Taking the Good

Lucas took a seat at the usual table in the cafeteria. It was the table “owned” by his fraternity. No one looked up or greeted him as he sat down. Lucas never really felt like he belonged with this group of guys, but that didn’t bother him. His father belonged to the fraternity during his college days and donated lots of money to the house, so Lucas was a legacy. He didn’t care about the fraternity or for that matter, college in the least. He never liked school and only went to appease his father. Only in his second semester, he already thought school was a waste of time. His grades reflected his attitude. He rarely studied and only did what he had to do to not flunk out. Lucas felt like he didn’t need college. He was tall, very handsome and clever. He came from a wealthy family and never believed in hard work or sacrifice to get want he wanted. Lucas believed in taking shortcuts whenever possible.

Lucas dug into his typical meat and potatoes meal, along with 2 servings of desert. Lucas’s body was soft and pudgy from lack of exercise. His handsome face, large cock and even larger wallet made him somewhat popular with the ladies anyway. Sitting next to him was Mark, who was having a conversation with Garry across the table. Mark and Garry were the University’s best athletes, both shining stars of the baseball team. Lucas resented their popularity and power in the fraternity. Mark was a lot like Lucas in appearance, except dark haired to Lucas’s blond. Both were just over 6’ tall, had model features with blue eyes, perfect teeth, flawless skin and a lanky physique. But Mark’s body was toned and muscular from years of training for the pitcher’s mound. He even won some natural bodybuilding contests back home. Lucas couldn’t help notice the differences in their arms. Both wore t-shirts, but Lucas’s hung loose around his thin upper arm as Mark’s was tight, filled with muscle. Lucas watched Mark’s bicep flex and relax as he gestured when talking with Garry. Lucas admired Mark’s body but knew it took work to attain and maintain. Garry was the biggest guy at the table. He had the bulk of a catcher and stood over 6’ 5” in height. His shoulder width made the guys sitting on either side of him lean away, so as not to crowd the giant. Garry had bright green eyes and a mop of curly brown hair that framed his rugged features.

“Whoa, big guy, I didn’t call you fat” Mark said to Garry with a smile on his face, “I’m just saying you gained some weight around your middle. Hell, we both have. It’s the famous, freshman 15. We gained the poundage from bad cafeteria food and too much beer. And to be honest, we have skipped a lot of workouts, too. But we’ve got to serious again in our regimen. The Wet T&B contest is only six weeks away.”

Lucas thought about the University’s annual Wet T-shirt and Briefs contest. Seeing the hottest girls in wet t-shirts and guys in wet briefs would be a rush. What a great way to celebrate the end of mid-terms. Of course every sorority and fraternity wanted to have one of their members win the respective title. It was a matter of pride. And Mark and Garry were considered the front runners in the male division.

Garry responded “It’s easy for you. You can lose fat and add muscle at the drop of a hat. I was never a teenage bodybuilding champion with chiseled abs. I’m naturally a big dude. Yes, I can put on muscle easy, but it’s harder for me to get cut. But I’m not fat, just big waisted.”

Lucas laughed, almost choking on his chocolate cake, listening to Garry.

“What’s so funny dough boy. I don’t see you signing up for the contest. It takes more than a pretty face to win this thing,” snapped Garry staring at Lucas.

“True,” answered Lucas defensively, “But at least I know when not to appear in public in a pair of tighty-whities embarrassing the entire house. I realize I’m fat, unlike the two of you.”

“I said I’m not fat” Garry stated as he stood to his full height, clenching his fist making the muscles in his arms and chest bulge. The whole table got quiet and turned to see what was happening.

Mark quickly played diplomat. “Every body just calm down. Garry ignore him. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. He’s never worked out a day in his life. You can easily break him into two, that’s obvious to everyone.” Garry took a deep breath and sat down.

Mark turned his attention to Lucas. “And at least we are supporting the house by entering the contest. Nobody else is, certainly not you and your big mouth. You have never cared about the fraternity before, so don’t pretend now, Lucas. If our performance in the contest really concerns you, you’re welcome to enter. As the saying goes; put up or shut up.”

Everyone stared at Lucas. Lucas looked around the table feeling obligated to answer. “Maybe I will enter. I can fill-out a pair of underwear better than either of you boys anyway.” Lucas really had no plans on entering and embarrassing himself.

“Oh, really, little Lucas,” smirked Mark, “Why don’t we then make this more interesting with a little side bet. If Garry or I win, you have to be our maid for the remainder of the school year. And you have to show up to every baseball game shirtless with those flabby tits of yours painted in the school colors. I know how you love to show your school spirit.”

“Good one, Mark,” laughed Garry.

Lucas panicked; things were getting out of hand. Even though he didn’t care about the fraternity, he knew his life in the house would be hell, if he backed down now. His mind raced, and then he remembered something from his past. He grinned and said, “Fine. If I win, the two of you will be my maid.”

“Deal” said Mark as he extended his calloused hand to shake on it.

“I’m not done. And the morning after the contest the two of you will carry me to my first class on a chair held above your shoulders.” Lucas hesitated for a moment, “And of course you will have to be totally naked as you do it.” Lucas slipped his hand into Mark’s and waited for a response.

“Deal,” said Mark again and they shook. Lucas reached over toward Garry.

“I don’t know about this Mark” said Garry, looking at Mark.

“Please, what are you worried about. Look at us, look at him. We are a thousand workouts ahead of him already. He will never be able to match our muscle mass in six weeks. We just have to lose 10 to 15 pounds of fat. He’s got to do that and gain 30 pounds of muscle just to be able to compete with us. We’re natural athletes, he’s not. We put on muscle mass without even trying, he certainly doesn’t. There’s no way we can lose this bet, big guy.” Mark said smugly to Garry.

Garry realized Mark was right. He looked at Mark’s impressive form covered in the tight XL t-shirt, then looked at Lucas sitting next to him. Lucas looked so scrawny in comparison. “Deal” Garry shook Lucas’s hand, squeezing much more tightly than he had to, just for fun. Lucas grimaced in pain. The bet was on.

Mark and Garry went to the gym after their meal. They decided to assess their current shape and revise their workouts to maximize the results. The locker room was deserted as they got undressed down to their underwear. Mark went into the adjacent bathroom to look into the mirror above the sinks.

“Not too bad,” said Mark as he flexed his triceps and pecs. Mark’s bright white underwear contrasted against his olive skin. He ran his right hand up his sinewy left arm and over his hard chest. He stepped back as he continued his evaluation. He rubbed his thighs, flexing as he touched each muscle group. Thick cords of muscle sprung to life. He turned slightly to see his round ass, then he cupped his large balls and thick cock enjoying the weight in his hand before letting go. Mark was hung like a horse and he loved the way the waistband of his underwear was pulled down by the sheer size of his endowment. He knew his horse dick was his “ace in the whole,” sort of speak, that would win him the contest. When he moved up to his stomach, he sighed. He could still feel the hard eight-pack underneath the soft flesh that covered his waist. “Not as bad as I thought, but I definitely need some help in this area.”

“You’re not alone,” said Garry rubbing his gut as he entered the bathroom and stood next to Mark.

Mark looked at Garry and smiled, “It’s really not that bad. You are one massive dude with lots of muscle on your bones. We just need to make you a little leaner to bring out the definition.”

Garry did a double bicep pose. He always had huge guns, easily 22” round. The peaks on his arms were magnificent. His shoulders looked like bowling bowls. His pectorals were vast fields of muscle suspended from his chest. The thickness of his neck made him look more like a linebacker than a baseball player. In fact, he played football throughout high school. But the University had a better baseball program, and he could be on the same field as his best friend, so he switched games. Garry’s natural athletic ability and incredible strength allowed him to excel at any sport. His lower body, which always lagged behind his massive top half, was covered with thick muscle too. He made great gains in his calves, thighs and ass since he had to stay in the catcher’s crouch for nine innings. Along with his waist, Garry gained excess weight in his ass, making it larger and rounder than any one else on the team. Garry didn’t mind the extra weight there because people loved the way his ass looked in his fitted baseball uniform or a pair of jeans. His firm ass would be pinched or caressed several times of day by appreciative girls. Even the hands of his coaches and teammates lingered a little too long, copping a feel after slapping his ass when he made a great play. Garry really loved his big, beefy ass. His attention moved on to a less impressive sight, his cock. While large, his titanic thighs and thick waist made it look small, especially standing next to Mark. “My cock looks like a little boy’s compared to you. There’s no way I’m going to win this thing.” Garry said looking into the mirror.

“My friend, there is nothing small about you. It’s just everything else is so big, even a larger than average poker looks tiny.” Mark said to make Garry feel better. “Plus cock size doesn’t make a difference to women. That’s what everyone says.”

"Yeah, everyone with a small cock or who’s boyfriend has a small cock. I’m trying these pills and suction pump thing advertised in the back of Playboy. It’s supposed to add a couple of inches and make you thicker too. Every little bit helps, right?” Garry said trying to justify his buying decision to Mark. “Women expect someone with my physique to be hung like you. I don’t want to disappoint them. Plus I don’t want to embarrass myself in the contest. Everybody knows that a wet briefs contest is just a nicer term for a cock contest.”

“You do what is right for you, dude,” Mark responded, and then patted on Garry’s keg like gut. “I think we should concentrate on this bad puppy here. Hey, it’s pretty firm already. We just have to try to reduce it down a little. Maybe you should work your abdominals less and concentrate on your other muscles and diet. The more muscle mass you have the more fat you’ll burn. And you definitely have muscle mass and I know you can add a lot more with no problem. Now, let’s get changed and hit the weights.”

Lucas left the cafeteria after making the bet to laughter from the table. He went directly to his room and stripped down to his underwear. He looked at himself in the full length mirror hanging behind the door. He looked worse than he thought. His pale skin covered thin arms and bony legs. He did have a nice, above average package filling his Calvin Kleins. He was always proud of his big cock. It was one of the things he was grateful he got from his father, the other was his allowance. But his cock was overshadowed, literally, by his stomach hanging over the waistband. He tried to suck in his gut and puff out his soft chest. He could only hold his breath for a few seconds, plus he looked ridiculous. From the neck down he looked like an out of shape, middle aged man and yet he as only 19. He knew he would have to resort to drastic measures to beat Mark and Garry.

In the cafeteria he remembered something his nanny, Hatri, did for him when he was a kid. Like many older, Creole woman, his nanny knew a thing or two about voodoo. Hatri helped him pass Algebra, and avoid summer school, by casting a little spell on a classmate. He was able to gain all the math knowledge learned by Ralph, the class nerd, without touching a book. For a three week period of time, he just knew everything that Ralph studied. The funny thing was Ralph couldn’t absorb the material at the same time, no matter how hard he tried. Ralph’s loss was definitely Lucas’s gain. Ralph failed the final exam and had to repeat the class during the summer. Lucas thought better him than me. Lucas had used voodoo a few more times in the past to get what he wanted, but wisely knew it could be dangerous.

Lucas searched his foot locker for Hatri’s old spell book. He had taken the book from Hatri’s room after she had died several years ago. Lucas knew this was his only chance in beating the two muscle-heads, even though the thought of practicing voodoo frightened him a little. Hatri always warned him a spell could backfire on the one who cast it. But, there was no way he was going to actually diet and exercise. He could never transform his pathetic body into a super jock’s in just six weeks.

He clearly remembered the procedures in casting the spell on Ralph, but realized he had to make a few modifications. Lucas took a old t-shirt from his dresser. He cut three man-like figures out of both sides of the fabric, making 6 shapes. They looked like simple paper dolls about 6” tall. He took a needle and thread, then sewed two of the cutouts together leaving an opening along the dolls side. He had his three voodoo dolls almost complete; one doll would be bonded to him and the other two to his victims. He left his room and headed to Garry’s, making sure no one saw him enter. He looked around the room for a photo of Garry, one he won’t miss. He took some hair from Garry’s brush and stuffed it inside the doll. He also found tissues in the waste can, some used in Garry’s last jerking-off session. “Perfect,” thought Lucas as he stuffed them inside the doll too. Lucas went to Mark’s room and repeated the procedure for the other doll. The high testosterone levels of the two jocks meant they were always horny. Lucas had more than enough DNA to work with. Lucas quietly returned to his own room just in time as he heard the booming voices of Mark and Garry downstairs. He carefully cut out the heads of his competitors from the collected photos and pinned them to the face of the dolls. He finished the third doll with his own items. He then took a small piece of paper and folded it in half. He drew a circle, with the folded line bisecting it. He darkened one half of the circle with his pencil, representing bad and left the other side white, representing good. Placing a duplicated piece of paper in each doll, he held Mark’s doll in the palm of his hands. “Earth spirits, may this doll represent the physical body of Mark, who dwells in this house.” Lucas put the doll down and picked up the other. “Earth spirits, may this doll represent the physical body of Garry, who dwells in this house.” And finally the last doll. “Earth spirits, may this doll represent my physical body.” Lucas took the piece of paper from Garry’s doll and tore the paper along the folded line. He returned the dark half inside the doll and sewed it shut. He removed and tore the pieces of paper from the remaining two dolls, but this time he placed both dark halves into Mark’s doll and all three white halves in his own doll before sewing them shut.

Lucas stacked all three dolls together and wrapped a red ribbon from Hatri’s book around them, spiritually binding them. “Earth spirits, hear my quest. Help my body look its best. What was physically good for all three, now benefits only me. What was physically bad for me, is now bad for only he.” Lucas opened his foot locker, placed the dolls inside on top of the book, and locked it shut.

Lucas spent most of the next day sleeping. He had to get out of bed to attend English Lit., the one class he knew the professor would take attendance. As he was getting ready for class, still half asleep, he smashed is right foot into his bed post. The sudden burst of pain jolted him, but then the pain completely faded away. He examined his foot and there wasn’t a mark on it. Lucas slipped on his loafers and left for the afternoon class.

Mark and Garry arrived at the cafeteria for dinner early. They wanted to finish their meal of broiled chicken breast and steamed broccoli, so they could hit the gym again tonight. “I feel great, so energized,” beamed Mark “I’ve forgotten how a real work out makes you feel. I had such a pump going yesterday; I could actually feel my muscles growing. Tonight we’re going to work arms and chest. Plus I’ll do some ab work.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. My legs, back and shoulders are nice and tight from yesterday’s routine. I starting to think, I have a chance at winning the contest.” Garry said smiling at Mark.

“Dream on. That contest is mine.” replied Mark.

Just then Lucas approached the table with his tray of food. “Lasagna, garlic bread, and two servings of chocolate pudding. Have you given up already, little Lucas.” asked Mark.

“You train your way and I’ll train mine” Lucas said smugly and he put a large forkful of pasta into his mouth.

“Once a wimp, always a wimp” said Garry as he got up from the table. “Let’s go Mark, even though it looks like this isn’t going to be much of a contest.”

Mark got up and winced in pain as he put some weight on his right foot. “What happened to you?” asked Lucas as he looked at Mark’s foot. Since Mark was wearing sandals, Lucas could see a huge bruise on Mark’s right foot, near his big toe.

