My Father's Child

Chapter 1

Chief Ankanin lay in his tent peering through the open flap. He could see the center of the encampment. He was watching his oldest son, Akthip, teaching the younger boys of the tribe how to make arrows. A thunderous sound filled the air as the hunting party returned. Everyone came to greet the men and see what they had killed. The crowd cheered as they saw buffalo carcasses being dragged behind some of the horses. The women, older men and boys praised the hunters, especially Amvann, the leader. Amvann beamed self confidence as the praise washed over him. He walked confidently through the crowd as everyone touched and thanked him for the food. He passed by Akthip, who had remained seated, the only one not greeting his returning brother. Amvann bent down and picked up one of the arrows to look at its craftsmanship in detail. He snapped the shaft into two and said something that Ankanin could not hear, but the laughter from the crowd made it obvious it was something said at Akthip’s expense. The chief wanted to scold his youngest son for teasing his brother once again; however his weakened state prevented it. As a father he knew he shouldn’t love one child over another, but his head did not control his heart. Anakin closed his eyes and thought about his life.

Chief Anakin had led his tribe for over twenty prosperous years. He was a wise, fair-minded man. His people loved him and he them. He married Adini soon after becoming chief. She was small and plain, but had a kind heart. They knew each other as children and she was Akanin’s first love. After several frustrating years, Adini became pregnant. Nine torturous months later she gave birth to a boy, Akthip, the chief’s first son. Adini was dead before her son’s first birthday; her small body never fully able to recover from her difficult pregnancy.

Needing a wife and mother for his young son, Ankanin married again quickly; even though he was still deep in mourning for his only love. Not wanting to suffer the pain of another wife’s death, he married Afaun. She was young, athletic and strong. The chief’s friends warned him that Afaun’s beauty was matched equally by her selfishness and cunning. But Afaun took good care of Ankanin. She lavished praise on him to lower his guard so she could manipulate him to her will. Within a few weeks Afaun was pregnant and months later gave the chief a second son, Amvann. Ankanin loved both of his boys, but he groomed his first born to be the next chief. Afaun became jealous of the love Ankanin gave Akthip. She wanted her son to be chief and at every opportunity made her husband aware their physical differences. For the boys took after their mother’s. At 19 Akthip was short, thin and sickly; but was kind and wise beyond his years. Amvaan, at only 17 was the tallest, most handsome man in the tribe. He also possessed a large, muscular physique giving him great strength, speed and agility. Amvaan became the tribe’s best hunter. But he was also very arrogant about his physical gifts. Mostly because his mother had constantly told him how superior he was to all the other men, especially his half-brother, Akthip.

Over the past several months Chief Ankanin’s health had started to worsen. Having always been a strong man, he found it frustrating as each day his body became weaker and feebler. He knew he could no longer lead his people, he held a special tribal council to select his successor. Ankanin told the group of tribe elders he wanted Akthip to be the next chief, he thought his good heart would serve the tribe well. Afaun’s uncle, Anant, asked why Amvaan should not be chief. He explained Amvaan was a leader of men not hearts. A good heart can not keep our people fed and protected from our enemies. Anant suggested a contest between the chief’s two sons to decide. Ankanin was against it knowing Akthip could never beat Amvaan in any physical competition. The debate continued for hours with either side changing their minds. Finally Ankanin was worn down by the argument and agreed to the contest, but he would decide the task.

Ankanin spent several days thinking about the competition. He knew it had to be physical in nature to proof who was the better man, but wanted it to fair at the same time. Afaun made a suggestion one night as her husband drifted off to sleep. He always felt weaker after eating the evening meal his wife prepared for him. She gently caressed his head as she spoke softly, “You are so weary. Let me help you with this burden, husband. Why not make the challenge to slay the serpent, Apsunxara? For not only is he powerful but clever with his bewildering eyes and intoxicating hiss. It will take as much wisdom as strength to defeat the great snake. It is a worthy task for our next great chief.” Ankanin nodded his head in agreement before falling asleep.

Once Anakin was sound asleep, Afaun slipped out of their teepee and went to the edge of the lake. There she tossed a small pentagram woven of poppy stems and some dried corn kernels into the water. She said an incantation to summon Apuruvaan, the dark sorcerer of the lake. Afaun waited a few moments, but no one or nothing came. Then in the darkness she heard a growl of a wolf from behind a nearby tree. She looked up into the tree’s branches above her and saw a raven peering down at her. The bird swooped down cawing and encircling her. Afaun fell to her knees covering her head with her arms in fear. Suddenly the deafening noise stopped and Afaun looked to see if the bird was gone. As she looked up, there before her was a large black stallion. She had never seen such a powerful beast with eyes as dark and empty as the surrounding night. The horse rose up on its back legs, pawing at the air with its forelimbs. The horse started to morph into the shape of a human; a man. The man stood before Afaun completely nude. Afaun’s eyes scanned his impressive physique. Still on her knees, his large endowment was at her eye level. The man moved closer to Afaun, who was paralyzed with fear. The movement of the stranger’s powerful, sinewy limbs reminded Afaun of the stallion that was before her just moments ago. The man moved his impressive bulk with assured grace. He asked why he was summoned. Afaun had to look away from the imposing figure before she was able to speak. She explained that she needed Apuruvaan to help her son defeat Apsunxara. And once Amvaan was chief, she would have him build a shrine to the sorcerer of the lake. The tribe would worship him for generations, as he rightfully deserved. Apuruvaan agreed and instructed Afaun to send the chief’s son to the lake tomorrow night at sunset and he would give him whatever he asked for to kill the serpent. The sorcerer morphed into a horse once again and leapt over Afaun toward the lake. The horse ran on top of the water on silent hoofs until disappearing in the darkness.

The next day Ankanin announced the competition to select the next chief. Everyone agreed that it was a fair challenge requiring intelligence and strength. However Afaun wanted to make sure her son would win. She told Amvaan to go to the lake and ask Apuruvaan for the wisdom to outsmart the clever snake. Amvaan promised to do as his mother instructed before he headed out with the morning hunting party.

Akthip spent most of the day figuring out his strategy. He knew he could never overpower the snake but would need to out think the demon. He asked the elders for all the information they knew about Apsunxara. It was about dusk when he went to his father’s tent to seek his advice. He found his father sleeping, his afternoon naps were getting longer with each passing day. He looked down at his father who looked vulnerable for the first time. His father woke as Akthip was about to leave. Ankanin tried to speak but his mouth was dry and he couldn’t force the words. Akthip went to give his father some water but found the jug in the teepee empty. He told his father he would get some water for him from the lake. Akthip ran as quickly as his short, thin legs could carry him, struggling with the cumbersome water jug. When he got to the lake he fell to the ground in exhaustion. He thought how could he defeat the great snake if fetching water was too much for him. As the sun set, Akthip filled the jug with water. He was startled as he saw the reflection of a horse standing over him. He dropped the jug and turned to look behind him. But he did not see a horse, but a man. A impossibly powerful looking man. Akthip first thought he had to be a warrior from another tribe, but soon realized no man could look like he did. He had to be a god or sorceror. Apuruvaan asked, “Are you the chief’s son?” Akthip shook his head yes. “I am here to help you become chief. Tell me what you need to defeat Apsunxara.” Akthip looked in awe at the man before him. “I need muscles,” Akthip said before thinking, Akthip looked away embarrassed. “I mean I wish I had my brother’s strength, speed, and other physical gifts. I want to be a leader of men, a hunter, a warrior.”

Apuruvaan picked up a small stone from the ground and pressed it between his two palms. A reddish glow radiated from his hands. When he opened his hands, Akthip saw a small medallion with a strange symbol carved into the flattened rock. The spirit then pulled a strand of his long, dark hair from his head. He passed the hair through a hole in the medallion to make a necklace. As Apuruvann lowered his gift over Akthip’s head he spoke. “Now you can take whatever you want from your brother by touching the source of his gifts.” Akthip looked down at the medallion that hung in the center of his small, featureless chest. He raised his head to ask a question of the spirit, but he was gone. Akthip sat alone by the lake in the dark. The silence was broken when Amvaan rode up on his horse and jumped down from the steed in haste. He scanned the darkness looking for someone other than his brother.

“What are you doing here?” Amvaan asked.

“Getting water for father, but something hap…” Akthip began to answer.

Amvaan interrupted his brother while still scanning the area, “I just came back with the hunting party. We men killed many deer, so many their weight slowed down my return. I don’t want to hear about you doing woman’s work.”

Akthip’s ire grew with Amvaan’s cutting words. “Are you looking for something or someone, brother?” Akthip asked while fingering his new adornment.

Amvaan turned to look at his sibling, angered by the tone in his voice. He saw the strange medallion and the strange look in his brother’s eyes. He tackled the smaller man to the ground. The men tumbled with Amvaan ending up on top of his brother. The larger man’s weight pinned Akthip to the ground. Atkthip struggled to free himself, his left arm held down by one of Amvaan’s legs. Amvaan laughed as he saw how helpless his big brother looked. Akthip slid his hand toward the gap between his tormentor’s thick legs. As he tried to free his twisted hand it brushed Amvaan’s dangling ball sack. Against his will, Akthip’s hand closed shut tightly around his brother’s large jewels.

Both men froze, Akthip started to chant as the medallion around his neck glowed. He felt a surge of raw energy rushing from his hand, up his arm, and throughout his body. He squeezed Amvaan’s balls harder enjoying the powerful sensation. The chanting became louder and faster reaching a feverish pitch. Then as fast as it started, it ended. Akthip gained control over his body once more. He released his brother’s balls. He struggled to his feet as his limbs became more responsive. He stood over his brother who still lay motionless at his feet, but with eyes wide open.

Akthip started to panic. What had just happened? Was his brother dead? Would the tribe blame him? Suddenly Amvaan blinked and let out a slight moan. Akthip knelt down by Amvaan’s side. He went to comfort his brother by holding his hand. But Amvaan jerked his hand away and tried to scream. Akthip could see the terror in his eyes. He didn’t want Akthip to touch him again. Akthip stood up and backed away. Amvaan stammered, “Wha..what dddid you do to me? Why do I feel so strange, so weak?”

Akthip didn’t answer. He felt strange too. Not weak however, but strong. Amvaan started to call for help. Akthip saw Amvaan’s horse nearby. He ran to the horse, with each step he felt more powerful, his speed increasing. He grabbed the horse’s mane and jumped on its back like he had seen Amvaan do so many times; but was never able to do before. He looked down at his brother who was as shocked by Akthip’s sudden agility. Amvaan looked small and helpless to Akthip for the first time. Akthip heard others responding to Amvaan’s cries. With a quick kick to the horse’s torso, he rode off disappearing into the night.

Akthip rode the horse hard, not knowing or caring where he was going, it felt so good to have the wind in his face. With each passing moment he felt stronger and more alive. Straddling the horse bareback, the rhythm of its gallop stimulated his manhood. His clothes tightened around his body, the hand stitched seams pulling apart around his thighs. Akthip never felt so alive and healthy. He leaned forward forcing more of his crotch to make contact with the animal beneath him. His cock became hard as steel as it grew to new larger proportions. His breathing became more rapid, he wrapped his arms around the horse’s neck. He whispered ‘’faster” into the beast’s ear. The pace quickened for the both the horse and rider. With a deep moan Akthip came. The horse instinctively slowed to a trot before coming to a complete stop. Akthip dismounted and removed his tattered clothing. His larger, more muscular body glowed in the moonlight. He rubbed his powerful torso, before massaging his massive balls and meat. He felt so big and powerful. He raised his hands to the sky and yelled, “I will be chief.”

The moon’s cycle had twice passed before Akthip returned to his village. He rode in on Amvaan’s horse wearing only a strip of cloth around his tight waist. The members of the tribe watched emotionless has he arrived at his father’s tent. From the tent, Afawn and her uncle appeared. He jumped off the horse confidently. He removed a large bundle tied to the horse. Akthip unwrapped the bundle to reveal a giant snake head. He held it up for everyone to see before tossing it to the ground. . “I have killed Apsunxara. I have proven my bravery and hunting skills to be your next chief”.

“You are not our chief,” Afawn said with disgust. “You are a sorcerer and a murderer.” Akthip did not respond as a look of disbelief took over his face. “Tell us how you became so big and strong, Akthip?” Akthip just watched the woman circle around him. “You stole my son’s strength, your own brother, leaving him weak and frail. He was so weak that when a sickness came to the village he didn’t have the strength to fight it. Now he’s dead because of your desire to be chief.” She spat in Akthip’s face. “You will never be chief.”

Akthip wiped the spittle from his face and looked at the angry crowd now surrounding him. “I want to hear what my father has to say, not the words of his woman. He sent me on the quest. Is he not still the leader of this tribe?”

“Your father is dead. He died the night you left. Maybe you killed him just like Amvaan” Afawn said taking advantage of the situation. “Could not even Apuruvaan satisfy your hunger for power with only one man?”

Akthip’s great sorrow about learning of his father’s death, was squelched when he came to a realization. “I never said anything about Apuruvaan? That night he was expecting the chief’s son to be by the lake. But it wasn’t supposed to be me was it Afawn? It was you who summoned him? You would have done anything to ensure your SON became chief, even though it was not his birthright.”

Afawn panicked momentarily, before getting back her composure. “Don’t twist the truth with your forked tongue sorcerer. My son and husband are dead. Only a servant of Apuruvaan would be so cold hearted to do what you have done.” She turned to the tribe, “He is no longer part of this tribe. His treachery should not go unpunished?”

The crowd shouted in agreement, two of the tribe’s braves came forward and grabbed Akthip’s thick arms. Akthip used his superior strength to free himself; he jumped on his horse and raced away. He eluded his pursuers and found himself by the lake. He climbed down from his horse and walked into the water. He fell to his knees. Realizing his quest to kill Apsunxara meant nothing now. His destiny was stolen from him. His parents were dead and he had killed his brother. He was alone with no where to go.

His despair turned to anger. He slammed his large, powerful hands into the calm surface of the water. “I will not let that woman rule my tribe. My father wanted me to be chief and I will be. I’ll rule over everyone one day. All I need is to be bigger and stronger. I’ll prove I am the worthy successor.” Akthip looked out over the lake and yelled, “Apuruvaan! Apuruvaan, your loyal servant summons you.” The water before him started to bubble and churn. The ferocity of the bubbling increased until the water erupted several feet above the surface. In the center of the torrent a head emerged, then a body, it was Apuruvaan. He stood directly in front of Akthip, the lake water cascading down his rippling naked physique. “Why have you summoned me?” he said in his booming baritone voice.

“I need to be bigger and stronger,” Akthip said trying to avoid staring at the spirit’s impressive muscles.

“Why, haven’t you already killed the serpent god?” Apuruvaan asked.

“Yes, but I need more to be chief. I want to be so strong that no one would dare deny me.” Akthip pleaded.

“You mortals are never satisfied. You ask me for more, and I get nothing in return.” Apuruvaan moved his large, dark, penetrating eyes from Akthip for the first time and looked around, “Where is my alter you promised?”

“An alter? I’ll build you an alter, many alters, if I become chief. Give me what I ask for and I’ll rule over my tribe and all the surrounding tribes. I’ll build alters for you in all the known lands. Just make me stronger” Akthip demanded.

Apuruvaan bent down and touched the medallion he gave Akthip that still hung around his neck. “Foolish man, you already possess the means to get what you desire.” The malevolent spirit smiled as he returned to full upright stance, placing his hands on his hips. “You need to just touch the source of any male creature’s masculinity. And all their strength and virility becomes yours.”

Akthip clutched the medallion and lowered his eyes to look at the shiny black stone in the shape of a horse’s head. “Any male creature” he said softly. He raised his head, slowly scanning the thickly corded muscles of Apuruvaan’s thighs, his brick-like abdominals, billowing pectorals, powerful arms, yard-wide shoulders and thick neck before reaching his ruggedly handsome face framed by a waist length, jet black mane. Akthip quickly reached up and grabbed onto Apuruvaan’s ball sack. The spirit was only able to scream “no” before his body became rigid. Akthip began muttering an incantation as he lost control of his body too. His right hand was the only body part moving as it tightened more and more around his victims testicles. Suddenly Akthip stopped chanting and released his grip falling back onto the shore. He watched Apuruvaan’s stiff body fall into the lake, sinking out of sight.

Akthip struggled to his feet, his body shaking and burning with new energy. He could feel his body stretching and lengthening. He felt his muscles expanding and growing stronger. His hair thickened and grew longer sprouting down the center of his widening back. His hair, skin and eyes darkened. His muscle growth outpaced his increase in height as he became broader and more imposing. The growth stopped and he stood flexing each muscle enjoying the vast power his body now possessed. The leather necklace, which held his medallion, snapped from the strain caused by his bull-like neck. He picked up the medallion and smiled at how much smaller it looked in his larger hand. He traced the medallion’s carving with one of his thick fingers, seeing himself in the artwork for the first time. He wrapped the leather strip around his left wrist twice and knotted it in place.

The entire tribe came to the center of the camp as Akthip walked in slowly. He stopped directly in front of Afaun and Ancle. He stood before his tribe in the nude. Everyone was silent as they stared at the magnificently formed man before them. He looked directly at Afaun before he began to speak. “I am Akthip-Amvaan and I am your chief. My new name pays homage to my brother who is forever a part of me.” Afaun opened her mouth to speak, but decided to hold her words when the intimidating man raised his index finger in her direction. At the same moment, several braves returned to the encampment for their search for Akthip. Like everyone else, they were stunned by his new appearance. Akthip walked over to the largest brave still on horseback. Akthip bent down and stooped underneath the horse. The animal remained perfectly calm. He straightened his legs lifting the horse of the ground with his shoulders. The crowd gasped and backed away. Akthip repositioned his hands and easily pressed the beast over his head using the strength of the two men and a sorcerer he now possessed. He did a full turn to look everyone in the eye before setting the stallion gently back to the ground. “Does anyone here challenge my claim as the one and only chief of this tribe?” No one said a word. “With me as your leader, we will accomplish great things. I will unite all the lands under me. Those who defy me will perish.” With those words he looked at Afaun, he then turned to the group of warrior braves. “And those who follow me will be rewarded by becoming the most powerful braves the world as ever known.” Akthip palmed his massive package before displaying his spectacular physique with a double bicep pose. The power and beauty of his body awed the other men. None of them dare challenge his leadership.

Several months passed and Akthip-Amvaan kept his word. He united all the neighboring tribes under his rule. Most tribes surrendered just from the site of Akthip’s approach. Those who opposed him were captured and used to enhance his most loyal warriors. Akthip learned he could use the power of the medallion to transfer one man’s masculinity to another. He had his brave grab hold of the victim’s balls then we would simply touch the brave’s back. The medallion pulled the strength out of the captive and into his follower. Soon Akthip had a small army of enhanced braves. He no longer needed to join the war parties. He would stay behind with the women, while the other men enforced his rule. Every woman, married or not, was available to Akthip. He would select several each day to service him. They would bath, feed and satisfy his every desire.

One day, when Akthip was the only man left in camp, he had just enjoyed a large meal after several hours of love making. He felt tired and laid down on his bed. He started having difficulty breathing. His arms and legs were becoming numb. He called out for help, but no one came. Soon he couldn’t move or speak. He heard someone enter the teepee but couldn’t move his head to see who it was. Afaun came into his limited view. She knelt down beside him. “I see the great chief is still alive,” she ran her hand over Akthip heaving chest and down his powerful arm. “You are even stronger than I thought. I gave you more than five times the poison as I used to kill your father. But maybe it’s better this way. Now you can watch me steal from you what you stole from my son.” Afaun took a knife from her belt and moved her hand down to the chief’s large masculine package. After playing with his equipment for a few seconds to satisfy her curiosity, she lifted his thick member holding it up at the tip with her small fingers. She brought the blade to the base of the thick shaft. After looking to see the horror in the strong man’s eyes, she forced the knife into his skin. It took several saw-like cuts to free his cock from his body. Ignoring the gushing blood, she continued her mutilation of her stepson. She brought the knife to his sack and with several more strokes castrated the giant.

Akthip body seized up in pain. Afaun just laughed as he clutched his removed parts. Using all his remaining strength Akthip got to his knees. He crawled out from the tent leaving a trail of blood behind him. He had a strong need to get to the lake. Afaun and the other women surrounded him as he slowly moved forward. He made it only a few yards before collapsing. Akthip could feel life leaving his body. He looked at the forest surrounding him. As he slipped into unconsciousness, the pine trees began to blur before his eyes.

Wallace watched the trees blur past as he stared outside the passenger side window. Everything looked so vigorous in the mountains. But the pine-scented air and bright sunshine couldn’t lift his sense of pending doom. He sneezed and turned to his father in the driver’s seat, “Do I have stay overnight?”

“Bless you and yes you do, Wallace. All the other boys are going to be sleeping over,” the middle-aged man looked briefly at his son and saw the boy’s distressed expression. He gave him a warm smile before reaching over and rubbing his hand playfully on top of the boy’s head. “Don’t look so glum, chum.”

Wallace kept his head down and sniffled before speaking. “But Dad, the twins hate me. They pick on me every day at school, ordering me around like a servant. I get really mad but can’t do anything about it because they’re so much bigger than I am. They only asked me to come because their parents made them invite every boy in class,” Wallace said before inhaling quickly through his nose to draw up the snot.

“Wallace stop sniffling and blow your nose” the man instructed his son as he reached for his handkerchief. He attempted to give it to the boy, but stopped when he saw him rubbing his nose on his shirt sleeve. The father shook his head disapprovingly before continuing, “If the twins don’t like you, it’s because they don’t know you well enough. School only started a few weeks ago. This will be a chance to make them your friends. There is always going to be people bigger and stronger than you. You’re going to have to learn to deal with bullies on a psychological level. Lagette men are thinkers not fighters.” His father spoke without taking his eyes off the steep, winding road. “Who knows, you may actually have a good time. I hear camping can be a lot of fun.” He sneezed and used the handkerchief still in his hand. “The pollen count must be at an all-time high today, huh buddy?”

“Have you ever been camping, Dad?” Wallace asked.

His father hesitated momentarily, “No, I haven’t. But I always wanted to.”

Wallace sighed and returned looking at the evergreens passing by quickly. He thought how he never was able to do what he wanted. At school he was bullied by the twins and at home he had to do what his father said. He couldn’t wait to grow-up so he didn’t have to listen to anyone.

