round belly pressed up against the fence. Five Blues stepped forward. They were the smallest of the group. Another balding and slender man said, “Present yourselves.” The five Blues pulled down their jocks to expose their equipment. After a quick review of his options the first fat man pointed to the Blue he found most appealing. The selected Blue walked over to the sucking station. He stood in front of one of the holes cut in fence. The fat man met him there. Several other less attractive men selected the remaining cheap Blues and moved to the sucking station; one by one they moved to adjacent holes.

The patrons slipped the money through the fence. The Blues took the money before they stuck their substantial cocks through the holes. Some of the patrons carried small wooden boxes with padding duct taped to the top. They set down their homemade kneeling pads on the ground before lowering onto them. It was obvious this wasn’t their first visit. The older men began to rub and stroke the pieces of young meat before them. Once they got it growing, they attacked it with their salivating mouths. They acted like starving men at a sausage eating contest. The Blues grabbed the fence with both hands above their heads, their thick fingers filled the gaps in the metal mesh. With the uniform movement of an erotic chorus line, their firm asses jumped to attention as they began to pump. Most of the Blues closed their eyes tightly and arched their backs. Within seconds they all came. The force of their jettisoned juices caused the old men to choke, but they held on tightly. They wanted every last drop out of the huge tube steaks they paid for. The Blues withdrew quickly, not giving the patrons any time to savor their treat. The Blues returned to the viewing area hoping to be selected again. Some did get picked again for a second round. Recovering time was nonexistent for a Blue. They could be ready to cum again in minutes. However, the patrons needed more time. The taste of just one Blue was enough to satisfy them for the night.

Once all the ten dollar bidders were finished, someone yelled out “Twenty Dollars.” Bigger Blues stepped forward. The smaller Blues got dressed and left. Their opportunity to make money was over for the evening. Compared to the higher ranking Blues, they knew they would never be selected. Within a few minutes the second round was over.

“Thirty Dollars” was exclaimed from the patrons. Only a few older men now remained. It was mostly fit men under the age of 40 and more were arriving. These weren’t just pleasure seekers; these were athletes looking for the natural performance boost the Blues’ juices could provide. Some carried small insulated coolers with them. The biggest Blues now lined up, many which had just arrived. Rob was among them. “Present” someone yelled. The large men lowered their jocks. All were impressive. Rob had one of the largest sets of balls on display. The patrons started to ask the Blues their ranking. Rob was outranked by two other Blues. But his balls were larger so he was picked by the second bidder. Eric kept his eyes on Rob. Eric felt his own cock pulse as he watched Rob fulfill his part of the exchange. Rob was walking back to the display area when he noticed higher ranking Blues arriving. He had stopped behind a Blue who had just finished; the patron asked “Doggy bag?” The bigger Blue shook his head no and walked away. Rob stopped, “I’ll do it” he said ignoring the distain in his peers eyes. The patron scanned Rob’s body. Rob flexed every muscle to show his worthiness. The man asked for Rob’s ranking again. Satisfied, the patron slipped a small plastic bag through the fence and a crumbled up bill.

Rob unfolded the money. It was a twenty. “You want two loads?”

The muscular patron shook his head. “I’ve got the State’s in two weeks. I’ve got to get back to Jersey tomorrow. I’ve missed too many days in the gym traveling here as it is.”

Rob began to stroke his rubbery cock as he stood in front of his customer. Almost immediately he was hard again. He slipped the bag over his thick knob and released his super juices into it. Rob’s was breathing hard now. He started to stroke his cock again. It took more of an effort to get it to its full ten inches. He closed his eyes tightly and imagined his wife’s face when she came. He loved how his enhanced tool so easily brought her to orgasm over and over again. He shot this third batch of cream in less then ten minutes. His balls ached from the treatment. His body was covered in sweat. Rob slid the sandwich bag off his rod. He held it up for the patron’s approval. It was more than half filled with viscous milk. “Think that will do you?” Rob said confidently.

“Shit,” the AJ uttered in amazement. Rob zipped the bag closed and forced it carefully through the fence hole. The patron quickly placed the bag in his cooler which was filled with dry ice. The practice would allow him to ingest the Blue juice slowly over the next few days. “Thank you, sir.”

“Good luck, dude.” Rob stuffed his junk back into his jock. He walked over to where he had left his clothes. He started to pull on his shorts when the higher ranking Blue who turned down the doggy bag offer came up to him. He had a companion; another Blue who out ranked Rob.

The stronger man pushed Rob before he spoke. “You know doing that shit keeps the prices low for the rest of us. We should be getting at least $50 for a load for our stuff. But because of greedy son of bitches like you, we have to settle for less.”

“Hey, take it easy man. We only have a few more days left here. Does it really matter?” Rob stood tall to make himself look larger.

Both men stepped closer to Rob, who was forced to retreat slightly. “Yeah asshole, it matters. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t need the money. Unlike you, I can get a blow job anytime I want. What’s your rank, 1001?”

The other bully laughed, “This fur ball, more like 10,001.” Rob kept moving back slowly. The two bigger men kept pace with him. “You know what I enjoy almost as much as a good blow job? Kicking the snot out of a pathetic low ranking piece of shit.”

“Wait, you both out rank me. You can’t challenge me to a fight. It’s against the rules.” Rob eyes nervously darted back and forth between the two intimidating hulks.

“Fuck that shit. Tell it to the King, wimp.”

“No need. I’ve already heard.” Eric said as he came up behind the bullies. The two men turned to see Eric looking down at them. “Sorry sir. But he’s making us lose money.” All the gathered Blues turned to look at what was happening behind them. Whenever the King was around, all eyes were on him.

“Don’t bother making up some story. I saw the whole thing, boys. It’s the way of the free market system. If you won’t supply the goods, some body else will. Get over it.”

“Yes, sir.” The two Blues slipped away.

“You okay?” Eric asked Rob. Rob shook his head yes.

The gathered patrons strained their necks to see the large Blue at the center of the attention. “Shit, look at the size of him.” Someone from the other side of the fence said loudly. Eric turned around to face the crowd. “It looks like he smuggling a small dog in his shorts.” Another one said even louder.

“He should, he’s the King of the camp,” one of the Blues said proudly.

The word King spread throughout the almost thirty patrons that had gathered at the station. “$50” one yelled. “$60” another said. “$75,” several said almost simultaneously.

Eric raised his hands. “Thanks guys, but I’m not here for that.” Eric began to walk away with Rob by his side. He was headed back to where David was waiting for him.

They crowd watched the giant’s massive body move; his muscles bulging powerfully with each stride. Surrounded by the other Blues, his larger size was noticeable. The bodybuilders envy could be seen in their eyes. After a moment of silence, a patron rushed the fence, “Fuck, $100.” Another yelled, “$150”. Eric didn’t stop walking away from the crowd. Then a voice yelled out, “$260.” Eric stopped and turned around. The patrons parted. It was a handsome, young man with a very athletic physique. Eric was intrigued. He started to walk toward the fence.