“Not sure. I must have banged it during my work out yesterday, but I don’t remember doing it,” replied Mark. Lucas smiled as Mark limped away with Garry.

Mark and Garry arrived at the gym eager for another great workout. As they entered, everyone else made room for the muscular men. As they approached a piece of equipment, whoever was on it, stopped what they were doing and left. Mark and Garry didn’t have to say a word. No one wanted to get in the way of these superior athletes.

Garry was working his barrel chest on the fly machine. Mark was working his favorite muscle, his biceps with free weights across the room. Garry stopped after doing just 4 heavy sets and went to do some bench presses. Something was wrong. Garry did not look happy and he wasn’t the only one. Mark switched to the cables and did some tricep extensions. He worked his arm until exhaustion and sat on the floor, sweating. Garry walked over to Mark rubbing his thick pectorals with his gloved hand. He squatted to be near Mark’s level and said, “I don’t know about you, Mark, but I’m just not feeling it today. I’m not getting my usual pump. By now, I’m normally juiced with energy and horny as hell. But today I’m just tired.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. After an hour of lifting, my muscles are usually swollen with blood, ready to burst through my skin. Today, I’m exhausted, no energy buzz. This has never happened to me before, dude.” replied Mark looking at the ground. He raised his head into Garry’s concerned eyes. “Maybe we overdid it yesterday and our bodies need time to recover. Things will be better tomorrow. Let’s hit the showers and call it a night, big guy.”

Meanwhile, Lucas was sitting in a nearby bar nursing a beer. He told everyone he was going to an off campus gym that had the newest and best equipment for his workouts. Never have been inside a gym, he wouldn’t know the first thing about weight machines anyway. Lucas was watching the local news when suddenly he felt warm all over. Blood was pumping through his veins, filling his body with vitality. He never felt such a rush. He had an abundance of energy and his cock started to react. Lucas couldn’t stop from getting hard, it just felt so good. He quickly walked into the bar’s restroom and closed a stall door behind him. He lowered his pants and watched is throbbing cock spring from its prison. He started to stroke his joystick quicker and quicker. He was in ecstasy. He came, releasing a large amount of cum on the stall’s graffiti covered wall. “What was that?,” Lucas said to himself, smiling and trying to catch his breath.

This routine continued for 2 weeks. Lucas soon figured out it was the combination of Mark’s and Garry’s “pump” he was feeling. He made sure he was in his room when the two of them went to the gym, that way he could fully enjoy the incredible sensation in private. After tonight’s experience, Lucas cleaned himself off. He stood in front of the mirror, wiping the sweat and cum from his much improved body. Lucas had lost his gut and soft pointy breasts. He now had a flat stomach with the faint outline of a six pack and veins running toward his crotch. His chest was hard with squared off pecs. His arms and legs were now sculpted with muscle. He had a swimmer’s build and loved the hardness of his new physique. Even his cock seemed bigger and thicker. He looked like an athlete even though he ate whatever he wanted and as much as he wanted. Plus he never entered a gym or touched a weight. He owed his accelerated transformation to Mark and Garry’s dedication. Lucas benefited from both of their genetic advantage of easily adding muscle mass. Lucas put on his new pair of 30x34 jeans. He loved how the hugged every part of his body except his waist. His handsome face and hard body made the mirror’s image look like an ad in a fashion magazine.

“Maybe we should go to see a doctor or something” proposed Mark. Both Garry and he were sitting in the cafeteria finishing their breakfast of egg whites, non-fat yogurt and fruit.

“Isn’t that kind of drastic, Mark?” asked Garry.

“Drastic? I’ve been working out hard every day for almost 3 weeks and eating like a professional bodybuilder, but I’m still gaining weight. And it’s not muscle like it should be, but disgusting fat. All my clothes don’t fit anymore. I have to wear these sweat pants with the elastic waist, and even they're starting to get tight.” Mark answered almost on the verge of tears. “And to make things worse, instead of making gains in my routines, I’ve had to start lifting lighter weights. I swear I’m getting weaker, my muscles are shrinking. My body’s reacting as if I’ve never worked out a day in my life. I’ve always been able to put on muscle and loss fat very fast. I tell you something is wrong.”

“I know man. I may not be getting any fatter, but I’m not getting any thinner or stronger either. I should have added at least another 20 pounds of weight to my lifts at this point in the program. But I’ve had to use lighter weights too. I’m not making any muscle gains either.” Garry said to calm Mark. Garry was worried too, but he had never seen his friend look so vulnerable before. He was always the pinnacle of male confidence. Garry leaned in closer to Mark and whispered, “The special pills and pump aren’t adding anything down below either. If you know what I mean. You’ve still got me beat in that department.” Garry pulled away from Mark and returned to his normal voice. “I’ll tell you want we have to do. Maybe our metabolism, body chemistry or something has changed. We’re not getting any younger you know. Maybe we need some new supplements to jump start our muscle growth. And they have all kinds of supplements to increase fat burning. We’ll go to the health food store after our last class today and see what they got.”

Mark took a deep breath and calmed himself. He appreciated what Garry was trying to do. “You are right, my friend. Supplements can only help. I’m also going to increase my cardio work to rev up my calorie usage. I’ll get rid of this spare tire in no time. It’s still three weeks until the contest.”

The next morning Mark woke very early and headed out to the school’s exercise trail. The sun was shining bright on the warm day. He started feeling hot after a few yards and took off his shirt. He was a little embarrassed by his flabby gut, but still had some good sized muscle on his frame. After only about half way down the trail, he had to stop and catch his breath. After resting a moment, enjoying the feel of the sunshine on his skin, he started to run back. He had to stop running after a few yards and walked the rest of the way, breathing hard.

Mark kept up this routine for 10 days. Yet he never made it passed the half way point along the trail. In fact it became harder each day to make it there, woman and middle-aged men brushed passed him as he tried to catch his breath. “I don’t understand what’s happened to my stamina. I should be able to do this trail with little effort. I’ve been an athlete all my life. I pride myself in my conditioning. It’s like I never exercised a day in my life. I feel so tired and out of shape.”

Lucas had been avoiding Mark and Garry. He didn’t want them to get suspicious of the spectacular changes in his body. He wore oversized shirts to hide his bulging muscles. But it was getting harder to camouflage. His growth was greatly accelerated by the supplements that Garry and Mark were taking. Lucas’s body went from that of a high fashion model to a beefy fitness model in two weeks. Every muscle was perfectly sculpted; his body fat had fallen below 3% making his jock body and face look even sexier. His flawless skin was now bronzed as if kissed by the sun. Lucas, being a true blue-eyed blond, always had trouble getting a tan. He usually just burned, so he avoided the sun. But thanks to Mark’s daily shirtless jogs, Lucas had a golden tan. Lucas had never seen a more perfect man than what he now saw in the mirror. Thick cords of sinewy muscle bulged and flexed with every move. He was so turned on by his own body; he decided to change his plans. Why wait for the contest to show off? There was only 1 week to go any way; there was nothing anyone could do to stop him from easily winning the contest now. He noticed that some of his frat brothers were playing a game of basketball in the driveway under the bright noon day sun. He took out a pair of pale blue, to match his eyes, shorts from his foot locker, figuring there was no need to lock it anymore. They were very short and made of thin nylon, with high cuts up the legs. The kind track athletes sometimes wore. As he slid the shorts up his sinewy legs, the material felt cool to the touch. He pulled the shorts over his superbly muscular bubble butt. Lucas thought to himself, he had to thank Garry for his perfect ass. He then pulled the front of the shorts up and over his huge cock and balls. Lucas didn’t realize he had to thank Garry for that enhancement too. The super light weight material hugged his body like a second skin, displaying his manhood majestically. Nothing was left to the imagination. There was no doubt he was a physically gifted man.

Mark walked out of the house in nothing but the tight shorts and sneakers. “Mind if I join you guys. I can use a little exercise” Lucas asked coyly. Every one stopped to look at Lucas, their jaws dropped. Lucas’s body glowed with athleticism and masculinity. Several guys quickly moved there hands to their crotch in attempt to cover there growing erections. “Uh, sure thing man” said Dave, one of the stars of the basketball team. The rest of the guys moved to the sidelines, relieved to be able to sit and better hide their hard ons. “I guess it’s one on one, Dave.” said Lucas, noticing the guys leaving the court. “Take it easy on me, Dave. I haven’t played the game since high school gym class. And that was only because I had to.”

“You take it easy on me, Lucas. It looks like you are a pretty good athlete” Dave responded seductively.

“You think?” said Lucas running his hand over this chest and down his solid ten pack. Dave threw the basketball to Lucas, who started to dribble. It was amazing how natural it felt. He moved forward, quickly passing Dave and jumping high off the ground, dunking the ball through the hoop. Lucas was amazed how easy that was. He body was so agile and strong. His reflexes heightened to that of a natural athlete in his prime. Lucas quickly out maneuvered the much taller Dave and scored several more points with ease.

“Looks like we have a hustler among us, boys” Dave said, trying to cover his poor showing against Lucas. “You should try out for the team next year.”

“I like more of a challenge in the games I play” Lucas said with confidence. The game continued for over an hour with Lucas’s lead never faltering. With the score at 50 to 12, Dave walked off the court, exhausted, his hair and body dripping with sweat. Lucas wasn’t even breathing hard, a light coating of perspiration made his golden skin glow even more in the sunlight.

“What’s the matter, Dave? You look tired” said Lucas mockingly.

“What’s with you, man,” questioned Dave, “Why aren’t you tired. You’ve got to have the stamina of two men. No the endurance of an Olympic athlete. I’m done. Thanks for the great game. I’ll see you later, man.”

“Any one else want to take me on. I’m just getting warmed up, guys” asked Lucas to the admiring eyes along the sidelines. They all shook their heads no and followed Dave into the house. Lucas stood far behind the foul line; he took the ball and shot it effortlessly through the hoop.

A sultry voice came from behind Lucas, “No net, just air. You are a very talented man.” Lucas turned to see, Lynda, one of the hottest girls in school, standing there. He realized for the first time that several girls from the neighboring sorority came out to see him play. They moved in closer to Lucas. They looked at Lucas as lionesses look at a piece of prime beef. Lynda reached up and put her hands on his hard as steel chest, while two other girls on either side of Lucas started to caress his pumped up biceps. Lynda moved her hand across his chest, down to his stomach, where she ran her fingers along the deep groves separating his abdominals. Finally she ran the back of her hand over his still soft, but protruding cock. His sweat making the fabric cling even more to his manhood. “Why haven’t we ever gone out, Lucas” asked Linda coyly. “Because you never found me attractive enough I guess” replied Lucas smugly, flexing each muscle slightly as she touched it. “Well things do change. We’re having an end of semester party of Omega Delta Phi next week. Promise you’ll come. Each and every one of us will guarantee you’ll have a real good time. Won’t we girls?”

“Absolutely” the girls all agreed.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world, my beautiful ladies,” replied Lucas reaching up to run his long fingers through his golden blond mane. The movement exposed his underarm, releasing his male scent into the still afternoon air. All the girls breathed in deep, moaning as they captured the powerful odor. His abundant male pheromones made the girls react lustfully and Lucas felt several small hands caress his wide back and firm ass. Lynda took a more direct approach and groped his huge package. “Do you have any plans right now, Lucas,” she said in a raspy voice.

“Actually I was just going to get all wet and take a shower” Lucas said nonchalantly, not reacting to Lynda’s slow massage of his cock.

“No, please don’t. We want you just the way you are. Plus, we’re already wet and we didn’t need to take a shower.” Lynda said as she firmly squeezed Lucas’s left nut. She could only fit one of his king sized balls in her small hand. A shiver went down her spine at the realization of what she held in her hand. The perfect man was in her grasp.

At the same time, Mark and Garry were returning to the fraternity after their daily workout. Both looked worn out and half dead to the world. As they approached, they thought it was odd to see so many girls in the driveway. And they didn’t recognize the muscular jock standing in the middle of the adoring crowd. As they got closer they realized it was Lucas. “What the fuck?” said Garry astonished at Lucas’s appearance.

Lucas moved his eyes from Lynda’s large breasts to look at Garry and Mark. Startled at first, then realizing he was the dominate male among the three now, said “Well if it isn’t my competition. How you boys doing?” The girls parted as Lucas walked towards the guys.

“What the fuck happened to you? How did this happen so fast? Those can’t be real. What are you on?,” fired Mark with a shocked look on his face.

“I told you I had my own exercise and diet program. It seems to work a hell of lot better than yours” Lucas said as he patted the boys on there bloated stomachs. He confidently put his hands on his hips; his fingertips from each hand almost touching at the center of his tight, sculpted abdominals. Not so subtly highlighting the vast contrast between the three men’s physiques. “Girls did you know the three of us are going to be competing in the wet brief contest next week? Who do you think is going to win?” All the girls laughed as they walked towards Lucas caressing his body again.

Garry’s said, “The contest hasn’t happened yet, Lucas.”

Mark eyes scanned Lucas’s glistening, muscular body and stopped at his huge cock. Mark felt inferior to another man for the first time in his life. He no longer believed he would win the contest. Deep down he always thought he would no matter how much fat he had around his gut; he had so many other things going for him. But everything changed at that moment.

Noticing Mark staring at his cock, Lucas said, “Well it looks like Mark knows when he’s in the presence of a winner. Don’t you, boy?” Lucas stepped closer, only inches from Mark. Even though they were the same impressive height, Lucas seemed to tower over Mark. Mark was slouching from exhaustion and an attempt to minimize the protrusion of his round belly, while Lucas stood perfectly straight pushing his powerful chest and cock into Mark’s softer body. Mark couldn’t look Lucas in the eye. He stepped back and quickly walked toward the house. Garry followed saying “You’re such an asshole, Lucas.”

The girls all giggled and lead Lucas over to their house by pulling on his strong arms and the waistband of his shorts. He pretended to resist, knowing he was much stronger than the combined five girls surrounding him. Lucas felt so powerful; he just intimidated Mark, the hunky bodybuilder just by standing next to him. Lucas was now the alpha male of the university and he was going to enjoy every moment of it.

“Why did you let him get away with that shit” said Garry, catching up with Mark at the front door.

“I don’t know. He caught me off guard. I mean no one changes like that in 5 weeks. He’s got a better build than most of the guys I competed with in my contest days. He must be doing some kind of special steroid or something.” replied Mark, thinking out loud.

“It’s okay, he surprised me too!” Garry said as he put his hand on Mark’s shoulder.

“Ouch!” Mark pulled his shirt collar to expose his shoulder to see what caused the pain.

“It looks like you’ve got a bad sunburn,” Garry noted as he saw Mark’s bright red skin.

“Sunburn, I never get sunburn. I’m fucking Italian for God’s sake. Plus I wasn’t out in the sun today. I was with you all day” stated Mark.

“Great. What else can go wrong with our bodies, dude. The contest is only a week away and we both still look like shit. Everything is going wrong for us, while Lucas has become the ultimate jock. It’s like the world is turned upside down.” Garry quipped in frustration.