The car pulled up the crude driveway to the modest log cabin alongside the lake. Once parked, Wallace didn’t move as his father got out of the car to greet the waiting hosts. The boy couldn’t believe what he saw; the twin’s father looked enormous. Wallace never thought of his father as being small, but compared to the other man he looked so insignificant. The big man wore a pair of shorts; that were probably swim trunks since they had no fly. The material was stretched tightly over his thick, muscular thighs and round ass. The cloth surrounding the large bulge between his legs puckered as it strained to contain him. His powerful torso was covered by an equally tight t-shirt. The thin, white cotton hugged each protruding chest muscle like a second skin, his nipples clearly visible through the cloth. In contrast, the material was gathered loosely around his narrow waist before disappearing into his shorts. The stressed sleeves of the t-shirt, unable to enrobe his massive upper arms, were forced up towards his shoulders. His pumped left bicep was being tightly gripped by an attractive blond woman. Even she was taller than his Wallace’s dad. The woman, presumably his wife, wore a pair of cut off denim shorts and a bikini top. The snug swimsuit pushed her voluptuous breasts together forcing them to bulge upward; jiggling like a gelatin desert with her slightest move. The smiling couple looked like the after picture in a health tonic advertisement; their beauty and vitality glowed brightly despite standing in the shadow cast by their vacation home.

Wallace listened as his father introduced himself to the beautiful people, “Hi, I’m Stanley Lagette, Wallace’s dad.” Stanley looked at his side expecting his son to be there. He saw him sitting in the car and gestured for him to get out. Wallace sighed again and opened the car door; he pulled out his overly packed knapsack. He struggled to lift the heavy bag. “Don’t hurt yourself son, use the bag’s wheels. That’s why they are there.”

Wallace approached with his head down puling the bag behind him. “Wallace, this is Mr. and Mrs.Graither, Taylor and Tyler’s parents.” Stanley put his arm around his son’s shoulder and looked up at the larger man, “This is my son, Wallace.” The young boy looked up too, straining his neck to see the giant’s rugged face. The mountain of a man bent forward to see the little boy blocked by his broad chest; he smiled and held out his hand. Wallace thought he heard this t-shirt creak in protest as the movement caused his muscles to flex. Wallace followed the thick vein from the man’s bicep down to his hand. He just stared at the huge claw. He felt his father shake his shoulder to urge him to return the gesture. Wallace worked past his fear and put his hand inside the giant’s. It disappeared among the thick, calloused fingers of his host. Wallace’s whole body quaked as the man moved his hand up and down ever so slightly. The boy could feel the incredible strength the man possessed even as he tried to be gentle.

“Nice to meet you Wally, you can call me Bruce,” the giant’s bass-heavy voice resonated in the boy’s chest. Wallace leaned into his father for reassurance.

“And I’m Callie,” the twin’s mother said with a dazzling smile. She unconsciously ran her delicate fingers over her husband’s free arm enjoying the feel of its smooth hardness.

“I’m sorry we are a little late,” Stanley said still clinging tightly to his son. Wallace could feel his father’s hands shaking under his grip. Wallace thought maybe his father was a little frightened too.

“No problem, Stan. It was a shame Wally couldn’t come up in our SUVs with the other boys. They sang songs and had a great time. That way you wouldn’t had to make a special trip.” Bruce put his hands on his hips, allowing his chest to expand to its full circumference. Wallace thought it made him look like a superhero in a cartoon. He never thought such a powerful man existed in real life. His eyes fell unto the bulge in his shorts. Wallace didn’t understand what he could be carrying in there that could be that big. Wallace knew what he had between his legs and had even seen his father’s private parts once when he accidentally walked in on him while he was in the bathroom. Wallace couldn’t believe it was anatomically possible to have something big enough to cause a bulge like that, no matter how much taller and wider he was than his father. Wallace continued to stare at the big man’s crotch. He knew it was wrong, but couldn’t help himself. He was mesmerized by it for some reason. He tuned out the adult’s conversation. Suddenly he felt his father shrugging at his shoulder again and saw everyone looking at him. Wallace looked at his father’s disapproving face than at his classmates’ parents. Callie gave him an uneasy smile while still caressing her husband’s left arm. Bruce was looking over Stanley keeping an eye on the other boys running about the property. He seemed obvious to his wife and Wallace’s preoccupation with his body. Or maybe he was just accustomed to being touched and stared out by others.

“I was saying that you get car sick sometimes on long drives, don’t you son?” Stanley asked as he looked down at Wallace. Wallace shook his head affirmatively. “We packed all his required supplies for the weekend; his asthma inhaler, allergy pills and special underwear?” Bruce gave a slight laugh, before forcing a neutral expression back onto his face. His wife smacked his arm playfully to punish him for his rude outburst.

“Dad,” Wallace whined.

Stanley looked up at his host. “Sometimes he has a bladder control issue. It’s not that uncommon for growing boys of his age”

“Dad,” Wallace said again this time with an angry tone.

“Don’t worry Wallace. It will be our little secret,” Callie said.

Mr.Graither gave a loud whistle and yelled, “Boys get over here and greet your guest.” The identical twins quickly responded to their father’s call. The mother got pushed aside as each boy stood by their father, each grabbing hold of one his thick forearms. “Boys, this is Mr.Lagette, Wally’s father.” The boys reluctantly, but politely took turns shaking Stanley’s hand; their forceful grip taking the older man by surprise. The twins were already as tall as he was. They towered over Wallace as Bruce did over Stanley.

“My, you certainly have a strong grip there boys,” Stanley said shaking his right hand. “Happy Birthday, how old are you?”

“Thirteen,” the boys said in unison.

“Thirteen!” Stanley scanned the two boys then looked up to their father. “They’re big for their age aren’t they?”

“Yes, they are,” Bruce said beaming with pride, “One day they’re going to be bigger than their old man, but for now I’m still bigger.” He bent his arms; the boys wrapped their bodies tightly around the crook of their father’s arms pulling down with all their might. But the big man easily went into a double bicep pose lifting the twins off the ground. He laughed and the boys giggled. It was obvious the test of strength was something they did often. “The way they’re growing, I won’t be able to do this much longer.” He set them down. “They are going to make me so proud when they’re great athletes”.

“Oh, do you play sports?” Stanley asked trying not to sound foolish.

“Yes, college ball before turning pro. Played in the NFL for several years, ended my career with the Seahawks. I retired four years ago. Now I coach and teach PhysEd at the high school. I can’t wait for my boys to get there. With them on the team we’ll take the state title every year.” The coach’s voice growing more excited as he talked about the future he had planned.

His wife wrapped her arms around her husband’s tight waist and squeezed, “But we are not going to force them to play football if they don’t want to”.

“We want to be just like Daddy,” Tyler said.

Bruce smirked, “Remember dear, if it wasn’t for football we would have probably never met.” He raised his heavy arm and placed it behind his wife forcing her to move forward as he hugged her.

“I was a cheerleader,” Callie said coyly. “What line of work are you in Stanley?”

“Well I know it’s hard to believe but I’m not a professional athlete,” Stanley said in an attempt at humor. Bruce and the twins laughed. Wallace didn’t find it funny. He was even a little embarrassed. “I’m a regional distribution manager for a plastics injection molding company” Stanley said with pride. There was an awkward silence for a moment. Callie finally spoke, “Plastic injection that sounds so interesting. Doesn’t it honey?” Bruce shrugged his imposing shoulders and mumbled “sure.” The woman continued her inquiries, “And does your wife work outside the home?”

Wallace was losing interest in the conversation again and found himself staring at the big man’s crotch again. He took his gaze away and looked at the twins. Tyler shook his head in disgust, mouthing the word “fag.” Taylor just sneered at Wallace. Wallace looked down at his feet.

“I’m a widower. My wife died several days after Wallace was born. She was very frail, with a heart condition. The pregnancy was too much for her.” He pulled Wallace closer to him. “It’s just the two of us now.” Wallace hated when his father told that story, it made him feel it was his fault his mother had died.

“Oh I’m so sorry for your loss,” Callie said putting her hand on Stanley’s upper arm to comfort him. She looked at her hand on Stanley’s thin arm and then moved it back to her husband’s. She squeezed his large muscle and then wrapped both arms around his powerful limb. She silently thanked God she got to sleep next to a man like her husband every night. “Our boys will grow up to play in the NFL and Wallace will be a successful business man. Like father like son is what they say.”

“I don’t know if I’m all that successful. I just do what my bosses tell me. But I know Wallace will be. He’s a very bright boy. He skipped the 3rd grade. That’s why he’s the youngest in class. He’s only eleven and won’t turn twelve until December. Unfortunately, he is taking after me in his physical development. I was a late bloomer. And that can be very difficult for a boy, I remember all too well.” Stanley tried to be humorous again by stating the obvious. “Of course compared to you Bruce, it looks like I still waiting.”

Bruce stood tall and flexed his muscles slightly to make the difference in the two men’s physical appearance even more striking. Everyone laughed again except Wallace. He looked at his dad and saw his future. For the first time he saw him as a man instead as his father. He saw the pale skin that covered his soft features; the weak chin that melted into his narrow, twig-like body. The poor fitting clothes, orthopedic shoes, and thick glasses made him look like the clichéd nerd. Wallace remembered thinking it was cool when he got glasses that matched his father’s. Now he wondered if they looked as dorky on him as they did on his father. Wallace always thought one day he wouldn’t be the smallest guy around, the weakling that everyone told what to do. But he now realized that would never change. He was his father’s child. Stanley saw the pensive look on his son’s face.

“I guess I’ve embarrassed my son enough for one day. It’s time for me to go so the boys can begin their birthday festivities,” Stanley leaned down and kissed his son goodbye. Wallace wiped his cheek dry and heard the twins snickering. “You behave yourself and listen to Mr. and Mrs.Graither.” He sneezed and wiped his nose with the used hanky from his pocket. “Remember to wear your jacket to keep warm and take your allergy medication.” Stanley looked back at the Graither’s, “Allergies, something else he unfortunately inherited from me.” The beautiful couple smiled and said their goodbyes. Wallace watched his father zip up his nylon wind breaker before getting in the car to drive away. He didn’t move for a few moments, not even waving to his father. He felt numb from his recent realization.

“It’s turning into a warm day.” Bruce lifted his right arm to wipe his brow on his sleeve revealing a large sweat stain. “Come on boys, tell your buddies to head to the dock. Let’s cool off in the Lake” the twin’s father said as he started to walk down the path. The twin’s followed screaming from excitement. The other boys from class were close behind making even more noise. They all followed Bruce like he was the piped piper.

“Aren’t you going to join them, Wallace?” Callie asked softly. Wallace was still staring down the deserted driveway. The twin’s mother walked up to the boy and put her hands on his shoulders. She gently turned him around and guided him toward the path to the lake. “You’re father will be back to pick you up before you know it. Go have some fun with the others.” She let go and stopped walking. She watched Wallace slowly continue down the path alone without any enthusiasm. “Everything will be okay, Wallace.” the woman said loudly in a positive tone.

Wallace arrived at the lake to see the giant at the edge of the dock. He had taken off his shirt. His bronzed skin made his muscles look more natural, less bulky, than when clothed. His immense size and thin coat of body hair contrasted with the boys that surrounded him making him appear even larger. Wallace, like all the boys, was in awe of him. Something instinctual made them want to be around him, to follow and obey him. They wanted his acknowledgement and approval. The other boys lined-up on the dock waiting for him. He picked up each boy and threw them high into the air letting them fall into the lake below. The boys quickly exited out of the lake and eagerly got back in line. Wallace heard them laughing and saying this was better than any theme park ride. Bruce seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as the boys. It took so little effort for him to toss the kids around. When it was Taylor’s turn he asked his father, “Due the airplane throw, Dad.” Bruce grabbed his son’s left wrist in one hand and his left ankle in the other. Bruce then spun him around in a circle before letting his son go over the water. Taylor changed position when he was high in the air, tucking his knees to his chest and wrapping his arms around his legs. He did a cannonball into the lake. The impact’s large splash hitting the boys watching on the dock. Taylor came to the surface with a loud victory cry. All the boys cheered and applauded. They told each other how “cool” and “fun” that looked. Each boy begged Bruce to throw them like an airplane too. Bruce said it wouldn’t be safe. Tyler moved to the front of the group “I’ll guess we’ll have to throw you into the lake than Dad”.

“Really” Bruce said with a smirk on his face and folding his arms across his chest.

“Really,” Tyler said, “Get him guys!” All the boys climbed onto the big man. They clung onto to his arms, legs, waist and neck. Even with eight boys attached to him, Bruce was able to move about with ease. Everyone was laughing, even Wallace as he watched the action from a safe distance.

“No, I can’t take anymore. You boys are too much for me.” Bruce feigned fatigue. He waddled over to the edge of the dock. “I’m a goner.” He fell backwards crashing into the water. A splash war broke out in the lake between Bruce and all the boys. The giant began dunking the boys underwater. Many ganged up on him to force him under. Everyone was laughing and screaming loudly. Bruce pulled himself onto the dock combing his wet hair back away from his face with his thick fingers. His swimsuit clung even tighter to his body now that it was wet. The boys asked for his help in getting out of the water. He quickly and easily lifted two boys at a time onto the dock, one with each arm. He lifted the boys high above the dock, before lowering them to their feet. All the boys were amazed by Bruce’s strength. They asked him to flex his arms so they could feel his muscles. He obliged their request. The twins seemed as proud of their father’s physique as Bruce was. Bruce then asked the boys to flex for him. He gingerly touched each boy’s arm commenting how big and hard their muscles were.

After a comical pose down, Bruce said it was time for lunch. The boys ran back toward the cabin passing, but not acknowledging, Wallace. Bruce and the twins brought up the rear. When Bruce saw Wallace he stopped and asked, “Why didn’t you join us in the lake, Wally?”

Wallace looked up at the giant, his body glistening in the bright sun. “I’m not supposed to go swimming. I have narrow ear canals and tend to get inner ear infections”.

“What a wimp,” Tyler mumbled. Taylor laughed.

“Boys, that’s enough” Bruce said, “It’s not nice to make fun of someone’s medical conditions. You should be thankful that you are strong and healthy.” He put his hand on Wallace’s back, “Come on Wally, let’s get you something to eat.” Bruce kept his hand on the littlest boy’s back, purposely shortening his stride to not rush Wallace. The twin’s got frustrated with the slow pace and ran ahead to join their friends. Wallace could feel the heat radiating from the man’s large hand. He could feel his strength and didn’t want him to let go. Wallace never felt so safe and protected in his life.

Lunch was hamburgers and hotdogs. Wallace was the last to sit at the picnic table where the other boys were already eating. He was the only one fully dressed, his classmates were all shirtless and in their swim trunks. Even at a young age, the twins had defined bodies; the shape of their growing musculature clearly visible under their skin. The twins looked at each other and smiled. Then they made sure their parents’ attention was elsewhere. The adults were busy with the cooking and cleaning. Tyler put his larger hand on the can of soda Wallace was carrying. He jerked the can away from Wallace, “I’ll take that.” Wallace didn’t react. This was going to be just like a typical day at school.

Taylor took the hotdog from Wallace’s plate, “I’ll take that and go get me a soda, wimp.” Wallace didn’t move. “Did you hear me wimp? I said get me a soda.” Wallace still didn’t move. “You don’t want to get me angry four eyes. My brother and I will pull you out of your tent tonight and throw you into the lake naked. I’m sure we would all get a good laugh at seeing your little dick as you crawl out of the lake shivering”.

“But you can’t do that Bro. He may get an inner ear infection because of his narrow ear canals” Tyler mocked. Wallace got up without making eye contact with the snickering crowd. Again he had no choice but to follow the twin’s orders. He returned with two cans, one for Taylor and one for himself. Wallace set Taylor’s soda on the table in front of his tormentor. Wallace started eating the pile of potato salad that remained on his nearly empty plate. Taylor opened his can of soda and poured it out onto the ground, then he took the other can that Wallace brought for himself. He popped it open before taking a large gulp. Tyler tipped Wallace’s plate so it fell into the smaller boy’s lap. Everyone laughed softly so not to draw the adult’s attention. Wallace got up and walked away from the table. The group of boys started to pelt him with pieces of food. Wallace quickened his pace, not stopping until he was on the other side of a small hill that blocked him from their view. He reached into the pocket of his windbreaker for his inhaler. He tired to calm himself down, trying not to cry. He knew that would only make things worse for him if the others saw him cry.

Wallace lay in the grass for several minutes looking up at the passing clouds, getting control of his breathing. The peacefulness of the moment interrupted only by his frequent sneezes. He sat up to wipe his nose with his sleeve again. His attention was drawn to a rabbit about ten yards away nibbling on some wildflowers in a small opening amongst the trees. Wallace smiled. He felt like a real woodsman having experienced his first sighting of a wild animal. A shadow passed over the rabbit. Suddenly it took off over the next hill. Wallace looked up and saw a hawk diving in the same direction. He ran to the bottom of the dell and up over the next hill. Wheezing deeply, he stopped when he reached the next valley. It was larger and more open than the previous one. He scanned the meadow and didn’t see the animals. Then he saw the hawk take off from a rocky outcrop on the far hillside. Wallace had to know the outcome of the predator and prey encounter. He identified with the skittish rabbit. He walked quickly toward the rocks. It looked as if the area had recently been disturbed by a rock slide. He found no sign of the rabbit. He carefully moved around the boulders using his hands to balance himself on the unstable ground. He found an opening, a cave, in the rock face behind the largest boulder. It looked as if it had been purposely concealed with the large rocks; but it would take a man even bigger than the twin’s father to move these rocks. The opening was large, but the rock still blocked most of its volume. Wallace peered in to the dark straining his weak eyes to see the interior. He moved closer, putting one hand on the edge of the opening to steady his body and nerves. He reached into the cave with his other hand. He watched his hand, then his arm fall into shadow as he inched forward. The startled rabbit darted passed him as it exited the cave, grazing his bare shin. Wallace screamed, his voice echoing within the hole in the hillside. He watched the rabbit scamper away before returning his gaze into the abyss. He thought if the cave was a haven for the rabbit maybe he also could find comfort within its cool, stone walls. Curiosity and the need to feel safe overcame his fear as he continued his advancement into the darkness.


Chapter 2

The ground inside the cave was flat and firm with only a few loose stones, making it easier for Wallace to walk. He held his hands in front of him as he gingerly went deeper into the Earth. The cave was small. The air was moist, stale and smelt of a mineral-rich musk. Wallace kept blinking his eyes trying to force them to adjust to the dim light. The shaft of light from the narrow opening only had the strength to poorly illuminate one side of the chamber. Wallace noticed drawings on the cave’s wall. He reached up and traced his slight fingers along the large pictographs. The crude paint was applied thickly to the flat wall surface making their outline distinct. The drawings appeared to tell a story. The first scene depicted to stick like figures representing two men along with a strange creature. It looked like a horse, but stood erect like a human. While the men were drawn with thin lines, the creature was made of elongated oval shapes for the limbs and an inverted triangle for the torso making it look more imposing than the men. In the second scene, the man-beast was touching one of the stick men on his back who in turn was touching the other man near his waist. There was a faint yellowish aura emitting from the creature as if it was glowing. The third and final scene showed the man in the middle was almost as tall and thick as the creature, but still with a human head. He too now appeared to glow with new vitality. The other man was much smaller than the other two figures, smaller than he appeared in the first two scenes, as if he had shrunk.

Wallace mindlessly let his hand slide down the wall as he continued to stare at the drawings trying to understand their meaning. His fingertips lightly skimmed the rocky surface. He felt the characteristics of the wall change. It went from hard, cool, smooth rock to a softer, room temperature, coarser substance. It felt like dried mud or clay. Wallace lowered his gaze to where his hand was. He could see the faint outline of more pictographs. But these were not painted on, but sculpted into the dried surface. The strange symbols appeared more ominous than those above and fear overtook him again. He quickly walked toward the mouth of the cave. Once back in the sunlight he heard someone calling his name from a distance. Wallace ran toward the voice. When he got to the top of the hill where he had rested earlier, he saw Mrs.Graither. He yelled hello and waved his arm over his head to get her attention. Wallace saw her body relax as a look of relief took over her face when their eyes met.

They walked toward each other. “There you are. Are you all right? You had us worried sick,” she said as she knelt down on one knee to gently hug the boy. Wallace’s rested his chin on her shoulder and took a deep breath. Her hair smelled of flowers. Her warm body was soft as it pressed into his. Wallace closed his eyes. He felt comforted by her even though they were strangers. A feeling of sadness overcame him as he missed having a mother of his own. Tears rolled down his cheeks. The twins had everything.

“The other boys said you just disappeared from the table for no reason. Wallace you can’t just wonder off like that without telling someone. You could have gotten lost or hurt in the woods,” she said as she pulled Wallace from her. She saw his tears. “But you are fine and everything is okay now, right?” The boy shook his head yes and wiped his eyes dry. “Let’s get back to the house. I’m sure everyone will be glad to see you/” She took Wallace by the hand and headed in the direction of the cabin. She talked about the trees and plants they passed. Wallace didn’t say much, he just enjoyed hearing her soothing voice. He said nothing about the cave.

After dinner, under a bright full moon, everyone sat around a campfire making smores. Mr.Grather enjoyed showing the boys the proper way to build a fire and roast a marshmallow. Mrs.Graither ran here and there with food and drinks for the boisterous group. The twins begged their father to tell them a ghost story. After several half-hearted refusals he finally agreed as the other boys enforced his sons’ pleas.

“Okay, okay. I do know one story about this area, but I’m afraid it may be too gory for you youngsters” The giant man said with a smirk. The boys all said they wouldn’t be afraid and encouraged him to tell the tale. “All right men, here it goes.” He spoke slowly, softly but in a deeper baritone than his norm “This story took place hundreds of years ago at TrinityLake. It was told to me by an old man you has lived in these woods all his life. And it was told to him by a chief of the Karuk Tribe, the original people of this area. For all we know, it might have happened at this very spot where we sit.” Bruce paused and slowly scanned his audience which hung on his every word. He went on to tell the story of Akthip-Amvaan

Wallace couldn’t help but compare himself to Akthip. Both lost their mother when they were born, both were physically small and weak. Wallace, like all he boys, was silent as Mr, Graither expertly drew them into the long ago world. As the story came to its known end Tyler asked, “Then what happened, Dad? Did Akthip die?”

“No one knows,” his father answered. “No one ever found a grave site or body. Some say he turned into a horse and galloped away. Others say his body turned into water running into the lake. But most believe his spirit still haunts this area. They say he’s searching for his balls that Afaun cut off and buried somewhere in the woods. If he can’t find his own, he’ll take someone else’s. They say he prefers the balls of young boys, just about your age, because their bodies are just maturing and are full of potential growth. Each year there are reports of boys seeing a large black stallion running across the surface of the lake or through the woods. It’s usually on the night of the full moon, just like tonight.” All the boys looked around trying to see into the forest beyond the dim light provided by the moon and campfire. The sound of a horse’s neigh came out of the darkness. All the boys jumped.

