Destiny Rewound

Part 1

Marc had been waiting for this moment. It was the end of the workweek and he saw his boss approaching. Mr. Simmons had stopped at a nearby cubicle shared by two of Marc’s colleagues, Bryan and Peter. The boss stood in the cubicle’s entrance and chit-chatted with the two men. Marc was going to seize this opportunity. He quickly removed his jacket and tie. He undid the top 3 buttons of his athletic-cut shirt allowing the tight, thin fabric to spread open over his thickly muscled chest. He rolled up his sleeves revealing the sinewy tanned forearms hidden underneath. Marc stood to his full 6’ height and adjusted his form-fitting pants. He relished how they showcased his impressive package and hard, round ass. He walked through the maze of cubicles towards his boss, knowing the openly gay man would truly appreciate the beauty of his masculine physique. As Marc got nearer he caught the tail end of the conversation.

“I haven’t been to a carnival in years. I didn’t even know they still existed.” The boss noticed Marc’s approach and nodded in his direction before focusing back to the men sitting in the cubicle. “When I was a child back in Arkansas, I loved going to the state fair. My family went every year. Such good memories.”

Marc stopped when he reached the cubicle’s entrance, his broad shoulders filling the narrow pathway between the short, temporary walls.

“Hello, Marc” the boss said feeling a little uncomfortable with the larger man’s close proximity.

“Marc,” both Bryan and Peter said in unison.

“Boys” Marc replied in a baritone voice as he raised his hand to give a little wave in their direction. But he never took his eyes off the boss, “Mr. Simmons, are you getting ready to leave?”

“Yes, Marc. Is there something you needed?” Simmons answered forcing himself to look directly at the taller man’s handsome face. Simmons wanted to back away from the looming hulk but didn’t want to appear intimidated in front of his employees, so he stood his ground. His face became flush as the blood raced to his hardening cock. Simmons grabbed his briefcase with both hands, holding it in front of his crotch. He had to keep reminding himself he was a professional, the founder and CEO of Chicago’s most prestigious public relations firm.

“I wanted to talk to you about the entertainment position that was posted today,” Marc said as he placed his hands on his hips expanding his chest to expose more of his deep muscle cleavage.

“Of course, I was hoping there would be some internal candidates. How about you two?,” the boss asked looking at Bryan and Peter, “Any interest in the position?”

“Not these two, Mr. Simmons,” Marc quickly said. After he saw the boss turn to look at him, Marc glanced over at his peers, keeping his virile physique facing Simmons. Giving his boss the opportunity to look Marc over undetected. Marc could feel the older man’s eyes scan his flawless form. He slightly flexed every muscle as he talked. “We discussed it and decided I was the most qualified man for the position. Isn’t that right boys?”

The other two men shook their heads reluctantly. Marc had a way of convincing others to agree with him. He had the unique combination of charm and intimidation that only strong, sexy men possessed. Marc turned his head slowly back to face Simmons. The boss was enjoying the view so much he was slower to return the gaze. When his eyes finally made it back up to Marc’s face, it was greeted by a sexy smile. More blood rushed from the head on Simmons’ shoulders to the one between his legs. He struggled to remember what they were discussing. “Okay. Sure, uh, let’s see. Right, right, why don’t you go into my office and I’ll be there in a moment to discuss the job with you Marc.”

“Sounds great,” Marc replied as he moved behind his boss, squeezing his muscular bulk between the man and opposite wall. He put his hands on Simmons’ shoulders as he slowly stepped sideways. Marc tilted his pelvis forward slightly, grinding his manhood into the shorter man’s lower back as he moved by. Simmons inhaled sharply as he felt the mound of flesh indent his weaker body. Marc continued to force his way passed Simmons and headed to the area where the executive offices were, looking back once to see Simmons checking out his ass.

The boss took another deep breath before looking at the two men still sitting in the cubicle. He could see they were a little taken back by Marc’s blatant flirting. “Are you sure neither one of you is interested in the position?” Both men shook their heads again. “Okay then. You two have a great time at the carnival and enjoy the rest of your weekend.” Simmons walked out of office leaving the two men alone.


Part 2

“I don’t blame him. Marc’s a good looking guy with a great body,” Peter said, “He’s just using every advantage to get ahead.”

“Whatever. I think it’s just disgusting. I mean could he be any more obvious. Does he really think that kind of behavior is going to help him get a promotion, make him a leader?” Bryan said between bites of his corn dog.

“Of course it will. Good looking people have an advantage over plain ones in business as in every other aspect of life. People want a leader who is attractive. As humans we assume the strongest, the therefore usually the most attractive person, will be the best leader. It goes back to our cave man days, when the strongest man killed the most bison, wooly mammoths or whatever. The strongest man was the best provider.” Peter said calmly as the two friends walked along the fair’s midway avoiding the bustling crowd.

“Wooly mammoths? You’re a crazy man. This is the 21st century. Brains are what matter in a leader now not brawn.” Bryan commented.

“Really? Your telling me you don’t think that in our society a man’s appearance doesn’t impact every single area of his life. His work, his income, how’s he treated by others, and of course who he dates. It’s a proven fact that there is a direct correlation between how tall a man is and how successful he is. That’s why the average height of the American man is 5” 10,” but the average height of American Presidents is 6’ 2.” In our society strength and beauty are rewarded. That’s why mediocre professional athletes get paid millions of dollars more than the best scientists? When was the last time you saw a Noble Prize winner on a box of Wheaties?” Peter asked only half-seriously.

“I guess you make a point, buddy. But I just don’t think being attractive is all that important.” Bryan said nonchalantly stopping to throw away his empty stick. “That was good. Have you seen a funnel cake stand?”

“Of course you wouldn’t think so,” Peter said under his breath.

“What do you mean by that, dude?” Bryan asked.

“Nothing. There’s a couple more food stands up ahead,” Peter answered while starting to walk away. Bryan noticed a group of teenage girls passing by that were looking at him and giggling. He watched them pass, not paying attention to where he was going. His foot hit a ground stake holding a guide wire for one of the concession stands and tumbled to the ground. The girls laughed louder and kept on walking. Peter came back to help his friend back to his feet. “Are you okay?’

“Yes, I’m fine. I just got a distracted for a moment.” Bryan answered while brushing debris from the front of his shirt. “Now what were we talking about. That’s right, what did you mean by the I wouldn’t think so comment” Bryan said looking into his friend’s eyes.

Peter looked down at the ground for a moment before looking up at Bryan’s face. “It’s not important to you because you are an attractive man.” Bryan laughed while shaking his head no. Peter continued, “Those girls weren’t looking at you because of your fancy footwork.” Both men laughed, “I remember the first time I saw you in our dorm room freshman year. I said to myself, great they stuck me with a jock. Of all the roommates the school could have put me with, I got a muscle head. I thought my college years where going to be just like high school, every day a reminder of what I’m not.”

“That was a long time ago, Bro. I’m not a jock anymore. I’m a business man just like you. And that jock turned out to be your best friend. This conversation is nonsense,” Bryan commented

“Once a jock always a jock. No one sees themselves as they truly are. You’re still a good looking guy; you’ve just got a little thicker around the middle over the years. Eating greasy corn dogs and funnel cakes may have something to do with it.” Peter smiled as he began walking again with Bryan by his side. Bryan was a good athlete in High School, but never took it serious enough to really exceed. He was more interested in partying then going to football practice. He worked out to impress the girls more than the coaches. Unlike most of his high school team mates, he didn’t get a scholarship. He worked two jobs while going to college. There was no time for the gym with class, studying and work. He was no longer in prime condition, but he still had a powerful, virile frame and rugged good looks. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. It just drives me nuts when an attractive person says looks don’t matter. It’s like when a rich guy says money doesn’t matter. It doesn’t to those that already have it. Try living without it for awhile and you’ll see how much it matters”

“Let’s change the subject.” Bryan said in a happy tone.

“Okay. Why don’t you tell me what you thought the first time you saw me? We spent four years in college together and two years as housemates since graduation and you’ve never told me.” Peter inquired.

Bryan thought quickly for an answer, but couldn’t find one. Peter definitely wasn’t a jock. During college he had a wiry physique that made him look scrawny. His above average height and large beak-like nose made him look comical. But since graduation he also began gaining weight. He spent most days sitting behind a desk now and a typical dinner at their bachelor pad was a late night pepperoni pizza with a six pack of beer. But unlike most men, Peter gained weight in his ass and thighs, giving him a more feminine pear like shape. Bryan decided to change the subject again. “I came here for the food, what did you want to do, Pete?”

“Oh, I don’t know. How about the side show? Maybe seeing the other freaks and geeks will make me feel better about myself.” Peter said knowing his friend was avoiding his question out of kindness. You can’t live with someone for six years without getting to know their little tricks to avoid conflict.

Bryan just laughed and slapped his friend on the back. The two men walked in silence down the midway. “Good evening gentlemen. May I interest you in a little wager?” A shadowy figure said in a slithering voice.

“Excuse me,” Bryan commented.

The figure moved out of the shadows. The cloak of darkness lifted to reveal a lean older man with long stringy hair and goatee. The blackness of his form fitting three piece suit matched his hair color. He stroked his beard with long thin fingers and repeated himself, “May I interest you fine young gentlemen in a wager?”

Peter looked into the man’s eyes and could not distinguish the pupils from the irises, making them appear totally black and menacing. But Peter was more intrigued than frightened by the stranger. “What kind of wager are you talking about?”

“A simple test of my talents kind sir; if I don’t guess your proper age, height and weight you win a valuable prize. And it will only cost you five dollars.” The dark man answered with a slight elongation of each word that contained the letter s.

“Oh, that’s your racket. I don’t think so dude,” Bryan answered and turned to walk away.

“Please wait. I see you are intelligent men. I’ll give you a special deal. I’ll do both of you for the price of one. Help me out kind sirs. I’ve had a slow night” the carny pleaded coyly.

“Sure why not. It might be entertaining?” Peter said. Bryan just shook his head.

“Right this way gentlemen,” the dark man turned back toward the shadows and lifted the flap to a tent with blood red walls. A large faded poster promoting the guessing talents of The Great Destino was displayed on an easel and a large old fashioned scale were the only things in the small space. “First things first,” the man said as he held out his hand.

“Of course,” Peter reached for his wallet and gave the man his money.

“Thank you, sir” the man quickly put the money in his vest pocket. “As the poster says, I the Great Destino, will guess your vital statistics. If I am off more than 3 years from your true age, more than 2 inches off your true height, or more than 10 pounds off your true weight you will win the ultimate prize. Bryan gave out a slight laugh of disbelieve. “I’ll start with you,” he said looking at Bryan, “You’re such a strong, handsome man I’m sure you’re used to getting all the attention when the two of you are together.”

“What does that mean?” Bryan asked first looking at Destino than Peter. Both men said nothing, but Peter understood the words all too well.

“I say you are 22 years of age,” the man said after looking closely at Bryan’s face.

“Close, 25. That’s one for you,” Bryan said as he folded his arms across his chest.

The man circled around Bryan before saying, “You are 6’3” and weigh 240 pounds.”

“You came close on my height, I’m 6’2”, but you are way off on my weight. I only weigh about 215, 220 tops,” Bryan said sucking in his stomach.

“I am sure you are right, sir. Would you be so kind as to step up on the scale to verify my error.” The dark man asked while bowing slightly. Bryan stepped on the scale causing the elaborately designed antique to spin wildly for a moment before the indicator finally settled on a line just past 240.

Bryan patted his stomach, “I guess I had one too many corn dogs today. You’re right. No prize for me.”

“Like so many things in life, weight has a way of sneaking up on us.” The man smiled at Bryan then turned to Peter, “And now you sir,” he encircled Peter twice before stopping directly in front of him. He put his face very close to Peter’s invading his personal space. Bryan laughed slightly and Peter did as well, more out of discomfort than humor. “You are more of a challenge; nature has not been so kind to you.” The smile disappeared from Peter’s face. He started to regret agreeing to this wager. “You are 29 years of age”

“I’m 24,” Peter said feeling embarrassed for some reason.

“That’s one for you Petey,” Bryan said loudly trying to make it a positive thing.

“Yes,” Destino said then circled Peter once more as if trying to confirm his original estimates. “You are 5’9” and weigh 218 pounds,”

“What? I’m over 6’ and weigh less than 200 pounds.” Peter was shocked by Destino’s words. Is that the way the world saw him? Did everyone see an old, short, fat man when they looked at him? He felt humiliated, then angry. He stood more erect and wrapped his jacket around him tightly to show off his soft, but flat stomach. He shouted, “You are pretty lousy at your job, oh Great Destino.” Bryan could see the pain in Peter’s eyes, but didn’t know what to say or how to soften the sting of reality. Like he said earlier, no one sees themselves as they truly are.

“I offer my utmost apologies sir. I knew you would be more difficult,” the dark man said as he bowed and gestured toward the scale. The scale indicated Peter was right. He weighed only 198 pounds. The height stick proofed he was just over 6’ tall when he stood with proper posture. And after showing Destino his driver’s license to proof his age, The dark man apologized again. “I was wrong on all three counts you have won the ultimate prize.” Destino pulled out a card from his breast pocket and handed it to Peter. At first it appeared to be a simple business card, but the more Peter looked at it the more detailed it became. There was an ornate engraved border surrounding script lettering that read One deepest, darkest desire granted to and then a blank line. As Peter held the card trying to read the small print in the dim light, it appeared as if letters were forming on the blank line in red ink. It was his name. Peter looked at Destino.

“What is this?” Peter asked softly.

“Just want it appears to be, sir. Nothing less and nothing more” Destino said with a sly smile.

Bryan finally thought of something to say as he walked up behind Peter and read the card. “Some ultimate prize. My only desire is to get our money back. Let’s go Peter.” Bryan walked to the tent’s flap and raised it over his head. He looked back at Peter who was still staring at the card, “Pete.”

Peter looked at Destino once more than headed toward the opening. Once outside the tent, Peter put the card into the slot in his wallet behind his license.

“Well that was a waste of five dollars” Bryan said then turned to his friend who was still deep in thought. “What do you want to do now, Dude?”

“It’s getting chilly and it’s kind of late. Maybe we should head home” Peter said in a depressed monotone without looking at Bryan.

“You’re always cold just like a wo..” Bryan stopped himself before completing his thought. He knew now wasn’t the time to question Pete’s masculinity. He quickly changed the subject. “I can’t believe I’ve gotten so fat. Why didn’t you tell me, Bro? I’ve got to go on a diet and start exercising again. Will you help me?”

“Sure. Whatever you want,” Pete answered half heartedly.

“Maybe we can work out together. We’ll both shape up and become real studs. We’ll put Marc to shame and have Simmons lusting after us. What’d you think?” Bryan said nudging Pete in the shoulder.

“Sounds good,” Peter’s analytical mind started to clear again. “It’s a proven fact that people stick with diets and work out routines when they do it with some one else.”

“Put it there partner. Here’s to living better,” Bryan held out his hand.

Peter put his hand into Bryan’s and shook it. “Here’s to looking better.” Peter’s mind was racing. He had planned on getting serious about his physical condition soon and had done a lot of research on nutrition and exercise. He was thrilled that Bryan would be doing it with him. As the two walked back to the parking lot, Peter fired a million ideas at Bryan who just smiled and nodded every once in awhile. He was just glad to see Peter back to normal.

Part 3

Bryan stumbled into the kitchen, dressed only in his boxers, following the scent of freshly brewed coffee. He didn’t notice Peter sitting at the breakfast bar when he entered. Peter couldn’t understand how any man could look so good just rolling out of bed. Even with his messy hair and half-closed eyes, he was unbelievably handsome. The thick beard that grew every night made Bryan’s dimpled chin and strong jaw line even more appealing. Bryan’s powerful physique and light coating of dark hair radiated masculinity, despite his slightly extended gut. The head of his long, thick cock was peeking through the fly of his underwear. The garment was designed for the average man, not for someone with superior equipment like Bryan. Peter watched Bryan’s triceps bulge as he poured the coffee into his favorite mug and took several swallows. After a few moments, the black elixir did its job and Bryan opened his eyes fully. He looked around the room and focused on Peter who was staring at him. “Good morning. Why are you dressed so early on a Sunday?”

“The health food store” Peter answered showing a little frustration, “Last night you agreed to go with me to the health food store to get our work-out supplements.”

“Did I?,” Bryan said trying to recall. He had a way of tuning Peter out sometimes when he went on one of his talking jags. “Aren’t they open until like 5:00 today? What’s the hurry? Plus I think a lot of that stuff is a waste of money. I was in pretty good shape in high school and didn’t need to take anything.” Bryan felt a familiar draft and realized his manhood was showing again. He reached down and shoved his limp rod over toward his right hip, before taking another swig of his coffee.

“Yes, we both know the supplements are more for me than you, big guy. But they can help you too by getting you in better shape than you were in high school and maybe a little quicker. Plus I thought after the health food store, we would go to the farmer’s market to get some fresh vegetables. I’ve already gone through the cabinets and fridge to get rid of bad stuff.”

“You didn’t touch the beer did you?” Bryan asked while opening the refrigerator door.

“No, the two Coronas that were left from the case are still there. But I don’t think we should get any more beer for awhile. I threw out all the cakes, ice cream, and chocolate. All the stuff with empty calories” Peter replied proudly.

“That was all your stuff anyway. You’re the one with the sweet tooth,” Bryan said closing the door.

“Well, I also threw out the cheese puffs and barbeque corn chips” Peter replied a little more meekly.

Bryan looked at Peter and saw he was dreading his reaction. “No big deal. If you can live without the sugary stuff, I can live without the salty snacks. We both have to make sacrifices if we want to be buff hunks right?” Bryan said with a smile and raised his arms into a double bicep poise while sucking in his stomach. Even though he hadn’t been inside a gym for many years, rounded muscles bulged outward from his upper arms.

A pang of jealousy swept over Peter for a moment. They hadn’t even started working out yet and already Bryan was twice the man he was. Peter knew Bryan’s poise didn’t intend to make him feel bad. Peter smiled, “Okay, Hercules, go get dressed so we can get this day started.”

Bryan dropped his arms and headed back to his bedroom. Peter watched him leave admiring the natural V-shape of Bryan’s back. The pang of jealousy returned.

Monday morning, Bryan and Peter arrived at work 2 hours early to work out. Their company had a gym in the lobby of their building. Simmons hoped the employees would use it to help keep health insurance costs down, plus the benefit of having an office filled with hot bodies wasn’t bad either. Peter had planned each day’s routine, diet and supplements for the both of them. Both men followed the plan religiously. First they would lift weights focusing on different muscle groups each day, and then do a half hour of cardio work. Both men started lifting with the same amount of weight. Bryan found the weight light, but agreed with Peter it’s better to start light to avoid injuries. Peter on the other hand found the weights more challenging right from the beginning. After three months, Bryan was lifting more than double the weight from when they started, while Peter was only able to handle about 25% more. The constant changing of the plates made using free weights too time consuming, so Bryan reluctantly agreed to switch the machines with his work-out partner. While this made changing the amount of weight easier, Bryan missed the feel of lifting what he called “real weight.”

In addition to strength, Bryan had surpassed Peter in fat loss too. The extra pounds were melting off of Bryan at a remarkable rate, and the more muscle mass he gained the more fat he lost. The balanced meals and supplement doses that Peter recommended were working perfectly. Bryan had lost over six inches in his waist and his overall body fat was noticeable lower. New veins appeared daily on his more muscular arms and legs. While Peter’s upper body did look more toned, the fat stored in thighs and hips was more stubborn. His body shape was still strange looking and unattractive.

Peter was sitting on the bench in front of his locker feeling exhausted from their work out session. He looked around the room noticing the other men. At one end were the jocks, led by Marc. They were talking loudly and laughing. Even after working out they were energized and confident as if they had won a great war. They would hit and push each other testing their strength against one another. At the other end were the geeks. They were either scrawny looking or soft with spare tires around their waist. They sat in silence as if they had lost the battle with the weights. All looked tired and defeated. Peter knew what side he belonged, but didn’t want to admit it.

“Hey, look Peter. I think I’m getting a six-pack.” Bryan said excitedly turning to face his friend, whose locker was four down from his own. Peter looked at Bryan’s stomach with no reaction. Bryan started to rub his hand over his flat waist, “I know it’s not very obvious, but I can feel the muscles under my skin. Maybe if I crunch them a little?.” Bryan leaned forward slightly and crunched his abdominals and sucked in his waist at the same time. Six distinct muscles appeared through his skin. Peter’s eyes widened. Bryan laughed at loud, “I just have to loss a little more weight and I’ll be ripped”

“Looking good, Copelli. You’ve come along way in a short time.” Marc said calling Bryan by his last name, something he did to all his male friends. As he approached the two men, he purposely flexed his own abs to show the two amateurs what a real six-pack looks like.

“Thanks. But I owe it all to my personal trainer, Peter.” Bryan said relaxing his abs and lowering his shirt. Embarrassed that Marc saw him flexing his inferior muscles.

“Is that right? Well I guess it’s true what they say, those that can, do and those that can’t, teach,” Marc commented smiling down at the beleaguered Peter.

“Is there something we can do for you, Marc?” Bryan said crossing his arms over his chest trying to look threatening to defend his friend.

“Its more of what I can do for you. I’ve been noticing you in the gym and wanted to invite you to join my group. I think someone with your physique will find working out with other strong men, instead of your trainer here, more beneficial. You should be lifting real iron not using those sissy machines.” Bryan said still flexing.

“Thanks, but I already have a work-out partner. And we’re doing just fine together. And the machines are…great, just the same as lifting free weights.” Bryan answered trying to reassure Peter. But Peter saw Bryan’s expression when he talked about the machines. He knew he was lying. “Come on Pete, we don’t want to be late to our desks. Let’s go get showers.”

“In a minute, I’m just waiting for my second wind to kick-in. You go ahead and I’ll catch up with you” Peter said wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“Are you sure?” Bryan asked. Peter nodded and Bryan walked toward the shower stalls after giving Marc one last defiant look.

“You never will you know” Marc said out loud while watching Bryan walk away.

“I never will what?” Peter asked.

“Catch up with Bryan.” March answered before looking down at Peter. “He’s one of us; a superior man. He’s meant to be tall, muscular, handsome, athletic and strong. Everything you are not and never will be. So stop fantasizing about him. You’re never going to be with him. He’s too good for you, out of your league. He belongs with me and you belong with them.” Marc said looking at the geeks on the other side of the room, “It looks like they’re waiting for their second wind too.” Marc snickered then walked toward the showers.

Peter sat in silence for some time. How did Marc know that he fantasized about Bryan? Marc was right about Bryan being too good for him. Bryan was a superior man and Peter was a geek. He was fooling himself thinking that popping a few pills and working out would make him a hunk. He’d fallen victim to all those ads in muscle magazines and makeover shows. Those guys did look better, but never as good as a man who was naturally attractive. He was what he was and would never be anything more. Peter let out a big sigh and stood up to open his locker. He pulled on the handle but the door didn’t open. “I’m even too weak to open my fucking locker,” Peter mumbled to himself in frustration, tears forming in his eyes. He pulled harder on the door and it swung open violently, Peter’s wallet fell from the top shelve, its contents spilling out everywhere as it hit the floor.

Part 4

“What happened, dude?” Bryan asked as he walked toward Peter who was kneeling on the ground.

“I dropped my wallet,” Peter said quickly stuffing everything back into his old, well-worn valise.

“You haven’t even taking a shower yet. You’re going to make us late again,” Bryan said with a slight edge in his voice. He walked to his locker and removed the towel that was wrapped around his tight waist. Peter stared at Bryan’s nude form; he looked just as good now as when they first met in college. His flawless, olive skin tightly encased every defined muscle; the sensual pattern of veins testified to his superb athletic conditioning. Even at profile, his huge balls and cock jutted out from his crotch. Bryan stepped into his boxers, pulled them out and up over his manhood, before inserting his hand inside to adjust his impressive package.

“Didn’t you hear me? You are going to be late. You look like you’re a million miles away,” Bryan said staring back at Peter.

“Yeah, I mean no. I hear you.” Peter responded looking down at his crotch to make sure his growing hard-on wasn’t obvious. Luckily he had a towel over his lap hiding his below average shaft. “I was just thinking about what Marc said,” Peter replied trying to refocus his thoughts. “Maybe you should start working-out with him?”

“What, are you crazy? Work out with that pompous ass-hole? I think he’s even more arrogant since he got that promotion.” Bryan stated as he finished getting dressed. Once again he had to push in his huge package before he could zip up his pants. He then sat down next to Peter to put on his shoes. “Did he say something else to you after I left? Do I need to have talk with him and tell him to leave you alone?’

“No nothing like that” Peter said defensively, his frustration and envy getting the best of him momentarily. “I don’t need you to protect me Bryan. Just like I don’t need you to carry the grocery bags for me, or get things from the top shelf or set me up on dates. I’m a grown man, not a little boy who needs a father to watch over him.”

“What’s going on here? Did I miss something? I didn’t mean..,” Bryan said with surprise.

“I know, you never mean to. Forget what I said. I’m just a little tired.” Peter spoke apologetically. He stood to avoid looking into Bryan’s eyes. He knew Bryan could tell when he was lying. “Marc made a point about working out with someone who can challenge you more. And I know you don’t like using the machines”

“Are you saying this because I’ve progressed a little faster than you? I only suggested this working out stuff because I thought it was something we could do together. I don’t want it to affect our friendship.,” Bryan said standing up next to his friend to force him to look directly into his eyes.

“Don’t worry, it won’t,” Peter said with a half smile and punched Bryan in the shoulder as a friendly guy gesture. Peter hit Bryan with almost all he had trying to proof he was no helpless weakling. A jolt of pain from the impact ran up Peter’s arm from his battered hand. But Peter could tell Bryan barely felt it, he didn’t even flinch. “Besides, I knew you would advance faster than me. It’s a proven fact that it’s easier for someone to get back into shape, than for someone who never was. I think its called muscle memory or something.” Peter starts to gather his shower gear from his locker as he speaks. He didn’t want Bryan to see he was about to lie again. “I’ve just hit a plateau and need to do more cardio work to increase my metabolism, while you need to lift more to continue building muscle mass. I knew all along we couldn’t stay on the same program forever. It’s best for the both of us if we split up now. It’s not like we won’t see each other. We share a home and an office. I’m getting pretty sick of seeing that ugly mug of yours. You’re starting to cramp my style.”