“You’re right, Garry. Things are turned upside down. Everything is going in Lucas’s favor and deterring our progress. And we’ve got to find out want is causing it.” said Mark, still thinking.

“What do you have in mind, bro” asked Garry.

“Since Lucas is going to be busy for awhile, why don’t we take a look in his room?” Mark said softly to Garry so no one else in the house would hear. Both men went up the stairs and quietly entered Lucas’s room.

“What are we looking for?” asked Garry

“Look for any bottles or powders” replied Marc looking through the desk drawers. Garry headed for the closet. Marc finished with the desk and looked around the room. He saw the foot locker at the end of the bed. He knelt down and lifted the lid.

“What the fuck is this?” questioned Marc holding the dolls in his hand.


Part 2

“Lucas is playing with dolls? That’s great, we have to tell everyone about this, dude.” laughed Garry.

“I don’t think this is about playing games. These look like voodoo dolls or something.” Mark said closely examining the ribbon wrapped around the strange dolls. It was made of red silk with primitive figures embroidered along its length. At each end were suspended tiny gold medallions with a half moon and sun insignia. “Look, our faces are attached to the dolls” Mark added as he handed them to Garry. He looked back into the trunk and saw Hatri’s spell book. On its cover, was the same insignia as the ribbon’s gold medallions.

“You’re telling me that Lucas is some sort of voodoo priest and he put a spell on the three of us?” Garry said trying to convince himself.

“That’s what it looks like” replied Mark, standing with the book in his hand. “It makes sense. Even if Lucas used some sort of super steroid to build muscle, how would that stop us from gaining muscle? He’s done something to us alright. Somehow he has greatly reduced our bodies’ reaction to working out, while greatly increasing his body’s reaction when he works out. I mean look at us, you know how hard we’ve hit the weights. And you saw him; he looks like a professional athlete. A radical change like that in just 5 weeks; it’s got to be something mystical.”

“Okay, let’s end it now. We’ll rip the dolls apart and burn them or something,” said Garry becoming a little frightened.

“We can’t. We don’t know what that will do. It could make the spell permanent or even worse, kill us. This book ties in somehow to the dolls. But it’s not written in English, I think it may be French.” Mark said quickly scanning the pages.

"Let me look. I took French in high school.” Garry responded taking the small book from Mark’s hand and giving him the dolls. “It’s not really French; I think it may be Creole.”

“Of course, Lucas is from Louisiana” said Mark, enlightened.

“What are we going to do? This is pretty scary stuff,” Garry replied looking for assurance.

“Why don’t you try to figure what spell Lucas used by reading the book. Once we know the spell, we can break it and get things back to normal.” Mark said, as he put the dolls back into the foot locker and closed the lid. “We’ll leave them here, for safe keeping. Plus, Lucas can’t find out we know about this stuff. He might have the power to make things worse for us.”

Mark and Garry crept out of Lucas’s room and went into Garry’s. Garry’s room had a window that overlooked the front of the house. Mark kept an eye out for Lucas as Garry translated the book. Garry tried to decipher the words as best of he could using his old high school textbook as an aide. “This is going to take forever, man. And I have an Economics midterm tomorrow.” said Garry running his thick fingers through his wavy hair.

“Shit, I almost forgot about my Sociology exam. I need to study too.” Mark replied yawning. “Boy, I’m really tired tonight.”

Mark and Garry decided to put the spell book away for the night and hit the school books instead. Neither one could afford to fail a subject or jeopardize their baseball scholarships.

“I’ll put the book back where we found it. Luckily Lucas never hangs out around the house; we can work on it tomorrow afternoon once our tests are over. Hey, since it’s still early, why don’t you get your pecker pump out and have some fun.” Mark said trying to lighten the mood as he exited Garry’s room. Garry gave no reply, just sitting there looking down at the floor. “Don’t worry, dude. Everything will be okay now that we know what we’re up against. Together, you and I are an unbeatable team.”

Garry looked up into Mark’s blue eyes, “I know. Good night.”

The next afternoon Mark met Garry at the house after his Sociology midterm. They headed up to Lucas’s room to get the book. As they approached the door they heard female voices coming from inside. Muffled sounds and loud sensual moans filled the hallway. Derek, whose room is next to Lucas’s, suddenly opened his door startling Mark and Garry.

“If you’re looking for Lucas, he’s occupied. The stud’s been going at it since early this morning. He’s got all kinds of women coming and going from his room. I don’t know how he does it. He’s my idol. But unfortunately I’ve got to study and all this is very distracting. I’m going to the library.” Trevor said with a mixture of humor and envy as he passed by Mark and Garry, heading down the hall.

“Yeah, he’s quite a guy.” Garry replied to Trevor, and turns to Mark, “I guess we’ll have to try later on. If it’s okay with you, I’m going to my room to finish my marketing paper. I’ll keep a look out front and let you know when Lucas leaves the house”

“Sure, good idea. I’ve got to review my notes for my Art History test tomorrow anyway.” Mark said yawning. “Maybe I’ll take a quick nap. I don’t know why I’m so tired today.”

Garry and Mark left for their rooms as agreed upon. Mark took out his class notes to study, but had a hard time keeping his eyes open. After a few moments, he was fast asleep.

Mark woke and looked out the window. It was dark. He got out of bed and felt a weird twinge along his cock. He put his hands to his crotch and grimaced in pain. He dropped his pants to take a look. His long cock was red, slightly swollen and painful to the touch, especially the sensitive head. It looked as if it had been rubbed raw. He walked down the hall and knocked on Garry’s door. Garry opened the door and said, “Look who’s finally up. You still look tired, bro.”

“Why didn’t you wake me? We’ve got to get the book.” Mark said with a little anger.

“I tried, but you were dead to the world. Plus, I got the book about 2 hours ago and have been working on it. I swear, I saw at least 15 women come and go from this house; all visiting Lucas. I think he had shifts set up or something, and always more than one girl at a time.” Garry remarked.

“Did you discover anything in the book?” said Mark, flinching as he sat down on the bed.

“What’s wrong with you?” inquired Garry.

“Nothing, my cock’s just a little sore.” mumbled Mark.

“You have to stop with the whacking-off sessions, young man.” replied Garry playfully, shaking his finger.

“I wish. I’ve been so tired lately, I can’t even get hard.” Mark said somewhat embarrassed. “What about the book? What have you learned? Any luck in finding the spell Lucas used?”

“No, there’s hundreds of spells in this thing. But what I did learn is the spell really isn’t that important, either are the dolls. They just give direction or guidance to the magic; it’s the ribbon that holds the real power.” Garry said with a little pride in his deduction skills.

“So if we remove the ribbon from around the dolls, that will break the spell?” asked Mark.

“It may or may not.” replied Garry, “But, I think we should use the current set-up to our advantage. Instead of trying to break Lucas’s spell, we should place our own spell on the dolls, hopefully canceling out Lucas’s spell.”

“Brilliant idea, dude!” commented Mark, “Did you find a spell we can use?”

“No, but like I said, the spell itself isn’t that important. As long as it’s in a kind of poem format, we can make up the spell ourselves. We know we have to increase the way our bodies react to exercise and decrease Lucas’s reaction. He’s got to be working out hard with heavy weights to get those kinds of results. So I thought we could use that against him in our spell.” Garry said gleefully as he handed Mark his notebook, “In fact, I’ve started writing it. Tell me what you think.”

“I’m not an expert like you, but it looks good to me. I would make this one change though. Add a zero making the ten a hundred. We only have 4 days to the contest and 3 days to the rehearsal. We’ve got to get results fast.” Mark gave the notebook back to Garry.

“Okay, let’s go do it?” Garry stood up to leave the room and Mark followed. They snuck into Lucas’s room. Holding the dolls in their hands, they recited the spell in unison, “Great Earth Spirits, we ask for your aid, to attain the physical goals we have made. Increase our muscle gains one hundred fold, when we lift the weights we’ll hold. At the time Lucas puts his unearned strength to full use; reverse his gains, break the spells, end the abuse.”

They put the book and dolls back into the foot locker and left Lucas’s room.

The next morning Mark and Garry are having breakfast at the usual table. “You look like hell, man. You should get some sleep,” Garry told Mark with a note of concern in his voice.

“I slept for over 10 hours last night. But I still feel exhausted. It must be all the studying and this extra weight I’m carrying around” answered Mark, rubbing his eyes, bringing more attention to the dark circles.

Lucas walked toward the table holding a tray loaded with food. He’s wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt. He looks like he just came from an island vacation; bright eyed, refreshed, and full of energy. Along the way he is stopped by several girls, who flirt while caressing his body, stuffing pieces of paper with their phone numbers into his pant’s pockets. Word has spread that Lucas is the greatest lover with the best equipment on campus. When Lucas finally makes it to the table, all the other brothers, except Mark and Garry, yelled “Loooocas, the man” as he sat down next to Mark.

“I see you finally came up for air, bro.” commented Dave, who sat across the table from Lucas.

“Well, as a member of the best fraternity on campus, it is my duty to promote a positive relationship with all, and I mean all, the sororities. I’m just thinking of my brothers.” boasted Lucas. The table hooted and applauded.

“It’s good to know your amazing stamina is good for something besides basketball.” Dave commented.

“You know it. I haven’t slept in 3 days and I feel great. All I need is a little food to keep me going.” said Lucas.

“A little food, you’ve got enough there for 3 people. Aren’t you concerned about getting fat?” asked Dave half joking.

“No, I burn it up with all the exercise I get. Unlike Mark here” Lucas ate whatever he wanted because he knew any extra calories he consumed would transfer to Mark as fat. “How’s the diet going, little man. Why don’t you show everybody your killer abs? Come on, I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.” Lucas stood up and lifted his t-shirt exposing his deeply cut, cobble stoned, stomach. Tilting his pelvis to flex his abs caused the outline of his cock to become more defined. It stood out in bold relief as it ran down along his right leg.

“Lucas, you make even a black man jealous with that thing.” said Dave in admiration.

“Thanks, man. And it’s like all my other muscles. The more I use it the bigger it gets. And it’s been getting a lot of use lately.” Lucas refocused his attention to Mark, “Come on, Mark. It’s your turn.” Lucas grabbed Mark by the back of his shirt collar and lifted him up. Lucas then took his other hand and grabbed onto Mark’s roll of belly fat, and began shaking it. Everyone at the table roared with laughter.

“That’s enough, Lucas” said Garry as he stood and walked around the table to Mark’s side. Lucas was big, but Garry was still bigger. Lucas let go and Mark fell back into his seat. “Let’s go Mark, we have class. Lucas, you are still an asshole.” Garry and Mark left the table.

Lucas sat down and started eating his mega sized meal. “It’s a shame when people let themselves go, isn’t it?” asked Lucas.

“Yeah, he used to have a great physique. I guess it’s hard to find time to work out around midterms. How do you do it, Lucas?” asked Dave

“Easy. I skip the exam and spend a little one on one time with my professors. I’ve got straight A’s going.” Lucas said between mouthfuls of food.

“You’re kidding right? Don’t you have old man Dekoda for English Literature?” inquired Dave

“The men are easy, dude. I drop my pants; they go to their knees, couple of minutes later its over. I get a blow job and they’re the grateful ones. It’s great.” Lucas explained shamelessly, “The women take the real work. It wasn’t bad with Ms. Myers, she’s not too old. But Professor Limon, she’s twice my age and 30 pounds overweight. Then as I’m getting started, she tells me she’s never had an orgasm and her husband hasn’t been able to get it up in 8 years. Well, she made up for it, she came so many times we needed a mop to clean the floor. I had to pull out of her early, because I thought she was going to have a heart attack. I was just happy it was over.” Lucas stopped talking to take another forkful of food. “Well, at least my father will be happy with my grades this year. The things I do to please that man.”

Mark and Garry decided to go to the gym late in the afternoon to test the effectiveness of their spell. Both were relieved to have finished all their term papers and exams. It gave them a much needed boost of confidence. Mark was still extremely tired and just wanted to sleep, but he couldn’t let down Garry. Garry was determined to have a rigorous work out. He knew that between the two of them, it fell on him to win the contest now.

“We’ll do a solid 90 minutes. I’m start with my bi’s, while you work on your abs.” Garry said to Mark heading to the free weights.

Garry forced his way through every set, struggling with every lift. He was determined to do his full routine no matter how difficult. Mark was faring worse. He completed his usual abdominal routine in twice the time, using half the weight. He spent the rest of the time doing cardio work on an incumbent bike. This way he could sit while waiting for Garry to finish. Both knew that their spell hadn’t worked.

Lucas spent most of the day clothes shopping for his new athletic body. All the store clerks fought over helping Lucas try on the clothes in the small fitting rooms. Even though he had more than enough money; Lucas got the employee discount on his purchases without asking. Sometimes they just gave him clothing for free, having someone like Lucas notice them was payment enough.

Lucas returned to the house from his shopping spree late in the afternoon. He was deciding what to wear out tonight, when a familiar feeling hit him. His muscles became flushed with blood. He knew that Mark and Garry must be working out. A wave of intense pleasure spread throughout his body. He looked down and saw his balls churning. He felt a rush of testosterone and endorphins a hundred times stronger than ever before. His cock became hard as steel. He fell to the floor on his back, his muscles starting to spasm uncontrollably. He came and his cum burst high into the air, hitting the ceiling. Lucas couldn’t handle the magnitude of pure pleasure and fell unconscious. His muscles continued to spasm as he lied there.

Lucas came to in a couple of hours. He raised his hand to rub his face. His arm felt heavy and something was preventing him from bending it at the elbow completely. He soon realized that something was his bicep. He raised his shoulders off the floor and looked down at his body. He couldn’t see his stomach past the wide muscle plateau that was his chest. He bent his legs and watched the muscles bulge as he stood. His stronger muscles made his posture straighter, more confident. He moved to the mirror and got hard at his own reflection. “My God, I’m even more perfect,” he whispered to himself. Lucas estimated his weight went from 220 to 255, all pure muscle. He raised his arms into a double bicep pose, enjoying the sense of power he now possessed. He moved his right hand to feel the hardness of his left bicep. He dropped both arms and flexed his pectorals, first in unison then individually. He placed his hands on his chest enjoying their movement. His hands moved down to his deeply embossed abs. Slamming his fists into his gut, relishing the loud thud as his hand met the hard brick wall. He traced the thick veins down to his engorged cock, taking a moment to savor the incredible size of his manhood. He reluctantly left his cock to follow more veins leading to his large thighs. He moved his right leg forward and pointed his toes; suddenly his leg turned is a piece of living sculpture. Every muscle clearly defined through his thin, tanned skin. He turned it slightly to view his large diamond shaped calf. After examining his other leg, he turned his whole body sideways and ran his hands over his ass, now much higher and rounder than before. He was amazed how thin his waist looked compared to his massive chest and bubble butt. He quickly put on a pair of spandex shorts and a wife beater t-shirt he had bought today. The fit was tighter than when he tried them on earlier. Lucas knew he looked hot. He was the sort of man people dream of being, or being with. “It’s time to see what kind of fun I can have with this body,” Lucas said as he walked out of his room.