“Don’t worry boys I’m sure that was just the wind through the trees,” Bruce said as he stood up. “I’ll go check it out to make sure.” He walked into the darkness and disappeared. After a few moments Tyler called out to his father, but got no response. Then the sound of the boys’ chaperone yelling for help, was drowned out by galloping hooves. Out of the darkness a black horse appeared, as it reared with his front legs pawing at the night air, several boys screamed. As the horse settled down, a rider could be seen for the first time. It was a man wearing jeans and a t-shirt. The rider was laughing. Bruce appeared from behind a nearby tree laughing too. The boys looked at each other trying to understand what was happening.

“Dad, you’re alright?” Taylor asked, the concern in his voice obvious. All the other boys began to calm down and huddled closer to the fire.

“Yes, I’m fine. We’re just having a little fun with you boys. Is every one okay?” Bruce asked as he came closer to the boys and put his hand on Taylor’s shoulder. All the boys shook their heads and tried to appear as if they were never really frightened. The big man walked over to the horse as the rider jumped down. “Boys I’d like to introduce you to my accomplice and friend, Mr.Aktruck. He is a real member of the Krituck tribe.”

“Hello, boys. I hope Midnight and I didn’t scare you too much. It was all his idea,” the shorter man said as he playfully slapped Bruce in the chest. “I know the first time I heard the story of Akthip-Amvaan, I didn’t have the surprise ending you had”.

The boys became more relaxed with each passing moment. “So is the story true?” someone asked.

“Oh yes. The story has been told for generations among my people. In fact the ancient word for horse in my native language is akthip-amvaan.” The boys asked many more questions and each got to pet the horse before Mr.Graither told them it was time for bed. The boys grumbled slightly but stopped immediately when the twin’s father restated it was time for bed. The boys each went quickly into their tents that were pitched near the Graither’s home.

Wallace shared a tent with Chucky, the overweight boy in the class. Wallace entered the tent and gave Chuck a slight nod of acknowledgement. Chucky didn’t take his eyes off his PSP game. Wallace sat on his sleeping bag and pulled off his shoes, socks and t-shirt. He awkwardly removed his shorts and hesitated for a moment. He thought maybe he better stay dressed in case the twins decided to follow through on their threat and throw him into the lake during the night. Then he figured it wouldn’t make a difference how he was dressed, wet clothes would be as humiliating as wet pajamas. He slid into his sleeping bag to finish changing into his sleepwear. Snapping the last closure on his pajama top, he removed his glasses and tried to make himself comfortable. He turned his back on Chuck and the bright lantern.

“I sorry I don’t say anything to the others when they pick on you.” Chuck finally spoke. “It’s just… I know that if it wasn’t you they bullied, it would be me. I hope you understand.” Wallace didn’t turn around, he just said sure without any emotion. Chuck turned off the light and settled into his sleeping bag. “We can be secret friends if you want. No one will ever know but you and me. Okay?” Wallace didn’t respond he wanted to tell Charlie he was a coward, but he knew he would probably act the same way if he was in his place.

Wallace soon forgot about Chuck and began thinking about the campfire story Mr.Graither told. Could the cave he found today be the lost grave site of Akthip-Amvaan? Would his discovery make him famous? Then everyone would think he was cool guy, like Indiana Jones. His class mates, and even Mr.Graither, would like him. The days of people telling him what to do and picking on him would be over. Wallace became more and more excited as he thought about the cave. He decided to tell the twin’s father about his find in the morning. He rolled over to tell his secret friend about the cave first, but he heard Chuck’s heavy rhythmic breathing indicating he was asleep. There was no way he was going to sleep tonight his mind was still racing. His foot was swaying back and forth quickly in his excitement and soon he realized he needed to pee. He quietly crawled out of the tent and headed toward the house. As he circled around to the stairs for the back porch he saw a light and heard voices coming from the house. It was the twin’s parents. They were still awake. “Why wait until morning, I can tell Mr.Graither now about the cave. He’ll be so impressed with me he’ll want me to be his real friend,” Wallace said to himself. He climbed the stairs of the wrap-around porch and approached the open window. He peeked inside. The curtains weren’t completely closed allowing him a clear view inside.

“I think it will be something I’ll enjoy. You know how much I love competing. Being coach on the side lines just isn’t the same,” Mr.Graither spoke as he walked into the bedroom from the adjoining bath with only a towel wrapped around his narrow waist. He must of just taken a shower, his dripping hair was slicked back on his head and his body glistened with moisture. His tight, tan skin showcased every sculpted muscle in amazing detail.

“But dear, bodybuilding; isn’t that a bit… .extreme. Don’t you have to eat strange things and take all kinds of pills, and spend a lot more time at the gym. We hardly see each other now with our crazy schedules.” His wife, who was sitting up in bed under the covers,

“I’m not looking to be Mr.Olympia, I’m too old to start pursuing that level. I’m talking about local amateur contests in the masters’ division. I can register for the natural contests too. The competitor’s aren’t as freakishly big as the chemically enhanced pros you see in the magazines Marty thinks I have what it takes to win, with a little work.,” Bruce said standing at the edge of the bed flexing his muscles slightly to make himself look bigger. He didn’t want his wife to think the idea was foolish.

“Marty owns the gym and probably the contest’s promoter. Sure he’s not just feeding you a line to get your entry fee or to get into your pants.” Bruce gave her a disapproving look. “What? I see how woman and man are always hitting on you. I’m not blind.”

“Give me some credit. People have been coming on to me ever since I was a teenager, by now I can tell when someone is trying to seduce me.” Bruce said with authority folding his strong arms across his broad chest.

“Oh really” his wife answered coyly as she repositioned her body and slowly crawled cat-like over to the edge of the bed where he husband stood. She wore no nightgown, her shapely body fully exposed in the softly lit room. Wallace gave out a soft gasp, then quickly dropped below the window frame afraid the noise may have given away his voyeurism. But the conversation between the married couple continued, unabated but with a different tone. He slowly raised his head to peer into the room once more.

“Really.” Bruce said as felt his wife’s hands creep up the back of his thick thighs and start to knead his firm ass cheeks under the towel. “Don’t you think my physique is good enough to win a bodybuilding contest?” he asked playfully as he raised his arms into a double bicep pose. A huge ball of muscle peaked between his shoulder and elbow. Callie looked up at her magnificent husband and smiled. She then grabbed the tucked end of the towel with her teeth and pulled it loose from around Bruce’s waist. The towel fell to the floor allowing Callie and Wallace to see Bruce’s impressive manhood. Wallace’s eyes were transfixed. He never imagined a human being could look so powerful and commanding. Bruce held his masculine pose. Callie moved her hands from Bruce’s ass to his hips; she continued running up his flared lats. Then she moved on to his chest hesitating to pinch his nipples. Bruce’s body shuddered as he let out a soft moan. Callie moved her hands to the bulging biceps before her, rising to her knees to reach She groped and squeezed the rock hard muscle as she said, “you know I’ve always thought you had an award winning body, that’s one of the reason’s I married you, for your huge muscles.” She then began licking and sucking on her husband’s hardening nipples. Bruce kept his pose pretending not to react to his wife’s seduction. But he closed his eyes and his breathing was getting noticeably faster. Callie stopped working his husband’s chest as she slid her hands over his shoulders, across his chest and down his ridged stomach, finally returning to his ass. “The other reason was for your huge cock,” with those words her face went deep into his crotch. Bruce lowered his arms and arched his back, letting his eyes view the ceiling. After a few seconds, Bruce reached down and effortlessly picked his wife up from her shoulders. He buried his face between her large, round breasts, before tossing her in the air and re-catching her at the waist. Wallace thought it was a good thing the bedroom had a cathedral ceiling. He easily lifted her above his head. In perfect synchronization Callie raised her legs onto Bruce’s broad shoulders. Now Bruce’s face disappeared between Callie’s legs and it was her turn to moan. But Wallace’s attention was drawn to what was happening between Bruce’s legs. His cock was growing longer and thicker, rising higher and higher. Soon it was parallel to the floor, but still growing. Wallace wondered if it would ever stop. But soon it was standing almost straight up, gobs of a thick liquid emerging from the tip. Wallace had never seen an erect penis before. He couldn’t believe Mr.Graither had to carry around something that big all the time. It had to be the size of Wallace’s forearm. Now he understood why the bulge in his pants was so big. He thought it must be very uncomfortable walking with that between your legs. Wallace’s thoughts were interrupted when Bruce lifted Callie above his head once again, his shoulder muscles bulging from the effort. Slowly he positioned her onto his hardened rod. Callie’s moans became louder and more frequent, the pace of her breathing passed Bruce’s. Bruce smiled as he watched his wife’s face racked with pleasure. Callie’s breathing stopped momentarily then gasped for air, then she did again, then again. Bruce closed his eyes and thrusted his hips faster. After another moment he stopped, he froze in place and let out a deep whoosh of air. He pulled his wife closer to him, the two hugged as they caught their breath. Bruce then lifted his wife off on him and placed her gingerly in the middle of the king size bed. Bruce got in the bed next to her. Callie rolled over onto her husband putting her head on his heaving chest. “I love you,” she whispered looking up into his eyes. Bruce wrapped his arm around his wife and pulled her closer into him, they kissed.

“And I love you,” he said sincerely. He reached over to the nightstand beside the bed and turned off the lamp.

Wallace turned his body away from window and sat down on the porch with his back leaning against the wall below the window. He moved silently as not to make his presence known. He sat there for a few minutes replaying what he had just witnessed. His mind was racing, his heart was beating rapidly. He didn’t understand everything he saw, but knew what the couple had done. At school he heard the other boys making references about sex, but his immature body never had the urges they described. He couldn’t believe he would ever be capable of doing that. It seemed so crude and animalistic. But he understood it was natural and supposedly enjoyable. At least when the boys in school talked about it they had a smile on their face. But their words couldn’t compare to actually seeing it. It was his first time seeing two people having sex. In fact it was his fist time seeing a nude woman and a nude man, if you didn’t include his father. And after seeing Mr.Graither, he would have difficulty thinking of his father as a man again.

Wallace came out of his deep thoughts when the uncomfortable pressure of his bladder returned. He didn’t want to enter the house to use the bathroom now. He got on his feet and left the porch. He walked toward the forest. His mind started to wonder again as he walked. Suddenly he realized he couldn’t see the house any longer. He decided to relieve himself before retracing his steps back to his tent. But before he could begin he heard a strange noise. It sounded almost like a growl. Wallace looked around trying to see into the darkness. Then there was a second noise, and a third that seemed to come from a different location. The noises were growing louder and more frequent. Wallace panicked and started to run in the direction he hoped was back to the house. But when he came into a clearing he realized he was back in the same glade he was earlier in the day. The thought of the rabbit and hawk flashed in his mind. This time he was the prey. He thought of the cave and how it protected the rabbit. He saw the rocky hillside in the distance illuminated by the bright moonlight. He ran toward the rocky outcrop never looking behind him. He could hear his pursuers close behind. He made it to the cave and finally stopped running when he hit the cave’s far wall causing the dried surface to crack. Wallace could hear the animals rummaging over the rocks and making the same growling noises. He forced his back against the wall, paralyzed with fear. With a loud grunt two figures leapt into the cave. Wallace shrieked in fear shutting his eyes tightly. Then Wallace heard similar laughter. He opened his eyes and saw the twins in front of him in hysterics. The feeling returned to his body again, he felt a clammy wetness on his thighs. He looked down and saw a large wet spot at his crotch. The smell of urine penetrated the air of the small cave.

“I can’t believe what a wimp you are, Wally” Tyler said between laughs.

“The little baby was so afraid he peed his whittle pants,” Taylor said in a mocking voice pointing at Wallace’s soiled clothing. “Wait until the other guys hear about this”.

“The little baby has a dirty diaper.” Tyler commented, “Let’s give him a bathy-wathy. Grab him so we can throw him in the lake liked we planned.” Tyler wrapped his large hand around Wallace’s thin upper arm and yanked him forward. Wallace’s other arm swung backwards as his tried to keep his balance. His hand knocked a piece loose from the wall behind him. But no one noticed.

“Wait, Tyler.” Taylor commanded. “Take off his pants first. We’ll run them up the flag pole so everything can see his piss stained jammies”.

“Aaah dude, great thinking” Tyler said with a huge grin. Tyler pulled Wallace in front of him and wrapped his other hand around Wallace’s other arm. Taylor reached for the cuffs of Wallace’s loose pajama bottoms and yanked them down with one strong pull knocking Wallace off his feet. Tyler’s hold kept Wallace from falling. Taylor held Wallace’s offensive pants in the air with two fingers. He took his gaze away from the pants to look at Wallace’s nude body. Suddenly Taylor started laughing hysterically again.

“What?” Tyler asked. Taylor couldn’t speak, he just continued to laugh and point at Wallace’s crotch. Tyler let go of Wallace and pushed him toward the back wall. Tyler moved to stand next to his brother and looked at Wallace. A shaft of moonlight from the cave’s opening illuminated Wallace’s undeveloped body making it look softer and paler. His pinky sized prick, undescended balls, and lack of pubic hair made the twin’s question his gender. Tyler was now laughing with the same varicosity has his brother.

“My god, you’re hung like a light switch” Taylor finally forced out trying to catch his breath.

“Are you kidding me? Our four year old cousin is hung like a light switch. Wimpy Wally is about half his size,” Tyler said loudly.

“You mean skimpy Wally,” Taylor added. Both boys laughed loudly again.

Wallace hunched forward and moved his hands to cover his genitals, making him appear even smaller. He was turning red from embarrassment despite the blue hue of the moonlight. “Stop laughing at me. I’m only a boy. This is what a boy is supposed to look like”.

Tyler and Taylor stopped laughing as they first looked at Wallace, then each other, then back at Wallace. “Oh, really. Well, we’re boys and we don’t look like you,” Tyler said.

Wallace’s face became more defiant, “Whatever, just leave me alone.”

“I don’t think he believes you, Tyler” Taylor commented.

“Well then we’ll just have to show him,” with those words Tyler unzpped his shorts and pulled them down along with his underwear. Tyler held up his shirt before looking up at Wallace with a grin. Wallace stared in amazement. This boy was already the size of Wallace’s father.

“If you think that’s big, you should see what I’m carrying” Taylor copied his brother’s actions and stood there exposed too. Wallace eyes went back and forth between the two. Wallace knew that both boys were well on their way to being as impressive as their father.

“You idiot, we’re identical twins. We’re both the same size” Tyler said slapping his brother on the shoulder.

“I’m three minutes older and therefore bigger,” Taylor answered puffing out his chest slightly. Tyler just shook his head. “Hey, Skimpy. Who do you think is bigger?” Wallace didn’t answer his eyes darting from the boy’s faces and crotches.

“Look he can’t keep his eyes off our dicks. Just the way he was staring at Dad’s earlier today. I think Skimpy Wally here, is a faggot” Tyler said. Both boys moved closer to Wallace.

“Is that true Wally? Are you a fggot? Do you want to touch my dick” Taylor asked snidely.

“Do you Lagette the faggot?” Tyler asked as both boys moved closer forcing Wallace to retreat closer to the cave’s brittle wall. “I asked you a question, faggot. Do you want to touch our big dick and balls?” Wallace didn’t answer. Tyler put his hand on Wallace’s sunken chest and pushed in forcibly into the wall causing his eyeglasses to fall off his nose. Wallace could feel the wall give way as it cracked more. Wallace stood up and more pieces of dried clay fell at his feet. The twins moved closer, Wallace backed up again. He felt something poking at him between his shoulder blades.

Taylor looked down at Wallace with a smirk. “Of course he does. He wants to know what a real man’s balls feels like. Looking at his father, it’s apparent he’ll never have a set of his own.” Taylor faced turned menacing. “Touch them and tell us who’s bigger, faggot.”

“Do it or we’ll knock the shit out of you.” Tyler said in a harsh tone.

Taylor added, “We’ll going to tell everybody you did it anyway or maybe something worse. Do you know what a blow job is, Wally?”

“Touch them” Taylor shouted.

Wallace became more frightened, everything looked so distorted without his glasses. He pressed himself into the wall the pain in his back worsening. He didn’t know what do to, how to get out of this. So in one quick movement he reached forward and grabbed hold of both boys balls, one set in each hand. Both boys started to laugh. A strange feeling started to sweep through Wallace’s body emanating from his back. The engergy ran down his arms to his hands. His grip tightened around the twin’s sacks. Taylor and Tyler stopped laughing as Wallace’s grip became painful. Wallace’s body became rigid and started to glow. The twins were now paralyzed. Wallace started to speak in an unknown language first softly then louder and louder. “Axaychákish araav. Áfisheen araav. Aveêp araav. Axak-ivávapu árihish áxaska. Anamahach avanaxiich árihish axákyaan axyar ávansa.”

Wallace stopped chanting, the glow faded and he released his grip on the twins. Tyler and Taylor fell to the ground limply. Wallace was in a daze. He stepped over the twins showing no emotion. He exited the cave; still naked and walked directly back to his tent. He slid into his sleeping bag without waking Chucky.

The next morning Wallace awoke from a restless night. He dreamed of being a powerful man who intimidated everyone around him with his huge size and superior strength. His sleeping bag and hair were damp from sweat. As he stretched his body, he felt achy. His muscles and joints were sore. He ran his hands over his slick body and scratched his itchy ball sack. He was surprised by how different it felt. His lower stomach was also covered by a strange substance. He pulled his hand out and saw his fingers were coated with a sticky goop. “What is this?” he said softly and pulled the sleeping bag cover away from his body. He stared at his form, shocked to see what had appeared between his legs. His penis had almost doubled in size. In addition he had a scrotum with hair sprouting from the ruddy skin. Wallace groped his new endowment enjoying how it felt. The slightest squeeze sent a wave of pleasure through his body. He felt his cock fighting back, demanding more room in his hand. Wallace began to stroke the growing shaft feeling a new sensation. He stared at his package in amazement; he noticed newly visible thigh muscles twitch with each surge of pleasure. Wallace lowered his body back to sleeping position not releasing his grip from his cock.

“Looks like someone if horny this morning” Chuck’s voice startled Wallace, who had forgotten he wasn’t alone. Wallace quickly threw the covers over his body. “After all your activity last night, I’m surprised you have anything left. I mean, I’ve heard of people have wet dreams before, but you are ridiculous.”

“What do you mean?’ Wallace asked.

Chuck forced his bulk into the sitting position. “I mean you woke me up last night with all your moaning and groaning, covered in sweat. I thought you were having a nightmare, but then I saw you were enjoying it. If you know what I mean.” Wallace looked confused. Charlie explained, “You were excited, you know hard; pitching your own tent inside this tent, ha!”

“Oh, yeah right. Hard.” Wallace said still not totally sure. “Sorry I woke you.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Charlie got on his knees, before standing up. “You were going at it for hours, dude. With stamina like that, you should be on a sports team. I’m just surprised you aren’t blind or have hairy palms.” Charlie waked out of the tent leaving Wallace alone. Wallace sat in his tent for a few minutes longer trying to remember what happened that night. He could remember being chased by the twins and them laughing at him in the cave, but that was all. He didn’t remember how he got away from them or how he got back into his sleeping bag. The entire time he was in deep thought his hand was fondling his itchy balls. He pulled his hand away from his sack. He checked his palms for hair, not understanding Chuck’s comment. He smelt a strange musky scent from his sleeping bag. It was coming from his groin and underarms. He never thought he had body odor before, but now he stank. He thought it was similar to the way the locker room at school smelled after gym class. He slipped on a pair of his shorts and left the tent. He kept tugging at the front of his shorts, they were more snug then he remembered. He realized he wasn’t wearing a shirt or shoes. He thought he should go back into the tent to finish getting dressed. He wouldn’t want the other boys to see him without a shirt. And he never went anywhere without shoes, what if he stepped on a nail or something. But then he thought, “What the fuck, I don’t care anymore” and continued toward the lake. He could see the other boys scampering around the house, but the twins were no where in sight. The other boys ignored Wallace. Without the twins to encourage his torment, they had no interest in Wallace. Wallace got to the end of the pier and looked down into the lake. Normally water frightened him, but now it seemed so inviting. As he looked at his reflection it seemed to change. He saw an older version of himself. Bigger and stronger than any other man he had seen, even Mr.Graither. Wallace took a few steps back, then ran and dove into the water. He emerged from the cool water with a huge grin on his face. He felt so invigorated, as if the lake water was energizing him. He swam for a few moments, before pulling himself back onto the pier. He walked back to his tent to get dressed all the while grinning to himself.

The boys were enjoying their breakfast of pancakes and sausage links. Wallace was in line for third helping, when Mrs.Graither asked, “My, you’re a hungry camper today, Wallace. Are you sure you should be eating so much. I thought your father mentioned something about you having an allergy to wheat gluten.”

Wallace just laughed. “No, a little gluten work hurt me. Plus your cooking is much better than my dad’s.” Mrs.Graither smiled and ran her hand through Wallace’s hair. Wallace sat down at one of the picnic tables. He looked up when he saw the twin’s approaching with their father following. The boys flopped down at the table, cradling their heads in their hands. Not noticing anyone else at the table, including Wallace.

Mrs.Graither came over to the table, “Are you boys alright this morning?”

“We’re tired and want to go back to bed,” Tyler said in a whiny voice.

“It’s nearly 9 o’clock and almost time for us to leave. I don’t know what’s got into you two today. Usually you are bouncing off the walls. All your friends have been up for hours. No sons of mine are going to be lazy lay-abouts, so shake a leg,” Mr.Graither said sternly.

The twin’s mother, felt the boy’s foreheads before saying, “I don’t feel a temperature. Maybe some breakfast will make you feel better. I’ve made your favorite, chocolate chip pancakes.”

“I’m not hungry” Taylor said meekly without raising his head from the table.

“Me neither,” Tyler added.

“Well that’s a first,” Mrs.Graither said with some concern. She looked up toward the house, her attention drawn by Wallace’s father waving at her. “Wallace your father is here. You better go collect your things. Boys thank Wallace for coming to your party”

“Thank you” both boys mumbled with no emotion.

“Goodbye Wallace. Tell your father, my husband and I send our best regards” Mrs.Graither said sincerely before returning here attention to her sons.