David ran up and grabbed Eric’s arm. “What are you doing?”

“Weren’t you the one to say I should loosen up and enjoy my title?”

David smirked, “You won’t go through with it. You don’t have it in you.”

Eric pried David’s thick fingers off his forearm. “Oh, I have it in me. And it’s going to feel really good to get it out.” Both men smiled and tried to read the other’s real thoughts. Eric arched an eyebrow and turned away. He walked toward the fence stopping when he stood directly in front of the high bidder. He scanned the hunk through the fence. With Eric standing so close, the man began to shake. All the other patrons froze in place in awe of Eric’s size and beauty.

“What’s your name?” Eric asked softly not wanting to intimidate the boy any more.


Eric looked at the fresh faced young man. He was the epitome of the beefy, square jawed, Mid-western farm boy. He had golden blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and bright white teeth. The tight jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt he wore showed off his heavily muscled body. “How old are you, Gabriel?”

“21, sir.”

“Why is this so important to you?”

“I have to win the Nationals next month. It’s the fastest way to get my pro card. It’s the most important thing in my life….besides my girlfriend, sir.” He glanced over to where the cars were parked. Eric saw a pretty, young girl sitting on the hood of a jalopy. “I told her we wouldn’t get married until I turned pro. I want to be able to giver her everything she deserves.”

“You have a great build already. You don’t need this.”

Gabriel took a step closer to the fence. “I do need this. I can’t take any chances. I need every advantage. Please, sir. My girl, my best friend and I drove all the way from Iowa to do this. We’ve slept in the car and eaten nothing but protein bars. This is all the money I have.” Eric could see the desperation in the smaller man’s eyes. Eric lowered his head and rubbed his face with both hands. Gabriel became bolder. “I’m here for only one night. And here you are, the King. This was meant to be, sir. Please.”

David couldn’t hear the conversation but he could tell Eric was wavering. He decided to have some fun. He walked up next to Eric. “Come King Eric; show the patrons what you have to offer. I’m sure we can get a higher bid for the cum of a king.” David began to tug up on Eric’s shirt.

Eric resisted. “David, you don’t understand..”

“My, my, it looks like you’re tightening up again. I knew you would chicken out.” David teased.
Eric clenched his jaw and raised his arms over his head. David pulled off his shirt.

There were gasps from the crowd, then they all started to talk at the same time. “Look at his definition,” “His intercostals are amazing.” “Look at the thickness of his pecs,” “He’s got a ten pack.” “He’s so vascular, it look like it hurts.” Eric became embarrassed.

David continued his torture. “Look at this example of the perfected human male. Have you ever seen a bigger, stronger, more masculine man in your life? Before becoming a Blue he was merely a muscle hunk like you good gentleman, but now he’s a God. Flex for the paying customers.” David elbowed Eric in his gut. Eric didn’t move. David looked at Eric, “I’m sure an award winning bodybuilder knows how to pose. Come on big boy, first the double bicep.”

Eric sighed and went into the classic pose. “I’m glad you are enjoying this.”

David reached up and felt Eric’s right arm. “Wow, hard as steel. Look at those super sized arms fellas; 29” of pure power.”

“Holy, shit,” Gabriel muttered.

“Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet my boy.” David looked at Eric. “Side chest pose.” Eric moved into the pose with no enthusiasm. “That’s it flex those huge tits of yours; 71’ of pure beef. Notice how it tapers down to a tight 36” waist.” David tried to pull Eric’s thin skin away from the side of his etched waist. “Not an ounce of fat on him.”

“Is it true he’s the biggest Blue in the world?” One of the patrons asked.

“YessireeBob. He’s the tallest, strongest, most muscular Blue on record. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for one of you. So do I hear another bid? I believe $260 is still on the table.” David looked at Gabriel who shook his head affirmatively with his jaw hanging open.

“$275” someone yelled. “$300” another said.

The older man who paid $10 earlier for a blow job emerged from the back of the crowd, “$350”. The old man wiped the drool from his cracked lips. There was a noticeable bump at his crotch. Eric shook his head in disbelief. The man removed his wallet from his back pocket; he pulled out a wad of cash and held it for all to see. “Shit” Rob whispered, “That’s more money than I made since I’ve gotten here.”

Eric looked at the money, then at the man’s haggard face. It won’t be the first time he lowered his standards to earn a buck. Hell that described 99% of his private sessions. But he didn’t want to do it anymore. It just didn’t feel right. This guy was obviously a muscle queen. Eric detested them. Their constant come ons plagued Eric his entire adult life, even before he was legally an adult. He remembered how they lurked about his competitions and hotel lobby like vultures. They would solicit him unabashedly. He remembered how embarrassed he was when they felt him up and told him how sexy he was in front of his mother. That was the reason he started his business. It put him in control and made them play by his rules.

“We have $350. Any more bids?” David looked over the crowd. “Gentleman, $350 to taste a King?” David reached for Eric’s shorts and pulled them down.

Eric clenched his fist. “I’m going to get you for this.”

“It was your idea.” David turned back to the patrons. “Look at what he’s packing. He hasn’t had sex in days. He spends all his time fighting all challengers using his massively powerful muscles to defeat all other Blues.” David cupped Eric’s package. He lifted it up and down several times. Eric slapped his hand away. “His huge balls are bursting with dense super cum. Gentlemen, imagine how much he’ll spurt. If the regular Blue produces a quarter cup, the king can easily pump out twice that. This is an incredible value surely worth more than a paltry $350.” Everyone is the crowd was now hard. But no one spoke up.

David sighed, “Okay, $350 going once.” Eric saw Gabriel in the back talking to another young man. He was pleading with him. The other guy also looked like a bodybuilder. Eric figured it had to be his best friend he mentioned earlier. “Going twice.” Finally the other man gave Gabriel his money.

Eric slapped the auctioneer on the back, “David, hold up a minute.”

Gabriel pushed his way through the crowd, “$406.39!”

“Sold,” Eric said loudly.

The fat man spoke up. “That’s not fair I didn’t have a chance to make a counter offer.”

“Sorry, but the King has spoken,” David said smugly folding his arms over his chest.

Eric walked over to the sucking station with Gabriel following along. “Here you go.” Gabriel pushed the money through the fence. “You can count it, but I swear it’s all there. It’s all the money we have.”

“Was that guy your best friend?” Eric asked holding the money firmly in one hand.

“Yeah, he’s a builder too. But we agreed that I have a better chance of winning next month. So he gave me his money. I’ll pay him back twice over when I sign my first endorsement deal.” Gabriel said with stars in his eyes. “I know I’ll win now…..with your help of course.”

“I hope so.” Eric felt pressure to make sure Gabriel would win. But he realized there was really nothing he could do. He gestured for Rob to come over. “Here add this to your daughter’s college fund. Sorry it couldn’t be more.”

Rob looked shocked. “Thanks, Eric. That’s really nice of you. Thank you.”