“Ha ha, funny guy” Bryan said as he looked down at his friend warmly and smiled. Peter looked briefly at him. Bryan’s smile made he look angelic. It took all of Peter’s strength to keep his knees from buckling. “But once you’ve passed this plateau of yours, we can start working out together again right?”

“Right,” Peter answered staring directly into his locker.

“Okay then, I’ll see you upstairs,” Bryan lightly punched Peter on the shoulder and walked away. As Peter rubbed his sore hand and now sore shoulder, he watched Bryan walk away. He saw Marc approach Bryan. The talked briefly then shook hands. Peter felt that something had changed that instant and nothing would ever be the same again between him and his best friend.

Peter closed his locker door and headed for the showers. He arrived and saw the “geeks” standing in a line. The showers were all empty, but it looked as if they were waiting for something. Peter stood more erect as he approached the three lesser men. Somehow it made him feel good that he was several inches taller than his so-called peers. He nodded to the men than spoke to Raymond from accounting. “Are you waiting to use the showers?”

“Yeah, we’re not allowed to use them until Marc and his gang have finished. Marc is the only one left” Raymond answered in an annoyed tone.

“He’s only one man and there are three shower stalls available,” Peter replied trying to comprehend the situation

“We have to wait for him to choose the stall he wants, then the rest of us can proceed,” Raymond explained. “He doesn’t care if he makes us late for work. He’s got Simmons wrapped around his little finger so tightly, he knows he won’t get in trouble unlike the rest of us.”

Peter just shook his head in disbelieve. “That’s ridiculous. I’m not waiting.” Peter entered the nearest stall and pulled the curtain close. He removed the towel from around his waist and turned on the water. The warm water felt good as it ran down his pale body. Suddenly the curtain was torn open, he felt a strong hand grab the back of his neck lifting him out of the stall and throwing him down onto the locker room floor.

“Somebody’s not following the rules.” Peter rolls onto his back and sees Marc looming above him; his nude muscular body looking more imposing from Peter’s low perspective. “I’ve let you get away with it before, because you had Bryan to protect you. But he’s not here, is he?” Marc’s powerful voice rumbled through Peter’s disoriented head. Peter felt his limp body being picked up by underneath his arms. He felt the coolness of tile as his back slammed into the wall. Marc lets go of him and he struggled to support his own weight again. Peter’s eyes finally focused on Marc’s face directly in front of his. “See wimp, we have a pecking order here for the showers. The real men with pecs come before you losers without. Do I make myself clear geekoid?” Marc emphasizes his words by flexing his massive chest muscles.

“Says who?” Peter stammers out, his anger building with every insult he’s forced to take.

“I do. And I’m the only one that counts around here.” Marc grumbles, then he moves his face even closer to Bryan’s, “Unless there’s something you want to do about it.”

Peter finally has his wits about him and straightens to his full height. His slight height advantage over Marc makes him feel empowered. He slams his left fist into Marc’s armored gut, followed quickly by his right. The granite-like hardness of Marc’s chiseled abdominals and Peter’s already sore hand prove too much for the weaker man; he curls up from the pain and tries to sooth his battered knuckles. Peter’s head is now below Marc’s. He looks up and sees Marc smirking down at him.

“You only pain you caused was to yourself, you pathetic weakling.” Marc grabbed Peter’s bruised hand and squeezed it tightly. Peter howled in pain and fell to his knees. Peter tore his gaze from Marc’s ample cock, which was just at his eye level now, to look at the other geeks standing there watching his torture, “Please help me. There’s four of us and only one of him.”

“Yeah the four of you against me, that only leaves me with a slight advantage.” Marc said with a laugh as he raised his free arm to flex his huge bicep. “Well come on losers, aren’t you going to try to overpower me and help one of your own kind.” Marc stared down each of the three onlookers. “It seems they lack courage as much as the lack muscle. You’re on your own wimp.” Marc continued to apply pressure to Peter’s battered hand. “Now you have to learn your place and keep that big honker of yours out of trouble. Now tell me what you are.” Peter said nothing. Marc squeezed harder, “Tell me.”

“I’m a wimp, I’m a wimp” Peter answered after letting out a small scream.

“And what else?” Marc asked as he tightened his grip.

“I’m a geek and a loser.” Peter answered exhaustedly and felt more pressure applied to his hand. “And a weakling.”

“That’s a good little wimp” Marc said as he released Peter’s hand. “Now you can wait with the rest of the losers, while I take my shower. Peter wiped the tears from his eyes as he watched Marc walk away. The hypnotic movement of Marc’s muscular physique made Peter forget about his pain. How could he be so turned-on by a man he hated so much?


Part 5

About two months had passed since Bryan started working out with Marc and the other jocks. He was also spending more time with the jocks after work. Peter saw less and less of him outside of the office. He would skip workouts and only took his supplements when he remembered, which wasn’t often. But that didn’t slow his physical progress, the additional muscle he had put on his frame was quite noticeable. He was now far more muscular than even back in his high school football days. On the other hand, Peter continued to follow his program exactly. But he was becoming disheartened. He had only lost a few more pounds and his upper body was just slightly more muscular, but no one would ever mistake him for an athlete.

“You wouldn’t believe who I just met” Bryan said as he entered the cubicle. His hair was slicked back and his too tight shirt clung to his body. The narrow tie he wore looked comical on such a broad, powerful man.

“Who?” Peter asked.

“Veronica Terby,” Bryan replied excitedly.

“The tennis player? Is she a new client of ours?” Peter asked again.

“I don’t know. I was trying to get here before Simmons made his regular morning check-in. I got into another lifting contest with Marc and forgot about the time again. I didn’t even take a shower,” Bryan said as he sat down at his desk and ran his fingers through his wet hair.

“Oh don’t worry he hasn’t been here yet. I know how you enjoy him fawning all over you,” Peter said in a mocking tone.

“Hey, wasn’t one of the reasons we decided to work out was the possibility it might help us get a promotion. Anyway as I was sneaking my way up here, I ran into Veronica and Simmons in the hallway. Simmons stopped me to introduce Veronica. I’m trying to keep a safe distance from the both of them since I stink to high heaven. But as I’m shaking Veronica’s hand, she moves closer to me, and I swear she sniffed me. It was the strangest thing. I was so embarrassed, but she just looked up at me and smiled. Isn’t that weird?

“Pheromones,” Peter said in a reassuring tone.

“What?” Bryan asked.

“Pheromones. It’s a proven fact that men’s sweat contains pheromones to attract other people. And the more attractive a man is physically, the more alluring his pheromones are. It just shows that an man’s attractiveness is embedded right in his very core of existence, his DNA” Peter said while deep in thought.

“Where do you come up with this stuff?” Bryan inquired with a smile.

“It’s true; I saw it on the science channel. This university did a study on sexuality. They showed a group of 40 women photos of twelve different men and asked them to pick the most attractive one. All but two women picked the same man as being the most attractive. Then they asked women to sniff some t-shirts the men had worn while working out. Even though they didn’t know which shirt was worn by which man, all the women picked the same shirt as having the most appealing odor. It was the shirt worn by the guy the vast majority picked as the best looking. Hardly a coincidence.” Peter stated while waiting for Bryan’s comeback.

“Well I don’t see how any of that relates to me. You know how I feel about the importance of a person’s looks. But I won’t say anything because I know it gets you upset,” Bryan said while getting his desk organized. “I’m just a bummed that I get to meet someone as famous and beautiful as Veronica Terby and I reek.” Bryan lifted his arm and sniffs his pit. “As soon as Simmons leaves, I’ll head back to the gym to take a shower. That way you won’t have to suffer with my B.O. all day”

“If it doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t bother me,” Peter said with a smile. He actually enjoyed Bryan’s scent. That’s one reason why he always volunteered to do the laundry at home.

“Hello, men” Simmons walked in with a smile on his face. “Bryan you made quite an impression on Ms. Terby earlier. I thought maybe you could wine and dine her tonight; show her all that the windy city has to offer.”

“I don’t know sir. I don’t think the impression I made was very good. Did you ask her about it?” Bryan asked sheepishly.

“It was her idea. She’s looking for a new P.R. firm and having her in our stable would be a very good thing. I’m thinking about expanding our sports division. If you can convince her to sign with us, the promotion could be yours” Simmons said. “So big guy, will you take her out?” Simmons put his hand on Bryan’s solid shoulder and then slowly ran his hand down to Bryan’s bicep. Bryan had his elbows on his desk his hands in front of him. He looked at Peter, who was sitting in the same position. Peter raised his arm to rest his chin on his clenched fist and indicated Bryan to do the same. Bryan followed Peter’s movement. Peter watched as Bryan bicep inflated forcing the boss’s hand to open wider to accommodate the massive muscle underneath. Simmon’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped open. He didn’t move his hand but instead squeezed Bryan’s arm to test its hardness.

“Sure, sounds like fun. Just let me know the time and the place to pick her up,” Bryan said. Simmons didn’t respond, but continued to test Bryan’s muscle. Bryan pretended not to notice the man feeling him up. “Mr. Simmons, did you hear me?”

“Sure, thank you Bryan. I’ll have my secretary e-mail you with all the details.” Simmons said as he backed away towards the door. He turned to leave, but hesitated for a moment. “I like your cologne Bryan, it’s very earthy.”

Bryan turned to Peter, “pheromones you say?”

“Pheromones,” Peter replied.

The next morning Peter awoke before dawn to get in his morning run. He started running at the nearby high school track instead of using the treadmills at the gym. He only went to the gym twice a week to use the weight machines. He tried to avoid Marc since the shower incident. As Peter walked by Bryan’s room the door was open, he stopped and peered into the room. There was Bryan sound asleep, naked and spread out on the bed without any covers His body was flawless, even asleep he looked strong and invincible. Peter felt an erotic urge sweep over him. He had to fight the impulse to touch Bryan’s physique that naturally radiated intense sensuality.

Peter was suddenly back in time. It was the last night of their first semester together. Peter was sound asleep when suddenly his dorm room door flung open. He sat up startled by the intrusion. It was Boone Stevenson, the all-star receiver from the football team stumbling around while supporting the weight of a semi-conscience Bryan. Boone walked to Bryan’s empty bed and tossed his limp burden onto the mattress. Boone then turned and walked out of the room without saying a word. Peter sat in his bed for a minute not sure what to do. Bryan didn’t move, the only sound was his deep breathing. Peter got out of bed to close the door, Boone had left open. Peter returned to his bed sitting on the edge in the darkness listening to Bryan’s rhythmic breathes. As he eyes adjusted to the dim light spilling in from outside, he saw that Bryan was still completely dressed. Peter hesitantly crossed the room to where Bryan lied. Peter knelt down before his sleeping room mate and began to remove his sneakers and socks. Peter thought he could stop there but didn’t want to. He reached for the few remaining buttons that held Bryan’s short-sleeved dress shirt closed. He opened Bryan’s shirt revealing his muscular torso. Peter ran his hands over Bryan’s sculpted abdominals and pecs, pushing the shirt over his broad shoulders. Peter then straddled the sleeping hunk and pulled Bryan’s massive upper body toward his own. He rested Bryan’s head on his chest. Peter pushed the shirt down Bryan’s back. He needed to tug at the sleeves forcibly to get them past Bryan’s huge upper arms. Bryan’s arms were easily his best body part. Peter often had wet dreams thinking of being held in those god-like appendages. Once Bryan’s body was free of his shirt, Peter slowly lowered him to the bed. The two men’s faces where inches away from each other. Peter wanted so much to kiss Bryan but fought the temptation mostly out of fear of the stronger man’s reaction if he woke. Peter returned to the floor in front of Bryan. He reached for Bryan’s jeans and released the metal closure before slowly unzipping the fly. Peter put his hands under Bryan’s lower back and pulled the waist band down to his thighs. Peter ran his hands up Bryan’s muscular ass, slightly kneading the round globes. Bryan’s breathing hesitated momentarily and he mumbled something in his sleep. Peter froze. After waiting a moment, Peter pulled his hands out from under Bryan and stood up quickly. He took the cuff of a pant leg in each hand and stepped backwards, pulling the jeans off of his room mate. Before him was his ideal man, completely nude and exposed. He knelt before him again and ran his hands lightly up Bryan’s hard thighs. Peter was overwhelmed by this opportunity and without thinking pressed his face into Bryan’s crotch. He took a deep breath inhaling the alluring scent of pure testosterone and beer. He took his right hand and gently stroked Bryan’s exposed manhood. He couldn’t believe the size of it. He never knew any man could be that big, when hard Bryan’s cock had to be easily twice as long and thick as his own tool. He cupped Bryan’s balls in his hand amazed by their size and weight. Bryan’s cock twitched and started to respond to Peter’s attention. Peter knew he should stop, but couldn’t. He was in too deep to quit now. Peter spit in his hand and grabbed the object of his desire for the past four months. Peter gently massaged Bryan’s expanding manhood, the steel hard meat forcing Peter’s hand to open wider with each stroke. Precum started to ooze from the large mushroom shaped head. It aided Peter’s saliva in lubricating the increasing speed of the hand job he was performing. Peter noticed Bryan’s breathing was keeping pace with his strokes. Bryan’s balls started to inflate, then spasm. Peter put his lips around Bryan’s pole in time to swallow his thick seed. He lustfully ingested every drop, licking the tip, savoring the taste of his idol. As Bryan’s cock started to deflate, he became restless and repositioned his body on the bed. Peter crawled back to his own bed and waited to see if Bryan would wake up. Once Peter heard Bryan’s rhythmic breathing return, he started to think bout his own pleasure. He started to jerk off thinking about what just happened. He started to moan softly. He came quickly and ferociously, spewing forth a large about of cum onto his smooth stomach. He was covered in sweat and cum, breathing deeply. Tonight was the most satisfying sexual encounter of his life, a dream fulfilled. He was saddened that he would be the only one to remember it and his sexual relationship with Bryan was still a fantasy.

“Excuse me.” The strange voice pulled Peter from his recollection. He looked up to see Veronica Terby dressed only in one of Bryan’s t-shirts. His tight fitting shirt draped loosely on her athetic figure like a sundress.

Peter thought to say something quickly, “Hi. I’m Peter, Bryan’s room mate. I didn’t realize Bryan had company. I was just…”

“It’s obvious what you were doing” Veronica said looking down at Peter’s hand still inside his running shorts; the outline of his engorged cock very noticeable through the thin material.

“No, I just wanted to know if Bryan wanted to work-out with me this morning” Peter said as his cock quickly deflated, the blood rushing to his face which was turning red from embarrassment.

“I don’t think he’s UP for it. He worked out with me, a lot, last night” Veronica said as she got back into bed and maneuvered herself on top of the still sleeping jock. She ran her hand all over his muscular form. “I agree with you though, he is one extraordinarily beautiful man.”

Peter turned and left the house immediately. He did several extra laps around the track hoping that Veronica would be gone when he got back. Then he started to wonder what would Bryan do if Veronica told him what happened. He could deny it, but would Bryan believe him over Veronica. Would it be the end of their friendship, would Bryan move out? When Peter returned to the house he entered through the kitchen back door hoping to go unnoticed. But instead found Bryan cooking breakfast wearing only in a bath towel.

“Hey there Pete. I thought I would cook breakfast this morning. I had a guest spend the night,” Bryan said with a joyous tone in his voice. Just then Veronica entered the kitchen from the dining room. “Pete this is Veronica Terby. Veronica this is my room mate Peter Kolowski.”

Veronica smiled at Peter and said, “We already met this morning. Didn’t we Pete?”

“Yes,” Peter said looking around the room nervously. “Well, I leave the two of you alone. I have to get ready for work.”

“You don’t have to leave Peter. Please join us for breakfast. I made enough for everyone. There’s coffee, toast, eggs, and bacon” Bryan said warmly.

“Thanks, but I’m not very hungry right now,” Peter said rubbing his stomach trying to relieve the nauseam he was feeling from his nerves being on edge.

“Niether am I,” Veronica stated as she walked up to Bryan and started to caress his hulking body. She pulled at the towel around Bryan’s waist leaving him naked. She fondled his thick cock with her thin fingers. “The only meat I want this morning is this huge Italian sausage of yours Mr. Copelli.”

“Veronica, we’re not alone,” Bryan said between deep breaths as he body started to react to the pleasure of her touch.

“Don’t worry, you don’t have anything he hasn’t ogled before. Isn’t that right Peter,” Veronica said without taking her eyes off of Bryan’s strong body. She got a strong grip on Bryan’s expanding rod and pulled him out of the room, as if dragging a pet dog by a leash.

Peter ran to his room and put his work clothes into a bag. He could hear Veronica’s erotic moans echoing down the hall from Bryan’s room. Peter raced out of the house and sped away in his car. He’ll shower and change at work. He would rather take his chances with Marc than deal with someone as scary as Veronica.


Part 6

Another 2 weeks had passed and Peter hardly ever saw Bryan outside of the office. When he wasn’t out with Marc and “the boys” he was with Veronica. Peter had just come from the gym and was looking forward to his time with Bryan; but as he entered his cubicle unnoticed the joy left when he saw Marc there. Marc was leaning over Bryan who was sitting at his desk. Both men where looking at a piece of paper. As they talked, Peter noticed Marc’s left hand massaging Bryan’s neck and the back of his head; his strong fingers running through Bryan’s dark wavy hair. Peter’s green eyes glowed with jealousy.

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything,” Peter said sarcastically as he walked to his desk that faced Bryan’s.

“Peter, there you are. I was wondering when you would get here. I saw you at the gym this morning. I don’t know why you are always late getting to your desk when it’s just a short elevator ride?” Bryan asked with a warm smile on his face. He seemed genuinely happy to see his friend.

“Yeah Peter, what takes you so long to get to your desk?” Marc asked coyly as he continued to massage Bryan’s neck.

Peter gave Marc a dirty look before lowering his gaze to Bryan, “There’s usually a line for the showers and I have to wait my turn.”

“Really, I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait to take a shower” Bryan commented as he tried to remember.

“I guess it’s all in the timing. And like everything else about you Bryan, your timing is perfect,” Marc said as he stood erect and ran his hand through Bryan’s hair again, this time to straighten it. Bryan pushed Marc’s hand away with a soft “thanks” before looking at Peter slightly embarrassed. “My pleasure; got to keep you looking pretty after all. We’ll finish going over the roster Friday night once we have the team finalized.”

“Team?” Peter inquired.

“The company’s softball team. Simmons asked Marc and me to be the team captains. We already have most of the guys we need, but we have to have women on the team too. So we’re trying to figure out who would be best and what positions they’ll play. We’re having a little try-out, practice game after work on Friday,” Bryan answered.

“That sounds like fun. What position do you I think I should play?” Peter asked stretching to see the roster.

“Oh, ah, Peter, I didn’t put you on the team. I didn’t think you would want to play since you aren’t good at sports.” Seeing the hurt in Peter’s eyes Bryan quickly added, “I mean, you don’t like to play sports. Especially softball. Now if this was for a bowling team, you would be at the top of the list. I know how good you are at bowling.”

“Bowling, it figures.” Marc said while laughing. “Bryan maybe there’s still room on the team for Peter. He can fill one of the girls’ spots.” Bryan was about to defend Peter but stopped after remembering he told him he didn’t need protecting. Peter said nothing. “I’m out of here. I’ll see you Copelli at Slappy’s tonight.” Marc left still laughing at his comments about Peter.

“That guy can be such an asshole sometimes” Bryan said trying to make his friend feel better.

“Sometimes? Try all the time. I don’t know how you can stand to be around that jerk as much as you are,” Peter vented.

“He’s not all bad. You just have to get to know him better. He’s actually a lot like you, he’s really into appearances.” Bryan said without thinking.

“He’s nothing like me. I don’t belittle or torment those who don’t meet some arbitrary standard of physical perfection,” Peter’s voice was getting louder and angrier.

“What I meant was he is very knowledgeable about things like fashion, grooming, and health issues. And he enjoys giving advice, very valuable advice. Like last week when he took me shopping to get new clothes. He picked out my suits, shirts, and ties; and then even had his tailor alter them for me. He’s always telling me to wear my hair a certain way, use a particular styling gel or moisturizer on my face. And he does the same on my diet and exercise. He’s really helped me make a lot of gains on my lifts. Just like you when we worked out together. You know how easily my upper body grows, I just walk into a gym and I gain an inch on my arms and chest without trying. Well, his lower body is the same. His glutes, quads, and calves grow like crazy” Bryan said excitedly.

As Bryan spoke, the resentment grew within Peter. He was being told he had been replaced by Marc, a man he hated. He had been struggling for almost 6 months fighting for the few pounds of muscle he had gained trying to impress Bryan. And now he had to listen to how easy it was for Bryan and his new best friend, Marc, to grow. The envy and jealousy was taking over his personality, Peter knew it but couldn’t stop himself. “Wow, what a horrible burden you two share. I can see why you have such a bond.”

Bryan stopped for a moment and looked at Peter. He was tired of Peter’s nasty comments. It seemed every time they had a conversation lately, Peter would be spitting poison at him. He decided to take the high road again and ignore the comment. “Anyway. Since Marc has stronger legs than I do, it motivates me to work harder on my squats. And in turn I motivate him to lift heavier on the bench and curls. It keeps our bodies more symmetrical. That’s something you talked about a lot when we first started working out. Like you told me, working out with Marc would be more challenging. We’re constantly vying to be the stronger man. I had him beat in the bench press weeks ago, but he still has me on the squats. I’m catching up to him though. My legs are responding to the weights faster than his chest and arms. It must be my height advantage. He even wanted us to enter a bodybuilding contest to let impartial judges decide which one of us had the better build.”

“Bodybuilding contest? Are you going to do it?” Peter’s lustful wish to see Bryan on stage in a pair of posers temporarily bested his anger.

“No way. That’s too much work for me, I don’t take this stuff as seriously as the two of you. I don’t want to worry about my diet and have to shave my body. I’m satisfied with the way I look now. I’m already in the best shape of my life. It’s more than I ever hoped to achieve.” Bryan answered.

“I’m very happy for you,” Peter said as he turned to read his email. “I wouldn’t want you to do anything that didn’t come easy to you.”

Again Bryan bit his tongue. “Why don’t you join us at Slappy’s tonight? Spend some time with Marc outside the office.”

“I don’t think so. And why are you going to that loud sports bar? You’ve always hated that place.” Peter said without looking away from his monitor.

“Because Marc likes it. He sorta decides where we hang out” Bryan said shrugging his massive delts.

“Oh, I see. Marc’s the leader of the pack because he’s the strongest. Well you already bench more than him, so once you out squat him, will you be the leader, the alpha male?” Peter asked mockingly.

“No, it’s not like that. I just lift for fun, its a little healthy competition between men. Again you sound like Marc. He wants to enter the contest so he can officially claim to have the best body in the state. I don’t need recognition like that. I don’t need a trophy or be the leader to feel good about myself.” Bryan said loudly.

“You are right about one thing. I am like Marc in that regard. If I had the opportunity to be the leader or win a damn bodybuilding trophy, I certainly would try even if I had to make the littlest of an effort to do it.” Peter replied matching Bryan’s volume.

Bryan stood up, his large muscles tensing under his new, tight, custom fitted shirt. “Well, I’ll guess we’ll never know because those are burdens you will never have to bare.” Bryan said with a little poison of his own. Once the words escaped his mouth, he regretted it. He just couldn’t take anymore cutting comments from Peter. The look on Peter’s face broke his heart. Not knowing what to do, Bryan quietly walked away. Peter watched Bryan’s tall frame disappear through the maze of cubicles. A chill went through him, he grabbed the sweater that he always kept hanging from his chair and put in on. He knew he deserved what he got from Bryan, but it still hurt. Bryan always let Peter get away with murder without saying a word. He had the patience of a saint. Bryan was always the better man. But Peter had pushed him too far this time. He could only hope Bryan would forgive him once again.

Bryan and Peter didn’t talk for the rest of the day. Bryan only came to the cubicle briefly a couple of times to get some papers from his desk. He worked out of Marc’s office and spent the night at Veronica’s hotel suite. The next morning Peter saw Bryan at the gym. He was at the squat rack with the regular jock crowd. The “men” were a lot noisier than usual, as if celebrating. Peter didn’t know what was happening and really didn’t care anymore.

Peter stood across from the shower stalls talking to Raymond, his new training partner. The two men wore only towels wrapped around their waist. Raymond had another towel wrapped around his neck which covered most of his bony upper torso. Their conversation was interrupted when the jocks entered still cheering; it appeared as if Bryan was the center of all the attention. “Finally, now let’s hope they take their showers quickly so we can get in there” Raymond commented.

After a few moments Bryan appeared also with a towel wrapped around his waist. However, the gym’s standard towel appeared smaller on him. His longer legs meant the towel came well above his knees. And his thick thighs and round ass forced the two ends of the towel open at the bottom, like a slit on a women’s tight skirt. He noticed Peter and walked toward him. Peter turned away when Bryan looked at him and started talking to Raymond again. “Hi, guys” Bryan said softly as he approached Peter.

Peter just nodded. “Hello” Raymond said sensing tension between the two other men. “It sounds like you guys were having a party this morning.”