After the workout, Mark went to rest in his room. He fell into a deep sleep almost immediately. Garry let Mark sleep while he went to dinner. The next morning, Garry tired to wake Mark again. They held a brief groggy conversation as Mark explained his cock was still sore. Garry brought Mark an ice bag to put on his crotch.

“I know Lucas has something to do with this,” Mark said softly to his best friend while still lying in bed.

“Yeah, it seems you’re getting the worst of it. Maybe we should try to find another voodoo priest to break his spell. I did my best, but it hasn’t helped at all. I’m sorry, man.” Garry responded while gently squeezing Mark’s forearm.

“It’s not your fault. I appreciate everything you’ve done. I would have gone insane during this whole thing if it wasn’t for you.” Mark put his hand on top of Garry’s and looked into his emerald eyes.

After a brief moment, Garry pulled his hand away and stood up, walking towards the door. “I’d better go and let you get your rest. I saw the coach today and he’s planned a practice session tomorrow before everyone leaves for spring break. I told him we’d both be there.”

“Yeah, sounds good. Wake me for lunch, dude” Mark said closing his eyes. Garry left the room, quietly closing the door.

Garry spent the rest of the day trying to improve his appearance for tomorrow’s rehearsal. Garry lay out in the sun trying to improve his skin tone, but he couldn’t get his usual tan. He couldn’t gain muscle, so he thought we would look more cut by loosing some fat. He did a couple of miles on the treadmill and then a few more on a stationary bike. He relaxed in the whirlpool and steam room, enjoying it so much he forgot all about lunch. By the time he got back to the house it was almost 7:00 at night. He opened Mark’s door to check in on him. He was still fast asleep. Garry looked at his friend’s bloated body. So much had changed so quickly he thought. Garry put the sandwich and diet drink he brought from the cafeteria on Mark’s desk and left the room. When Garry got to his room he stripped to his underwear and looked in the mirror. His waist was smaller, but again so was every other part of his body. He had lost twenty pounds over the past 6 weeks, most of it muscle. He lay down on his bed reaching for the penis pump stored underneath. “Might as well give this thing one more try,” Garry said to himself, “It can’t hurt.”

“Good morning, sunshine” Garry said nudging Mark’s shoulder, making his whole body shake like a bowl of gelatin, “Time to get up.”

“Is it time for lunch already” replied Mark rubbing his eyes.

“Actually you slept the entire day away, it’s Wednesday. Are you feeling any better?” asked Garry.

Mark pushed the covers aside, removed the warm ice bag from his crotch and sat on the edge of the bed, stretching his soft muscles. “Yes, I don’t feel as tired. But my cock is still sore.”

“A shower and some fresh air is what you need now. We have practice in an hour, so get ready, man,” said Garry raising the blinds and opening Mark’s window.

Mark and Garry headed to the baseball field to join their team mates. The team did some drills under the watchful eye of Coach Miller. He was concerned by the condition of his two star athletes. He told Mark and Garry to head over to the bull pen while the rest of the team did some batting practice.

Lucas was returning to the house from a day and a half of partying. He looked better than ever. His tan had gone from a golden bronze to a deep brown, even though his skin hardly saw sunlight. He was wearing the same shorts and shirt he put on 30 hours ago in his room. The clothes stilled looked relatively fresh, since he spent most of the time nude. The night before started at a bar, moved to an all night rave, and ended with him satisfying various sexual partners in some rich dude’s home. Everyone that saw Lucas had to touch him. He did things and participated in orgies that would have made Hugh Hefner blush. And Lucas was always the center of attention. As he passed by the baseball field, he saw his competitors practicing.

“What the fuck?” said a stunned Mark as Lucas walked up behind the crutching Garry.

“Hey boys, how you doing?” asked Lucas while flashing his brilliant smile.

“Not as well as you” said Garry standing up to not look so small compared to Lucas.

“Obviously” Lucas replied while flexing his pecs and running his had over his cut abs.

“What do you want?” Garry said lowering his voice in an attempt to appear more masculine.

“I just wanted to make sure you boys are going to show up at tonight’s rehearsal. I thought you may be too embarrassed by your pathetic bodies to make an appearance.” mocked Lucas.

“We said we would compete, so we’ll be there. Don’t worry” answered Garry.

“Oh, believe me, I’m not worried about you” Lucas said calmly as he picked up a baseball bat lying on the ground. “You know I never really played baseball, it seemed like such a silly sport.” Lucas took the batters stance in front of Garry. “Hey fatso, pitch the ball to me.” Lucas yelled at Mark.

Garry crotched down behind Lucas, his eyes being drawn to Lucas’s round ass, now at Garry’s eye level. Mark hesitated.

“Now” demanded Lucas. Mark threw the ball with all his strength. Lucas’s eye-hand coordination was flawless, and made direct contact with the bat. The ball went sailing off into the far distance. “I guess that would be considered a home run” remarked Lucas. “Pitch me another one, fatso.” Lucas’s words angered Mark. He pulled back and threw the ball directly at Lucas’s head. At the very last moment, Lucas raised his left hand and caught the speeding ball. “Now that wasn’t very nice, Mark” Lucas said and then he hurled the ball back to Mark. Mark’s hand starting throbbing before the ball reached his glove. The impact of Lucas’s powerful throw made Mark take a step back and caused more pain to his hand. Lucas started to walk towards Mark. Garry stayed behind, not sure what to do. Lucas was so muscular now, Garry wasn’t sure if he was still the stronger of the two.

Mark had dropped his glove and was rubbing his hand when Lucas reached him. “Did catching the ball hurt your little hand? What a weakling you are.” Lucas said as he took Mark’s arm by the wrist to examine his hand. Lucas then bent Mark’s arm at the elbow causing Mark’s diminished bicep to flex. “I used to think your arms were so impressive,” Lucas said as he effortlessly dented Mark’s bicep with the long fingers of his other hand. “Not anymore. Tell me do you think my bicep is impressive. I think it’s bigger than a baseball, maybe even a softball. Don’t you?” Lucas taunted Mark as he let go of his arm and flexed his left bicep. Mark didn’t answer as he stared at Mark’s split peak. Lucas was now bigger than Mark ever was. “I asked you a question, boy” Lucas said forcefully.

Mark looked at Lucas’s arm and face. Lucas was so handsome, virile and commanding; he had to do what he asked. “Yes, it’s bigger” whispered Mark.

“I wonder if it’s harder than a baseball?” inquired Lucas, “I know you want to touch it. Tell me if it’s harder than a baseball, Mark.”

Mark raised his hand to caress the magnificent bulge. Lucas straightened his arm at the elbow and bent it again, making the muscle grow larger and harder under Mark’s hand. Mark was glad he couldn’t get hard, because it would make this situation even more demeaning for him. “Yes, it’s harder, sir” responded Mark absentmindedly.

At this time Garry summoned up enough courage to join his friend. Seeing Garry approach, Mark removed his hand from Lucas’s bicep and tried to act tough. “Lucas, we’re in a middle of a practice here,” Mark said loudly.

“Sure thing, we’re done for now” Lucas turned his gaze from Mark’s eyes to Garry’s. “You two carry on,” with that Lucas slapped Garry’s ass. Then he looked at the once mighty mound and dug his hand into Garry’s flesh. “Mark’s arms aren’t the only icon to have fallen on hard times, or should I say soft times,” Lucas noted with pleasure in his voice. Garry’s winced in pain, it felt like Lucas was tearing the muscle from his bone. He tried flexing his glutes, but couldn’t break Lucas’s grip. Garry reached over to grab Lucas’s ass in retaliation, but couldn’t get a hold. It reminded Garry of his old football helmet, so hard, round, and smooth. Mark looked down to see the struggle, but his eyes focused on the bulge in Lucas’s shorts. Lucas’s package looked huge compared to Garry’s, and Garry was wearing a cup.

“What’s going on here, boys” asked Coach Miller approaching the trio.

“Nothing, I was just leaving” answered Lucas, letting go of Garry.

“That’s a shame. I saw how you hit and threw the ball. We could use a power player like you on the team.” The coach added.

“Thanks, but I don’t do well on teams. I like the focus all on me.” Lucas told the coach and started to walk away.

“Let me know if you change your mind,” the coach yelled to Lucas. “You two are in terrible shape. Why don’t you go inside and hit the gym. Mark, I want to see my pitching star 25 pounds lighter when you get back from break” The coach said to Mark and Garry before walking back to the field.

“How did Lucas get so much bigger so fast?” asked Mark, while walking towards the gym with Garry. “He must have lifted a ton of weight to pack on that much muscle.”

“You’re right, dude. He looks like a champion bodybuilder on competition day. Every muscle pumped with no body fat. Even his tan is perfect” commented Garry realizing he was getting hard. Trying to change the subject, he continued, “Our spell talked about ending his spell when he used his full strength. He must have done so, to get results like that.”

“Absolutely, so you think it may be over” questioned Mark.

“Only one way to find out, dude. Let’s follow the coach’s advice and hit the gym. We’ll both go through our full routines with the heaviest weights we can lift. We’ve got to put Lucas in his place at tonight’s rehearsal. We can’t let that asshole beat us.” Garry said emphatically.


Part 3

That night, Mark and Garry were in the student union’s great hall standing with the other male contestants. All ten men were wearing thick, white terry cloth robes the contest provided. The contest was sponsored by the university’s athletic department and was judged by the department’s coaches. There was coach Miller, along with the football, basketball and track teams’ coaches. The fifth judge was the strength coach for all the teams. Coach Brennan, was a short, barrel-chested man with a thick, hairy arms.

The female contestants, mostly cheerleaders, had finished their rehearsal and sat in the audience, eager to see the men in action. Coach Brennan was explaining how each man in turn, would walk to center stage, remove his robe, get sprayed with water, then walk down the runway, and return to the back of the stage. “Do it like the girls did, and we can get through this quickly,” the coach glanced at his notes, “It seems we are missing someone. Has anyone seen Lucas tonight? We’ll give him a couple of minutes, and then we’ll start without him.” The coach went to talk with the other judges.

“He’s not here. Maybe the spell was broken. It certainly didn’t feel like it in the gym today.” whispered Mark in Garry’s ear.

“Let’s hope our spell did work. I am curious to see what his body looks like now without the benefits of voodoo” replied Garry.

At that moment the side door opened and Lucas entered wearing his robe. “Sorry I’m late everyone. I took an unexpected nap this afternoon. I hope I haven’t missed anything” asked Lucas walking onto the stage and getting in line next to Garry. It was hard to tell what was under the bulky robe. He still looked like he had a lot of muscle on his frame.

“No, Lucas. We are about to begin” stated coach Brennan, “Why don’t we start at this end. Mark you’re first”

Mark walked to center stage, took a deep breath and removed his robe. Everyone gasped, and then the girls started to giggle. Mark looked bad. He skin was red and blotchy. He looked physically drained and tired. His blood-shot eyes had dark circles underneath them. His body had no definition, due to his smaller muscles and 45 pounds of fat he gained over the last month and a half. A thick roll of blubber hung over the waistband of his traditional men’s brief. He borrowed a pair of Garry’s 40” Fruit of the Loom’s because his 31” designer briefs no longer fit. The material was loose all over, making his very large penis look unimpressive.

Lynda, being the head cheerleader, was the one to spray the men with water. “What happened to you,” she asked between giggles. All the cheerleaders burst into laughter from her comment.

“That’s enough everyone” said coach Brennan trying to quiet the group.

Lynda sprayed him down trying not to laugh. Lynda then picked up the robe and took it off stage. The water felt cold to Mark and he walked down the runway as quickly as possible, returning to Garry’s side.

“Fine job, Mark. I, for one, salute your bravery and school spirit in participating” said the coach, “Now Garry, you go.”

Garry walked to center stage and removed his robe. Garry wasn’t fat like Mark, but he had looked better. His skin was pale and doughy under the bright stage lights, hiding any definition he had. His muscles were flat and chunky. His underwear, stretched by his once large ass, now hung loose in the back. His small penis virtually disappeared in the multiple layers of loose fabric used in the fly front. He too walked quickly. “I’m glad that’s over,” he said to Mark.

“Yeah, but we have to do it again tomorrow in front of a lot more people” Mark reminded him.

The other competitors felt a lot better about their chances in the contest. The two front runners looked horrible; each began to think they could win. Coach Brennan gestured to Lucas; it was his turn at center stage.

Lucas moved confidently towards Lynda. He kissed her deeply on the lips. Then he looked straight at the judges smiling as he slowly removed his robe. He wanted to see their reaction to his body. He wasn’t disappointed. They all gasped, then stared completely silent at the flawless man before them. Lucas had the body of an elite heavyweight bodybuilder, at just over 6’ and almost 300 pounds of muscle. He had full, thick muscle bulging from everywhere. He wore only a pair of seamless, white, low rise designer briefs straining to hold his ass and manhood. He flexed his pecs, causing the bright lights to reflect off his smooth skin, blinding the audience momentarily. The girls started to howl and cheer. “Finally a real man,” Lynda said continuously spraying him down enjoying the close-up view. Lucas raised his arms to run his long fingers through his wet hair, causing his giant biceps to grow. He flexed his abs with his arms raised behind his head, showcasing his leanness. The water flowed off his enormous pecs like Niagara Falls. Some water continued to flow around his sculpted abdominal muscles. As the water hit his underwear, the thin material seemed to disappear. Every detail of his 8” soft cock was on display for everyone to enjoy. He had no tan lines on his unblemished skin. Some of girls started to orgasm just looking at his perfect male endowment. Lucas walked forward to the end of the runway. None of the judges hands could be seen, all were pleasuring themselves under the desk. Lucas just smiled and did a double bicep pose. Loud moans could be heard throughout the hall. Lucas turned and headed back to the lineup. While the audience got to enjoy his wide back and remarkable ass, the other contestants saw his package for the first time. Immediately the rest of men walked off stage, holding their robes closed to hide their erections. They knew the contest was over. Lucas, Mark and Garry were the only ones on stage. The judges couldn’t help but notice the contrast between the three men. They didn’t even seem to be of the same species, nonetheless the same gender. Lucas stood there smiling brilliantly, his abs and pecs flexing with each breath. Mark’s pear like body and Garry’s tube shaped physique were repulsive compared to the masculine perfection of Lucas.

After a few more moments of stunned silence, Coach Brennan spoke. “Thank you Lucas. It doesn’t seem like we have any other contestants left. That’s all for now, we’ll see everybody tomorrow night.”

The cheerleaders rushed the stage and Lucas jumped down to be with them. The girls couldn’t control themselves as they groped his ass, cock and thick muscles. Mark and Garry put their robes back on and watched the frenzy from the stage. The judges walked up to Lucas forcing their way through his groupies. Each held a jacket or clipboard in front of their crotch to hide the wet spots. “Can we talk to you, Lucas?” asked Coach Brennan, “You are obviously one gifted athlete and yet you don’t belong to any team. Each one of us would love you to consider joining our teams as soon as possible.”