Eric smiled and patted Rob’s shoulder. “Thank Gabriel here.”

Rob nodded to the AJ and walked back to where David still stood. Eric turned his attention back to Gabriel. “I guess we should get started.” Eric pulled down his jock. His thick shaft bounced out and his balls expanded when freed from the tight garment. Gabriel’s jaw dropped open. Eric rubbed his rod with his thumb. He imagined Gabriel in a barn lifting bales of hay. He wore only a cowboy hat, tights jeans and a pair of work gloves. His muscles were pumped from the hard work. The jeans hugged his thick thighs and hard ass. His body glistened with sweat. Eric’s rod began to expand with each pulse of blood. Soon it was parallel to the ground.

“Exactly how big is it?” Gabriel nervously got to his knees.

“Not really sure.” Eric held his manhood in the palm of his hand, “but it doesn’t look that big.” It didn’t look that much bigger than before he became a Blue. Eric took a step forward and inserted his joy stick through the hole.

Gabriel stared at the throbbing, perfectly formed giant penis in front of him. “Maybe not from your angle.” Gabriel wrapped his hand around the King’s scepter. It was hot to the touch. He couldn’t believe how thick it was; there was a gap of several inches between his fingers and thumb. Eric thought Gabriel’s hand looked so small compared to his cock. He forgot his own hands where about twice the size of the average man’s now. Gabriel slowly opened his mouth and moved in closer. He hesitated a few inches away.

“Is something wrong?” Eric asked.

“No.” Gabriel got a little closer and opened his mouth wider to match the size of Eric’s tool. He stopped. “I’ve heard of people’s jaw locking up in situations like this.”

Eric smirked, “Thank you, but I don’t think that will be a problem.” Gabriel tried several more times to take in Eric. It was apparent he wasn’t sure what to do. “Haven’t you ever given a blow job before?” Gabriel shook his head no. “Okay.” Eric rubbed his head. “Well, I’m guessing a guy that looks like you has received more than his fair share?”

Gabriel looked over his shoulder to his girlfriend and best friend. He whispered, “Yeah, but only twice. It was Paul. We were in the gym after hours all pumped from a workout. It just kind of happened.”

“What about your girl?”

“She doesn’t know about Paul.”

“I mean she’s giving you head.”

“Oh, yeah. All the time. She’s really good at it.” Gabriel said more freely. “Hey, maybe she can help.” Gabriel looked at Eric’s manhood again. “On second thought, it may be better if she didn’t get too close to you. I mean I can’t compete with that.”

“Okay, okay.” Eric was regretting his decision more and more. “Why don’t you pretend that it’s a Popsicle, it’s a warm day and have to keep it from melting.” Gabriel steadied his nerves. He had to do it. He had come this far. He closed his eyes and did as Eric instructed. “That’s it, wrap your lips around it and glide up and down. Oh, yeah. That’s good. Now faster. Faster.” Eric’s cock grew even larger as he watched the blonde hunk swallow his rod. Gabriel started to gag.

Gabriel pulled back, “I can’t, I’m sorry. You’re too big. I’m scared.”

Eric looked down at his tool. Could it really be too big? “Fine, did you bring a cooler? Is it okay if we do the doggy bag thing instead or do you want your money back?”

“No, please. I need your…stuff. A doggie bag will be perfect. Thank you, I really appreciate it. I know it’s more potent if taken directly from the source, but I…again I’m very sorry.” Gabriel waved to Paul. “Bring me the cooler. Quickly!”

David and the other Blues were watching the performance of their leader. Eric pulled out from the hole, his cock still fully pumped. “Uh oh, the kid choked….literally.”

“Shit, I don’t think any AJ can. Look at the size of that thing.” Rob said to David.

“It’s good to be King.” David smirked.

“Damn right. Long live the King.” Rob joked.

“Yeah, really, really, long.” David added. Both men laughed as did the other Blues who overheard their conversation. Eric heard the laughter and looked in their direction. He realized everyone was still watching his every move. Suddenly he became very subconscious about his appearance. He tried to cover himself with his hands. His clumsy attempt only made David laugh louder. Eric gave him a stern look. David turned away, but his body shook as he continued to laugh.

Paul came running over. Once his eyes locked onto Eric’s cock, “Gabe, I’ll do it if you can’t.”

Gabriel pulled a gallon size bag from Paul’s back pocket. “No it’s okay. He’s going to give us a doggy bag. That way we can ration it out between the two of us until the contest.” Paul looked disappointed. Gabriel slid open the large bag and removed several smaller bags. He pushed one of the little bags through the hole in the fence. Eric took it and held it up. The sandwich bag looked tiny in his hand. Eric looked at it, looked down at his cock, and then at Paul, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Sorry,” Paul said before rolling up the larger bag and pushing it through the hole.

Eric took the bag and looked around. He decided to get some privacy and started to walk toward his former hiding place. David figured out what he was doing. “Do you need a helping hand there Elsie?”

Eric didn’t turn around or change his pace as he yelled, “Go to hell, David.” All the Blues laughed. After Eric disappeared from view most of the patrons started to leave. They needed to clean themselves up; they soiled their underwear as they watched the hunky blonde bodybuilder attempt to suck off the awesome King. It was hotter than any gay porn they had ever seen. The few remaining patrons started to make deals with the other Blues. They kept their prices low. After seeing Eric the others looked less worthy. Soon everyone began to lose interest. The crowds on both sides of the fence thinned. After about twenty five minutes, Eric reappeared. His equipment had returned to its tight jock. His body shone in the moonlight. His hair was matted with sweat. He carried the bag in one hand. It had more than a quart of semen inside. He rolled up the bag and slid it through the fence. “This should be enough for the both of you.”

Gabriel gingerly glided it through. “Careful, don’t tear it on the fence,” Paul whispered. Once safely on the other side, both men cradled it in their hands. “It’s still warm.”

“Dude, this is primo stuff; the best in the world. This is worth more than its weight in gold.” The two bodybuilders became giddy. “We are going to pack on so much muscle, we’ll rule the nationals.” The slowly put the bag in the cooler with the dry ice. They stood up and looked at Eric. “Thank you, sir. This means more to us than you will ever know.”

Eric waved his hand to say goodbye. “Good luck, boys.”

Eric walked toward David and Rob. David moved forward as he began to applaud, the other Blues who were further back joined in. Eric nodded to them shyly. David handed him his clothes. “That was very nice of you, if not incredibly awkward and embarrassing. All in all, a very entertaining performance.”

“I’m glad you had a good laugh at my expense.” Eric put his shirt on first, then stepped into his shorts. His face tightened as he adjusted his package in the form fitting garment.

David reached up and pushed Eric’s wet hair off his face. “You okay?” Eric nodded. “How many times did you, uhmm?”

“Seven,” Eric said calmly.

“Wow, you may hold another Blue record.”

Eric waved to the remaining Blues, “Good night guys.” He started to walk away from the sucking station with David and Rob. “I’m so thirsty.”