Wallace got up and waved to his father before running to his tent. He picked up his fully packed nap sack and hesitated for a moment. He took one more look around thinking he had to forgotten something, the sack felt so light to him. But he couldn’t find anything. He easily threw the bag over his shoulder and ran to his father’s side.

“There’s my boy. How did everything go?” his father asked as he gave him a little hug.

“Great, I like the outdoors” Wallace said with a smile.

Stanley scanned Wallace up and down before saying. “There’s something different about you. I think you actually grew since the last time I saw you. And where are your glasses?”

Wallace put his hands to his face, he had forgotten about his glasses. Somehow he could see perfectly fine without them now. “I don’t know. But I don’t need them anymore.” Wallace took a deep breath enjoying the fresh air. “I don’t need my allergy medicine anymore either. And I ate seven pancakes this morning and my stomach doesn’t hurt.”

“Really? And when did you become a doctor, young man” Mr.Laggette said as he walked around to the other side of the car.

“I’m not a doctor, but I’ve never felt so good before. I went swimming too” Wallace said getting into the car his voice cracking.

Wallace’s father got in the car and started the engine. He put his hand on his son’s thigh, “The outdoors must really agree with you son. It’s like you’re a whole new man. Even your voice is changing.” He put the car in drive and headed down the country road.

Wallace took another deep breath and smiled as he watched the trees blur past him, “I feel like a new man.”

The rest of the school year brought more drastic changes. The twins were absent for days and even weeks due to various illnesses. They had constant low grade fevers, strange allergic reactions, and reoccurring bronchitis. Tyler spent several weeks in the hospital when one of his kidneys failed. Their sudden poor health confused the doctors and frustrated their parents. The multiple medications, lack of appetite and general listlessness changed the boys both physically and psychology. They were no longer the bullies of the school yard. Their growth slowed to a stop and their appearance became gaunt. Mr.Graither even inquired about hormone treatments to increase their height and body mass, but the doctors advised against due to their many medical issues. By the time the boys turned fourteen and entered their first year of high school, their father knew his dream of his sons helping him win a state championship would never be realized.

Wallace was experiencing his own physically changes. While he found his transformation confusing, his increased vigor superceded any of his concerns. His father’s concerns were eased by the doctor’s confirming Wallace’s observations. Somehow all his allergies had disappeared and he no longer needed eyeglasses. He seemed to be in remarkable good health despite his medical history. That year he also had an amazing growth spurt, adding several inches to his height. It seemed his body was accelerating through puberty. His growing cock demanded more of his attention. Every day it appeared larger and thicker. His fur covered balls grew rounder and heavier. Touching his goods felt amazing, the pleasure overwhelming almost every other thought. Soon Wallace found it almost impossible to fall asleep at night without jerking off first, some times more than once. It was during this nightly ritual when Wallace’s first sexual encountered happened.

Whenever Mr.Lagette went out of town for work, he hired a babysitter to watch over his son. Maggie was a neighbor who had been Wallace’s babysitter for years. Now she was nineteen and in her first year at the local community college. She went to check in on Wallace as she had done numerous times before, but instead of finding her charge fast asleep she found him trying to start a fire with his skin stick. Wallace quickly released his grip from his rod and covered himself with a blanket. Maggie instinctively started to retreat, but after taking a second look at the huge tent erected at the boy’s lap she changed direction. Without saying a word she sat down on the bed and stared into Wallace’s eyes. She thought how much he had changed since the last time she saw him. He was surprising handsome despite the bright red blush engulfing his face. She refocused back on the object of her curiosity. She pulled the covers off and gave a slight gasp at the sight. Wallace tried to read her emotions from the expression on her face. It was strange combination of fear and what he would later learn was lust. It was a look he would became very familiar with in the future.

Maggie was amazed. Wallace had the biggest cock she had ever seen. She couldn’t believe this twelve year old boy was better endowed than the college men she dated. “My God, you’re some kind of a freak?” she uttered mindlessly. Her lust overcame her fear. She reached for the throbbing column of hot flesh. It was Wallace’s turn to gasp when her small hand began to stroke his manhood. Unbelievably is cock grew larger at her touch. Wallace’s breathing became erratic. She gingerly moved her fingers following the main vein feeding his engorged organ. She slowly went from the purple hued tip to the base, her fingers getting entangled in the thick fur that covered his balls. Suddenly Wallace exploded, sending a pint of crème into the air. Maggie giggled and said, “I guess you can say you have a hair trigger”.

“Sorry” was all Wallace could think to say.

“Don’t worry about it. You’ll do better next time.” Maggie said as she dipped her finger into the puddle of spunk on the boy’s flat stomach. “Why don’t you go clean yourself up”., she said before sucking Wallace’s essence from her finger seductively. Wallace got out of bed and went to the bathroom. When he returned he found Maggie in his bed naked. He stood there looking at her. She ran her hands over his firm, round breasts down her tight waist before her fingers disappeared in her own neatly trimmed bush. “Let me show you what that freaky cock of your was meant to do.” Wallace good feel his cock growing again. Maggie looked down and smiled, “That’s a good boy, now come to bed.” That night Wallace lost his virginity. The first time Maggie appeared to enjoy their encountered much more than Wallace based on the volume of their moans. Maggie educated Wallace on the ways of love making twice more over the next several months. But soon his father couldn’t rationalize having a baby sitter for a son almost as tall as he was.

By the time of his thirteenth birthday Wallace was an inch taller than his father. By the end of the school year he was the tallest boy in class, surpassing the twins. The growth was so rapid he experienced literal growing pains. The doctor told him to get plenty of rest and good nutrition to allow his body to mature properly. The eating part was no problem for Wallace, he was constantly hungry. And without the allergies to contend with he ate everything he could get his hands on. Resting was another matter. Wallace had an over abundance of energy. He would disappear for hours. He spent every free moment he had outdoors. Biking, hiking, canoeing and swimming became obsessions. The mountains were the only place he felt totally comfortable. His father tried to share his son’s new interests, but his allergies and poor conditioning made it impossible for him to keep up with his son. Plus he got the feeling his presence was more of a nuisance than a help. During the summer Mr.Lagette hardly saw his son. He wouldn’t come home until after dark, then he ate and went to bed so he could get up with the sun. He spent every daylight hour outside. His father put him in charge of all the yard work around the house in an attempt to keep him home, but Wallace was able to complete everything in only an hour or two each week. Wallace increase in height began to slow during the summer, but his body began to fill out with beefy muscle. His shoulders widened, his limbs thickened and his face matured.

At the end of summer, it was time for Wallace’s first day of high school. Many of his school mates didn’t recognize Wallace when they first saw him; he looked more like a high school senior than a freshman. During lunch Wallace sat a table near the back and started to devour his large selection of food. Soon he was joined by other boys who were on the football team. They noticed him throughout the morning and wanted to find out what sports in was in too. The seniors kept scanning Wallace’s thick arms with every little gesture he made while talking. One of them challenged him to a friendly arm wrestling match. Wallace agreed but said he had never arm wrestled before. One by one Wallace easily defeated all the competition. Soon he was the center of attention, the others in awe of the younger boy’s unbeatable strength.

Coach Graither heard the loud voices of his team as he passed the cafeteria and decided to see what was happening. As he walked closer to the crowd his eyes focused at the large boy at the center of the attention. Wallace stood with the other boys as the coach approached. “Mr.Graither, it’s great to see you again.” Wallace extended his hand as he spoke. The two scanned each other several times. Wallace was trying to figure out why the older man was far less imposing now then when they first met; while the coach was trying to recall when he met the impressive young athlete.

“I’m sorry, but when did we meet before?,” Bruce asked after giving a firm squeeze to the boy’s large hand.

“It was at your sons’ birthday party last year… .at the lake,” Wallace could see the coach was still uncertain so he continued. “I’m WallaceLagette.” Still there was no shine of recollection. Wallace was feeling awkward now, so he folded his arms across his chest, unintentionally making his upper arms look thicker. “You met my father that day too. He had to drive me to the lake because I didn’t go in your SUV with all the other boys.” Slowly the coach started to put the pieces together, his mouth opened and he gazed at the boy standing in front of him.

“You’re little Wally? Wow, you’ve certainly grown during the past year. Wow.” The coach said as he inspected the boy in front of him again. He thought to himself maybe there was a chance of winning the state title after all. “Tell me Wally, I mean, Wallace. What do you bench?” The coach asked rubbing his chin as he slowly circled the boy, like a horse breeder inspecting his newest stud.

Wallace lowered his arms to his side, but did not turn to face the coach before asking softly, “Bench?”

“Yeah, bench. You know bench press, how much weight can you lift?” the coach asked as he returned to his original position in front of Wallace.

“I don’t know. I’ve never lifted weights before” Wallace said nonchalantly. The coach and all the boys looked at Wallace in disbelieve making Wallace more uncomfortable.

“You don’t lift?,” the coach asked puzzled.

“Don’t believe him, coach. There’s no way someone can be that strong without lifting. He was able to beat every one of us in arm wrestling” one of the players said from across the table.

“If you don’t lift, how did you get to be so big and are strong enough to overpower my best players?” the coach asked trying to read Wallace’s face to see if he was being truthful.

“I did lot of hiking and biking over the summer. That’s a great workout” Wallace answered trying to explain. The coach walked around behind Wallace again. He glanced down at the boy’s thick thighs and round ass on display in his tightly packed jeans.

“Well that explains your lower body development” the coach said trying to rationalize what he was hearing.

“And I did a lot of swimming, plus yard work.” Wallace said then thought of something. “Oh, I do workout in the morning. I do pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups.” His body posture became more confident as he felt vindicated.

The coach smiled and put his hand on Wallace’s broad shoulder. “Well you’ve built a good foundation, but now you really should step it up a notch and start lifting. Why don’t you stop by the gym after school today and use our weight room. That’s when the team works out together. We’ll help you get started and see where things go from there.” He squeezed the boys shoulder feeling the solid muscle underneath. “I’m sure all of us would really like it if you would consider trying out for the team.” Wallace looked around as all the boys nodded affirmatively. “As you can see we’ve got a great group of players and you will make us even better.”

Wallace looked at the coach and smiled. “Sure Mr.Graither, I mean coach, being on your team sounds great.” The coach patted Wallace on the back. Most of his new team members cheered excitedly. All except the seniors who thought this would be their year to shine, but now a freshman might steal the limelight.


Chapter 3

Later that day, Wallace entered the locker room. The other boys from the cafeteria were already there changing into their gym uniforms. All were polite, if not a bit cold to Wallace as he walked to his assigned locker. It took several attempts to get the combination lock open due to his shaking hands. He could feel the other boys eyes on him, judging his every move. Wallace caught several people staring at his crotch. The unusual bulge in his pants was painfully obvious He remembered how Maggie called him a freak because of his large endowment. He slowly undressed, trying to keep his back to the crowd. Only a few hours into the new school year and he was already the target for the high school’s jocks. He overheard some of the boys discussing nick names for the new arrival. They included freak, weirdo and the more imaginative Tripod or King Dong. Wallace pulled the gym shorts he wore last year out of his backpack. As he pulled up the shorts up his sturdy legs to their proper position; he wished he tried them on at home before bringing them to school. The shorts’ leg openings were completely filled with his thick thighs. The thin cotton material was stretched taunt across the top half of his firm ass. At the bottom, the material was pulled into the deep crevice between his round cheeks. The reason for the tension on the seat of his shorts was obvious when Wallace turned around. Every spare inch of fabric was required to cover Wallace’s package. The fabric strained to cover the huge tube and sack. Their outline displayed in great detail. Wallace had learned to live with clothes being uncomfortable since his body started to change. Everything was too tight and binding on him especially pants. The simple act of walking or sitting crushed his man parts mercilessly, but his gym shorts were the most confining garment to date. He tried to adjust himself, but no matter how he positioned his package it jutted out crudely in front of him. The handling of his cock was causing Wallace to get aroused, making the problem worse. Wallace looked around the room; none of the other boys were experiencing the same problem. Wallace decided to sit down on the bench in front of his locker until his aroused state passed. He let out a soft gasp as his shorts tightened more when he sat down. Wallace noticed the other boys leaving the locker room glancing at him before laughing and whispering to each other.

Wallace walked out of the locker room into the gym in only the shorts and sneakers. In the bleachers were the rowdy kids who were serving detention for the day. He had to walk across the gym floor to get to the weight room. Wallace could feel their eyes on him. He felt naked and exposed. The uniform’s t-shirt he had planned to wear was tossed over his right shoulder. He took it off after ripping a shoulder seam as he struggled to pull it on over his too large frame. The room filled with snickers, then laughter and finally cat calls as he quickened his pace to get to the other side. He felt relieved when he entered the weight room, but it was only temporary. In contrast to the gym, the weight room went silent as he entered. Every boy watched as he meekly walked to the coach’s side. The coach quickly inspected his newest athlete. The youngster’s physique matched that of the other boys who were several years older. His upper body was solid with a flat stomach, distinct separation of his pectorals and well defined delts. Wallace became self conscience as he noticed everyone staring at the protruding mound between his thick legs. The attention and the tight shorts were causing his cock to expand again. “I don’t understand, this uniform was big on me last year.” Wallace said with an awkward smile to the coach. He pulled his t-shirt off his shoulder and held it with both hands in front of his swelling crotch trying to be casual.

The coach improved his posture, puffing out his chest and standing taller as he looked down at the strapping boy. He had never seen a freshman with such a mature physique. The coach couldn’t help but think of the athletic potential Wallace possessed. “I may have something in my office you can wear today, but you definitely need a new uniform Wallace. I mean if you start lifting you’re only going to get bigger.” All his future team mates looked at each other. One mouthed the word “bigger” to his friend across the room. Wallace followed behind the coach as he walked to his office, he kept tugging at the shorts trying to relieve some of the discomfort caused by the constricting garment.

Once the two left the room the other boys started to comment on Wallace. “Do you believe he’s a freshman?” “I heard he’s only thirteen.” “If he’s that big now, what is he going to look like when he’s a senior?” “What was he packing down there, damn?” One of the boys takes off his t-shirt, rolls in up and stuffs down the front of his shorts. He held his arms away from his side and hunches his shoulders imitating a man who is muscle bound. Then he walks around tilting his pelvis forward and says in a mocking tone, “Look at me, I’m Wally and I’m a freak of nature.” The weight room fills with laughter.

The coach walked over to a dented steel filing cabinet and forcibly pulled open one of the drawers. He turned and tossed a pair of shorts to Wallace standing behind him. “Try those on. They may be a little big on you but they have a drawstring inside the waist.” Wallace wanted to obey the coach so he immediately started to pull down the shorts he wore. The coach quickly turned his back feeling uncomfortable being in the same room with the naked boy. He didn’t know why. He had been around thousands of men undressing in hundreds of locker rooms, but somehow this felt different. The laughter from the weight room filtered into the office. He stopped from nervously shuffling papers on his desk, raised his head and said “Sounds like the team’s having fun; you’ll find out they are a good group of boys and a great football team.” Wallace gave a half-hearted vocal affirmation; his attention was on his change of clothes. The coach guessed he gave Wallace enough time so he slowly turned around to face the boy.

Wallace stood in the same place as before in his new, baggier shorts. He now held his old shorts and shirt in front of him. The looser fitting garment allowed his swollen cock to stand more perpendicular to his body. Bruce could see the embarrassment on the boy’s face. “Why don’t you sit down for a minute before we go back into the weight room?” the older man said as he gestured toward a chair in the opposite corner of his small office. “We can talk while you, uhm… relax.” Bruce sat in his desk chair. Wallace walked to the other chair and sat down without removing his hands from his crotch.

“I’m sorry coach, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Every day it gets more difficult for me to stay relaxed. And it’s always at the worst times” Wallace said softly keeping his eyes down toward the floor. “It’s like it has a mind of its own or something.”

“Well women always say men think with their c…” The older man stopped himself realizing it wasn’t something to say to a child. He looked at the boy’s poor posture. He knew he wanted some kind of reassurance there was nothing wrong with him. Bruce understood what the boy was going through and tried to comfort him again. “It’s perfectly natural for a boy your age to experience this type of thing. Surging hormones are changing your body. You’re growing, maturing, becoming a man. You’re a member of the T club now, Wallace”

“Tea club?” Wallace inquired as he raised his head to look at the coach’s face.

“T, as in testosterone: the hormone that makes us men. And it looks like you are going to be a stellar member of the club my boy,” Bruce answered trying to build the confidence of his future star player.

Wallace asked meekly, “You don’t think I’m a freak because I’m so… big?”

”Unusual, yes: but freaky, no. Every one matures differently. I was the first boy in my class to reach puberty and I was younger than you when it happened. I guess I was a freak too.” Bruce said with a comforting smile.

Wallace’s face relaxed, “I knew you would understand. You’re a stellar member of the T club too aren’t you?”

Bruce just smiled, “You’ll find out being the biggest guy in school can be beneficial; especially when it comes to getting girls. You’ll also rule over the other boys. They’ll envy you and wish they could be you,” the coach said with a sly laugh.

Wallace laughed too. “Really. You mean they’ll do what I say because I’m better than them.”

“Well, that’s not exactly what I said,” the coach tried to think of the socially acceptable thing to say.

“But if I’m bigger and stronger, and all other guys want to be like me; that must mean I’m better than them.” Wallace asked quickly.

“You make a interesting point. You may be bigger and stronger than the other boys, and that may make you better at some things, like say sports and getting a girls attention. But everyone is different and good at something, like math or science…” The coach stumbled through his words it was obvious he didn’t truly believe what he was saying.

“But if most men had a choice; wouldn’t they want to be big and strong, like you and me, instead of good in math?” Wallace inquired watching the coach’s face intently.

“Well, it’s difficult to say.” Bruce looked around his office looking for something to inspire the politically correct answer to the question. The only thing he saw was the large clock above his door. “It’s getting late, we better get out there and start your training.” The coach stood and Wallace followed his lead. The coach quickly glanced down at the boy’s crotch. There was still a slight bulge pushing the fabric away from his body. “You may think about wearing a jock underneath your shorts for additional support when you work out”.

“A jock?,” Wallace said as he glanced down at his shorts before pulling up on his package to smooth it out a little. “Aren’t they for protecting your stuff when you play sports?”

“That’s a cup, you need a soft jock,” Bruce answered.

“Really? Where do I get one of those? What size do you think I need?”

Bruce was beginning to feel uncomfortable around the boy again. “You should talk to your father about it. He can answer your questions”.

Wallace dropped his eyes to the floor again. “My dad and I don’t spend that much time together anymore. We just don’t have anything in common. I like to stay active and all he wants to do is go to the movies or a museum. Plus he always gets annoyed when I talk about buying clothes. He says the way I keep eating and growing, he’s going to go bankrupt.” Wallace raised his eyes scanning the coach’s own noticeable bulge, “He doesn’t know about jocks and cups, he’s not a member of the T club like you and me.”

Bruce saw much of himself in Wallace. The older man looked at a photo of his own sons he had on his desk. “Fathers’ envision what their sons will be like when they grow up. We want them to be like us and when that doesn’t happen it can be disappointing. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love them any less.” The coach was silent for a moment then we remembered he wasn’t alone. He moved his eyes from the photo back to Wallace, who looked a little confused, “Tell you what, son. I’ll drive you home after our workout and we can stop at the sporting goods store on the way. But you need to call home first to get permission, okay.” The coach put his arm around the boy’s shoulder and led him out the office. Wallace couldn’t believe the coach called him son. A huge smile lit his face.

Wallace had a great workout. He quickly learned about proper form and breathing. As anticipated, he was able to keep up with the strongest of the other boys on the team. The competition from the freshman made the seniors push themselves harder than ever before. After two hours, everyone was exhausted and soaked with sweat. The coach told everyone to hit the showers. All the boys shuffled off to the locker room, rubbing their swollen muscles. Wallace stayed behind forcing out a last few reps at the preacher curl station.

“That’s enough for today, Wallace. You don’t want to hurt yourself your first time lifting,” the coach said as he wiped down a piece of equipment.

Wallace set down the fifty pound dumbbell and stood up, wiping his face dry with a towel. “That was incredible. I never felt so strong and alive before. I love working out. I can’t wait to pump these up again tomorrow.” Wallace said enthusiastically while flexing his engorged arms. The coach quickly scanned the boy’s sweat covered torso, the moisture highlighting his advanced musculature.

“Take it easy there, Hercules. Tomorrow you’ll need to rest the body parts you worked on today and concentrate on the others.” The coach commented as he walked over to another piece of equipment to dry off.

“Rest, but I want to get bigger and stronger like you. I don’t want to rest” Wallace pleaded.

The coach gave a slight laugh, “Muscles need to recover for a day or two after a work out. The fibers breakdown as you lift and they get stronger as they repair themselves. Muscles grow while at rest, Wallace. So you see resting can be a good thing.” The coach looked away from the student and started to collect the dirty towels strewn about the room.

“Really, that’s amazing. I hope one day to know as much as you do about this stuff.”

The coach grabbed a towel off the squat machine. “Tomorrow you can work your legs. I think they might turn out to be your best body part.”

“My best body part?” Wallace inquired.

“Every man has a body part that responds a little better to exercise. It grows a little faster and easier than the other parts. It can easily becomes bigger and stronger than the rest of his body. The trick is to not let it, balance is the key to a good overall physique. What bodybuilders call symmetry” the coach said without stopping from completing his routine.

Wallace looked down at his legs and flexed his thighs, “I guess they are a little more developed than my arms. I just thought it was because of all the hiking and biking I do.”

“It could be, only time will tell,” the coach said taking a final look around the room as he walked up to Wallace.

“What’s your best body part coach?” Wallace asked with a serious look on his face.

“Well, I’m pretty lucky. My entire body responds well to the weights. I’ve been blessed with great symmetry. But my arms are the easiest for me to grow.” The coach answered while instinctively tightening his grip on the towels in his hand causing his triceps to flex stretching the sleeves of his tight school-issued polo shirt.

“They sure look huge,” Wallace said as he stared at the coach’s twitching left arm. “How big are they?”

“When fully pumped and flexed about 22 inches,” the coach answered proudly.

“Wow, you think one day I might have arms that big.”

“Well it’s rare for even a member of T club to get to my size,” the coach said humbly. “But who knows, if you work hard maybe one day. It takes work. You have to really dedicate yourself; lift smart, eat right and get plenty of rest. And most importantly listen to your coach”.

“I promise to do whatever you say, coach,” Wallace said in total admiration.

The coach put his hands on Wallace’s shoulders, “That’s the attitude I want from the future star of my team. Now, go it the showers son. I’ll see you after school.”