“Yeah I guess we do get a little loud sometimes” Bryan said with a slight laugh. Bryan’s muscles were still swollen with blood from the workout. His pumped muscles kept flexing and bulging like uncontrollable twitches. As he continued to talk with Raymond, Peter just stared at Bryan’s amazing physique. He hadn’t seen him undressed in several weeks. The progress he continued to make was astonishing. His flawless skin was stretched tightly over each muscle. Rivers of thick veins covered every inch of exposed skin. The overhead lights caused a deep shadow under his thick pec shelve almost hiding the first set of chiseled abdominals. Bryan kept making a fist and forcibly straightening his arms causing his horseshoe shaped triceps to snap into form. He bent his right arm flexing his softball sized bicep and pretended he had to scratch his chest as to not appear like he was flexing. He then did the same with his left arm then slowly lowered his hand from his pecs to his wash board abs, his fingers following the curve of each hard muscle. Marc was right, Bryan should enter a bodybuilding contest. Winning the contest would be as easy as everything else was for him. Peter thought if he could look this good without taking working out seriously, imagine what he could achieve if he really tried. Bryan noticed that Raymond and Peter kept looking at his body. “I’m sorry guys but my muscles are going crazy today. I guess I really worked them hard today. I just have to stretch my legs out for a second.” Bryan took a step back and bent at the waist, touching the floor. He wrapped his arms around his knees and pulled his body tighter, the muscles of his back flexing with power. Peter and Raymond just looked at each other. After holding that position for a moment, he stood erect and swung his arms back and forth making his pecs bounce. “That feels better,” Bryan said as he tilted one leg forward to flex it then the other. The last leg exposed completely by the towel opening. “I did a lot squats today and my legs are tightening up on me now.” Peter wanted desperately to reach out and touch the powerful muscles before him. He was so enthralled by Bryan’s impromptu poising session he didn’t notice Marc approaching. Like always when he was in the locker room, Marc was completely nude. He was the dominate male and wanted everyone to see why.

“Now that you set the new squat record for the gym, you have to show off your quads to all the ladies,” Marc said as he ran his hand over Bryan’s thigh. Marc could see the jealousy in Peter’s eyes. “I’ll show you that I’m a good sport. Let me take you out for a real breakfast. We can be a few hours late for work, Simmons won’t mind.”

“Sure, sounds good. I’m never one to pass up a free meal” Bryan answered.

“It’s a date” Marc said then slapped Bryan’s hard ass before walking away.

Bryan could see a disgusted look on Peter’s face. “It was very nice of him, since it was his record I broke. I couldn’t say no.”

“No, of course not. Congratulations on our great triumph,” Peter replied coldly.

“Well I better take my shower” Bryan started to walk toward the three empty stalls. “There’s enough for all of us. Aren’t you coming?”

“No, not just yet. But you go ahead, I wouldn’t want you to be late for your date,” Peter’s reply was layered with sarcasm.

“We can’t. We’re not allowed” Raymond blurted out again from discomfort.

“What?” Bryan said turning to face the two smaller men again.

“Nothing” Peter said angrily. “Shut up, Raymond.”

“No Raymond. Tell me what you meant by you’re not allowed” Bryan asked in earnest, putting his hands on his hips.

“We can’t take showers until you and all of Marc’s other friends are done. It’s a rule” Raymond said not realizing what he was doing.

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” Bryan said with a laugh. He looked at Peter who was staring at the floor and back to Raymond who looked stone faced, and then back to Peter. “Pete is this true?”

Peter didn’t say a word or look up from the floor. “A few weeks ago Peter, tried to take a shower before Marc. Marc got so angry he pulled Peter out of the shower, threw him to the ground and almost broke his hand.”

“I said shut up, Raymond” Peter yelled looking up in Raymond’s direction.

“You told me your hand got caught in the weight stack on one of the machines” Bryan said staring at Peter. “You lied to me. Were you ever going to tell me the truth?”

Peter raised his head and stared directly into Bryan’s hazel eyes. “What difference does it make? Things like that happen to guys like us all the time. If you want the truth go talk with your leader; I’m sure your new best friend would never lie to you.”

Bryan was stunned by what he heard. He could see only anger in Peter’s face, no remorse. He said nothing and went to look for Marc. Bryan found him in the far corner of the locker room where the sinks were located. There was a long counter with three sinks; a large mirror above spanned the entire length of the counter. Marc was just removing the last of the shaving foam from his face when Bryan stood at the sink next to his. “I understand you get first dibs on the shower each morning” Bryan said staring at Marc’s reflection in the mirror.

“Not just me. You too and all my friends” Marc said examining his face closely in the mirror.

“What is this high school and you’re the biggest bully?” Bryan asked the outrage in his voice very apparent.

“Listen, without order there would be chaos. It’s the natural order of things that stronger men like us take precedence over lesser men.” Marc answered staring at Bryan’s reflection. He put his hand on Bryan’s massive left bicep and squeezed. “Call it a perk that comes with being a better man.”

“So the better man gets to make the rules and everybody else has to follow them,” Bryan said as he flexed his arm under Marc’s grip.

“Yes, now you understand” Marc answered with a smile and slapped Bryan on the back before continuing his facial examination.

Bryan thought for a moment and looked at himself in the mirror than at Marc’s reflection carefully. “Oh I understand perfectly.” He removed the towel from around his waist and stood to his full height. “Let’s see now, today I’ve proven I’m stronger than you. I’m also taller, more muscular, younger, better looking and most importantly better endowed. I guess that makes me the better man. Don’t you agree?” Marc said nothing for a moment and smiled at Bryan. Bryan ignored him and stood motionless staring into the mirror. Marc straightened up and started to compare the two images in the mirror. Bryan did have him beat in every masculine category. “I asked you if you agree” Bryan demanded an answer.

“Yes” Marc replied meekly and swallowed hard. Bryan then moved toward Marc forcing Marc’s body up against the wall. Bryan’s larger chest was pressing up against Marc’s. Their faces only inches apart. Bryan reached down and grabbed Marc’s balls in his hand. He could feel Marc’s cock starting to inflate between their hard bodies.

“Good, now listen to me. If you ever hurt Peter again, I’ll crush something more important to you than your hand. Do you understand me?” Bryan growled as he applied pressure to Marc’s jewels.

Marc was breathing heavy through clenched teeth. He nodded yes. Bryan stepped back and looked down at Marc’s fully engorged cock. He looked at Marc’s frightened face and then back at his cock. Bryan enjoyed dominating the man who once intimidated him. Bryan wrapped his large fingers around Marc’s rod and twisted his hand slightly. “It would be a shame to damage something that is the envy of so many other men.” Marc suddenly exploded, his thick crème splattering onto Bryan’s gut. Bryan calmly reached for his towel and wiped off his stomach. “It’s a good thing I haven’t taken a shower yet. You see not being the first can be beneficial.” Marc shook his head, trying to catch his breath. Bryan took the towel and hung it over Marc’s still hard cock as if it was a towel rack. “And we’re going to McGrudy’s tonight, not Slappy’s. I’ve never liked that place.” Bryan walked back to where Peter and Raymond still stood. Raymond gasped at the sight of Bryan’s nude form. “You don’t have to wait for any one any longer. Everyone can take a shower whenever they want.” Then Bryan went into one of the empty shower stalls.

“Wow, your room mate is quite a man” Raymond remarked.

“Yeah, he’s a natural born leader,” Peter said proudly.


Part 7

Bryan got his last minute instructions from Marc before heading to the dugout. Simmons stood by the short set of stairs that led into the deserted structure. As Bryan approached the stairs he saw his boss scanning his body. Bryan felt confident in his appearance today because he was wearing a tight, white tank style undershirt, a ball cap, and his “pussy” jeans. Even though he hadn’t worn them in years, the jeans were still his favorite article of clothing. They got their name because whenever he wore them he never went home alone. The well worn denim seemed custom fitted to his body. It hugged every muscle, even more so now with his increased mass. In the seat, the back center seam went deep between his ass cheeks showcasing their roundness and movement when he walked. The faded material was more worn at the crotch from countless hands groping and rubbing his package over the years. The distinct outline of each large nut was visible. And the length of his cock was more apparent as it ran down his right leg. The fabric was so embossed from being worn so often and so tightly that the image of his cock and balls was present even when he didn’t have them on. Bryan smiled at Simmons as he passed him and ducked into the dugout. Simmons followed him as Marc had predicted. Simmons stared at Bryan’s ass as he bent down to pick up a baseball bat. Bryan turned around and moved closer to Simmons. He stood directly in front of him and rested the bat between his legs, the top resting just below his impressive bulge. Bryan pulled a batting glove that was hanging from his back pocket and put it on his left hand. Bryan waited for Simmons’ eyes to make their way up to his before he spoke, “Looks like we are going to have a great team this year.”

“I want to thank you and Marc for agreeing to be the team captains. It’s apparent to everyone that the two of you are our best athletes,” Simmons said as his eyes quickly darted back and forth between Bryan’s body and his face.

“It’s our pleasure. We enjoy providing our company and its leader with the best service possible.” Bryan put his hands on his hips. “Could you hand me the bat?”

Simmons’ eyes dropped to the bat between Bryan’s legs. Simmons looked back up to Bryan’s eyes as if to ask if he meant that bat. Bryan nodded yes. Simmons slowly moved his hand to the center of bat’s handle.

“Make sure to grab it from the very top, it’s bad luck otherwise,” Simmons raised his hand higher, looking up at Bryan again for permission. Bryan just smiled. “Nothing feels as good as a piece of young, hard wood. Don’t you agree?” Simmons just nodded without saying a word, keeping his eyes on the prize. He put the tip of his fingers on the very top of the bat. He slowly moved his hand farther under the deep, denim overhang created by Bryan’s package, forcing Bryan’s meat to lift upward. Simmons could feel the weight and heat of Bryan’s manhood on the back of his hand. His heart raced faster. Bryan could see his flirting was working. He asked, “Do you have a preference when it comes to the balls you play with?”

“The bigger the better” Simmons said while lifting the bat slowly pushing Bryan’s package higher. Beads of sweat started to form on his forehead. He pulled the bat away from Bryan’s body and watched his cock and balls fall back into place before handing the bat to the hunk.

“Thank you, boss” Bryan said as he took the bat in both hands holding it at chest level. Bryan gripped it tightly making his thick pecs bounce. The thick slabs of chest muscle creating a bulge in his shirt just as impressive as the package in his jeans. Bryan than took the bat and laid it across his shoulders behind his nick. His hands holding on to each end of the bat, trying his best to imitate a famous poster of Bucky Dent he saw long ago. “You mentioned a couple weeks ago about an opening in the sports department. Now that Veronica has signed with us, I was just wondering about my promotion.”

“Absolutely, I can’t imagine any one more qualified than you for the job. You’ve proven that with Ms. Terby. Please come to my office tomorrow morning and we can finalize everything.” Simmons turned to walk away wiping the sweat from his forehead; he stopped as if he had just remembered something. He looked back at Bryan. “I forgot I’m leaving town in the morning. We’ll have to meet on Monday. Thanks again for everything.” Simmons said in a monotone.

“I’ll see you Monday morning. Have a good night” Bryan said with a sexy smile still holding his seductive poise.

After a few moments, Marc came bounding into the dugout. “How did it go?”

“Great, he wants to see me in his office on Monday to discuss the details” Bryan said with big grin.

“I knew you could do it. In that outfit you could ask him for a kidney and he would gladly give it to you.” Marc said running his eyes up and down Bryan’s physique. “Imagine you and me junior executives together. You’ll get your own office. And we can play golf during the summer and charge the company for a business meeting.” Bryan laughed but he noticed that the smile was gone from Bryan’s face. “What’s wrong?”

“My own office. I forgot I wouldn’t be sharing an office with Pete any longer” Bryan said sitting down on the bench. “We’ve shared an office for two years now.”

Marc sat down next to Bryan. “What are you two joined at the hip? Isn’t it enough you share a house together,” Marc said jealousy. “I swear you two are fucking each other.”

“Pete’s my friend, my best friend, nothing more.” Bryan said.

“So let me understand what you are saying. You would never have sex with Peter.” Marc asked knowing their conversation was being overheard.

“No, of course not. Don’t be gross. I don’t even see him as a sexual being. He’s just Pete. Like a piece of furniture or a little puppy,” Bryan answered. “But I’m worried about him. He seems so angry all the time; I know there’s something bothering him, but he won’t tell me what it is.”

“Maybe this is just what you both need, some space. Put some distance between the two of you and get a new perspective,” Marc said as he put his hand on Bryan’s thigh; then slowly moved his hand up to his crotch. Bryan pushed Marc’s hand away. “I think Pete is holding you back. You need to move on; you’re not in college anymore. Cut the cord, man. Lose the loser.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. Peter is not a loser” Bryan said as he stood up.

“Whatever. But if Pathetic Pete is a real friend, he would want you to have this promotion, to be successful. Not whine to you about having to wait to take a shower like a little boy” Marc said coldly as he stood next to the larger man.

“Let’s not mention Pete again,” Bryan said in frustration.

“Finally, we agree on something. Usually I’m the one you says that to you. Every time we have a conversation, somehow Petey ends up the topic. When there are so many other things on my mind when I look at you in those jeans,” Marc said softly while getting closer to Bryan. Bryan backed away from Marc until he was up against the dug out wall. Marc put his hands on the back of Bryan’s thighs and moved them up to his ass, gently kneading the hard orbs. “I have never been so turned on as I was in the locker room this morning. I’ve never been man handled like that. You were so strong and dominating. No man has ever intimidated me before. I wanted you to fuck me so bad I’m about to explode again just thinking about it.”

“Stop, not here. Someone will see us,” Bryan said softly.

“Who cares? Every person in the company wants to either fuck or be fucked by you or me. Most would pay a fortune to watch the two of us go at it. They’ll be grateful for the free show” Marc moved closer, pressing his swollen crotch into Bryan, pulling Bryan’s ass forward. “All those squats have certainly paid off. Your ass is so strong, hard, and round; almost as perfect as mine.”

“My ass is definitely stronger, but no one’s ass is as perfect as yours” Bryan commented with a slight laugh.

“I bet if Pete had an ass like mine you wouldn’t leave the office we shared no matter what Simmons offered you,” Marc said before kissing Bryan softly on the lips.

“If Pete had an ass like yours, I wouldn’t ever leave the house” Bryan answered before pushing Marc away from him. “Cool down. There’s time for this later when I say it’s okay. We have a softball team to create.” Bryan walked out onto the field. Marc watched Bryan climb the stairs, the sight only making his cock ache more for the new alpha male.

Peter decided to go to the softball team try-outs, as a way of apologizing to Bryan more than getting on the team. He arrived at the field and saw Bryan walking toward the dug out. Was he wearing his pussy jeans? Peter hadn’t seen him wear those in years. They still made him look irresistible. He watched Simmons follow Bryan into the dug out. Because of deep shade inside he couldn’t see what was happening. He decided to head over there to wait for Bryan to emerge. Peter was standing on the back side of the dug out when he dropped his car keys. He reached down to pick them up and heard voices. The pitched roof of the dug out was raised above the wall several inches for ventilation. The large gap made is possible to hear the conversation taking place inside. Peter bent down, his body no longer visible from the field.

Marc was watching Peter since he arrived. He saw peter bend down and disappear behind the dug out. He walked around the cage surrounding home plate and saw Peter sitting on the ground intently listening to Bryan and Simmons. When Simmons left, Marc entered the field through the opening in the cage and went into the dug out. He was going to use Peter’s ease dropping to his advantage.

Peter was getting up when he heard Simmons leave, but sat down quickly at the sound of Marc’s voice. Peter listened to the two hunks converse. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Bryan thought of him as a pet or worse a piece of furniture, an asexual object. Bryan was filled with anger and then incredible sadness. He knew his six year fantasy would never become reality. Despite all his efforts to improve his physical appearance, Bryan wasn’t attracted to him in the least. He wanted Marc instead. Peter felt ugly and unwanted. All his insecurities welled up in him. He fought back tears and tried to control his emotions. He heard the conservation ending and ran up to the top of the bleachers. Peter watched Bryan walk onto the field and head to home plate. Bryan was looking around the field scouting out the players, when he noticed Peter sitting in the bleachers alone.

“Hey there, dude. I’m glad you’re here. I think we have to talk about things. Why don’t we go out to dinner after the try-outs? You name the place” Bryan said standing at the bottom of the bleachers.

Peter nodded his head, “Sounds like a good idea.”

“Are you okay?” Bryan asked noticing Peter’s red, watery eyes.

“Yeah, I think it may be allergies. I’m not going to try out for the team after all,” Peter answered.

“I’ll see you in a little while,” Bryan said as he walked back to the field.

Marc came out of the dug out and saw Bryan walking away from where Peter was sitting. Peter was wiping tears from his eyes. Marc just smiled.


Part 8

Bryan and Peter arrived at the crowded diner just after dark. The middle-aged hostess seemed uninterested in her job until she looked up and saw Bryan. Suddenly her face lit up and she became extremely gracious. As she guided them to their booth Peter noticed how everyone was staring at him, or more exactly staring through him to see Bryan who followed behind. The hostess gave the two men menus and told Bryan a waitress would be right there to take their order. She put her hand on Bryan’s forearm as she spoke. Peter noticed anyone who spoke to Bryan had to make physical contact with him. Maybe they had to prove to themselves he was real, not just a fantasy.

“This was an interesting choice for dinner, Pete. You certainly are a cheap date.” Bryan said looking around the dining room. “At least I know I’m not underdressed.” Bryan was still wearing his tight t-shirt and jeans from the game. He left his cap in the car. He ran his strong fingers through his thick hair to remove all traces of hat head.

“I’m not very hungry.” Peter answered softly, still solemn from the conversation he overheard earlier.

The waitress, a pretty young blond, came over to the table with two glasses of water. She was giggling as she set them down and asked Bryan if he was ready to order. Bryan ordered a twelve ounce T-bone steak and a baked pot with extra butter and sour cream. The waitress asked Peter want he wanted without taking her eyes off of Bryan. Peter ordered a Greek salad with oil and vinegar on the side. “Is that all your eating? You need some protein to help build muscle to make you big and strong like bull” Bryan said half jokingly as he raised his right arm to flex his bicep. The waitress put her hand on Bryan’s mountain of muscle and caressed it gently catching Bryan by surprise.

“Are all your bulges this impressive?” she asked seductively.

Bryan leaned back in the booth putting his arms along the top of the seat giving the waitress a clear view of his crotch. “You tell me” was all he said with a smile. The waitress looked down at the prominent bulge in his jeans. She just giggled and blushed as she scurried off to the kitchen. Bryan laughed as he watched her leave and then looked at Peter. Peter was not amused. Bryan put a somber expression on his face and grabbed the menu, “She never asked us what we wanted to drink. I can go for a cold beer right now.”

“You said there was something you wanted to talk about” Peter said with his hands clasped tightly on the table in front of him. He knew what was coming and braced himself for the words.

“There’s no hurry. Let’s enjoy our meal first. We hardly see each other any more. I miss talking to my best friend. Tell me what you’ve been up to. How is your training going? And Raymond, your new work-out partner, he seems like a good guy.” Bryan said putting down the menu and leaning in closer to Peter.

Peter looked into Bryan’s beautiful eyes. He looked so sweet and his words seemed sincere. He felt the dread dissipate. “I missed talking to you too. I know I’ve been acting weird lately and I wanted to tell you…” Peter stopped talking when a professionally dressed woman approached the table along with a small boy who looked about 7 or 8 years old.

“I’m sorry to interrupt” the attractive woman said in a soft voice looking at Peter before setting her gaze on Bryan. “But my son wanted to meet you.”

“Me?” Bryan asked.

“Yes, he saw the waitress touching your arm and he wanted to know if he could do the same.” The woman explained with some embarrassment. “He thinks you’re Superman. I tired to explain to him you weren’t but he’s got a real stubborn streak.”

“Can I feel your muscle, Superman?” the little boy asked excitedly.

Bryan looked down at the little boy and smiled. He slid out of the booth and knelt down on one knee to be closer to the little boy’s height. “Sorry, I’m not Superman. I’m just a regular guy like you. But when I was your age I ate all my vegetables and that’s why I’m so big and strong today.” Bryan raised his arm and flexed it for the child. The boy’s mouth and eyes widened. He put both of his small hands on Bryan’s arm and tried to squeeze it, but couldn’t even dent the steel hard muscle.

“It’s so big and hard, just like Superman’s arm” the little boy said as he started to push against Bryan’s arm his entire body weight.

Bryan started to laugh at the sight. “Go easy there, slugger. You don’t want to hurt me. Now it’s my turn. Let me feel your muscle.” The little boy flexed his arm just like he saw Bryan do. Bryan put his thumb and forefinger on each side of the thin limb and pressed it slightly. “Wow that’s harder than mine. You’re going to be even stronger than me when you grow up.” The little boy growled and tired to flex his arm harder. Bryan laughed and stood to his full height in front of the boy’s mother. Like the little boy, her eyes were filled with amazement as Bryan’s massive physique towered over her.

“Thank you so much. I worry about my little Sam sometimes. I’m divorced and he doesn’t get to see his father very often. I know every boy needs a strong, male figure in his life and right now he doesn’t have one.” Sam was now punching Bryan in the stomach as he yelled, “pow” and “bam.” Bryan didn’t react to the soft punches, his arms hung loosely by his side and he stayed focused on the young mother’s pretty face.

“Look mommy, even his tummy has muscles” the little boy said pulling up Bryan’s shirt.

“Sammy, stop that. You’re being very rude.” The mother pulled her son away from Bryan. Then she slowly ran her hand over Bryan’s abdominals and pulled his shirt down. Bryan instinctually flexed his abs as she touched them.

“How about you? Do you need a strong, male figure in your life?” Bryan asked.

The woman blushed as she started to stroke her hair. She looked briefly at Peter than said, “I don’t think your father would approve of you dating an older woman.”

Bryan looked at Peter than back at the attractive brunette, “That’s not my father, he’s a colleague. I’m 26 and I can’t imagine you’re much older than me, if at all.”

The woman looked shocked, “I’m sorry. I thought you were still in college. I assumed that someone with your build was an athlete.” She put her old hand over her mouth. “Oh my God, you’re not a famous professional athlete are you? I apologize I didn’t recognize you, I just don’t follow sports at all.”

Bryan laughed, “No, we work downtown at Simmons’ Public Relations.”

“Really, I work at DKV Marketing. Our office buildings are on the same block,” the woman finished her sentence then just stared into Bryan’s eyes. The waitress approached with Bryan and Peter’s food.

The waitress looked at the other woman and asked sharply. “I gave you your check. Is there something else you needed at your table, ma’am?” The waitress then turned to Bryan, wrote something on her pad and folded the paper in half before stuffing it in one of Bryan’s back pockets. She wanted the other woman to know she was claiming this hunk hers. “That’s my number. If I can do anything, and I mean anything for you, just call me.” She turned and gave the business woman a defiant look before walking away.

“She’s very aggressive isn’t she?” the dark haired beauty asked.

“Yes, but sometimes that’s a good thing” Bryan said calmly, enjoying the two women fighting for his attention.

In that case, why don’t you call me sometime and we can have lunch,” she reached inside her designer hand bag and pulled out a business card. Bryan held out his hand. The woman reached behind Bryan and pushed the card into Bryan’s other back pocket, then softly caressed his ass cheek while staring into Bryan’s eyes. “I’ll gladly do anything for you too.” She grabbed hold of her son, who had been punching away harmlessly at Bryan’s thigh for the last few moments, and left the restaurant.

Bryan sat down with a huge smile on his face. “I don’t know if it’s the pheromones or the jeans, but I just got the digits of two beautiful women in less than ten minutes. I can’t believe it.” Bryan started to eagerly devour his steak.

“I can’t believe that women thought I was your father” Peter said between mouthfuls of salad.

“Well, Pete you have been looking tired and worn out lately. Maybe you need to eat more substantial food or cut back on your work-outs. I heard that people can over exercise, causing more damage than good. Maybe that’s why you’re not seeing the gains you want” Bryan said before taken another big piece of beef.

“I eat a very well balanced diet based on the recommendations of nutritional experts.” Peter replied without looking up at Bryan. “And working out 6 days a week on various body parts is what all the professional bodybuilders do, some even work out twice a day. So I’m not over exercising.”

“All I know is I eat anything I want; lift just two or three times a week and I don’t look or feel tired. And little Sammy thinks I look like Superman” Bryan said trying to make his point with humor.

Peter didn’t see the humor. “Well, we all can’t be freaks whose huge, mutant balls constantly pump out mega doses of testosterone around the clock” Peter said the anger building in him again.

“What did you say?” Bryan said putting down his fork.

“It’s a proven fact that the amount of testosterone a man’s body produces impacts his physical development. It’s the testosterone that allows you to build muscle so easily, quickens your recovery from injuries, gives you enormous strength and energy, and speeds up your metabolism to burn fat faster. It’s just a genetic glitch that gives you all those advantages and impacts your appearance. Not your diet or exercise routines. I’m normal; I actually have to put a little effort in improving my body.” Peter said calmly trying to hold back his anger

“I’ve had enough of your condescending attitude and your fucking proven facts” Bryan said fighting to hold back his growing anger less effectively. “Isn’t testosterone the male hormone? Aren’t men supposed to be strong, athletic and muscular? I tired of you making me feel guilty for looking like a man. I have worked hard to get back into shape despite all my so called advantages.” Bryan stopped himself from saying anymore. He promised himself he wouldn’t get into a fight with Peter tonight. He picked up his fork and took another bite of steak. Peter said nothing. Bryan saw Peter hunched over his salad and felt sorry for him. “You know Peter; it’s not just physical appearance that women respond to. It’s attitude also. They want a man who is confident; a man who stands and sits tall with his chest out and his chin up.” To emphasize the point, Bryan lifted his chest higher making his pecs bounce without thinking.” Both man’s attentions were drawn to a table of 8 women who were staring and giggling at Bryan. Bryan just smiled at them and flexed his pecs once more.

“Yeah it’s your bulging confidence they’re responding to,” Peter said sarcastically, “just like the waitress was responding to your sense of humor when she felt up your arm and ass, and the brunette was thinking how you love children when she caressed your abs, and when we entered the restaurant everyone was staring at your ass wondering about your socio-political views on the war in Iraq. I’m getting fucking tired of this ah shucks, I ain’t that darn good looking Kansas farm boy attitude of yours. I don’t know if you are really that naive or just delusional if you think those women are attracted to you for any other reason than your physical appearance. They see you and see a great lay and nothing more.”

Bryan sat back in his seat and wiped his mouth with a napkin before he spoke, “When did you become so bitter? You were never like this before. There is so much more to life than our outer shell; stuff that’s really important. A person’s looks don’t matter..”

“STOP SAYING THAT,” Peter screamed, slamming his clenched fist onto the table top with such force it caused the flatware to rattle. Everyone in the restaurant stopped talking and stared at Peter. He finally had everyone’s attention even if he didn’t want it now. Bryan said nothing and in the silence returned to eating his dinner. Not another word was spoken at their table while they finished their meal.