“I’m not surprised. You’re about a quart low.” An idea formed in David’s mind. “I know a place.” He pulled on Eric’s arm to make him change direction. They approached the cafeteria. Dance music became louder the closer they got.

Eric stopped. “I don’t know about this. I’m not in the mood…”

“I thought you were the new loose and fun King.” David teased. Eric sighed and moved closer. Rob didn’t follow. Eric turned back, “Aren’t you coming?”

Rob smiled. “It’s not really my scene. I’m going to head back to my tent.” Rob held up the money in his hand. “Thanks again for everything, Eric.”

Eric waved, “Good night, Rob.”

Eric entered the cafeteria with David pulling him along. All the tables and chairs had been pushed to one side of the large space. The remaining floor space was packed with dancing, shirtless men. The music was loud and the room was only illuminated by spinning globes and strobe lights. Eric leaned into David. He put his mouth near the shorter man’s ear and spoke loudly to make sure he was heard. “This is something. I guess it’s true, where ever there’s a couple of queers you’ll find a disco.”

David smiled as he moved to the beat. “No, where you find a couple of queers you’ll find an orgy. It takes at least eight fags to get a party started.” David pointed to a makeshift bar. They moved toward it. The crowd parted as the King approached. Everyone smiled at him as he passed. Eric returned the gesture. “Rum and diet Coke,” David said to the bartender.

“Diet Coke?” Eric asked.

“Force of habit,” David responded.

The bartender looked at Eric. “Club soda, the largest you have.” David gave Eric a sad look. “I’m not a boozer. Plus you know how much we would have to drink before we even got a buzz. What’s the point?”

“As I said, force of habit.”

The bartender brought over their drinks; a tumbler for David and a large bottle for Eric. Eric laughed and thanked the man. “Don’t we have to pay for this?” he asked David.

“Not members of the House. It’s one of the perks.”

Eric emptied the bottle in a couple gulps. He looked around the room. He saw Tethon in the center of dance floor. David noticed Eric’s focus. “Did you love him?”

“I thought I did.”

“It amazes me how it only takes a second to fall in love, but a lifetime to get over it.”

“Oh, I’m over him. I don’t think it’s possible to be in love with two people at the same time; despite all the romance novels written to the contrary.”

David reacted quickly to Eric’s confession, “Who are you in love with now?”

Eric hesitated for a moment. His eyes darted around the room before falling back onto David. He gave him a wicked smile, “Me of course. I mean look at me. I’m the King”

David gave him a look of disbelief. “Uhuh.” Even though he had every right to be, Eric was the least narcissistic man he knew.

Eric gestured to the bartender for another bottle of water. He then scanned the room of half naked men grinding their bodies into each other. Lined up along one wall were men making out. “What does the military say about this?” Eric asked

“It’s the wonderful, don’t ask, don’t tell concept. The room is officially booked for a music appreciation class.” David said going along with Eric’s attempt to change the subject. The song changed to one of David’s favorites. “Finally some real music.” He grabbed Eric’s hand and pulled him on to the dance floor. Eric playfully resisted. David walked backwards to maintain eye contact with him. Eric shook his head no with a huge grin. “You have to, it’s Erasure. It’s in the gay handbook.”

“My copy only mentions Cher and Madonna?”

“I’m talking the international version.” David began to mouth along with the song’s lyrics.

I want it all.

Eric and David stopped in the middle of the floor. The beat quickened and the DJ raised the volume. David began to dance. Eric just bounced his knees slightly.

As the means of release
Pick up my little pieces of heaven
‘tis a social disease when I cry
As you head for the door
I want it all, you can take it or leave it

David’s movements became more and more free. Eric was amazed how well he could dance. He couldn’t take his eyes off him.

With the light coming in
My desire to give in runs away with me
If I’m not good enough and my love is too much
Then forget it
Now I am strong

David and all the other Blues, besides Eric, flexed their biceps at the line. Eric found it extremely amusing. He began to laugh hysterically.

Carry me home
You can take it or leave it.

As the song’s chorus began, Eric started to loosen up. He raised his arms and did the “raise the roof” gesture. It was David’s turn to laugh hysterically.

God help me but forgive my true intention
It hurts me but I’ve nowhere left to run
All this time still falling out of love

Everyone was on the dance floor now. The entire mob moved in unison. The temperature of the room was rising by the second from the Blue’s body heat. Their massive, sweat slicked shoulders rubbed up against one another. David removed his shirt.

As we cut to the thrust
This could well be the year of decision
Do you know what I mean?

Like a song spinning round in my head
Now that I am strong

Eric joined the group’s gun show this time.

Carry me home
You can take it or leave it

As the chorus started a second time, Eric could feel all the tension leaving his body. He forgot what it was like to just let go. David was right, he did need to loosen up and enjoy life. He began to sing along and move his body more freely. He pulled off his shirt and twirled it above his head.

God help me but forgive my true intention
It hurts me but I’ve nowhere left to run
All this time still falling out of love

The music released David too. During the bridge he turned his back on his dancing partner and slithered against him.

I want it all, give me it all
I want it all, give me it all

David’s pushed his ass up against Eric’s crotch. Eric didn’t seem to mind. He put his hands on David’s hips and pulled him in deeper. As the song entered its frenzied finale, David turned to face Eric again. He wrapped his arms around the taller man’s neck and pulled him close. They looked deep into each other’s eyes as their bodies gyrated to the beat. As the song faded, the reality of what they were doing sunk in. The DJ announced it was the last dance. He put on David Bowie’s Major Tom.

Eric stood tall forcing David to remove his arms. “The DJ’s got a sick sense of humor.”

“Yeah, it helps around here.” David said running his fingers through his thick blonde locks.

“Man, it’s hot in here. Do you mind if we leave?” Eric pointed toward the door.

“No, It’s getting late.” David walked toward the door. Eric casually adjusted his package before following him outside. The two walked in silence to Eric’s trailer. They stood for a moment avoiding eye contact.

David leaned up against the trailer. He put his arms behind him and flexed his pecs, “That was fun. You’re a good dancer.”

“No, I’m not.” Eric looked at David, “but you are.” His eyes went to the blonde’s pulsating chest momentarily. He grinned. “I’m not surprised. Short guys usually are the best dancers. I think it’s your lower center of gravity.”

“What a jerk you can be,” David said with a smile.

“That’s no way to speak to your King, naïve.” Eric spoke in a deeper than normal voice.

David laughed. “I’m glad you got to see more of your kingdom tonight. Things not listed in the official reports we get in the meetings.”

“It’s a whole other world. It’s like a queer version of Hogan’s Heroes.” Eric joked.

“Please everybody knows Stalag 17 was a den of homo activity. That hunky DickDawson was giving it to the little French guy. And the one without the chin was obviously the black guy’s bitch. And don’t get me started about that bear, Shultz.”

“You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this.”

“Can’t help it. I was addicted to TV Land back home.”