Wallace beamed, “Yes sir,” before trotting off to the locker room. As he made his way to his locker, all the boys patted him on the back and shook his hand. All were impressed with the way he performed in the weight pit. Even the seniors admired his unusual strength. Wallace’s ego was getting as good of a workout as his body had. He felt confident around boys his age for the first time. Thanks to the coach’s words, he didn’t even hesitate to undress now that he knew the others were really envious of his superior package. He slipped off his shorts and before wrapping himself in a towel, he casually glanced around the room to see who was checking him out. He counted at least eight gawkers. He laughed a little then swaggered off to the showers. As he reached the end of the locker aisle, he saw several of the larger boys picking on a fat kid.

“Wallace, hey Wallace” some one called out. Wallace turned to see it was Chucky. He was the fat kid the boys were tormenting. The school jocks had his arms pinned against the wall while others were snapping towels at his exposed bloated gut. Wallace could see the red marks on his soft, pale flesh from the impact of the towels “Hi Wallace, old buddy of mine, can you help me out here.” Wallace took a few steps toward the group. The jocks stopped the lashing and all looked at Wallace. He could see they were afraid of him.

“What did he do to you guys?” Wallace asked.

The jocks didn’t say anything at first. They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

“See Wallace, I didn’t do anything. I had detention and I only came in here to use the bathroom. And they attacked me as usual for no reason. I’m being unjustly persecuted.” Chucky said pleading his case.

Then of the jocks said, “He’s got a smart mouth,” and another added, “He thinks he’s funny, but he’s annoying,” and the biggest bully added, “He’s fucking fat.” He then turned to Wallace and smiled. “Why do you care? Someone like this can’t be a friend of yours. You’re one of us now Wallace.”

“See they have nothing, but bull shit excuses. Tell them to leave me alone Wallace or you’ll persecute them.” Chucky said as his confidence grew. “Tell them we’re friends, tell them Wallace.”

Wallace looked at the jocks then at Chucky. “If we’re friends, it’s a secret to me.” Wallace turned and walked to the showers. He could hear the jocks laughing and the towels snapping, as Chucky begged them to stop.

The coach found out that Wallace was too young to play on the high school team. The county’s regulations stated a person had to be either fifteen or a sophomore to play. The rule was to protect younger and presumably smaller boys from being injured. The coach wondered what the school board would think of the rule if they could see Wallace. While Wallace was just a disappointed as the coach, he kept to his word and worked out with the team everyday. He listened intently to everything the coach said. He followed his mentor’s work-out routine precisely. By the end of his freshman year, Wallace had grown another five inches, matching the coach’s height, and had gained over fifty pounds. He had broken all the school’s lifting records and was able to keep up with the coach pound for pound. It turned out his legs did grow fast, but so did the rest of his body. He had the same perfect symmetry as the coach so often bragged about.

Over the summer, Wallace continued his work out routine with the used weight set and bench his father bought for him. The 220 set wasn’t heavy enough for Wallace to get a real workout for his legs or chest so his growth slowed, but didn’t stop. He became more comfortable with his body as it grew to match his manhood. His confidence soared as his physique became more balanced. He spent more and more time shirtless, enjoying the freedom of not being confined by clothing. He also noticed people were staring at him wherever he went out in public. Wallace thought it was strange when he returned their look they quickly turned away and became embarrassed. It became it game Wallace enjoyed playing when he got bored. When he wasn’t lifting he was riding his bike or trekking through the nearby mountains. He often went skinny dipping in the isolated lakes. It was the best way to cool off after working up a sweat on his bike. He loved being outdoors, alone and naked. The water never failed to invigorate his body and spirit. He didn’t even care if an occasional hiker came upon him lying nude in the grass. Wallace discovered if he just ignored them, they would go away eventually. If Wallace pretended he was asleep the onlookers would stay longer. But when he opened his eyes, it was the other person who became uncomfortable and quietly slinked away.

The first day of the new school year, Wallace swaggered into the gym. He wore a pair of jeans and a white tank top, his clothing hugging his impressive frame tightly. The color of the thin shirt contrasted with the golden brown color of his smooth skin. He waved to the team who were doing jumping jacks in mass as he approached the coach. He held out his hand, the coach shook it. The coach tried not to stare at the awesome sight of his prodigy. “You alright coach? You’re acting a little strange” Wallace asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Bruce’s voice cracked slightly as he regained his composure. “You’re late. But I’m glad to see you continued working out over the summer, unlike some others on the team.” The coach said loudly as he gave a disapproving glance at the team. The coach returned his gaze to Wallace, realizing he now had to look up slightly to meet Wallace’s eyes. He scanned the boy’s exposed arms quickly. “It looks like you’ve grown a bit too”.

“Yeah, a little taller and little bigger” Wallace said proudly and raised his right arm to flex his bicep. “Twenty one inches, I’m catching up to you coach. I think my arms may be my best body part too, just like you.”

Bruce stared briefly at the mound of muscle before him and swallowed hard, he took a few step backwards. “Great, great,” he mumbled a little jealous of the boy’s unexpected muscle maturity. The coach turned his attention to the other members of the team. “Okay girls, now that you’re warmed-up. Hit the ground and do some push-ups.” The coach lowered his voice and added without looking at the hulking student “Wallace, why don’t you get changed and join us. You’re a real member of the team now. We’re about to take the field for practice and we have a lot of work to do before our first game”.

“Sure coach. Whatever you say” Wallace said a little disappointed the coach didn’t seem more impressed with his physical development. The main reason he worked out during the summer was to earn the coach’s praise. Wallace turned and walked to the locker room. Everyone eyes, including the coach’s, watched him exit the gym. The skin tight shirt showcased the taper of his back, while the Y shoulder straps made is shoulders look immensely wide.

His natural athleticism was obvious when he hit the field. Even for his size, he was quick and agile. His instincts were equal to those of a seasoned player. The coach knew after the first practice, he was right about Wallace becoming his star player. He told Wallace how he felt as the two walked off the field. Wallace never felt more proud as he listened to his idol’s words.

Wallace trained harder than any other boy on the team, yearning for more praise from the coach. At the end of the season, Wallace had fulfilled his role on the team. He became a regular feature in the local newspaper sports section. He set a new national record for sacking the quarterback, leading his team to the state championship. He was the youngest student in the state to make All-American status. But it wasn’t enough for the Wall, the nickname the newspaper bestowed on him because no one got past him. Even after the season, he continued to work out with the coach. Using the school’s professional grade equipment, his body started to grow rapidly again. Each week he grew stronger and stronger. His muscle mass kept pace with his increasing strength. By the middle of the school year, Wallace had gained another fifteen pounds of muscle. The two training partners now weighed the same. After their afternoon workout, Wallace walked into the coach’s office as he was posing in a mirror. “Practicing your routine for the contest? Wow, you look great coach. We may weigh the same, but you’re really ripped. I wish I had abs like you”

The coach quickly grabbed his shirt and pulled it on over his head. He didn’t feel it was appropriate to be half naked with a student in the room, especially The Wall. He sat down in his desk chair, “It’s all about diet at this stage. You’ve got the mass, but you have too much body fat. It’s all the pizza, soda, and Doritos you kids eat by the truck load. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal for boy’s your age to have higher percentages of body fat, you know baby fat. Enjoy eating that crap while you can. When you get to my age you have to watch everything you eat”.

“I know that junk isn’t good for me. But I’m always hungry” Wallace said rubbing his firm, but slightly rounded stomach.

“It’s going to be difficult for you to get the protein and calories you need to grow while limiting the carbs and fat without using supplements. Protein powders are an athlete’s best friend. You should try drinking a couple shakes a day to curb your hunger. It works for me” the coach said feeling good that there was something he could still teach the giant before him.

“Protein powders, heh? That’s a good idea. Thanks coach. I’ll see you next week.” Over the weekend Wallace asked his father to take him to the local GNC store. He bought a huge ten pound container of protein powder and a book on nutrition for bodybuilders. Like his work-out regime, Wallace followed the diet precisely. After two weeks, he noticed the waist of his jeans were looser; after a month saw the faint outline of his abs emerge. By spring break he was as ripped as the coach. He had dramatically lowered his body fat, but the scale read the same. The gain in his muscle mass made up for the fat loss. By the end of the school year, the fifteen year old phenom was 3 inches taller, 25 pounds heavier and lifting about a third more than his mentor.

Stanley was sitting at his desk when his boss entered the cubicle’s opening behind him. Stanley was so engrossed in his work he didn’t notice the visitor. A smirk crept over the leader’s face as he thought of startling his unexpected employee, but his attention was diverted by a photograph on the smaller man’s desk. The handsome older man reached passed Stanley for the photo’s frame without thinking.

“Mr.Schimdt, I didn’t know you were behind me,” Stanley said as he swiveled his chair around to face his boss. The athletic, older man didn’t answer as he held the frame close to his face staring at the image. “That’s me with my son and his football coach at an award ceremony. I think it was either the championship dinner or his All-American banquet. All that sport’s stuff blurs together for me some times”.

“He’s your son?” Mr.Schimdt said without moving his eyes from the image of the massively built young man wearing a pair of tight dress pants and a simple, blue dress shirt. The buttons of the shirt strained to encase the muscular physique underneath. Even the pants looked painted on with an impressive bulge behind the fly. “He looks more like his hot coach than you,” Stanley said in a soft, monotone voice. He realized that he had actually spoken what he was thinking. He looked at Stanley and thought of something to say to end the awkward moment. “Is your son still in school?”

“Yes, he’s about to start his junior year,” the proud father answered.

The boss thought for a moment returning his gaze back to the photo, “Is he home for the summer?”

“Yes, of course,” Stanley stated, surprised by the strange question.

“I just had a gym set up in my home with all new equipment. I was going to hire a personal trainer to show me how to use the machines properly, but I rather see the money go to a struggling student. Maybe your son can help me out?’ The boss said as he sat the photo back down on Stanley’s desk.

“I’m sure he would appreciate the offer, but he’s quite a busy guy. He’s always spending time at the coach’s lake house or hanging around with his friends when he’s not working out. As you can imagine he has a very active social life. And as for money, he always seems to have some. I think he has a part time job, but I’m not sure what it is exactly. Something in the electronic media field I think.” As he finished he could see the disappointed look on his boss’s face. He quickly added, “Plus The Wall’s not a certified trainer or anything like that.”

“The Wall?”

“Oh, sorry. That’s my son’s nickname, his real name is Wallace”

The larger man gave a quick glance back to the photo and licked his lips. “You know Stanley; how a man manages his family says a lot about how he will manage a department. Tell me aren’t you interested in taking over Sam’s position when he retires next month? My evaluation of you will greatly impact whether you get the promotion or not” The boss said as he folded his arms across his chest and looked down at Stanley.

“Thank you again for doing this for me. I owe you one,” Stanley said as he pulled into his boss’s driveway. He looked over at his son’s annoyed face. “I’m sure it won’t take long. Plus you get to use some of the latest exercise equipment. I know how you love to work out”

“Whatever Dad. I just want to get this over as soon as possible so I can meet up with the team at the coach’s place” Wallace said in a somber tone.

“Look, if this helps me get the promotion, it will benefit you too. We’ll have more money for food, drugs and clothes.” Stanley said trying to rationalize his decision to himself as well as his son.

“They’re called supplements not drugs. And I take them to help me get bigger and stronger.” Wallace said flexing his pecs causing his tight shirt to stretch tighter across his chest.

“If you ask me you are big and strong enough. I don’t think being so muscular is healthy for anyone, especially a boy your age” Stanley said with concern.

“Of course you wouldn’t” Wallace said shaking his head. “At my last physical the doctor said I was in peak condition. His exact words were optimal health.

“It just doesn’t seem normal, that’s all. I think you may be pushing your body too far. I know you say you are not taking steroids, but I worry about the damage you could be doing that may not show up for years”

“I don’t need steroids when I have these” Wallace said as he cupped and squeezed his balls through his tight spandex shorts.

“Stop that. That’s vulgar behavior, Wallace. Remember this is my boss’s house not a locker room.”

“Why can’t you be supportive of my athletic abilities like the coach? He says I’m special, naturally gifted, one of the best players he has ever seen.”

“Sure because you are the reason why his trophy case is so crowded. I want more for you than just being able to carry a silly ball around a field.”

Wallace shook his head in disbelieve. “Being able to carry that silly ball will make me a millionaire one day. I haven’t asked you for money in months Dad. I already earn enough to pay for all the things I need. Plus I have enough to buy a real car when I get my license, instead of this toy you drive” Wallace said harshly as he clumsily removed his huge frame from his father’s compact car. The vehicle rocked back and forth violently as he removed his weight from the passenger’s seat. “And don’t worry about college, if I go my talent on the field means I’m guaranteed a full-ride. You won’t have to pay for a thing.”

“Of course you are going to college’ Stanley said as he got out of the car and tried to catch up to his son who was heading towards the home’s entrance. “What about spending money and gas for your car, car insurance, and up-keep too? There’s always something breaking down on a car. Things always cost more than you think they will, you see that when you are on your own.”

“I earn more than enough to pay for all that. Like I said don’t worry about it” Wallace said as he got more annoyed at his father. He took out his frustration by pounding on the door loudly with the side of his fist.

“Wallace, calm down and be nice.” Stanley quickly reviewed the behemoth beside him. “I wish you won’t wear such tight clothing all the time. It leaves nothing to the imagination, if you know what I mean.”

Wallace gave a loud sigh and pounded on the door once more.

The door opened and Mr.Schmidt appeared. He scanned the hulking figure in front of him and grinned. “Please, come on in” he said as he stepped to one side. He eyes stayed glued to The Wall’s form as he entered the house. He couldn’t believe the size and beauty of the hunk. He starred at the younger man’s ass as it moved powerfully down the hall.

Stanley turned when he reached the living room and waited for his boss to enter behind Wallace. “Mr.Schmidt, this is my son Wallace”

“Call me The Wall, everybody does, except my father,” Wallace said giving his father a dirty look.

“Please call me Aaron. I appreciate you doing this for me, The Wall,” the boss said ignoring his employee and again slowly scanning the muscular man in front of him. Wallace couldn’t help but notice the older man’s leering. He decided to put the guy to the test. Wallace put his arms on his hips then bounced his pecs slightly to see the man’s reaction. The man’s eyes widened and he swallowed the rush of salvia to his mouth with a hard gulp. Wallace experience had taught him what this guy wanted and it wasn’t exercise advice. Wallace laughed to himself, he should have known. All old guys are the same and the more money they have the more desperate they become.

“So where’s the gym? I’m sure you’re eager to see what I can teach you” Wallace said with a smile as he flexed his pecs once more.

Aaron swallowed again, “Right this way.” The older man wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt left the room.

“Well, I guess I can leave now” Stanley said feeling ignored by the other two men in the room. “Wallace call me when you want to be pick you up”

“Don’t leave, this won’t take very long” Wallace said to his father before following the other man out of the room. When Wallace arrived at the doorway to the gym, Aaron was standing there. Wallace entered the room sliding past the older man purposely invading his personal space. Wallace let his hand brush against the other man’s growing crotch bulge. Aaron took a deep breath inhaling the musky scent and enjoying the heat pouring off the giant’s body. Wallace walked past several of the weight machines before turning around to face his host. He pulled his shirt off over his head. “You have some impressive equipment.”

Aaron looked at the football player’s sculpted torso, “So do you.” Wallace looked down at his chest and rubbed his large hand over his pulsating pecs. He looked up at Aaron, grinned and moved his hand down to his crotch. He palmed his abundant package seductively, “I guess it’s time to put this equipment to use”.

Stanley stood up from the comfortable coach as Wallace strolled back into the living room. “You were right, that didn’t take long at all.” Wallace just attempted a smile and shook his head affirmatively. Aaron was a few seconds behind. Unlike Wallace, the older man appeared flush and soaked with sweat. “Are you okay, sir?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Your son put me through an intensive work out,” Aaron quipped giving a wink to Wallace.

“I guess that’s a good thing” Stanley commented, looking quickly back and forth between the two other men in room. “Did Wallace show you how use all the equipment properly?”

“Oh, yes. I’m completely satisfied with what The Wall showed me,” the older man said as he wiped the sweat off his brow with his sleeve.

“Wallace thank Mr.Schmidt for asking you here today,” Stanley said looking at his emotionless son.

“That’s not necessary, I should be thanking him.”

“Well, I’ll thank you then. He says he doesn’t need the money, but I know he’s been saving for a car. As soon as he gets his license, he’s going to buy some kind of pick-up or SUV. I know he needs a big vehicle because of his size, but those things get such bad gas mileage. And we all know how expensive gas…” Stanley’s ramble was interrupted by his boss.

“Why don’t you have a license yet?” Aaron quizzed Wallace.

“I have my learner’s permit; I can’t get my license until I’m 16,” Wallace said without hesitation.

All the blood left Aaron’s face, his mouth fell open. He stared dumbfounded at The Wall. “You mean you are only ffff…”

“Fifteen, well fifteen and a half to be exact.” Wallace could see the fear in Aaron’s eyes. The two men just stared at each other. Wallace forgot how people assumed he was so much older than he really was because of his physique. He loved the fact that the man his father feared now feared him. Wallace was going to have fun at Aaron’s expense. “Oh, guess what Dad? Mr.Schmidt told me he is going to do everything he possibly could to make sure you get that promotion. He said you were by far the most qualified candidate and he couldn’t see any one else in that job. Isn’t that right?”

“What?” was all the stunned Aaron could manage.

“I know it was supposed to be a secret. But I have a hard time keeping secrets. If that’s a crime, it’s a minor one,” Wallace said looking down at the older man with a cocky smirk.

Aaron regained his composure. He focused on Stanley before continuing, “It was supposed to be a secret, but the cat’s out of the bag now. I do think you are the best man for the job.” Stanley forced a smile on his face and shook his employee’s hand.

“My, that must have been some conversation the two of you had in the gym” Stanley quipped with a huge smile on his face.

“Oh, it was. When Aaron gets going, all kinds of things come spilling out of his mouth,” Wallace said coyly holding back his laughter. Aaron blushed, he looked around the room avoiding eye contact with both of his visitors.

“I guess we should be leaving now, so you can enjoy the remainder of your Saturday. Thank you again, Mr.Schmidt, you won’t regret this decision.” Stanley forcibly shook the hand of his boss once more before heading for the door. Wallace followed behind. Aaron watched them leave without moving from the spot he stood, his body still in a state of shock.

Stanley went out the door first; as Wallace exited he turned to grasp the doorknob. He saw Aaron staring at him. Wallace lowered his hand to his crotch and massaged his package again. “Thanks for the work out, old man,” he said sarcastically then shut the door behind him.

Over the next several months, the Lagette’s saw less and less of each other. Stanley was spending more time at work and Wallace was rarely home. When he wasn’t at school, he was out with friends or over the coach’s house. Even on the weekends he had away games or went with the coach’s family to their lake house. One Sunday afternoon, Stanley was in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher when Wallace came stumbling in, still half asleep, wearing only a pair of black bikini briefs. “Good morning sunshine, or should I say Good Afternoon.”

Wallace gave his father a dirty look without saying a word. As he walked one hand caressed the muscles of his upper torso. He went straight to the refrigerator and opened the door. He starred inside the cool space for a moment then grabbed the half-full gallon jug of milk. He screwed off the cap and poured the contents of protein packet into the container. After a vigorous shake he put the container to his lips. He chugged the contents as his other hand made its way to the pouch of his overstuffed bikini. He threw the empty jug into the trash can after a loud burp. He took a protein bar out of a cabinet before sitting down on a stool positioned near the kitchen’s island. With two bites the bar was gone. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, his large hands covering his entire face. “I’m hungry, why don’t you make me some eggs?” he said in a scratchy voice without looking at his father.

“Sure, since you asked so nicely.” Stanley went to the fridge and removed the egg carton. “Do you want four or six?”

“Eight, but only two yolks,” Wallace mumbled before lowering his arms to the counter top to rest his head.

Stanley had his back to his son as he started to separate the eggs into a bowl. “Such a waste, I hate throwing away the yolks.”

“Then you eat them, it’s not like you care about what you eat”

“I see you are in one of your usually jolly moods. Why are you so tired, did you have a late game?”


“I checked the school’s sports calendar on the website there was no away game listed” Stanley commented as he turned to look at the resting giant.

“Right, it wasn’t a game. I was working overtime, making deliveries” Wallace said titling his head slightly to get a view of his father.

“Making deliveries until four in the morning” Stanley asked skeptically.

“What are you waiting up for me now? I thought you said I was too big for a baby sitter,” Wallace remarked as he sat up straight.

“I want to know what my sixteen year old son was doing out at 4am? If you want me to trust you, you have to be honest with me, Wallace. I’m beginning to think I’ve been much too lenient with you lately,” Stanley said returning his attention back to his scrambled eggs. “Weren’t your PSATs yesterday? Did you take them?”

Wallace gave a small laugh. “No, I forgot about the dorky test.”

“Great, that was a waste of money. That dorky test will help get you into a good university. I don’t know what’s going on with you. You used to be so into school and got straight A’s. Ever since you’ve hit puberty, its like you’re a totally different person. Sometimes I can’t believe you’re my son”

“Neither can I,” Wallace said under his breath.

“What?” Stanley asked turning to look at his son once more.

“Nothing,” Wallace said trying to hide his smile. “I can give you your money back.”

“It’s not just about the money Wallace, it’s your attitude. You don’t seem to care about anything but playing football, partying and working out. You’re not doing anything around the house. The lawn is a mess, your room is a disaster, the whole house needs to be cleaned. Ever since my promotion, I don’t have enough time to do it all by myself. I expect you to help out around here. This is your home too. I’m afraid you’re turning into a selfish, arrogant man. I don’t like The Wall, I want my Wallace back.”

“Well that’s our opinion. Everyone else loves ‘The Wall,’” Wallace said as he went into a double bicep pose. “Playing football and working out are going to get me out of this house and away from you. The coach says I’m good enough to be drafted by the pros without having to go to college and that’s what I plan on doing.”

“That’s crazy. Even if you play professionally, how long is that going to last? A couple of years, even less if you get hurt. Then what are you going to do with the rest of your life?” Stanley asked as he walked to the counter where Wallace sat. He peered up at his son who was easily twice his size. Wallace just rolled his eyes. “You have to go to college. That all-mighty coach of yours went to college. I went to college, and that’s why I am where I am today.”

“Really,” Wallace smirked.

Stanley was becoming annoyed by his son’s attitude. “Yes, really. I’m your father, not the coach, and you, young man, are going to college.”