“Can I get you anything else tonight? Coffee? Desert? No charge” The waitress asked with a smile.

“Not for me. I’m not a desert person. But do you have anything chocolate for my friend here?” Bryan said in an attempt to start a more civil conversation with Peter again.

“The chocolate crème pie is good” the young woman responded looking at Peter.

“No, thank you” Peter said politely.

“Are you sure?” Bryan asked. Peter looked at Bryan sternly saying nothing. “Just the check please.” The waitress silently mouthed the words “call me” to Bryan before clearing the dishes and leaving the check on the table. “Peter I asked you to dinner to talk to you about work. On Monday, I’m going to accept a promotion to the sports department, so I’ll be getting a new office. I think it’s a good thing that we get some space between us now. It seems like we are going in two different directions. You have your new friends and I have mine.”

“Is that what you call Marc, a friend? Wouldn’t lover be a more suitable term?” Peter spewed.

“Is this where all your anger is coming from? Are you jealous of Marc?” Bryan asked.

“That arrogant moron. And put your ego in neutral, big guy. Not everyone on the planet finds you irresistible” Peter answered looking away to keep Bryan from telling he was lying.

“No, but not everyone is found in my bedroom jerking off while watching me sleep” Bryan snapped back.

“What are you talking about?” Peter said as panic took over.

“Veronica told me she found you in my room, Peter” Bryan said emphatically.

“That lying bitch. She would say anything to get you all to herself.” Peter replied defensively, fidgeting in his seat.

“We both know it wasn’t the first time you jerked off while I slept” Bryan said stone faced.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Peter said with a smirk, fidgeting even more.

Bryan lowered his voice, “freshman year, after the Delta party.” Peter’s stomach tightened. His pulse increased. He thought he might faint. “I was really drunk; Boone Stevenson brought me up our room and dumped me on my bed. You removed my clothes, and then started to touch me.” Peter wanted Bryan to stop talking but Bryan continued. “I only pretended to be asleep. I really liked you as a friend, but I could see that your attraction to me was getting in the way of our friendship. I thought maybe if you were able to be with me without you thinking I knew, our relationship could move forward. It seemed to work until I got back into shape again. I’m not willing to play any games this time. This is something you have to work through, it’s your issue not mine.”

Peter’s head was swimming. All these years, Bryan knew how he felt about him and said nothing. Peter was humiliated and ashamed. He couldn’t let Bryan get away with his deception. “At least I’ve been honest. I’ve told you many times I thought you were attractive. I’m not a hypocrite like you. Telling everyone a person’s looks don’t matter then fucking Marc. Why you are with Marc? Is it for his perfect personality or his perfect ass?

Bryan didn’t want to have this conversation. He knew Peter was right about his attraction to Marc, it was solely physical. “According to you, I’m a hypocritical freak, Veronica’s a lying bitch, and Marc’s an arrogant moron. Does it make you feel better about yourself when you put others down? I can’t and I won’t live like this anymore. I’m tired of the fighting and the name calling. I think it may be best if I find somewhere else to live. I just hope you find happiness with someone soon. I hate to think of you wasting your life trying to get something you just can’t have.” Bryan flipped over the check and reached for his wallet. Peter went for his wallet. “I invited you to dinner, I’ll pay for it.,” Bryan said calm while putting money on top of the check.

“I don’t want to be obligated to you in any way after tonight,” Peter said nastily while searching is wallet for cash. He only had two dollars in the bill fold; he hoped that he had stashed an emergency twenty in one of the card slots. He looked in every pocket to no avail, but he did find something he had long forgotten about. It was the card he won at the carnival six months ago from The Great Destino.

Bryan saw Peter staring at the card. Bryan remembered it too, the night at the carnival seemed like a million years ago. “Are you going to wish for a million dollars? If you can’t have big muscles maybe a big bank account will make you happy.” He got up and stood at the end of the table. “Don’t worry I’ll pay the bill. Isn’t that what we testosterone laden men are expected to do? Be the leader, kill the wooly mammoth fulfilling our role as the great provider. I’ve got to use the restroom.”

Peter watched Bryan walk to the restroom, every one else’s eyes were on him too. A cute, younger man was leaving the restroom as Bryan approached. He held the door open for Bryan and then followed Bryan back inside. Peter saw the door close before returning his gaze to the card. The waitress picked up the check and Peter mumbled “keep the change” while continuing to stare at his prize. Peter squeezed his hand, crushing the card. His world was crashing in all around him. Every emotion was at the breaking point. He wanted to scream, laugh and cry all at once; but not in front of Bryan. Bryan was so smug and superior. Peter wondered how smug he would be if all his physical gifts were taken away. Peter wished he was the superior man with all of Bryan’s advantages. That would make Bryan realize that looks do matter. “That’s my deepest, darkest desire,” Peter said out loud. Suddenly Peter lungs opened wide demanding oxygen. He inhaled deeply. He felt every muscle in his body tighten. His shoulders lifted and his chest expanded forcing him into proper posture. A rush of energy filled his body, making him feel agile and strong. He opened his hand to look for the card and it was gone.

Bryan walked to the restroom thinking about what had just happened with Peter. It wasn’t what he wanted. Somehow in one night he lost an office mate, a house mate and a best friend. He went to the urinal and fought to bring his huge cock through the fly of his tight jeans. “Has anyone ever told you, you look like Zeb Atlas?” a lilting voice asked. Bryan looked down to see the good-looking, younger man that held the door open for him.

“Who?” Bryan asked.

“It’s not important. You’re actually much better looking than he is anyway” the man said with a smile.

“Thanks, I guess” Bryan answered. He noticed the man was staring at his cock as he urinated.

“And you’re much bigger down there too,” the man came closer to Bryan and put one hand on Bryan’s ass and with the other reached for Bryan’s cock. “Did you need some help holding that? It looks like a two man job.”

“Get out,” Bryan growled in his deepest voice.

“Sorry, gorgeous; but an opportunity like this doesn’t happen every day. You can’t blame a guy for trying,” the young man walked away and left the restroom.

Bryan suddenly got dizzy, he held on to the flusher to steady himself and let out a deep breath. It felt like every muscle in his body had just relaxed at once. He finished pissing and shook his cock dry, he looked down and it seemed smaller. He was able to easily put it back into his jeans. He noticed it didn’t fill out the entire length of the deeply embossed imprint like usual. Even his balls no longer filled out his well worn jeans. He went to the sink’s mirror and stood sideways, his crotch no longer bulged out from his body. He titled his pelvis forward in an attempt to push his package out to no avail. He put his hands on his ass and it felt softer, he tried to flex his ass cheeks, but they still felt soft. His stomach was no longer flat but slightly extended and rounded. His shoulders were hunched forward. It took too much effort to keep the correct posture, so he let his upper body slouch, it seemed more comfortable for some reason. He lifted his shirt and the deep lines dividing his abs where almost gone. His pecs seem to sag slightly too. Usually his chest was rock hard, but now even flexed he was able to jiggle his tits. The distinct veins in his arms had disappeared. He examined his face and saw dark circles under his eyes. He looked and felt very tired. He thought he must be coming down with some kind of virus. He went to leave the restroom and hesitated. He didn’t want to walk back into the restaurant. What if everybody would stare at him? He was suddenly filled with insecurities about the way he looked; his hair, his face, his body and his clothes. He just wanted to go home. He forced himself to open the door and walked quickly back to his table keeping his head down toward the floor.

When Bryan arrived, Peter was looking under the table for his prize card, “Let’s go Peter. I’m not feeling very well. I want to go home.” Bryan said meekly.

“In a minute, I’m trying to find my card from the carnival” Peter said without looking at Bryan as he started to search between the booth’s seat cushion.

Bryan looked around the room and thought as if everyone was staring at him. “Please Peter. I want to leave.”

“Stop your whining. I said in a minute.” Peter couldn’t find the card anywhere, “I guess it’s gone. It was only a simple piece of paper anyway,” Peter stood up next to Bryan and turned to look at him. It caught Peter by surprise, it appeared that Bryan was shorter than he was and he didn’t look well. “You don’t look so good. Maybe we better get you home; if you still consider it your home?”

“Let’s just go, please” Bryan said as he shuffled toward the door. Once they got outside, Peter took a deep breath, pulled up his pants which were very loose on him now and commented on what a beautiful, balmy night is was. “I think it’s turned a little chilly” Bryan replied. Peter got in Bryan’s car on the passenger side, while Bryan struggled momentarily to open the driver’s door. “That door must be getting worse, I could hardly open it” Bryan commented as he started the engine.

“That door handle has been broken for months. I always have trouble opening it” Peter said.

“Yeah, but that’s you. I’ve never had a problem before” Bryan replied as he adjusted the seat and mirrors slightly. Peter punched Bryan in the shoulder. Peter yelped in pain. “What was that for?”

“That’s for insinuating I am weak,” Peter said and then punched Bryan again in the same spot. “And that’s for all the nasty things you said to me during dinner.”

“Okay. I’m sorry. Just stop hitting me. It really hurts,” Bryan said rubbing his shoulder. Peter moved quickly as if he was going to punch Bryan again but stopped. Bryan instinctively recoiled back against the driver’s door to avoid the hit.

“Oh, you flinched,” Peter says with a smile and pounded Bryan’s shoulder twice more.

“Enough you’re hurting me. I’m going to have a huge bruise tomorrow” Bryan said sorrowfully.

“Stop whining, you sound like a little girl. I hardly put any weight behind the punches.” Peter said in an attempt to apologize. He wasn’t sorry, for some reason it felt good hurting Bryan. It made him feel powerful and virile.

Bryan pulled out of the diner’s parking lot and headed toward home. After a few minutes, he came to a stop light and undid the button to his jeans. “These jeans are cutting off my circulation. I guess I ate too much tonight. I feel bloated.” After a few seconds he added. “I have a craving for something sweet. Why don’t we stop at Dippy’s and get a hot fudge sundae?”

“I thought you said you were bloated,” Peter commented as he squirmed in his seat and pulled at his pants around his thighs.

“Yeah, but I’m not satisfied. I need some chocolate. It will make me feel better and I know Dippy’s is your favorite.” Bryan said with a gleeful tone. He noticed Peter’s tugging at his pants. “Did you eat too much too? Are your pants feeling tight?”

“Yeah, but not around my waist. I think my underwear rode up on me, my balls feel like they’re being crushed” Peter said has he massaged his crotch looking for relief. He was surprised by how large his package felt in his hand.

“How about that sundae?” Bryan asked again.

“Not for me. The only craving I’m having right now is for a steak. I can’t get the image of that t-bone you had out of my head. Maybe you were right about one thing tonight. I should be getting more protein in my diet.” Peter lamented.

Bryan was regretting the things he said earlier more and more with each passing moment. “I am sorry for what I said, I really didn’t mean…” There was a loud bang and Bryan lost control of the car. He panicked and let go of the wheel screaming. Peter tried to grab the wheel but it was too late, the car went off the road down an embankment and struck a containment wall. Both men lay unconscious, their faces covered in blood.


Part 9

Peter woke up in a strange room. He soon realized it was a hospital room. He felt groggy and bandages on his face blocked his peripheral vision disorienting him further. “Mr. Kolowski,” someone said from the foot of his bed. Peter shifted his head toward the direction of the strange voice. “Mr. Kolowski, I’m Dr. Soren. You were in a car accident and now you’re at Hillcrest Hospital. Do you understand?” The distinguished looking man said while moving to the left side of the bed closer to Peter. Pete followed the man’s movements with his eyes, then forced the word “yes” from his dry throat. “You are fine. The only injuries you suffered were a broken nose and some minor cuts and bruises. You are an extremely lucky young man. One of the best plastic surgeons in all of Chicago just happened to be doing some pro-bono work in the hospital when you arrived and he reset your nose. He was surprised when he saw your x-rays for your nose was broken precisely where it should be for a rhinoplasty. He took advantage of the situation and reshaped your nose using all his tremendous skills.”

“You mean I got a nose job?” Peter asked trying to take in all the information.

“You can look at it that way. You may be the first person to ever look better after having a car accident.” The doctor smiled and leaned in closer to the patient. “And it’s covered by your insurance.” The doctor stood erect and continued “You get some rest now. We’re going to keep you overnight for observation and probably release you in the morning.” The doctor walked back to the foot of the bed.

“Doctor, what about Bryan. He was in the car with me.” Peter asked nervously.

The smile left the doctor’s face and his tone turned darker. “He should be okay. He wasn’t as fortunate as you and had more serious injuries. He’s in another room where we can keep a closer eye on him. You can see him in the morning before you leave. Try to get some rest.”

The next morning Pete followed Dr. Soren into Bryan’s room. Pete stopped breathing when he saw Bryan’s battered body lying in the hospital bed covered in bandages. He wasn’t used to seeing Bryan look for helpless and vulnerable. Pete ran to the bedside and put his hand in Bryan’s. Bryan opened his eyes. Pete smiled and said “hey,” Bryan squeezed Pete’s hand and tried to smile back. Pete noticed his friend was missing some teeth under his swollen upper lip. “We look like twins” Peter said pointing to the bandage on his face. Bryan had a similar bandage, but it was much larger covering almost his entire head. “Did you get a nose job too? Not that you needed one” Peter asked to lighten the mood.

“No he didn’t. An intern reset his nose. We were more concerned with his other injuries. For some unknown reason the driver’s side seat belt and air bag didn’t work properly, unlike the passenger’s side. Bryan shattered his right kneecap, broke his left arm in two places and cracked several ribs. His face hit the windshield with a lot of force; breaking his nose and causing a deep laceration from his forehead, down across his nose and over to his left cheek. It required over fifty stitched to close. It’s very difficult to work on facial injuries because of all the bleeding.” The doctor spoke to Peter as if Bryan wasn’t even in the room.

“I don’t remember what happened” Bryan said softly, his voice cracking more than once.

“I’m fuzzy on the details myself dude. The last thing I remember is leaving the ball field to go to dinner in your car. The last hour or two before the accident are blank” Peter said looking into Bryan’s concerned eyes.

“Memory loss is not unusual for accident victims. That time may be lost forever for the both of you” the doctor commented.

“The important thing is that we are both going to be okay,” Peter said putting his other hand on top of Bryan’s. “When can I take him home, Doc?”

“We need to keep him in the hospital at least another week to make sure he is healing properly. He needs to rest and recuperate.” The doctor said looking over Bryan’s medical chart.

“I think that’s my cue to leave. I’ll be back later this afternoon after I go to the house and get some of your things to make your stay more comfortable. But before you know it you’ll be back home with me.” Peter said letting go of Bryan, who reluctantly released his grip. A sudden terrifying loneliness overtook Bryan as he watched Peter walk out of the room.

Almost two weeks had passed, when the bandages on Pete’s nose were removed. “Ta da! What do you think of the new, improved Peter Kolowski?” Pete asked as he walked into Bryan’s hospital room with his arms held out at shoulder level. He moved to Bryan’s bedside and turned his face to the left and right to show Bryan his new profile. “Not bad, huh? I can no longer be confused with Big Bird. The beak is gone forever.” Peter’s glee filled the room. Bryan couldn’t help but smile. He stared at Peter’s joyous face. He nose did look great; it was the perfect shape and proportion. But it wasn’t just his nose that appeared different. Pete’s eyes looked larger and brighter, his cheek bones looked higher and his jaw line more prominent. Even his chin had a faint cleft; making him more rugged and handsome. In fact his entire body looked stronger and more masculine. He carried himself more confidently, like an athlete.

“You look amazing” Bryan said, a little uncomfortable with the erotic thoughts going through his mind.

“I can’t believe how just changing the nose affects the whole look of my face. The doctor said I’m still a little swollen, but he is delighted by how fast I’m healing with no scarring. In another week, no one will ever know I was in a car accident,” Peter said without thinking. He saw the smile leave Bryan’s face. “That’s just me. My injuries were nothing compared to what you are going through. You look much better today, dude.”

“Thanks, I feel a little better too.” Bryan said trying to convince himself. Just then Dr. Soren entered the room. “Doctor, have you made a decision about my release?”

“That’s what I wanted to discuss with you, Bryan,” the doctor responded before directing his attention to Peter. “Hello Peter, I see your bandages are off. You look very handsome and totally natural. You are healing extremely well and so quickly.”

“I was told I can start exercising again too. I can’t wait; I have all this excess energy lately. It’s been frustrating not being able to work out.” Peter said while unconsciously flexing his muscles.

“You haven’t been working out. Funny, you look much more muscular than the last time I saw you,” Dr. Soren commented when scanning Pete’s physique.

“It’s the craziest thing Doc; I was on a strict diet and exercise regimen before the accident, but not making much progress. Then all of a sudden the past two weeks the excess body fat started to drop off. I had to make a new hole in my belt this morning because they are all too big for me. With the fat gone, my muscle definition has increased dramatically. For the first time I actually feel like I accomplished something from all that time in the gym, even though I haven’t worked out in weeks.” Peter said excitedly.

“Some men are naturally just more muscular than others” the doctor stated trying to flatter Peter.

“Oh, believe me I know. So can he come home with me today?” Peter responded thinking the doctor was commenting about Bryan.

“I still have some concerns. Unlike you, Bryan’s body is not healing as expected. I did a few tests and found out one reason is probably is extremely low testosterone levels. He’s in the bottom 10% of the male population. While I have a feeling Peter you are in the top 10” The doctor said making a second attempt to compliment Peter.

“That doesn’t make sense. I’ve always been a very virile man, doctor” Bryan said defensively.

“Low testosterone doesn’t make you less of a man Bryan. It only impacts some male attributes.” the doctor added.

Pete could see Bryan was still slighted by the doctor’s comments. “Doctor isn’t it a proven fact that a man’s testosterone levels fluctuate throughout his lifetime. From year to year, month to month, day to day, even hour to hour. So maybe right now Bryan is at a low point, while I’m at a higher level. That could all change by tomorrow, you just never know. It’s funny, they say when women live together their menstrual cycled sync up, I guess for men it’s the reverse. That’s another reason they may call us the opposite sex” Peter mused trying to make Bryan feel better.

The doctor laughed a little too long and loudly, then ran his hand down Peter’s arm stopping momentarily at the bicep for a quick feel. He looked into Peter’s eyes for a moment before speaking, “That’s very good. You are an insightful man with a great sense of humor, Peter.”

“Thanks Doc. Is there something you can do to help speed up Bryan’s recovery?” Peter asked trying to focus the attention back to the patient. It never dawned on him that another man was flirting with him, especially with Bryan in the room.

“Yes, I think we should try hormone replacement therapy. Bryan will take low doses of steroids to stimulate the healing process. We’ll have to monitor him closely to make sure there are no negative side affects” the doctor said crossing his arms over his chest trying to look more authoritarian.

“Side effects?” Bryan asked.

“Some men experience mood swings, acne, baldness, formation of breast tissue, liver damage and shrinkage of the testicles. But that’s when high doses are used over a long period of time. I’m planning on using low doses for just a couple of weeks” the doctor said in a matter of fact manner.

“I don’t know” Bryan said looking down at his crotch. “Can I go home today if I agree to take the steroids?”

“Yes. I think being in your own home will help your recovery too. Especially with such an attentive friend looking after you” the doctor said staring at Peter again. “Why don’t I let you two discuss it and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Bryan waited for the doctor to leave. “I don’t know about this, Peter. It sounds kind of risky.”

“You heard the doctor. He’s going to be monitoring your progress very carefully to make sure nothing bad will happen.” Peter said sitting on the edge of Bryan’s bed.

“Every since the accident I haven’t felt like myself. I feel so weak and tired all the time. I’ve lost so much muscle mass and gained a lot of fat. And not just in my stomach as usual, but in my chest, hips, thighs and ass. But now I may go bald, grow bigger tits and have my balls shrink. I haven’t told anyone this yet, but I think my cock and balls have already shrunk since the accident. I don’t want them to be any smaller.” Bryan’s voice got softer as he spoke.

Peter could see his friend was truly scared. “Listen, bro. Your body has been through a very traumatic experience. It’s going take time to get back to the man you were before. And I don’t think a man’s bits and pieces get smaller for no reason. It’s just an illusion. I’ve noticed my stuff looks a lot bigger since I’ve lost the fat around my pelvis. Plus I did a little man-scaping of the old pubes, and presto-chango I look like a fucking porn star. I swear it even feels bigger but I know it really isn’t. I bet a similar thing is happening to you. Since you’ve been lying around in bed, immobile for the past 2 weeks, you’ve gained a little weight making you only look smaller. Once you get fully healed and hit the gym again. The weight will fall off, you’ll gain all your muscle back and that giant horse dick of yours will look as big as ever in no time.” Peter said in a comical way.

Bryan laughed. “You’re probably right. I think being stuck in this place is affecting my brain. I’m constantly worried about everything and I get nervous around other people. I need to go home. I’ll do anything to get out of here.”

Doctor returned with a nurse in tow. “Have you made a decision?”

“I’m going to try the hormone therapy” Bryan answered.

“Good, we’ll start the first dose next week. But now I think it’s time we remove the bandages from your face too,” the doctor started to unwrap the top layer of gauze from around Bryan’s head. He hesitated and put his hands on Bryan’s shoulders, “Now remember you had a more severe injury to your face than your friend. So you’re not going to look as good as he does this soon after the accident. So brace yourself. It will be a shock.” The doctor then gently removed the thicker bandages that covered Bryan’s injury being careful not to reopen the wound. Bryan felt the sting of cool, fresh air hit his face. The doctor had no expression as he examined the injury then pulled out the cotton swabs that were stuffed in each nostril. Bryan looked at the nurse who gave him a half-hearted smile. Then he looked at Peter who quickly looked away down toward the floor. “The wound looks clean. We’ll remove the stitches in a couple of days. It’s not completely healed, but the scarring should be less than I feared.”

“That’s good right?” Bryan asked. The doctor nodded a confirmation. Bryan looked again at his friend who was still looking at the floor. “Pete, do I look that bad?’

“No, of course not. It’s just I haven’t seen you without bandages since the accident, that’s all” Peter said with his eyes darting around the room.

The nurse gave Bryan a mirror. He slowly raised it up to his face. His nose was discolored from multiple bruises. It had a bump on one side where it had been broken, causing the bottom half of his nose to curve off center. Bryan’s perfect facial symmetry was destroyed in the accident. The deep cut that crossed the center of his face was still oozing puss in several spots between the multiple black stitches. Bryan was in shock, he fought back his tears. He thought he looked like Frankenstein’s monster.

“Why don’t I start packing up your things so we can get you home,” Peter said going into the attached bathroom. He opened up a small toiletry bag and began to put Bryan’s belongs inside. He could hear the doctor trying to comfort Bryan, he knew that should be his job, but he couldn’t do it. Not now for Peter was fighting back tears too. He was grieving the death of his idol, the manifestation of the perfect man. Peter wiped his eyes and reentered the room without looking at anyone. Bryan watched Peter move about the room gathering his belongings into an overnight bag. Bryan wanted Peter to say something, anything. An orderly arrived with a wheelchair. The nurse instructed him to help Bryan dress. Peter silently placed an old pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt on the bed for Bryan to wear. The once snug fitting clothes now hung loosely on Bryan’s diminished frame making it easy to get the clothes on over his casts. Once dressed, the orderly put Bryan into the wheelchair and together they left the room. Peter who had been standing in the far corner staring at the floor, followed behind. Since the cast on Bryan’s leg made it impossible for him to sit in the front seat, Peter helped Bryan get into the back of his car. Bryan’s body felt much softer than Peter had expected. During the short drive home, Peter tried to engage Bryan in small talk. Bryan barely responded and just watched the world pass by the car’s window. Peter stared at his fallen idol in the rear view mirror. He couldn’t believe it was the same man he had lived with and loved for the past six years.

Part 10

Peter walked to his locker with Raymond trailing behind. He stood in front of his locker bending and straightening his arms forcing the blood to rush into his swollen muscles. “God, what a pump I’ve got going. I can almost feel my muscles growing,” Peter said staring at his arms, “Nothing feels fucking better in the morning.”

Raymond, who moved his locker to be closer to is work-out partner, sat on bench exhausted, “If you say so.”

“Thanks for coming in a little earlier this morning, Ray. I just don’t think one hour is enough time to get a real work out. An hour and half doesn’t seem long enough either. Hey, maybe we can do our cardio after work, that way we can concentrate on lifting in the morning.” Peter said excitedly.

“You want to work-out twice a day. I don’t think I can handle that, Peter. I’m already exhausted trying to keep up with you in the morning” Raymond responded after finishing the contents of sports drink bottle.

“How can you be exhausted after that work-out?” Peter asked sitting down on the bench a few feet from Raymond. He started to remove his socks and shoes. “I always get a huge burst of energy afterwards. It’s so exhilarating to feel your muscles work against the machines. Don’t you love the way your mind takes over your body pushing out reps and weights it doesn’t want to do. Making your muscles do what you command, forcing them to grow and get stronger. It makes me feel so alive and powerful.” Peter looked off into the distance only coming back to reality after realizing his cock was starting to get pumped up too. He turned to Raymond who was looking at him with a confused expression.

“You’ve become one of them” Raymond said.

“One of who?” Peter asked while nonchalantly adjusting his cock in his shorts.

“A jock” Raymond answered. Peter just shook his head and laughed as he stood to put his sneakers away. “Don’t laugh, Pete, its true. For the past month, since we started working out again after your accident, you’ve changed. And I’m not just taking about your pretty face. Your body and personality have changed too. You’ve added an incredible amount of muscle in a very short period of time. You have almost no body fat. You attack the machines like a grunting animal. You’ve more than doubled the amount of weight you use on each lift, almost tripling your bench press and curls.”

“Man, you are fucking nuts. True, I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been. But no way in hell am I a jock. Those guys are total jerks. Plus you’re born a jock, you just don’t become one” Peter said as he striped off his sweat soaked t-shirt, revealing his ripped, muscular torso. “And if you call me a jock again I’ll pound your ass into the ground, dude.”

“Did I also mention your increased confidence and aggression,” Raymond said with a smile.

