Desperate Husbands

The Beginning

Ryan was banging his wife, Sara, with everything he had. Unfortunately for Sara that wasn’t very much. As he pounded away, she got more stimulation from his pelvis smashing into her than from his thin, three inch penis. She didn’t say anything even though it was more painful than pleasurable. Sara regretted having suggested he use a strap-on penis extender she bought from the adult store this morning. She didn’t mean to hurt his fragile male ego, but she couldn’t pretend anymore.

Ryan and Sara were high school sweethearts who married right after graduation. Ryan was the star quarterback with a tall, muscular physique. Sara was the head cheerleader with a pretty face and large breasts. He still was attractive, even with twenty extra pounds of fat around his waist. Sara kept her hourglass figure even after having two children. She had never been with another man, so she thought for the last nine years their sex was average. She never understood what other women were talking about when it came to orgasms. She thought sex was supposed to be pleasurable for the man, not the woman. But after Diego, she knew what she had been missing.

Ryan finally came and rolled off of Sara. “How was that?” he asked proud of himself.

“Great honey. You should get some sleep, I know you have a big meeting tomorrow,” Sara replied hoping he would drift off soon.

Sara waited for Ryan’s usual snoring to start. She took the sex toy with her into the bathroom and shut the door. She inserted it into her and thought of Diego, a wave of pleasure took over her body. She had multiple orgasms, biting her tongue to not wake her husband in the next room. Finally satisfied, she returned to bed and slept soundly for the rest of the evening.

Two floors up in the same high-rise condo building, Brittany was trying to get her husband to try a new position. “Come on, Bill. It could be fun. The pills are still working and it would be a shame to waste that nice hard-on of yours.”

“I don’t think I can. We did it once like we usually do. The pills will wear-off soon, and I don’t think my heart can take any more. Just doing it in the missionary position twice a month is tough on me, you know that sugar dumpling,” Bill replied after taking a deep breath from the oxygen tank beside his bed.

Brittany left the bedroom and went into the den to get a drink. She poured herself a bourdon and drank it down. She regretted marrying her husband two years ago, even though she only did it for his money. She never expected the retired army kernel to live this long in his physical condition. Bill was 48 years old but had the heart of a man in his 80s. He still looked like a tough solider though. His head was covered by thick silver hair cut short in a military style. Years of physical training were evident in his broad shoulders and flat stomach. However, the years of sun exposure took its toll on his skin. It looked dry and leathery hanging loosely on his frame. Old acne scars and age spots detracted from his very handsome face. Brittany had needs that her husband’s poor health prevented him from fulfilling. The 21 year old beauty pageant winner had an incredible sex drive. She found only one man that could outlast her in the bedroom. She had a third drink and closed her eyes thinking of Diego. She passed out on the couch with a smile on her rosebud lips.

“I want you to take me, Harold. Carry me in your arms, throw me on the bed and take me. Hold my arms down, force my legs apart and just fuck the hell out of me,” Katrina tried to explain again what she wanted her husband to do. Their condo was right above Brittany and Bill’s place. The two 23 year old newlyweds moved in only 4 months ago.

Katrina stood at 5’ 10” with an incredible athletic body. She was 5 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier than her husband. She had been a top amateur tennis player back in Russia when she was younger. When the government stopped sponsoring upcoming athletes, Katrina had to find another way to support herself and her family. Harold fell in love with her the moment he saw her picture in the bride catalog. Harold fantasized about being dominated by a stronger woman. But Katrina needed the same thing from her man.

Harold looked at his beautiful blonde wife wanting to please her. He quickly walked up to her and tried sweeping her off her feet. His bone thin physique didn’t have the strength to lift her fit body. He struggled for several minutes before giving up. “Sorry, my little kitty cat, I just can’t do it.”

“It’s okay. At least you tried” Katrina picked up her tiny husband and threw him onto the bed; his thick glasses falling off as he landed. Katrina crawled into bed disappointed. While she took her usual position on top of him, she grabbed Harold’s thigh and closed her eyes. She pretended she was caressing Diego’s thick forearm, turned on by the power of his magnificent body.

The weight on the machine was 480 pounds. He forced the second set of six reps before his huge pectoral muscles failed. His whole body was pumped after finishing his routine, each muscle filled with blood stretching his smooth skin tighter. He stood up and walked to the mirror. He slipped off his gym shorts, exposing every inch of his 6’ 2” body except his huge cock and balls covered by the greatly extended pouch of a g-string bikini. He knew he was incredible. His diet was on track and his was ripped to the bone. There were only two days until the competition and he never looked better. Last year when he finished second and lost the chance to get his pro card, he was furious. All the competitors and the audience knew he was robbed. The judges thought he was too young and hadn’t paid his dues to deserve the card; regardless that he had the best build. He promised to come back bigger than ever. He kept his promise and added 30 more pounds to his already impressive 265 physique. He was what every heavyweight bodybuilder wanted to look like and he accomplished it at the early age of 24.

That’s the reason he took this job at the fancy condo complex managing the health club. He knew he didn’t need a job to get money, not with is looks. But now he got paid for working out and earned extra money by servicing all the rich-bitch housewives in the building. He could pump his muscles and hump as many women as he wanted without having to leave the building. Plus the ocean front location in Miami’s SouthBeach was the place to be.

He went through his posing routine turning himself on in the process. His cock started to expand pushing the bikini farther away from his body. He pushed the flimsy garment under his balls and wrapped his huge hands around his favorite body part. Both his hands had room to get a firm grip on his 10” cock. He took his eyes off the reflection of his sculpted body to look at his handsome face. He pushed his dark, wavy hair away to reveal his large masculine features. His perfectly symmetrical almond shaped eyes were framed exquisitely by thick eyebrows. The dark brown irises made the whites of his eyes look brighter. His nose was large but absolutely straight and narrow. His sensual full lips covered dazzling white teeth. His flawless skin, naturally tan in color due to his Spanish heritage, clung tightly to his strong chin, squared jaw line and high cheekbones. He couldn’t believe how sexy he looked. No wonder he could have any woman, or man, he wanted. “I’ve got the face of an angel, the body of a god, and the cock of a horse. Diego, you’re one fucking perfect stud” he said aloud to himself. He couldn’t hold back his ecstasy any longer and shot his load unto the mirror.

Diego wiped the mirror off with a towel and squeezed the last bit of spunk from his shrinking cock. He pulled the lime green bikini back over his cock and arranged his package the best he could. Its size and weight pulled the top of the pouch away from his flat, tight waist. He smiled at his reflection still in awe of his own body. It was time to give the residents a thrill. He turned toward the pool and walked out onto the deck.

Ryan, Bill and Harold were playing their usual Sunday afternoon poker game out by the pool. The men all worked for the same aerospace engineering company. Ryan was in sales, Harold in engineering, and Bill used his military connections to lobby for the company at the pentagon. Their wives were a few feet away relaxing in lounge chairs discussing the best places to shop. When suddenly they stopped talking, in fact the whole pool became silent. The men looked at their wives and followed their stares to the opposite side of the pool. Diego had arrived.

Diego’ muscles were still pumped from his workout and his cock semi-hard from jerking off. He knew all eyes were on him so he flexed every muscle in his body. As he stepped into the sunlight his body glowed with masculinity. He dove into the pool and did about ten quick laps to stretch out his bloated muscles. After he cooled down he looked around and saw the buildings most beautiful residents sitting nearby. He swam over to them and pulled himself at of the water. He stood in front of them, pushing his wet hair back away from his face; the excess water running down the hard ridges of his body. He knew just what buttons to push to bring the women to orgasm. Already each woman’s heart was racing, their breathing quickened as they started to rub their legs together. Diego saw Sara staring at his glorious manhood encased in the lime green bikini. He ran his hands over it, then adjusted the bikini’s strings that hugged his slim hips, making his heavy package bounce up and down. Sara moaned softly as a wet spot appeared on her own bikini bottom.

“Aren’t you tired after swimming all those laps?” asked Brittany seductively.

“Are you kidding? I’m a young athletic man at his physical peak. I’ve got the stamina of a marathon runner. I can keep going for hours and hours” Diego replied back slowly in a deep baritone voice.

As Diego spoke Brittany ran her hands over her upper thighs and pelvis. She stared at the water running down Diego’ silky smooth skin pulled taut over his hulking pectoral muscles. His chest heaved slowly up and down as he breathed normally. It was true; he wasn’t out of breath in the least. Diego flexed his pecs, her body shuttered and she came right then.

Diego thought two down and one to go. He focused his attention on Katrina, who was on the verge of ecstasy already. The men had been watching Diego’s interaction with their wives; each man sadly aware that they could never compete with someone like him. Ryan and Bill felt totally emasculated by the bronzed god before them. Harold couldn’t control his jealousy and put himself between his new wife and Diego. Harold hoped that Diego wouldn’t hit a man wearing glasses. Diego towered over Harold. “Get out of the way, little boy. You’re blocking the beautiful lady’s view” Diego said as he put his huge hand on Harold’s sunken chest and grabbed onto his shirt. He easily lifted Harold off the ground with one arm, his bicep bulging even more with the effort. Katrina eyes widened and her breathing became louder. Diego noticed her reaction and started to do one arm curls using her husband as the weight. Diego then grabbed onto Harold’s pants at the waistband with his free hand. Harold’s body was now parallel to the ground. With one quick move, Diego lifted her husband over his head and started to do shoulder presses demonstrating his abundant strength. Katrina shrieked out loud as her hand went to her crotch. She tried to hide the juices that soaked her bathing suit. Diego threw Harold into the pool and put his hands on his hips and turned to the other men still sitting at the table. “Just think I was able to satisfy your wives without having to touch them. Something you losers can’t do while sharing the same bed.” Diego laughed out loud and walked back to the gym. All eyes followed his broad back and powerful ass until he was gone. The women all covered themselves with towels and ran back to their condos to change, without saying a word to their husbands.

Harold returned to the table dripping wet. He sat down and looked at the other men.

“Why didn’t you do something to help me?” Harold asked Ryan.

“What was I supposed to do? He does this kind of thing all the time. He was having a little fun.” Ryan saw by Harold’s face he didn’t think it was fun. “I’m sorry, but he’s fucking huge, everywhere, even the two of us couldn’t beat him.” Ryan said ashamed of his behavior.

“What are we going to do? I’m tired of that guy making me feel inferior and he’s getting more arrogant every week. We have to talk to the building manager again. What he did today was way over the top. That freak is going to take our wives from us, if he hasn’t already” Harold asked while drying off his glasses.

“I know he’s been doing my wife for the past several months” Bill said while looking down at the table.

“What? Are you sure?” Harold asked Bill.

“Yes, I hired a detective and he gave me photographs” Bill answered while looking at Harold.

“Wow, I’m sorry.” Ryan said, “What are you planning to do?”

“I plan on getting revenge like a good soldier should. I’ve got a strategic plan all worked out. I had hoped the two of you would help me. I had this whole speech to convince you; but after that display, I don’t think I need to anymore. We can defeat the enemy if we work together men” Bill said as if talking to his troops in the field.

Bill explained his plan. He was stationed in the Philippines for more than ten years. During that time he saw things that amazed him. Magic was real to the natives and Bill eventually believed in it too. He helped many locals during his time there, sometimes bending the law. He contacted his old friends and called in a few favors. Bill reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, ornate wooden box. He removed the top of the box and exposed the contents; four necklaces consisting of a small crystal hanging from a simple gold chain. Bill put one around his neck and asked the other two men to do the same. “These have the power to transfer physical characteristics from one person to another. You can take anything from anyone or give anything to anyone wearing a matching necklace. But there are rules. First, the person must put the necklace on willingly. Second, we get to make just one request together but individually we get three. You must exchange one thing, take one thing and give one thing to the other person for the magic to work. Do you understand?” The others nodded.

“How do we get him to put the necklace on willingly?” asked Ryan.

“A man like that loves to get gifts in honor of his beauty. I’m sure if he got a piece of jewelry from a secret admirer he would put it on.” Bill said with a sly grin.

“Do you really think this piece of cheap jewelry is magical” Harold asked. His years of studying science made the whole idea very implausible.

“If it does work, do we really want to ruin a man’s life?” Ryan inquired.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. My detective took a lot of pictures when he was on the case. My wife wasn’t the only one bedded by Diego.”

“Sara?” asked Ryan. Bill nodded yes.

“Katrina?” asked Harold. Bill nodded again.

Both men weren’t really shocked, they had suspected it.

“I thought about doing something when I first got sick, but I didn’t feel it was right to make someone else suffer for your problems. But now I see things differently. That man deserves to be taken down a few notches. Let’s see how he treats people when he’s not so perfect.” Bill said with hatred in his eyes.

Diego came out of the shower room and walked into his office. As he put on a pair of skin tight spandex shorts he saw a small box sitting on his desk. He picked it up and read the note, “A small token to show my appreciation of your incredible body. I hope you’ll let me worship you later today. Your secret admirer.” Diego took the necklace out of the box and went to the mirror to put it on. The 22 inch chain hung closely around to thick neck. Diego admired the crystal and how it laid perfectly between his two enormous pecs. He heard the gym door open and turned to see Bill, Ryan and Harold enter.

“What do you losers want?” Diego said as he turned back to the mirror to adjust his hair.

“We want to give you a chance to apologize for your behavior today at the pool” Harold said nervously.

“Apologize for what? For being a strong, sexy man that women lust after? Or for making you look like the pathetic men you are, no wait, I think pathetic males would be a better description, because you don’t have the right stuff to be called men.” Diego said turning away from the mirror and crossing his arms over his chest.

“Why don’t you leave our wives alone? You can have any woman you want,” Ryan said feeling even more envious of the bulge in Diego’ shorts.

“I tell you what. It took some guts for you to come here. I respect you males for confronting me and trying to protect your wives honor. But I respect strength more. So if any of you can curl this bar just once, I’ll leave this place and never bother you or your wives again.” Diego said as he walked over to a bench holding a bar with 350 pounds of weight on it. He picked it up and curled it ten times with ease. He put the bar back and stepped aside.

“You go Ryan, you’re obviously the strongest of us” Harold said aloud.

Ryan approached the bar and put his hands around it. It had been a long time since he worked out, but he knew it was a lot of weight. He tried lifting it, putting every effort into it. His biceps flexed, but he couldn’t budge it.

“Too bad. But I’m in a generous mood today. I’ll let all three of you try it together” Diego said with grin.

The other two men approached the weight standing on each side of Ryan. Ryan counted to three and all tried to lift. The bar rattled around a bit, but the three husbands couldn’t lift it out of the rack.

“I guess that means I’m stronger than the three of you combined. Wow that must make you feel like even bigger losers than when you arrived.” Diego gloated.

“Enough of these games, we gave him a chance to apologize. Let’s do what we came here to do” Harold said as he removed his shirt.

The other two men also removed their shirts. Diego saw that all three had similar necklaces to the one he now wore. “Don’t tell me you males are my secret admirers. I mean I humiliate you time and time again, and yet you are still attracted to me. Sometimes even I am surprised by the sexual power of this body. So what is it going to be, are you guys going to take turns giving me blow jobs.” Diego looked at the men waiting for them to say something. “Well, I know none of you can pump my ass, because you’re too short, you’re too old, and you’re too small.” Diego said looking at Harold, Bill, and Ryan respectively.

“Hey, egomaniac, that’s not why we gave you that necklace.” Harold said smugly.

“Then it must be a thank you gift, to show your appreciation for me satisfying your wives because you are unable to do it yourselves. How thoughtful and it wasn’t easy. I mean your wives are some demanding bitches. Take Brittany for instance” Diego said as he walked up to Bill. “She likes to fuck like a rabbit. I have to get it up 3 or 4 times a night and keep it up for hours. She likes to try all kinds of positions too. It’s a real workout. Luckily I can manage that without taking a single blue pill.” Diego moved from Bill to Harold. “The athletic Katrina, she likes things rough. She actually gets off on a little pain mixed with the sex. She loves my powerful muscles more than I do. She can’t keep her hands off me when we’re together, constantly demanding me to flex for her.” Harold’s face was red with anger as Diego turned to Ryan. “Poor Sara is the saddest case of all. Your wife is so easy for me to please. I just have to lay there on my back. She plays with my cock when it’s soft enthralled by its size. But when I’m rock hard, she mounts me and thoroughly enjoys its length and girth inside of her. I reach spots in her that you never will. She doesn’t seem to care about the rest of me, just my huge cock. I don’t have to do anything, she does all the work. That woman has been so deprived for so many years.” Diego turned his back on the three men and went to the mirror again. “You can’t blame them really. I mean look at me. Every fiber of their being is attracted to my superiority. A woman wants to be with the tallest, strongest, healthiest, best looking man around. It’s the survival of the fittest, passing the best genes on to the next generation and all that stuff. They can’t fight millions of years of evolution. Their lust for me is unavoidable and perfectly natural. I’m sure you inferior males understand.”

“Now” said Harold. The three men grasped onto their necklaces and said in unison “strength” while staring at Diego; each man taking one third of his strength. Diego felt dizzy for a moment, his body felt heavy and out of his control.

Each of the husbands felt a rush of power surging through their bodies. They knew that the necklaces had worked. “Now asshole let’s try this test again” said Harold, picking up another bar with 200 pounds on it from the floor. Harold curled it easily three times. “If you can’t do that, than you have to leave.”

“You’re the stupid asshole. I just curled 350, 200 isn’t going to be a problem.” Diego said while walking towards Harold, wobbling a bit as he moved. He just didn’t feel right. Harold just smiled at him. Diego bent down wrapping his huge hands around the bar and quickly tried to stand up, but couldn’t. He tried again but couldn’t budge the lightweight. He let go of the bar and faced Harold. “This is some kind of trick, this doesn’t count. And you better be careful who you call asshole, little boy.”

Bill walked over to the bar and easily lifted it from the ground, “It’s no trick, it’s quite light actually.” Bill then gave the bar to Diego who wrapped his hands around it again. Bill let go and Diego’s upper body was pulled down to the floor by the weight.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Diego said backing away from the men frightened by his sudden lack of strength.

“Oh, we’re just getting started asshole,” Harold moved forward to keep close to Diego. Diego threw a punch at Harold’s gut and watched as it bounced off him. Horrified, Diego looked at Harold’s grinning face and threw another punch putting the power of his entire massive body into it. It too bounced off Harold doing no damage. Harold then punched Diego in his armored stomach. Diego never felt such pain; he bent forward hugging his gut, lowering his face to Harold’s level. Harold took the opportunity and slammed his fist into Diego’s jaw, sending Diego to the floor. Diego had never been so frightened in his life, what was happening to him. Why didn’t his huge muscles protect him like they always have in the past? He sat on his ass and pushed himself away from Harold until his back was up against the wall. Harold came at him again with Bill joining him. Each man grabbed onto one of Diego’s thick arms and pulled him to his feet. They moved there hands to his muscular chest and held him up against the wall. Each man then took turns pounding their other hand into Diego’s stomach; venting all their built up anger and resentment onto the muscle man. Diego grabbed onto each of the smaller man’s wrist and tried to loosen their grip on him, but he couldn’t budge them. Tears started to run down his face from the punishment his stomach was taking. Diego didn’t know what was happening. His eight-pack had absorbed punches easily from men twice the size of these guys before. But now even when he flexed his brick like abs, they weren’t strong enough to deflect the blows. Bill got tired and had to let go. Harold couldn’t hold Diego’s heavy body by himself and Diego fell back to the floor. He rolled into a ball holding his stomach in agony.

“God I never felt so powerful, me beating up this incredible muscle god. I used to be so intimidated by his buff body, but now I’m stronger than him. All his huge muscles are useless against my strength. I am so horny, I can’t control myself.” Harold rubbed his hardened cock through his shorts. Come on Ryan, we agreed you would go first. Hurry I want to get to my turn“, Harold said loudly.

Diego stopped rocking on the floor and got up onto his knees, still holding his bruised abs. He tried to understand what the men were talking about. Ryan grabbed hold of his necklace and looked at Diego, “I exchange with you our genitals, I take from you 30 pounds of muscle and I give you 30 pounds of fat.” Ryan let go of the necklace and saw Diego’s attention move from his stomach to his groin. Everyone watched as the huge bulge in Diego’s shorts started to shrink. The material became loose around his crotch stretched by his former impressive package.

“No, No, No. Stop it. What’s happening to me?” Diego screamed as his pulled his shorts away from his waist to see his pride & joy shriveling away. His waist started to increase as Ryan’s body fat transferred to Diego. Soon the opening was filled with fat blocking his view of his crotch. The shorts were stretched to this maximum size and became uncomfortably tight around his waist. Diego then noticed his muscles were shrinking.