Wallace stood up towering over the smaller man. Stanley instinctively backed away, the nearly naked Wallace kept pace. Stanley stopped when his back hit the counter on the opposite wall. Wallace raised his hand and pointed a finger into his father’s face as he spoke. With each movement of the finger, Stanley flinched. “You think it was your college degree that got you that promotion. It was my cock. That’s right, I let your boss suck my dick after he got off feeling up my muscles. And he wasn’t the only one. Hundreds of men have groped and blown me. How do you think I’ve earned so much money? You think I could buy a brand new Escalade with a part time job paying minimum wage. Even you can’t be that stupid. My weekends away, I go to San Francisco and let pathetic, old men like you touch me for money, lots of money. I have my own web site, thousands of wimps around the world pay $30 a month to watch me flex and jerk off in my room. So don’t worry about my future. As long as I have this body and there are wimps in the world, I’ll be set”

Stanley shook his head no. He didn’t want to believe what his son was saying. “That’s not possible, you’re only sixteen.”

Wallace laughed, “Yeah and getting a fake ID is really difficult. How many other sixteen year olds are 6’7”, 310 pounds of solid muscle? I’ve been going to bars for years and never been carded. The bartenders, hell even the bouncers, are afraid of me; just like you are right now.”

Stanley straightened up and tired to compose himself. But all he could see was mounds of muscle that was his son’s chest. Its broadness even filled his peripheral vision making him feel literally Walled-in. He fought his claustrophobia; he took a deep breath, cleared his throat, and lowered his voice before speaking. “This is all going to stop right now. My son is not going to be a prostitute or a gigolo or whatever you are. I am your father and you are going to do what I say”.

Wallace laughed out loud. “Please, why do we continue this charade? There is now way, I am related to you. Look at you, short, thin, puny and ugly; a ridiculous excuse of a man. I don’t blame mom for cheating on you when she had the opportunity to be with a real man, like the coach. I have secretly wished he is my father every since I first saw him. He’s the type of man who can satisfy a woman where it counts, in the bedroom. Unlike you with that pinky sized dick between your legs. I bet when my real father fucked her it was the first time she ever came” Stanley was outraged; he reached up and slapped his son as hard as he could across the face. His hand just slid across Wallace’s granite like jaw causing no damage. Wallace smirked, “What a wuss. Women slap, men punch” Wallace pulled his mammoth arm back and hurled his fist toward his father’s gut. Stanley curled up anticipating the impact. But it never happened when Stanly opened his eyes, he saw his son’s fist inches away. “If I hit you every bone in your body would shatter, your internal organs explode. I wouldn’t want to have to clean up that mess.”

Wallace took several steps back staring at his father. “I think we’re through here. The man of the house has been established. The days of you telling me what to do are officially over. When I get back tonight, what ever time that may be, I expect this house to be clean and that includes my room. So you better get moving you have a lot of work to do. And don’t forget to mow the lawn.” Wallace turned to leave the room and noticed the eggs burning on the stove; he turned off the burner and moved the pan to another. “Look, what a waste. Now apologize for ruining my breakfast.” Stanley did not say a word. Wallace looked at his father who had his face down. “Did you hear me?”

“I’m sorry for ruining your breakfast,” Stanley uttered softly.

“I forgive you. See I’m not such a bad guy after all. Now I’m going to take a shower and when I’m done I expect my properly prepared breakfast to be waiting for me.” Wallace said in a lilting voice as he left the room.


Chapter 4

After a last game of the year, the coach entered his office which was adjacent to the team’s locker room. He was accompanied by a well-dressed and very handsome man. “I’m glad you were able to come up today, David.” The coach said as he sat down at his desk. The other man removed his camel hair overcoat and draped it over his arm before sitting down in only other chair in the small space.

“After the way you talked about, um… The Wall, how could I not. All the year’s I’ve known you, Bruce, I’ve never heard you speak so highly of an athlete. I thought if I ever got this type of call from you it would be about your own boys. How are the Tyler and Taylor? I didn’t see them on the field.”

A solemn look overcame the coach’s face and he stared at the photo on his desk. “The twins have decided to take a different path than their old man. It turns out sports isn’t in their future.” Bruce took a deep breath and forced a smile. He was too embarrassed to tell his friend the twins were on the field but as the water boy and equipment manager. “But you’re here to talk about The Wall. You saw him play. Was I wrong?”

“No, he was great. You were right. He’s got size, power, speed, and agility. But he’s still a kid. I don’t know if I want to take on a high school student.” David could see his friend was about to start a debate. He decided to quickly change the subject to postpone the issue temporarily. “But before we discuss a possible new client, let’s talk about my favorite, former client. I must say Bruce, you look better now than the last time I saw you. You are in remarkable shape for someone’s who is supposed to be retired from professional sports.”

“Thank you David. I’m just trying to keep up with all these young kids,” Bruce said leaning back into his chair aware of his friend’s tactics.

“So it has nothing to do with the rumor about you getting into bodybuilding. Even heard you won a couple local and state competitions” David fished for confirmation with a sly smile on his face.

“I can neither deny nor confirm such rumors,” Bruce said with a sly smile of his own. He stretched his body putting his arms behind his head causing his impressive biceps to bulge. Both men laughed.

“Seriously, Bruce. You look incredible. People still know the name Bruce ‘The Great’ Graither. I can easily get you some print ads or endorsement deals. I’ve even heard that a TV station in Seattle is looking for a new sports reporter. You would be perfect for the job. I wish one tenth of my clients had your looks and talent. I would be a wealthy, or should I say, wealthier man.”

Bruce lowered his arms and leaned over his desk. “David, I’ve told you a million times I have no interest in being in front of the camera. I hated it every time I did it. It’s just not me. But I give you credit for your tenacity, even though some people may say it borders on annoying.”

David let out a big sigh, “Ha, ha. I’m an agent; I’m supposed to be annoying. Patronize me and say you’ll at least think about it.”

“Okay, I’ll think about it. But now focus on the future of football instead of the past. What do you think of the possibility of The Wall signing with the pros when he graduates high school without going to college?” Bruce asked with a serious look on his face.

David crossed his legs and nervously brushed some invisible lint of his coat, “Honestly, it’s highly improbable. You know how the NFL uses the college teams like the MLB uses the minor leagues. They want the players to really proof themselves before they are willing to pay out millions of dollars. And no offense coach, but the high school just doesn’t cut it.”

“That may be true of ordinary players, but The Wall is something…extraordinary. He’s like no other player I’ve or you have ever seen. He’s like twice the size and has twice the strength of my next best player. Hell, he’s almost twice as strong as I am. You saw him on the field. You had to see it too,” Bruce spoke quickly and passionately. Wallace entered the office and stood behind David unbeknownst to the agent.

“I only caught the last few minutes of the game. And like I said, he was good. But extraordinary I don’t know about that.”

The coach stood up, “David I’d like you to meet Wallace Lagette”

David stood and turned to face the high school junior. “Oh my God,” was all he could say. Before him stood the massively muscular man he had ever seen. Wallace had already removed his jersey and shoulder pads. He stood there topless his torso glistening with sweat, his tight uniform clinging to his lower body. Wallace absent mindedly massaged his package through his confining pants.

Wallace who was used to this reaction when people saw him for the first time extended his hand, the same hand that was just massaging his bulge, ‘Call me The Wall”.

David cleared his throat and slowly raised his hand to meet The Wall’s, “Nice to meet you”. As their hands interlocked David could feel the incredible power contained within the giant. The smaller man couldn’t stop himself from leering at the hulk; his gaze traveling repeatedly up and down the massive figure. Wallace, enjoying David’s reaction, flexed his pecs causing the huge slabs of beef to bounce. David moved the position of his coat to cover the growing crotch. “You’re a high school junior?” The Wall shook his head yes and smiled. “So you’re only seventeen?” David asked again looking at the exquisite athlete’s physique up and down for the hundredth time.

“Actually I’m sixteen” Wallace said with a big grin before adding. “I’ve been told I’m big for my age.”

“What are you, Wall: 6’7”, 290?” The coach asked.

“The last time I checked, I was 6’8”, 320 pounds. I just keep getting bigger, coach,” The Wall said smugly as he pushed his shoulders back, flexed his lats, and expanded his chest making him look more imposing.

“Sixteen, unbelievable.” David fell back into his chair. He looked up at The Wall you looked more massive at his lower angle. Wallace massaged his package again, this time it was right at David’s eye level. David tried to clear his mind and looked around the room avoiding The Wall. “Sixteen, so you are a minor. That means you’ll need your parents to co-sign any contract.”

The Wall folded his arms over his chest, “That won’t be a problem; my father will do whatever I tell him to do. I mean ask him to do.” Wallace looked at the coach. “Like any parent, he’ll do whatever it takes to see his child happy and successful.”

“Great, great” David said still in shock.

Once again The Wall pulled at his crotch before saying, “Sorry, but this jock is killing me. Since it just us men here, I’m sure you won’t mind if I give myself some relief“. With those words, The Wall, undid the snaps in his pants and pulled apart the Velcro fly. Freed from its confinement his sweat soaked jock burst through the opening. David tried not to stare, but couldn’t help himself. He marveled at The Wall’s leanness, made obvious by the number of veins encircling the smooth, tan skin of his groin. Each sculpted muscle bulging with any slight movement. A masculine musk invaded David’s nostrils, he involuntarily inhaled deeply to catch more of the primal scent. The odor made David’s cock grow harder. Apparently oblivious to David’s reaction, the Wall continued to make himself more comfortable. The Wall pulled out the hard cup from his jock and tossed it on the coach’s desk. “Ahh, that’s better” he said as he roughly massaged his cock and balls. “The thing I’m going to do with my first pro paycheck is have a custom cup made. They just don’t make them big enough. OI course, it doesn’t help that I get so horned up during the game. Dominating every other player on the field so easily really gets my juices flowing.” Wallace slowly fastened his pants again before palming his package once more to make the final adjustments.

David continued to watch intently. He looked up and saw The Wall smiling down at him mischievously. David quickly looked at Bruce who had a strange look on his face as he stared back. David felt he had to say something to make himself look less like a pervert. “Sorry I’m staring. But I was just admiring your… abs. I’ve never seen a football player so massive and yet totally shredded. I guess I’m a little jealous. Tell me Wall, did the coach help you achieve your bodybuilder condition?”

“Don’t worry, dude. I’m used to people staring at me” The Wall said still smiling down at David. He then turned to his mentor and started to rub his chiseled stomach.. “The coach has given me great advice on nutrition and lifting technique. He also warned me that too many players put on as much fat as muscle to get strong. But I decided, it would take bricks to build this wall.” Then he flexed his abs, causing the mounds of muscle to emerge in greater detail. He continued to feel up his own body, “Or in my case, cinder blocks.” The player and his coach laughed, David joined in after an awkward delay. The Wall raised his arm to wipe the sweat dripping down his forehead from his thick dark hair. He stopped and sniffed his arm pit. “Man, I reek. Why don’t we continue this conversation after I shower?”

“Sounds good,” Bruce said.

“Yes, of course. Take your time,” David said squirming in his seat. Wallace turned and walked out of the office. David didn’t remove his eyes from The Wall’s ass until he was out of sight. He turned to look at his old friend, “Holy, fucking cow.” Bruce just laughed. David got more excited, his speech quickening. “The team owners are going to throw buckets of cash at him. Can you image how someone that looks like that will affect their attendance? I mean fucking ticket sales will go throw the roof. Women and men, will go ape shit over him. Just imagine the kind of endorsement deals I can make. With his face and that body, even if he was only a mediocre player he would be worth millions. Fuck, my mind is spinning. He’s every agent’s wet dream.” David regretted his choice of words as soon as they left his mouth.

“Calm down, man,” Bruce laughed, “I said he was extraordinary.”

David raised his eyes from the floor and looked at the soup bowl sized cup on the coach’s desk, “Yeah, extraordinary”.

No longer having to hide his income source from his father, he became more blatant in performing his “job”. He kept his bedroom door open while on camera. He would talk to his viewers crudely in a loud voice while he striped, flexed and masturbated. Sometimes he wouldn’t come home for days. Once he disappeared for a week when he went to L.A. to shoot a “lifestyle” DVD to sell on his website

Thanks to his new agent, The Wall’s future was secure. He was freed from the pretense of caring about school. He started to skip classes,. He spent more and more time working out, pushing his body to its limit, forcing his naturally gifted physique to grow larger and larger. The Wall’s arrogance grew along with his muscles. Every additional inch and pound he gained gave him more confidence. It even started to impact his relationship with the only man he still respected, the coach. Bruce told The Wall he wanted to talk with him in his office after he was done working out. The Wall walked into the coach’s windowless office wearing only a towel wrapped around his excruciating lean waist, his hair and skin still dripping wet from the shower.

“You wanted to talk to me coach?”

Bruce thought the Wall’s voice sounded even deeper than he remembered. “ I’m glad you could finally make it. I asked you to see me over an hour ago,” the coach said obviously annoyed.

“Sorry, but I was getting such a great pump I couldn’t stop. You know how fucking amazing it can feel. Like Arnold said sometimes it’s better than sex.” Wallace flexed his right arm and ran his left hand over the huge ball of muscle as it peaked, then he did the same with the opposite arm. “I think I put another quarter inch on these cannons today.”

“That’s great, Wall. I’ve noticed you have been hitting the weights very hard lately and at all times of the day. And the results are obvious. You have probably the best physique I’ve ever seen on any man, really remarkable for someone so young”

Wallace continued to flex and feel up his engorged muscles as the coach talked. He got off of his idol’s compliments almost as much as his body. He smiled and said, “Thanks.”

“However while working out is important, so is school. You shouldn’t be in the gym when you have a class. I’ve been hearing from your other teachers that you are not showing up or handing in any of your assignments. And you missed a couple practices recently. That’s not like you. What’s going on? Is everything all right at home?”

“What’s the point of going to class?” The Wall said without taking his eyes off his body.

“What’s the point?” the coach asked in an annoyed tone.

The Wall let out a deep sigh, expanding his chest, putting his hands on his hips and finally looking at the coach. “Kids go to high school so they can graduate, go to college and eventually get a job to earn a living. My career is set. I’m not going to college so why so I care about high school. Plus it’s not like any of my teachers are going to fail me. They know if I fail their class I can’t play. And everyone wants to see me play. Everyone wants to see me destroy the other team. All I need is this body. I figure the bigger and stronger I make it, the happier everyone is. I’m thinking of the whole school, coach. So I’m spending my time working out instead of sitting in a worthless class.”

“School is not worthless. You have to think about your future beyond sports. What if you get hurt and can’t play?” The coach countered.

“Man, you sound just like my dad.” The Wall returned to feeling up his body.

“Well, he’s right. Look at me. I’m was able to became a teacher after my football career because I had a college degree.”

The Wall smirked, “No offense coach. But I think my football career will be longer and more lucrative than yours. My agent said with my looks I’ll be a multi-millionaire before I play my first pro game thanks to endorsement deals. Something, I believe, you were never able to get.’

The coach stood up, “I choose not to sign my soul away to corporations for an easy paycheck. I played the game for the team, the fans, and my own personal satisfaction.”

“Tell yourself whatever it takes to get you through, dude,” The Wall said returning his attention to his biceps.

The coach was getting more annoyed, “Dude, I tell myself the truth. And here’s some more truth. You are going to start attending class and showing up for practice.”

“Coach you and I both know I don’t need practice. I’m already the best player at this or any other school. The truth is the other players are so small and weak, they’re holding me back. Even you can’t keep up with me anymore. The only thing around here that is real challenge for me are the weights”

“Mister your attitude sucks and it’s going to change now. If you don’t come to practice I’ll make sure that you won’t only graduate, but never play another game at this school Then I’ll call your agent, who I introduced you to, and tell him what a jerk you’ve become. Not only that, I’ll et every person I know in the industry about you. I’ll destroy your reputation before you have a chance to proof yourself. Believe me no one wants to sign a player who is going to be trouble, even a gorgeous one”.

The Wall look shocked, “You wouldn’t do that coach, not to me. I thought I was like a son to you?”

“I’m not your father and after the way you’ve been acting lately I’m glad of that. I have my own children, boys I am very proud to call my sons.”

“Proud,” it was The Wall’s turn to be angry, “Why because of the way they fold towels or mix the Gatorade. I’m the one out on the field winning the games”.

“You win the games? The last time I checked football was a team sport. Yes, I am very proud of my sons because they put the team’s needs before their own. That’s what being part of a team means, Wallace”

“Team sport, yeah right. What a fucking joke. You know I’m the only reason we’ve won the state championship twice and you’ve won Coach of the Year. Me, it’s all because of me. I’m the one you should be proud of coach, not the loser twins,” his hurt feelings bubbling to the surface.

“I was proud of you at one time, but not anymore. I’m ashamed of you and what you have become.” Bruce and Wallace just stared at each other. The coach noticed The Wall’s forearms bulging as he started to clench his fists. Bruce tried to calm himself and he sat back down. “Listen, Wall let’s take a minute before we continue to say things in anger.” The Wall started to pace the floor like a caged animal. “If I was your father, I would give you some advice.”

The Wall didn’t want to hear any more from his former mentor, “You have made it very clear, you are not my father. Therefore I don’t have to listen to you or anyone else for that matter. I’ve stopped playing the role of dutiful son and earnest student, now it’s time I let go of my last restraint; that of the humble, obedient player. I am finally on my own and that’s the way I like it. All I need in live I have right here” The Wall said as he groped his package under the towel. “You said how proud you are of your twin boys; let me show what I’m proud of.” The Wall went into a double bicep pose, “My twin peaks.” Then he lowered his arms to his hips and flexed his pecs, “My twin plateaus.” He flexed his quads, “My twin towers.” He turned around, dropped the towel before flexing his glutes, “My twin globes.” Then he turned again, walked toward the coach. Bruce just looked at him with an annoyed expression waiting for The Wall to finish his posing routine. The Wall pushed the coach’s chair back away from the desk and sat on the edge, his legs straddling the desk’s opening. He then reached forward and pulled the coach in between his legs. “And of course the thing I’m most proud of: my twin boys.” The Wall said while massaging his huge nut sack. “Unlike your boys, my aren’t runts are they coach?”

The coach didn’t look down at the display of massive masculinity spread out before him. He started to stand to remove himself form this uncomfortable situation. The Wall put one hand on each of the coach’s shoulders. The coach found himself being pushed down back into his chair. No matter how he resisted his student proved too strong. The coach fell into the seat his breathing labored from the effort. “I’m let you know when you can get up, old man” The Wall said, his breathing perfectly normal.

“Okay, so you are stronger than I am. Is that what you want me to say?’ Bruce said in an effort to discharge the tension between the two athletes.

“We both know I’ve been stronger, much stronger, than you for some time now. Not only stronger, but bigger, better looking and better hung. But I don’t think you’ve totally accepted it. I mean truly believed it in your heart.” With those last words, The Wall rammed his index figure into the coach’s chest.

The coach tired not to show the pain he felt from the younger man’s finger. “Okay, this has gone far enough, Wallace. I’ll tell you what, why don’t we discuss this later when you are a little calmer, and I’ll forget this ever happened.”

“There you go again thinking you are in charge. It’s time he settle this right now.” In one swift move, The Wall reached behind the coach’s head and grabbed his shirt collar. He lifted him up and threw him onto the desk. The Wall opened his hand around the coach’s neck, holding his head down painfully against the wooden surface. His upper body was flat against the top of the desk, while his lower body draped off the edge. The coach struggled to move his head to the side to prevent his nose from being crushed and to make his breathing easier. He flailed his arms about trying to find a position he could push himself up; but the size of his muscles limited his flexibility. He couldn’t position his feet either, because The Wall’s thighs were forcing the coach’s legs tightly against the side of the desk. The Wall laughed as he watched the coach struggle. “Still think you can tell me what to do, runt?”

“Fuck you,” the coach forced out between deep breaths.

“What’s that you say, you want to fuck me? Of course you do, everyone does. But I’m definitely a top, and it looks like you are definitely a bottom.”

The coach felt his shorts being ripped off his body; the elastic waist band painfully breaking from the strain after digging deeply into his hip bones. Then he felt a strong hand caressing and slapping the hard cheeks of his ass. “Not bad for an old guy, Bruce. I but you were something in your prime, but that was some time ago wasn’t it. A man reach’s his muscular peak in his mid to late twenties right? So that was like two decades ago for you. For me however, I’ve got a decade ahead of me. I’m only going to get bigger, stronger, and better looking every day for the next ten years. Just imagine coach what I’m going to look like then. On the other hand you are just going to get smaller, weaker and uglier with each passing day. It’s a good thing I’m gong to do his now before you are even scrawnier.” The coach felt his cheeks being pulled apart.

“Please, no, don’t do it. Please, I beg of you, please.” The coach pleaded as tears formed in his eyes.

“That’s right old man, beg me not to plow you with my huge, young cock. It’s so hard and thick, it would split your pathetic, weak body into two.” The Wall grabbed the coach’s shoulder and turned the defeated man over onto his back. “What the fuck is this?” The Wall said as he saw the coach’s own mighty cock at full attention. “You getting off on being my bitch. You like feeling weak and helpless like a woman. I bet this is a first for you. You were always the one in control, the strong powerful hunky athlete.” The Wall still had a hand on the coach’s throat. He moved his other hand to the coach’s cock. “I used to think you were so big and strong with a huge tool, like Superman But now compared to me you are nothing but a scrawny, pathetic weakling. Your cock is as puny as the rest of your body.” The coach moaned as The Wall continued to squeeze and stroke his hard cock.

“Please stop,” the coach moaned.

“If you want me to stop, just go soft, old man. I’m sure it’s taking a lot of energy for an old guy like you to stay hard. Did you take your blue pill today?” The Wall laughed while continuing to massage his coach’s rigid tool. “I bet my strong hand on your weak cock feels good. My grip is a lot tighter than your wife’s dried up cunt, isn’t it It’s been a long time since you experienced anything that felt this good Oh, I bet it feels so good.”

“No please, stop. I don’t want…” The coach said between deep breaths. He was getting only a small amount of air due to the Wall’s grip around his throat. The lack of oxygen and the strong, steady stokes on his shaft caused his body to experience incredible waves of erotic pleasure. Finally he couldn’t fight it any longer and shot a large load into the air. The crème feel onto his washboard waist forming a small pool. The coach’s body went limp from exhaustion and defeat.

“Fuck, is that best you could do? I should have known not much spunk would come from those shriveled up balls of yours. My big boys pump out about twice of much when I cum.” The Wall could see and feel the fight was out of his victim. He had broken him. The Wall released his grip and stood fully erect. “Now you aren’t going to do or say anything about this little drama. And I will continue to skip classes and practice as I see fit. You will not talk to David or anyone else about me to jeopardize my football career. Do you understand?”