Peter gave a soft laugh and then stepped out of his shorts. He stood in front of Raymond wearing only a jock strap. Peter had only been wearing one for the past 2 weeks. He found he needed the extra support to keep his cock and balls from flopping around when he exercised. “We better get in the showers or we’re going to be late for work.” Peter stretched his body flexing every muscle. When Raymond didn’t respond with his usual sarcastic comment, Peter turned to look at him. He saw Raymond staring at the bulge in his jock. Peter moved is hands to the front of his crotch. It took both hands to cover his semi-hard package. Raymond slowly moved his eyes up Peter’s lean physique until he met his gaze.

Raymond stood up and moved closer to Peter. He put his hand on Peter’s shoulder and whispered into his ear, “I would love to discuss you pounding my ass in more detail.” Raymond walked away down a narrow hall and disappeared behind a door. Peter grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. He then followed Raymond after scanning the room to make sure no one was watching. He closed the door to what appeared to be a storage closet and turned to see Raymond standing naked in the tiny room. Raymond put his hands on Peter’s upper arms and whispered “flex for me.”

“What?” Peter asked trying to figure out if Raymond was serious. He looked over his partner’s form. He always thought Raymond and he had similar physiques. But now Raymond looked so small and frail. Peter thought it would be so easy to snap his thin arms like twigs. Even his skin was pale compared to Raymond’s olive tone.

“Flex for me please. I want to feel how hard your new muscles are,” Raymond said still caressing the taller man’s arms. Peter raised his arms to shoulder height and bent them at the elbows. His biceps swelled to almost the size of baseballs. Raymond moaned, “Your arms are incredible; so big and hard.” Peter suddenly realized Raymond was worshiping him. He couldn’t believe another man was lusting after his muscles. A rush of pleasure overtook Peter’s body as Raymond started to lick his biceps. After a few moments, Raymond moved his hands over Peter’s shoulders and onto his chest. Peter flexed his pecs instinctively. Raymond licked Bryan’s left nipple. “So strong,” he commented as he moved his hands over Peter’s chest and down the small ridges of Peter’s stomach. Raymond pulled at the towel around Peter’s waist and it fell to the floor. Raymond went down to his knees and caressed Peter’s flexed thighs. He pushed his face into Peter’s jock massaging the growing bulge with his nose and tongue. Raymond put a hand on each of Peter’s hips and grabbed the waist band of the jock strap. He looked up at Peter and asked, “May I.” Peter nodded yes and Raymond pulled down the jock exposing Peter’s manhood. Raymond started to lick and suck Peter’s balls, while massaging his thick cock in his hand. Raymond kept using words like: “huge,” “thick,” “long,” and “hard” over and over between moans. Peter was on verge of exploding. Suddenly Raymond stopped and asked, “Did you want me to continue the blow job or do you want to pound my ass now?” Peter just grabbed the back of Raymond’s head and forced him into his crotch. Raymond started to deep throat Peter’s rod. Peter released his load violently in Raymond’s mouth. Raymond started to choke but didn’t stop sucking; he wanted to take in every drop of Peter’s juices. Raymond put his left cheek on the top of Peter’s right thigh watching his mighty cock deflate. He said “thank you” three or four times as he ran one hand over Peter’s ass and the other over his undulating abs. Peter gently ran his fingers through Raymond’s hair as he caught his breath. After a minute, Raymond stood up and put his clothes back on. As he passed by Peter to walk out the door he stopped and said, “See Peter, looking like a jock isn’t all bad.”

Peter tried to understand what had just happened. Did he really look like an jock? He pulled on his supporter and wrapped the towel around his waist. He started to walk to the showers but stopped when he passed the mirrors in the sink area. He looked around again to make sure no one was watching him, then he started to caress his face. He traced the contours of its bone structure. Turning his face from one side to the other; lifting his chin to see his strong jaw line. Maybe he was truly handsome now. He turned his attention to his body. He flexed his arm and was surprised by the size of his bicep. He ran the fingers of one hand down the center of his chest showcasing his muscle separation. He felt how hard his pecs were and how their squared off shape made him look more manly. He flexed his abs and felt the small individual muscles that made up his eight pack. His skin was so thin and supple without a single blemish. He removed the towel and flexed his thighs feeling the corded muscle that popped out. He pulled the waist band of his jock lower and ran his finger along the grooves created by his hip bones. He couldn’t believe how lean he was now. He traced the thick veins that seem to concentrate around his cock; he cupped his package in one hand trying to understand why it was so much heavier and larger than just two months ago. He felt very strong and masculine. Maybe he did have the body of an athlete. Maybe Raymond was right and he did look like a jock. He started to get hard again. He took his eyes off his on reflection when he noticed someone was behind him. He turned and saw Marc standing there in the nude, watching him. Marc slowly looked up and down Peter’s improved physique before staring into his eyes for what seemed like an eternity. With no expression, Marc just walked away without looking back.

Bryan and Peter sat next to each other in Dr. Soren’s waiting room. Bryan scanned the room until he came to reception desk. There were two attractive nurses staring in his direction with seductive smiles on their faces. It caught Bryan off guard; it had been a long time since anyone looked at him that way. He didn’t realize how much he missed that kind of attention. Since the wound on his face finally healed he did feel better about his appearance. Peter told him he should make up a macho story about how he got the prominent scare; fending off a shark attack while searching for sunken treasure in Bora Bora or in a bar fight against a gang of Hell’s Angels. Bryan did his best to return the seductive look but got no response. Peter put down the magazine he was reading to get a drink of water. Bryan watched the women follow Peter’s every move. Giggling to each other has he bent down to put the paper cup under the low spigot. Bryan’s heart sank. Dr. Soren came out to get Bryan, but not before he talked with Peter for several minutes. Bryan watched the doctor touch Peter repeatedly during their laughter filled conversation.

“You must be ready to get those casts off. The usual six weeks drives most of my patients crazy, I’m sure the past two months seemed like a torture test.” Dr. Soren said as both he and Bryan entered an examination room. The doctor removed the cast from Bryan’s arm and leg. “Your arm is healed, but I’m still concerned about your knee. If it doesn’t heal properly you may end up with a permanent limp. I had hoped your hormone levels would increase by themselves, since you said you were athletic; but that hasn’t happened.”

Bryan looked at his two arms, even though one was in a cast for the last eight weeks, both arms looked equally thin and pale. “Doctor I was a great athlete in high school. I’ve always been a big guy, the strongest man at my gym. I don’t know what’s happening to me. My arms are so thin now and I feel weaker every day. Plus I keep getting fatter even though I’m hardly eating anything. It’s like I have someone else’s body.” Bryan said in frustration.

“There are many diseases that can cause rapid muscle degeneration; but none of them caused by a car accident. I’ll schedule some blood tests and a MRI to eliminate the possibilities to make your feel better. But I’m sure we won’t find anything.” The doctor said dismissing his patient’s concerns while looking like he cared. He didn’t believe the man in front of him was ever an athlete. Nobody sees themselves as the really are. “In the meantime, I think we should increase your steroid doses and try some electrical stimulation therapy on your knee to help your recuperation.” The doctor made a few notes on Bryan’s chart then held it to his chest and with an inquisitive look asked, ”Is Peter dating anyone right now?.”

“What? No, I don’t think he is. Doctor what is electrical stimulation therapy?” Bryan stammered out.

“Oh it’s nothing for you to worry about. I’ll have my nurse schedule an appointment for you. Come now, we mustn’t keep Peter waiting. I’m sure finding the time to bring you here wasn’t easy for a young, active man like him” The doctor said thinking more about Peter than Bryan.

Bryan and the doctor came back into the waiting room. Bryan was out of the wheelchair and on crutches, his knee in a new brace. Peter pulled himself away from the three nurses that surrounded him. “Hey, look at you, back on your own two feet again. Well, almost,” Peter said lightly slapping Bryan on the shoulder. “Thanks for everything Doc. I know if I was laid up in bed, there are no one else’s hands I would rather be in,” Peter winked at the older man. eter helped Bryan navigate through the office door. “Until next time dude and duddettes,” Peter said loudly with a wave of his hand over his head.

“Bye Peter,” Dr. Soren said forgetting Bryan.

“Bye Peter,” the three nurses said in unison between giggles.


Part 11

Six weeks had passed and Bryan was back in Dr. Soren’s examination room. The doctor was softly squeezing Bryan’s scrotum in his gloved hand. “Your testicles are smaller than average, but otherwise they feel fine. They appear to be in the proper proportion with your penis. You’re sure they have shrunk.” The doctor asked as he stood up and walked over to the other side of the room.

“Yes, doctor. I used to be a very well endowed man, much bigger than the average guy. I thought I just looked smaller because of the weight I’ve gained since the accident. But during the last two weeks, It seems the shrinking has increased” Bryan said feeling vulnerable, embarrassed and cold standing naked in the antiseptic room. He wrapped his arms around himself for warmth and to cover his unattractive body from the handsome doctor’s view.

“I see,” the doctor said without emotion. The doctor looked over at Bryan’s chubby, pale body and saw him shiver. “You can put your clothes back on. We are through here.” The doctor wrote several notes in Bryan’s file as Bryan got dressed. “I did warn you about the possible side effects of the hormone therapy. Honestly, I have never seen such a negative reaction to steroids in such a short period of time. The symptoms only started two weeks ago?” Bryan nodded his head yes. “Remarkable. The amount of hair loss, the breast tissue formation, and the acne is alarming in just 14 days. However, if your testicles have shrunk as you say, that wouldn’t explain the decrease in the size of your penis. There is no medical evidence of steroids affecting penis size.”

“Now that I’ve stopped taking the steroids, will all the side effects go away,” Bryan asked struggling to button his pants over his bloated stomach.

“It’s difficult to say. The hair on your head may grow back. I’m sorry to say the breast tissue can only be removed with surgery and it’s unlikely your testicles will increase in size. The acne should dissipate and only leave a minimum of scarring. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s wait a few weeks and see what happens,” the doctor said coldly.

“Great, more scars,” Bryan sighed as he ran his fingers over his bumpy cheeks. “I made it through my teenage years without having a single pimple and now this. Doctor I don’t understand what’s happening to me. There’s got to be something else wrong. I don’t even recognize myself anymore.” Bryan said nervously.

“Come on, it’s not like you were a fashion model before the accident. And we all know a person’s looks really don’t matter anyway, right?” The doctor said trying to comfort his patient. The doctor’s words echoed in Bryan’s mind. It really was an asinine and naive thing to say. He understood for the first time why Peter used to get mad when he said the same words. “The good news is you can go back to work in two weeks. The hormones and electrical stimulation have helped your knee heal and there’s nothing else I can do. I’m recommending you see a physical therapist to return more mobility to your leg. I want you to stop using the crutches and use a cane. Over time hopefully you won’t even need the cane to get around. I also want you to become more active. The amount of weight you’ve gained is not good for your knee or your general health. I went over the diet journal you faxed me yesterday and except for nightly chocolate bar, it appears you are eating a balanced diet. Assuming you were truthful in what you wrote down. I’m hoping with the physical therapy and the return to work, you’ll start burning more calories than you are taking in. In the meantime you may want to cut back on the chocolate.”

“I need the chocolate,” Bryan said looking up at the doctor. “It makes me feel better. It’s so difficult staying on a diet. I constantly have food on my mind. I’m always hungry and have these cravings that gnaw at me every waking hour. Living with Peter makes it worse, he’s eats everything in sight whenever he wants and never gets fat. It was never like this before the accident. I tell you there’s something wrong with me.”

The doctor sat down on a stool and looked Bryan straight in the eye. “Bryan, we have discussed this before. I have run numerous tests and did a MRI. Besides your knee, there is nothing physically wrong with you. You know the mind is the most important thing in the healing process. If your mental state is not sound, the body can not be truly healthy. This preoccupation with food and the loss of muscle and genital size you think you’ve experienced since the accident concerns me. Living with a man like Peter, I’m sure does make it more of a challenge. But you are not Peter; you don’t have his genetic advantages. You have to stop comparing yourself to him. You are a different type of person. You have to like yourself for the way you really are, not some imaginary person you think you once were. I’m recommending you go see a psychologist to help you through his difficult time.” The doctor turned away and scribbled more notes into Bryan’s folder.

Bryan had to prove the changes to his body were real, not imaginary. He grabbed the doctor’s arm to stop him from writing and to force him to pay full attention to what he was about to say. “Doctor Soren, I am not crazy. I have pictures and my high school yearbook I can show you. I was handsome and athletic, you have to believe…”

“I hope I’m not too late. One of your nurses offered to give me a private tour of the facilities and I couldn’t refuse” Peter said loudly as he entered the examination room. He was wearing a pair of sneakers, baggy shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. Outside of work, he wore only sleeveless shirts now to show off his best body part. He enjoyed catching people staring at his arms or better yet having them touch his muscles. He loved people worshiping their size, hardness and strength. Peter saw the desperate look on Bryan’s face as he held the doctor’s arm. “Am I interrupting something?”

The doctor quickly stood up and turned his back on Bryan, “No not at all. We’re all done.”

“But doctor, I want to talk to you,” Bryan stammered out.

“You look very well, Peter. Every time I see you, you look in better shape,” the doctor said ignoring his patient. Bryan was used to being ignored whenever Peter was in the room .The doctor scanned Peter’s physique. Powerful calve muscles ballooned from his lower leg. His thighs were hidden by the long baggy shorts, but nothing could hide the huge amount of meat at his crotch that caused the loose fabric to bulge outward. The tight t-shirt hugged his flat stomach and his thick pecs which jutted out from his broad chest. His bare delts made his shoulders look twice as wide as his narrow hips. The thick veins that ran down each arm fed the huge muscles with blood and proved how lean he was. His perfect tan made him look healthy, young and athletic.

Peter flashed his brilliant smile. “Thanks doc. You’re looking pretty good yourself. Did you get a haircut?”

“Why yes, I did. I can’t believe you noticed.” Dr. Soren said running his hand through his salt and pepper hair. “It’s seems every time I get it cut, more gray shows.”

“I think gray hair is sexy on a man, especially when the man is still young and very handsome,” Peter commented in his deep voice.

“Thank you,” the doctor replied and his face turned red as he blushed. The doctor was embarrassed by his reaction and turned away. “Bryan is all set to go home now.”

Peter looked at Bryan and smiled. He winked at him and mouthed the words “watch this” before turning back to face the doctor. Bryan shook his head no but was ignored again. Peter walked closer to the older man and cleared his throat, “Hey doc, I was wondering if you could do me a favor? I’ve been hitting the weights really hard lately, lifting very heavy and I got his pain in my crotch. I’m worried it may be a hernia. Could you check it out for me? Ill just lower my shorts, I’m not wearing anything underneath.” Peter smiled as he saw the doctor’s body freeze. Slowly the doctor turned around to face Peter. His eyes widened as he took in the masterpiece that was Peter’s body. Having just examined Bryan, the difference in the two men was astonishing. Peter was everything a man should be and more. It was the male form perfected; tall, lean, muscular, tan, powerful, and overwhelmingly sensual. Peter stood there with his shorts down around his knees, he held up his t-shirt with one hand exposing his sculpted abs. Peter tried to hold back a laugh as he watched the blood drain from the doctor’s face and enter his growing cock. “I’m no doctor, but don’t you have to touch me to check for a hernia” Peter said as he cupped his own balls, then pulled on his semi-hard cock with his free hand. Peter loved the feel of his package, it seemed as if it had grown even larger during the past two weeks. The larger it got, the more attention it demanded. His sex drive had sky rocketed. He was almost always semi-hard now. When dressed, each movement of his body stimulated his huge organ. He was jerking off two or three times a day, in addition to having sex with, or being worshiped by, countless partners. The doctor came closer never taking his eyes of Peter’s cock. He slowly moved his hand towards the ultimate goal. Peter’s immense ball sack overfilled the doctor’s bare palm as he gently closed his fingers around the epicenter of Peter’s masculinity. He closed his eyes and started to massage Peter’s balls. After a moment, Peter asked “let me know when to turn my head and cough Doc.”

“What?” the doctor said as he opened his eyes. He saw Peter looking down at him with a smirk on his face. Snapping back into reality, he said meekly “Yes, please turn your head and cough.” Peter followed the doctor’s orders. The doctor let go of Peter’s balls and softly ran his fingers along the length of Peter’s thick rod. Peter enjoyed the doctor’s touch. If he hadn’t just fucked one of the nurses, he would be as hard as a steel pipe.

Bryan could hear what was going on, but couldn’t see anything. Peter’s broad back was toward him, blocking his view. Bryan did appreciate the chance to see Peter’s bare ass. It was round and looked solid. Striations of the muscle appeared whenever Peter flexed one of the cheeks. It was the first time Bryan had seen Peter nude since the accident. Seeing his best friend’s athletic physique made him only feel worse about his own physical condition.

“Does everything check out okay, Doc?” Peter asked in amusement.

“Everything looks and feels perfect,” the doctor said absentmindedly before gaining focus again. “I mean you are in perfect health. No sign of a hernia.”

Peter pulled up his shorts and lowered his shirt. “Thanks doc. Maybe I can check you out sometime. You know tit for tat.” Peter caressed the doctor’s hard cock through his dress pants. The doctor’s body spasmed, then a wet spot appeared at his crotch. “Did I make you do that? I’m soooo sorry Doc. I guess we better be going and let you clean up before your next patient,” Peter said with a smirk on his face. Peter gestured to Bryan to get up and follow him.

Dr. Soren wrapped his lab coat around him to cover his cum spot. Then he went to the doorway and yelled “Peter, maybe we can go out for a beer sometime soon.”

“Maybe, I’ll let you know” Peter said then continued down the hall without turning around. Peter walked quickly into the waiting room and out of the building before bursting out laughing. “Man, that was fun.”

Bryan was limping behind; having difficulty using his new cane. After they got into Peter’s car, Bryan asked, “Why did you do that?”

“Because I could and it was so easy” Peter said as he pulled out of the parking spot.

“All because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should” Bryan said without looking at Peter.

“What’s the big deal? Nobody got hurt. The doctor definitely enjoyed it if you know what I mean. I’m happy, he’s happy all is right in the world. I’ve noticed lately it makes people happy to make me happy. Who am I to deny the citizens of the world happiness? It’s my special gift, it wouldn’t be right not to use it.” Peter responded half-jokingly.

“There’s a fine line between using and abusing” Bryan said sharply.

Peter didn’t like Bryan’s tone. It was the first time Bryan had ever said anything mean spirited to him since the accident. “Hey, you watch how you speak to me. You should be grateful I find the time to drive your fat ass all over town every Saturday. God knows there are much better things I could be doing. Its bad enough you do nothing around the house but sleep and eat. I do all the cleaning and cooking and now you are giving me shit. It would be nice to hear some appreciation coming out of that ugly trap of yours instead of fucking criticism.” Peter spoke loudly and pointed his finger threateningly at Bryan.

Bryan sank low in his seat, leaning away from Peter. He felt so weak and helpless against someone Peter’s size. It was the first time another man had intimidated him into total submission. He kept his face looking down toward his feet. “I’m sorry Peter. I didn’t mean to make you mad. I just haven’t felt very good because of the steroids. Now that I’m off them, I promise to be a better room mate. I am very grateful for all you have done for me. You’re a great friend.”

Peter gripped the steering wheel tightly trying to control his rage. It would be easy for him to hurt Bryan, but he knew that wouldn’t be right. He was much bigger and stronger than Bryan now. Peter listened to Bryan’s sincere words and his anger waned. Peter wondered why he got so mad. If anybody else said the same thing he would have laughed it off or told the guy to go to hell and that would be the end of it. But with Bryan it was different. His opinion meant more to him. Peter didn’t remember Bryan ever abusing his prowess over people when he was the alpha male. In fact, Bryan made a point of making others feel as if they were more special than he was. He constantly went out of his way to make Peter feel important. Peter turned to look at Bryan who was still slouching and staring down at the floor, the pathetic creature next to him made that time seem so long ago. Peter realized he now had to be the better man. “I’m sorry Dude. I don’t know why I over reacted like that. You’ve always been a great friend to me too.” Peter put his hand on Bryan’s knee gently. Bryan put his hand on top of Peter’s and gave a slight squeeze. Peter felt something within him stir. Something he hadn’t felt in months. Did he still have feelings for Bryan?

Peter changed into his running shorts and left the house soon after they arrived back home. He decided to go for a long run. He did his best thinking when running. He questioned every emotion he was feeling for Bryan. Could he still love a man he no longer found physically attractive? Was he being shallow or just honest? It’s human nature to be drawn to beautiful things. Bryan was no longer beautiful, but he was still good-hearted. They had shared a lot over the past six years. But every time Peter thought of something good about Bryan, the conversation he overheard in the dugout between Bryan and Marc resurfaced. How could he ever forgive Bryan for what he said? It was the most painful thing Peter ever had to endure. As his anger increased, so did his running speed. He hoped he could out run his pain. He ran faster and faster around the high school track until he couldn’t run any longer. It felt like his legs were on fire and his heart would burst. He fell to his knees, gasping for air, covered in sweat. But he was still angry and conflicted. This was one area in his life, exercise couldn’t fix.

Bryan was keeping to his promise and began straightening up the living room as soon as he got home. He heard the door bell and looked through the peep hole to see who was there. A huge smile emerged on his face, he flung open the door, “Veronica, I’m so glad to see you. I’ve missed you” he said as he wrapped his thin arms around her. Veronica didn’t say anything as she was escorted to the living room sofa. She stared at the complete stranger sitting next to her, the horror on her face quite evident. Bryan realized this was the first time she had seen him since the accident. The smile left his face and he became self conscience about his appearance again. “How have you been?” he stammered out. Veronica didn’t respond, she just kept scanning Bryan up and down repeatedly. Bryan became more insecure. “I’ve been keeping tabs on your game. Congratulations on your finish at the Australia Open, you played an amazing tournament.”

“What happened to you? I was told you were in a simple car accident. But oh my God, look at you: your face, your body. I can’t believe you’re the same person“, she blurted out.

“Yeah, I know. It’s been over three months since the accident and I still surprise myself when I look in the mirror.” Bryan laughed. He could see Veronica didn’t find it funny. “I know I’m not the man I used to be. And I understand if you don’t want to see me socially anymore. Being seen with me isn’t the best thing for your image” Bryan said trying to make it easier for Veronica to dump him. Veronica said nothing as she just stared at Bryan. It reminded Bryan as a passerby staring at a horrible accident on the road; a combination of concern, disgust and relief it was someone else. “But I can still be your PR rep. I went to the doctor today and he said I can return to work in two weeks. I know Marc’s been handling you since the accident, but his specialty is entertainment, mine is sports. I have a lot of ideas on how we can build on the momentum from Australia and get you more lucrative endorsement deals. I’ve put some ideas on paper, I’ll be glad to go over…”

“No, that won’t be necessary,” Veronica said after the shock of seeing Bryan had worn off. “I don’t think you are the right person to represent me any longer. Marc’s being doing a great job handling me. He is more of the kind of man I want to work with. I hope you understand.”

“Yeah, I understand” Bryan said unable to look at Veronica any longer. The look on her face was like a knife in his heart.

“That’s why I came here today, to tell you that” Veronica said trying to make it seem preplanned. She stood, “It was nice to see you again. I would have visited you, but I’ve been very busy. Plus I don’t like to be around sick people. Did you get the flowers I had my assistant send you in the hospital?”

“Yes, they were beautiful. Thank your assistant for me” Bryan answered softly and walked toward the door to show Veronica out. Bryan was about to open the door, when Peter walked in. His thin, sweat soaked clothing clung to his muscular body. Each muscle still pumped from the return run home. Peter was startled to see Veronica there. The memory of their last encounter still made him look at her as a threat. He was still embarrassed she caught him jerking off in Bryan’s room. Veronica couldn’t take her eyes off Peter; her lustful thoughts were obvious by the look in her eyes. “Veronica, you remember, Peter, my room mate.”

“I see Bryan’s not the only one to have made a major transformation in my absence. However, yours has definitely been for the better” Veronica said as she twisted the ends of her long blond hair around her fingers.

“Nice to see you again, Veronica” Peter said coldly before leaving for the kitchen. Veronica watched his exit intently.

“Goodbye, Veronica. I wish you a great life” Bryan said holding the front door open.

“Thanks. You too,” she said as she left, the picture of Peter’s glistening body still on her mind.

Bryan walked into the kitchen. Peter was making a protein shake. “Is the wicked witch of the west gone?” Peter asked. Bryan nodded. “What did she want anyway?” Peter could see Bryan was upset.

“Just wanted to see how I was doing, that’s all” Bryan answered while looking at the floor to hide his lying eyes.

“Well isn’t that nice. It only took her three months. What a caring woman. She’ll make a great mother one day” Peter said with as much sarcasm as he could muster. “I’m sorry dude; I know she’s kind of your girlfriend I guess.”

“Not anymore. I’m going to my room for a nap. I’ll finish cleaning up this afternoon” Bryan said before shuffling away. Peter continued to make is shake; the noise of the blender blocking out the sound of the back door opening. Suddenly two small arms wrapped around Peter’s torso, startling him. He knocked the top off the blender and splattered the mixture onto his shirt. Peter turned around and found Veronica standing there.

“What are you doing here?” Peter asked.

“I let myself in the back door. I was looking for you. I can’t believe how good you look. I’ve been with some of the sexiest men in the world and they don’t compare to how tasty you look right now.” Veronica said running her hands up Peter’s bulging arms and over his chest. “It looks like you got your shirt all dirty. We better get you out of that.” Veronica grabbed onto the bottom of Peter’s t-shirt and pulled it up over his head. Peter allowed her to remove his shirt, they both knew his large muscles gave him two or three times her strength. She couldn’t do anything he didn’t allow her to do. Veronica began to lick Peter’s chest clean. “You are definitely tasty and smell so masculine. Nothing gets me hotter than the scent of a real man” Veronica purred as she lifted Peter’s left arm and stuck her nose deep into his moist arm pit. With her free hand she traced the ridges of Peter’s hard abdominals before sticking her hand down his tight running shorts. She started to massage Peter’s balls. “I need to feel your huge meat inside of me” she whispered between heavy breathes.

Peter’s cock was beginning to respond to her touch, he moaned, “I thought the only meat you wanted was Bryan’s huge Italian sausage.”