Ryan felt another incredible rush of energy as he grabbed onto his manhood. It continued to grow without getting hard, its length and girth more than tripled in size along with his balls. He saw his love handles and beer gut disappear and his body filled out with larger muscles. He walked to the mirror and was shocked by the man he saw. He had a better physique now than when he played football in college. His cock was huge and thick, he never felt so masculine and confident. He started to get aroused and didn’t care who saw him.

“My turn” said Bill, still trying to catch his breath, “I exchange with you our cardio-vascular system, I take from you 40 pounds of muscle and I give you my complexion.” Bill was no longer out of breath or felt any chest pain. He felt light as air. His posture improved as his muscles grew larger and stronger. His acne scars and age spots disappeared. His skin became soft, moist and tight all over his greatly improved body. He jumped onto the dip station and pumped his body weight 30 times. He ran over to the pull up bar and easily did 20 pull ups. He hit the floor and did 20 pushups, clapping his hands between each one, in record time. He felt so energized. He ran to the mirror next to Ryan and laughed. He wasn’t out of breath and he glowed with good health. He looked better than he did 30 years ago. His white hair against his perfect skin with its natural tan color looked incredibly sexy. He ran his hand over the rest of his fit, muscular physique. He too became aroused.

“Finally, my turn” said Harold.

“No please, I can’t take anymore. You’ll kill me.” Diego begged Harold.

“We’ll see about that” Harold replied as he grabbed his necklace, “I exchange with you our height, I take from you 80 pounds of muscle and I give you my poor eyesight.” Harold’s body immediately began to expand. His shorts ripped along the seam as his thighs and ass grew. Harold went to the mirror to see his changes happen. Suddenly everything went blurry; he then realized he was still wearing his coke-bottle glasses. He removed them and everything was in sharp focus again. He watched as he grew taller than Bill and Ryan. His body became more muscular by the second. He felt virile and powerful for the first time in his life. He had the body of the men he admired on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. In fact all three of the husbands could appear on the cover now. Each man was tall, handsome, muscular and flawlessly fit. As he stood there naked, his cock became hard like the other men. All the men were horny as hell from the burst of testosterone rushing through their perfect bodies. The men started to feel up each other, caressing the hard muscles and harder cocks. The love fest was interrupted by loud sobbing in the corner. The men’s attention was drawn to the pathetic creature on the floor. Harold went over and picked up the former hunk.

“Leave me alone, leave me alone. Stop, be careful, I feel so weak.” Diego protested while being carried by Harold. Harold put Diego in front of the mirror. “I’m blind, I can’t see anything.” Diego screamed between sobs. Harold took his old glasses on put this on Diego. “No, look what you’ve done to me. I used to be a god but now I’m a hideous monster. Why, why, why, why?” The husbands looked at the former bodybuilder. He now was several inches shorter than any of them. His body was thin, except for the spare tire around this waist. He looked frail with no noticeable muscle tone; the previously skin tight spandex shorts, were baggy everywhere except his bloated waist. His skin was pale and flaky, and hung loose from his body like a deflated balloon. His once handsome face was covered with acne scars, age spots and wrinkles. His beautiful eyes were hidden behind the thick glasses. He cried uncontrollably, while trying to catch his breath. He felt like he was drowning unable to get enough oxygen. The dull pain in his chest made him feel so weak.

Bill gave him his inhaler and said, “I think you need this now. And a man in your physical condition really shouldn’t work out. You better find another job.”

Diego grabbed onto his necklace and started to speak. Harold slapped his hand away and pulled the necklace over his head. “Oh no, you don’t.”

Harold went into Diego’s office to get the small box; he put Diego’s and his own necklace into the box. While there he found one of Diego’s string bikinis and slipped into it. He admired the reflection of his flawless body in the barely there swimsuit as he gave the box to Bill. Ryan and Bill put their necklaces into the box and walked toward the door.

“I can’t wait to fuck the brains out of my wife” Bill said, “then tell her I’m getting a divorce.”

“My wife wanted a husband with a big cock, now she has one. I’ll make her beg me to fill her cunt with my huge rod” Ryan smirked.

“Katrina likes to play it rough, wait till she sees how strong I am now. She enjoys muscle and pain, she’ll get plenty of both tonight” Harold said flexing his bulging biceps.

The three husbands left the gym eager to punish their wives for cheating on them in their own way. Diego just stared into the mirror expressionless not knowing what to do next. There had to be a way to get his body back.

Diego thought about what happened again and again for over an hour trying to recover from the shock. He replayed every word and action in his head. The entire time he sat there in front of the mirror his eyes unfocused and glazed over. He realized the key was the necklaces they were wearing. The last person Diego saw with the necklaces was Bill. Diego had to get them from him. He went to find a shirt to cover his flabby body. All his shirts were 3XL that used to cling tightly to his massive torso, but now they hung loosely, like a dress on him.

Diego used his employee pass key to get into the building manager’s office. He went to the key bank to get Bill and Brittany’s spare door key for their condo. He had to stop every few minutes to catch his breath. He felt so weak and tired, no longer the magnificent athlete he was just hours ago. He got to Bill’s home using the delivery elevator, avoiding contact with the residents. He listened at the door to see if anyone was home. It was silent, so he slowly opened the door and entered. He scanned the large open dining and living rooms, trying to get used to his new glasses. He saw the wooden box on the coffee table on the far side of the space. He moved towards the table when he heard voices coming from another room. He ducked behind the couch to hide.

“Enough I can’t take anymore,” Brittany said walking into the living room.

“I’m the husband; I tell you when you had enough. You wanted a man that could go for hours and hours, well you got one” Bill said in a nasty tone following his wife into the room.

Both were nude and covered in sweat. Bill’s body was tight and toned, his flawless skin glistening in the sunlight that streamed in from the large patio doors. As he walked his fully erect cock swung back and forth.

“You’re hard again. How many pills did you take?” Brittany asked.

“I don’t need pills anymore, baby. I’ve got the stamina of a 20 year old athlete” Bill said grabbing hold of his cock.

Suddenly they heard a large thud from the condo above them and Katrina’s loud voice “Oh my God, Harold, you’re so strong and powerful, take me again. Please flex for me, please.”

“Sounds like they’re having a good time too” Bill smirked still playing with himself.

Brittany walked over to her husband and put her hands on his fuck pole too. “Bill, what’s happened to you? You look so young and handsome. You’re body is so hard and muscular. We’ve been going at it for more than two hours and you didn’t need your oxygen once. You are amazing, this is best sex I’ve ever had. You’re even better than Di…,” Brittany stopped in mid sentence.

“Diego? Is that what you were going to say? Well you can forget him, he won’t be able to service you anymore. He’s not the man he used to be,” Bill said confidently.

Diego's blood boiled as he listened to Bill. He wanted so badly to take him down, but he knew he couldn't in his condition so he stayed hidden.

“You know about him and me? I’m sorry Bill, I didn’t want to do it; but he was just so fit and virile. And you were so sickly. I couldn’t resist him,” Brittany said moving her hands to Bill’s large chest.

“Oh I understand, but I don’t forgive you. Once I done fucking you like you’ve never been fucked before, I’m throwing you out on the street with all the other whores” Bill said as he lifted Brittany over his shoulder and carried her off back to the bedroom. Brittany was pounding her small fists on her husband’s muscular back to no avail. Bill slapped her hard on her ass, then threw her on the bed.

Diego grabbed the box and left the condo to sounds of muffled screams and moans of pleasure.

Diego left the building and walked along the beach thinking about what to do next. He had to get revenge for what they did to him, but how? He knew there was no way he could overpower the three husbands. They were so strong now and he so weak. Maybe he could use the necklaces on some one else to gain muscle before taking them on. He saw a handsome, young man with a tan, muscular physique running on the beach. There were so many hunks on SouthBeach; it shouldn’t be too hard to find a victim. But he thought if he took it from someone else, they would seek revenge on him and he might end up loosing everything again. He needed a victim that wouldn’t be able to fight back and nobody would care about or help. That’s when Diego saw a small group of homeless men sitting on benches along the boardwalk.

Diego sat on a bench a few yards from the ragged men. He was feeling very tired and out of breath. He put the wooden box he was carrying with him on the bench next to him. Diego studied the men, they looked old with skin no better than his own. But he realized that his looks shouldn’t be his first concern, he needed to get healthy first. The pain in his chest was getting worse with every passing hour.

Just then a young man on a bicycle rode by him and started to circle around Diego’s bench staring at the box. Diego had seen this guy before on the boardwalk, he was a regular called the Bikeman. Diego knew he was homeless too and a little mentally disturbed. The Bikeman was wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt that showed his young sinewy muscles and tight tanned skin. Diego thought he must be in great shape from riding mile after mile on his bike. “How you doing, Bikeman?” Diego asked.

“Okey dokey to the man from Skokie” the young man answered in a sing-song voice, making tighter circles near Diego.

“Why don’t you sit down with me so we can talk?” Diego said with a smile.

“No way to the man from Monterey” Bikeman sang back.

Diego took a necklace out of the box and held it up for the Bikeman to see, “I have a present for you if you do.”

Bikeman rode over to Diego and sat down on the bench after propping up his bicycle behind the bench. “Very pretty to the man from New York City,” he said as he took the necklace from Diego’s hand.

“Put in on over your head” Diego showed him by putting on another necklace.

Bikeman slipped the necklace on and immediately got back on his bike and started to do tight circles around Diego again. “Very pretty to the man from New York City” he repeated.

“What did they say? When they stole my body they all said it in the same way” Diego was softly talking to himself. He grabbed his necklace and looked at Bikeman, “I exchange with you our hearts, no that’s not what Bill said.” Diego thought again, “I exchange with you our cardio-vascular systems, I take from you your complexion and I give you, huh, what do I have to give you.” Diego put his hand to his forehead trying to think, he hit his bulky glasses in the process. “Of course,” Diego grabbed his necklace tighter and said aloud to Bikeman “I exchange with you our cardio-vascular systems, I take from you your complexion and I give you my poor eyesight.” Immediately Diego felt stronger, the pain in his chest dissipated. He took several deep breathes relishing the oxygen energizing his body. He looked at his hands as the skin became tighter and the age spots disappeared. He vision became blurry, so he removed his glasses and smiled. He could see as well as he did before this nightmare had started. As he looked up he noticed Bikeman had fallen. He lay on the ground gasping for air. Diego went to him and helped him to the bench. He picked up the bicycle and leaned it up against the back of the bench. Diego removed the necklace from around Bikeman’s neck and put it back in the box with the other two. He put Harold’s old eyeglasses on Bikeman. Diego now saw a man that looked as if he aged 30 years. Bikeman’s skin was wrinkled, scarred and spotted.

“I feel bad to the man from Trinidad” Bikeman said trying to catch his breath.

“Sorry dude, but better you than me” Diego said as he patted Bikeman on the heaving chest and walked away with the box in his hand. Diego stopped when he came to a storefront window and looked at his reflection. Bikeman’s young, tight skin revealed Diego’s beautiful bone structure. He was stunningly handsome once again. He raised his shirt to see what the rest of his body looked like. The skin was young and tighter, but a shade paler than his arms and face. He rolled down the binding waist band of his spandex shorts and saw even paler skin. “Shit, I’m a white man. I’ve got to find a Latino brother. There’s no way I’m going to have tan lines” Diego said as he rubbed his roll of stomach fat. “And I’ve got to get rid of this.”

Diego continued to walk along the boardwalk looking for potential victims. He came across a young man rocking back and forth on the stoop of an abandoned building. He was very lean, his face looking gaunt. Diego assumed he was a junkie strung out on something. Diego approached the man and sat down along side him. The man stopped rocking and leaned his lanky body back onto the building’s door; his leg bouncing away a mile a minute. Diego and the man looked at each other. The man’s face was dirty and covered with pimples; but he was Hispanic. Diego’s eyes went down the man’s body stopping at the bulge at his crotch. He then looked at his own crotch and saw nothing but loose spandex material. He had forgotten about his tiny cock, Diego looked back to the other man’s bulge and thought this will be perfect.

“$20 to suck it, $50 if you want to fuck me” the man said noticing Diego was staring at his cock.

“I don’t think so, I don’t pay for sex. People pay me and a lot more than $50, dude” Diego said caught off guard by his offer.

“Whatever, man. But this is my area, so move on if you’re not buying” the junkie replied.

“Sorry, dude. I really am interested. But before I buy I like to know what I’m getting. How big are you?” Diego asked with a smile.

“A thick nine inches, the holy grail of cocks” The man replied his eyes avoiding Diego’s.

Diego had dealt with hustlers before, he knew if someone said nine inches it probably was more like seven. But still it was a lot bigger than what he now had between his legs. He wanted to make sure before he stole it.

Diego took out a necklace from the box and held it front of the younger man, “I’ll give you this necklace, with a pure gold chain, if I can just see it.”

The man looked at the necklace; he figured he could hock it for some quick cash. “Sure, but don’t touch it. That will cost you real money, cash only,” the drug addict stood up in front of Diego and looked around. There was no one else nearby. He unbuttoned his shorts and pulled down the zipper. He lowered his pants a couple of inches exposing his manhood. It was soft but thick. It was a good 4” in length and perfectly shaped. Two large balls hung behind it. Diego noticed the man’s skin was a perfect shade of light brown everywhere.

The man pulled up his pants and sat back down next to Diego, “Now give me the necklace.”

“It will be my pleasure. You deserve it, dude. You’ve got a nice cock there” Diego said as he watched the man put the necklace on. Diego grabbed hold of his own necklace, “I exchange with you our genitals, I take from you your natural skin color and I give you 30 pounds of fat.” Diego felt a pulse at his crotch; he looked down as the loose material began to fill with flesh. The heavy roll of fat around his waist was melting away. The junkie was freaking out, as he started to gain weight. He grabbed his crotch and started to rock back and forth in a panic. “Don’t worry man it’s just a bad trip, you’re only hallucinating. Everything will be fine” Diego said trying to calm him down. Diego reached behind the man and undid the necklace’s clasp, removing it and putting it back into the box. The man didn’t notice as he was staring at his expanding gut. Diego walked away quickly and left the boardwalk entering a narrow side street. He looked behind him to see if he was being followed after walking about three blocks. Once he felt safe, he stopped and lifted his shirt to examine the latest changes. His stomach was flat and tight revealing the little muscle he had left on his body. Finally able to pull the elastic waist band of his shorts away from him, he looked down at this greatly improved package and evenly colored skin.

“Much better, now I need to get some real muscle on this body” Diego said out loud to himself.

“You certainly do” a deep voice replied.

Diego turned to see two muscular men wearing workout clothes. They laughed at Diego as they passed him. He watched their hard bodies enter a gym further down the block. “Jackpot,” Diego said with a big smile.

Diego walked to the gym and looked in the window like a child at a candy store. He had never been to this gym and wasn’t’ familiar with their clientele. He saw mostly beach bodies inside, no real bodybuilders. Diego knew he needed men with lots of muscle mass to get his championship physique back. He saw a tank of man heading towards the exit door. The man was very stout, as board as he was tall. His big muscles covered by a layer of fat. His firm but rounded gut protruding further from his body than his chest. Thick fur coated his body everywhere his string top and shorts revealed. As the man left the gym, he stopped to light a cigarette. He was obviously a power lifter not a body builder. Diego thought the bulky guy could easily lose 30 pounds of muscle and never realize it. The great bear noticed Diego staring at him and shook his head as he walked off in the opposite direction.

“Hi, you look very strong” Diego said as he caught up to the man and walked beside him. He realized his next victim was only about two inches taller than he was. “Perfect,” Diego thought.

“Thanks” he replied without looking at Diego.

“I really admire strong men” Diego did his best to flirt with the man. He wasn’t used to having to work to get another person’s attention.

“Kid, how old are you? 16 or 17? Why don’t you go home and give your father his clothes back?” the man said unimpressed by his suitor.

“I’m not a kid, I’m in my 20s.” Diego said trying to deepen his voice to sound more mature, “These clothes are my workout clothes. I want to have room to allow my muscles to grow.”

“It’s good a have a dream, kid. Even an impossible one” the power lifter said throwing his spent cigarette into the gutter.

“Maybe we can spend some personal time together and you can give me advice on how to get as strong as you. Please, I would really be appreciative” Diego begged while grabbing hold of the big man’s hand and sucking his index finger seductively.

The man stopped walking and looked at Diego’s handsome face. As usual, he was horny after his workout and a blow job would feel better than his using his own hand. “Sure, why not. My place is only a block away.”

“Great” Diego answered with glee in his eyes.

Diego followed the burly guy into his second floor apartment. The place was small, dirty and smelled of sweat and smoke. The man locked the door behind him, threw his bag down, and removed his shirt as he walked into the bedroom. After a few seconds, Diego followed him.

“Come on, let’s get this over with. I’ve worked all day and just lifted a ton of weight. I’m tired and want to go to bed. Get your clothes off” the man said sitting on edge of his unmade bed completely nude.

Diego removed his clothes; the man snickered at his scrawny body. Diego removed a necklace from the box and held it in front of the impatient hulk. “May I ask you to put on this necklace? I like to be spiritually bonded to the people I’m intimate with; it will make for a more satisfying experience for the both of us. I promise.”

“I don’t have time for this fruity, new age shit” the man said as he grabbed the necklace and threw it against the wall. He grabbed Diego around his bicep, “You are one puny twink, my cock’s thicker than your arm. But you sure are pretty.” The man pulled Diego’s face to his own and kissed him. The taste of onions and cigarettes almost made Diego sick. Diego was then forced down to his knees and his face pushed into the man’s crotch. The man kept his large square hand on the back of Diego’s head holding him in place. “Start sucking boy, you’re going to have to work a little to get to enjoy this man’s meat.”

Diego started to lick the man’s heavy balls. He put his hands on the man’s furry thighs trying to push himself away from the man’s crotch for some fresh air. The man’s pungent odor was overwhelming. His thick pubic hair was still damp with sweat. Diego thought this must be what it’s like to have oral sex with a St. Bernard dog. The man started to get aroused from Diego’s pathetic struggle. His erect cock was a lot like him, short and wide. While less than five inches in length, it was as thick as a beer can. Diego was only able to get the tip inside his mouth comfortably. “Come on you have to do better than that,” the man said as he grabbed both sides of Diego’s head and forcibly pulled it back and forth over his cock. After a few moments, he picked Diego up by the shoulders and threw him onto the bed. He flipped Diego on his stomach and held him by the hips. Without saying a word, he started to pump Diego’s ass with his cock. Diego felt helpless, unable to do anything to stop the powerful man from doing want he wanted. Diego started to cry. He had fallen far from the pedestal he once occupied. He was a sexual god who people worshipped, his perfect body inspiring awe in everyone lucky enough to be chosen to be with him. He always played the dominant role in every sexual encounter before today. Now he had to beg this Neanderthal to virtually rape him. Diego heard a low moan and felt the man’s warm cream enter his ass. The man pushed Diego off the bed and laid down on his back. “You can go now” he said with his eyes closed, one hand holding his softening cock and the other rubbing the curly hair on his stomach.

Diego walked to where his clothes were and quietly dressed himself feeling like a whore. He then crawled on his hands and knees searching for the necklace the man had thrown away. Thrilled to have finally found it, his happiness increased when he heard snoring. Diego realized this was his chance to get what he wanted. He approached the sleeping bear and laid the necklace around the man’s neck. Carefully he fastened the clasp. He grabbed his necklace and said “I exchange with you our height, I take from you 40 pounds of muscle, and I give you all my body hair.” He stared at his supposed victim and didn’t see any changes. He repeated his words and still nothing happened. “What’s wrong, why didn’t it work? I said it just like the other times. These things have to work; I can’t look like this forever. What the hell am I going to do? “, Diego said to himself in a panic. “Let me think. How is this different from last time? I put the necklace on the guy and said the words in the right order just like before.” Diego’s mind was racing, “Wait, I put the necklace on him this time. All the others put the necklaces on themselves. Maybe that’s why it’s not working. Damn, how am I going to get this ape to put the necklace on?” Diego walked back to the bed and unfastened the clasp. As he pulled the necklace away from the man, it got caught in the fur on the back of his neck and he woke up.

“Why are you still here?” he growled at Diego.

“I wanted to give you this necklace from earlier. It would mean a lot to me if you wore it. And I beg you for another opportunity to suck you off. You are so strong and sexy. You’re ten times the man I am. I promise to do a better job this time, really.” Diego said in a last attempt to get some muscle from this guy.

“You twinks are all alike, can’t get enough of a real man. Sure I’ll wear the damn thing if it will shut you up. Don’t you get tired of yapping? You’re worse than a woman.” He sat up in bed and put the necklace on. Diego helped him with the clasp due to the man’s stubby fingers. “Well?” the man said pointing to his cock.