“I really need someone with your strength for the discus, hammer throw, shot put and javelin. With your gifts you could easily make the Olympic team.” said the track coach rubbing Lucas’s bicep.

“I already told you, you would be a real asset to the baseball team. I’ve seen you play the game, you’re a natural. Plus the baseball team gets the best perks. I can really make your school days beneficial, big guy.” Coach Miller said slowly patting Lucas’s chest.

The burly football coach moved in front of Miller and grabbed Lucas’s shoulders. “You’re a natural alright, but for football. A man your size should play a real man’s game. I can have scouts from the pro-teams here to take a look at you. Imagine playing in the NFL. A man who looks like you can make big money with endorsement deals.”

The basketball coach stood along side Lucas, and rubbed his hand over Lucas’s mountainous back. “Dave told me you beat him in a game. If you can beat my best player, I want you on my team.”

“Well this is all very flattering gentlemen. I do love being wanted and desired, just ask the girls. I’m just not sure if any of your games are right for me and my talents.” answered Lucas.

“Good point, Lucas. We need to test for your strengths and weaknesses. If you have any weaknesses” commented Coach Brennan, somewhat joking. “Since I am the strength coach for all the teams, I would be glad to help you out. Why don’t we meet tomorrow morning at the gym to do a few tests?”

“Sure why not. But let’s say two in the afternoon. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to have a busy night. That will still give me enough time to be back here tomorrow to claim my title.” Lucas suggested. “And I want you two there to see me in action” he added looking at Mark and Garry.

“I’ll make sure they’re there, Lucas. Thank you so much for agreeing to this. We all greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule, sir. I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.” said Coach Brennan elatedly. The other coaches thanked Lucas again and left him with the girls.

Lucas walked out the door in his underwear. He left with twelve girls circling around him, giggling and touching his body. Lucas was going to have another good night.

Coach Brennan, Mark and Garry were at the gym by 2:00. Mark was barely able to stay awake while waiting for Lucas. An hour passed before Lucas showed up. He was dressed in another pair of spandex shorts and a wife beater. The shirt had a cut along the neckline to accommodate the expansive width of his chest. The cut showcased his deep muscle cleavage.

“Sorry guys, the girls didn’t want me to go. So what is the plan, coach?” Lucas asked.

“I thought we would do simple fitness tests to check your endurance, flexibility, and strength. The results will tell us what sport is best for you. If its okay, I thought we would begin with endurance” answered Coach Brennan.

Lucas nodded and followed the coach to the treadmill. The coach connected Lucas to the treadmill’s heart monitor to measure his pulse. He then set the treadmill at 10 mph and asked Lucas to run for three minutes. Lucas kept up with treadmill with little effort. The coach was hypnotized by the pendulum movement of Lucas’s huge package as he ran. The throbbing pain in Mark’s sore cock increased. After the three minutes, the coach notated the difference in Lucas’s pulse.

“That’s amazing. You’re not even breathing hard. You’re in great condition; that’s rare for such a big guy,” the coach said staring into Lucas’s blue eyes.

“What’s next?” questioned Lucas after waiting a moment for the coach to say something.

“Oh yes, flexibility” said the coach trying to refocus. “Lucas touch your toes and hold that position, please.” Lucas bent at his waist and put his palms flat on the floor. The coach moved behind Lucas and put is hands on Lucas’s ass. He moved is hands down Lucas’s back following his spine. When he got to Lucas’s neck, the shorter man had to lean forward pushing his crotch between Lucas’s ass cheeks. The coach stayed there for a few moments enjoying the position, then noticed Garry and Mark were watching him.

“That’s very good, Lucas. You can stand up. Your lower body is very flexible; now let’s test your upper body. Put one arm behind your head and the other behind your back and try to touch your fingers together” the coach instructed. Lucas did as the coach said exposing his left armpit. The coach’s short stature put his nose at the same level. The coach inhaled Lucas’s scent, moving his nose closer to the source of the odor. “Umm, that smells great, so musky and masculine. What brand of deodorant do you use?” the coach asked.

“I don’t use deodorant. I’m all natural” smiled Lucas.

“God, he is so handsome, so perfect” thought the coach looking at Lucas’s angelic face. “Good and now try reversing your arms.” Lucas did as he was told. “Great job, you are remarkably flexible too. You may be in the best shape of any athlete I’ve ever met. Now let’s test the strength in those huge muscles of yours.”

Everyone walked over to the dumbbell rack. “I thought we’d start with your arms, just select whatever weight you’re comfortable with and do a set of ten curls” the coach advised.

Lucas having never worked out with weights before had no idea what to do. Looking at Mark, Lucas asked, “So what weight do you usually use, little man.”

“The eighties” mumbled Mark.

“Show me” commanded Lucas. Mark grabbed the dumbbell and attempted to do a curl. “Pathetic” Lucas said as he grabbed the weight from Mark’s hand and curled it easily. He put the eighty back and picked up a hundred in each hand and pumped out ten effortlessly. He put the weights back and flexed his biceps; he loved the tight feeling of his skin and the rush of blood.

The coach watched Lucas, glad he was wearing a cup today. “Let’s move onto the bench press. What do you usually do, Lucas?” asked the coach.

“It varies from day to day. Garry, how much you do?” asked Lucas trying to cover his ignorance.

“I hold the school record, 420 at 10 reps” answered Garry puffing out his chest.

“Let’s set the bar at 450 then for fun” said Lucas smirking.

Garry and Mark put the weight on the bar as Lucas laid on the bench. Lucas nervously put his hands on the bar and pushed up. He lowered the weight and pushed it back up. He could feel the weight but was surprised at how light it was. He did several more reps and heard a ripping sound. His pumped up chest was lengthening the tear in his shirt. By the time he finished 20 reps, the tear was down to his waist. He sat up and tore the shirt off his body. He flexed his chest, rubbing his hand over the hard meat. He looked like he had flesh colored water balloons strapped to his chest and arms. But they felt like hard concrete. He loved the power of his body. The coach watched Lucas feel himself up and felt his penis trying to free itself from the confines of the cup. “That was easy enough, but I don’t want to tire myself out. I’ve got the contest to think about tonight” Lucas said as he stood up still flexing his chest. “What’s next coach?”

“Just one more, the squat to test the legs. But first I have to ask you about steroids. Have you ever used performance enhancing steroids?” the coach asked hesitantly.

“Never had to coach. It’s like I said I’m all natural” replied Lucas.

“More like supernatural” mumbled Mark under his breath.

“We do random drug testing of our athletes. You don’t show any of the typical signs of steroid use. No bacne.” The coach spoke as he ran his hand over Lucas’s yard wide back. “No signs of glastcomony” he said as he tried to dent Lucas’s thick right pec. “And your testicles certainly aren’t atrophied” the coach cupped Lucas’s package and gave a slight squeeze. The coach moved closer to Lucas, still holding his balls, and whispered, “I’m a friend of professor Dekoda, he told me about your special one on one time. Maybe we can do the same and share workout tips.”

Lucas bent slightly and whispered to the coach, “Sure thing, I’d love to exchange pointers with you coach.”

The coach swallowed hard and stepped away from Lucas. “Great I look forward to it. At what weight do you want the squat machine set?” the coach asked Lucas trying to regain his composure.

“A hundred pounds over the current school record should be fine. I’m guessing that means another one of your records is about to bite the dust, Garry” smirked Lucas.

“You haven’t done it yet, Lucas. My record is 650 pounds. I don’t think you can handle 750” shot back Garry.

“Just do it, boy” Lucas said as he settled back into the squat machine. Mark moved the pin to the 750 pound setting; Garry removed the pin and set it to 900. Garry put his finger to his lips and looked at Mark.

“All set, coach” said Garry.

Lucas lifted the weight slightly. Garry showed him how to release the safety. He bent his knees and tried to straighten his legs. He couldn’t. He bent his knees again. He noticed Garry was smiling. Garry tried again to straighten his legs, pushing harder this time.

“Looks like it’s too heavy for you, little Lucas” taunted Garry.

Garry’s words only angered Lucas. He pushed harder, putting 100% of his strength into the lift. This was the hardest Lucas had ever worked in his life. His ass and thighs swelled with power, ripping the seams in his shorts. Sweat poured from his skin, his body started to tremble. With a loud animalistic growl, he forced the weight back up the rack and reset the safety.

Garry and Mark were shocked. The coach looked at the weight and then at Lucas, “You just squatted 900 pounds. That’s incredible.”

Lucas stood up in front of the machine, breathing deeply. He never felt so physically drained. Sweat was running down his chest and gathering at his nipple. The nipple was pointing downward and the sweat was dripping from it. Lucas’s heavy breathing caused his entire chest to heave upward with every breath. The coach was eye level with Lucas’s chest; he put his tongue on the nipple to lick the accumulated sweat. “The nectar of the god” thought the coach as he swallowed.

Lucas pushed the coach away. “Are we done here?”

“Yes, but don’t you want to go to my office to discuss the results? Please.” begged the coach.

“Later” said Lucas as he walked toward the locker room, ripping his shorts off him as he went. His large ass cheeks lifting and falling rhythmically with each step. Another student was leaving the locker room as Lucas entered. He spontaneously came in his shorts at the sight of Lucas’s spectacular nude physique. Lucas entered the showers and turned on the water. He stood under the water spray supporting himself with one hand against the wall. He had forgotten what it was to be tired. With his other hand he traced the grooves outlining his abs. But he stopped because the grooves had disappeared. He looked at his arm; the sexy thick vein was gone. He looked down and noticed he could now see his horse cock for the first time in days; his chest must have decreased in size. He grabbed his cock and watched it shrivel back to his thinner, original size. It also became sore and swollen. He ran to a mirror to see his muscles continue to shrink and his stomach swell with fat. His bronzed tan faded to reveal botchy, pale skin. His beautiful face became puffy and dark bags appeared under his blood shot eyes. His ass sagged as his legs thinned to twigs. His hard pecs were replaced with soft tits, and his once powerful arms were now shapeless limbs. He was no longer a god, but a dud.

The coach thanked the boys for their help and quickly left for his office. Mark and Garry straightened up by putting back the plates they had used. Mark had a sudden burst of energy; even Garry mentioned he looked much better. Both felt a lot stronger putting the weights back. As Mark was walking his pants fell down. Embarrassed he went to pull them back up when he noticed his legs. They were tanned, cut and covered with hard muscle. He quickly tore off his remaining clothing and screamed with joy. He saw his body coming back to life. His pecs became firm and lifted. His arms and shoulders pulsed with new growth. All the soft fat was being sucked into his body as hard muscle pushed outward. The color of his skin returned to its smooth olive tone. His eyes brightened and posture improved. He looked like a more muscular version of himself during his bodybuilding days.

Garry was watching Mark’s metamorphosis, when he realized his pants were becoming uncomfortably tight. He stood sideways looking in the mirror. His ass was growing larger, rounder, and higher as he watched. Then he noticed his ass wasn’t the only bulge growing larger. His cock was forcing his pants outward too. He tore off his clothes and saw fat melting away from his waist. His muscles grew impressively all over. He was a leaner version of his former hulking self only with more muscle mass.

The two hunks did a couple of poses and hugged. Garry lifted Mark off his feet as he hugged him. The two men’s steel hard cocks were pressed between their muscular bodies. Garry let Mark go after hearing him groan. “Sorry, is it still sore” asked Garry grabbing and lightly squeezing Mark’s thick rod without thinking.

“No, I’m just glad to be able to get it up again. I was beginning to get really worried. Now it feels great” replied Mark grinning widely.

“It sure does” Garry whispered then released his grip, “I mean your whole body looks great. I’ve never seen you so muscular and ripped, dude.”

“Thanks, maybe I should enter some bodybuilding contests again” said Mark looking at his perfect image in the mirror. He then turned back to Garry, “And how about you. Look at those abs, you actually have a washboard going there.” Mark said rubbing Garry’s visible six pack. “And look at your muscle mass, you’re bigger than ever. And I see those pills and hours on the pecker pump have paid off. I’m getting a little envious.”

“That will be the day,” Garry remarked rubbing his own cock. “We finally broke Lucas’s spell. I bet Lucas isn’t too happy about this.”

“Lucas” said Mark panicking, “We’ve got to get to those dolls before he does. He may do something to change everything back again.”

Both men ran into the locker room searching for Lucas. Garry went down every aisle, while Mark checked the showers. Lucas was no where to be found. Mark and Garry grabbed a couple of towels, wrapped them around their tight waists and ran out of the building. Lucas had a couple minutes head start, but he ran slowly and had to stop every few yards to catch his breath. Mark and Garry ran quickly, non-stop to the fraternity. They reached Lucas’s room as he was just entering. Lucas got into his room and tried to lock the door. But Mark got there too fast and easily forced the door open using the strength of his increased muscle mass. Lucas fell backwards onto the floor, his body fat jiggling as he made contact. Garry followed Mark into Lucas’s room and closed the door.

Lucas was crying, “Look at what I’ve become. I’m a disgusting, fat slob. And I know somehow it’s your fault.” Mark and Garry looked at Lucas in amazement. He had lost over 100 pounds of muscle mass and gained 60 pounds of fat, most the fat accumulating in his gut and breasts. His pale skin made him even more unattractive.

“Our fault,” responded Mark, “you’re the one who started this whole thing, asshole.”

“Well, I was perfect before and I will be perfect again in no time. You wait and see. I’ll show you two,” Lucas replied defiantly looking at the two muscle jocks towering over him.

Garry walked over to the foot locker and pulled at the dolls. “Not with the help of these, dude” he said staring at Lucas. Garry unwrapped the ornate, red ribbon from around the dolls. He gave the dolls to Mark, and reached for a lighter on Lucas’s desk.

“What are you doing? Stop, that’s mine. It’s the only way I can get what I want, my only hope” cried Lucas stretching out his arms toward Garry.

Garry lit the lighter and placed the flame onto the ribbon. It went up in a burst of smoke, like flash paper. The two gold medallions fell to the floor now looking like lead. Lucas screamed “No!” and scrambled to pick them up. He held the medallions in his hands crying uncontrollably.

“If you want a body like ours, you have to work for it like we do. You have all the right equipment, dude. You’re tall, handsome, hung; you’re just lazy.” Garry said feeling somewhat sorry for Lucas.

“Just get out of my room and leave me alone” Lucas said with his head looking down.

“No way, man. We have a contest to go to tonight. And we are all going” said Mark, unsympathetic to Lucas’s situation. He saw two more pairs of the designer briefs Lucas wore in the rehearsal, still in their package lying on the bed. He grabbed them and said, “I think Garry and I will look better in these now. But don’t worry Lucas; Garry will lend you a pair of his old briefs.”

A month later, Lucas is sitting in the bleachers half heartily watching a baseball game. He had no shirt and his bloated body was painted in the school’s colors. A group of nearby girls were pointing at him and laughing. He just wanted the game to end so he can get back to the house. He was working on a special embroidery project and was almost finish.