“I could say the same thing about you” Veronica said coyly while twisting Bryan’s expanding cock painfully in her hands. She wanted to punish him for his back talk. She had the power in this relationship. She had information about him that he didn’t want others to know. Peter winced in pain, but concentrated on making his cock grow larger. His pain subsided as the girth of his cock grew beyond the size of her small hand forcing her to release her grip. His muscles weren’t the only things stronger than this woman. Peter loved being a powerful jock. “My, my, Mr. Kolowski. It seems your about to prove Polish kielbasa is even more satisfying than Italian sausage.” Veronica pulled down Peter’s shorts and they dropped to his feet. He kicked them off to the other side of the room. Veronica was in a near frenzy as she saw the magnificent man before her. She quickly undid the side zipper on her one piece dress letting it fall to the floor. Like usual, she wore no underwear underneath. She hooked her hands behind Peter’s neck then lifted herself up, wrapping her legs around his powerful body. She desperately tried to get his hard rod inside of her. Peter became bored with her feeble attempts and effortlessly supported her as he walked to the opposite side of the kitchen and placed her ass on the counter. With a slight adjustment of his hand and a quick thrust of his pelvis, he was inside her. Immediately Veronica started to moan. Within seconds she had her first orgasm. Peter kept pumping away, he could see the amount of pleasure his body provided her with little effort on his behalf. He couldn’t believe how easy it was to please a woman now. Before he had to beg a woman to go out with him, then after several dates, he had to beg them to have sex. Even after performing twenty minutes of foreplay he couldn’t get her off. Now, within minutes of meeting any woman all she wanted was to get his cock inside of her; spontaneous multiple orgasms were almost guaranteed and he just had to get hard. For Peter that was never a problem. Veronica was on her third orgasm. Her senses were on overload. The feel of Peter’s cock filling her completely; the smell of Peter’s manly musk, the touch of his strong hands on her breasts; and the beauty of his face and body were too much for her. She had enough and pleaded him to stop. But he continued to pump away.

“I’m not done yet. Tell me I’m better than Marc,” he demanded.

“You’re better than Marc. Your cock is bigger and harder. Please stop, you’re hurting me.” Veronica said gasping for air, her face distorted in a combination of pleasure and pain as she came again. Peter was enjoying this more than he thought possible; he held back the release of his load. He had to turn away from her face to concentrate. He looked at the toaster sitting on the counter beside them. He saw a reflection of a man standing in the kitchen doorway. It was Bryan. He must have heard Veronica’s loud sensual moans. A sound he was very familiar with. Peter wanted to stop, but all he could think about was the dugout conversation when Bryan said he thought of Peter as an asexual being, like a piece of furniture. He would show Bryan he was a real man., an erotic god.

“Am I better than Bryan?” Peter asked loudly

“Yes, you are the best lover I’ve ever had. You’re too much man for me. I beg you to please stop. I can’t take anymore.” Peter let go and shot his load deep inside Veronica. He looked at the toaster and saw Bryan was gone. After the last spasm of his balls, he pulled out of her and moved to the opposite side of the kitchen leaning against the counter. He picked up the blender carafe and chugged down the protein shake. Veronica sat up and watched his muscles flex as he drank. He put the carafe down and stared into Veronica’s eyes. He took the back of his hand and wiped the outside of mouth. She had never seen a more handsome man in her life. “When can I see you again,” she asked breathlessly.

“This was a one shot deal honey. You’re not my type,” Peter answered smugly.

“Please I’ll do anything you want.” She pleaded. Peter smiled; the power in this relationship had just switched sides.


Part 12

Bryan looked Peter over as they traveled up in the elevator. He had the confident presence of a fitness model. His too tight shirt clung to his large muscular arms, wide shoulders and powerful chest. The material was loosely gathered around his flat waist tucked inside his dress pants, or more precisely Bryan’s pants. For the past two weeks, the two room mates had started to wear each others old clothes. Bryan’s pants were about an inch too long for Peter’s shorter legs, but otherwise they fit him well. Peter’s old pants didn’t look too short on Bryan because he wore them lower on his hips allowing his larger stomach to spill over the snug waist band. Peter noticed Bryan staring at him and smiled before asking, “Ready?” Bryan nodded as the doors opened. A large crowd started to cheer and sing For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow. Peter stepped out of the elevator first and moved to the side to join the well wishers, clapping along with the beat. Bryan then stepped out of the elevator with a huge grin on is face, warmed by the enthusiastic greeting. As he came into full view of the crowd the singing and cheering suddenly stopped. Peter performed a solo act for a few seconds before he realized what had happened. Bryan saw everyone staring at him, the shocked expression on their faces were becoming all too familiar to him now; but the pain they caused was something he would never get used to. In the uncomfortable silence the sound of the elevator doors closing behind him echoed loudly in the foyer.

“What the fuck?” Marc said staring at Bryan in disbelieve. His disappointment in his former idol overtook his emotions. He stormed away tearing down the “Welcome Back Bryan” banner in his wake.

Mr. Simmons approached Bryan, who now had his head down avoiding eye contact with the others. The boss cleared his throat before speaking, “Welcome back Bryan. Everyone in the office is glad to have back at work. Here’s a card we all signed and there’s a beautiful cake that Mary made in the break room we all can enjoy later.” Bryan looked up and took the card from Simmons and softly thanked everyone. “Yes, well I think it’s time we al get back to work. I know Mondays are always busy around here.” The crowd quickly disbursed. Bryan could hear them talking about his appearance in the murmuring that surrounded him.

Simmons, Peter and Bryan walked to the cubicle the two friends shared. Simmons and Peter talked about Simmons’ two week vacation in Tahiti. Today was his first day back too. Bryan followed behind limping along with his cane. He could see everyone staring at him as he passed. When he arrived at his desk Bryan found a large arrangement of flowers. He read the card to himself; they were from the company’s secretarial pool. He thought they may ask for the flowers back now that they saw what he looked like. He was sure he wasn’t their favorite flavor of eye candy any longer. He tired to lift the heavy vase with one arm, but couldn’t. Peter quickly stepped forward and moved the flowers to the nearby filing cabinet. Bryan sat down at his desk thinking it seemed much larger than he remembered. Simmons looked at Bryan with some concern, “While I’m glad to have you back Bryan, are you sure you’re well enough to return to work.”

“Yes, my knee is still a little troublesome, but besides that I’m fine” Bryan answered. He saw both men staring at him and he shivered; the cold office air was the only thing keeping his body from feeling numb.

Peter saw his friend shake and stood to get the old sweater he kept on the coat rack in the opposite corner of the room where Simmons now stood. Simmons tried to get out of the way, but the small space gave him no option but to lean to one side. Peter stood directly in front of his boss and reached for the garment hanging behind him. Peter pretended to lose his balance and wrapped his arms around the smaller man. Simmons was forced to grab hold of Peter to keep himself for falling backward. He felt the hardness of Peter’s strong body; he inhaled the scent of Peter’s chest. Peter pushed their upper bodies apart while pulling their lower bodies closer. Peter’s legs straddled one of Simmons. Peter ground his immense package into Simmons’ hip. “Sorry about that boss. I guess I’m all thumbs today,” Peter said aloud for everyone in the room could hear. Then he leaned in closer to the older man and whispered just to him, “well not all thumbs” with a slight thrust of his pelvis. Peter then released his boss and brought the sweater over to Bryan. “My old sweater should keep the draft from the air conditioner away from you. It’s a medium, a bit too small for me now. Plus I don’t need it anyway, I’m always warm, some may even say hot.” Peter said with a wink to Simmons.

“A medium; I haven’t worn a medium since junior high” Bryan said as he slipped into the sweater his friend held up for him to put on. The sweater fit him perfectly across the shoulders and chest. Bryan was shocked, had he gone from an athletic cut 2XL to a standard fit medium in only four months. He was literally half the man he used to be.

Peter sat down at his desk. The other two men in the room did not notice Bryan’s distress. “Peter, I wanted to talk to you.” Mr. Simmons said as he walked closer to Peter’s desk. “I spoke with Veronica Terby during my vacation after she left numerous messages on my voice mail and email concerning you. It seems she wants you to represent her. In fact she says she won’t be completely satisfied unless she is under you.”

Peter smirked, “Yeah, I got that impression at our last meeting “. Peter looked at Bryan, who quickly turned away.

“If you agree to take on Veronica, I’ll also promote you to the sports division. They have been short handed for several months now. I’ve delayed filling the spot, but now I see you’re the best man for the job. Do we have a deal?” Simmons said extending his hand to Peter.

“Absolutely, sir. Thank you,” Peter said shaking Simmons’ hand

“But I thought I was going to get that position” Bryan whined without realizing it.

“I know we discussed it before the accident. But I think the athletes will respond better to someone like Peter, someone who shares their interests and goals in life. Professional athletes are strange birds. They can only be truly understood by another athlete. Peter is the perfect man for the job” Simmons said running his hand down Peter’s shoulder and over his thick bicep. Peter pumped his arm causing his muscle to expand, helping to confirm the boss’s decision. “Now is not the time for you to take on more responsibility. The stress of dealing with clients can be detrimental to your recovery. You need to concentrate on getting well.” Simmons said reluctantly turning his attention away from Peter’s bicep and back to Bryan. “Raymond down in accounting has been asking me for some additional personnel to work on the mid-year financials. I would really appreciate it if you could help them out for the next couple of weeks.”

“Mr. Simmons, I’m not an accountant” Bryan responded to this strange request.

“I’m sure you had accounting classes in college and it is mostly plugging numbers into spreadsheets. I have total faith that you will be able to handle the job. I feel it’s the right fit for you now in the organization.” Simmons said, his voice taking on a more authoritarian tone. Bryan shook his head yes. “Good, everything is set. I’ve got to make some phone calls to inform everyone of your new roles. I’ll send the details to each of you in an email later today. Thank you gentleman, have a good day.” Simmons left the cubicle. Peter and Bryan sat in silence for several minutes.

“Isn’t this great? We both got new jobs on the same day.” Peter said finally breaking the silence. Bryan said nothing as he waited for his computer to reboot. “You okay about me getting the sports job. I’m sure when you get back to 100%, you’ll get a promotion too. Simmons is just thinking what’s best for the company and what’s best for you,” Peter stated trying to force Peter to say something.

“Did you ever think this is my 100%, the best I’ll ever be again. I may never look like I used to. This is the new Bryan Copelli,” Bryan said looking directly at his friend. Bryan had started to accept his new lot in life. If he wasn’t ever going to be the man he once was, like Dr. Soren said, he had to let the past go. That thought never occurred to Peter. He always assumed in time Bryan would become the man he was before the accident; the strong, masculine man that made him weak in the knees. Peter didn’t know what to say. He stared back at Bryan with no expression, his mind racing with a thousand different thoughts.

With his booming voice breaking the awkward silence, Marc entered the cubicle, “What the fuck’s going on around here. Simmons just told me Veronica Terby wants you to represent her. She picked you over me. I can’t believe this; the world’s gone fucking insane.” Marc stood in the cubicle opening with his hands on hips, filling the doorway with his muscular bulk.

“Hey, the lady’s got taste. What can I say?” Peter said coyly.

“Why would you want to work with her anyway? You told me many times you love working in the entertainment division,” Bryan responded trying to defuse Marc’s anger.

“Who in the hell was talking to you loser. Shut your ugly face, before I make you shut it” Marc’s anger erupting into his attack on Bryan. He slurred his words, spitting out his venom on the man that had disappointed him as no one else ever had.

Peter stood up and said defiantly, “Don’t you talk to him that way ever again.”

Marc looked over Peter’s athletic physique; his tight clothes making his superb conditioning very apparent with every deep breath. Marc knew he was still the stronger of the two, but now was not the time to put Peter in his place. He would bide his time. “This isn’t over, Kolowski,” he said before quickly leaving.

Peter sat back down at his desk. He felt so powerful standing up to Marc. He must have impressed the jock with his defiance; it was the first time he called him by his real name. Peter looked over to where Bryan sat. Bryan looked wounded by Marc’s sharp words. “Some friend you have there. I told you he was an arrogant jerk,” Peter said with a small laugh.

Peter stared at his computer. The background image on the screen was an old photograph from his college days. It was him and Peter at the beach during spring break. He saw the man he used to be; tan, lean and muscular. Bryan ran his fingers over the image of the handsome stranger with the beautiful smile and said, “I guess I no longer fit his arbitrary standards of beauty.” Bryan put his face in his hands and started to sob uncontrollably. He had gotten used to having strangers look at him with distain, but now he had to deal with his colleagues. It was too much for him to bear. He was tired of pretending that everything was going to be okay. He couldn’t keep lying to himself or Peter any longer. Peter hesitated for a moment, then went to Bryan’s side. He picked Bryan up and held him in his arms. Bryan wrapped his arms around Peter and squeezed tightly, the strength he felt in Peter’s hard body made him feel safe and protected.

The tears flowed for several minutes. Peter slowly rocked Bryan while rubbing his back. It was the first time Peter had ever seen Bryan cry like this. He always thought Bryan was the emotional rock in their relationship. Even after the accident, when it was obvious he was going through hell, Bryan never complained to him. He always counted on Bryan to comfort him during bad times. But life doesn’t always happen as planned. He was glad he was there in Bryan’s time of need. Any anger that he felt for Bryan slipped away, he felt nothing but compassion and sympathy for his best friend.

Peter was looking forward to his evening workout. He usually didn’t exercise on Friday evenings, like most people he was eager to get the weekend started. But he had been feeling guilty for skipping his Monday morning session so he could bring Bryan to work on his first day back. He decided to compensate with this special workout. He entered the gym and found it totally deserted. He went to is favorite stair stepper and started his cardio work. After about twenty minutes he changed to the treadmill for a brisk walk while pumping his arms with five pound weights. After another twenty minutes he went to put away the dumbbells when his attention was drawn to the weight bench. Someone had left a bar with 320 pounds on the bench. Peter usually did just cardio in the afternoon. He worked out on the weight machines with Raymond in the morning: leaving the free weights to Marc and his group of jocks. But he always wondered why Marc and Bryan called them real weights. What made them so different from the machines? Peter looked around once more to make sure he was alone. He lay down on the bench and got under the weight. With a deep breath he removed the weight from the rack and brought it down to his chest. It took more effort than he expected to lift the weight back to the starting position. Peter had pressed the same weight several times on the machine, but it never felt like this. He could feel almost every muscle in his body trying to stabilize the weight as he forced out another repetition. After doing eight more, he put the weight back into place and sat up. He never felt such a pump. He grabbed his left pec with right hand and squeezed it hard when flexing. He did the same thing on the other side before standing up and swinging his arms around. He turned to look in the large mirror. He flexed his pecs making his tight shirt feel tighter. He then beat his fists on his chest like a gorilla. There was something about lifting the iron plates that seemed animalistic, raw and natural. It was muscle battling iron, the animal against the Earth’s basic elements. Peter wanted more. He picked up a set of fifties, and started doing alternate arm curls. He felt his muscles struggle against the weight, but he was able to do several sets before he heard a tearing sound. He put the weights down and did a double bicep pose in front of the mirror. He heard the sound again. It was the sleeve on his well worn t-shirt being torn apart by his growing muscles. He had been wearing the same t-shirts since he started working out. He thought it was a good way to measure his progress. The once baggy garment was now skin tight on him and he had finally outgrown it. He went through several poses trying to break the seams. The thought of his muscles bursting through his clothes was getting him hard. He stopped his posing and watched in the mirror as started to grope his expanding crotch. Just then the sound of the gym door opening startled him, without even looking to see who it was he quickly ran into the locker room. He hoped no one saw him playing with himself in the mirror.

He got undressed and entered one of the shower stalls. Once in the shower, with the warm water cascading down his broad back he started to relax. He lathered up his body concentrating on his prize package. His large balls and semi-hard cock felt so good in his hand. The image of his muscles growing so huge that they couldn’t be contained by his clothes kept playing in his mind. He was on the verge of cuming when someone tore open the shower curtain. Peter felt a hand try to grab onto the back of his thick neck, but couldn’t get a grip. Peter turned and saw Marc standing there in the nude. “Some people never learn. I guess it’s time for another lesson of who’s in charge here,” Marc growled as he stepped inside the stall with Peter. The running water rinsed away the suds to reveal Peter’s steel hard rod standing at full attention. Marc looked down, then back up at Peter’s face, then back down at his hard meat. Marc touched Peter’s cock with one hand first gently caressing its double digit length then squeezing its impressive girth in his grip. Marc wrapped his other hand around Peter’s pole, still unable to cover its entire length. Peter did not move just moaned as he felt Marc’s large, strong hands on his cock. The rough treatment made his cock even harder and longer until it hurt. Peter wasn’t the only one enjoying himself. Marc’s cock was growing too; it reached its full size within seconds. The two cocks were on display side by side. Both men could see Peter had the advantage. Marc couldn’t believe there was another man at work who was larger than him. He was always the biggest man wherever he went. Peter decided to make his move, ever since he heard Bryan call Marc’s ass perfect he wanted to find out for himself if it was true. Peter moved his hand behind Marc grabbing hold of his left ass cheek. Marc came out of his cock worshiping stupor and punched Peter in the gut. Peter’s body fell backwards against the stall wall as he held his stomach: it wasn’t so much the pain from the punch as the surprise. “Did I give you permission to touch me? You don’t deserve the privilege of enjoying my body. All because you’re a little taller than me, had some plastic surgery to make yourself prettier than me doesn’t mean you’re better than me. Once a loser always a loser.” Marc grabbed onto Peter’s cock again. “I am curious though what kind of drugs did you take to make your cock grow like this. And is it the same stuff that allowed you to gain all that muscle mass so quickly?”

Peter just smiled, “I didn’t need any drugs. I just got my second wind.”

Marc slammed his fist into Peter’s gut again. “Don’t be cute with me, loser. I’m still more muscular and stronger than you.”

Peter forced out a laugh, “But for how long.”

Marc was getting frustrated with his inability to intimidate Peter like he did before. But he knew Peter was right, with the rate he was growing it wouldn’t be long before he was the stronger man. He decided to take advantage of the situation while he still could. He grabbed Peter’s shoulders and spun him around. He pulled Peter’s ass toward him while forcing his face into the far corner of the stall. He held onto the back of Peter’s head, his fingers entangled in Peter’s hair. Marc kicked Peter’s legs apart and tried to force his cock inside Peter. Peter resisted. Marc slammed his fist into Peter’s kidney with his free hand. But Peter still held out. Again Marc punched Peter’s lower back. The pain made Peter loose control of his muscles. Marc rammed his cock up Peter’s ass. Peter yelled in pain. Marc pulled Peter’s hair then slammed his face back into the wall “Shut up you loser. Don’t pretend you’re not enjoying this.” Peter was disoriented, his body hurt in so many places. Marc was the biggest man he had ever been with; going deeper inside of him. The strange sensation of pleasure and pain was new to him. Peter’s muscles went limp. He no longer fought against Marc’s invasion. Marc seemed to sense his victory and removed his hand from the back of Peter’s head. He ran his hands over Peter’s sculpted back enjoying the smoothness of his skin over the hardness of the muscles underneath. Marc continued to pump Peter’s ass enjoying it more than he thought he would. He bent his body to meet the angle of Peter’s. He wrapped his arms around Peter and pulled him into a more upright position. Peter could feel Marc’s cock stimulating his prostate more now. Marc ran his hands over Peter’s hard chest and defined abs, playing against the water streaming down his body. Marc’s hand reached Peter’s cock and he started stroking it in rhythm with his own thrusts. It was as if Peter’s superior cock was his own and he was jerking off. Soon Peter joined in the dance and his rod grew with every stroke. Both men’s breathing became more rapid as the pressure built. Peter felt so alive, as one with another man as he had always dreamt. Peter reached behind him and put his hands on Marc’s ass. He could feel Marc’s powerful glutes flex with each thrust.

“My God, your ass is perfect,” Peter whispered. Marc shot his load instantly, causing Peter to do the same. Both men continued to hold each other without moving, not even breathing, for a moment. When Peter let go of the stronger man’s ass, Marc pushed him off of his waning meat. Peter collapsed to the floor of the shower, the water still pelting his limp body.

When Marc looked at Peter, he saw a different person. He had to face the fact that Peter was no longer a wimp, he was a real man; a beautiful, virile man. A man he wanted to spend more time with. After seeing Bryan, Marc knew he was the alpha male again. Peter could be a threat to Marc’s position of dominance. Marc believed in the old adage; keep your friends close and your enemies closer. He stood over Peter and said, “You think you’re a jock now, let’s see how you handle yourself around other jocks. Starting Monday, you work out with me and my men.” Marc stepped out of the shower stall and walked away. Peter sat in the shower hating the fact he enjoyed what had just happened. Being with a muscular man was all he fantasized about for the last six years, but that man should have been Bryan not Marc. He wanted Bryan to be the one to take him to new sexual heights. But he knew that was no longer possible. Bryan didn’t have the physical prowess to set his body aflame the way Marc just did. He wanted things to go back to the way they were. He wanted the Bryan before the accident. Peter was in love with a man that no longer existed.


Part 13

Bryan entered the deserted restroom and walked up to one of the urinals. He longer needed the use of a cane, but still had an obvious limp. He unzipped his pants and with two fingers searched to find his shrunken dick hidden within the loose clothing and bushy pubic hair. He located his penis and pulled it out through the fly, holding back his pants with his other hand as to not piss himself. Another man entered the room and relieved himself at the next urinal. Bryan glanced over to the other man’s crotch, hoping to see an even smaller cock than his own. But the average sized equipment of the stranger made Bryan look like a prepubescent boy. Bryan raised his glance to the man’s face and saw him staring back. The man said “faggot” before he shook his cock dry, zipped up his pants and walked out of the room. Bryan said nothing as he finished urinating. He let go of his cock and it quickly recoiled back into his pants, disappearing from sight. Bryan thought to himself, “At least I don’t have to worry about getting myself caught in the zipper anymore.” Bryan walked to the sink and washed his hands. As he dried them with a paper towel he looked in the mirror. He checked his face for any new white heads that needed to be popped. Even though he had stopped taking the steroids two months ago, he still was getting new pimples daily. The bald spot on the top of his head wasn’t getting any larger, but it wasn’t getting any smaller either. Bryan stood sideways and rubbed his stomach. He did look a little thinner in his waist. But his thighs and ass were as big as ever. His physical therapist told him he had a bad case of secretary spread. Bryan wasn’t sure if his waist looked smaller due to his new 1,000 calorie a day diet or the small-sized undershirt he wore beneath his dress shirt to help flatten his bitch tits. Maybe it acted as a girdle as well as a bra. The scale told him he had lost over fifty pounds since the accident, but he knew that was mostly muscle. The loss of muscle mass increased dramatically once he stopped taking the steroids. His arms and legs were thinner now than he ever remembered them being. He lifted his right arm and flexed it in the mirror. He pulled back the loose short sleeve of his shirt and ran his left hand over his upper right arm. He felt nothing but soft skin on hard bone, his large hand was able to encircle its entire diameter.

Bryan had become accustomed to his appearance. But he worried a little more about it today, because he had decided to finally ask Robin out on a date. He met Robin three weeks ago, when she joined the firm. She was his age, a little on the plain side, but seemed to be genuinely nice. They shared a cubicle in the accounting department. Bryan had been permanently reassigned to the accounting department five weeks ago, after spending two lonely weeks in the new space he was glad of the company. He got along with her very well. They made each other laugh. Since she didn’t know him before the accident, she didn’t look at him the same way as the other people at work did. She even touched his hand once when she was explaining an accounting procedure to him. Bryan still remembered how it felt when she touched him. It had been so long since someone touched him who wasn’t in the medical field. Bryan decided to take her gentle touch as a sign that she was attracted to him. He remembered how before the accident, he got tired of women always coping a feel. He thought if a man just walked up to a woman and started groping her, the guy would be arrested. But women had no qualms with feeling him up.

Bryan didn’t really feel like dating. His sex drive was basically nonexistent. He used to jerk off several times a day, but now it was once a week at the most. It took so much effort, even after he got hard, he sometimes couldn’t reach climax before tiring out. But he was lonely and needed to become more social again. He was beginning to feel like a hermit, going only from home to work and back again.. He made up his mind today was the day to get a real social life. He was nervous because he hadn’t much experience in asking people out. In the past, the other person always made the first move on him. Bryan straightened his clothes and ran his fingers through is hair trying to cover his bald spot the best he could. He looked in the mirror and said out loud, “You can do this, Bryan. The worst thing she could say is no.”

Robin smiled at Bryan as he walked into their cubicle. “I got your lunch out of fridge, when I got mine,” she said as she began emptying the contents of her bag. Bryan sat at his desk and started to do the same, “Thank you.” Bryan cleared his throat nervously before adding, “Robin I wanted to ask you something.” But before he could finish his thought, he was interrupted by Marc and Peter entering their space.

“Here you are? It was tough trying to find you in this maze. I’ve never been down on the 4th floor before” Peter said with some relief. Bryan hardly saw Peter anymore. While Bryan was on the 4th floor, Peter’s new office was on the 12th. Peter was only at the house occasionally to sleep and change clothes. He spent every night and weekend with Marc and his crew playing sports or partying. Bryan couldn’t believe how big Peter had gotten. The last two months of working out with the jocks had transformed him into a real muscle god. Robin’s eyes widened as she took in the masculine beauty of the two athletic men. Since it was a Friday, both were wearing tight polo shirts and khaki pants. Bryan thought the form fitting shirt must be from the Samson Clothing Company. Bryan signed for the package at home earlier in the week. The lightweight, knit material clung to his muscular body like a second skin even around his tight, flat waist enveloping his deeply etched abdominals. Bryan thought it had to be specially made for a man with a bodybuilder’s physique. The banded sleeves were forced high on his arm above his tan, bulging biceps and triceps. His pants were tight too, the material only wrinkling around his crotch and the point were his ass met his thighs as it strained to contain his mass. “I’ve been planning on visiting you down here for the last couple of weeks, but never found the time. How are things going dude? Liking the new job and the new digs?” Peter asked while slapping Bryan on the back.