“Yes sir,” Diego jumped on the bed and straddled the bigger man’s thighs. Diego went to work sucking the man’s balls, popping each one in and out of his warm mouth. He then put the man’s cock in his mouth, his tongue concentrating on the sensitive tip. He was getting no reaction, so he looked up at the man who was staring down at him with an irritated look on his face. “Sorry” Diego said humbly. He put more effort into his seduction. He started to finger the area behind the balls as he massaged them. His finger moved further back entering his asshole. He sucked violently on man’s thick rod, until finally Diego’s mouth was completely filled with hardened cock. Once again the man grabbed Diego, pulled down his shorts and started to ram his ass. Diego softly said the words for the physical transfer.

“Didn’t I tell you to shut the fuck up?” the man said as he slapped the back of Diego’s head, “I have to pretend you’re a real man, instead of a puny boy to get off and hearing your faggot voice doesn’t help.” The man closed his eyes again as he thrust his cock harder into Diego.

Diego stared at this own forearm. He watched as it lengthened slightly, the muscles growing, and the hair vanishing. At the same time the man shot his second load into Diego. He fell alongside Diego’s body totally spent; the effects of a hard workout, two orgasms, and a loss of 40 pounds of muscle. “Now get out and I mean it this time boy. And take this piece of shit with you” he grumbled, between deep breathes, without opening his eyes tearing the necklace off his neck and throwing it in Diego’s direction.

Diego pulled up his shorts, put the damaged necklace back in the box and quickly left the bedroom. He didn’t want the big man to see his improved physique. Diego noticed a large mirror next the apartment’s front door. He raised his shirt and saw a muscular torso. His pecs were hard and square. His abs were well defined and tight. He watched as his egg size biceps jumped to attention when he flexed his arms. He looked down and noticed his shorts were no longer to his knees. His thicker thighs filled the openings better too. He ran his hands over his rounded ass, finally he had an ass again. He now had the body of an athletic teenager. “Another 3 or 4 like this today and I may be able to get my pro card after all.”

Diego was back at the beach looking for his next donor. He sat down on the sand and removed his shirt. He touched his silky skin, no longer troubled by stray hairs or razor stubble. Even his armpits were now completely smooth. He felt a small mole on his upper chest. He also found a birthmark and a couple of scars scattered on his supple skin. “I guess Bikeman had a few accidents over the years” Diego thought. He would have to do something about these imperfections.

His attention was drawn away from his own body when a group of bodybuilders and onlookers approached. He figured they were in the city for tomorrow’s competition. The muscle men were all in posers trying to get the last bit of sunshine to improve their tans for the stage. He didn’t recognize anyone so none were top contenders. Most were relatively small in muscle mass and probably new to the competition circuit. He did see one man that caught his eye. He was by far the biggest man on the beach. The others surrounded him inspecting his ideal physique, asking questions about his routines and diet. Women and kids stopped him and asked if they could feel his muscles. He always obliged with a dazzling smile. Diego moved closer to get a better view. The man, about the same age of Diego, obviously enjoyed being the center of attention. He continually flexed various body parts to see the envy in the eyes of his fans. He had all the genetic advantages of a bodybuilding superstar; height, perfect skin, great looks, and a huge piece of meat stuffed in his small swim suit. He only lacked the massive muscle size needed to compete with the big boys. Diego thought he looked about the same a few years back. This man would be a real threat some day.

Diego pushed his way through the crowd, walking up to the man who towered over him. Diego just stared up at the Adonis in awe, suddenly realizing just how small he still was.

The golden hunk looked down at Diego, seeing the lust in his eyes, and smirked, “You’re way out of your league little man.” He pushed Diego aside and walked toward the water. His groupies followed him like the piped piper. Diego thought of the number of times he did the same thing to inferior men. He never realized how much it hurt to be treated like that.

“Pompous isn’t he? But when you look like that I guess you can get away with it” a rough voice said.

“Yes, but because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should.” Diego responded back saying it to himself more than to the stranger. He then turned around to see the other participant in the conversation.

“Hi, the name’s Greg” said an older gentleman wearing nothing but spandex shorts similar to those Diego wore.

“Diego” Diego said shaking the man’s calloused hand. Diego scanned the man’s body. He must have been a hunk himself in his prime. But that was many years ago. Diego figured he was now in his late 50s. His skin was dark tan but loose and dry on his muscular frame. His muscles sagged like a partially deflated balloon. His pecs were low on his chest due to the muscles finally losing the war against gravity. He still had a tight waist with a faint remnant of a six pack and a set of good looking legs. He stood a few inches taller than Diego. His face was worn but distinguished. A bad toupee made him look a little pathetic, like a man trying to hold on to his fading youth.

“I think you have a great body for a teenager. How old are you, about 17 or 18?” the man asked fishing for Diego’s age.

Diego had found his next victim. “I’m 24. And you? I’m guessing with your incredible physique, you’re 40 or 41?” Diego asked doing his best to flirt. He continued to scan the old man’s body, while licking his lips. He moved very close to the older man.

“Yeah, something like that” Greg answered while pushing his shoulders back, puffing out his chest and sucking in his gut the best he could.

“Wow, you have a great body Greg. I don’t know this area; could you show me where the nearest rest room is Greg?” Diego asked while running a finger along the waist band of Greg’s shorts.

“Sure,” Greg said happily. He couldn’t believe this handsome teenager was coming on to him. He must look really good today.

The two men walked a few yards to the public restroom. Diego entered the stall first and indicated to Greg to join him. Diego sat down on the toilet and waited for Greg to enter. Greg squeezed into the tight space and locked the door behind him. Diego ran his hands up Greg’s muscular legs and hips. He caressed Greg’s ass which was flatter and softer than Diego thought it would be. Diego grabbed on to the old man’s hips and carefully guided him around so they would face each other. He pulled down Greg’s shorts freeing his hardening cock. At least this old guy could still get in up without a lot of help. “Very nice, Greg. You are a real stud” Diego said as he looked up at Greg. Diego’s words made Greg’s cock rise faster. A good six inches stood out, curling slightly to the left, from Greg’s gray pubic hairs. Diego took a necklace out of the wooden box he placed on top of the toilet tissue holder. He stood and gave the jewelry to Greg. Diego leaned into Greg and whispered in his ear, “I would like you to wear this crystal when I suck you’re huge, thick cock.” Diego grabbed onto Greg’s member and gently squeezed it. Greg whole body shuddered, “It will bond us together spiritually to increase our pleasure. It’s the latest thing, everybody’s doing it. I’m sure a hip guy like you has done this a million times.”

“Of course, it’s a great thing. Did you need me to do anything for the, uh, ritual?” Greg asked trying to sound in the know.

“No, I’ll do the chant. But I’ll say it softly so no one will hear us” Diego said as he sat down again. Diego started to kiss Greg’s inner thighs, while rubbing his outer thighs. Greg started to breathe hard; he braced himself with his hands pressed against the stall’s metal walls. Diego licked Greg’s balls and they jumped as they started to churn. Diego knew he didn’t have a lot of time, Greg was coming fast. Poor guy probably hasn’t had a blow job in years. Diego lowered his head and grabbed his necklace, “I exchange with you our height, I take from you 30 pounds of muscle, and I give you all the imperfections on my skin.” Diego quickly raised his head and said louder “My god Greg, you are the sexiest, most muscular, best looking man I’ve ever been with.” Greg moaned with pleasure. He couldn’t believe this handsome jock, half his age, thought he was sexy. Diego sucked Greg’s cock hard, using his tongue and lips to massage the entire length. He squeezed Greg’s ball sack trying to distract him from noticing the changes affecting their bodies. Greg moaned and shot his load into Diego’s masterful mouth.

Diego swallowed the small amount of cum and stood up. He removed the necklace from around Greg’s neck and caressed his sagging chest. He noticed that Greg now had a small mole on his upper chest. Greg had his eyes closed trying to catch his breath. He opened his eyes and was surprised by Diego’s new size. “You look taller and more muscular than before” he commented.

Diego sat back down quickly and put the necklace away. “I was on my toes to reach around your thick neck, Greg. And my muscles are all pumped from our little workout. You really got my heart going. You were incredible.” Diego pulled Greg’s shorts back up to his waist. “Thank you for allowing me to enjoy your amazing body, Greg.”

“Sure. I enjoyed it too. In fact I feel a little dizzy. Can we go get a drink or something to eat?” Greg asked while adjusting his package in his now less confining shorts.

“Sorry but I have another engagement. And like I said I’m not from around here, so I have to leave tonight. But it was nice meeting you. Goodbye and thank you again” Diego said thinking quickly.

“Oh, I understand. Goodbye” Greg felt like he was being rushed out the door, but he didn’t want to look needy or uncool, so he left without saying another word.

Diego waited a few moments for Greg to leave the restroom before exiting the stall. He went to the mirror and saw the improvements. He looked amazing, no longer a teenage jock, but an athletic adult. He estimated his height to be about 5’ 10” and his weight 220 pounds. His arms were thick and powerful looking. He did a double bicep pose and saw a baseball size muscle grow before his eyes. He rubbed his chest feeling the bulge that extended out over his tight six-pack. All the blemishes; every freckle, scar, mole and birthmark, were gone from his flawless golden skin. He looked down his shorts and realized even his balls were completely hairless. No more painful Brazilian waxes for him. His shorts were now higher than mid thigh; the spandex material loosely hugged to his more massive thighs and ass. Diego cupped the nice bulge on display between his legs. “I bet that hunk on the beach wouldn’t reject me so quickly now” he thought to himself. Diego washed his face and hands before heading back out to the beach.

Diego left the public restroom in time to see the sun setting. The beach was mostly deserted, with no sign of the muscle hunk and his entourage. Diego realized he was running out of time. He needed more height and muscle mass by the morning. He suddenly felt dizzy. He sat down on a nearby bench. He rubbed the hard ridges of his stomach; the events of the day and lack of food were taking their toll on his energy level. His body was ripped to the bone; there was no fat for his muscles to feed. He was exhausted and hungry. He pulled his shirt from the waist band of his shorts, careful to not dislodge the small wooden necklace box he kept there too. He slipped the t-shirt over his sculpted torso to protect him from the cooler night air. He rubbed his upper arms, enjoying the return of his powerful muscles, trying to warm himself. He watched the people passing along the boardwalk; he focused on a mountain of a man quickly approaching a vendor’s booth. The man was no bodybuilder or power lifter; he was just naturally big. He had broad shoulders and hips with a flat stomach. The top of his head was completely bald. His manly face with a crooked nose was set high on a thick neck. He looked like a football or rugby player. The hulk entered the booth and kissed the woman inside. They started to talk and Diego could see it was turning into an argument. The man raised his hand as if the slap the woman, but stopped after realizing people were watching. No one tried to stop him or said anything to him. He was just too big for the average man to threaten. Diego saw the woman had a black eye already and it wasn’t hard to figure out how she got it. She left crying and the large man stayed behind to work the booth. They sold jewelry and that gave Diego an idea. Diego walked over to the booth and pretended to browse the merchandise.

“Let me know if I can help you find something” the man said to Diego.

“Unfortunately I’m not buying. I’m doing some research for my girlfriend” Diego said while measuring up his next victim. Diego estimated the man was four inches taller than him. With this switch, he should finally be back to his former height.

“What kind of research?” the man inquired.

“She’s a jewelry maker and wanted to know if the pieces she designed would sell. I would appreciate your opinion since you are already a successful man in the business.” Diego said with a big smile. The man looked at Diego’s perfect teeth, handsome face and powerful physique; even a straight man like him couldn’t help but respond to his beauty.

“How can I help?” the man asked as he moved closer to Diego.

“Could you look at a sample and tell me what you think?” Diego asked pulling the wooden box from the top of his shorts.

“Sure,” the man said; his eyes drawn to the brick like abdominals Diego exposed by lifting his shirt much higher and longer than he needed to get to the box.

Diego put the box on the counter and removed the lid. Diego selected a necklace and lifted it slowly out of the box. The big man watched every move intently. Diego moved his hand toward the salesman, indicating he wanted him to take the necklace from him. The man took it and held it high, moving it toward an overhead light. “The workmanship on the bale is very good, very detailed. I’ve never seen a crystal like this before. Was it designed for men or women?” the business man asked.

“Both, it’s unisex. Why don’t you try it on? I would be interested to see how it looks on a man your size. I think we may have to make the chain longer to fit someone like you.” Diego commented, setting the trap.

“I don’t know. Your neck is almost the same size as mine,” the man said as he turned a table mirror around to face him and put the necklace on. He opened a few buttons on his tight shirt to reveal his hard, defined chest wanting to impress Diego. The crystal was nestled high in his muscle cleavage. “I think it looks good at this length. How about you?”

“I think you look perfect. I mean the necklace looks perfect on you” Diego responded while leaning on the counter moving his smiling face closer to the man.

The man was confused by his reaction to Diego’s obvious flirting, he was actually enjoying it. He usually went into a rage when another man made a move on him, but Diego was so handsome, he was more aroused than angry. “Uh, how much are you planning on charging for the pieces?” the man asked trying to stay focused on the jewelry.

“In the $20 to $30 range” Diego said because he had to say something.

“Excuse me, do you have this ring in an eight?” a female customer said trying to get the vendor’s attention.

“I’ll be right back” the big man said, a little annoyed he had to leave.

“Take your time, I can spend all night here with you” Diego said to the man as he walked to the other side of the booth. Diego grabbed the crystal around his neck and said softly, “I exchange with you our height, I take from you 40 pounds of muscle, and I give you my physical exhaustion.” He watched the salesman impatiently wait on the woman. The middle-aged lady wasn’t looking at the man, just the ring on her finger as she talked to her female companion. The big man suddenly put his hand to his head and sat down on a nearby stool. He let out a soft sigh as he rubbed the back of his neck. He stretched his shrinking body; the decrease in his height matched by the decrease in his muscle mass. Diego felt the changes impacting his body. He looked down to see his shorts move farther up his legs as he grew taller. The material tightened against his expanding thigh muscles. His saw his forearms thicken and his biceps bulge with increased mass. His shoulders and chest widened, filling his t-shirt tightly with hard muscle. He knew he looked like a real bodybuilder once again. He felt a rush of energy; he was no longer tired or hungry. The vendor returned to Diego, his eyes were glazed over and dark circles had formed under them.

“She didn’t buy a thing. She couldn’t make a simple decision, just wasting my time. How I hate bitches like that,” the man said before yawning. “Excuse me, all of a sudden I feel very tired. I guess it’s been a long day”

“I understand. I won’t take anymore of your time. I really appreciate your help and my girlfriend will appreciate your comments about her work,” Diego said. He noticed that the crystal hung much lower on the man’s chest now and his cleavage wasn’t as deep between his smaller pecs. He was still a strong man, but not nearly as intimidating as before. Diego knew that someone could stop him more easily now, if he tried to hit a woman again.

“Why don’t you come back tomorrow and we can discuss a distribution deal” the man said as he removed the necklace from around his neck. As he placed it in Diego’s waiting hand, he thought “I don’t remember his hand being bigger than mine before. In fact his entire body looks bigger.”

“That sounds great. Thank you.” Diego put the necklace back in the box and walked away. The salesman watched him leave, admiring the movement of Diego’s muscular ass in his skin tight shorts. The vendor grabbed his crotch and adjusted his hardening manhood, surprised by his cock’s reaction to the sight.

Diego walked awhile to get out of the man’s view; he knew he was being watched. He stopped to stuff the necklace box back underneath his waistband. He no longer needed to raise his shirt since it barely covered his longer torso. Once he had everything in place, he started to walk again, not knowing where he was going. A set of very attractive twin brothers were walking toward him, they smiled as they approached Diego. Diego responded in kind. The twins passed Diego and turned to see if the back view was as good as the front. It was. They stopped in their tracks and one said, “He is too good to let go.” The twins changed direction and ran to catch up with Diego.

Diego was on the verge of his third orgasm in as many hours. He was on all fours in the center of a king size bed, while Tad was underneath him sucking Diego’s throbbing cock. Tad was on his back lying in the opposite direction allowing Diego to provide the same service to him. Tad’s brother, Todd, was behind Diego driving his 6” fuck pole into the muscle god’s ass. Todd was the first to lose control, unable to deny the incredible eroticism of this experience. Todd couldn’t believe he was with this perfect specimen of masculinity beauty. When he touched Diego’s hard, round ass and wide carved back Todd’s crème was unleashed. He shot with such force, Diego felt it inside him. This caused Diego to explode into Todd’s talented mouth. The taste and volume of Diego’s cum were better than Todd had fantasized. Even Diego’s spunk was superior to other men’s. This realization sent Todd over the edge and he shot his inferior load into Diego’s waiting mouth. Within seconds all three men were spent.

Diego collapsed onto the bed; twisting his massive body to not fall onto Tad. Diego fell on his back, his head hitting the bed’s soft pillows. Todd fell onto Diego resting his head on Diego’s mammoth right pec. Tad changed position and put his head on Diego’s left pec. Tad and Todd were in heaven listening to the muscle stud’s heartbeat.

“Not that I mind guys, but wouldn’t you be more comfortable resting on a pillow instead of my sweaty body” Diego asked as he wrapped one of his massive arms around each of the identical twin brothers supporting their efforts to mount him.

“Your pecs are about the same size of a pillow” Todd said raising his head to look at Diego.

“But they’re much harder and warmer” Tad commented. Both men now rested their firm chins on Diego’s firmer chest; the weight of their heads unable to dent the thick, granite slab-like muscles. Both stared at Diego’s beautiful face and smiled. Diego switched his gaze from brother to brother searching for differences in their appearance. Four pale green eyes sparkled in the dimly lit room. Both men had straight, shoulder-length, light brown hair parted in the middle accentuating their symmetrical features. They could be described as pretty more than handsome. Their delicate faces matched by slender but very athletic 5’ 6” bodies. Diego learned the brothers were born in Caracas and raised in New York City; their father led the Venezuelan delegation at the United Nations. Currently they attended UCLA and were members of the school’s nationally ranked gymnastics team. Diego finally smiled back, then flexed his pecs causing the twin's heads to bounce up and down. First in unison then alternating. The twins giggled. Diego raised his powerful arms causing the brothers to roll off him and to his side. Diego put his hands behind his head lifting it to a better angle to see his companions. The brothers continue to giggle as they started to lick each of Diego’s exposed, moist armpits, causing him to laugh too.

“You’re skin is so smooth. You have the most perfect skin of any man or woman I’ve ever met” Tad remarked as he ran his fingertips over Diego’s deep armpit and down across his expansive chest.

“Every part of you taste good, too,” Todd said seductively as he continued to explore Diego’s body with his tongue.

“Stop it boys, you’re tickling me” Diego demanded between laughs.

“I think a man with your muscles could make us stop if he really wanted to” Tad said bringing his small hand to Diego’s extended tricep.

Diego lowered his arms grabbing hold of the twin’s naked asses. “I wanted to thank you guys for inviting me to stay with you tonight in your beautiful hotel room, for buying me dinner, and especially for the after dinner entertainment. I’ve had a great night” Diego said squeezing a small, firm, round ass cheek in each of his enormous hands.

“It was truly are pleasure,” Todd replied, his hand moving to Diego’s soft yet still impressive cock.

“Did you want another steak? I know you have a competition tomorrow, but you ate the other one so fast and that’s all you had. I’ll call room service again, it’s no problem. We can get you anything you want,” Tad asked while pushing himself up. He leaned on the bed supporting himself with one arm; with his free hand, he joined his brother and started to massage Diego’s large balls.

“No thank you, I’m quite satisfied” Diego looked down at his crotch being fondled and smiled, “Is there anything else I can do for you guys.”

“Diego, you’re like no other bodybuilder we’ve been with, and I’m not just taking about you being so incredibly gorgeous. It’s like we told you, we’re here to watch the contest” Tad said before getting interrupted.

“He can see we’re not here to compete, Tad” Todd remarked while bending his arm to flex his large bicep.

Diego reached out to feel Todd’s upper arm. Like most male gymnasts, Todd’s bicep was very large compared to the rest of his lithe body. “Not bad, you’ve got solid 15” guns there Todd. Maybe you should think about competing.” Diego moved his hand down Todd’s defined chest and waist.

Todd sat up next to Diego and grabbed Diego’s wondering hand at the wrist. Todd pulled Diego’s arm out then bent his arm at the elbow, forcing his bicep to flex. Diego gave no resistance, but flexed his arm hard as Todd touched his formable peak. “I would never be able to achieve the 22” peak you have. Our waists are only 26 inches.”

Diego laughed, “I know. I saw it on the labels of your jeans. It made me a little jealous.”

“You, jealous of us?” Todd questioned.