Garry and Mark were standing together at the mound; both looking like ultimate jocks in their skin tight baseball uniform. “One more out, dude, and you have another perfect game. Strike this guy out so we can get the party started. Man, it’s great to have things back to the way they were.” Garry smiled at Mark and turned heading back to home plate.

Mark slapped Garry’s firm ass and said “Yes, it certainly is.”


Part 4

Mark and Garry never told anyone the truth of what happened to them. They thought no one would believe their story; they had a hard time believing it themselves. They put it behind them and everything was going their way again. The baseball team was having its best season ever, they never looked or felt better, and the first year at college was almost over. Garry’s attention was now focused on the annual charity intramural games. The frat houses would compete against each other on an obstacle course. The team that finished the course in the fastest combined time would then choose another team for a tug-of-war. The losing team would have to donate money to the charity equal to the total weight of the winning team. Mark didn’t participate because Coach Miller was afraid his star player might injure himself. Plus Mark was spending additional time with a tutor to help him pass his English Literature final. Garry was chosen the team captain by his fraternity, a great honor for a freshman.

Garry led his team to the obstacle course for their one and only practice session. The course started with a pull-up station, a long jump over a water hazard, a tire run, a wall climb, and then finally a sprint with a hurdle to the end. Garry knew his team didn’t really need the practice. His squad consisted of five athletic jocks who could easily master any course. The team included fellow baseball players Kevin, Trevor and Derek. The last two members were Aaron and Brad. Aaron, a full back on the football team, was the most muscular man. Brad, who ran track, was the leanest. When Garry arrived the Delta team was just completing their practice session. The Delta house was considered the “nerd house” on campus. It was a university tradition that Garry’s frat, who always won, would pick the Delta’s for the final tug-of-war. Everybody knew the final outcome and looked at the whole event as a chance to have some fun and benefit a worthy cause. Garry and the boys watched as the Delta team struggled on the course; each unable to complete the five pull-ups or clear the hurdle. When the Delta’s saw Garry’s team watching, they stopped their practice to walk over to the competition.

“Looking good out there guys” Garry said shaking hands with the Delta team captain, Artie.

“Well, we know we’re not athletes like you. But we would like to beat our team’s time from last year. If just one of us could eliminate the time penalties and complete the entire course successfully, that would make us feel like winners. Norman is our best hope; he’s the only one who can actually do more than one pull-up.” Artie said laughing while his small hand was enveloped by Garry’s huge paw.

Garry told his team to warm up before they hit the course. The Delta’s watched as Garry’s team took off their shirts revealing sculpted abs and deep inguinal creases. Each man was handsome, lean and muscular. All wore long, baggy shorts low on their hips held up by their hard, rounded asses. Even in the oversized shorts, their large endowments pushed out the nylon fabric creating an impressive bulge. It was obvious none were wearing anything underneath. The Delta’s felt less virile than usual standing next to these perfect jocks. On the average Garry’s team was 6” taller and 80 pounds heavier than the Delta’s.

“Wow, you’ve got a big team this year, Garry” Artie replied ogling the display of masculine power stretching and flexing in front of him. “What’s the team’s total weight? So we know how much money we need to get together this year.”

“1,182 pounds; I hope we won’t break your bank account” answered Garry. “What about your team?”

“No, it’s all for charity anyway. I’m just glad you and Mark aren’t on the team. That would cost us a couple hundred more,” Artie replied jokingly. “My team’s weight is 789 pounds, just in case you lose. We’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

Artie’s team gathered up their belongings. Artie watched the other team practice; each man effortlessly and flawlessly going through the course. Artie thought to himself “God, they make it look so easy. What I wouldn’t do to be that strong and athletic.”

Lucas spent most of his time since returning from spring break in his room avoiding everyone. He only came back to school because his father made him. He meditated and read Hatri’s book over and over again. Once the center of attention, he was back to being mostly ignored, a social outcast. All his housemates didn’t know what happened to him, but they knew it was something weird. One day he was a muscular jock, the next day a chubby geek. Seeing his fat body in the wet brief contest was shocking and frightening. They kept their distance from him afraid that it may happen to them, too. But most of them didn’t know how far he actually fell. They never saw him, unlike the cheerleaders, at his physical peak during the rehearsal.

When Lucas wasn’t in his room, he spent time at the library doing research. He knew that was the one place he wouldn’t run into any cheerleaders. He hated the way they looked at him now; as if they were embarrassed to have fucked him. They did things with Lucas they thought they would never do, and to see his appearance now, only made them feel ashamed. He made one of the most erotic, pleasurable events of their young lives; feel cheap, perverted and wrong. They hated him for the way he made them feel about themselves.

It was in library where Lucas first saw Artie. Artie was your typical nerd. He was smart and physically unimpressive; short, pale, thin and plain. His coarse hair was thinning, revealing a bald spot at only age 21. His dull appearance made him blend into the background going about his life unnoticed. However Artie was the captain of his fraternity’s intramural team and Lucas found that worth his attention. Artie would play a big role in Lucas’s plans to revenge his fall from physical perfection. Lucas had been observing Artie during the past week and noticed how he looked up from his books only to watch nearby men. Lucas had even caught Artie looking at him a couple of times. Lucas had lost about twenty pounds of fat over the past month. His calorie intake had dramatically dropped because he stopped going to the cafeteria and ate in his room. Lucas was still overweight, but he had a very handsome face. Lucas would use this to his advantage with Artie. He decided it was time to make his move.

“Hi, Artie isn’t it?” said Lucas softly as he sat next to Artie at a small desk in the corner of the library. Lucas made sure to pull the chair uncomfortably close to Artie before he sat down.

“Yes” replied Artie caught off guard by Lucas’s closeness.

“I’m Lucas,” he said smiling and holding out his big hand.

“I know who you are. I’m surprised you know who I am” Artie said while shaking hands.

“Please, you’re the leader of the Delta house. The home of the school’s most brilliant scholars,” Lucas did his best to sound sincere. “Everybody knows you.”

“That’s a nice thing to say” Artie blushed as he looked at Lucas’s stunning blue eyes and dazzling smile. He was thrilled to have such a good looking man compliment him. “Is there something I can help you with, Lucas.”

“I was just wondering if you have selected your team for the intramural games?” twisting his body closer to Artie by putting an elbow on the table to hold up his head while resting his other arm on top of Artie’s chair.

“Yes, we’re all set. We had our practice session this morning. I know it really doesn’t matter who’s on our team. Your house will win as usual. I just hope you pick us for the tug-of-war. We put away money all year long to cover our donation. It’s the only time the Delta house gets any attention.” Artie said humbly.

“That’s very noble of you, Artie. But wouldn’t you like to win the games at least once?” Lucas said while rubbing Artie’s narrow back.

“Sure, I guess. But you’re house is full of strong athletes, while Delta has more brains than brawn,” Artie said lowering his hands to his crotch to cover his growing hard on.

“Things change Artie. I would love to work closely with you to help your team win this year. I mean this is a university; there should be more appreciation of brain power than muscle power.” Lucas said while moving his hand from Artie’s back to Artie’s thin thigh.

“That would be great” answered Artie trying to stay focused on the conversation, “but why would you help us beat your own fraternity.”

“I’ve never felt like I belonged there. I’m a legacy. I’m only a member to make my father happy. My so-called brothers never showed me any kindness. I feel closer to you during this brief conversation than any of them. I think I’m a Delta at heart.” Lucas said moving his hand further up Artie’s thigh.

“Does this have anything to do with what happened at the wet T&B contest?” asked Artie shyly.

“That was blown way out of proportion. It’s evolved into some larger than life supernatural tale. The story is now part of campus folklore. I just wanted to help my fraternity and they turned on me, embarrassing me in front of the whole school. I mean I know I’m not the best looking guy around; but I’m not repulsive, am I?” asked Lucas smiling again at Artie while gently squeezing his leg.

“No, of course not. You are a very attractive man, Lucas” Artie answered once again staring into those incredible pale blue eyes.

“Thank you. That’s nice to hear too. Why don’t we go somewhere else more private to continue our conversation, Artie? Maybe your house?” Lucas asked while standing up.

“That’s a good idea. But I have to finish this thing I’m doing. Why don’t we meet there in 20 minutes?” Artie couldn’t stand up now without showing his stiff cock.

Lucas moved behind Artie, rubbing Artie’s sloping shoulders and whispered in his ear. “Great, I look forward to our time together, Artie.” Lucas left the library as Artie shot a load into his pants.

When Artie arrived at his frat house, Lucas was there waiting for him in the living room. Artie used his books to cover the wet spot at his crotch and told Lucas he would be right back. Artie returned to Lucas after changing his clothes with a piece of paper in his hand. “Here’s the team roster you were asking about” said Artie handing it to Lucas.

“Thanks. This is great” Lucas said while reviewing the list. “Do you have a list of all your house brothers? How many are there?”

“Eighteen all together; why do you want that list?” asked Artie.

“Eighteen, that’s perfect,” replied Lucas while gazing off into the distance. After a few seconds Lucas looked at Artie and smiled, “It’s like I told you, I want to help your house win this year’s games. But wouldn’t it be even better if all your brothers benefited, not just the team.”

“Exactly, how do you plan on helping us? I mean it would take a miracle for us to beat your house in any sporting competition.” Artie said a little frustrated.

“Oh, miracles happen every day, my dear Artie. Sometimes they need just a little help and that’s where I come in. I have the ability to change things. I can make your team excel in physical challenges. Make you all a little stronger and athletic. I just want to even out the competition a little, to make things fairer between the teams.” Lucas said while trying to read Artie’s reaction.

“Are you talking about magic or voodoo or something? I thought you said the stories about you were exaggerated. I don’t want to get mixed up in that stuff” Artie said while moving farther away from Lucas on the couch.

“Oh, don’t be such a puritan. It’s not that big of a deal. No one gets hurt and everybody has a good time. Every one of your brothers will be so grateful to you. The Delta’s won’t be considered the nerds any longer” answered Lucas moving closer to Artie. “I just thought you might enjoy being a winner; being stronger and more athletic. Don’t you ever wish you could be a jock? To be admired and respected for your perfect body instead of just your mind? I think you would look incredible with a muscular body.”

Artie didn’t answer right away. He was thinking about having an athletic body like he saw on the obstacle course today. To be a strong, virile man able to take off his shirt and have people lust after him for a change. That was his ultimate fantasy and maybe Lucas did have the power to make it happen. “No one gets hurt?” asked Artie.

“Absolutely not, that’s not the kind of man I am. Trust me, Artie. Everything will work out perfectly” Lucas replied flashing his brilliant smile while squeezing Artie’s knee. Lucas seemed so confident and sincere.

Artie couldn’t believe this was happening. He had a handsome man offering to make his deepest desire come true. “Okay, what do you need me to do?”

Lucas gave Artie a piece a paper with two lined columns and the following words at the top: I agree to accept the gift giving to me and abide by all the conditions in accepting the gift. “Have every member of your house sign the piece of paper, down the right column and give it back to me. It will be easy for you. Your brothers trust you. But don’t tell them what it’s really for, let it be a surprise. Use that incredible brain of yours and think of something. I’ll wait here.”

Artie left and went from room to room getting all the signatures. He returned to the living room in less than an hour and gave the paper back to Lucas.

“Thank you. I told you that it would be easy. Now let’s assign partners to each of your brothers. We’ll choose someone from my house that will donate a little of his masculinity to a Delta. Let’s start by putting the names of Garry’s team members next to your team. That seems fair, right?” Lucas looked at Artie, who didn’t reply just shook his head hesitantly. Lucas continued by putting the remaining names of his house mates down the left side of the paper next to a Delta’s name. Artie spoke up for the first time as Lucas wrote Mark’s name next to someone else.

“Can I have Mark?” asked Artie softly.

“Of course, the captain of the team deserves the best” answered Lucas. Lucas then signed his name at the bottom of the Delta list.

“Why are you signing with the Deltas?” inquired Artie a little puzzled.

“I told you I was a Delta at heart. I stand with you, my true brothers” Lucas said grinning with pride. He was proud that everything was going as he had planned. He wrote Garry’s name to the left of his own. He then drew directional arrows, going from his fraternity member’s names in the left column towards the Deltas in the right column. “We are finished. Let the games begin.”

Lucas returned quickly to his room after reassuring Artie that everything would be okay. He was excited that weeks of planning were coming to fruition. He would finally get revenge on all those who turned on him, especially Mark and Garry. He learned from his earlier spell and would not make the same mistakes again. This spell would not only change people physically but mentally as well. He would alter reality. This took a lot of power and Lucas had been gaining that power over the past five weeks. His quest started when he went home during spring break visiting some of Hatri’s colleagues. He acquired the materials and knowledge to move his abilities to the next level. This quest was all consuming to him and nothing or no one was going to stop him.

Lucas took out the new red silk ribbon he had to finish embroidering tonight. He worked nonstop throughout the evening. Finally at 2am Lucas had recreated Hatri’s ribbon, making it even more powerful, by adding some new symbols along its length. The old medallions had been attached at each end; no longer a dull black but a potent golden color. Lucas lit some candles and incense. He then took the piece of paper the Delta’s had signed and rolled it up like a scroll. The then wrapped the paper in the red ribbon.

Taking several deep breaths, Lucas began to cast his spell. “Earth Spirits please hear my demands; make masculinity and strength change hands. Men who were once virile are no longer, and those who were weak become much stronger. The transfer increases as a body is active, making the handsome much less attractive. All those involved are now under my command; abiding by me, the dictator of the land. The big changes everyone will see; appear to have always been the reality.” A gust of wind entered Lucas’s room through the open window and blew out the candles. Lucas sat in the dark, “It’s done.”

As the men of the two fraternities slept, changes came over them. In the Delta house, the men’s bodies hardened, pushing veins to their skin’s surface. Their facial features became more defined and mature. Their balls grew larger, heavy with testosterone. The surge in male hormones caused their cocks to react, filling with blood. As each man’s cock became hard, they grew to their usual diminutive size, and then suddenly continued to grow adding several inches in length and girth. The men’s hands unconsciously went to their crotch trying to free their larger cocks from the now tight confines of their underwear; each man softly moaning with pleasure at the touch of his improved manhood.

Meanwhile Lucas’s housemates were having a different reaction. As they slept, their bodies softened and their faces became more feminine. Their testicles shrank to less than half their previous size, while their soft cocks receded by several inches. Not feeling the usual heavy weight of their endowment, their hands went to their crotches too. But their reaction to what the found was frightening; each man’s face became contorted as if having a nightmare.

Lucas waited a few minutes and felt nothing. He did some pushups and sit ups before going to the mirror. He didn’t see any change; his body was still soft and bloated. “What the fuck happened, why didn’t it work?” Lucas said out loud while slamming his fist into the mirror in frustration, cracking the glass. Lucas stared into the broken mirror for several minutes calming himself. He wrapped his bloody hand into a paper towel and grabbed Hatri’s book. He read the book for over an hour trying to find his error before falling asleep.