Bryan replied slowly, stunned by Peter’s spectacular appearance, “Yes, everything’s great. Umm, this is Robin. We share the cubicle.”

Peter gave Robin a winning smile. “Nice to meet you Robin. This is Marc. We both work on the 12th floor.”

Marc walked up to Robin’s desk and kissed her hand. Robin giggled then said, “It’s my pleasure to meet the both of you.” Her cheeks turned rosy red as she blushed and started to twirl her hair in her fingers.

“How is your new job?” Bryan asked getting jealous of Robin’s reaction to the two other men.

“Great. I’ve signed a couple new clients to the firm. Simmons is happy, so I’m happy. But I’m not here to just see your new office, Bro. I’ve missed you and thought maybe we could do lunch today. We have a lot to catch up on.” Peter said his face beaming with youth and energy. He looked at Bryan’s desk and saw the food items on it; a meal replacement shake in a can with some celery and carrot sticks. “But it looks like we’re too late.”

Marc saw similar items on Robin’s desk. He reached over and picked up the drink from Bryan’s desk. “Yeah it looks like the girls have already started their lunch. A SlimQuik shake; Mango-Kiwi flavored, how fruity,” he mocked.

Bryan was embarrassed. Marc was belittling him in front of Robin. Peter could see the angst on Bryan’s face. “You sure you can’t join us. We’re going to the steakhouse down the street. Marc’s treat. He lost a bet we had, so I pick the place and can invite anyone I want. Of course, I though of you, dude, my best friend.” Peter said trying to make Bryan feel better.

“What was the bet?” Robin asked.

“We both entered a bodybuilding competition and I placed higher than he did” Peter answered in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Really? How exciting!” Robin said, her voice getting higher pitched.

“Not really. It was just for the county’s natural bodybuilder title. I only entered because Marc dared me.” Peter answered trying to downplay his victory.

“Oh my, did you win,” Robin asked, as her excitement increased.

“Yeah, it really wasn’t fair. He has all these genetic advantages. The other competitors and I didn’t have a chance. Look at his strong legs, narrow hips, perfectly symmetrical abs, squared-off pecs, broad shoulders, and split biceps,” Marc explained as every one followed his description of Peter’s gifted body with their eyes. He grabbed Peter’s left arm, raised it to shoulder level and bent it at the elbow forcing his bicep to expand. Peter gave no resistance allowing Marc to manipulate his arm. “he looks like he just walked off the cover of a super hero comic book. And it comes all so easy to him. I’ve only seen one other man with such perfect genetics,” Marc glanced quickly at Bryan, “but he’s dead now.”

Robin inhaled deeply staring at that the mound of muscle swelling on Peter’s upper arm. She reached for it, but stopped short and asked “May I?”

“Sure” Peter answered with a slight laugh. It was nice that someone asked for a change. Usually women just came up to him and started caressing his body like it was a sculpture on public display. He decided to give her a little thrill as a reward for her politeness. As she ran her small hand over his massive muscle, he straightened his arm and flexed it harder several times, forcing the muscle to expand with each pump. The split heads of the bicep became very distinct. Robin was getting more and more turned on by Peter’s display. Marc was getting turned on too watching Robin’s reaction to Peter’s body. As he stood next to Peter, he put his hand on Peter’s upper back and in a slow serpentine motion ran it down to his lower back. He teeHeHHHhen slipped his hand under Peter’s loose waist band and started to squeeze his ass cheeks. Bryan wasn’t sure what angered him more about the display he was watching, Peter being groped by Robin or Marc. Peter lowered his arm and Robin fell back into her chair. She looked flush and her breathing was labored. She forced out the words “thank you” between deep breaths. “Are you sure you can’t join us for lunch, Bryan? Doesn’t a juicy 16 ounce T-bone sound good and expensive?” Peter asked turning his attention back to his friend giving Robin a chance to recover.

“A steak that big for lunch? I can’t imagine the number of calories it has” Robin said trying to keep his focus on her.

“We need to eat about ten to twelve thousand calories a day if we want to continue to grow. Not to mention the added protein. We have the state title competition coming up in a few weeks. And I’m determined to beat him this time.” Marc said finally removing his hand from Peter’s ass and puffing out his own chest trying to impress Robin too. Robin let out a little moan thinking about the hunks getting even bigger and stronger.

“That will be the day. I’ve already beaten you at tennis, golf, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, weightlifting, and bodybuilding.” Peter said with a smirk as he folded his massive arms over his broad chest making him look more formidable. “I give you credit for not giving up though.”

“You must be a real natural athlete to win at all those different sports” Robin said breathlessly looking up at Peter.

“I never thought so. But I guess my increased strength and stamina made me more agile and coordinated, and improved my reflexes. Playing sports well seems so easy to me now.” Peter said deep in thought. Robin just sighed.

Bryan was getting annoyed at the way Robin was behaving in front of the two jocks. “Sorry I can’t join you. You see we eat our lunch at our desks so we can go down to the gym during our real lunch break to exercise. I’ve been working out with the ten pound dumbbells for two weeks now.” Bryan said defiantly.

Marc scoffed “Ten pound weights. Are they the pink ones?”

Bryan was getting tired of Marc’s put downs, “I’m starting light, but once my muscle memory kicks in, I’ll catch up to the two of you.”

“Muscle memory? It looks like your muscles have a severe case of amnesia. Hell, they’ve even forgotten you’re a man,” Marc said laughing out loud.

Peter talked loudly to drown out Marc’s laughter, “That’s great Bryan. You do look more, um, toned.”

Bryan liked hearing Peter’s encouraging words. “Maybe we can work out together again, like before” Bryan said excitedly.

“Please, we’re curling ten times that weight.” Marc fired back. He didn’t want Peter working out with anyone but him.

Bryan felt like a little boy being made fun of by his mean, older brother. Robin just sighed again thinking about how strong they were to lift a hundred pounds with one arm. Marc looked at her and smiled devilishly while flexing ever muscle in his body. He knew if Peter didn’t want her, she could be the next notch on his bed post. “Listen Robin, if you aren’t doing anything after work, why don’t you come watch us play basketball at the Y. I’m the captain of the company’s team and we play against other local firms. A lot of the women who work here come to cheer us on. That’s if you don’t mind seeing us all sweaty and shirtless.”

“That sounds amazing. I’ll definitely be there to see you sweat, I mean, cheer our team on” Robin said turning a brighter shade of red.

Peter could see Bryan wasn’t happy with Marc flirting with Robin. Peter slapped the back of his hand into Marc’s hard chest to let him know to be quiet. Bryan decided it would be best for them to leave, “Listen, we’ll do lunch another time then Dude. We’ve got to be going. I’ll see you at home later” Peter said as walked out pushing Marc along in front of him.

“What did Peter mean about seeing you at home later?” Robin asked coming out of her stupor once the real men left.

“We share a house together,” Bryan said keeping his head down while munching on a carrot stick.

“Really? Why didn’t you ever tell me you lived with a man like that? How long have you known him? What is he like?” Robin asked, her speech becoming quicker.

“We went to college together.” Bryan said softly.

“You’re kidding. He looks so much younger, I mean you look much older, I mean more mature than he does,” Robin stammered out. “Is he dating anyone right now?”

“I don’t know.” Bryan blurted out. His growing annoyance of her questions was very obvious.

“I hope you don’t mind me talking to you about men. It’s just I don’t have any other friends in Chicago, since I only moved here a month ago. I consider you my closest friend; we’re like girlfriends. We can share anything.” Robin said trying to make Bryan feel better.

“I can’t be your girlfriend, I’m a man” Bryan said a little hurt by the comment.

“I know that. But I don’t see you as a man, man. There’s no physical attraction between us, so we can avoid all those silly man-woman games and just be ourselves. That’s what I meant. It was a complement, Bryan” Robin said placing her hand on his.

“I see” Bryan said realizing that he was wrong earlier. There was something worse she could say to him besides turning him down for a date. He stood up and walked out of the cubicle. Robin asked where he was going, but he didn’t respond. Bryan found himself in front of the vending machine staring at the candy bars. He selected the dark chocolate one, he’s favorite. He quickly unwrapped the treat and inhaled the sweet aroma. His joy was interrupted as he heard the loud booming voices of Marc and Peter coming from around the corner. Bryan hid on the opposite side of the vending machine holding his breath as the two dominant males passed by. Bryan watched them walk down the hallway creating chaos in their wake as the other people moved out of their way, many hoping they would get noticed by the two hunks. But the two men were oblivious to the turmoil they caused. They paid attention only to each other, loud laughter and bold hand gestures punctuated their conversation. Many passer-bys stopped to enjoy the view of the athletes both coming and going. Soon the men were out of view and earshot, everyone returned to their normal routines.

Bryan moved back to the front of the vending machine as two women approached. They didn’t seem to notice him standing there as they talked to each other. “Just once before I die, I want to have a man that beautiful make love to me,” one of the middle aged women said.

“Peter makes passionate love to me every Friday night during the Late Show” the other woman replied. Bryan listened to the conversation intently as he bit into his candy.

“What?” the first woman asked in surprise.

“Don’t worry, it’s only in my mind.” The second woman replied. “I imagine his gorgeous face and perfect body on top of me when I’m with my husband. And you’ve seen my husband; it takes a lot of imagination.”

“You are bad. But at least your have a husband. I have to do the same thing when I’m alone with my vibrator.” The first women confided.

“The twelve incher?” The second woman asked softly with a raised eyebrow.

“You know it. And what I hear, it’s right to size.” The first answered. The two women laughed and Bryan started to choke.

The women turned their attention to Bryan, finally noticing him standing there. One of them asked. “Are you okay?” Bryan nodded yes as he swallowed hard. He took another large bite of chocolate. The woman continued, “Dark chocolate huh? I know how you feel, girlfriend. I’m having one of those kind of days too.”

That was twice today he was referred to as a girl. “I’m not your girlfriend. I’m a man” Bryan said angrily, the words muffled by his chocolate filled mouth.

“Okay, calm down, Mr. Macho. I’m sorry” the woman said as she and her friend started to walk away. Bryan heard the other woman say. “He’s the one who’s sorry; a sorry excuse of the man that is.” The two women laughed. Bryan looked at his reflection in the vending machine’s glass door and threw the rest of the candy bar in the garbage before heading back to his cubicle.

Later that night, Bryan was sitting at home watching television when Peter and Marc entered through the front door. Both men were still dressed in athletic wear, baggy shorts and tight tank tops. The scent of their masculinity filled the room quickly. “Hello, guys. How was the game?” Bryan said after inhaling deeply.

“Great, we killed the other team. I came home to shower and change before heading out for the night,” Peter said. Peter noticed Bryan looking at Marc. “When I’m done, I’m driving Marc to his place so he can do the same. His car’s in the shop. Did you know he lives less than a mile from us?”

“Yes, I know” Bryan replied having spent some time at Marc’s home before the accident. Marc did not say a word as he made himself comfortable, sitting in the chair furthest away from where Bryan sat.

“Why don’t you join us, Dude?” Peter asked Bryan.

“No thanks. I’m a little tired tonight,” Bryan answered.

“Is that why you haven’t cleaned up this place yet,” Peter said looking around the room. “I don’t understand why you are always tired; you sleep ten hours a day. I get like six hours and I have energy to spare.”

“Well I guess we’re just different” Bryan said in a sharp tone. Marc made a small laugh that sounded more like a snort.

“Maybe,” Peter said, “Did you go to physical therapy today?” Bryan shook his head no and looked down at the floor like a child caught in a lie. “Is your therapist giving you a hard time again? He only rides you because he wants your knee to get stronger.” Bryan kept looking at the floor. “Do you want me to talk to him again about going easier on you?”

“No, he already spends the entire session asking me questions about you from the last time you spoke to him” Bryan said in an annoyed tone.

“How cute, he must have a crush on me,” Peter said with a laugh. “Speaking of crushes, Robin asked me out on a date after the game tonight. I told her I would let her know. I wasn’t sure if you were interested in her. I could get her to go out with you if you want me to.”

“No, I don’t want to force her into anything. We’re only friends” Bryan said finally looking up at Peter. “Plus I can fight my own battles and get my own dates, thank you very much.” Again Marc made a snorting noise.

“Okay. I was only trying to help,” Peter said as he walked into the kitchen. Bryan looked at Marc who was avoiding eye contact. Peter yelled from the kitchen, “Bry, did you go grocery shopping like you were supposed to do. We’re almost out of bottled water.”

“Yes, I had the bag boy put it in the trunk of my car. It’s too heavy for me to bring in” Bryan yelled back. Marc snorted once more.

“I’ll get it,” Peter replied and Bryan heard the back door open. Marc and Bryan sat in the room in silence. Marc picked up the newspaper on the coffee table and started to read it. Bryan heard the back door open again. A moment later, Peter returned to the living room drinking a bottle of water and gave one to Marc.

“That was fast,” Bryan commented.

“There were just four cases, so it only took one trip.” Peter said before taking another swig of water. Bryan forgot how strong Peter was now. “Well, I’ve got to get into the shower. I reek,” Peter said out loud as he sniffed his underarm.. Marc started to get up, “You wait here. It will be faster if I’m alone.” Marc and Peter smiled at each other. Marc went back to reading the newspaper and Peter disappeared into the other room.

Bryan stared at the newspaper hiding Marc’s face for several minutes. Finally Bryan spoke, “I remember a time when you wanted to join me in the shower.” Marc did not say a word, ignoring Bryan completely. “Why are you such an asshole? You treat me like shit. Why have you changed so much?”

Marc slammed the newspaper shut and threw it back on the table. “I’m not the one who changed, you fucker. The fact that I ever allowed you to touch me makes me want to vomit. Look at you, with your saggy tits, bloated gut, and fat ass, you remind me of my ninety year old grandmother. And your face covered in pimples and scars, you’ve even got a fucking bald spot and you’re still in your twenties. Just looking at you disgusts me.”

“It’s not my fault. The accident…” Bryan stammered out, frightened by how much anger Marc was showing towards him.

“The fucking accident was six months ago. Peter was in the same accident and look at him. He’s more of a man now, than you ever were. You should check the hospital records; I think they transplanted your balls inside of him. It’s like you two switched bodies or something; but I know that’s not what happened, your just lazy and don’t care anymore. And for that I despise you.” Marc said his rage ebbing, the volume of his voice lowering.

“I’m trying. I’m on a diet and working out again,” Bryan answered with tears in his eyes, all his insecurities about his appearance were tormenting him once more.

“Oh, I bet you are trying. We all know how you try.” Marc got up and stood directly in front of Bryan. “We were a lot alike at one time. I bet our circumstances were very similar growing up. As a little boy, you were always told how cute you were. Then when you hit puberty your body changed. You couldn’t figure out why you were so much taller and more athletic then the other boys. When you reached high school and started to lift weights, your body filled out faster than every one else’s did. You didn’t know why all the other boys weren’t as strong or as muscular. You didn’t work any harder than the scrawny ones or the fat ones, your muscles just came easy to you. Than it dawned on you one day, they other boys didn’t look like you because they couldn’t. They didn’t have the right stuff, your natural advantages. All through school you were always one of the tallest, strongest, best looking, best built, best hung guys. And it came so fucking easy, it didn’t seem to matter if you worked at it or not. You ate what you wanted and worked out when you felt like it. Why bother trying when nature will do all the work for you, right? That’s why former high school jocks end up as fat old men, because they get lazy. I’m not going to let that happen to me. Being with Peter makes me appreciate what I am. Not growing up with our advantages, he’s thankful for every ounce of muscle he gains. He makes me try harder, keeps me from taking the easy road.” Marc leaned down putting a hand on each side of Bryan as he sat on the couch. Their faces only inches apart. “After the accident, things weren’t so easy any more for you were they? You had to deal with broken bones and severe injuries. You could have risen to the challenge and became what you once were, but instead you took the easy way out and gave up. You’re now the fat former high school jock and that makes you nothing in my book.” Marc moved one of his hand to Bryan’s battered knee and squeezed it. Bryan gasped in pain. “Now I want you to apologize for ever touching me and for saying you were the better man.” Marc squeezed harder.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please stop, my knee isn’t completely healed, you’re going to do permanent damage,” Bryan said between deep breathes.

Marc ignored his pleas and squeezed even harder, “Tell me what you are. Tell me you’re a wimp; a loser; a big, fat, ugly nothing”

“All right, I’m a wimp, a loser” Bryan wanted to scream for Peter’s help but knew that would only anger Marc more. Marc squeezed his knee even harder. “I’m nothing; I’m a big, fat ugly nothing. Now please stop hurting me.”

Marc stood up after lightly slapping Bryan across his face, “That’s a good little wimp.” He walked back to the chair he came from and picked up the newspaper again.

Bryan got up and limped to his bedroom, wincing in pain as he applied weight to his sore knee. Hating what he had become a helpless weakling who couldn’t defend himself. When he reached his room, he looked at himself in the small mirror above his bureau rubbing the tears from his eyes. Was Marc right, did he do this to himself? Did he look this way because he was lazy? Just then Peter walked into the room wearing nothing but a pair of tight boxers, his hair and body still wet from the shower. “I need to borrow some more clothes because someone didn’t do the laundry.”

“Sorry, take whatever you want. But I don’t think I have anything left that will fit you, you took it all,” Bryan said turning away from Peter so he wouldn’t see he was crying. He walked over to his bed and sat on the edge with his head down.

“Well it’s only fair, I gave you all my old clothes” Peter said going through Bryan’s closet. Bryan didn’t find anything in the closet, as he shut the door; he caught his image in its full length mirror. He flexed his muscles briefly. “But if it makes you feel better. I hope to outgrow your clothes in a few months, then you can have them back. I want to pack on more muscle to enter a national competition,” Bryan started to flex his leg muscles, “I just wish my lower body grew as fast as my upper body. I mean I just walk into a gym and I gain an inch on my arms and chest.”

“What did you say?” Bryan looked up. Something about those words seemed familiar.

Bryan’s long cock was jostled by his posing and it flopped out through the fly of his underwear. “Boxers had to be designed by a woman, there’s no way a man would have made them so they don’t hold your junk.” He slipped his hand under the waist band and forced his meat back inside the confines of the thin fabric. Bryan was mesmerized by what he was seeing. Peter walked over to Bryan’s bureau and searched the drawers. “A pair of jeans, great” he said as he pulled them out from the back of the bottom drawer where Bryan had hid them.

“No, they’re mine” Bryan said softly still trying to comprehend what was happening.

“I guess I won’t need these after all,” Peter joked as he stepped out of his boxers. Peter’s nude body was flawless. Bryan couldn’t believe this was the same man he had known for six years. He was the perfect male specimen now, no longer the oddly shaped geek from just six months ago. Every muscle was fully developed without a trace of body fat. His skin was tight, tan and perfectly smooth. Peter stepped into the jeans and slid them up his muscular legs. He lifted them over his round ass and adjusted his prominent package before carefully zipping them closed. “These must be your old pussy jeans. I thought they were lost in the accident. I guess that explains the big hole in the knee. I think it makes them look even sexier” Peter ran his hand along the defined outline of his cock. “Funny I always thought you were hung so much better than I was. But it seems we’re the exact same size” Peter said staring at his reflection not really paying attention to Bryan’s response. “I finally have the body I’ve always desired.”

“No, take them off. They’re mine” Bryan said as he got more upset. They were his jeans, his pussy jeans, his most favorite article of clothing. They belonged to him and only he could wear them.

Peter continued to admire how he looked in the well-worn jeans. He always lusted after Bryan when he wore these pants and he was amazed how well they fit him. Maybe he looked as good as Bryan used to look in them.

“They fit perfectly, as if they were made for me,” Peter commented absentmindedly.

Bryan rushed at Peter, “No, no, no. They’re mine. Take them off, take them off, take them off.” Bryan screamed as he started to pound his fists into Peter’s exposed upper body. Peter turned to face Bryan. Bryan’s fists were bouncing off Peter’s thickly armored pecs doing no real damage.

“Stop it Bryan. You’re going to hurt yourself” Peter said calmly as Bryan continued to pound away at his chest. Peter was getting annoyed, he grabbed Bryan by the shoulders and lifted up off the ground. He carried him over to the bed and threw him down. Bryan continued his tantrum screaming “take them off.” Peter held Bryan down on the bed by his shoulders and shook him. Peter commanded in his deep voice, “Stop it. What is your problem, dude?” Bryan finally stopped from exhaustion, but the tears continued to flow from his eyes. Peter let go, his arms falling loosely to his side as he stood over Bryan. Bryan opened his eyes and saw the beautiful man towering over him. He looked so strong, handsome, virile and dominant. The tight jeans showcased his tight waist, narrow hips, powerful thighs, and impressive package. Suddenly Bryan felt a tightness in his own pants as his cock started to expand. Bryan saw Peter look at his crotch then back at his face. Bryan grabbed his pillow and placed it over his small bulge. “I don’t have to see your cock to know what you’re feeling, Bryan. I’m all too familiar with that look in your eyes. I felt the same way whenever I saw you in these jeans. I lusted after you for six long years and you choose to ignore me. And now, when you finally want me I don’t….” Peter stopped himself before he said something he would regret later. He looked at Bryan’s chubby body and felt nothing. He then looked into Bryan’s sorrowful eyes and saw the soul of the man he loved. He felt sorry that such a beautiful soul was now trapped in such an ugly body. Peter’s eyes started to tear up too. Peter put his hand on Bryan’s thigh and moved it down, underneath the pillow. Peter started to massage Bryan’s engorged rod, thinking it felt so small in his hand.

“Stop Peter” Bryan pleaded as he put his hand on Peter’s vein wrapped forearm. “I know what lust looks like too. And that’s not what I see in your eyes. I see only pity.”

Peter released his grip on Bryan’s crotch and lifted his hand to meet Bryan’s hand. “I’m sorry, Bryan. I’m so sorry. I want to want you. I really do.” A single tear ran down Peter’s cheek.

“I know. Believe me I know how you feel,” Bryan said sincerely as he squeezed Peter’s hand lovingly.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Marc said as he entered the bedroom still carrying the newspaper he was reading. “Wow, look at you. Are they the pussy jeans? You look so fucking hot in them.” Peter pulled his gaze away from Bryan and walked back to the mirror. Marc followed him staring at the bulge in the jeans. “He never looked as good as you do in them. You’re so ripped and cut. He never had abs like this because he wasn’t willing to give up the pizza and beer.” Marc said while caressing Peter’s sculpted mid section. Marc sensed something bad had just happened between the two friends. Like usual he wanted to take advantage of the situation. “You have it all now: a great career, a perfect body with a trophy to proof it. And you can have any man or woman on the planet. You must have everything you ever wanted.”

Peter looked at Bryan’s reflection in the mirror, “Yeah, everything.” Peter composed himself and he realized what Marc was doing, “Did I give you permission to touch me?”

Marc quickly withdrew his hand and took a step back. He said meekly, “no sir.” His face looked like a puppy that just got yelled out by his master.

Peter grabbed a white tank top out of Bryan’s top dresser drawer and pulled it over his muscular frame. He turned to Bryan not sure what to say. “I’ll be home late. Try to get some of your chores done tonight. Okay?” Bryan nodded before Peter walked out of the room

“Yeah, clean up this place. It’s a real pig sty” Marc said tossing the newspaper into the air, the pages scattering everywhere. Marc laughed and left the room following Peter.

Bryan heard the front door slam shut and he laid back down on the bed, thinking about what had happened. Pages of the newspaper where slowly floating down onto the bed around him. One page landed on his face. He went to remove it, but something on the page caught his eye. It was an advertisement for a traveling carnival. It was the same carnival he went to with Peter last year. Bryan couldn’t believe a year had passed since then. It seemed so long ago. It was the one of the last times the two friends were completely happy. He wished he could go back to that day and relive it all over again. Bryan continued to scan the ad. One of the attractions was The Amazing Destino. Bryan remembered the card that Peter won from that strange man. He tried to remember what was printed on the card. “One deepest, darkest desire granted” Bryan said out loud to himself. He remembered the last time he saw that card. It was at the diner the night of the accident. Bryan started to recall the details from that night. The fight he had with Peter. How angry Peter was and all the horrible things he said to him. Peter had the card when he left for the restroom, but it was gone when he returned. He remembered how his body suddenly felt strange while he was in the bathroom and how different Peter was too when he got back to the table. The things people had said to him tonight replayed in his mind..

“I just walk into a gym and I gain an inch on my arms and chest.”
“We’re the exact same size.”
“They fit perfectly, as if they were made for me.”
“I finally have the body I always desired.”
“It’s like you two switched bodies or something.”

Bryan realized somehow it was the card Peter won from The Great Destino that made him this way. Bryan looked up and saw his own reflection in the mirror, “He did this to me.”


Part 14 – The Conclusion

Bryan walked as quickly as he could down the midway. The day’s rain made the patchy grass slippery and the ground muddy. To make things more difficult he was using a cane again to help keep the weight off his sore knee. He frantically searched for The Great Destino’s tent being careful not to bump into the other people around him. The traveling carnival was laid out practically the same way this year as the last. Bryan vaguely remembered the tent being at the end of midway near the side shows. He came upon a small tent set back more than the others. The black color of the fabric made it almost disappear in the shadows. Bryan thought to himself, “This is it.” He went to lift the flap of the tent to enter but found it was tied shut in several places along its length. Bryan reached down and undid the simple knots of the two lower ties, as he was about to release the last one, a deep voice startled him. “What do you think you’re doing lady?’

Bryan stood up and turned to face the direction of the baritone voice. He saw a large, hairy man with a handle-bar moustache staring down at him. The formidable carny folded his arms over his chest as he realized he was speaking to a man instead of a woman. “I was looking for the Great Destino,” Bryan said sternly, before rethinking his tone. “This is his tent isn’t it?” he added in a more dismissive pitch.

“Yeah, but he ain’t shown up today. So no one is allowed in there,” the powerful looking man said.

“Please I must see him. It is very important. Do you have any ideal where he is?’ Bryan pleaded.

“Listen, old man. I’m not his keeper. I have no idea where in the hell he is. He comes and goes as he pleases. We’re told to set up his tent everywhere we go just in case he graces us with his presence. I don’t know why the owner doesn’t fire his ass. I think he’s actually afraid of the weirdo.” The gruff worker remarked, his breath smelling of smoke and whiskey.