“Yeah, I’ve always had these ideal measurements in my head. I’ve been able to achieve them all except my waist. I always thought 30” was perfect. It would give me that wasp waist every bodybuilder wants, making my chest, thighs, and package look bigger. Everyone else thinks I’m perfectly proportioned at 34,” but I still dream of a 30” waist.”

“We’re just the opposite. We think our waist is too narrow. It reminds us a woman’s body, not a man’s. We want more girth, which represents masculine power. It would help us with our sport, too. Gymnastics require a lot of strength in your core muscles.” Todd caressed his own chiseled stomach before moving his hand to Diego’s. “You are so massive and strong. Your waist, like the rest of you, does look perfect to me”

“Thanks” Diego answered while flexing his abdominal muscles for Todd, the ridges rising high through his tight skin, looking like a relief map of the AndesMountains.

“Wow” Todd said in admiration of Diego’s development, “it goes to show no one is totally happy with the way they look, even those who we think are prefect. But there is nothing we can do about it. You would have to break bone to make your waist smaller and we would have to get fat to enlarge ours. Not a good idea for any of us.”

“Right, there’s nothing we could do about it,” Diego said gazing off into the distance.

“Anyway,” Tad continued, “obviously we are into muscular men; gorgeous, tall, very muscular men.” Tad grinned as he joined his brother in caressing Diego’s magnificent body. “Most bodybuilders are arrogant jerks who only think of themselves. Not concerned in the least about other people’s feelings. It’s their way to feel even more superior to us than they already are. The sex is usually one-sided. We are only permitted to service their needs, while they can do anything to us. Of course with their strength we couldn’t stop them anyway.” Tad moved his hand to Diego’s face and gently touched his cheek. “You wouldn’t know what it’s like to be treated that way Diego, but let me tell you it’s not good. But you really care about what we want and how we feel. You treated my brother and me like people not sex toys. So I wanted to thank you. You made this a great night for us too.” Tad moved toward Diego and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” Todd cooed then kissed Diego too but more passionately, “Plus we got necklaces to wear for the evening.”

Both brothers laid back down next to Diego. Each man straddled a side of Diego’s hulking frame and rested their heads back onto his chest. Diego cradled each of the smaller men in his large, powerful arms and squeezed them gently. The men closed their eyes feeling safe and protected by Diego’s thick muscles.

Diego sighed, “I only treated you the way I would want to be treated by a bigger, stronger person”

“Yeah, like anybody could ever be bigger or stronger than you, Diego” teased Todd.



Todd and Tad were lulled to sleep by the rhythmic movement of Diego’s chest as he breathed. Diego stayed awake thinking about the day’s events and Tad’s remarks. He thought about the kind of person he was and how he lived his life before this all happened. He selected is victims because he thought they were total losers, occupying the lowest rung on society’s ladder. But he now realized he had a lot in common with these outcasts. If something happened to him, would anybody care? Was he like Bikeman in that way? He whored out his body to get the things he needed, just like the drug addict. He nonchalantly took advantage of people to satisfy his sexual desires like the bear. He used his superior strength to intimidate anyone who didn’t do exactly as he wanted like the jewelry salesman. And in thirty years would he end up like Greg? Cruising the beach desperately trying to validate his waning attractiveness by having casual sex with strangers, only able to feel good about himself by seducing men half his age. Would his fading physique be his only contribution to the world?

Then there were the twins. He looked down at them and gently rubbed their backs. He knew they were only with him because they were muscle worshipers. They were using him to live out their sexual fantasies. But there was no harm being done, no one was being humiliated or injured. Didn’t most people have sex due to physical attraction anyway? This one part of their personalities didn’t define them as people. It was more important that they were thoughtful and caring men. The twins deserved his kindness even though he had a naturally dominant physique and superior genetics.

Diego’s gaze went from the twins to his own body. He realized he still needed more muscle mass to reach his former size. He needed to win the contest more than ever. He knew the lucrative endorsement deals would come his way with his pro card. He would leave Miami and his former life behind forever. Last month he was so confident he would win, he bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles for the following day. When he told the twins his plans, they offered him a place to stay in the L.A. area. They had an apartment near VeniceBeach and told him he could stay with them until he got settled. They really were great guys. Diego hated to take the muscle he needed from the twins, but he didn’t have a choice. He was running out of time. The contest was only a few hours away. He figured he could give them something they wanted too. Diego carefully raised his right arm to not wake Todd and grabbed his necklace, “I exchange with you our eye color, I take from you 15 pounds of muscle, and I give you 2 inches from the width of my hips.”

Since there were two men this time, that meant he would gain 30 pounds of muscle and lose 4 inches in his hips and waist. Diego felt his pelvis rising from the bed. As his hips narrowed his glutes were becoming rounder, denser and more compact lifting his body upward. The additional muscle mass only increased the process. He saw his thighs expanding and his abs becoming more defined. He noticed his biceps growing before his ballooning pecs blocked his view of the rest of his body. The increased girth of his chest caused the brothers’ heads to roll onto Diego’s broad shoulders.

Diego wanted a few minutes to see if the movement would wake the brothers. They continued to sleep peacefully. He slowed raised one arm letting Tad’s body drop to the bed. He then gently lowered Todd to the mattress on his other side. He scooted to the foot of the bed trying not to shake it too much, not easy for a man of almost 300 pounds. He searched the dimly lit room for his shorts and pulled them on, struggling a little with the waist band when he reached his colossal thighs. He noticed the same waist band was very loose around his waist for the first time. He could easily slip his hand into the shorts to adjust his cock and balls. He ran his hands over his ass feeling the improvement. He couldn’t believe how high, round and hard it was. He found his shirt and was struggling to put it on over his gargantuan chest when he heard movement on the bed.

“Are you leaving?” asked Tad groggily.

“Yes, I’ve got to be at the convention center in 3 hours for preliminary judging. I’ve still got to shower and get my stuff for the competition” Diego whispered.

“You can shower here with us” Todd said joining the conversation.

“That would be fun, but I don’t need any more distractions. I have to focus on the contest” Diego said half seriously.

“Here don’t forget your necklaces. Maybe they’ll bring you good luck, they certainly did for us” Tad said giving his necklace to Todd. Todd removed his necklace and put both in the wooden box on the nightstand. Diego went to the nightstand. He knelt down on one knee as he took the box and looked at the twins staring at him. The bedside lamp softly illuminated their doll-like faces. He saw that the brothers now had one green eye and one brown eye. Diego almost laughed out loud, he had forgotten about that exchange. It was the only thing he could think of to exchange with them. At least they were still identical. “We’ll see you at the competition tonight; we’ll be in the sixth row cheering you on.”

“We know you’ll win. You look more muscular now than you did earlier tonight,” Todd said touching Diego’s massive upper arm. Diego flexed it for him and Todd moaned with pleasure. “Are you sure you have to leave right this moment?”

“Yes,” Diego smiled, “we’ll hopefully celebrate my victory later.” Diego kissed each brother lightly on the lips. “Thanks again for everything guys. Goodbye.” Diego left the hotel room and the brothers went back to sleep, dreaming of the upcoming celebration.


Diego walked the mile from the hotel to the condominium complex quickly due to his long powerful legs. Most people would be frightened to walk the streets of Miami at 5am, but Diego knew no one would challenge a man of his stature. He went to the side entrance and used the key he kept hidden within the potted palms that decorated the building. The gym was deserted and dark. He turned on the lights and hesitantly approached the 350 pound bar he used yesterday to emasculate the three husbands. He got a firm grip and lifted the bar. After doing ten fast curls, Diego smiled, relieved that his intimidating strength had returned with his new muscle mass. He needed to know what his stats were. He had been guessing at heights and weights all day, trying to reach his former size. He went to the scale adjusting the mechanism until it balanced out at 284 pounds. “Damn, that’s 11 pounds less than before this all happened. That means I’m even further away from reaching my 300 pound goal,” Diego said staring at the scale. He then raised the metal rod attached to the back of the scale to measure his height. “Six four, Wow, I’m two inches taller than before.” Diego stripped off his shirt and stepped out of his shorts. He grabbed a tape measure and wrapped his around his tight waist; the metal tab on the end just passing the 30” inch mark at his belly button. Diego smiled, he finally had his 30” waist. “At least that’s one thing I got right.” Diego walked to the large set of mirrors and went through his posing routine. He thought he looked rather good despite his lighter weight and taller height. He still had great symmetry and beautifully sculpted lines; even more so with his slimmer hips and waist. He raised both arms high over his head, bending his elbows to place his forearms behind his head. He crunched his abdominal muscles as hard as he could. His board shoulders, wing-like lats, absurdly narrow hips and total lack of body fat, made his v-taper look incredible. He was the quintessential muscular man. He eyes traveled past his waist and ogled his massive thighs flaring out below his hips. His hardened calves were in perfect proportion to this upper leg. The reflection was causing his cock to react. Diego stood sideways and flexed his ass. He saw the muscles jump to attention and rise higher. He ran his large hands over the compact, dense muscles; the full, round shape defying gravity. He eyes were drawn to his cock extending well beyond his crotch. He reached for the tape measure and forced his steel hard cock down slightly as he ran the tape along its length. “Not even 8, I’ve lost more than two inches. Shit, what the hell am I going to do? I’ve got to be at the competition in a couple of hours” Diego said out loud to himself. He moved closer to the mirror to examine his face; his new green eyes made him look even more exotic and beautiful.

Determined to do the best he could with what he had, he decided to go the contest. He walked to the shower room and washed the long day’s grime from his powerful body. He loved the way the suds felt on his smoother skin and hairless ball sack. He gave himself a hand job while the warm water flowed down his rippling physique. He put all his clothes, his posing briefs, his contest paperwork, wallet, airline ticket, and the wooden box of necklaces into a large duffle bag. He wrote a note telling the building manager he quit and left his keys on the desk. He wasn’t planning on returning to this place ever again. He pulled on a 3XL t-shirt that hugged his body and a pair of sweatpants and took one last look in the mirror. He saw a man even more imposing in clothes than nude. He was the definition of an alpha male. He cupped his package to adjust his expanding rod. He walked out the door to the first light of day and gave one last look around the complex. Glad to be leaving, he got into a waiting taxi and looked forward to his new life in California.

Ryan planned on exercising daily to maintain his newly muscular, ripped physique. Swimming was the perfect option for him. It allowed him to use all his muscles and show off his huge endowment. He secretly enjoyed the feel of his greatly enhanced appendage more than his wife. Ryan went to the sporting goods store and purchased five new swimsuits. No more baggy, board shorts for him. He would only were bikinis, including the very low, hip hugging style MichaelPhelps made famous during the last Olympics. If women thought Mike looked good in them, they should see how Ryan filled them out. Ryan had 6” of thick man meat even when soft between his legs and wanted everyone to know it.

Ryan arrived at the pool just as the sun was coming up. He was the only one at the pool at that hour. He knew the housewives would be arriving soon, just when he was finishing his fifty laps. He would give them a show they would never forget. He removed the towel he had wrapped around his waist and adjusted the leg straps of his skimpy suit. He watched his heavy, tightly-packed manhood bounce as he pulled on the suit. He thought how envious he was of Diego when he saw him do the same thing just 2 days ago. Now he was the one who would make other men green with envy and women cum at the sight.

As Ryan was about to dive into the pool, he hard the clubhouse door slam shut. He looked to see a huge hulking man leaving. From the back it looked like Diego, but Ryan knew that couldn’t be him after what they took from him. The man stopped before getting into a cab and looked around. Ryan saw Diego’s beautiful face and gasped. The cab left and Ryan was in shock, a thousand thoughts went through his mind. He unconscientiously grabbed his package to make sure it was still there. He looked down and watched his hands roam over his lean athletic body. Relieved he was still built better than an Olympic gold medalist, he let out a sigh of relief. But how did Diego get everything back they had stolen from him? He had to tell Bill.

Bill was getting dressed when he heard the pounding at his front door. He finished tucking-in his red polo shirt into his khaki shorts as he opened the door. Ryan forced his way passed Bill without saying a word.

“Good morning to you too, Ryan” Bill said sarcastically closing the door.

“We have a problem. I just saw Diego and he’s as big as ever. He’s got his looks, his height and all his muscles back” Ryan said in a panicked tone.

“So Diego has the necklaces. I searched this place last night trying to find them. I knew someone took them from me, but I assumed it was you or Harold.” Bill calmly remarked while sitting down on the couch.

“Why aren’t you worried?” Ryan asked.

“Why should I be? It’s like I told you at the beginning of this whole thing. The necklaces only work if we choose of our own free will to put them on. If Diego or someone else gives me a necklace, I won’t wear it. Will you?” Bill answered while looking up at the impressive Ryan.

“No, of course not. But what if Diego seeks revenge by just beating us to a pulp? You saw the strength a man his size possesses. There’s no way I can stop him from breaking every bone in my body.” Ryan said while pacing back and forth in front of Bill.

“I think Diego will stay away from us. He’s probably afraid of what else we might do to him. We’ll probably never see him again. Just relax Ryan. Remember you’re a lot bigger now too,” Bill said while staring at the bulge in Ryan’s bathing suit move from side to side as he paraded before him.

Ryan stopped pacing and noticed Bill staring at his crotch. “Where’s Brittany?”

“I don’t know. I threw her out last night” Bill answered and noticed the surprised look on Ryan’s face as he moved his gaze from Ryan’s package. “Our marriage was a shame anyway. She married me for my money and I married her because I didn’t want to die alone. I don’t have that concern anymore.” Bill said while running his square hand over his muscular chest. “I’m as healthy as a horse.” Bill’s eyes went back to Ryan’s swim suit. “Speaking of horses, how’d Sara react to that horse dick of yours?”

“Like a woman obsessed,” Ryan answered while cupping his huge package. “Diego was right. It’s all she cares about. Whenever we’re in the same room together she just stares at it. Whenever or wherever I sit, she follows me and starts caressing my body; her hand always ending up on my crotch. We made love for hours last night. She didn’t want me to do anything, just lay there and stay hard. I woke up this morning and she was playing with my cock again, enjoying my morning wood.”

“So the two of you are staying together, even after she cheated on you?” Bill asked.

“Yes, but I told her I’m going to sleep with other women and if she doesn’t like it, she could leave. But, I know she’ll never leave me as long as I have this” Ryan said while letting go of his manhood and adjusting the straps on his bikini.

“I can’t blame her. You are quite impressive. I was in the army for more than 20 years and have seen a lot of built men, but you are something else,” Bill said still mesmerized by Ryan’s package. “I’ve shared a shower with 20 muscular teenagers during basic training and been in a bunk hall listening to 30 men jerking off in the middle of the night, and have never been so turned on by another man as I am at this moment.” Bill stood up, the bulge in his shorts very obvious, and moved toward Ryan. Bill put his index finger on Ryan’s equipment and started to slowly outline his thickening cock through the swim suits thin material.

Ryan looked down at Bill’s bright white crew cut and the red shirt that covered his muscular torso. He thought of Race Bannon from the old JohnnyQuest cartoon. Race was the first man that Ryan had lustful thoughts about as a young boy. He was so handsome, athletic and confident. Always taking charge and beating up the bad guys. Bill’s military training made the comparison of the two men even more valid. Ryan felt his cock becoming uncomfortably confined by the small suit. Bill got on his knees and started to roll the suit down Ryan’s muscular thighs.

“Stop, we really shouldn’t be doing this” Ryan whispered softly but made no attempt to restrain the smaller man.

Bill lowered the suit to Ryan’s ankles and slowly ran his hands up Ryan’s sculpted legs, stopping at his firm ass. As he kneaded the two globes, he started to lick Ryan’s egg sized balls. Ryan moaned in approval. Bill then sucked the tip of Ryan’s steel-hard pleasure pole. He slowly took in Ryan’s meat inch by inch; deep throating all 10 inches. Sara wasn’t able to do that last night, though she tired over and over. Ryan was on the verge of release. He grabbed the top of Bill’s head and ran his fingers through his thick, silky hair. As Bill was withdrawing Ryan’s cock from his mouth, he inserted two fingers into Ryan’s ass. Ryan mumbled, “Race you are incredible.” Bill was enjoying himself too much to hear Ryan. Ryan’s body started to spasm and he shot his load deep into Bill’s mouth. Bill fell back to the floor trying to swallow the large load produced by Ryan’s huge balls. Ryan towered above him breathing deeply his cock slowly deflating and dripping the last of his cum. Bill looked at his own crotch and saw a wet spot forming; he must have enjoyed sucking off Ryan more than he thought.

Ryan bent down and pulled up his bathing suit and walked to the kitchen to get some paper towels to wipe up his remaining juices. Bill crawled to the couch and sat down. Several minutes went by without either man saying a word. Ryan was adjusting his equipment back into place inside his suit, when Harold came bursting through Bill’s front door. “Good you’re both here. Where are the necklaces?”

“Why?” Bill asked.

“I need them. I want more. More muscle, more height, a more beautiful face” Harold said moving his gaze from Bill to Ryan as he entered the living room; the bulge in his suit larger than usual, “and more of a cock too.”

“They’re not toys to use whenever you want” Bill said

“You can’t ruin other men’s life by randomly taking things that aren’t rightfully yours. We did what we did to Diego to get revenge for the way he treated us. There was just case,” Ryan stated supporting Bill with his words and by standing behind the couch where Bill sat.

“That’s easy for you two to say. You’re both attractive men and have had women lust after you all your adult lives. This is new to me. I’ve always been the geek, the little dork with coke bottle glasses. I love being taller and stronger than the average guy. I didn’t go to work yesterday; I went to the beach instead. Women were smiling at me, approaching me, touching me. A bunch of buff guys were putting together a game of volleyball and for the first time I in my life I participated in a game and wasn’t picked last for the team. Everyone assumed I was a natural athlete because of my physique. And I was great, blocking and spiking easily with these long muscular limbs. All the men were envious of me. I felt so masculine and strong.” Harold was getting hard just reliving the experience, “My wife has never been happier; she couldn’t get enough of me last night. I was finally the dominant one in the bedroom. I never thought that was important, but boy was I wrong. It’s great to be a real man and I want more.” Harold was speaking very fast, excited by the possibility of gaining greater power and size. He looked at Ryan and Bill noticing a discomfort between the two of them. “Is everything ok with you two?”

“Yes. We think Diego has the necklaces” Ryan said, “I saw him leaving the building this morning and he was back to normal, huge muscles and all.”

“What? How did this happen. I need those necklaces. I’m not going back to being nothing again.” Harold yelled.

“Calm down. He probably used the building’s master key and took them from me. But don’t worry; I don’t think he’ll bother us anymore.” Bill commented.

“That’s just great, Bill. How could you be so careless? I need to be bigger, stronger and better looking. Can you get more necklaces? “, Harold asked anxiously.

“No way, Harold. It took me three years to get those and cost me thousands of dollars, and lifetime of IOUs. You just have to live your life as you are.” Bill said getting a bit agitated.

“Yeah, man. You are already taller than us and have a great physique. Most men would get their left nut to have a body like yours. You’re lucky to have this opportunity. It’s a fucking miracle what has happened to us. We should be thanking Bill, not yelling at him. He’s a great friend to help us the way he did. I will always consider him my friend no matter what happens to us” Ryan said putting his large hand on Bill’s broad shoulder. Bill squeezed Ryan’s hand understanding the real message behind Ryan’s words.

Harold looked at both men and then down at the floor. “Yes, you are right. I apologize for what I said. And I am grateful for what you did for me. I mean look at me. In a million years, I never thought I would have the body of a real jock. Thank you.” Harold said and approached Bill to shake his hand. “I’m actually glad it’s over. I’m sure Diego won’t bother us again. I better go and service my wife. She can’t get enough of the new me. I’m sure you two studs know what I’m talking about.” Harold walked to the door, “See you later.” He shut the door behind him.

Ryan moved around to the other side of the couch and sat next to Bill. Bill moved his hand to Ryan’s unyielding thigh, “What should we do for an encore?”

Harold entered the elevator, the doors closed and Harold saw himself in the mirror finish. He did look good, but not good enough. He wanted not just to be a jock, but the ultimate jock. He wanted to be as desirable as Diego was before the change. If Diego was able to get everything back he had before, then Harold wanted it all and this time he wouldn’t have to share. He had to find Diego. Instead of pressing the button for his home floor, he pressed the button for the lobby.

Harold entered the deserted gym using his pass card. He went to Diego’s office and found the note he left for the manager. He read it realizing he was planning on leaving town. Harold didn’t have much time to find him, but where could he be. He looked at the calendar hanging above the desk. Today’s date was circled in red along with the words Contest Day. On the desk a notepad had a phone number, and the words Miami Moon Taxi and convention center. “I think I’m going to the convention center. Who knows before the day is through; maybe I’ll be able to win that contest.” Harold said with a sly grin on his face.