Early in the morning the two houses started to stir as the men awoke. As the Delta men stretched their bodies, their physiques lengthened and became slightly taller and more muscular. As the stood up, they were disoriented for a moment adjusting to their new bodies. Norman, feeling the pressure to be Delta’s best performer, looked in his dresser mirror and wished he was in better shape for today’s games. His body was slim with just a hint of muscle. He hit the floor and did 50 pushups and 100 sit ups. He was proud of himself; he was never able to do so many before. He stood in front of the mirror again, did a double bicep pose and watched a lemon size muscle jump to attention. He then ran his hand over the stomach enjoying the faint outline of a six pack, still wishing he was in better shape.

Meanwhile in Lucas’s house, Aaron woke and rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he went to the mirror. Aaron was Norman’s donor, linked together on Lucas’s scroll. He flexed his impressive 18” arms in the mirror and crunched his perfect eight-pack while smiling. He was heading to the common bathroom to take a shower. Previously he would just walk there in the nude, proud of his hard, athletic body. But today, he wanted to cover himself with a towel. He found one and wrapped it around his tight waist. He went back to the mirror and flexed his 16” arms and crunched his hard six-pack. “Still looking good, my man” he said to himself not realizing his smaller size. He had to loosen the too tight towel around his waist slightly before leaving for the bathroom.

Garry entered the kitchen of the frat house shirtless looking as big as ever. Several of his house mates were already having breakfast. Garry thought it was strange that he was the only one without a shirt, usually everyone walked around the house topless. The guys looked different somehow too, but he couldn’t figure out exactly what it was. He went to the refrigerator and grabbed a gallon jug of orange juice. He poured himself a glass, when Trevor asked Garry to pass the jug to him. Garry handed it to Trevor, who almost dropped it. “Woo, that’s heavier than I thought” said Trevor slightly embarrassed.

“Get ready guys, we have to be at the games in 30 minutes” Garry announced noticing that everyone seemed quieter than usual. “I hope you all will be more enthusiastic during the competition.”

“It’s only a silly game. Does it really matter who wins?” replied Derek nonchalantly.

“I guess not” Garry answered, “Are you feeling okay, Derek? You are usually the most competitive guy I know. Yesterday you were doing war cries and rallying the team to defeat the other fraternities mercilessly.”

“I’m fine. I think you’re exaggerating a bit, that doesn’t sound like me at all. I just don’t see the purpose of getting all excited about the competition. It really doesn’t matter who wins as long as we raise money for charity.” Derek answered with little emotion. All the others seem to shake their heads in agreement.

“Okay” Garry said with a puzzled look on his face. “I’m going to finish getting dressed and then we can all leave together.” Garry went up to his room a little confused by his brother’s change in attitude.

Across the street, the Delta house was much nosier than the day before. The men were walking around nude snapping each other with towels in the bathrooms and making crude animal noises. Some had to borrow razors to shave for the first time. In the kitchen there was a lot of accidental slamming of doors and pans while making breakfast. Everything seemed so much lighter than usual to the men. Artie walked into the kitchen as Norman was opening a cabinet and pulled the door off the hinges, “I know that door always sticks Norman, but take it easy.”

“Sorry, dude. I guess I don’t know my own strength” Norman answered with a grin.

Artie felt so small and weak as he looked at the shirtless, toned men around him. He wondered why he was the head of the house among all these taller, stronger men. “Let’s get ready for the game. I know you will all do your best and that’s all I can ask of you” Artie said trying to encourage his team.

“Oh don’t worry, Artie. We’re ready. We’re going to crush last year’s time. I wouldn’t be surprised if we even beat some of the other fraternities this year. No more last place for the Delta house,” Sheldon, who was linked to Derek, said with real conviction.

“Well it doesn’t matter if we win or lose, Sheldon, as long as we participant and help the charity” Artie said trying to refocus the team.

“You know I don’t like being called Sheldon, the name is Don” Sheldon stared at Artie who became a little frightened. “Fuck your shitty loser attitude, man” Sheldon then said loudly and turned his attention to everyone else in the room, “Brothers, let’s destroy them and show them that Delta house is made up of real men.” A loud cheer filled the house as the Delta brothers bumped chests and did high fives.

Garry’s team arrived a few minutes before their scheduled time to take the course. A group a cheerleaders, led by Lynda, cheered from the bleachers as they arrived. The other members of Garry’s fraternity who weren’t on the team sat next to the cheerleaders.

The announcer came over the PA system, “Now let’s hear it for the favorites, weighing in at a strapping 1,121 pounds of muscle.” The cheerleaders started to chant, “Shirts, shirts, shirts,” encouraging the jocks to remove their clothes.

“That stupid announcer got our weight wrong. Oh well, you hear the ladies, they want to see your hot bods,” said Garry jokingly. The team looked down at the ground, not doing as the cheerleaders asked. “What’s wrong with you guys today? Usually I can’t keep you from stripping. Come on, take off your shirts, and let’s give the fans what they want.”

The team started slowly removing their shirts. Each still had large muscles covering every inch of their frame, if only slightly softer and smaller than before. The guys crossed their arms or grasped their hands in front of them, trying to cover their naked torsos. Lacking their usual confidence, due to their lower testosterone levels, each was embarrassed by their exposed body.

“Okay, it’s our turn on the course. You go first” Garry said pointing to Derek.

Derek went to the starting line beneath the pull-up bar. The referee blew his whistle and Derek jumped to grasp the bar. He missed the first time, not having the usual power in his legs, and tried again. He got a grip at the second attempt and pulled himself up with ease. By the fourth pull-up he was struggling, his strength was waning. His arms thinned and the extra dead weight of his body’s soft bulky muscles made doing the pull-up even harder. He couldn’t finish the fifth and final pull-up and dropped to the ground. The referee yelled “penalty” as Derek moved to the water hazard. He tried to jump over the hazard without using the hanging rope like he had always done in the past. But his weaker legs couldn’t propel him far enough and his foot landed in the water about 10” shy of the other end. “Penalty” the referee yelled again. Derek moved forward to the tire run, making it through each tire, but tripping once. He headed to the wall and grabbed onto the netting. He struggled to pull himself up the wall using all the muscles in his body. His arms, shoulders, chest, abs and back all shrinking faster from being used so forcibly. Derek barely made it over the wall; he fell on his flat ass on the other side. Exhausted and out of breath, he tripped on the hurdle and fell over the finish line landing on his face. The referee yelled “penalty” for the third time. Derek got up and brushed the grass and dirt from his thinner body. He walked back to the starting line and quickly put his shirt back on. Garry walked up to him, shocked by what he saw.

“What happened out there? You could barely complete a single task. And what’s going on with your body, you look so much shorter and smaller?” Garry said searching for answers.

“What are you talking about, Garry. I’ve never been in better shape and that was my best time on the obstacle course ever. I’d only had 3 penalties. You should be congratulating me, not yelling at me. We all can’t be a muscle bound jock like you.” Derek replied a little confused by Garry’s reaction. “It’s all just for fun anyway. Don’t take it so seriously.”

The referee told Garry he had to get his next team member at the starting line now. Garry looked at Aaron and gestured with his head. Aaron got in place under the bar and waited for the whistle. Aaron did worse than Derek, only completing 3 pull-ups and getting 3 more penalties before he was done. The Delta team arrived; they were scheduled last to compete today. Garry couldn’t help notice how much bigger the team looked; especially Sheldon and Norman, who arrived shirtless. They both were almost equal in muscle mass and height as the smaller Derek and Aaron. Garry watched a third Delta team member grow before his eyes, as Trevor went through the course. As Garry told Kevin to get to the starting line. He stood so he could watch both Kevin and the Delta team at the same time. Kevin jumped to the pull-up bar. He did one pull-up and Garry saw his biceps shrink. Garry turned to the Delta team warming up and noticed the arms of one of them start to enlarge. With each completed task, Kevin got smaller as the thief got larger. Garry realized the Deltas were stealing his team’s muscles.

“What are you doing to my team?” Garry demanded of Artie.

“What are you taking about?” Artie said surprised by Garry’s anger.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but somehow you’re stealing our muscles and strength.” Garry said not trying to sound crazy.

“Oh, that’s a good one. We’re stealing your muscles. I think you worried about the competition this year. Each year we are your biggest rival, and you are just looking for an excuse for this year’s loss. Well I’m not going to play along with you. No matter what ridiculous excuses you dream up.” Artie said comically thinking he was playing along with Garry.

Garry felt dizzy, was he going insane. Nothing made sense anymore.

“Are you okay? Maybe you should sit down” Artie said looking at Garry.

“Yeah, maybe you’re right” Garry walked away from Artie and toward his team mates. Brad the final competitor for Garry’s team was almost finished with the course. He gave up climbing the wall and decided to walk around it, happily accepting the penalty points. He tried but couldn’t jump over the hurdle. He finished the course crawling on his hands and knees, trying to make light of his athletic ineptness.

When Brad returned Garry asked, “Brad, you’re on the track team. Why couldn’t you clear that hurdle?”

“Track team, me? I don’t think so; I don’t have the build for sports.” Brad told Garry while trying to catch his breath. Garry and his team walked off the course and headed into the bleachers to be with the other housemates. When Garry arrived he noticed all his housemates looked small and frail. Even their faces had changed; they looked plainer, not as rugged or handsome. Each had lost height and a lot of muscle mass. They looked more like a group of boys than athletic men. Garry moved to the top of the bleachers to be alone to think. He flexed his arms and chest feeling each body part checking to see if he had gotten smaller too.

“Can I join in on the fun?” asked Lynda noticing Garry’s muscle exploration.

“I was feeling a cramp coming on and I was just working it out” replied Garry looking at Lynda. Then she started to change, she gained 50 pounds of fat right before his eyes. The loose fitting men’s XL sweatshirt she had borrowed from one of Garry’s housemates now clung to every roll of fat.

“Hey, chubby, what are you doing up there? How many times do we have to tell you, this section is for cheerleaders only” said one of Lynda’s former squad members.

“Oh well you can’t blame a girl for trying” said Lynda as she got up and walked over to another bleacher section. She stumbled as she went adjusting to her new weight.

Garry started rubbing his temples. Was he seeing things? Suddenly his attention was drawn to a familiar figure and a smile came over his face. He saw Mark walking up the bleachers towards him. Mark was still handsome, tall and extremely muscular. Mark waved to a group of guys in the stands who called his name, not recognizing his changed housemates.

The announcer came on the PA system again. “Ladies and gentlemen, the co-favorites for today’s competition weighing in at a total of 902 hunky pounds, the Deltas!” The crowd roared and the Deltas waved to the adoring cheerleaders. They flexed and strutted about the starting line.

“Sorry I’m late. My tutoring session went into overtime. But I think I’m starting to really understand Shakespeare. Did I miss anything, big guy? Hey look at the size of the Delta team. Did they bring in ringers or something?” Mark said not looking at Garry.

Garry eyes welled up with tears, “You notice it too?”

“Of course, how could you not. Those guys are built almost as big as our team? Where is our team anyway? And why are you sitting way up here?” Mark finally turned to look at Garry and saw his tears, “What’s wrong?”

Garry went on to describe to Mark what had been happening throughout the morning. Feeling relieved he wasn’t alone or crazy. He knew everything would be alright with Mark by his side.

Norman was the first one up for the Delta team. He got into place and grabbed onto the bar when the whistle blew. He struggled with the first pull-up but each one became easier as his arms continued to grow, stealing more muscle from Aaron. Mark and Garry watched as Aaron squirmed in his seat rubbing his shrinking left bicep. But Aaron accepted what was happening to him without question; as did the crowd around him. Norman easily made it over the water hazard, not needing to use the rope like he had in the past. He raced through the tires, feeling energized and strong. He climbed the wall fast, landing solidly on his feet on the other side; he then cleared the hurdle crossing the finish line jubilantly.

“We have our best time today with no penalties, congratulations Delta house!” the announcer informed everyone. Each one of the Delta team completed the course quickly. Their final score put them ahead of all the other fraternities. Garry’s team finished third. At the award ceremony Artie was asked which team he wanted for the tug-of-war. He announced it was Garry’s team; he had to keep the great rivalry alive. The crowd cheered in approval.

“So no one else is seeing the changes, except you and me,” asked Mark.

“People see the changes, but instantly their perception changes too. They think that’s the way things have always been or people have always looked,” answered Garry.

“You’re right; it sounds like Lucas is up to something again. Damn that guy never learns. We should have done something about him before. But it doesn’t make sense that we aren’t affected by his spell. You would think he would come after us the most. He blames us for everything wrong with his life.” Mark stated using Garry as a sounding board.

“I think I know why his spell didn’t work on us” Garry whispered to Mark. “I did something to the voodoo dolls to protect us. I had a feeling Lucas would seek revenge. I had to do something to protect you, I mean, us.”

“What did you do? How did you know what to do?” Mark asked.

Garry went on to describe his adventure into the world of the supernatural. Garry decided to take a side trip to New Orleans while driving back to school from spring break. He had kept the dolls by his side, in his backpack since the night of the wet brief contest. He stopped by a voodoo shop in the French Quarter hoping to get some help. The young woman who worked there looked at the dolls and told Garry it was dark magic. She was reluctant to help him, not wanting to get involved with such mysticism. Garry turned on the charm, stretching and flexing his muscles subtlety to win her over. The woman finally agreed to help after he grabbed her hand and placed it on his hard chest, and pleaded with her. She told him to visit a voodoo priestess who lived in the bayou ten miles out past the city limits.

Garry arrived at the shack in a swamp later that day. He knocked on the door and slowly entered, ducking his head to get into the low door. Garry filled the small dark room with his huge size. An old woman sat at a rustic wooden table in the far corner of the sparsely furnished room. Even though it was very warm, she had a fire going in the fireplace. Thousands of herbs, crystals and medallions hung everywhere on the walls and from the ceiling. The old woman told Garry to join her at the table and he sat down uncomfortably on the too small chair. Garry showed her the dolls. The woman quickly opened the dolls and removed the small pieces of paper Lucas hid within them. She then looked at Lucas’s doll. “This man is bad. His heart is dark with anger and revenge. His vanity is clouding his conscience, he’s becoming truly evil. You are right to fear him. His power is growing each day. He’s practicing Nabutu, one of the darkest magics.” The woman continued to tell Garry the history of Nabutu. How it started in Africa centuries ago by a powerful medicine man. He tapped into the violent forces of the Earth to gain his power. He terrorized several villages with his magic. Tired of his cruelty the villagers overtook him one night while he slept. They tied him to stakes in the ground. Then each man, woman and child of the villages took a thorn from an acacia tree and plunged it into his body. With hundreds of wounds the man slowly bled to death. The villagers left the body for the scavengers to dispose of, but no animal or insect would touch the corpse. After a month the villagers finally buried the mummified remains, and to this day nothing will grow on that patch of earth. Garry listened intently, enthralled by the old woman’s tale. “I can tell by your eyes you have a good and kind heart. It’s easy for someone who looks like you to be vain and uncaring. This other man means a lot to you, does he not?” asked the priestess holding the doll made to resemble Mark.