“Really, me too. My favorite is the Andy Griffith Show.”

“Mine too, wow.” David shuffled his feet. “Won’t it be great if everybody had a father like that? He wouldn’t kick Opie out of the house if he learned he was gay.” David realized he may have revealed too much about himself.

“No, he wouldn’t.” Eric could see the discomfort in David. “But Aunt Bea, that’s another story. She was definitely a card carrying Republican.” David laughed. Eric noticed David flexing his pecs again. “Are you okay? Are you cold?”

“I’m fine. Why?” David asked.

“You seem to be having muscle spasms or something.” Eric pointed to David’s chest.

“They’re not spasms, I flexing them to make you notice them. I’ve been told I have an incredible chest by many, many men. Even for a Blue, its better developed than most. The word spectacular has been used more than once to describe these puppies.” David grabbed his granite slabs. Eric just laughed. “That’s it; I’m done trying to win you over. What is it, because I’m a blonde? I don’t have the exotic look of your last lover, Sitting Bullshit. You had no problem getting it up for that AJ. Or maybe if a glued a fucking bath mat to my chest you would find me attractive. It was obvious you were turned on by that feta eating Sasquatch.”

“You’re jealous of Rob?” Eric said between laughs.

“Laugh it up, big boy. Enjoy spending the few last nights on Earth alone. Mark my words, you’ll regret passing on me. I’m one hell of a catch. I’m worth noticing. I’m a real…”

Eric grabbed David and kissed him passionately. The kiss went on for what seemed like hours. The men sunk into each other, their limbs entwined, their hearts pounding in unison. Eric finally pulled away from David. “Now do you believe that I’ve noticed you.” David was stunned and breathless. He nodded his head yes. Eric pulled David back into his arms. He hugged him tightly. “I started to fall for you the moment I laid eyes on you. You weren’t like any other man I’ve ever met. I’m sorry if I hurt you. I thought it would be better not to get involved with what’s about to happen. We have only a short time left here. I didn’t want to complicate things even more.”

“You are such an idiot,” David pulled away from Eric. Eric looked shocked. “The fact we have so little time together means we shouldn’t waste of moment of it. You are unlike anyone I’ve ever met either. A second hasn’t gone by since you stepped off the bus that I haven’t thought about you. I want to be with you. I want to fall madly, deeply, passionately in love with you. I want to hold on to that memory as I’m taken away from everything I know. I want you to be the last thing I picture in my mind when I close my eyes for the last time. I want”

They kissed again; harder. Eric finally held nothing back. He tightened his arms around the smaller man. David turned his head away. “Go easy, your majesty. Remember, how much stronger you are than this short guy.”

Eric took a step back. He saw the small staircase that led up to his trailer door. He grabbed David by the shoulders and placed him on the top stair. David was now several inches taller than Eric. “Better?” David smiled. The two kissed again more gently. Eric allowed David to control their movements. He pushed David away pretending to find it difficult to do. Eric said with a straight face. “Everything is moving so fast. Maybe we should call it a night.” He held out his hand.

“What, are you joking?” David gave him a strange look. Eric’s expression didn’t change. He just raised his hand higher. David shook his head before taking Eric’s hand.

Eric’s face became contorted. Eric fell to one knee. He looked up at David, “Please, I didn’t mean to make you angry. I beg of you to stop, your crushing my hand.”

It took a minute for David to figure out what Eric was doing. “Ha, ha. Very funny, Eric.”

Eric spoke with a clenched jaw. “I can’t believe you think it’s funny to torture me with your superior strength.”

David tried to free his hand, but Eric held it in place. “Okay, you can get up now.” David stepped down from the staircase.

“Yes sir; whatever you say.” Eric got on his feet but kept his body bent to remain shorter than David. He twisted his arm and turned around to make it look like David had him in an arm lock. Eric threw himself up against the trailer. “Ow, please, you’re going to break it.”

“Your arm is so thick you can hardly get it behind you.” David said calmly.

“My arms are like withered twigs compared to your massively thick limbs of power. And your chest is a magnificent plateau of steely muscle and unbeatable strength.”

David started to get hard from Eric’s charade. “Go on,” he pulled up on Eric’s arm, “weakling.”

“Your abs look like their sculpted of granite; your legs formed from the world’s hardest marble. You look more like a God, than a man. You even have the strength of a God. Hercules has nothing on you, sir.”

David pulled up harder on Eric’s arm. “Please sir, stop. I beg of you.” David released Eric’s arm and twisted Eric’s around to face him. Eric kept his knees bent to make himself below David’s eye level. Eric had a scared look on his face. “What are you going to do to me next, sir? You are so much stronger than me you can do whatever you want and I couldn’t stop you. I’m helpless against you.”

David leaned in and kissed Eric gently. He whispered softly, “Thank you. Something tells me this isn’t the first time you’ve done this.” Eric smiled back. David’s face became sharper, “Now get inside and strip. I want you naked and in bed in ten seconds. Do you hear me, shorty?”

“Yes, sir.” Eric scurried inside the trailer has fast as he could. David took a deep breath. He stuck his hand inside his jock to free his rigid rod. He slowly climbed the staircase. He spoke loudly and sternly, “10, 9, 8, 7….”

Eric opened his eyes. He blinked several times quickly as he adjusted to the morning light filling his small trailer. He stretched his massive body, his long arm slammed into the wall to his right. “Shit” he whispered. He realized he wasn’t alone as David rolled away from him. Eric smiled and rolled over to spoon his companion. Eric’s hand found its way to David’s morning wood. He squeezed it firmly, then ran his thumb along David’s fifth impressive limb.

“Good morning to you too!” David mumbled without opening his eyes. Eric began to stroke David’s beef stick and kiss his shoulder. David put his hand on top of Eric’s. “Don’t get me wrong, big guy. Obviously, my supped-up body is more than willing, but I’m not really a morning person, if you know what I mean.”

Eric let go of David’s sturdy rod. “Sure, sorry.” Eric wrapped his arm around David’s waist and pulled him closer. “We can just snuggle.” Eric rested his head on top of the smaller man’s shoulder. Eric hand found it way to David’s beefy chest. He cupped the thick cushion of muscle and squeezed. He began to gently tweak his left nipple.

David pulled Eric’s hand away. “You can squeeze them all you want, but I’m not going to produce more coins.”

“Sorry, I can’t help myself. You have the best muscle tits I’ve ever felt.” Eric loosened his grip. “Thank you for doing that for me by the way.”

“Hell, that was nothing compared to your performance. It was Oscar worthy.”

“I enjoyed it. I never kissed a man who was taller than me before.”

“And how about letting me overpower you.” David grabbed Eric’s hand and forced his fingers backwards.

“Oww, you enjoyed that a little too much. I think you permanently damaged my shoulder with that hammerlock of yours.” Eric moved his arm to rotate his shoulder. David moved and kissed it. “A miracle, it’s all better now.” Eric hugged David tighter. “I don’t know why that’s an issue for you. It’s not like I’m that much stronger than you anyway.”