Diego had just finished his preliminary judging. His body was pumped and sweaty from hours of flexing while trying to look like his wasn’t. He used the downtime to size up his competition. As the magazines predicted his only rival for the super heavyweight title, and therefore most likely the overall title, was J.J.Johnson from the Bahamas. J.J. was several inches shorter than Diego and six years older, but his physique had the bulky size that only a mature man can achieve. His smaller stature allowed his muscles to be more compact and appear thicker than Diego’s. The Bahamian’s dark as coal skin hid any imperfections in the bright stage lights. J.J. had one more thing that gave him an advantage over Diego. J.J. was known for having the biggest cock on the circuit. Diego had heard it was over a foot long and nine inches in circumference. Diego figured its size was exaggerated by the rumor mill, but by the bulge in his posers, not by much.

Diego knew the size of a man’s package shouldn’t affect the outcome of the contest. He also knew that when a group of men where lined-up next to each other wearing nothing by tight revealing bikinis; it was human nature to compare the size of their equipment. While muscle size and symmetry were what should be judged, bodybuilding is a subjective sport and judges are only human. A long, thick cock and a set of large balls was what every man wanted and everyone’s fantasy man had. And bodybuilders were people’s ultimate fantasy men, the pinnacle of masculinity. Contestants had to use every advantage possible to influence the judges. They spent hundreds of dollars on hair removal, tanning, haircuts, teeth whitening, and custom tailored posers. Diego wanted every advantage to guarantee his winning the contest. He knew having the biggest bulge in his briefs would lock-up the title for him.

Diego was waiting to be called for his individual posing routine. J.J. and he were the last two to perform. He saw J.J. lying down between two folding chairs waiting for his turn. He looked as if he was meditating. Like J.J., Diego was dressed in just posers and a t-shirt. Diego took a necklace from his bag and approached J.J., his eyes drawn to the massive amount of flesh tightly packed into his tiny nylon suit. Diego pulled up a chair next to J.J., who opened his eyes at the noise.

“Hey, J.J. you sure look great. You really have improved since last year” Diego said.

“Thanks, mon. You look real good too” J.J. said a little surprised that his rival was talking to him.

“I see you’re trying to meditate. I do the same thing. It really does help doesn’t it? I’ve put on almost 30 pounds of muscle this year since I started meditating. And when I wear this spiritual crystal I got from a guru in Nepal, I can actually feel my body changing” Diego said while showing J.J. the necklace in held in his hand.

“I’m glad to know I’m not the only spiritual person here. I started meditating to help me control my blood pressure but I’ve heard people say it can help add mass. But I’ve never been able to get under that deep. Do you think a crystal will help me?” J.J. asked eager for any way to improve his body.

“Did you want to try it? Like I said it has really helped me,” Diego gave proof by raising his arm and flexing his huge bicep. “Give it five minutes and see if you feel anything.”

“That’s nice of you, mon.” J.J. said taking the necklace from Diego. He put in around his neck and fastened it close. J.J. laid back down and closed his eyes.

“I see you in a few, brother” Diego said getting up and walking to his gym bag. He removed another necklace and put it on. He turned to look at J.J. and grabbed hold of the crystal around his neck. “I exchange with you the size of our genitals, I take from you 20 pounds of muscle, and I give you one inch of my height.” Diego saw J.J.’s bulge shrink at the same time he felt a twinge at his own crotch. He quickly sat down. He watched his cock and balls expand between his titanic thighs which were shortening and thickening slightly at the same time. His t-shirt became tighter around his arms and chest.

Diego looked up to see the stage assistant talking to J.J., it was his time to do his posing routine. J.J. stood up and stumbled a bit; his center of gravity off slightly by the sudden change in height and weight. He cupped his package to adjust it, looking down at his crotch after feeling its smaller size. J.J. raised his head with a strange look on his face, realizing something was different, but not sure what it was. He removed his t-shirt; Diego thought he did look less impressive. The decrease in muscle size along with the increase in the length of his limbs made his muscles look longer and thinner. J.J. walked over to Diego and gave him the borrowed necklace. “Thanks, Diego. I did feel something when I wore it. It was really strange.”

“I’m glad it worked. You do look different. Break a leg out there,” Diego said as J.J. walked toward the warm-up area the contest had set up for the competitors. Diego put the necklace back into the box and buried it at the bottom of his duffle bag. Diego waited for J.J. to leave then walked to the warm up area himself. He turned to the large mirrored wall to see the changes to his body. The pouch of his posers was now stretched to its limit by his larger package. He tried to adjust his meaty cock and balls the best he could, not caring who was watching. The room was filled with men constantly doing the same thing as their cocks expanded and shrank throughout the day. Having been a well endowed man, Diego always picked suits with the largest pouch, so the suit did cover all of him but just barely. He was never this big before. He couldn’t believe how his package could no longer be contained by just one of his immense hands. Diego was glad to finally have gotten back what he had lost and then some. The stage assistant came over to him and said 5 minutes until his routine. He turned around and started to do some elevated pushups on one of the wooden chairs. He felt his muscles filling with blood again, the added mass too much for his already tight t-shirt. The cotton material started to tear. The seams under his arms went first unable to confine his expanding lats, shoulders and chest. He stopped and started to lift a set of 40 pound dumbbells, the sleeves maxed out after the tenth rep and the rock hard flesh broke through. The other contestants were now staring at Diego. He turned to the mirror and ripped the remains of his shirt from his body. He looked like a morphed photograph. Each muscle was bloated with incredible size. He did a couple of simple poses enjoying a pump like he had never felt before. His chest, which had always been one of his best body parts, looked gigantic. His man tits hung like slabs of thick round marble. The slightest movement of his arms caused them to flex, forming a hard ball of muscle nearly touching his chin. His waist was tight and chiseled. His insanely narrow hips making his manhood look even bigger. The peaks on his biceps were now much higher than his shoulders and split into two distinct heads. Diego knew he had passed the magical 300 pound mark. He was everything he always dreamed of being.

Diego walked to the stage entrance. Noticing how heavy his body felt. His inner thighs rubbed against each other making Diego swing his legs outward as he walked. His lower back curved inward struggling to support the weight of his colossal upper body. He felt the weight of each ass check rise and fall with every step forcing the narrow back panel of his briefs into his deep ass crack. Waiting for J.J. to finish, Diego stood at the side entrance of the stage feeling up his own chest. He looked to his right and saw a familiar face watching him. It was the golden hunk from the beach. But now he had to look up to see Diego; the awe on his face made Diego smile. Diego always was partial to blue eyed-blonds, but this guy had it all; a muscular body, a handsome face and major meat between his legs. “Brock, congratulations on your second place finish in the light-heavyweight division” Diego said in his deepest voice.

“Thank you,” Brock said barely able to speak in the muscle god’s presence.

“I came in second last year in my division. I know next year you’re going to be a real threat to every man here. You have the potential of being an incredible champion,” Diego said running his large hand over Brock’s heaving chest. Diego saw the younger man’s cock start to swell in his briefs.

“Thank you,” Brock was the only thing he managed to say again while staring at Diego’s bulging chest.

“Are you alright?” Diego said flexing his pecs, well aware of the affect he was having on Brock.

“Yes,” Brock answered forcing his eyes off of Diego’s body to his face. “I was looking at your….necklace. Yeah, you know you shouldn’t wear that on stage.”

“Oh, I forgot I was wearing it” Diego said touching the crystal.

Brock watched Diego’s arms bulge as he raised them to reach the back of his neck; his thicker muscles making it difficult to bend his arms enough to perform the task. Brock wanted desperately to reach out and touch Diego’s virile body. After the struggle, Diego held the necklace by the chain in front of Brock. “Will you hold this for me until I’m done posing?” Brock nodded yes but did not move his hands, frozen in place by Diego’s beauty. Diego just laughed softly and reached his other hand to Brock’s posing briefs. Diego hooked the waistband with one finger and pulled it towards him. He dropped the necklace into Brock’s pouch and let the waist band snap back into place. Diego than cupped Brock’s fully erect package and rubbed it gently. “Keep my necklace safe near your own family jewels, Brock. I’ll be back to retrieve it later.” Diego heard them announce his name and he swaggered on stage to thunderous cheers. Brock’s pelvis started to spasm and a large wet spot formed on the front of his suit.

Diego’s perfect skin glowed when the bright lights hit his muscle-bound body. Each pose caused the crowd to cheer louder. The noise became deafening. Diego was overcome with the admiration emanating from the crowd. It took all his focused concentration not to get aroused. Through the blinding lights and non-stop flash bulbs, he found Tad and Todd. They were standing and cheering with such enthusiasm, it made Diego laugh. By the end of his routine, Diego took his final bow. The frenzied crowd rushed the stage to be closer to the muscular god. The judges table was knocked over by the stampede. The security team was too busy staring at Diego and was caught off guard by the charging horde. A guard came on stage and politely asked Diego to leave in an attempt to avoid a riot. The guard knew he couldn’t make Diego do anything he didn’t want to do. Once Diego was out of their view, the crowd settled down. It took almost a half hour for everything to be put back into place. The show’s announcer came out and informed the crowd if they were unable to control themselves, the show would be cancelled. Diego and the other super heavyweights were waiting to go on stage for the final pose down. Each trying to keep their muscles pumped. Finally they came on stage and started posing, seeing Diego with the others in his division made it more obvious he was the superior man. J.J. made a last attempt to beat Diego. He stood beside him and duplicated his every pose. But J.J. was struggling. He didn’t understand why his muscles looked so flat. He tried flexing harder to achieve the definition and size he saw earlier in the day. The non-stop rigorous flexing caused sweat to pour out of his body. The exertion and loss of fluids were causing his muscles to cramp. The pain became almost unbearable, J.J.’s face showed his anguish. Diego continued his routine ignoring everyone else on stage. He never looked or felt better. A bright, confident smile beamed from his handsome face. The posing was done and the contestants lined-up across the stage. Diego stood in the middle. He looked at the judges and saw their eyes scanning the men. All were not looking at their faces, but at their crotches. Diego took the opportunity to perform his favorite move. He nonchalantly pulled on the leg straps of his suit, causing his huge package to bounce. Todd and Tad screamed their approval. They saw Diego do the same move last night during their private posing session. Diego winked at the twins.

The winners were announced. Diego had done it. He was the super heavyweight champion. The others left the stage, while Diego waited for the other divisional winners to join him. The lighter weight champions looked ridiculous next to Diego’s gigantic proportions. As the final pose down began, all the other contestants stayed away from Diego not wanting to be compared to him. They knew they were fighting for second place tonight. Whenever Diego went toward the other men, they moved to the other side of the stage. Diego just shrugged his mammoth shoulders and smiled. The audience laughed along with Diego’s frustration. He continued his routine. All eyes were focused on Diego. At the end of the pose down Diego was feeling great, energized by his screaming fans. When Diego was named the overall winner, he was overwhelmed with relief having finally achieved his professional ranking. He could now start the rest of his life, thankful the nightmare of the last couple of days was over.

The large four foot trophy was brought on stage by two struggling female fitness winners. They kissed and felt up Diego’s sweaty body. Diego effortlessly picked up the trophy with on hand and raised it high over his head in victory. The women almost came at the display of his manly power. Light from hundreds of flash bulbs filled the exhibition hall. Diego spent the next hour signing autographs, posing for pictures, answering questions from reporters and meeting with the contest’s sponsors. He was offered numerous endorsement deals, magazine covers, and guest posing gigs. Everyone knew he had everything a bodybuilder needed to reach superstar status. With his looks and physique he could easily become more famous than Arnold.

Diego made his way backstage after doing all the necessary networking still just wearing his tiny posers. Most contestants had left and the area was almost deserted. As he made his way to his duffle bag, Brock was waiting for him also in his posers.

“Congratulations on getting your pro card” Brock said.

“Thanks. I can’t believe I’ve finally done it” Diego said smiling.

“You definitely deserve it. You are the most incredible man I’ve ever seen” Brock said running his hand down Diego’s massive right arm. “I’ve just moved to Miami and don’t know too many people here. I don’t even have a job or place to live yet. I would love to help you celebrate your victory tonight if you would allow me.”

“I’m sorry I have plans tonight and I’m leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow” Diego answered looking forward to meeting up with the twins. He saw the disappointed look on Brock’s face. He pulled a business card from a pocket on the outside of his bag. “But I could help you with your job situation. This is the card of my former boss. He’ll be looking to replace me as manager of the condo complex’s health club. You get a good salary, plus you can workout whenever you want and can live in the back office. But I having a feeling you’ll be spending most nights in over people’s beds” Diego smiled, “I’ll call him tomorrow and let him know I recommend you for the job.”

“Thank you. This is great,” Brock said, “But aren’t you forgetting about something?”

“What?” Diego asked.

“Your necklace” Brock answered.

“I did forget. Thanks for reminding me” Diego said and held out his hand. Brock just smiled and put his hands behind his back and titled his pelvis forward.

Diego smirked and pulled the waistband away from Brock’s tanned skin and slid his other hand into the pouch. Diego slowly massaged Brock’s large balls and stroked his long cock with his thumb pretending to search for the necklace. Brock closed his eyes and his mouth opened slightly as his head went backwards. Diego felt the piece of jewelry lying at the bottom of the pouch and pulled it out letting go of Brock’s briefs. “You do have every advantage that a bodybuilder needs. I look forward to competing with you as a super heavyweight in a couple of years.” Diego said as he put the necklace on, again struggling with the tiny clasp in his big hands. Brock took the opportunity and caressed Diego’s wide lats. He savored the heat and smell coming off of his sensual body. He then ran his hands down Diego’s wide back and grabbed his firm ass pulling his crotch into his own. Brock’s semi-hard cock was rubbing up against Diego’s soft by larger unit. As Diego lowered his arms, Brock sucked Diego’s left nipple. He then licked his firm breast, continued up his neck until he reached Diego’s warm lips. They kissed deeply. Brock continued to massage the bigger man’s ass and grind his expanding cock into Diego. Diego put his hands on Brock’s shoulders and pushed him away. Diego was surprised by how confident Brock had become since their earlier encounter. “You are a very, very attractive man, but I really can’t tonight.”

“I understand. I’m not happy, but I understand. I just couldn’t let this opportunity pass by without me trying my best to seduce you; especially since you’re moving away. I guess I’ll have to accept a rain check. And that’s one check I’ll definitely plan on cashing,” Brock said as he walked away. “Until we meet again, Diego”

Diego watched Brock leave, rubbing his lips with his fingers. “Damn, he was a good kisser,” Diego thought. He then moved his hand to his crotch to adjust his semi-hard cock. Suddenly Diego felt his strength drain from his body. He fell to one knee, the weight of his muscles too much for his weakened legs to support. He held himself up by holding on to a chair, his breathing became labored. He felt like he had been hit by a wrecking ball; struggling to keep himself conscience. He realized he had felt this way only once before, he searched his bag trying to find the wooden box of necklaces.

Harold had spent the entire day trying to get into the convention center. The event was sold out and security was very tight. He was walking around the huge building trying to find an entry point for the third time, when he came upon a group of four or five contestants smoking cigarettes. Most looked like young welterweights or novice bodybuilders. They were all in posing briefs; they’re skin sprayed tan and shiny with oil. Harold got an idea. He took off all his clothes except the black bikini underwear he bought yesterday. He tied his shorts and t-shirt into a tight ball and fashioned a handle. He carried his clothes and walked-up to the competitors. His tall, lanky body was lean and muscular. He looked like he was among his peers.

“Can I borrow a cigarette?” he asked the group. He faked smoking, never really inhaling as he joined in the conversation. Harold followed the other men into the backstage area, the security card not questioning the obviously contest worthy men. Harold found a hidden corner and scanned the area looking for Diego. He spotted him talking to another competitor. Harold got excited when he saw the black man give Diego one of the necklaces. Diego did have them. Harold watched Diego put the necklace in the wooden box and hide it in his duffle bag. Diego got up and started to work his muscles. Harold jaw dropped when he saw Diego rip off his tattered t-shirt. Ryan was right, Diego had gotten everything back. In fact he looked bigger and sexier than before. Harold felt a combination of envy, lust and desperation over take his thoughts. He had to be as big, strong and sexy as Diego. He saw Diego was wearing a necklace. This would be easier than he thought.

Harold watched Diego move to the stage entrance. It appeared Diego was deep into a conversation with someone, but Diego had his wide back towards Harold blocking his view of the other man. Harold’s heart sank as he saw Diego remove the necklace. As Diego went on stage, Harold could finally see the other man. He was almost as perfect as Diego, only less muscular and blond. He watched the blond hunk shoot his load into his revealing briefs. No one else seemed to think it was odd that this man was having an orgasm in a crowded place. Harold thought bodybuilders must be used to seeing this kind of thing. He had seen the way people reacted to his smaller body; he could only imagine the impact of being Diego’s size.

Harold went to where Diego left his bag. He took the wooden box and returned to his corner. Inside were three necklaces, he put all three necklaces around his neck. He waited for Diego to return. After what seemed like an eternity, Diego finally reappeared. The blond hunk was waiting for him. They talked and started to kiss. Harold felt his cock rising again watching the two fantasy hunks make out. When the blond left, Harold saw Diego had put the necklace back on. He knew this was his chance. He grabbed all three crystals, looked at Diego and said “strength.” Harold felt his body tighten, his muscle harden with power. He never felt so strong and confident. He strolled over to Diego, who was kneeling on the floor searching his duffle bag. “Looking for this, Diego” Harold said holding up the wooden box.

A look of terror came over Diego’s face when he saw Harold looming over him wearing the other three necklaces. Diego tried to grasp his necklace to wish his strength back. But his arm felt so heavy and powerless. His huge muscles were nothing but dead weight now. Harold threw the wooden box and his clothes into Diego’s open bag. He gathered the bag’s handles in one hand and lifted it to his side. Harold then grabbed Diego’s thick upper arm and pulled him up onto his feet; easily lifting Diego’s limp 300 pound body. “We need to go somewhere private so I can really enjoy our time together” Harold whispered in Diego’s ear as he led Diego to a backstage office. Diego tried to walk to prevent his bare feet from being dragged on the concrete floor. Two other contestants approached him on the way out the back door.

“Please help me. This man is hurting me” Diego pleaded as the men got nearer.

“Yeah right, Diego, like a guy his size could ever hurt you,” one man said with a laugh in his voice. Harold just laughed along with the strangers.

“You two have fun hurting each other,” the other man replied as they passed Diego and Harold.

Harold dropped the bag to open the office’s door. He threw Diego into the room, picked up the bag, entered the room and locked the door behind him. Diego was lying on the floor, flat on his back in the very small space. He again tried to grasp his necklace. Harold set the bag down on the counter that ran along one entire wall of the room. He noticed Diego’s arm reaching for the crystal. Harold bent down and slapped Diego across his face. Diego’s head was twisted by the force of Harold’s blow; the back of his head hitting the floor hard. “You better be a good boy or I destroy that beautiful face of yours” Harold warned while grinding his sandaled foot into Diego’s chest. Harold noticed the back of his hand was bleeding slightly. He must have cut it on Diego’s teeth when he slapped him. Diego was disoriented by the blow to his head and the pressure on his chest, he couldn’t breathe or move. “What should I do to you first?” Harold said while moving his foot to the other side of Diego. Harold’s legs straddled the larger but defenseless man. He reached down and put a hand under each of Diego’s thick arms. He effortless lifted him into the air. Tossing his body up and catching him again, like a parent does to entertain a small child. “You’re so light for such a big boy.” Harold then moved forward and pushed Diego’s hulking frame up against the wall. The back of Diego’s head hit the wall, this second blow almost making Diego lose consciousness. Harold moved one hand to the center of Diego’s chest holding him in place. “I like the improvements you made, Diego. You look even sexier than you did before this all happened. You look a little taller and even more muscular.” He grabbed Diego’s face in his other hand. “Those pretty green eyes make you look like a whop instead of a spic.” Harold let go of Diego’s face and ran his hand down one of his arms. He squeezed the massive bicep crushing the softened muscle. “Without their strength, your muscles feel like mounds of fat. But they still look good,” Harold commented as he moved his hand down Diego’s chest and stomach, finally stopping to cup his package. “Speaking of improvements, what do we have here?” He grabbed onto Diego’s posers and ripped them off his body; the nylon material cutting into Diego’s hips. Harold started to pull on Diego’s long rod, massaging it between his fingers. Diego still groggy, moaned as his cock started to stiffen. Harold slapped the thick meat back and forth with his hand until it was rock hard and fully erect. “My god, how big is that thing?” Harold reached for a piece of regular 8.5”x11” paper that was hanging on a bulletin board behind Diego. He held the length of the paper along side Diego’s cock; the thick head slightly surpassing the length of the paper. “It’s about eleven and a half inches,” Harold’s own cock started to get hard at the realization of what could be his with just a few words.