“Can I look around inside for a minute to find out where he’s gone?” Bryan asked.

“I don’t think so. It’s against the rules” the big man said.

Bryan was used to people breaking the rules for him. He smiled then said, “Can’t you bend the rules a little for me.”

The carny got a confused look on his face, then laughed a little. “Get the hell out of here, before I make you leave.”

Bryan forgot he couldn’t manipulate people anymore with just a smile. He quickly injected, “Wait a minute. Maybe this will change your mind’, he reached for his wallet and pulled out a twenty dollar bill. The burly man looked at the money and then back at Bryan’s face without saying a word. Bryan took out another twenty.

The man took the two bills and pushed past Bryan. He undid the last tie on the tent’s door and held it open. “You’ve got two minutes, old man. If you steal anything, I’ll break your fucking hands.”

Bryan squeezed past the worker and entered the tent. He looked around at the small space; it looked exactly as it did the last time he was there. The poster and the scale were the only two items in the room. Bryan scanned the poster and walked up to the scale. There were no clues to where Destino might be. “Does he have a trailer or something where he lives? You know where he eats, sleeps, keeps his belongings.” Bryan asked his host.

“No. It’s like I said, he comes and goes whenever he wants. He never stays more than a couple of hours when he is here. Are you done? Time is running out” the worker responded annoyingly.

“Yeah, I guess” Bryan scanned the room one more time and saw a black vest hanging from the back of the easel that supported the poster. He felt the vest in one hand to see if anything was in the pockets. He felt nothing but soft cloth. Bryan closed his eyes and sighed. He was losing hope that his living nightmare might end. He opened his eyes and noticed a bright white object sticking out of the pocket he didn’t see before. He reached for it. It was a card. Bryan held it in front of him and saw familiar words: One deepest, darkest desire granted to.

“Time’s up, old man. Let’s go” the worker growled.

Bryan grasped the card in his hand and stuck his entire hand into his pants pocket. He limped past the carnival worker and said thank you as he exited the tent. Bryan turned to see the man retying the tent’s flap before he started to walk away nervously, hoping he wouldn’t get caught stealing the card. Bryan turned around again to see the worker watching him walk away. Bryan rounded a corner before stopping to look at the card more closely. This time when he looked, he noticed its intricate design and the beautiful script lettering. He checked around the corner to make sure he wasn’t being followed and looked at the card once more, Bryan gasped as his name now appeared in red letters on the blank line below the card’s few words. Bryan raced down the midway back to the parking lot. In his haste, he accidentally hit someone with his shoulder.

“Watch where you’re going” the angry girl cried out.

“Sorry” Bryan said as he limped passed her. Suddenly he felt a hand grab onto his upper arm forcing him to stop. He thought it was the carny, he gripped the card tightly crushing it in his palm.

“Hey, Quasimodo, get back here and apologize to my girlfriend properly,” a young man’s voice said sternly. Bryan looked not to see the worker, but a handsome teenager in a varsity jacket holding him tightly. The young man reminded Bryan of himself a few years ago.

“Brad, let the pathetic old man go,” the girlfriend said after seeing Bryan’s face.

“He has to learn to be more polite” the strong athlete said, almost lifting Bryan off the ground with one hand.

“I said I was sorry. I didn’t mean to bump into the young lady,” Bryan said humbly, the pain in his arm increasing. “You’re hurting me.”

“You are a pathetic weakling aren’t you, fugly too” the boy smirked releasing Bryan. He stood directly in front of Bryan, “Now, apologize again and this time do it properly.”

Bryan looked up at the boy and felt totally intimidated. Of course every man intimidated him now. He looked at the girl and said meekly, “I am truly sorry for bumping into you. It was totally my fault and I deeply apologize.”

“Sure, whatever,” the girl responded, “Now let’s go Brad. This guy gives me the creeps.”

“Okay, I think Igor here has learned his lesson. Haven’t you,” the boy said loudly to Bryan.

“Yes, sir” Bryan answered and turned to leave. The boy then kicked Bryan’s cane out from under him, causing Bryan to fall to the ground. Bryan was covered in mud, he tried to get up but his knee gave out and fell again. The two teenagers laughed at the sight of Bryan flopping around in the mud. Soon others joined the youngsters laughing at Bryan’s folly. Bryan felt humiliated; he squeezed the card in his hand tighter, closed his eyes and said, “My deepest, darkest desire is to be the man I was and to be truly happy again. I wish none of this ever happened.” The sound of the laughter around him changed. It was no longer the sound of a crowd, but giggles from a couple of girls. Bryan opened his eyes, he saw the young ladies walking by smiling at him. He was still at the carnival but it was different some how. He opened his hand and the card was gone.

“Are you all right?” he heard a familiar voice as he felt someone help him to his feet. When he got up, Bryan looked down and saw Peter. But it was the Peter he knew before the accident.

“Pete?” Bryan asked staring at his old friend intently. “What happened to you? Your face, your body?” Peter looked back at Bryan confused. Then Bryan noticed his own thick forearms, he flexed his biceps and watched them erupt with muscle. He put his hands on his chest, feeling its hardness; he dropped his hands to his ass, feeling how solid and round it felt. Bryan ran his fingers over his face, feeling no scars or pimples. Bryan smiled and looked for a reflective surface. He took a few steps closer to the food cart next to him looking at his image in the glass window. He was devastatingly handsome again. Finally he dropped his hand to his crotch and squeezed the large bulge between his legs. He laughed out loud and said, “I’m me again.” Bryan moved back to where Peter stood watching his friend’s strange behavior. “How long was I out? I had the strangest dream.”

“What do you mean? You just tripped on the guide wire because you were distracted by some admirers. You were on the ground for a couple of seconds.” Peter said with concern.

“That’s not possible” Bryan said deep in thought.

“Maybe you better sit down,” Peter took Bryan by the arm and led him to a nearby bench. He noticed Bryan was limping as he walked. “Did you hurt your knee when you fell?”

Bryan put all his weight on his knee and he felt no pain. There was no reason for him to limp now. “No, I guess not.” Bryan stared at Peter for a few moments thinking how different he looked, or did he not change at all. Bryan’s head was spinning as he tried to make sense of everything. “What day is it?” he asked.

“It’s Friday” Peter said surprised by the question.

“No, I mean the date. What’s the date? What year is it?” Bryan asked in earnest.

“The year?” Peter grabbed Bryan’s shoulder and looked deep into his eyes. “You’ve got me worried, Bryan. Maybe we should go to the hospital. I think you may have a concussion or something.”

Bryan could see the real concern in Peter’s eyes. “No, I’m fine. I just got the wind knocked out of me. Give me a moment to get my bearings.” Peter started to run his hands through Bryan’s thick hair feeling for a bump or cut. “Let me know if you find a bald spot.”

“Very funny, Bryan. Your sense of humor seems intact,” Peter said dropping his hand into his lap after finding no apparent head injury. “Why don’t I get you something to drink while you stay here and rest for awhile?”

“I could really go for a beer right now” Bryan said with a smile.

Peter stood up, “Alcohol is the last thing you need. I’ll get you a cup of black coffee, jus the way you like it. I think there’s some food stands in this direction.” Peter said looking further down the midway.

Bryan grabbed Peter’s hand, “Thank you for looking after me. You’re a good friend, my best friend. The only person I can really count on.”

Peter looked at Bryan. He sincere look in his beautiful eyes confirmed the sentiment was genuine. Peter felt a shiver go through his body. He wanted to tell Bryan he loved him. He wanted to kiss him and hold him tightly in his arms but instead Peter pulled his hand away from Bryan’s and took a couple of steps back. Peter didn’t feel worthy of a man like Bryan. “I’ll be right back with that coffee,” Peter turned and walked away. Bryan watched his friend disappear into the crowd.

Bryan sat on the bench trying to make sense of what happened. Somehow he had traveled back in time. The previous year did not seem to exist to anyone but him; certainly Peter had no recollection of it. Bryan wanted to leave the carnival as soon as possible. This was the day when everything started to go wrong for him. He didn’t want to relive that nightmare year he had just erased. He got up and started walking in the same direction Peter went earlier to search for his friend. Bryan noticed how much easier it was to walk through the crowd now, people moved out of his way when he approached. The only exceptions were a few women who took the opportunity to caress his ass or arm as they passed. Bryan got concerned when he reached a cart that sold coffee but didn’t find Peter. He decided to head back to the bench in case they missed each other, as he turned he saw Destino’s tent on the other side of midway. Bryan’s heart sank. He ran across the grassy path weaving through the crowd, he accidentally bumped into a teenage boy wearing a varsity jacket. The boy turned around angrily and said, “Hey, watch where you’re going.” The boy looked up to see Bryan’s imposing form and almost melted. Bryan recognized him as the same boy, just a year younger, who tripped him. Bryan said “Sorry,” puffing out his chest a little. “No problem, sir. It was probably my fault anyway,” the boy said meekly as he grabbed his girlfriend’s hand and made a hasty retreat.

When Bryan reached the tent, he pushed the flap aside and stepped in. He arrived as Destino was handing Peter his prize. “No,” he screamed and ripped the card from Peter’s hand and tore it into pieces. He let the fragments fall. Bryan grabbed Destino by his lapels, lifting him of the ground. “I’m not going to let you do it to me again. Do you hear me?” Bryan yelled as he shook the much smaller man.

The Great Destino showed no fear. He just smiled and said slyly. “Such a handsome and powerful man, I wonder how you would feel if it was all taken away from you…..Bryan.” Bryan was consumed with fear. He now knew he wasn’t the only one who remembered what happened during the missing year.

Peter was pulling on Bryan’s arm. “Bryan what are you doing? Let him go. You’re going to hurt him.” Bryan released his grip and set the older man down on the ground. He walked backwards toward the way he entered without saying a word or taking his eyes off of Destino.

“Sir, don’t forget your prize,” Destino said to Peter as he pointed to the ground. There laid the whole, undamaged card. Peter searched for the pieces of the card Bryan had destroyed, but none could be seen. Peter picked up the card and looked at The Great Destino in amazement. “After all sir, you are meant to have it.”

Peter pulled Bryan out of the tent. Peter was upset and confused. “What happened in there? How did he know your name? Do you know him from somewhere?” Peter said taking his eyes off his prize to look at Bryan.

Bryan was in a state of shock. Not sure what to do next. “What?” Bryan said only giving partial attention to Peter’s comments. “No I never met the guy before. I guess I went a little crazy. I must be disoriented from my fall.”

“Crazy is the word. You were acting like a bully in there for no reason. You reminded me of Marc,” Peter stated angrily.

“Don’t compare me to Marc. That asshole thinks he can treat people like shit, just because he has a perfect body,” Bryan snapped.

“Do you really think Marc has a perfect body?” Peter asked surprised by Bryan’s words.

“Sure, he can get any man or woman he wants with his looks” Bryan mind was still spinning with a thousand different thoughts, He wasn’t giving his full attention to the conversation with Peter.

“Any man?” Peter asked softly.

Bryan knew he had to talk with Destino again. He had questions that only he could answer. “Look, Peter. You are right. I acted like a big jerk in there. I have to apologize to that guy. I’ll be right back.” Peter just nodded, this time he was the one deep in thought.

“I knew you would return” Destino said with a smirk.

Bryan stayed near the tent’s entrance in case he needed to make a quick getaway. He spoke softly not wanting Peter to hear their conversation. “You seem to know a lot of things about me. But I want to know why you did what you did to me? Was it to teach me a lesson?” Destino did not answer; he just smiled making him look more sinister. “Okay I learned my lesson. Peter was right, I was naive. A person’s looks do matter. And I like being attractive, athletic and masculine. I enjoy the ability to manipulate people, being the center of attention, having things come easy to me. There I said it, okay. Now leave me alone.”

“Oh, I think you felt that way all along. You just didn’t want to admit it to yourself or for other people to think you were conceited.” Destino said moving slowly around the room in a clockwise direction. “But I did nothing to you, sir. I simply gave your friend a gift. It is up to him how he uses it.”

Bryan was forced to move in the same direction to keep his distance from the strange man. “You’re telling me Peter is the one that made me look like that. He took everything away from me? I don’t believe it. Peter is my best friend; he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.”

“True, I don’t think he intended to hurt you. He used you to become more attractive, he wanted to be the perfect man. His image of the perfect man anyway,” Destino said his languid speech.

“Why would he do that? Peter is a great guy already. He doesn’t have to change, become someone else. Any one who knows him is aware of all his great qualities. Any guy would be lucky to have him.” Bryan commented trying to make sense out of Destino’s words.

“Really, interesting you of all people would say that. Because Peter doesn’t want just any guy, he wants one particular guy doesn’t he?” the man in black said finally stopping his circling.

“He did this for me?” Bryan said, the realization confused him more.

“Come now, don’t be so surprised. You’ve known for almost six years he was attracted to you. You secretly enjoyed how he admired you, even worshiped you. But you pretended not to see it. You didn’t feel the same way for him because he wasn’t pretty enough for you. You thought you deserved a better man.” The carny came closer to Bryan, appearing to float across the room. Bryan couldn’t move. Bryan shook he head no, but he knew it was true. He always said Peter was wrong for being obsessed with a person’ appearance; but Bryan knew he was the truly shallow one. He knew it was wrong to feel that way and he was ashamed. He was always telling Peter looks don’t matter because it was the right thing to say. But he was lying to Pete and himself. He did love Peter, more than any other man he knew. But held back his feelings because of the way Peter looked. Bryan told himself he allowed Peter to suck him off that night back in college for Peter, but he really did it for himself. He wanted to feel Pete’s mouth on his cock without having to show Peter any affection. He still remembered that incredible night so clearly, it was so satisfying. Many times since then he imagined it was Pete blowing him instead of his actual partner.

“You’re right, I was wrong. I’m sorry.” Bryan looked into Destino’s eyes and saw nothing but his own distorted reflection. “I can fix it this time. That’s why you gave me this second chance right?”

The Great Destino laughed. “Destiny is like a videotape. You can rewind it, but once it moves forward again it plays out the same.” The little man began to encircle Bryan.

“I refuse to believe that. Things will change this time around. I’ll find a way to edit destiny. I can’t go through that again. I know Peter wouldn’t wish for it to happen if he knew it would come true” Bryan said defiantly.

“Both your futures are sealed. Peter will become the kind of man he has always desired to be and you will always be linked to him. It was not by chance that you were room mates in college. Your destinies were set in motion at that first meeting. You can’t fight fate, no matter how hard you try” Destino said, his voice trailing off at the end. Bryan looked behind him and around the room, Destino was gone.

Bryan walked out of the tent and found Peter grouching on the ground. “Let’s go home Pete. I’ve had all I can take tonight. I’m sure you’re getting cold anyway,” Bryan said and he started to walk quickly up the midway heading back to the parking area.

Peter stood up and after one more quick scan of the ground, caught up to Bryan. “It certainly has been eventful, dude. But I’m not cold; it’s a beautiful night considering everything. I still owe you a cup of coffee,” Peter said while pulling up his loose fitting pants. Bryan did not respond.

When they reached Bryan’s car, Peter insisted on driving since he wasn’t sure of Bryan’s physical condition. Bryan tossed his keys wildly to Peter, who with lightning fast reflexes snatched them out of the air. Both men quickly got into the front seat and pulled out of the dirt lot. Bryan’s mind was racing as he stared out the car window. Somehow he had to find a way to change their destinies in the next six months. He looked over to Peter who was intently watching the road as he drove. Bryan looked at his face, his nose was a little too big, and he was plain; but something about him seemed different. He was attractive in his own way. If you truly love someone their looks shouldn’t matter. Bryan truly believed that now. Maybe that was the real lesson Bryan was suppose to learn. Peter felt Bryan’s eyes on him and looked at Bryan momentarily, “What?”

“If I asked you to do something for me, would you?” Bryan asked.

“Of course, I wouldn’t think you had to ask me that after six years together,” Peter answered.

“Get rid of that card you got from Destino” Bryan said very seriously.

“What is up with you and that card? Don’t you want me to have my deepest, darkest secret granted?” Peter asked jokingly.

“Aren’t you happy? Don’t you have everything you could want right now” Bryan asked.

“Well, I do wish I was in better shape,” Peter grinned as he patted his soft stomach then returned his hand to the gearshift knob in the center console.

“I think you look great just the way you are” Bryan said as he put his hand on top of Peter’s. The smile left Peter’s lips as he turned and looked at Bryan again. The loving expression on Bryan’s face caught him off guard for the second time tonight.” So will you destroy the card?”

“I still don’t understand what you have against the stupid card, dude, but it doesn’t matter. I lost the card while I was waiting for you outside of Destino’s tent. One minute it was in my hand, and then it just disappeared. I looked for it, but couldn’t find it in the dark” Peter reluctantly moved his hand from under Bryan’s so he could tug on his pant legs.

Bryan’s pulse quickened, “What are you doing?”

“My underwear must have ridden up on me. It’s too tight, my balls are being crushed” Peter answered massaging his crotch.

Bryan started to think. “You had no problem opening my car door, did you?”

“No, I assumed you finally got it fixed. It’s not like I suddenly got stronger” Peter laughed.

“This can’t be happening. No, no, no. It’s too soon. I should have six more months” Bryan mumbled to himself. He realized where he was, he had to get out of the car. “Pull over. Stop the car! I have to get out of here.”

“What are you talking about, dude. We’re almost at our exit,” Peter said calmly.

“I said stop the fucking car, NOW!” Bryan screamed as panic took over.

Peter found an area on the side of a bend in the highway. He pulled off the road and put the car in park. “What has gotten into you, man? Ever since you tripped at the carnival you have been acting crazy. I think we should get you to a hospital as soon as possible.”

Bryan was near hysterics, tears where falling from his eyes. “I know what your deepest, darkest secret is. You want to look like me, but I beg of you not to take everything away from me.” Bryan dropped his head into his hands, sobbing uncontrollably.

Peter undid his seat belt and leaned in to Bryan. He wrapped his arms around him trying to consul him. “Yes, I want to look like you, so would any other man. It’s only natural. But I don’t want to take anything away from you.” Seeing Bryan so vulnerable made Peter feel more like the man in their relationship. His confidence rose and he added, “I just want to be the most perfect man for you as you are for me.”

Bryan stopped crying and looked into Peter’s soft eyes. He did love Peter and it was time he let him know his true feelings. “You already are perfect for me.” Both men leaned in for their first kiss, when suddenly there was a loud explosive noise, then the sound of squealing tires. Bryan looked up and saw a car heading straight towards them. Peter saw the terrified look on Bryan’s face and turned to see what was happening. Bryan screamed “no” as both men braced themselves for the impact.

Bryan woke up in a hospital bed. He saw Peter in the bed next to his. The only noticeable effect of the crash was the bandage on Peter’s nose. Bryan scanned the length of Peter’s body as he laid flat on his back. Bryan’s eyes stopped when it reached the prominent bulge at Peter’s crotch. Bryan’s heart sank. His nightmare was about to be replayed. He looked down at his body and saw a large bulge between his own legs. He lifted the thin sheet and pulled up his gown. He cupped his balls and man meat in his hand relishing their large size. He dropped the sheet and ran his hands over his still hard body. He felt sore in a couple of places but there were no casts or bandages anywhere. He noticed the bathroom on the other side of the room and got out of bed. He laughed when he found both knees in perfect condition. When he got into the bathroom he looked at himself in the mirror, and despite a small cut on his forehead, he looked unhurt and unchanged.

“Mr. Copelli, you really should not be out of bed,” a familiar man’s voice echoed in the small bathroom.

Bryan turned to see his doctor, “Dr. Soren,”

“Yes, have we met before?” the doctor asked. “Because I’m sure you are someone I would remember.”

“Um, no. I just saw your ID” Bryan said thinking fast. The doctor escorted the patient to his bed enjoying the view from the back of the loose fitting gown. “How are we doing, Pete and I,” Bryan asked as he settled in between the bed sheets.

“You are extremely lucky young men. Both of you only suffered minor cuts and bruises. In addition Mr. Kolowski, broke his nose but it was reset by one of Chicago’s best plastic surgeons. He may be the first person to actually look better after being in a car accident.” The doctor joked.

“Yes, I know he will look great” Bryan said staring at his best friend still sleeping. “But you’re sure there’s nothing wrong with me.”

“No, you’re fine. Being in such great shape helped protect your body from injury.” Dr. Soren said as he ran his hand down Bryan’s thick arm. “That’s true for your friend too. We are going to keep you overnight for observation, but you will most likely be released in the morning.”

“That doesn’t make sense” Bryan said under his breath trying to figure out what happened.

“Knock, knock” someone said from the doorway. Bryan looked up and saw Mr. Simmons standing there with several bouquets of flowers in his hand.

“I’m sorry sir, but visiting hours are over for the evening” Dr. Soren announced.

Bryan grabbed onto the doctor’s hand and smiled, “Couldn’t you bend the rules this one time?” he asked.

The doctor looked at Bryan’s angelic face. As Dr. Soren passed Simmons he said, “Just for a few minutes. He needs to rest.” The doctor smiled at Bryan once more before leaving.

Simmons entered the room. “How are you feeling Bryan? You look great as usual.” Bryan said “fine” before Simmons continued. “What a strange evening having my favorite employees in the hospital at the same time. I’m glad to see you and Peter are okay. Oh, I got these for you.” Simmons said handing a bouquet to Bryan. He then put another bouquet on the table next to Peter’s bed. Simmons held on to a third one.

“Are you taking them home with you?” Bryan asked noticing the remaining bouquet.

“No, of course not,” Simmons said, “That’s right you don’t know. The driver of the car which hit you was Marc.” Bryan was stunned, for a moment his heart stopped, he couldn’t breath. He knew Simmons was continuing to talk but couldn’t hear the words. “He’s in a lot worse shape than you two. The police said he wasn’t wearing a seat belt and for some reason his airbag didn’t deploy. He has several broken bones and severe damage to his face. It’s going to be a long recovery. A shame since he was such an active man.”

Bryan realized Simmons had stopped talking. “Yes, it’s a real shame,” he stammered out.

“Well, I better go so you can get some rest. They won’t allow me to see Marc, so I’ll have to leave his flowers at the nurses’ station. If you need to take a couple days off from work, just leave me a voice mail at the office. I’ll see you soon,” Simmons walked out of room.

Bryan was still in shock so much had happened in such a short period of time. Peter started to move and make noise. Bryan was at his side when Peter opened his eyes. “What happened?” Peter asked.

“We got hit by another car. We’re in the hospital. You nose was broken, but besides that we are both fine” Bryan said in a comforting tone as he stroked the top of Peter’s head.

“It figures, my big nose always gets in the way,” Peter said with a forced smile. “I’m glad you are okay, Bryan” Peter added in a more serious tone and grabbed Bryan’s other hand. Bryan brought their hands to his mouth and kissed the back of Peter’s gently. Bryan smiled at Peter and stared deeply into his eyes while continuing to stroke his hair. Peter never felt such tenderness and caring from another man before. He pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He was surprised by how hard and muscular his thigh felt.

A little more than a year had passed since the accident. Peter came running through the back door of their house with Bryan close behind. Both men only wore high cut onion-skin running shorts and track shoes. Their defined legs and muscular torsos glistened with sweat. “I won, that means you have to do the laundry this week” Peter said trying to catch his breath.

“Okay, but you still have to do the cooking” Bryan said between deep breathes; his massive chest expanding dramatically with each inhale.

“Fine, I’ll make something for us right now” Peter said as he walked over to the fridge and removed several items. He dumped them into the blender, and after a few noisy seconds poured the contents into two glasses. He gave one glass to Bryan.

“I can’t wait until I can eat real food again” Bryan said before taking a gulp of Peter’s protein and vitamin packed concoction.

“Only a couple more days until the nationals, Mr. Illinois and then we’ll have a huge celebratory dinner at the restaurant of your choice. But in the meantime these shakes are what’s helping you maintain those perfect abs of yours,” Peter said running his hand over Bryan’s deeply etched eight pack feeling the muscles work as he swallowed more of the shake. “I noticed the cheerleading squad checking you out today as we made our way around the track.”

“Really, well I noticed that cute little blond boy in the bleachers checking you out when you were stretching,” Bryan remarked back.

“It’s ironic that what I always thought was my worse body part, would turn out to be my best” Peter said as he bent his legs to flex his voluminous calve and thigh muscles.

Bryan reached around behind his room mate and put his hands on Peter’s ass. “And if this perfect ass of yours wins the nationals, I’ll be your sex slave for the rest of my life.”

“I thought you already were” Peter laughed as he ran his hands over Bryan’s bulging triceps. Peter pressed his body into Bryan’s larger frame. He never felt happier then when in Bryan’s strong arms. It was every thing he had ever fantasized it would be. “I love spending time with you away from work.”

“I still can’t believe you were able to talk Simmons into giving us a time off” Bryan said finally letting go of Peter’s perfectly formed globes

“It was easy. When I told him about the contest he could hardly control himself. The image of the two of us on stage all oiled up and in posers almost caused him to shoot a load right in his office.” Peter said in a comical tone. “But he owes us some time. Ever since our promotions we have been working 60 to 70 hours a week. Not to mention all the new clients we’ve brought in.” Suddenly Peter remembered something, “Damn, I forgot to give Marc my expense report for last month.”

“I hope he doesn’t get yelled out by his boss. Raymond seems to be riding that poor guy hard. He runs the accounting department with an iron fist.” Bryan commented after finishing the last of his shake.

“What I hear, Raymond rides Marc outside the office pretty hard too,” Peter said with a raised eyebrow. He began to wash the blender’s carafe in the sink

“Really, well I’m glad they have each other.” Bryan walked up behind Peter and wrapped his arms around him, pressing his masterful package into Peter’s ass. “Just like I’m glad I have you.”

Peter took in a deep breath as he felt Bryan’s expanding cock trying to push apart his ass cheeks through the thin layers of fabric that separated the two men’s bodies. Peter’s deepest, darkest desire was finally fulfilled. The man he loved and wanted, loved and wanted him in return. “Is that a fact, Mr. Copelli?”

Bryan started to kiss Peter’s neck and shoulders, “Yes, Mr. Kolowski. One I want to prove to you over and over again.”