“Liar, I’ve read your test results and I’ve seen how you taken down all your challengers like they were little boys. You’re a real superman among us wannabees.”

“I don’t know about that.” Eric pulled David closer to him. “I don’t want to talk anymore. Let’s just enjoy our last few minutes together.”

The two lied in silence for several minutes. “Listen lover, I can’t sleep with your monster dick pressing up against my ass crack. It’s a bit distracting.” David joked.

“I’m sorry. It’s not hard. I wasn’t trying to force you to do anything.”

David smirked, “I know. Even limp, it’s like a bull in a china shop, bumping into everything.”

“Sorry,” Eric moved his hips farther away from David. “Better?”

“Yeah, but your beard stubble is rubbing my shoulder raw.”

“Sorry,” Eric pulled his head back behind David’s. After a few minutes, David sighed. “What now?” Eric asked in a sarcastic tone.

“It’s just we’re in a tin can in the middle of the desert. Both of us have bodies that give off enough heat to grill steaks on our abs. I’m a little warm with you wrapped around me.”

“Christ, I can’t do anything right” Eric rolled over onto his back.

David rolled onto his back too. “You do everything right that matters, Eric.”

Eric looked at David. “Are you sure? We did all the things you wanted? You were satisfied?”

“Yes. Many, many times. Couldn’t you tell? We’ve barely left this trailer in three days. We’ve done every sexual position possible for two people with matching parts.” David turned to see the real concern in Eric’s eyes. “Don’t you believe me?”

“Yes, of course,” Eric looked up at the ceiling. “But you would tell me if you weren’t happy?”

David rolled onto his side. “What’s going on with you? You can’t be insecure about your sexual prowess.” David ran his hand over Eric’s mountainous chest. “I guy who looks like you shouldn’t be worried about his performance.”

Eric put a hand behind his head to tilt his body toward David. “Someone once told me I was a selfish lover. I don’t want to be with you.” Eric brought David’s hand to his mouth and he gently kissed it. “I really like you.”

“You are not selfish; in bed or any where else.”

“And I’m not too big. I mean I didn’t hurt you or anything.”

“Is this because of what happened at the sucking station?” Eric looked away. David moved his hand down to Eric’s meat. “You may be too big for an AJ; but in the queer Blue yonder there’s no such thing as too big.” David pulled his hand away. “And I really, really like you too.”


David gave Eric a shocked look, “Why? Look at you.” Eric turned his head away again. David could see the hurt in Eric’s eyes. David ran his fingers gently over Eric’s perfect face. “Yes, look at you, lying there. The most physically perfect man in the world, and yet you are worried if I’m happy. I’ve only known you a little more than a week, but I’ve got to know the real EricHeitz. I’ve seen the way you’ve handled your role here at the camp. Most people would have become egomaniacs if they held the position you do. But you avoid conflict and try to give all challengers an honorable way out before you fight. Everyone respects you, everyone. We all know the right man is in the top position.” David laid his head on Eric’s chest. “Besides being ridiculously gorgeous, you’re kind, thoughtful and generous. Your heart, thumping away behind all this beautiful muscle, is your most attractive body part.” Eric rubbed David’s back and kissed the top of his head. “Now do me. Why do you like me?”

Eric chuckled, “Because you make me laugh.” Eric gave David a squeeze. “And I’ve seen how you’ve made a difference here. I don’t know how you and the other House members have done it. We are to be sacrificed to have some alien society by our own government but everyone is calm and oddly upbeat. True, we came here at our own volition, but still it’s a miracle there hasn’t been total mayhem. We’ve all come together in a relatively orderly manner to face the unknown. I’m a Johnny come lately, it’s your leadership and spirit that’s made it possible.”

“Thanks, but I think it’s because, unlike you, we weren’t born physically superior to other men. This is a new experience for us.” Eric laughed. “I’m not joking. Before all this you were still a 26 on a scale from 1 to 10. Now you’re a 96.”

“Wow, a 96!” Eric mocked.

“Yes and I’m a 52.”

“I’ll say 47 and a half, tops.” David moved his hand to Eric’s king size balls and squeezed them roughly. “Ouch, okay, okay. I’ve reconsidered, you’re definitely a 97 and a half.”

David let go of Eric’s twin ostrich eggs. “Thank you, you’re too kind. Anyway as I was saying, the rest of us didn’t become what we are to die in some other worldly hell hole. We are destined for something bigger. There’s got to be more to it. There’s just got to be.”

“Always the optimist, another thing I love about you.” Eric kissed the top of David’s head again. David tilted his head to face Eric. They kissed each other on the lips. David rested his head on Eric’s chest again. This time he could see the clock on the night stand.

“Damn, it’s getting late. We’ve got a special committee meeting in twenty minutes.” David jumped out of bed and searched for his clothes. “I’ve got to get a shower and some clean clothes.” He pulled on a jock he found on the floor. It was baggy on him. “It must be yours.” David pulled it off and found a smaller one. It fit him snuggly. He pulled on his shorts and held his shirt in one hand as he stepped into his sandals. He knelt on the bed and kissed Eric again. “Thank you for making what could be my last night on Earth, my best. Thanks for the memory.”

Eric grabbed David’s arm and pulled him back. Eric kissed David hard and long. He held him in place with a hand on the back of his head. He let go, but kept his face only a few inches away.

“Thank you.”

David smiled and licked his lips. “I’ll see you later.” Eric nodded. David got up and headed toward the door. As he opened it, General Stalsworth was standing there. He was the military man in charge of the camp. “Good morning, General.”

The general scanned David’s half nude body, “Good morning, Mr.Hamilton. Is Mr.Heitz inside?”

“Yes.” David turned his head back toward the open door. “Eric, Colonel Klink to see you. Put away all your homosexual paraphernalia.” He then smiled at the army man. “Go on in, sir.”

General Stalsworth showed little emotion as he watched David walk away. He entered the trailer’s small living room. Eric entered from the bedroom nude. “What did you say, David?”

Eric froze when he saw the general. The older man’s eyes quickly darted to Eric’s crotch. “General.” Eric fought the impulse to salute. “What can I do for you?”

“I would like to talk to you, Mr.Heitz,” the general said returning his eyes to Eric’s face.

“Of course, please have a seat.” Eric gestured to the sofa behind his visitor. Eric was so used to being around other Blues, he forgot how much bigger he was than the average man. The general, who must have been quite a hunk in his younger days, looked down right puny.

The general sat down on the small built-in sofa. Eric followed behind still standing. “Can I get you something to drink, coffee? I know I can use some.” The general’s eyes went to Eric’s crotch again and he coughed. Eric scanned his body. “Oh shit, sorry. Please excuse me while I go put something on.” The general watched Eric walk into the bedroom.

The General stood up and briefly adjusted himself before quickly sitting down again. “Now I understand why you hold the number 1 rank. You’re one big man.” The general cleared his throat again. “Er, by big man, I don’t mean big in the sense of any particular body part, I meant your overall size…… I hear you’re the tallest Blue on record, 6’ 10”.”