Diego started to come out of his stupor. “You don’t want to do this again, Harold. It’s not right to take something that doesn’t belong to you. You know it’s wrong.”

“Look who’s talking. I’m sure the man you took this from didn’t give it willingly” Harold said still groping Diego’s hard meat.

“I was only trying to get back what you stole from me. It was only fair,” Diego replied trying to justify his actions to himself too.

“Fair, who says life, is fair. Is it fair, that you had 24 years of physical perfection, while I had a lifetime of being ugly and weak? It seems fairer to me to share. You had your time in the sun and now it’s my turn. I’m going to be the perfect one now,” Harold looked at Diego’s handsome face. Diego could see there was no denying the desperation and lust in Harold’s eyes. Harold grabbed hold of Diego’s arm and threw him at the counter. Bent at the waist facing the counter, Diego’s nude backside faced Harold. Harold stepped out of his own black briefs and forced Diego’s legs farther apart. He pushed Diego’s face down toward the wall, exposing his ass in all its glory. Harold plunged his hard cock into Diego, “I’ve fantasized about doing this so many times.” Diego hardly felt anything. Most of the length of Harold’s five inch rod was taken up by Diego’s large round cheeks before it reached Diego’s hole. Harold quickly reached climax and took a step backwards. He flipped Diego over still admiring this massive size, “I enjoyed that almost as much as when I knocked the shit out of you in the gym. But now I don’t have to share your strength with anyone else. I have you all to myself.” Harold put his hands on his hips and stood very tall, “I want you to hit me.”

“What?” Diego asked.

“I said hit me. I want you to hit me as hard as you can. And if you don’t I crush those huge balls of yours with my bare hands” Harold said latching his small hand around Diego’s large left testicle. He squeezed making Diego wince in pain before letting go and returning his hand to his hip. Diego forced himself up resting his ass against the counter behind him. He pulled his right arm back and threw a punch with everything he had at Harold’s jaw. Diego’s fist just slid off of Harold’s chin making no impact. Harold smiled. “Harder you pussy” Harold yelled. Diego decided to aim lower and threw a punch with his other fist into his tormentor’s stomach. The punch just bounced off. “Harder, harder, harder” Harold continued to yell as Diego threw punch after punch into Harold, none even denting his skin. Harold looked at this massively muscular man pelting him with multiple blows and he didn’t feel a thing. Harold felt so powerful and dominate his cock began to expand again. His fast recovery rate another benefit of his super strength. Diego’s knuckles were sore and cut from their contact with the defined ridges of Harold’s steel hard abdominal muscles. Diego was near exhaustion and his entire body fell forward into Harold. Harold took one hand and effortlessly pushed him back into the counter. “You are pathetic. That’s not how to throw a punch, this is how a real man hits” Harold punched Diego square into his gut using only about a third of his total power. Diego body jackknifed forward as Harold stepped out of the way. Diego collapsed onto the floor in severe pain. “This is way too easy. It’s time to do what I really came here for anyway.” Harold looked at Diego riving in pain and thought for a moment. He then grabbed his necklace seeing the same cut on his hand again. “I exchange with you our physical appearance, I take from you your voice, and I give you my injuries.”

Harold watched his wound heal as his hand expanded; his skin darkened and became covered with thick veins. His gaze traveled up his arm watching the same thing happening to his forearm. His body’s escalating level of masculine power almost too much for him to bear. He did a double bicep pose and threw his head back, growling like an animal. He lowered his arms and grabbed onto his steel hard cock, the huge size easily accommodating both of his manly hands. He twisted his hands in opposite directions testing his rod’s power. Harold couldn’t believe what he held now belonged to him. He shot his load with such force it took him by surprise; the huge volume of semen coating the wall in front of him. “My god, is it always that intense when you cum. It felt so fucking great; no wonder you were always so horny.” Harold grabbed his throat, shocked by the deep baritone voice that came out of his mouth. Harold finally looked were Diego was lying. But he no longer saw Diego, he saw himself. He reached down and picked Diego up again like a rag doll. Harold felt his muscles flex as he moved. He started to pump his arms using Diego as the weight; the blood rushing to his cock as well as his muscles. He pushed Diego against the wall, holding him in place with one arm as before. He used his free hand to explore his massively muscular physique. His hand went from his bulging arm to his thick pecs, down his chiseled waist, over his powerful thighs, and then to his hard, round ass. His body felt like a marble masterpiece; perfect in form and function. Harold shot another smaller load onto Diego’s torso. He continued to hold Diego up in front of him, his face only a few inches from his own. Diego could feel Harold’s hot breath on his face as he tried to recover from two incredible orgasms in under three minutes. Harold opened his eyes and focused on the man in front of him. Harold laughed at loud. It was like looking in a mirror. “I sure was one plain looking dude,” Harold said as he threw Diego back onto the counter. Diego still shaken from Harold’s abuse realized what was happening and started to panic. Now that Harold had his huge cock and incredible strength, if he got raped, it would cause severe damage to his body. He felt Harold’s manhood press up against his ass. But he didn’t enter him; Harold just removed the necklace from Diego. “I’ll take this now, you won’t be using it ever again,” Harold said. Diego turned around after he no longer felt Harold’s body. Harold was looking into a small mirror above a utility sink in the opposite corner of the room. He had put on the necklace; he now had all four around his neck. He was staring at his new face, Diego’s face. Harold ran his hands through his long, thick, curly black hair. He traced the contours of his cheekbones, full lips and knife-edged jaw line with his forefinger. Harold smiled and his prefect, bright-white teeth lit up his face. His pale green eyes sparkling back to him. He was so beautiful, so flawlessly handsome. Harold balls started to spasm again. His body wanted to orgasm, but couldn’t, the well was dry. Harold’s balls ached as they pumped in vain. He leaned up against the wall while gently massaging his sack with one hand and is steel pipe cock in the other, trying to calm his overworked equipment. He turned and looked at Diego again. “I don’t know how you didn’t walk around with a hard-on 24 hours a day. It feels so good. I mean with this body it’s difficult not to feel invincible and all powerful, like a fucking god. No wonder you were one arrogant son-of-a-bitch. I now understand why you treated other people the way you did, you were superior to them.”

Diego stared at Harold, seeing his former body as if for the first time. It was like watching a 3-D movie of himself. He was magnificent, so masculine and powerful. Diego couldn’t let Harold take everything away without a least trying to talk him out of it. Diego knew he didn’t have a chance, but had to try. “Are you sure you want to do this Harold? Think about everything you’re giving up by becoming me; your beautiful wife, your high-paying job, your two best friends.” Diego said sickened by his higher pitched, squeaky voice.

“If you think my life is so great, you’re welcome to it. Plus you don’t have much choice now do you, loser.” Harold walked over to Diego’s bag and threw his old clothes at Diego. “These will fit your scrawny body.” Harold pulled at a pair of spandex shorts over his massive thighs and ass. Grinning as he arranged his package the best in could in the clingy material. He found a string tank top and pulled it over his head. He slid on Diego’s old size 14 sandals and headed towards the door. “I hope you enjoy your new life. I know I will,” Harold grabbed his cock and laughed as he exited.

Harold entered the dark backstage area. Only a few custodial people kept the place from being totally deserted. He walked over to the warm-up area. He decided to test his new strength. He saw a bar with 250 pounds of weight sitting on a bench rack. We grabbed it with both hands and lifted it. The bar went high into the air with his effort. Once he got it under control he curled it easily with both arms. Harold then moved his right hand to the center of the bar, and curled it with just one arm. Harold felt a twinge in his cock at the realization of how powerful he really was.

Just then an athletic looking older man with two scantily clad women approached Harold. “Diego, there you are. I’ve been looking for you. Are you sure you won’t be able to join us for the party? It’s at my hotel room. I have the presidential suite at the Ritz. Most of the other top competitors and the industry’s big wigs are going to be there,” the obviously well off man said as he gestured to one of the girls to go to Harold. The girl caressed Harold’s pumped up bicep.

“Diego, you’re so big and strong” she whispered seductively.

“It looks like the girls want you to come” the man laughed.

“I hate to disappoint such a beautiful woman,” Harold said moving his large hand to the girl’s ass. The woman smiled at Harold.

“Great, my limo is waiting for us outside” the man commented as the foursome headed for the door.

Diego was getting used to his new body. He was still extremely weak for a man of his size, but his smaller muscles and lighter weight made it easier for him to move. He pulled himself up and looked in the same small mirror Harold used to admire his change. Diego knew what to expect, but was still shocked by his reflection. He was Harold and he was bleeding from the corner of his mouth. He washed the blood from his face and Harold’s drying semen from his bruised body. He put Harold’s old clothes on, a pair of cargo shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. He found Harold’s wallet and car keys in the pockets of his shorts. He put everything back into his gym bag, including the empty wooden necklace box. He grabbed the bag and slid it off the counter. It fell to the floor pulling Diego down with it. The bag that was light as a feather to him earlier, now felt like a ton of bricks. He grabbed it with both hands and leaned backwards to lift the bag. He left the convention center after fighting to open the large metal fire doors. He struggled to the dark parking lot figuring the only remaining car had to be Harold’s. Resting against the car after the long walk, he reached for the keys. Suddenly a short man holding a knife came toward him. Diego suddenly realized he was in a high crime area of the city. When he had his old body that was something he never had to think about.

“Give me the keys” the forced voice of the criminal said. Diego looked at what he thought was a man, but saw a boy, who couldn’t be no more than 16 years of age. His hand was shaking, obviously a little intimidated by Diego’s height and athletic physique. “Give me the keys now man, or I’ll cut you” the boy said waving the knife in front of Diego. The boy nerves got the best of him and he accidentally dropped the knife at their feet. The boy was shocked by his mistake and Diego’s instincts took over, getting hold of the knife first. The boy grabbed Diego’s wrist in a desperate attempt to get the knife back. The boy was surprised when he was able to easily overpower the taller, more muscular man. He simply bent Diego’s arm backwards forcing the knife to drop again. Diego threw a punch at the boy who easily blocked it. Diego threw another punch and the boy caught the punch in his smaller hand stopping its progress. The boy squeezed Diego’s clenched fist. Diego was in such pain from the boy’s grip, he fell to his knees. “You’re weaker than my little sister, dude. This is going to be easy,” the boy said, his confidence growing by the minute. The boy punched Diego in the face almost knocking him out. When Diego groaned, the boy kicked him in his gut, “Shut up, wus.” The boy then went through Diego’s pockets and bag taking all the cash he found. He used the car keys to drive off in Harold’s car.

Diego was kneeling on the ground putting all his stuff back into the bag, when another car approached him. Diego was blinded by its bright headlights. When the doors opened he was able to see the police insignia. “What’s going on here, sir?” One cop asked as he walked to where Diego knelt.

“I was mugged,” Diego replied.

The cop squatted down to get closer to Diego. “Are you alright? Did you want us to call an ambulance?”

“No, I’m fine. Thank you,” Diego answered.

“Okay. Can I see some identification?” Diego gave the policeman Harold’s wallet. “Why don’t we take you to the precinct so we can get your statement?”

“No. That won’t be necessary. I just want to forget about this whole night,” Diego said putting the last item in his bag and struggling to his feet.

The cop stood up too. He noticed how tall Diego was and the size of his arms. “They must have been big guys to take you on. Did they get your car too, Mr.Bergman?”

“Yes. I’ll file a report tomorrow morning for the car being stolen. Tonight I just want to go home,” Diego said before thinking about what he was saying.

Katrina answered the door surprised to see her husband and two police officers. “My god Harold, are you okay? What happened?” she asked with great concern.

“I was mugged” Diego said surprised by Katrina’s reaction. She really did seem to care about her husband. Diego stumbled to the couch to sit while Katrina talked to the policemen. She took the gym bag from them and put it down right inside the door. She thanked them for their help and locked the door shut.

“Are you sure you are okay, sweetie? Maybe we should go to the hospital, you’re still bleeding.” Katrina asked while touching Diego’s swollen lip.

“No, I just need a shower and some sleep” Diego replied.

Katrina ran her hands over her husband’s muscular arm. “Sleep, but I was hoping to put your new muscles to some use again tonight. You’re still my big, strong, daddy”

“Not tonight, darling. Unlike you, I don’t enjoy being battered and bruised. Maybe I’ll feel better in the morning.” Diego struggled to his feet and went to the bathroom. He was familiar with the layout of the home having spent many days fucking Katrina when Harold was at work. He got undressed and stood in the shower letting the hot water soothe is aches and pains. He dried himself off and fell into bed. Katrina was waiting for him and hugged him. Diego lay there in some pain, not wanting to let Katrina know her own muscular body was stronger than her husband’s once again.

He waited for her to fall asleep, thinking about what he would do next. He thought maybe he would still go to L.A. or some other city to start his new life, not as Diego but Harold. Sure he wasn’t handsome and had only an average dick, but he was still tall and had a good body. He figured if he worked out he probably could become stronger. He needed to do something with his life and maybe being ordinary would make him focus more on his inner self. Build his character instead of his muscles. He wouldn’t be able to rely on his appearance to get by in life anymore. This could actually be a blessing in disguise. He spent three days in hell and he couldn’t afford to waste any more time. He decided he definitely would leave Miami tomorrow.

After Katrina fell asleep, Diego used all his strength to push her off him. Once free of her crushing weight, Diego fell asleep quickly, his mind and body exhausted from the day’s events.

Harold woke up the next morning in the center of a king size bed. On each side of him was one of the beautiful girls he met backstage the night before. At the foot of the bed was the host of the party. Harold thought it was funny the man paying for the room was relegated to the uncomfortable foot of bed. Harold learned during the night he was RichardBlakeman, founder and president of one of the world’s largest sport supplement companies. He was a former bodybuilder himself and in pretty good shape for an old guy. Harold sat up in bed and effortlessly picked up the 120 pound girl on his left and set her down on his right. He slid out of the bed to his left and walked to the bathroom. As he walked he had to step over all the other nude party goers passed out on the floor. Harold straddled the toilet. He started to piss while running his hands over his hard muscular body enjoying the feeling. The sheer size and weight of his cock held it down in place so his hands were free to explore his physical perfection. Harold still couldn’t believe he was so strong and masculine. The powerful stream of urine continued for minutes, his bladder emptying the remnants of the multiple bottles of expensive champagne he eagerly consumed during the party. Harold’s massive bodyweight allowed him to drink more than any other man without getting drunk, he got a buzz but stayed in total control. Harold spent the night dominating the other men in the room; his super strength allowing him to effortlessly defeat all the other muscle hunks in arm wrestling or punching contests. Sometimes he only had to shake their hands; his vice-like grip bringing them to their knees in pain. No man questioned his superiority once subjected to his awesome strength. He demonstrated his power to the women by allowing them to hang from his flexed arms. Harold would do a double bicep pose and two women would wrap their arms around each of his bulging biceps; his potent arms easily supporting the weight of the four women. The displays of dominance turned Harold on as much as the onlookers. He spent the entire night in various stages of arousal. Luckily, there was always a volunteer to help Harold relief the pressure that built up his balls. Every man and women at the party had experienced Harold’s mighty meat in one body cavity or the other before the night was over.

Harold’s bladder had finally emptied. The woman he moved in bed entered the bathroom and joined him in exploring his body. Harold turned to face her. He bent down and hugged her in his beefy arms. He lifted her to his level and they kissed, their tongues playing against each other. He carried her into the large walk-shower and turned on the faucet; the dual shower heads covered their entwined bodies with warm water. She had the honor of enjoying Harold’s first hard-on of the day. His potent cock refreshed and reenergized by a night’s sleep. He slowly penetrated the eager women. The leisurely rhythm of his giant organ caused unbelievable pleasure inside the girl for more than twenty minutes. Her passionate screams awoke the other party goers. Harold carried the women out of the bathroom and placed her on the bed. He had wrapped her in a towel since she was soaking wet, everywhere.

“Is she alright?” the other girl asked.

“Yeah, can’t you tell by the smile on her face? She just fainted. I guess her body couldn’t handle so many orgasms this early in the morning.” Harold said then moved his hand to his still hard cock, “And I haven’t even had one yet.”

The girl looked at Harold’s magnificent body, still dripping with water, lustfully and reached for his huge meat, “I can help you with that.”

Harold threw her over his shoulder and carried her back to the waiting shower. By the time they finished pleasuring each other and finally showered, all the other guests had left. Harold entered the room naked, his body still causing awe in Richard and the other girl who had finally recovered from her session with Harold. Harold walked by them ignoring their stares as he headed to the balcony. He took a deep breath, his massive chest growing to enormous proportions, enjoying the sea air. “I think I head down to the beach to catch some sun. Richard, do you have a suit I can borrow?”

“I don’t think any of my trunks will fit you. But you may be able to squeeze into one of my bikinis,” Richard said staring at Harold’s impressive equipment. Richard went to the bureau and opened the top drawer. He stepped aside to allow the following Harold to see the selection. Harold went through and selected the only g-string bikini. He stepped into it and brought the suit to his waist. Richard watched the back string disappear between Harold’s massive ass checks. Harold turned and started to adjust his package. The girls approached him and playfully slapped his hands away.

“Allow us,” the girls started to cup his balls and pull at his thick cock attempting to make things smoother in the thin material. They pulled at the pouch stretching it to cover all of him. Harold allowed them to play with his manhood; they seemed to be really enjoying themselves. After all the practice last night, he was better able to control his erections. Richard watched, actually grateful for his older age. Unlike Harold it took him a long time to recover from his orgasms, and after last night, he knew he wouldn’t be able to get hard for days.

“Diego, I don’t think you’re allowed to wear g-strings on a public beach. They have ordinances against it” Richard said.

“Those rules apply to ordinary people. If anyone should be seen in a bikini like this is a man like me. Don’t you agree ladies?” Harold said flexing every muscle in his body while placing his hands on his narrow hips. The women showed there approval by running their hands over his hardened body and licking their lips. “Now who wants to join me at the beach?”

Diego was woken by the sound of the running water. He sat up in bed disoriented by his environment. When he saw his reflection in the mirror on the opposite wall, he remembered where he was. Katrina wasn’t alongside him; she must be taking a shower. Diego walked to the kitchen drawn by the smell of coffee. He poured himself a cup, the weight of the pot causing his hand to shake. He brought the cup to his mouth savoring the taste. He heard a knock at the door. He opened the door and was startled to see Bill and Ryan there.

“Good morning Harold. You want to join us for a workout?” Bill asked.

“My God, what happened to you?” Ryan asked noticing the wounds on Diego’s face.

Diego hesitated for a moment, shocked to be face to face with the men that took everything away from him. “Oh yeah,” he said touching his swollen lip, “Good morning to you. I was a….a mugged last night.”

The two men forced their way in making Diego step back into the room. “I’m glad to hear it wasn’t Katrina this time,” Bill teased closing the door behind him. He also noticed the gym bag by the door. It looked familiar; he bent down to read the name tag.

“Are you alright? Did you call the police?” Ryan asked with real concern.

“I’m fine and yes the cops know about it” Diego said realizing how good the two men looked now. Each wore a tight tank top and baggy nylon shorts; the current standard outfit real jocks wear to show off their hard earned bodies. Their lean muscles were quite obvious, along with the significant bulge between Ryan’s legs. But Diego knew they didn’t earn their physiques.

“Why do you have Diego’s gym bag?” Bill asked.

“What? Was it Diego that did this to you? That asshole. I should have never told you I saw him downstairs. And after the way you left Bill’s home so abruptly yesterday, I knew you were up to something,” Ryan commented.

“No, Diego didn’t do this to me. I told you I was mugged,” Diego answered becoming defensive for a moment, “But I did run into Diego last night. I wanted to know if what you said was true.”

“So, did he have his old body back?” Bill asked.

“Yes, he looked more perfect than ever. He makes you two jocks look like chopped liver” Diego said enjoying his deceit.

“Did you see if he had the necklaces?” Ryan questioned.

“And how about the wooden box?” Bill inquired.

“Yes, he had the necklaces. The box is in the bag” Diego answered while moving to sit down on the couch; his weakened legs getting tired from standing for so long. Bill knelt down to the bag again and unzipped it. He frantically searched the bag until he found the box and opened it.

“Where are the necklaces?” Bill pleaded.

“The last time I saw Diego; he was wearing all four of them” Diego answered casually.

“Oh no” Bill said under his breath.

Diego noticed the fearful look on Bill’s face. “Is that a problem?” he asked.

“No, not really. The odds are nothing will happen.” Bill said without thinking, still staring at the empty box.

“What do you mean, Bill? If there is something we should know, you better tell us. This whole thing may have been your idea, but we’re all in it together now” Ryan remarked.