The coach nodded without looking at the looming giant standing over him.

“I didn’t hear you old man,” The Wall said grabbing and squeezing the coach’s deflated ball sack.

“Yes, I understand. You do what ever you want and I won’t say anything to anyone” The coach said as if being tortured.

“That’s a good runt, Brucy.” The Wall lightly slapped the coach’s face, then walked away toward the door. “And if you go back on your word, we’ll recreate this scene. But next time it will be on your dining room table in front of your wife and precious twins. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” the coach said loudly to make sure he was heard.

The Wall bent down and picked up his towel from the floor before tossing it over his shoulder. “It’s not like a weakling like you could stop me anyway.” The Wall said laughing as he walked out of the office.

The coach rolled off his desk onto the floor, he curled into the fetal position sobbing.


Chapter 5

Tyler was encouraging his brother to complete one more rep in his second set. Taylor strained to lock his elbows, but the 120 pound barbell proved too much for him. Tyler grabbed the bar before it crashed down on his brother’s bony chest. Both boys thin arms struggled to put the weight into the rack. Taylor sat up on the bench soaked in sweat and breathing deeply. Tyler leaned on the resting barbell and said, “Good set, bro.”

Taylor nodded his head and wiped his forehead with a towel. He grabbed his shaker cup full of the latest mass building supplement and chugged it down as he walked to the full length mirror in the far corner of the basement. He tried to flex his pectoral muscles; but his narrow, flat chest barely moved.

Suddenly there was a loud bang as the basement door opened and heavy footsteps descended the staircase. Tyler moved quickly to his brother’s side, the two shirtless boys looking like a set of bookends. They stood motionless as The Wall entered the room, both transfixed by the hulking visitor. He wore only a pair of white briefs. The thin cotton material stretched to it’s limits every where by his massiveness. The Wall had to walk slightly hunched over since he stood taller than the room’s 6’6” ceiling. He walked directly to several piles of clothes neatly folded on a table next to the dryer. He pawed his way through the pile of his own clothes, and then let out a “damn” in frustration. He turned his attention to another pile, that of the boy’s father’s. He pulled out a bathing suit from near the bottom of the pile, the clothes on top falling onto the floor. The Wall took no notice of the mess he caused and pulled down his underwear. Taylor let out a soft gasp as he saw The Wall’s huge endowment exposed. The Wall did not react. He continued his change of wardrobe and pulled on the bathing suit. It was a box cut suit made of spandex. The suit was tighter than his underwear the stretchy man-made fiber showcased every bulge in greater detail. The Wall stuck his huge hand down the front of the suit and adjusted his equipment as comfortably as he could. The bulge from his package hung lower on his thighs than the legs of the suit, emphasizing his manhood even more. Then he did the same with his hand on the outside of the suit. Without looking up he said, “You runts enjoying the free show? I usually charge $50 for the privilege of watching me strip.” The twins did not answer. They had become accustomed to being ignored by The Wall, and whenever he did speak to them it was only to humiliate them in some way. The boys moved closer together for safety. “Even your father’s clothes are getting too small for me. I guess being scrawny pieces of shit runs in your family.”

The Wall turned to head back up the stairs, but stopped as he passed by the weight bench. He picked up the barbell in his hands and did a few quick curls as if the bar was empty. He then moved his right hand to the center of the bar and did several one-arm curls without breaking a sweat. He effortlessly tossed the weight down into the rack causing the entire bench to sway from the impact. “That’s a good weight for a warm-up.” He flexed his pumped right bicep and ran his left hand over the massive 26” peak.

“Fuck” whispered Tyler.

The Wall laughed. “Is this what you runts want: big, hard, powerful muscle?” The boys didn’t answer but the look on their faces answered the question. The Wall returned his attention to his flexed arm, still lovingly caressing it. “Of course it is. Every man wants it. Hell, every man wants to look just like me. But only a handful has what it takes to be real men, chosen by mother natural to be a true alpha male.” As he spoke The Wall’s left hand went from his right bicep down his torso to his balls. “I mean look at the two of you. How can your father say he’s more proud of you than me? I’m the star athlete and you two are geeks. You’ve been lifting for years and you’re still nothing but skin and bones. My upper arm is the size of your waist. My one thigh is the size of your chest. And what are you runts 64, 65 inches tall; shit that’s my chest measurement cold.” With those words The Wall flexed his pecs causing the huge beefy slabs to gyrate; first independently, then in unison. The twins started to get hard from The Wall’s display of superiority. The Wall saw the lustful look in the twin’s eyes, a look he was very familiar with seeing from others. He ran his hand over his still gyrating chest then brought his hand down to his tightly clad package. The twin’s eyes followed his hand. He noticed the shelf full of medicines, supplements, protein powders and vitamins. “And all the chemicals in the world aren’t going to turn two bony-assed runts like you into real men. I got all I need to get bigger right here.” The Wall said squeezing his package even tighter. “And you already got an eyeful of what I’m packing compared to you.” The Wall raised his other hand and held his little finger. “I’m guessing that’s about the size of your limp dicks.” The Wall started to chuckle as he left; his booming laughter echoing from the narrow staircase and filling the basement.

The twins didn’t move until they heard the door slam close. “Fuck, I hate him,” Taylor said as he turned away from his brother to try to hide his erection.

Tyler moved quickly to the fallen clothes and bent over to pick them up off the floor. He kept his back to his brother to hide his own aroused state. “Do you think Dad really is more proud of us than The Wall?”

Taylor looked back into the mirror and felt up his thin chest. “Why would he be? You know how much he wanted us to be great athletes like him. And let’s face it we never will be.” Taylor felt a wave of sadness take him. “It’s so fucking unfair. Why does he have to be so big and the both of us so small? Did you see the size of his arm? He’s right, it’s the size of our waist.” Taylor put his hands around his petite waist imagining it was The Wall’s arm he was holding. “No one needs to be that fucking huge. Man, I’d give anything to have just half of his muscle mass.” Taylor picked up his shaker cup and took another swig.

Tyler was busy refolding the clothes. “And how about his strength? He picked up that bar like it was nothing. The both of us can hardly press it and he curls it with one arm. He’s not human, he can’t be.”

“Maybe he’s right. Maybe it’s the way natural wants it and we’re wasting our time with all this stuff.” Finally tearing his gaze from the mirror, Taylor walked over to the weight bench to sit down, drink still in hand. “I am so fucking sick and tired of being sick and tired.” He noticed what his brother was doing. “Why are you cleaning up after him?”

“If we don’t do it, mom will have to. And she’s been acting very weird this weekend, Dad too, especially when The Wall is around” As Tyler talked he repositioned his body to face his brother, his cock flaccid once more.

“Yeah, I noticed it too,” Taylor eyes lit up, “Hey, maybe they had a fight and they’ll tell The Wall not to hang around us anymore. Wouldn’t that be great?”

“No one tells The Wall what to do, runt,” Tyler said in a deeper voice trying to imitate the massive man. Both boys chuckled.

“You better hope he doesn’t hear you,” Taylor warned.

Tyler picked up another piece of clothing to fold. It was another of his father’s swim suits; similar to the one The Wall had put on a few minutes ago. Tyler held the article in front of him staring at it. The material at the crotch puckered from being stretched out of shape from straining to contain their father’s huge and heavy endowment. “I can’t believe Dad’s suit is too small for him. I didn’t think I would ever meet a man bigger than our Dad.” Tyler turned around again as his cock reacted to the image of The Wall packed into the suit so magnificently.

“I remember when Dad used to say we were going to grow up to be bigger than him.” Taylor looked down at his sickly thin body covered in bluish, pasty skin. He threw he nearly empty cup into the wall, “It’s just not fucking fair.”

Callie tried to dig her slender fingers in The Wall’s immense shoulders, but it was like squeezing a bowling ball. Her body was on fire. She needed to find a way to deal with the erotic pleasure surging through her body. She bit her lip to stop from screaming. In desperation she formed her hands into fists and pounded away at his granite deltoids. The Wall just smiled as he watched her reaction. With each thrust of his hips he was able to see her sensual torture increase. She came for the fourth time, “Please no more, she moaned.”

“Tell me what I want to hear, bitch,” The Wall growled still pumping his mighty organ inside her.

Callie threw her head back and gasped for air. “You are bigger, stronger and better looking than my husband”.


“You are the best lover I’ve ever had. Now please stop. I can’t take anymore”

The Wall moved his right hand off of Callie’s ass, supporting her with only his left and his powerful tool. He ran his hand over his abs and quickened his pumping, within a few seconds he released his voluminous load inside the older woman. After a few smaller ejaculations, he lifted Callie off his still engorged rod and set her down on her own feet. Her knees buckled slightly and she wrapped her arms around his narrow waist for support, the top of her head supported by one of his pillow like pecs. His chest stuck so far out that the lower portion of her face didn’t touch his torso. She slowly moved one hand to her face to push her blonde hair sticking to her sweaty forehead. Her hand was shaking from the effects of her incredible fuck session. Her hand went to the heaving slab of muscle at her eye level. She gently caressed the warm, silk-like flesh that covered the steel balloon of muscle. “So big and hard” , she whispered as she drew an ever decreasing circle into flawlessly tanned canvas. “Your skin is so smooth, moist and tight”.

“That’s youth, baby. Something that puny husband of yours lost years ago” The Wall said as he flexed his pecs, making Callie’s head and fingers bounce off his muscle shelf. He pushed her off of him, “I need to cool off. I think I’ll take a swim”.

“No please, don’t go. I like it when you’re sweaty,” Callie tried to pry her nose between the tight crevice between The Wall’s overhanging pec meat and his bulging bicep. She was literally between a rock and a hard place. “I love they way you smell.”

The Wall laughed and raised his arm allowing her access to his deeply recessed arm pit. She inhaled deeply and sighed, “It’s just like you, powerful and masculine.”

The Wall laughed again, “I’ll never understand why people get off on my BO.” He reached for his bathing suit lying on a box behind Callie. He took the garment and wiped his exposed pit and then wiped his other underarm. He handed the suit to Callie. “This should hold you until I return.” Callie held the balled up bathing suit under her nose as she watched him leave. With a perfect dive he disappeared into the lake, using the opening on the floor of the small boat house. She sat down on the edge of the opening, her feet dangling in the water. She closed her eyes and took another deep inhale from her prized possession longing for his return.

Bruce came to the boat dock looking for his wife. He scanned the lake without seeing anyone. He reached for the knob of the boathouse door. He was distracted by a splash as someone emerged from under the water at the end of the dock. He saw it was The Wall. Bruce decided it was best just to leave. “Where are you going old man?” Bruce stopped reluctantly at The Wall’s question.

Without turning the coach answered, “I’m just looking for Callie, she wanted to get some barbeque chicken from Nick’s for dinner.”

The Wall lifted himself out of the water at the edge of the dock; his powerful arms and shoulders easily hauling his 300 plus physique in a quick, effortless motion. Bruce felt the dock rock back and forth with each of The Wall’s heavy footsteps. He turned to face his uninvited guest, but he was caught off guard by the site before him. The Wall was naked, his perfect form glowing in the bright sunlight. The clear lake water ran down his etched muscles like streams cutting through a mountain range. The Wall had his arms above his head as he ran his long fingers through his wet, thick hair making his V taper more dramatic.

Bruce knew he was staring and stammered as he tried to recover. “WWWhy aren’t you wearing any clothes? We have neighbors you know.”

The Wall lowered his arms, putting his open hands around his defined hip bones. His large hands making his waist appear more tight and narrow. The wasp-like waist made his cock and balls look larger as did his mammoth thighs pushing his man parts out away from his hard body, “I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of”.

The coach agreed, but couldn’t let The Wall know. “Well, have some respect for my family. What if my wife saw you?”

The Wall laughed, “Wouldn’t bother me. She could compare the two of us.” The Wall started to walk closer to the coach. “I bet it would bother you if she knew there was something much better out there. A younger, bigger, stronger, better looking man than the scrawny piece of shit she’s been stuck with for the last twenty years.”

Bruce’s blood began to boil; his fist clenched tight preparing to fight. But he knew it would be a losing battle. “This is still my house, Wallace and I say for you to wear a bathing suit when you’re swimming”

The Wall got closer to Bruce making his height advantage more obvious. He bent down to put his face inches away from his coach. “Make me.”

Bruce clenched his jaw as tight as his fist, he took several deep breathes as he stared into the taller man’s confident eyes. Bruce blinked then lowered his gaze as he took several steps backwards. He turned and started the walk back up to the house. Once again he was humiliated by a sixteen year old student.

“Running away, wimp? Why am I not surprised?” The Wall mocked, then added “I’m not in the mood for chicken. Get some steaks, big T-bones and make sure to save the biggest one for me. I deserve it since I’m the only real man in the house.” The Wall bellowed at his defeated host. The coach did not react or stop his retreat. “Did you hear me Wus?”

The coach stopped and after a slight delay, turned only his head to the side and yelled, “Yes, I heard you”.

The Wall laughed loudly, “That’s a good boy.” With that he walked back into the boat house to find Callie getting dressed. “What are you doing? I’m ready for another round.” The Wall said massaging his balls under his ever expanding cock.

“We can’t. This is so wrong. I won’t do this anymore.” She said without looking at her guest.

“Look at me,” The Wall commanded in his deep voice. The woman instinctively followed his directions. “Take off your clothes.” Callie didn’t respond. “Now,” The Wall said in an angry tone. Slowly Callie reversed her movements and removed her designer swim suit. “Come here.” She moved to stand directly in front of The Wall without ever taking her eyes from his. “You mouth says no, but your body wants me, no craves me, doesn’t it.”

Callie nodded yes. She ran her hands up his vein covered forearms until she reached his massive biceps. She massaged the ball of muscle. “I’ve never seen him back down to anyone. No man’s ever intimidated him before like that. It was incredible.”

The Wall bent his arms to force his biceps to swell with power. “Did it turn you on?” Callie nodded again continuing to feel up his expanding arms. The Wall smiled and lifted Callie in the air bringing her down onto his steel hard shaft. Immediately her body began to spasm with euphoria. She began to moan not trying to hold back like before. The Wall began to pump her with his meat, opening her up like no other man could. She came multiple times quickly.

“Please no more, It hurts. You’re making me sore.”

“Baby, it hurts soo good doesn’t it?” The Wall said smugly. He pumped her faster enjoying the pain he was causing her. “Tell me what I want to hear, whore.” But before he she could answer, The Wall heard a noise outside the far window. He turned and saw two small heads peering in. It was the twins. “Shit.” The Wall carelessly lifted Callie off his still hard rod and let her drop to the floor. He ran out the door and down the dock. He saw the twins running toward the woods. “This is going to be fun” The Wall said to himself with a smile, then ran off after his quarry.

Within seconds the twins could feel The Wall closing in behind them; his arrogant laughter tormenting them. The Wall’s superior speed made the race comical to him. His long, muscular legs gave him a stride twice that of the older boys. The twins decided to split up. Without hesitation, The Wall followed Tyler catching him in a few yards. He effortlessly picked up the boy and tossed him over his shoulder. Using his amazing agility, The Wall turned on a dime and honed in one his remaining target. He caught sight of Taylor just before he disappeared behind a rocky outcrop on the far side of a small meadow. The Wall circled the exposed rocky side of the hill. There he found a cave, the opening was too narrow for him to enter but he could hear panting coming from inside. “Trapped like a rat, or in your case a timid mouse,” The Wall screamed into the opening with a laugh. He lifted Tyler off his shoulder and tossed him into the cave like he was a sack of potatoes. “You get in there and stay, wimp“. Then the Wall started to push apart the boulders around the opening, making it wider for him to enter.

Taylor helped his brother who landed hard onto the floor of the cave. Both boys clung to each other, backing up away from the noise at the cave’s mouth. The light increased with each rock moved by the angry giant. After a few steps back, they couldn’t retreat any farther. They came to a cave’s back wall. Tyler noticed the wall’s surface was cracked and had a small hole. He thought he could see a someone’s skeletal remains inside. But before he could investigate the cave went dark. The light from the entrance was blocked by the bulk of the Wall as he entered. Both boys hearts stopped as the Wall came closer. Tyler was amazed that The Wall didn’t appear out of breath even after all that running and heavy lifting, a testament of his perfect physical conditioning, “You two nothings have been a pain in my ass for years. And you probably think you now have something on me now. Well guess what runts; I don’t care if you tell your father I’m fucking your mother. Hell, he won’t blame her for wanting to be with him. Even your macho dad wants me. He’s always leering at me while I’m in the school’s shower, beating off in his office thinking of my muscular ass and cock.,” the Wall snarled as he felt up his balls. He could see the shock on the twin’s faces. He decided to continue his lies. “He practically tried to rape me in his office a few weeks ago, but I was too strong for the old man to control.”

“No, you’re lying” Taylor shouted.

“Am I?” The Wall took another step closer. He was only inches from his prisoners; his signature wall of cinder block abs right at their eye level. “Why would you father be different from any other man. Even shits like you want me, don’t you?”

The twins started to feel their cocks stiffen, they were never this close to the hunk before. Taylor closed his eyes to strengthen his resistance to the fantasy before him. “This won’t work. We are telling Dad what you did and I hope he kills you.”

The Wall laughed, “I’m not afraid of what your old man will do to me, but he could delay my professional career. Shit I will tell him myself as soon as I sign my contract, but not until then.” The Wall knew he had to change tactics. If the twin’s lust wasn’t going to control them, then their fear would. The Wall grabbed the smaller boy’s around their throats. His massive digits easily encircling their pencil thin necks. “I’m not going to tell him and neither are you.” To make his threat more convincing, he raised his arms lifting the boys in the air. Taylor was mesmerized at The Wall’s ballooning pecs from the effort giving him cleavage most starlets would envy. Tyler tried to free himself from the Wall’s powerful grip. But his tiny hands couldn’t even fit around the Wall’s forearm. Soon both boys were having difficulty breathing. They started to kick their legs and pound their fists into their torturer. Their kicks didn’t reach their target but caused pieces of the brittle clay wall behind them to break off increasing the size of the hole. The Wall laughed watching the boys panicked display. He could barely feel their attacks. He was enjoying his superiority more than ever before. His ability to so easily dominate two other so-called men was turning him on. He could feel his cock start to harden and his balls fill. He repositioned his legs to give his own set of twins more room to grow between his titanic thighs. He stepped on something when he moved his left foot. He looked down and saw something oddly familiar. He dropped the gasping boys and bent down to pick up the object; it was his old eyeglasses. “Fuck, I remember these.”

The twins struggled to their feet and tried to rub the Wall’s finger marks from their necks. The Wall seemed oblivious to the gasping boys who watched him inspect his old possession. The Wall rubbed his head trying to force a memory, “We were here before” he said trying to recall more details. “You two were bullying me, I can’t believe that was ever possible,” the Wall laughed. “You were so proud of your big balls; you made me feel them up. Tell me are you still proud of your balls?” The twins did not answer, they didn’t remember being in the cave before. “Come on bullies, so me your big balls.” The twin’s still did not respond, “Take off your shorts now wimps” The Wall commanded. The twins reluctantly stepped out of their work out shorts while glimpsing at The Wall’s huge nut sack in front of them. The Wall reached out and groped the two boy’s packages, his huge hands forcing their legs apart. The boys winced at his rough handling of their sensitive jewels. The Wall just sighed, “Pretty pathetic wimps. Your tiny peas aren’t worthy of your pride. Now these are a real man’s balls.” The Wall moved his right hand to his own nuts and massaged them. “I guess the balls are in my court now.” The twins looked lustfully at the awesome display of a man’s anatomy in front of them. The Wall thought maybe lust will work. The Wall removed his hand, “Go ahead and feel them for yourselves, I know you want to.”

Taylor reached out his hand and grabbed hold of the Wall’s sack. It overflowed in his hand, he moved slightly to hold just one egg size ball. “Oh my God,” he whispered. In less than a second, a second identical hand appeared next to his. It was Tyler groping The Wall’s other nut. The Wall chuckled, “Two huge balls, no waiting.” The boys couldn’t stop playing with the Wall’s man makers. They squeezed as hard as they could but heard no protests, only laughter. The Wall was distracted from enjoying his massage when a large piece of the cave’s wall collapsed. He was slightly startled when a skeleton arm dangled from the newly formed opening. On the wrist of the arm was a bracelet with a charm of a horse. While the boys continued to grope him, The Wall started to remember more and more of what happened four years ago in the cave. It all came back to him. He knew it was Akthip that made him what he was. He had to get out of there. He realized where the twins had their hands, “No” he screamed and pushed the boys away from him toward the wall The boy’s flew backwards violently smashing into the cave’s wall. Their narrow backs made contact with the arm of Anakin. But instead of letting go of The Wall’s nuts as he had expected, they tightened their grip as a way of stabilizing themselves. Suddenly the three men were paralyzed.

The twins started to chant in Akthip’s language in perfect unison, when finished the boys recovered from their hypnotic state. They saw the Wall on his knees before them his hands covering his nuts. He looked as if he had been kicked hard between his legs. The twins decided to take advantage of his temporary weakness and ran passed him out of the cave. They didn’t stop running, only occasionally looking back to see if they were being pursued. Amazingly they seem to run better with each passing yard; their speed, endurance and agility increasing with every stride. They didn’t stop until they reached the house, finding themselves in the basement.

“What the hell happened back there?” Tyler asked.

“I don’t know bro.” Taylor answered. He went to his pile of clothes and selected a pair of shorts, he threw another pair to his twin. “I never experienced anything like that before.” He stepped into the garment and pulled them up to his waist. He ran his hand over his ass then palmed his package as he adjusted himself. He didn’t understand why the shorts felt so tight. He walked passed his brother over to the weight bench. He rested his hands and leaned on the barbell to steady himself.

Tyler slipped on his shorts and mindlessly palmed his own private parts as he spoke. “I think you have, I mean we have. The Wall said we were in that cave before, I’m starting to remember being in there. It was during our thirteenth birthday party.”

“That was when we started to get sick” Taylor said deep in thought. He stood up straight and lifted the barbell, doing curls without thinking about it.

After a few minutes of silent thought, Tyler’s attention was drawn to his brother by his rhythmic breathing as he continued through several repetitions. “Taylor, look what you’re doing.”

Taylor looked at his brother than back at his arms pumping away, “Fuck” he said with a smile finally realizing what he was doing.

“How are you doing that?” Tyler asked as he walked over to be closer to his brother.