Eric returned pulling his shirt down over his waist, “I know what you meant, sir. Did you decide on the coffee?” The general nodded yes. Eric began to prepare the coffee maker.

The general stared at Eric. “I understand you can squat over a ton.” Eric looked at the general and smiled. “And run a mile under 3 minutes without getting winded?”

“Obviously you’ve read the test results, so you know it’s true.”

“Amazing; strength, speed and stamina.” The general removed his hat and ran his hand over his silver hair. “Those damn aliens got one thing right. If I had an army of men like you, I could take down any enemy.”

“Thanks?” Eric said with a glance toward the officer.

“All the technology in the world doesn’t win a war, young man. It’s the foot soldiers on the ground that determines the outcome of modern warfare. We learned that in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. I tried telling that to the bleeding hearts at the Pentagon before they agreed to this allocation process.”

“The Lorian weapon was pretty impressive; far more destructive than anything we currently have. And the Lorians looked just has strong as us Blues. After all they created us.” Eric walked over and sat down across from his guest. His frame filled the loveseat.

“Yes, we hope you are on par with them physically. Everyday more and more Earth boys are becoming Blues. If they went through this complicated and risky process of creating you and are coming light years to get more troops, it reasons they must be hurting for soldiers.” Eric nodded. “So that is a weakness. If he could get their technology, we could level the playing field and possibly defeat them.”

“Defeat them?” Eric leaned forward. “Are you planning on going to war with the Lorians?”

The general didn’t answer right away. Eric could see he was figuring out how much to say to the civilian. “No one wants to see a war develop; especially with an unknown enemy. But we can not let them take our people without some retribution. What is to stop them from doing it forever? You are human beings not disposable soldiers.”

Eric leaned back, “That’s good to hear. But why are you telling me this?”

“We need you to help us today. When the Lorians come to collect you, we would like Chad Burns to be recognized as the leader of the camp. We think the leader will have more access to the information that we need; information to help us turn their technology against them.” The general said sternly.

“Chad Burns, so he is one of you.”

“We have been working with Chad for several weeks, even before the Lorians made contact. We saw the potential of Blues, as did every other country with a military. We sought out Blues who fit a particular psychological profile.”

“I guess I don’t fit that profile,” Eric said with a raised eyebrow.

“You became a Blue rather late to be a part of our plan. But no, your lifestyle doesn’t fit within established military guidelines Mr.Heitz or should I say Mr.Olympus.”

Eric folded his arms over his chest, “You know Chad is gay too.”

“Yes we know Chad has experimented with different sexual partners. He is young and confused.”

“Is that what you think homosexuals are, confused?”

“Chad has authority figure issues. He will greatly benefit from the structured life the military provides.”

“You mean he needs to be told what to do. He can be easily controlled.” The two men stared at each other in silence. The coffee maker began to sputter as it finished its cycle. “Coffee’s ready.” Eric got up and went to the kitchen area. He poured the brew into two mugs. “I use more coffee than recommended. It might be stronger than you usually take it. Cream or sugar?”

“I’m sure it’s fine. I like it strong, hot, and black.”

Eric laughed to himself. He set one mug down next to the general before returning to his seat. After taking a sip he spoke, “I won’t stand in the way of the government’s plan. I have no problem with Chad taking over the top spot. It’s not something I covet anyway. I don’t know how everyone else will react though.”

“Please don’t tell anyone what we’ve discussed. By the time they find out, it will be too late. As their real leader, they’ll look to you to see how you react. You stay calm, they’ll stay calm. As a leader of men, that’s something I’ve learned. And from what I’ve heard, you are a natural leader. These men respect you.” Eric considered the general’s assessment a real compliment. The general took a swig of his coffee. “Well, I think we understand one another.” He stood up and held out his hand, “On behalf of the Untied States government, I thank you for your cooperation.”

Eric stood. His massive figure was only inches from the smaller man in the confined space. His hand overwhelmed the general’s as they shook. “Damn, what I could do with a regiment of you.” Eric let go and put his hands behind him. The officer moved to the door. “Good luck, Mr.Heitz.” With his official visitor gone, Eric sat down and finished his coffee. He wanted to be optimistic like David, but a feeling of sadness crept over him.

All 10,000 Blues were lined up in neat rows outside the camp on a dried lake bed. They looked magnificent in their matching uniforms in the bright sunlight. Their nearly identical size and shape made it difficult to distinguish one individual from the next. The unimaginable fighting force they represented made the military onlookers salivate.

All eyes looked up as a huge object came into view. The size of the flying ship couldn’t be comprehended from a distance. Silently it loomed closer. It was the size of several aircraft carriers. It’s smooth, oval shape showed no signs of propulsion. As it hovered over the men, the surrounding air remained still. It floated to the front of the waiting troops. A large bay door morphed from the ship’s surface and slowly lowered. The door hit the dry ground causing debris to be scattered about for the first time.

A powerful looking Lorian emerged from the dark interior and slowly descended the ramp-like door. He moved as if under water. The house members were at the front and center of the battalion. David leaned over to Eric, “No wonder they live so long. They move like tortoises.”

The Lorian stopped when he reached edge of the ramp. The projected image of the alien appeared on the ship’s surface, like a giant television screen. The same image was being shown all around the world, on every operating television. The Lorian touched a small round pin on his tight fitting uniform. “Greetings, my name is Mer913. I am the captain of this transport vessel and will be your commander on this flight.” The aliens’ voice appeared to be translated into various Earth languages simultaneously, but each man could hear his native tongue clearly in the cacophony of sound. The volume was loud enough for all, but was not overwhelming for those closest to the craft. “This ship is capable of holding all of you. Despite its massive size, I am able to operate it with only a crew of six. This is possible due to our advanced technology. Each of you will be assigned a chamber that can accommodate all your physical requirements.” The image of a honeycomb like chamber appeared on the screen. “Once assigned a chamber you will be quarantined there for the duration of the trip while your physical condition is assessed. That assessment will determine your assigned duties in the Lorian forces.” As Mer913 spoke, beams of light from the ship began to systematically scan the men. “At this moment all across your planet, similar ships are at other pick up sites.” Ten different images appeared all over the ship showing the different camps. “This historical cooperation between our two planets is the first of many that will mutually benefit us. I ask that the leader among you now come forward as your representative.” A beam of colored light shown down on Eric, but he did not move. Chad, who was standing further down the front row, stepped forward and walked up the ramp to Mer913’s side. The alien seemed slightly confused. He looked at Eric then at Chad. All the men turned to look in Eric’s direction, as did David and Mark who were standing on either side of him. Eric kept his eyes forward and showed no emotion.