“I know. You’re right,” Bill said as he stood up and walked closer to the other two men. “Everything we have done, or more exact the necklaces have done, can be reversed if one of the original four people who used them wears all four necklaces and says the word, uhm….return.”

“What?” Diego asked almost choking on his coffee.

“I can’t lose what I took from Diego. I can’t go back to the way I was before” Ryan said has he grabbed his enhanced package.

“Don’t panic guys. I’ve got the most to lose if that happened. The person would have to say it in Filipino. And I don’t think a muscle-head like Diego is fluent in Filipino. There’s nothing to worry about. But I’ll try to contact my friend in the Philippines to see if there is a way to deactivate the necklaces without us actually having them,” Bill said trying to calm the other two men.

“Yeah, you’re right. That hulking wet-back can hardly speak English, none the less Filipino” Ryan joined in, trying to make himself feel better too.

“Yeah, he’s a real moron all right,” Diego said trying to cover his growing anger.

“See, like I said nothing to worry about. Diego doesn’t know how to reverse the magic. And it’s not like one of us is going to tell him,” Bill said, “You don’t mind if I keep the box? It’s belongs to me anyway.”

“Sure, whatever” Diego answered.

“How did you end up with Diego’s bag?” Bill wondered.

“When he saw me, he dropped it and ran away. Imagine a guy his size scared of me. I guess after our little fight the other day; I put fear of God in him. I took the bag hoping to learn more about the necklaces” Diego said trying to sound tough. Ryan and Bill laughed at Diego’s story.

“I would have loved to see that big coward running away from you” Bill commented.

“So I guess you’re in no condition to workout today. Are you going into work?” Ryan asked.

“No, not today” Diego answered while standing and heading towards the door. “I’ll see you guys later.” Diego opened the door and the other two men exited. “By the way, Bill. What is the Filipino word for return?”

“Magbalik, it really means return things to their former status,” Bill said, “Why do you want to know?”

“Just curious, that’s all” Diego said as he closed the door. Diego walked into the bedroom, his mind was racing with this new information. He removed his robe and looked in the mirror. He was in good shape, but looked so thin and weak compared to his former appearance. His body was covered in cuts and bruises. Last night he had resigned himself to living the rest of his life looking like Harold, but now he may not have to. All he had to do was to get Harold to say a simple word. But he knew he would never be able to force Harold to say it. Harold would never trust anything Diego told him. Diego needed help from someone Harold trusted. At that moment the shower stopped running. Diego turned to look through the open bathroom door to see Katrina emerge from the tub, her beautiful body glistening with moisture from the shower. She bent forward to wrap her long, hair in a towel. As she adjusted the towel, Diego scanned the feminine curves of her athletic body. It was easy to see why Harold loved her and wanted so desperately to please his wife. Diego had found his ally.

Katrina walked out of the bathroom noticing her husband staring at her. He had a strange smirk on his face. She scanned his tall, muscular form and became aroused. She walked over to him and started to run her hands over his hard chest. “Harry, you’re bruises look so sexy, like you are a champion boxer who has just defended his title,” her hand moved down to his battered abdominal muscles and punched them lightly with her fist imitating a boxer. Diego bit his lip in attempt not to show the pain he felt. He walked away rubbing his stomach and sat on the bed. Katrina followed and straddled his legs, her large, pert breasts in his face. Diego did not react. Katrina pulled his face into her deep cleavage. Diego put his hands on her shoulders and tried to free himself from the soft orbs. Katrina grabbed his wrists and forced his hands over his head as they fell back onto the bed. Diego struggled to move his hands; her strength too much for his weakened body to counteract. Katrina laughed, “You’re not even trying. Do you want me to dominate you again, sweetie?”

Diego continued to struggle, his face becoming red with frustration. “No, get off of me,” Diego blurted out, upset with his inability to defend himself against a woman. This had never happened to him before.

Katrina let go and sat to one side of her husband. “Are you still mad at me because of what happened yesterday?” she asked while removing the towel from the top of her head. Diego did not say anything as he sat up and rubbed his wrist. Katrina continued, “We were having so much fun at the beach yesterday until that bodybuilder showed up. You know how I am attracted to muscular men, I didn’t mean to stare at him and ignore you. I could see you were getting jealous, but he was so big and handsome I had to look. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” Katrina caressed her husband’s sinewy forearm. Diego didn’t respond, since he wasn’t there, he didn’t know what to say. “I guess I made things worse yesterday morning, when I suggested you ask your company if you could take more of the drug. I just thought if one dose made you this much taller and stronger; another would make you even more of a man.”

“Drug?” Diego asked.

“Yes, the experimental drug your company created for the military. You said that’s why your physical appearance improved so drastically” Katrina answered surprised by her husband’s memory lapse.

“Oh, right, that drug” Diego said understanding Harold’s lie. He had to tell his wife something since the changes were so dramatic.

“When you stormed out of here and didn’t return all day I was worried. Then you show up with the police. I didn’t know what to think. I’m sorry for what I said. I can love you just the way you are, but I will look at muscular men. It’s only natural, sweetie. But it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Okay, my little Har-Har?” Katrina said running her hand up Diego’s arm to his well-toned bicep and squeezed with all her might. She loved to way the hardness of a real man’s muscle was able to resist her woman’s inferior strength. But this time she was able to dent his bicep, it felt so soft. Diego yelped in pain, surprised by the power in her grip. “What’s wrong with you today? There’s no bruise on your upper arm. Why are your muscles so soft and you are so weak? Are the effects of the drug wearing off? Is that why you are upset? What are we going to do?” Katrina said panicking at the thought of being married to a scrawny man again.

“Calm down, Katrina. I have something to tell you that you may find hard to believe” Diego said looking into her worried blue eyes. “It wasn’t a drug that made me taller and stronger. It was magic. I just told you it was a drug because I thought it was more believable. Bill, Ryan and I used magic to improve our bodies by taking muscle mass and height from Diego.”

“Diego?” Katrina inquired.

“Yes. We knew that our wives were sleeping with him” Diego continued.

“Harold, I’m sorry. It just sort of happened.” Katrina tried to explain her indiscretions.

“It’s okay, I understand. Diego is extremely attractive. Some may even say physically perfect, the ultimate man.” Diego was having a little fun talking about himself. “We knew after you had been with a man like him, we could never satisfy you in bed again. So we decided to get revenge and Bill came up with this plan. But something has changed. Diego has learned how to block the magic and actually grow more muscular and handsome than before. I am becoming weaker and soon my muscles will shrink and I’ll get shorter.” Diego saw the horror in Katrina’s eyes at the thought, so he continued his lie, “I may even be smaller and weaker than I was before this all started if Diego has his way.”

“No, that can’t happen. I need you to have muscles and be stronger than me. Isn’t there anything we can do?” Katrina asked apparently believing the story.

“Yes, but I can’t do it alone. Diego won’t trust me or let me near him. But you may be able to. He won’t be able to resist your beauty. He will want to have you again. While it will kill me for you to be with that bastard again, I know that it will mean years of happiness for us.” Diego said using all his acting skills.

“What can I do?” Katrina inquired.

“Diego is wearing four necklaces to protect himself from the magic. All you have to do is have him hold the crystals on the necklaces in his hand and said the word magbalik. That will allow my spell to take effect. I’ll become stronger with bigger muscles and bigger other things too.” Diego smiled at Katrina.

Katrina looked down at her husband’s average cock then gently rubbed his thigh, “Really. How big will your, uhm, muscles get?”

“As big as Diego’s if you want them to be. Imagine having a professional bodybuilder for a husband. Going to bed and waking up every day with a huge muscular man lying next to you. You’ll have a strong, virile man at your beck and call every moment of the day whose only desire is to please you.” Diego said while moving his hands up Katrina’s thigh and kissing her lips gently.

“Do we know where Diego is? If it was you, I know you would be at the beach showing off. And how am I going to get him to say magbalik. I can hardly say it myself” Katrina asked excited by the thought of her husband having a body like Diego’s.

“The beach sounds like the place to start. And I know you will think of something. You can make any man do whatever you want. You are so beautiful no one could resist you. Will you help me?” Diego talked between gently kissing Katrina’s neck, shoulders and breasts.

“Yes, of course. You are my husband. I’ll do everything I can to make you a powerful, muscular man. If that’s what you want” Katrina whispered.

“Thank you, you are a great wife. Now this may be your last chance to dominate me” Diego said playfully. “Once I have Diego’s muscles, I’ll be one in total control.” Diego hugged his wife while kissing her lips once more. Katrina rolled on top of him and grabbed his hardening cock; she twisted it causing Diego to flinch in pain. She wasn’t playing.

“I better enjoy my advantage while I can then” Katrina smiled as she forced herself up, kneeling with one leg on each side of her husband. She forced his hands off her body and held them in place over his head. She was able to control both wrists with one hand. She took the other hand and rubbed Diego’s nipple, causing it to plump up. She grabbed it and twirled it between her fingers. Diego yelled out, she slapped his face to reprimand him for the outburst. Diego had never seen this side of Katrina before. He knew she liked a little pain with her sex, but he was the one who always inflicted it on her. She then pounded his bruised stomach muscles with the side of her fist causing him to gasp for air. She slapped him again. Diego didn’t like this reversal of power, he tried to free his hands, but was unable to break Katrina’s grip. Katrina was really enjoying dominating this man who was several inches taller and outweighed her by 30 pounds. She never was able to do this before. She watched as his larger muscles flexed trying to overpower her, but failed. It made her feel incredibly strong, like an Amazon warrior. She continued to slap Diego across the face; she only stopped when she saw blood coming from the reopened wound on his lip. She bent down and kissed his lip roughly, licking up the blood. She let go of his hands and reached for his softening cock. She stroked it roughly, only stopping to squeeze his ball sack. Diego’s cock started to respond, against his wishes. When she had made him totally hard, she quickly mounted him. She rotated her hips, trying to get as much satisfaction as his 5 inch rod could provide. She squeezed her thighs together, crushing Diego’s waist and hips. He was having a difficult time breathing. He tried to stop her, but she just punched his sore stomach again. Diego knew this situation had nothing to do with him, she was just using him to get off. His pleasure didn’t concern her. She grabbed his hands and put them on her breast. She closed her eyes to fully enjoy the feeling of his large, manly hands on her sensitive tits. Diego tried to inflict pain on her by applying as much pressure as his weakened body could exact on her breasts. But Katrina only found pleasure from his grip. She squeezed her milk makers harder applying the pressure he was unable to do himself, treating Diego’s masculine hands like gloves. Diego’s plan backfired as his hands were being painfully compressed by Katrina’s grip. She let go of his hands and slammed her fists into Diego’s stomach once more causing his pelvis to thrust upward. Diego’s cock rammed deep inside her. She reached climax, cuming more than once. She rolled off Diego and laid next to him forcing her arms around his body to cuddle. Diego cock started to soften slowly, never having reached orgasm. His body did feel like it had been through a championship bout. He was exhausted, bleeding and in pain; his eyes filled with tears. He felt totally emasculated, worse than when he was with the bear. He hoped he never had to go through this again. He turned to look at Katrina. Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face. At least he had convinced her to help him. She may be his only hope of getting his rightful body back.

Harold was being slowly coated with suntan lotion. Four pretty girls went over every inch of his hard 6’3” frame carefully, as if anointing a god with precious oils. They had been enjoying the feel of Harold’s muscular body for over forty minutes; every once in awhile, he would give them an additional thrill by flexing a particular muscle. A crowd had formed to watch the sensual spectacle. A lifeguard pushed his way through the crowd and stood in front of Harold.

“I’m sorry sir, but you aren’t allowed on the beach in a g-string. It’s against the city decency laws” the solidly built man said trying his best to sound authoritarian.

“I doubt you got any complaints about the way I look in the suit. So why don’t you leave us alone,” Harold replied briefly opening his eyes to recognize the other man.

“It doesn’t matter if anyone complained or not. It’s against the rules and I’m obligated to enforce them. Sir, you have to leave the beach or put on something more appropriate” the guard said, his voice cracking slightly.

Harold opened his eyes and walked up to the slightly shorter lifeguard. “Nobody here wants this show to end. I bet even you are getting off watching me.”

“Uh, no way man. I’m straight. I like girls and girls love me” the man responded defensively.

“So you don’t find me attractive” Harold smirked and put his large hands on his narrow hips.

“Of course not. I’m a guy, all other guys look the same to me” the lifeguard replied with a forced laugh.

“Good. Then you wouldn’t mind helping the girls rub the lotion into my skin. They’re hands are too weak to really work it into my hard muscles. A strong man like should have no problem.” Harold grabbed the lifeguard’s hands and placed them on his huge pecs. Harold forced the weaker man’s hand in a circular motion over his mountainous muscles. The lifeguard tried to pull his hands away for a couple of seconds but soon stop struggling. Harold dropped his hands back to his hips, while the guard continued to rub his chest. Harold flexed his pecs and watched the other man’s eyes widen. The man had never felt something so hard, yet velvety soft at the same time. Having spent time in the gym himself, the lifeguard couldn’t imagine how many hours or how much weight it took to achieve a physique like Harold’s. Harold was easily twice his size. The guard moved his hands up to Harold’s shoulders and down his arms. Harold raised his arms and flexed his biceps. The guard lost his breath at the size and feel of the hard peaks. With arms like this, how strong was this guy? Harold lowered his arms.

“Very impressive, our cocks are about the same size now. Of course only one of us is sporting a boner,” Harold said breaking the lifeguard’s trance.

“What did you say?,” the guard asked looking up at Harold’s face. He wiped the drool that was hanging from his mouth. He then noticed that the girls and crowd were laughing at him and pointing at his crotch. He looked down and saw a fully erect cock outlined in his suit. There was a wet spot at his hip where his thick member ended. “Oh my God,” he moved his hands to cover his bulge and ran back to the guard tower.

“I don’t think he’ll be bothering us again ladies” Harold said.

“We found him,” Diego said as he entered the car dropping his binoculars in the back seat. He was having trouble closing the car door using both hands. Katrina reached over from the driver’s side and closed the door for him. They had been riding up and down the beach for the last hour searching for Harold. “He has a crowd around him like we predicted. Are you ready?”

“Yes, I hope I can do this” Katrina said as she checked her reflection in the rear view mirror.

“Just remember the plan and you’ll do great. I have total faith in you” Diego said reaching over to give Katrina a quick peck on the cheek for good luck. But Katrina had another idea; she grabbed the back of his head and kissed him forcibly, her strength too much for him to resist. She was enjoying her dominance over her muscular husband more and more.

“Harry, does the magic you used on Diego work for women too? I mean can it make me more muscular and stronger?” Katrina asked.

“I guess so. But you are already big and strong for a women” Diego answered.

“Yes, you are right. Wish me luck” Katrina said as she exited the car. She adjusted her large firm breasts in the tiny bikini top, before heading for the beach.

Katrina walked up to the crowd gathered around Harold. He was doing pushups while four pretty girls stood balancing on his broad back. “49, and 50. Everybody off” Harold said as the girls slowly stepped off him. He jumped to his feet, his thick pectoral muscles swollen from the effort. Harold swung his long arms back and forth stretching his chest. He started to rub his pecs savoring their hardness and size. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted Katrina. He walked over to her, the crowd parted to make way for him. “Well, if it isn’t Mrs.Bergman. Did you miss me so much you had to hunt me down?”

Katrina was stunned by the masculine vision in front of her. Diego had always been an incredibly sexy man, but now he took her breath away. He looked taller, stronger, more muscular and handsome. Even his cock seemed improved with greater size. She stared at his chest, flexing and bulging at her eye level. Katrina’s breasts were always her greatest asset, but Diego’s were magnificent. While hers were nothing but mere sex toys, his meaty tits made his body immensely powerful. She had to feel them. She reached out and caressed his chest. She tried to grab his nipple that pointed down towards her, but the muscle was too hard, his skin too tight. “Kitty cat, seems to like her bigger tom cat” Harold said smugly.

“Kitty cat? Don’t call me that. That’s what Harold calls me” Katrina said remembering the reason for her trip to the beach.

“And where is your pathetic looking husband?” Harold asked coyly.

“Haven’t seen him. He didn’t come home last night. I was very lonely” Katrina said moving her hand to the necklaces around Harold’s neck.

“Very nice jewelry, can I try one on?” she asked.

“No. These will never leave my neck” Harold said grabbing hold on the four crystals.

“Why, are they the secret to your strength? Like Samson’s hair?” Katrina laughed as she ran her fingers through Diego’s curly locks.

“My huge muscles are why I’m so strong. And that’s no secret,” Harold said bending his arms to make his biceps and chest jump to attention. Katrina reached up and started to feel his hard body, moaning slightly when she was unable to make the slightest dent in his bicep. He was so masculine and strong compared to her husband.

“Make love to me please. Take me now. I want you so badly” she whispered. Harold had yearned to hear those words from his wife. He reached down and scooped Katrina up into his arms. The other girls protested.

“Take it easy girls; you all had your turn” Harold could see they still were upset. “Tell you what, when I get back I’ll let you apply another layer of lotion to my body.” The girls all smiled and started to giggle. Harold walked to the public restrooms and entered the men’s side. “Everybody out, I need some alone time with this sexy woman.” He set Katrina down on the counter between two of the sinks. A man that was washing his hands looked up at Harold and ran out of the room. Harold didn’t see anyone else.

“I’ll leave when I’m good and ready, asshole” the gruff voice came from one of the stalls. Harold walked to the one stall that had the door closed. He stood in front of the door and peered down onto its occupant. It was a large bearded man wearing only a leather vest, his jeans pulled down to his ankles. The biker looked up and saw Harold’s hulking body, thankful he was on a toilet, because he would have shit his pants. Harold put his hands on the top of the metal stall door and ripped it off the hinges. He grabbed each end and slammed the steel door over his knee, buckling it down the center. Harold then raised his arms and squeezed. The door folded like it was made of tin foil. Harold threw it to the other side of the room, it landed with a loud boom when it hit the tiled wall. “I said get out” Harold growled staring at the man, who couldn’t move because he was so frightened, “Now.” The man quickly rose and pulled up his pants. He stepped next to Harold, his back hugging the wall, trying not to get too close to the muscle god. Harold just continued to stare at him. The man almost got by when Harold reached out and grabbed him by his throat. He picked the man up with one hand, “I don’t want to be disturbed, so guard the door fatso.” Harold let go and the large man dropped to the floor, rubbing his sore neck.

“Yes sir, anything you say sir. I’m sorry sir,” the tamed biker walked quickly out the door.

“Now, where were we?” Harold said turning his attention back to his beautiful wife. Katrina sat there with her fingers stuffed inside of her bikini bottom; her abundant juices wetting the counter. “I see you decided to start without me?”

“That was incredible. You are so powerful. Please fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me now, please, please” Katrina pleaded. “You are my magbalik”

“You’re what?” Harold asked.

“My magbalik. It means perfect man or ultimate lover in Russian” Katrina answered following the plan she devised with Diego.

“I like that,” Harold laughed and pulled her hand out of her suit. He licked her moist fingers. “I’ll be the one making all the decisions. You’re under my complete control.” Harold pulled her suit bottom down dropping it to the floor. He then reached behind her and undid the top. He threw the skimpy bra to the floor too. He started to massage her firm breasts with his large hands; his unparalleled strength unintentionally squeezing them to the point of pain. He bent down and sucked on the pert nipple. Katrina moaned with approval. She opened her eyes and noticed the clasps of the necklaces on the back of Diego’s neck. He reached for one clasp with her hands, trying to overcome the feeling of pleasure she was getting from Diego’s work. Harold realized what she was doing and grabbed her wrists. “I said no. The necklaces are mine.” He held her arms up against the large mirror behind her. She struggled to move her arms, but was unable to budge. She could see Diego wasn’t even trying to restrain her, the power of his body easily four or five times of what hers possessed.

Harold continued to suck on her perky tits. He then raised his head, letting go of one of her hands; he pushed the pouch of his g-string aside to release his superb manhood. Katrina eyes grew wide; it was even larger than she remembered. Harold saw her reaction and he chuckled. His cock started to fill with blood; it continued to grow until is reached its full 12 inch length. He pushed Katrina’s legs apart and inserted his penis inside her. His enhanced girth stretching her to new limits. He put less than half his length in her. He slowly gyrated his hips. No one knew his wife’s body like he did. Each stroke stimulated her g-spot. She started to breathe deeply, her skin became flush. Katrina had to have his entire rod inside her. She raised her hips and forced her body closer to Diego’s. Harold felt her move and let go of one hand and pushed her back into place. He continued his hip rotations. Katrina was furious. No one would deny her from experiencing his entire 12 inches. She wrapped her legs around Diego’s narrow hips and pulled herself toward him. His cock was forced deeper inside of her. Harold let go of both her hands and grabbed her hips instead. He easily pushed Katrina away from him; the power of his larger arms too much for her strong, athletic legs to compete against. His cock slid out of her until the half way mark again.