“I don’t know… it’s doesn’t feel that heavy. It’s like..” Both boys were startled as they heard the basement door slam open. They heard heavy footsteps stumbling down the stairs. At the landing, The Wall came into view. He was sweating profusely and wheezing. He was coughing and sneezing. His body was still hugely muscular, but somehow his muscles looked less defined, less firm as is they were softer some how. He left the landing toward the boys who had moved to the far corner of the basement. The Wall walked in a zigzag fashion using the basement walls to keep himself from falling down. As he got nearer to the boys, he kept squinting and rubbing his eyes trying to make them come into focus. He looked pale and tired, like he had a bad case of the flu.

“You two runts (cough) are coming back with me (cough)” The Wall gasped for air after choking slightly, “to the cave.” The boys shook their heads no, for the first time defying The Wall who seemed vulnerable for the first time in years. “I guess I have to make you then.” The Wall forced himself to stand straight to look more intimidating. He raised his arms and placed a hand on each of the twin’s throats. The twins braced themselves to be lifted again. They watched as the Wall’s muscled flexed, but not as impressively as before, but nothing happened. The Wall adjusted his grip but was unable to encircle the boys’ neck this time. Had their necks thickened or had the Wall’s hand shrunk. Maybe it was both. Again the Wall attempted to lift the twins in the air, but couldn’t. The Twins looked at each other, then started to pull the Wall’s hands away from their necks. The Wall fought back, but the more pressure he tired to apply the weaker he felt. The twins broke his hold on them and began to force the bigger man’s arms back behind him. Soon they had his arms pinned against the basement wall behind them. “I’m going to kill the both of you,” The Wall said defiantly.

“I don’t think so. You aren’t the man you used to be” Taylor said looking at the Wall’s much smaller package. Taylor then lifted his knee in a swift motion to the Wall’s exposed gut. The Wall’s face was tormented in pain as he moaned loudly. Tyler took the opportunity and jammed his knee into his former tormentor’s stomach as his brother did. The Wall screamed as his neck went limp from exhaustion. The twins let go of his forearms and watched as he fell to his knees between them. The twins looked at each other and smiled. Taylor kicked the Wall in his ribs, causing the hulking figure to collapse to the floor. Taylor straddled the Wall’s naked body and forced his arms behind him. He told his brother to get some duct tape. He taped the Wall’s wrists together behind his back.

Tyler heard the basement door creak open. “Quiet” he whispered. Taylor pushed a dirty sock from the basement floor into The Wall’s mouth to muffle his moans.

“Are you boys all right down there?”

“Yes, Dad. We’re fine” Tyler said loudly. Taylor gestured to his brother to go talk to his father. Taylor went to the landing and saw his father standing in the doorway at the top of the stairs.

“I want to talk to you boys” Bruce said as he stepped down onto the first step. Tyler moved quickly to climb the steps to meet his father.

“You don’t have to come down dad, I’ll come up to you.”

“Okay” Bruce said as he reversed his progress. Tyler stopped when he reached the second step from the top, he kept each foot on a different stair to try to hide his semi hard member. “I want you boys to keep the noise down. Your mother isn’t feeling well, so I gave her something to help her sleep. I don’t want you to wake her up from her nap.”

“Yes, dad” Tyler said nervously. There was loud scarping noise that sounded like the weight bench being moved on the concrete floor.

“Sorry” Taylor said loudly to be heard from his out of sight father.

“What are you boys doing down there?” Bruce asked crossing his arms over his chest.

“Just working out. Dad. We want to get big and strong.” Tyler said jokingly flexing his right arm into the traditional bicep pose. He was amazed when a lemon-sized muscle emerged from his upper arm. He ran his left hand over it to make sure he wasn’t imagining what he saw.

“Well it looks like you are finally putting on some real muscle. Are you taking a new supplement?” his father inquired.

“Yeah, it’s great stuff,” Tyler said finally taking his eyes off his arm. “We just want to make you proud Dad”.

A serious look came over Bruce’s face. “Hey, I am proud of you, both of you. Maybe your mother is right and I’ve put too much pressure on you and your brother about working out and getting bigger. It was just because being big has enabled me to have a great life and that’s all I have ever known. But it’s okay if you and Taylor don’t ever became athletes. Recently I’ve come to realize that muscles don’t make a man great. A great man is someone who is caring, hard working and respectful of others. And I know my sons will be great men one day.”

“Thanks dad” Tyler said touched by his father’s words.

Bruce rubbed the top of his son’s head and brought his large, calloused hand gently down to Tyler’s chin. He smiled, then said “I feel some peach fuzz, you may have to start shaving soon.” Tyler smiled and ran his hand over his jaw line just as surprised to feel the soft stubble as he was he newly formed bicep. “I’m going into town to pick up some steaks for dinner. I should be back in a couple of hours.”

“Okay, sounds good.” Tyler waited for his father to close the basement door before he turned to descend the staircase. “Damn, Taylor you won’t believe what’s happening to me” Tyler said softly as he went back to feeling up his flexed bicep. He stopped in his steps as he found his brother wiping off his rod with his removed shorts. He stood over the Wall who was thrown over the weight bench, his ass sticking up in the air. Tyler looked at his brother with a shocked expression.

“Don’t look at me that way. Tell me you never thought about doing it?” Taylor said slightly annoyed as he walked over to the piles of clothes and took a pair of his father’s shorts and pulled them on. The oversized garment looked ridiculous on him, his limp dick poking out from one of the baggy leg openings.

“What’s happening to us? I have facial hair and look at my arm” Tyler said flexing again for his brother.

“I know isn’t it great,” Taylor said with a huge smile as he felt up his own arm before tracing his emerging abdominals. “We are finally becoming the men we were always supposed to be. Before he stole it from us” Taylor walked back to where the Wall was prone and kick him again. The Wall moaned in protest, his mouth still stuffed with the sock.

“What do you mean he stole it from us? Stole what?” Tyler said massaging his balls through his ever tightening shorts.

“Stole our masculinity: our height, our strength, our muscles, our cocks, our athletic ability, everything. Don’t you remember the story Dad told us about the Indians in this area, Akthip and how he could take the masculinity from his enemies. That’s what he did to us in that cave four years ago.”

“That’s ridiculous. It was only a story,” Tyler chucked.

“Oh really? Then how do you explain this?” Taylor said as he grabbed his brother’s arm and bent it forcing the muscle to bulge even larger than a few minutes ago. “Or this” Taylor continued forcing his brother’s arm up to make it touch the rafters in the ceiling, something they were unable to do before. He then went over to the Wall and lifted him to his feet, “Remember when it had to stoop because he was too tall for the room, now look, he’s head is several inches below the ceiling. Hell, we’re almost the same height now.” It was true The Wall was only a few inches taller than Taylor when less than a hour ago he towered more than a foot above them. “We’re growing while he’s shrinking. We’re getting stronger while he’s weakening.” Taylor punched the Wall’s diminishing abdominals. The Wall’s body jerked in pain, his eyes looked confused, snot running from his nose. “I guess the Wall’s cinder blocks are turning into pebbles.” Taylor threw the Wall back onto the weight bench.

“But what’s gong to happen to the Wall? It doesn’t seem right to take everything from him”

“It doesn’t seem right? What the fuck is wrong with you? It wasn’t right for him to take what was ours. Everything he was belonged to us. That’s why he was twice as big and strong as the other guys at school. He stole both of our strength and muscle mass. Not to mention our athleticism. We should have been the stars of the team, not him. It all rightfully belonged to us, the way God and natural meant it to be. It is our genetic inheritance from our Dad. We’ll finally look like our Dad’s sons and he’ll start looking like his father’s son.” The Wall heard every word and knew there was no going back now. He would soon look like his father again; tears filled his eyes as he started to sob. Tyler looked down at the Wall with sympathy. Taylor looked at his brother, then at The Wall, then back at his brother. “Do you want to be insignificant your entire life, to be sickly and ignored by the world. Or do you want to big, strong, athletic man like Dad?”

Tyler looked at his brother. His eyes gave him the answer. “What about the cave? We can’t leave it for him or someone else to use again”

“You’re right, bro. We’re going to have to close it up so no one can get inside,” Taylor said excitedly. He went to the clothing pile and handed his brother a pair of his father’s shorts. “You better put these on. The shorts you’re wearing now are about to burst at the seams.”

Tyler began to peel off his too tight shorts, “There is no way we will be able to move those boulders.” His enlarged cock springing up to his defined stomach

“You don’t get it man. There was nothing that The Wall could do, that the two of us together won’t be able to do. His size and strength is going to be ours.” Taylor said slapping his brother on the back as he headed to staircase. “You coming Tyler?”

Tyler was stroking is cock staring down at the still impressive body of The Wall. “You go ahead, I’ll catch up to you in a couple of minutes” Taylor smirked and climbed the steps, closing the door behind him.

Wallace laid on the floor curled up in a ball. His wrist and hands had shrunk enough were he was able to pull them out from the loop of tape that bound them. He pulled the sock out of his mouth just in time as he vomited onto the floor. He had been feeling nauseas for other an hour. He had already pissed and shit due to his shrinking organs. He struggled to his feet as his dizziness lessened. His constant coughing was making his throat sore. His congested nose made it difficult to breath. He had forgotten what it felt like to be sick. He saw a blurry image of himself in the full length mirror in front of him. The closer he got the sharper the image became, but it was something he didn’t want to see. He saw his father staring back at him. His thin, boyish body made him think the last four years were just a dream. He slammed his hand into the glass, only to badly bruise his small hand. He got on the doctors scale the twins used to measure their progress from their workouts. He now weighed just over 120 pounds and stood at 5’3”. He had lost over 200 pounds and 18 inches in height. He groped his tiny penis and nearly nonexistent ball sack. He remembered what he used to possess there. He wanted to cry, but there were no tears left inside of him. Wallace shuffled to the laundry sink and cleaned off the bodily fluids that covered him. Next he needed clothes, instructively reached for one of his favorite jerseys. The expected heaviness of the shirt caused him to drop it. He picked it up and held it in front of him. The short sleeves, which he had to be pushed up to his shoulders because his biceps were too thick for the sleeves, now covered the entire length of his arms The bottom of the shirt fell below his knees. He could now use the Jersey as a sleeping bag. He dropped the shirt and went to the twin’s pile. He pulled on shorts and a t-shirt; even these were too big for him. It felt strange for clothes to hang loosely on his body. He was used to having clothes being skin tight on him.

Wallace slowly walked up the stairs, but found the door locked. He pressed on the door with one hand trying to force it open. He thought just a hour ago this door would have splintered from this same effort. He tried both hands, then the weight of his entire body. The door still didn’t move. He went down ac ouple of steps and ran up to the door hitting it with his slender shoulder. He bounced off and fell down the staircase. He laid at the landing, his body aching from the fall. He had to get used to being weak again. He looked up and saw a small window above his head. He thought his shoulders would have never fit through the window before. He stood but couldn’t reach the latch. He dragged a plastic storage box under the window. He stood on top of the box, fought with the rusted latch to no avail. Again he thought about how weak he was now. He got a hammer and screwdriver to pound the latch loose. He struggled to lift himself up through the window. His thin arms were barely able to support his meager weight. It took him several minutes and three periods of rest before he was able to wiggle out through the window.

Wallace made his way to his SUV and climbed into the driver’s seat. He never realized how high off the ground the Cadillac was. The cab that used to feel so cramped was now felt cavernous. The steering wheel seemed like a hula-hoop in his smaller hands. Even with the seat moved all the way forward he strained to reach the pedals. He always kept the keys in the ignition when at the lake. No one was around to steal the car, plus the tightness of his clothes made putting they keys in his pants’ pockets impossible. He started the engine and struggled to put it into gear. The gear shift seemed so stiff now. He stretched his leg fully to press down on the gas. He veered off the road as he fought to control the huge vehicle. The return of his poor vision made the surrounding trees appear as an ominous green blur.

Tyler and Taylor were walking back to the house from the cave. Tyler was watching his brother’s ass cheeks move like apposing pistons as he walked, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Taylor asked without halting his progress.

“I can’t believe how fuckin’ hot you are bro,” Tyler laughed.

“What?” Taylor asked this time stopping and turning to face his brother.

“When we were moving those rocks, I couldn’t help myself from checking you out. Your thick muscles pumped, your body all sweaty, your skin so tan and smooth..”

“Tan?” Taylor asked as he held out his arms checking his new golden skin hue.

Tyler shook his head yes, then continued, “I said to myself, I’ve got one hot brother. Then I realized he’s my identical twin, so does that mean I’m hot too?”

“Yes it does, bro. Believe me, I was checking you out too. To see how we were improving, you understand.” Taylor clarified with a smirk. “I think we have finally stopped growing, though.”

The handsomeness of Taylor’s now rugged face was only enhanced by his brilliant, flawless smile. Tyler became more solemn, “I can’t believe how much you look like Dad.”

“Yeah I know,” Taylor said running his fingers down his brother’s cheek. “You look just like he did in the photo from is college days when he tired modeling. Remember the famous…”

“Underwear ad,” both boys said in unison. Then they laughed.

“Fuck, bro, we could be male models now.” Tyler said striking the same pose as their father did in the department store advertisement.

“We’ll have to shave first” Taylor quipped.

Tyler ran his hand over his face. He thought the dark, thick five o’clock shadow made them look more masculine. “No, I like it. Plus the first thing we would have to do is learn how to shave.” The brother’s laughed again.

Taylor’s attention was drawn to his brother’s bulging arm as he enjoyed the coarseness of his beard. “I can’t believe how much muscle we’ve put on.” He flexed his bicep and felt it with his other hand. His brother did the same to his own arm, then started to feel his brother’s bulging upper arm.

“Feels like it’s made of steel” Tyler stated.

Taylor followed his brother’s lead and felt up his sibling’s arm. “Fucking amazing,” he whispered then moved his hands to his brother’s shoulders and chest. “It’s like we’re carved from warm marble. Why do your muscles feel harder and bigger than mine?”

“Really, I thought the same thing about you. I guess its good we have each other to know what we really feel like. I love being a twin,” Tyler whispered as he felt his brother’s abs. “Turn around” he ordered. His brother turned and could feel hands groping his upper back and lats. Taylor went into double bicep pose and the groping hands moved to his arms and shoulders. The hands moved to his ass, “you could bounce quarters off that thing, dude,” Tyler said with a playful slap across his firm cheeks.

Taylor turned around, “My turn.” Tyler turned and went into a double bicep and lat spread pose allowing his brother to explore his body. When done the boys faced each other and stared to flex their legs to compare their size and definition. There was no discernible difference. The boys ignored each other’s growing erections.

Tyler finally asked, “How much do you think we weigh now? And I know we’re taller too”.

“Yeah definitely,” Taylor said. Then he palmed the bulge in his shorts and gave a slight jerk. “Now I know why Dad is always adjusting himself. It’s not easy lugging something this big around all day.”

“And have you noticed every step shuffles your stuff around” Tyler said as he palmed his own bulge. He then asked “Do you think we could be as big as Dad?”

“Judging by the way you are filling out his shorts, I would say absolutely” Taylor said running his own hands over his skin tight shorts. “Feel how short and tight they are on us now.”

“That would mean we are as tall as Dad and he’s six two. We would have grown nine inches” Tyler said turning himself on more.

“And while Dad still probably has ten or twenty pounds of muscle on us, we would still be about 220. That’s a hundred pound gain each, bro, and mostly hard muscle” Taylor said groping his bulge again, “Fuck, am I horny. I’m about to pop.” Taylor moved his hand inside his shorts and pulled his cock to point upward. The bulbous tip now poked out above the waist band of his shorts.

Tyler laughed as he pulled down his shorts to expose his own engorged cock and balls. “Don’t be shy, bro. It’s only us here. You ain’t got nothing I don’t have.”

Taylor smiled and lowered his shorts. “Look at us. We’re hung like fucking porn stars.”

“Thank you Dad” Tyler said quickening his strokes. He closed his eyes and lifted his head enjoying the sensations overtaking his body. Taylor watched his brother muscles bulge with every movement of his arms, his breathing causing his chest and abs to heave and flex. He couldn’t help himself he reached out and started to stroke his brother’s gigantic tool. Tyler opened his eyes and looked directly into his brother’s. He then removed his hand from his own cock and began to stroke his twin’s. Both boys began to moan as they jerked each other off with one hand and ran their other over his twin’s torso. Both getting off on knowing each of them was experiencing the exact same erotic sensation. Both never took their eyes off the others. The boys climaxed in unison. They sat down to recover from their pleasure session, “Fuck that was amazing.”

“Cumming has never felt that good before,” Taylor said scraping his brother’s large load of cream of his chest. “I wonder if it’s always going to be that good and so much”,

“I think that’s what it feels like to cum when you are young, healthy and in peak physical condition” Tyler answered as he stood and pulled up his shorts adjusting his package in the clingy garment.

“You want to go again, you pervert?” Taylor joked as he stood. Taylor gave him a solid punch into his solid delts. Taylor grabbed his shoulder and faked pain “Ouch!.” Both boys laughed and continued their trek to the house. As they got to the top of the ridge which overlooked their cabin, they saw The Wall’s SUV stop and start as it was leaving. “Shit, he’s getting away,” Taylor said before he took off after the truck. Tyler just watched his brother run, it was a beautiful sight. He looked like a graceful gazelle. His long strides passed over the grassy field effortlessly at an incredible speed. Tyler ran after him telling him to stop and to let him go. Taylor was only a few feet from the SUV when he stopped because of his brother’s words, “Why did you tell me to let him go? I could’ve caught him.”

“I know, I know, but what are we going to do? Hold him hostage for the rest of our lives. Let him go, no one’s going to care about that ass hole. He doesn’t have any friends and all his worshipers aren’t going to want him now. He’s lost everything” Tyler said as he walked up to his brother’s side. “Damn, boy can you run and you’re not even out of breath.”

Taylor was realizing just how fast he moved and how easy it was. He shrugged his broad shoulders and smiled, “Just another benefit of being in peak physical condition I guess”.

“Yeah, I guess so” Tyler smirked back. He reached for a football that was lying in the driveway. He laughed as his large hand easily wrapped around the pigskin. “Let’s see what else these new bodies of ours can do? Go long.” Taylor ran toward the lake looking behind him as his brother threw the ball way over his head. Even with a high, gravity defining leap, Taylor couldn’t catch it. “Sorry dude. It’s going to take a while for me to figure out just how strong my arm is now.” The boys continued to toss the ball around, each throw becoming more precise.

Bruce pulled up to the house as the sun was setting. As he exited the car he looked up at the darkening sky. “It looks like rain” he thought. He was relieved to see the Wall’s car gone. He walked into the house and went directly to the kitchen to put away the groceries. He heard voices coming from the back yard. He looked at the window and saw two extremely athletic men throwing a football around. He watched as one threw a perfect spiral for more than 30 yards over the boat dock. The other man ran down the dock, leapt into the air to catch the ball before falling playfully into the lake. “Damn” he said to himself. He opened the back door and walked toward the cheering quarterback. The closer Bruce got, the more impressed he was with the man’s physique. “Hi, I’m BruceGraither, the owner of this cabin. You must be a friend of The Wall’s”.

Tyler turned to face his father. A large smile took over his face. “No I wouldn’t call myself a friend of his.”

Bruce scanned the man’s body becoming a little jealous of the way he filled out the tight bathing suit. “Wait, is that my bathing suit” he thought to himself. He studied the young man’s handsome face for a moment, somehow it seemed familiar. “Do I know you? Are you on the football team at the local University?”

“No, coach. I’m in high school, you’re high school” Tyler said coyly.

“My school? If an athlete, who could throw a ball like you just did, went to my school I would know? And believe me he would be on my team.” Bruce said folding his arms across his chest.

“I am on your team. I’m the water boy” Tyler said with a broad smile mimicking his father’s movement. He could see he was now the same height of his father and almost as muscular.

The coach laughed, then he saw the man before him wasn’t lying. He stopped laughing, then Taylor came running up to them still dripping with lake water. “What’s new with you, Pops?”

Bruce went white, he took a step back. His eyes were darting back and forth between the two identical hunks. “No” he said forcing a smile to his lips telling himself this was a practical joke.

The boys just nodded yes. “Think you can still toss us into the lake like an airplane?” Tyler asked as he flexed his right arm. Taylor did the same with his left creating a perfect mirror image. Bruce put his hands on each of the boy’s arms, testing the hardness of the muscle underneath. He looked directly into the boy’s eyes and saw only honesty and love. Tears welled up as he threw his arms around his sons. We started to laugh and he struggled to form a sentence, “But how… why, when….”

“It’s okay we’ll tell you everything” Tyler said patting his father on his shoulder. “Remember that story you told us about the Indians in this area. Well it was all true.”

“And we know the sequel,” Taylor added.

Bruce looked at the twins, his eyes filled with joyous pride. “My sons, my sons,” he said before hugging his children once again.

The boys welcomed the embrace. finally able to rest their heads on their father’s powerful shoulders while standing. Both sighed and said “Dad”.

Wallace was swerving slightly as he drove through the town in the dark. His poor vision, and sudden rain storm, made navigating almost impossible. He did not know where to go or what to do. He found himself at the only possible safe haven he could think of.

Stanley was in his living room rereading a favorite book. Lights from a car filled the mostly dark room. The lights didn’t pass, but steadily kept the room lit. Stanley got up from his chair and looked out the window at the driveway. He saw a huge SUV parked there, it looked like his son’s car. The driver’s seat was empty and the car door open. Stanley moved to the front door and standing on his toes peered out the peep hole. He saw nothing, but suddenly the top of someone’s head came into view from below. Stanley was startled momentarily. He watched his child sized visitor walk off the porch and stop. He just stood there in the rain, getting soaked. Stanley felt there was no reason to be afraid so he turned on the porch light and slowly opened the door. “Can I help you?” he asked softly. There was no response from the visitor. “Is that my son’s truck you’re driving? Is he okay?” The small boy turned and walked back onto the porch. He kept his head down hiding his face from the light. His soaked oversized clothes sagged off him.

A shiver went down Stanley’s back. He could sense something was wrong. He asked again, “Where’s my son? Is he injured, does he need my help?”

The boy shook his head and started to cry. Stanley reached out and lifted the boy’s chin to reveal his face. Stanley stared into the boy’s wet face, a face he recognized immediately. It was like looking at a younger version of himself. He could see the anguish in the boy’s eyes. He swallowed hard, then whispered, “Wallace?”

The boy threw his arms around his father’s chest. He started to sob uncontrollably. He wanted to say he was sorry for everything. He wanted to tell his father what happened. But the only word he was able push through his trembling lips was “Daddy.”


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