On the screens, a Blue appeared next to his transport ship’s captain at all the locations. “We have made you superior to other Earth men. This is to enable you to serve our planet at nearly the level of a Lorian. While we have raised your physical limitations the best we could, we have to address your mental limitations.” Mer913 removed a cylindrical object from his belt and held it up to back Chad’s head. With a quick jerk, a small device was shot into the base of Chad’s skull. All the men gasped and began to fall out of formation. “There is no reason for concern. This device helps clear the mind of all unnecessary thoughts allowing you to follow orders more precisely. It causes no pain.” Mer913 turned to Chad. “Do you feel any discomfort?”

Chad had a blank expression, he spoke calmly. “No, sir. I feel nothing. I wait for your instructions.”

Several other Lorian’s appeared from inside the ship. Each had a large box levitating next to them. “As you enter the vessel, we will apply the implant. It will also serve as your identification and help you deal with the rigors of space fight which you are unaccustomed.” The Blues became more anxious. The nearby men all looked at Eric for leadership. Some men called out his name and asked what to do. Eric’s mind was spinning. He kept looking forward watching the Lorian’s descending the ramp. One of them appeared to be having trouble with his box which held the implants. It wasn’t levitating properly like the others. The Lorian tried to push it box but was unable to.

Mer913 noticed the men looking at Eric. His scan of the Earthlings showed he was the superior one, not Chad. Mer913 pointed to him and gestured for him to come forward. Eric looked at David. He could see the fear in his eyes. Eric walked up the ramp. As he approached, the alien with the damaged box walked from the opposite direction. Eric couldn’t believe how muscular the Lorian’s looked. They might have more muscle mass than even he did. But somehow their skin made them look smoother, softer. Mer913 hit the pin on his chest. As the two Lorian’s conversed, their words were still translated but not broadcast. Only Eric and Chad could hear the words. “Captain, my cargo transport is inoperative. It could be due with the planet’s stronger than anticipated gravity. Everything is twice as heavy on this planet as on Loria. I can not move it into position.”

“We need to get these Earthlings implanted as soon as possible. The virus must have mutated. The preliminary scan indicates their muscles are denser than we expected. They are stronger than we intended. They will be more difficult to control than the other species we’ve conquered. Have the implanted alien help you. Do it quickly.” Mer913 said pointing to Chad.

“Come with me,” the subordinate alien ordered. Chad followed him to the large trunk. Eric watched as Chad wrapped his arms around one side of the box, while the Lorian went to grab the other side. Chad lifted it off the ramp’s surface before the Lorian could get a grip. He seemed to have no problem with the weight. Could Chad be that much stronger than the larger alien? How was that possible? Could Earth’s more powerful gravity be the answer?

Mer913 touched his pin again and began to speak to the crowd. “You look to this human for guidance. Lorians will guide you now.”

Eric looked at David again. David forced a smile but a tear ran down his cheek. Mer913 placed the device at the base of Eric’s skull. David mouthed “goodbye”. Eric’s face turned angry, he screamed, “No.” With a quick jerk Eric elbowed Mer913’s in the face. Mer913 stumbled backwards. Eric grabbed his arm and tried to make him to drop the implant device. Eric felt the alien’s arm snap. A piece of black bone ripped through his blue skin. A clear thick substance oozed from the wound. Mer913 made a sorrowful yelp. Every being on the planet froze. They were shocked by what was happening in front of them. “Shit, I wasn’t even trying to break it.” Eric said out loud. He could hear his voice being broadcast. Mer913’s pin must have picked up his voice. Eric turned around to face the other Blues. He grabbed the back of Mer913’s clothing and lifted him in the air with just one arm. He screamed, “Blues, we are stronger than they are; much stronger. It’s time to show them no one or nothing controls a human.”

The other men rushed up the ramp led by David and Mark. They overpowered the other five Lorians holding them down on the floor of the vessel. Eric looked at the screens surrounding him. The same thing was happening at the other nine landing sites. The tables had turned; the Earthlings had conquered the invaders. The military arrived within seconds, along with government scientist. They took control of the aliens and the space ship. David fought his way through the chaos to get to Eric. He threw his arms around him. They kissed passionately.

General Stalsworth walked up the ramp toward the hulking couple. “I know it wasn’t as you planned, General. But you’ll get your access to their technology.”

The general held out his hand. The two shook. “Good job, son. It’s like I told you before, you are a natural leader. If I had a regiment of men like you there be no stopping us.”

“Look around, sir. You do.”

This is SNS Prime Time News and I’m TrevorBauers. The United Nations has released more details on the newly formed United Earth’s Defense Force. The UED Force will be made up entirely of Blues. They physical superiority makes them ideal for the rigors of space travel. Almost all Blues who were in the ten encampments have volunteered to join the squad. The UN has only turned away Blues under the age of 18. Eric Heitz, the former leader of the North American Blue encampment, has been given the rank of general. General Heitz became a world wide hero when his takeover of the Lorian space craft was televised around the globe two months ago. With Heitz at the helm, the UED Force will be our first line of defense against any future intergalactic threats.

The UN has overseen the multinational military team analyzing the captured space craft and crew. The aliens have been very forthcoming with information. The crew was made up of mostly administrative and low ranking members of the Lorian military. The operation to pick up the mutated Earthlings was considered a low risk task by the Lorian officials. The crew members were unable to contact their leaders before their capture. So we should have several months until more Lorian vessels will arrive at Earth.

Scientists were able to decode the Lorian language in only hours. The ships electronic files have all been deciphered. Lockheed has been awarded the contract to use the Lorian technology to create our own space craft and weapons. They will concentrate first on retrofitting the Lorian crafts for our UED Force. The squad has been training on the ships and will start orbiting the planet by the end of the month. The UN will be holding weekly press conferences to discuss the progress made on the Lorian threat each Thursday at 1pm Eastern Time. SNS will carry all the press conference live.

People are still amazed that the men created by the Lorians were the ones who defeated them. According to the ships’ databases, it appears that humans are among the sturdiest species the Lorians have encountered. Scientists believe the Blue Dust virus may have mutated when the meteorite carrying it passed too close to our sun. The mutation caused by the radiation given off by the sun during a particularly active solar flare cycle. It may have further mutated as it developed within its hosts. These combined factors made the human men who became Blues much more powerful than they planned. I guess they were never warned about playing God.

Chad Burns, one of the Blues who were injected with the Lorian mind control device remains in critical condition. Scientists had hoped the Blues remarkable healing abilities would help him recover from the surgery to remove the object. But so far he remains in a coma. Doctors think the super enzyme may not be effective on brain tissue as it is on other parts of the body. There are no plans at this time to remove the implant from the other nine Blues.

In other Blue news, the first Blue child was born this morning in Belgium. The child was a boy of course, as all children created by Blue sperm have been according to their ultrasound pictures, and was 5 weeks premature. Despite his early arrival, he was delivered by Caesarian section. The process was necessary due to his large size. At 27” and 14 pounds, the new born is the size of an average 6 month old child. Both mother and son are fine. In fact they say the child is extremely healthy. The big boy already is taken after his father. We are all curious to watch him grow into a man.