Harold kept up his hip gyrations never missing a beat. Katrina’s body was on pleasure overload, her body was covered in sweat, juices continued to flow out of her unabated. The lubrication made it easier for Harold to do his job in the tight confines of her cunt. He had fantasized about this moment for months and now he had the equipment to execute it. Katrina screamed, she had experienced so many orgasms, it was starting to hurt. She flew into an erotic rage, her arms and fist pounding against Harold's massive chest, the blows easily deflected by his hard muscle armor. Harold continued his rhythmic hip movement unimpeded, ignoring her protests. He didn't even flinch, he just stared at his cock entering his wife's pussy. This fuck session was only about pleasing Katrina; to take her to the ultimate erotic pleasure zone that she would never forget. He didn't want to cum, he wanted to keep his rod as hard as steel for as long as possible. Seeing she was having no effect, she tried to scratch him with her long nails. But his muscles were too hard and huge for her to get a grip in her small hands. Her nails slid off his smooth, well-oiled skin. Katrina couldn’t take anymore, her body started to convulse she was nearly unconscious. Seeing the euphoric state she was in, Harold rammed his entire cock into her and stood to his full height lifting his wife off the counter. Her entire weight supported by his powerful cock. Katrina’s head flew back her mouth opened wide, but unable to breath. Harold saw her eyes roll back into her head. Her body went completely limp. Harold lifted her off his cock. His crotch and thighs getting doused with her damned-up juices. He laid her down on the counter making sure she was breathing. Harold looked down at his wife and knew she was completely satisfied for the first time. He had ruined her for any other man. He looked in the mirror at his perfect body and his still hard cock. He ran his hands across his torso down his thighs and over his ass. He savored the size, weight and hardness of his body. He loved being a real man. He kept thinking about the word Katrina used. He was the perfect man, the ultimate lover. His huge balls spasmed and he shot his load high into the air landing on his wife’s spent body. She ran her fingers along her breasts capturing his seed.

She licked her fingers and moaned, “My magbalik.”

Harold reached for some paper towels and dampened them in the sink. He began to wipe his wives drying juices from his body. After finishing with his legs, cock and waist; he moved to his steel hard pecs. “Magbalik, magbalik, magbalik,” he said over and over enjoying his new nickname. His right hand hit the crystals of his necklaces. He grabbed all four to lift them to wipe his upper chest. While he held all the crystals in his hand, he said “magbalik” again. The necklaces became unfastened, all the chains falling from around his neck. Harold thought that was strange. He opened his hand and saw that the once clear crystals were now black in color. The room started to spin. Harold looked in the mirror; he was shrinking and his muscles deflating. His face was changing. “No, no. Stop. I wish this to stop,” Harold screamed clutching the crystals. Soon everything was blurry. He could barely make out the undefined blob that was his wife’s body. “Wake up Katrina! Wake up!,” he yelled shaking her as forcibly as his little body could.

“What, what’s wrong?” Katrina asked coming out of her erotic stupor. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. She saw her husband standing there with only a g-string bikini hanging at his knees. “Harold, what are you doing here? Why do you look like that? What happened to our plan?” Katrina was horrified, she scanned the room, “Where’s Diego?”

“Plan, what plan?” Harold asked in his squeaky voice.

“The plan to make you bigger than Diego, like we discussed in the car” Katrina answered rubbing her head.

“We don’t have time to discuss this now. I need to get to Bill as soon as possible. I can’t see a thing without my glasses. Help me to the car,” Harold replied trying to think logically. Katrina jumped off the counter and searched for her bathing suit. She put in on and helped her husband with his g-string. His scrawny, pale body looked ridiculous, but that was all he had to wear. Katrina grabbed Harold’s hand and led him quickly to the parked car.

Diego was sitting in the car watching Katrina talk to Harold with the binoculars. He saw them enter the restroom. He impatiently hoped their plan would work. Several more minutes went by and nothing. Then he felt a strange tingling. He looked in the side view mirror and saw his face mutate. It was a combination of his face and Harold’s. He felt his body expanding. He tried to pull off his shirt, but his body grew too quickly, his muscles burst through the lightweight fabric. Diego was thrilled, Katrina must have done it. He put both hands on the car door handle and pulled with all his might as he had to do earlier. But his returning strength was too much for the piece of plastic, it broke off in his larger hands. He reached out the open window and gingerly opened the door from the outside. As he stood his shorts started to be torn apart from his burgeoning ass and thighs. He opened the back door and reached for his duffle bag. He removed Harold’s shredded clothing and put on a pair of his old jeans and a t-shirt. Everything fit him tightly, hugging his massive body, just the way his clothes used to fit. Diego slipped on a pair of loafers and zipped the bag closed. He lifted the bag to his side, laughing at how light it felt again. He could see Katrina and Harold leaving the restroom. He ran to the street and hailed a cab. “To the airport, please,” he told the driver as he entered.

Ryan had to take a leak. It had become one of his favorite activities because it gave him a chance to walk through the secretarial pool in his office. It wasn’t the fastest or most direct route, but it sure was enjoyable. Since his transformation, he had become the office hot guy. Everybody noticed the change. The women asked him if he was on a special diet. The men asked what gym he was going to. Ryan walked down the hall into the large cavern of desks. All the women stopped working to watch him pass. His new athletic cut shirt, hugged his muscular torso; the material still tight over his thick arms, shoulders, and chest. The shirt, like his pants, was loose around his waist. His suit pants were completely filled in the thigh and ass however; the bulge of his cock the envy of every other man. The women’s eyes stayed focused at the center of his body. They watched his man meat stay in place as he legs moved back and forth toward them. Then they enjoyed his bouncing ass muscles as he walked away. Ryan moved slowly, the smiles on the woman’s faces his prize for being the best built guy they knew. Ryan walked to the reception area and smiled at the UPS guy. Ryan felt sorry for the stud; he used to be the number one hunk until the change.

Ryan went to the stall and struggled to lower the zipper of his too tight pants. He pulled out his slightly hard cock and released his piss. Ryan heard the door open but didn’t bother to look up. A man approached and stood in the urinal next to Ryan. “Nice. I knew you were hung like a fucking NBA all-star.” Ryan looked up to see the UPS guy staring at his cock. The man was gorgeous, his muscular build obvious in the tight brown uniform. Ryan started to zip up his pants. “Not so fast there big guy. Can’t I enjoy it too?” Ryan looked at the delivery man’s smiling face, his dreamy dimples Ryan had heard about from the girls in the office were very alluring. The man approached Ryan and grabbed his cock. He kissed Ryan on the lips while grabbing his ass with his other hand. Ryan was about to return his advances, when he felt something strange. His shirt was no longer tight in his chest and shoulders, but in his waist. “What’s going on? Usually a guy’s cock grows at my touch, not shrink,” the UPS driver commented.

“Sorry I’ve got to go,” Ryan said as the lower buttons popped off his shirt; his expanding waist too much for them to contain. He pushed the waistband of his pants down allowing his belly fat to hang over his belt. His pants hung loose from his ass and thighs. The huge bulge from his manhood gone. Ryan headed straight to his office taking a shortcut. He put on his suit jacket to try to camouflage his pear shape. He left the office immediately and headed home. He had to talk to Bill.

Harold and Katrina arrived at Bill’s front door after quickly changing at home. They pounded on it several times to no answer. He tried the doorknob, it wasn’t locked. They entered and found Bill lying on the floor, clutching his chest. Katrina found the phone and called for an ambulance. Harold knelt next to his friend, “Bill, the necklaces have been deactivated. Can we reactivate them?”

“Yes, where are they?” Bill mumbled weakly.

“I have them in my pocket. The crystals turned black when I said magbalik. The man you thought was me yesterday was actually Diego. I switched bodies with him. I’m sorry. I should have told you” Harold tried to explain. Bill nodded his head before passing out.

“How do we do it?” Harold asked shaking Bill’s failing body. The ambulance arrived within minutes and put Bill on oxygen right away. As they were exiting the lobby, Ryan arrived. “What happened to the necklaces?” Ryan asked as he approached Harold who was walking along side the stretcher.

“Not now Ryan. I’ll tell you later” Harold answered.

Bill came to and pulled on Harold’s sleeve. Harold leaned his ear to Bill’s mouth. “Put the necklaces in the box and bring them to me” Bill whispered to Harold between deep breathes.

“Ryan go with Bill to the hospital in the ambulance. I’ll meet you there. I have to get some of Bill’s things.” Harold advised.

“Okay, I’ll see you there” Ryan sat next to Bill as they closed the ambulance doors and drove off.

“So Mr. Jackson, you're at the hospital today because you’ve grown an inch and lost 20 pounds in the last two days?,” the doctor asked while looking over the chart.

“Yes, mon. But that’s not what really worries me. My poker has shrunk too Doctor” J.J. emphasized the area by rubbing his crotch.

“I see. Well, that’s not necessarily unusual. Why don’t you undress so I can examine you” the doctor said and walked to the other side of the room. J.J. pulled his shirt over his head. He rose to remove his shorts. He felt a little dizzy as if he stood up too quickly. “The funny thing is I had another athlete in here yesterday, the hairiest guy I've ever seen, with a similiar story. I think he was a power lifter not a bodybuilder like you. But he said he lost both height and weight. Very strange, but I couldn’t find anything wrong with him.” The doctor was pulling on a new set of rubber gloves when he turned to see J.J. nude before him. “Wow, you are certainly in excellent physical condition, Mr.Jackson.” The doctor reached for a rolling stool and sat down in front of his massive patient. He gently examined J.J.’s testicles and pressed his impressive rod between his fingers. “You say your penis has shrunken. How large were you? Because I’ve helped a lot of men in my 15 years of practice and I must tell you, Mr.Jackson, you have one of the largest penises I’ve ever seen.”

“What?” J.J. said looking down at his crotch. “It’s back, you did it doctor,”

“I’m glad I could help, but I didn’t do anything,” the doctor said still holding J.J.’s manhood. J.J.’s joy was being expressed everywhere in his body.

As J.J.’s cock started to grow in the doctor’s grip, he apologized. “Sorry Doctor, I guess I’m just happy to be back to normal”

“I understand, its okay. And I don’t think anyone would think a penis like yours is normal,” the doctor commented while smiling at J.J. “I would love to perform some tests to make sure it is fully functional, if you don’t mind.” The doctor continued to squeeze J.J.’s hard cock.

“Sure mon. It’s the least I can do to show my appreciation for your help” J.J. smiled back at the doctor. The doctor put his mouth around J.J.’s cock while running his hands over his muscular ass. “Now I know why they say America has the best medical care. It’s so thorough.”

Three floors up in the same hospital was the detox ward, two student nurses were deciding you would do the sponge baths today. “I did it yesterday, it’s your turn Marissa,” said her best friend Jodi.

“Yeah, but we switched last week, remember?” Marissa responded.

“Whatever. I see we have a new patient in the ward,” Jodi commented.

“He was brought in last night. The cops found him passed out on a stoop of an abandoned building. He had a police record and was a known male prostitute.” Marissa whispered the gossip.

“Really, he must have a great body,” Jodi giggled.

“No, I thought that too. But the nightshift told me he was fat. He was going through withdraw because he couldn’t earn money to buy drugs. Sorry, but you still have to bathe the lard ass hooker” Marissa said giving Jodi the wash basin and sponge.

“Whatever. Let’s get this over with so we can go on lunch,” Jodi acquiescenced. They entered the room and withdrew the sheets that covered the new patient. “He doesn’t look fat to me. In fact if it wasn’t for his acne, he would be a real hunk.” Both girls scanned the lanky figure in the bed, stopping at the large bulge between his legs. They looked at each other and giggled. Jodi raised his gown to expose his groin area. “Wow, I’m glad it’s my turn. It’s time for your bath Mr.Big.”

“Wait, that’s not fair. I think it may be my turn after all. I want to give him his bath,” Marissa whined.

“I tell you Sister, it’s a miracle. This man was on his death bed less than an hour ago. He was suffering from congestive heart failure. And now, he’s perfectly fine. Not only that, he also looks about 30 years younger and doesn’t need his glasses anymore. I can’t explain it. This had nothing to do with the medical treatment he received, even though I would love to take credit for it.” The doctor explained to the two Sisters from Our Lady of Sorrow convent. They stood in the patient’s intensive care unit room on the fourth floor of the hospital.

“The lord does look after those you can’t take care of themselves” Sister Agnes said.

“Exactly and that’s why I called you. He’s homeless, in addition to being mentally challenged. I don’t want to put him out on the street again. Do you think you can help him?” the doctor asked.

“Of course doctor. We need a groundskeeper and handyman for our home. If God has selected him for a miracle, giving him a place to live is the least we can do,” the nun answered.

“Did you hear that Wayne, the nice Sisters are going to look after you when you leave the hospital? Isn’t that good news?” the doctor asked the patient.

“I feel good to the man from Hollywood,” answered the Bikeman.

“Listen, we're about the same age and I can see you're in great shape; but you can't go around starting fights with other men, especially men who are much younger and bigger than you. It could have easily been you lying on that table instead of him,” the distinguished cop said to Greg in the hospital’s emergency room showing real concern.

“I didn’t plan on hitting him officer. I was walking by the jewelry booth, when I heard them arguing. When I asked the woman if she needed some help, the guy flew into a rage. He came out of the booth and started yelling at me. I started to back away after he pushed me, but suddenly I felt this rush of energy. It almost felt like I was getting taller and my muscles were actually growing. I leaned back and slugged him with everything I had right in his kisser. He fell like a sack of potatoes. Man it felt good, like I was young again.” Greg rubbed his bloody hand and looked at the hulking man lying on the examination table. “Seeing him now, he looks a lot bigger. To tell you the truth I may not have got involved if I realized how big he really was.”

“Well, sir, like I said you really shouldn’t go around hitting people. But you got lucky today. His wife is pressing charges against him. It seems he has been abusing her for years. She was always too intimidated by him to call the authorities, but she said lately she just wasn’t as afraid. Seeing you knock him out, gave her the courage to finally do something. So everything turned out okay. Some may even say you’re a hero, Greg.” The cop put his hand on Greg’s strong shoulder and smiled, “Is your hand going to be okay, handsome?”

“Yes, the doctor said to keep ice on it for a couple of hours,” Greg answered noticing the handsome policeman was still squeezing his shoulder. “Maybe after your shift is over, you can show me what else two men can do together besides fight.

“I’d like that. I’ll meet you at McRooney’s at 6pm,” the cop said as he walked away not noticing the short man who almost ran into him. “Sorry sir”

“I’m sorry too,” Harold said running into the emergency room. He found Ryan sitting in the waiting area crying. “What’s going on Ryan?” Harold asked.

“Bill died a couple of minutes ago. He’s heart stopped and they couldn’t get it started again,” Ryan said not looking at Harold.

“My God. It was so fast,” Harold said clutching the box full of worthless jewelry. “Were you with him when he passed?”

“No, but I think he knew his time was near. He said goodbye to me in the ambulance. But I didn’t say goodbye to him, I told him to hang on, he would be okay. I didn’t want to face the fact he may actually die.” Ryan’s eyes filled with tears again and he dropped his head towards the floor.

“I guess it puts things into perspective. We have been so preoccupied about how we look when we should just be grateful for our health,” Harold said rubbing his friend’s back. “Bill was a good man and you were a good friend, Ryan”

“He told me to tell you something, Harold” Ryan said wiping the tears from his cheeks.

“What?” Harold prompted.

“It was just one word, masigla” Ryan said struggling slightly with the unfamiliar sound. “Do you know what it means?”

“No. I have no idea. Masigla?” Harold said aloud. He felt the small wooden box shake in his hand and get warm to the touch. “Listen Ryan, I’m going to head back home and see if Katrina knows how to get in touch with Brittany. She is still legally his wife, she should be told. Are you going to be alright here alone?”

“Yes, there’s really nothing left for me to do. I called Sara and she'll be here soon to take me home,” Ryan said standing along with Harold. "Of course, I don't know how she'll react when she sees I'm hung like a light switch again." Both men smiled at each other and hugged.

"Everything will be okay, Ryan. I'll see you back home", Harold said as he left his friend.

Diego ran up to the check-in counter by his departure gate. He handed his ticket to the pretty girl behind the desk. She smiled at Diego, while licking her lips. “Yes, we’ve been expecting you sir. Your ticket has been upgraded to first class and your traveling companions are waiting for you in our Flyer’s Elite Club lounge” the agent said while pointing to the far corner of the terminal.

“Thank you” Diego said not sure what was going on. After the last couple of days, he didn’t want anymore surprises. He hesitantly walked into the lounge; he was greeted by a young gentleman with a tray of champagne flutes. Diego took one and continued to walk to the center of the room. He saw two faces he recognized and a huge smile emerged on his face. Todd and Tad ran into his arms.

“Where have you been? The flight leaves in a few minutes” Todd asked while softly slapping Diego’s massive arm.

“Sorry guys. I got held up at security. I was randomly selected for a strip search. About four guards did body cavity searches on me before they released me.” Diego answered.

“Random, I’m sure. I bet you haven’t had that many anal probes since our night together,” teased Tad.

Diego was still smiling, when he was with his boys he couldn’t help himself. His gaze went back and forth between the two; he noticed their eyes were all the same color now.

“What?” Todd asked looking at the impish grin on Diego’s face.

“Nothing. I just happy to see your beautiful green eyes again” Diego answered honestly.

“Funny you should mention our eye color. The strangest things have been happening to us since we met you,” Tad started to talk before his brother cut him off.

“Tad are you forgetting we’re mad at him? He stood us up last night,” Todd said while crossing his arms over his chest and pouting.

“I’m sorry guys. I didn’t mean to. This sponsor invited me to his party and I felt obligated to attend. His company may offer me a multi-year, six figure contract. I couldn’t refuse. I’m really sorry. Believe me I would have rather spent the time with you two” Diego said putting a hand on each of the twin’s shoulders.

“I forgive you and you can ignore him” Tad said, “Let’s drink a toast to the world’s newest professional bodybuilder. It was well deserved.” Diego and Tad clinked glasses. They stared at Todd who joined in with his glass. “You looked so hot on stage, Diego. We both got hard watching you. And we weren't the only ones. There was more wood in that room than a national park.” Tad continued. Diego almost choked on his champagne.

“Tad” Todd said.

“What? It’s true” Tad responded. The three finished the glasses and hugged.

“I am truly ecstatic to see you guys. But what are you doing here; I thought you were staying in Miami for another week?” Diego asked.

“When you told us you had a ticket for today, we decided to change our plans. Is it alright, I know it was very presumptuous of us to change your ticket without asking you,” Todd inquired. An announcement came over the P.A. system saying it was time to board for their flight.

“No this is great. I’ve never been a member of the Flyer’s Elite Club before.” Diego said exiting the doors with a twin on each arm.

“Well, Diego, since we got you into this club will you help us get into another club?,” Tad remarked coyly.

“Me? What club could I help you get in to?” Diego asked.

“The Mile High Club of course,” the twins said in unison.

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” Diego answered while squeezing a twin’s ass in each hand.

“And this concludes the tour of our facilities. I’m really glad you were able to join our happy family, Brock,” the Condo Association manager said while shaking Brock’s large hand. “I’ll leave you to get more familiar with the place.” He turned heading back to his office. “Oh, before I forget. When Diego called to recommend you for the position, he told me to give you a message. He said; don’t accept any gifts from secret admirers. I hope you know what that means, because I don’t.”

“Not really, but that Diego is always kidding around” Brock said pretending they were old friends. Brock waited for his boss to leave and looked around. “This is going to be sweet.” He picked up a 250 pound bar and did some quick curls. He walked over to the mirror and pulled his t-shirt off his body. He did some poses getting turned on by what he saw. “You are one perfect man, Brock” he said rubbing his hardening cock. He heard the door open and saw a nerdish man walk towards him.

“Are you the new health club manager?” the man asked in the squeaky voice.

“Yes, I am. Can I help you with something?” Brock asked a little annoyed having to stop his own worship session.

“I want to look exactly like you” the man answered.

“You and every other man on the planet,” Brock said running his hand over his sculpted, tanned torso. “But I’m afraid it’s not genetically possible for you to look as good as I do. No matter how much you work out.”

“Oh you’ll be surprised what’s possible when you really want something,” the man just stared up at Brock smiling. Brock thought the little guy had a weird confidence about him. He didn’t seem at all intimidated by Brock’s appearance as most men naturally were.

“Well I can help you make the most of what little you got,” Brock said extending his hand to the much smaller man. “My name is Brock, by the way.”

The shorter guy removed his hand from the clear crystal that hung from his necklace and shook Brock’s hand, “I’m Harold, Harold Bergman.”