“Yes, he’s my best friend” Garry answered sincerely.

“Best friend. I understand” the woman said smiling and placing her hand on Garry’s. The woman got up to retrieve a large crockery jar from a shelf on the wall. The jar appeared heavy so Garry got up, took it from the woman and placed it on the table. “You are a kind hearted man” the woman said as she sat back down at the table. She opened the jar and carefully removed several sharp thorns from within. She put one large thorn in each of Garry’s and Mark’s dolls and then wrapped them in a piece of white fabric tying a small knot to keep them bundled tightly. She placed on more thorn behind the knot and mumbled a few words. “You keep this in a safe place, where the evil man will not find. It will protect you from any of his spells.” The old woman then began to fill Lucas’s doll with thorns, stuffing as many as she could inside. Again she mumbled some words and through the doll into the fire. “I can not take away his power or prevent him from doing more magic, but I can make him vulnerable so that one day his power will end” the old woman told Garry. “You go now and be careful, young man. Enjoy the time with your best friend.” Garry left after giving her $100 for her help.

“So where are the dolls now?” asked Mark

“Somewhere safe; I think its best you don’t know until we get this thing settled” Garry answered hoping Mark wouldn’t press the issue.

“Sure, whatever you say, dude. I trust your judgment completely” Mark said pounding Garry’s rock hard thigh with his fist. “Why don’t you stay here with your team for the tug-of-war and I’ll go see if I can find Lucas back at the house.”

“Okay, but be careful. We don’t know what he’s planning. You might want to try the Delta house too. Apparently he likes them.” Garry said to Mark.

“I will, don’t worry,” Mark told Garry as he headed down the stairs of the bleachers. Garry watched Mark leave, enjoying the movement of his plump muscles as he walked away.


Part 5

Lucas arrived at the Delta house soon after Artie and his team left for the games. He went into the living room and saw several housemates sitting shirtless in the living room watching wrestling on TV. Artie had asked the other fraternity brothers to stay in the house instead of coming to watch the competition. Seeing their hard bodies and prominent packages, Lucas knew that his spell definitely did work for them. “Well hello there, men. I’m glad you stayed inside like Artie asked instead of going out and enjoying the benefits of your new bodies.”

“What are you talking about, dude?” one of the men replied.

“Oh, right. I forgot you have always been buff” Lucas said collecting his thoughts. If the spell worked that meant he was in full control of these men. “Hey, Albert isn’t it, why don’t you get down on the floor and give me fifty. You’re chest is looking kind of puny.”

“Sure thing, I’ve always had a hard time gaining size in my chest” Albert got on the floor and did 50 pushups, having difficulty at first but soon was pumping then out quickly. When he finished he stood up and waited for another command from Lucas. Lucas just looked at his pumped up chest, now thick with muscle and covered in veins. Albert kept flexing his pecs as he enjoyed the rush.

“Very nice” Lucas said running his hand over Albert’s hard chest.

“Thanks, my chest has always been my best body part. It grows like crazy” Albert said smiling.

“Yes, it certainly does.” Lucas walked back to the foyer and yelled, “I want everybody in the living room now.” Doors could be heard opening and the noise of several men running down the steps filled the foyer. Lucas counted the men and said, “Good you are all here. We are going to do some calisthenics this morning as a group. Now move all the furniture to the side so we have more room. The Deltas immediately did what Lucas asked without question. Once the furniture was moved, he told the men to remove all their clothing. He then ordered them to each do 100 pushups, and then 200 sit ups, 50 squats and 100 jumping jacks for good measure. While the fraternity members were doing the exercises, Lucas sat on the couch and watched. He got hard seeing their young bodies transforming before his eyes; muscles growing and bulging. Their expanding thighs making their large cocks stand out from their bodies even more. Lucas was delighted with himself; he knew that Delta’s gain was a great loss for his own fraternity brothers. Now they had to live their lives as dweebs, no longer the sexy jocks that everyone envied or lusted after. Once the routine was completed, Lucas inspected his army of muscular jocks. He ran his hands over each man’s torso and cock. All were now taller, more handsome and virile. The room was filled with the odor of male sweat. Lucas caught his own reflection in the mirror. While everyone else had changed, he looked the same. He removed his clothing and grabbed onto his gut. “This won’t do, will it my pretties. For some reason, I’m not gaining muscle from Garry, but I can still get rid of this fat. But the question is who deserves to be punished the most, besides Garry and Mark of course,” Lucas thought for a moment then mumbled some words under his breath. Immediately the fat started to melt away from his body. He became lean and tight. His large cock was no longer hidden by a roll of stomach fat. Lucas’s blond hair and flawless skin, made him look like the ideal surfer. “There’s a former head cheerleader with a serious weight problem out there somewhere” Lucas said grinning. “Okay men, it’s time for another set. Hit the floor and give me another 100 pushups.”

Garry led his team to the tug-of-war area. Basically it was a large mud pit with a patch of sand on each side. A thick rope laid across the mud with a bandana tied in the middle. Garry’s team lined up on one side of the pit while the Delta’s were on the other. Both teams appeared to be somewhat evenly matched physically. Both excited by the possibility of winning. The referee told them to grab the rope and dig in for the challenge. He blew his whistle and both teams pulled with all their might. Almost immediately, Garry noticed his team was losing more mass. Their strength was dwindling fast; their once athletic legs and arms getting thinner by the minute. While the other team was adding bulk, the bodies expanding in every direction. Thicker cords of muscle were forming on their legs, shoulders widening, their biceps developing higher peaks and their forearms becoming more massive, covered with veins. Within a few minutes the Deltas had moved the bandana to their side and the referee blew the whistle, indicating the Deltas had won.

“That was too easy, dude. I was hoping maybe this year we would have a real challenge for once” said Norman. He was the most muscular man on his team having taken the huge muscle mass of Aaron.

“I have an idea, Norm. Why don’t we give them a second chance and let their captain help them out,” Artie suggested smugly.

“Good idea, Artie. Maybe with him on their side, the six of them may be able to hold the five of us back longer than a minute.” Norman said arrogantly, “What do you say, Garry?”

“Sure, why not it’s all for fun after all,” Garry answered as he took his position at the end of the rope. He secretly hoped he could win this for his team.

All the other competitors grabbed the rope and took their stance. The referee blew the whistle again, and both teams started to pull. The muscle transfer sped up, as Garry’s incredible strength made the Deltas struggle much more this time. But as his team mates continued to shrink, loosing every noticeable ounce of muscle from their bodies; it was like Garry was alone trying to hold back five powerful men. The Deltas had sapped every bit of maleness from his team. The Delta’s overwhelming strength finally caused Garry to lose his gripe on the rope, sending his team mates into the mud pit. The crowd cheered and laughed at the sight of the geeks covered in mud. The Deltas rejoiced in their third victory of the day by slapping each other on their firm asses. Garry’s team walked over to shake their hands. The Delta team now towered over them; their tight, thickly muscled bodies radiated masculinity and strength. Their small sized shorts now hugged their hard bodies showcasing their super sized equipment. They were the stuff of wet dreams.

“Thanks for going easy on us guys. We knew we never had a chance against you” said Derek covered in mud as he shook Sheldon’s larger hand.

“Yeah, thanks for keeping the tradition going. We really appreciate you choosing us again this year for the tug-of-war. I know we’re not much of a challenge” Aaron said looking up at the awe-inspiring Norman.

Aaron moved on and Garry approached Norman, “Good game, Norm.”

“Why are you in the geek house, Garry? A guy with your physique should be a Delta” asked Norman shaking Garry’s hand, squeezing hard trying to take advantage of Garry’s rope burns.

“Thanks, but I like the geeks Norman” Garry replied watching Norman wince in pain as he squeezed Norman’s hand back even harder. Garry moved down the line to talk to Artie.

“Good game, Artie” Garry said trying to sound sincere.

“Yeah, it’s all for charity. By the way, remember your donation is a pricey $1,234 this year, thanks to my heavyweight team.” Artie said with pride.

The cheerleaders came down from the bleachers and kissed the Delta team. The winner’s left the field with a cheerleader under each muscular arm, the girls’ hands roaming over the men’s superbly athletic bodies as they walked away.

“To the victors go the spoils I guess” said Brad, “I would love to win this thing just once. But guys like them have such a natural physical advantage over guys like us, it’s not fair.

“Yeah, when the sperm meets the egg, it’s a like the handle on a genetic slot machine is pulled. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and get men that look like that” rationalized Derek.

“And sometimes you get all lemons and end up with guys like us” lamented Aaron.

“Enough all ready. It’s over and done,” said Garry trying hard to play along with the charade. “Remember it’s all for charity. Let’s head home and wash up.”

When Garry arrived back at the frat house he searched for Mark with no luck. He decided to continue his search across the street at the Delta house. He knocked on the door and Artie answered. “Hi, have you seen Mark? I thought he might have come over here to congratulate you on your victory” asked Garry.

“No, I haven’t seen him today” answered Artie nervously keeping the door closed behind him.

“Don’t be rude Artie, invite the loser in” Garry heard what sounded like Lucas’s voice from inside the house.

Artie opened the door and Garry walked in. He saw a slender Lucas standing in the center of the living room surrounded by seventeen muscular jocks, all nude. As Garry walked into the living room, he saw Mark lying on the floor nude in the corner. Mark’s hands were bound behind his back, his mouth covered by duct tape, and his face badly bruised. Garry bolted towards Mark.

“Stop him and bind his hands too,” Lucas commanded his muscle army.

Four men grabbed onto Garry trying to stop his progress to Mark’s aide. As they struggled Garry’s shirt was ripped from his body. Two more Deltas joined in trying to control the angry hulk. With three men holding each massive arm, they were able to force Garry’s wrist together behind his back and wrap them tightly with duct tape. They all started pounding Garry in his stomach, chest and back. Garry finally succumbed to the onslaught from the powerful jocks and fell to his knees.

“Congratulations, you fought back harder than Marky over there” Lucas stated calmly.

“If he’s seriously hurt, I swear to God, I’ll kill you Lucas” Garry growled at Lucas trying to catch his breath from the violent battle.

“I don’t think you’re in any position to threaten me, Garry” Lucas responded as he sat on the top of a large wooden card table in the center of the room. He continued to move cat like, lying on his side as if the table were a lounge. “And Mark didn’t get those bruises on his face when we tied his hands. He got those bruises because he won’t tell me what I wanted to know. I hope you will be more cooperative. You see, I was wondering why Artie and I didn’t get the same benefits from my spell as all the other Deltas. Then I thought maybe it wasn’t something I did, but something you did.” All the Delta brothers looked at one another confused by what Lucas was saying, but none dared ask a question. Lucas moved off the table and walked towards Garry. “Where are the dolls?” Lucas asked, his voice taking on a much more serious tone.

“I don’t know, I thought you had them” Garry answered.

Lucas lifted his arm and with the back of his hand slapped Garry’s face hard. Garry almost lost his balance surprised by the blow. “Like I said, I hoped you would be more cooperative.” Lucas lifted his other arm and slapped Garry’s other cheek forcing his head backwards.

“I would never tell you anything to let you hurt Mark again. If you want muscles, there’s plenty in this room to steal. Why don’t you leave Mark’s alone” Garry said tasting blood from a wound on his lip from Lucas’s blows.

“Oh, I’m not after Mark’s muscles, they’re all for Artie. I want to be really huge.” Lucas walked behind Garry as he talked. He placed his hands on Garry’s massive arms roaming up over his shoulders, and down his enormous chest grabbing his large nipples and twisting them hard. “Mark may have the most beautiful body, but you are the biggest, most powerful man on campus. You are all mine.”

“Fine, if you want me, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll tell you where the dolls are, you take my muscles, but you let Mark go untouched. He doesn’t know where I hid the dolls anyway,” Garry said trying to sound logical.

“You are a good friend, willing to sacrifice yourself for Mark’s benefit.” Lucas walked back to the center of the room and leaned his bare ass on the card table deep in thought. “Maybe too good of a friend. When I was your maid I noticed something while cleaning your room, there were no porno magazines. There were lots of men fitness magazines, but no nudie pictures of girls anywhere; unusual for a college guy’s bedroom. And I don’t ever recall seeing you going out on a date alone with a girl either.” Lucas hesitated and looked at Garry, who diverted his eyes toward the floor. “Maybe a different kind of torture will be more effective on you. Bring Mark over here. Hold him right in front of Garry”

Mark was brought to Garry as Lucas ordered. He was held up, dazed but awake, by a man on each side of him. Garry kept his head down towards the floor. Lucas walked behind Garry and then knelt down to be at his level. Lucas lowered Garry’s shorts to his knees exposing his cock and large, round ass. Lucas then grabbed the hair on top of Garry’s head and forced him to look straight ahead. Only a few inches away form his face was Mark’s huge horse dick, perfectly shaped and completely soft. Lucas placed his mouth next to Garry’s ear and started to speak slowly and seductively while caressing Garry’s extra large ass.

“He is beautiful isn’t he? Every muscle perfectly formed as if sculpted by the world’s greatest artist; ideal symmetry and proportion of every body part. His olive skin is absolutely flawless. Look as his abdominal muscles flex and relax with every breath. His waist is so tight and his hips so narrow, not an ounce of fat on him. See the deep groove that runs along his hip bone: and the power in those thighs. Imagine how they must feel; so warm and hard.” Garry tried closing his eyes, but the object before him was too beautiful. His cock started to get hard, he tried to stop it but he couldn’t.

“Please stop. Don’t do this to me in front of him,” Garry whispered.

Lucas continued to hold Garry’s head up by his hair with one hand; he took his other hand off Garry’s ass and wrapped it around his hardening cock. Stroking it slowly he continued his sensual tour of Mark’s body. “Look at those huge balls, the source of all this masculine perfection. Imagine the amount of testosterone they must pump out to maintain that muscular body. Finally we come to the envy of every man who has ever laid eyes upon it; that cock of his, so long and thick. What would it feel like to suck it; to taste his cum, savoring his very essence in your hot moist mouth? Running your hands over his firm ass; squeezing a smooth globe in each hand. He shivers with pleasure while tenderly running his long fingers through your hair.” Garry started to moan, his breathing quickening, his balls churning and his cock harder than it has ever been, sticking straight up against his abs. “And after you finish sucking him dry, he smiles at you and puts his full, soft lips around your cock, licking the tip, trying his best to please you. He then begs you to pump his ass, filling him with your manhood. Because he has secretly always wanted you as much as you wanted him. Tell me how much you want him. How much you love him. Tell me now and we can end this.”

“Yes, I want him. I want him and I love him” Garry shot his load hitting the bottom of his thick pecs that extended out over this abs. He collapses onto the floor embarrassed by having his deepest sexual fantasy revealed to everyone, especially Mark. “I hate you Lucas. I used to pity you, but now I know you are a sick mother fucker. You can do what you want to me and I won’t tell you anything. I’ll see in you hell before I ever let you get your hands on those dolls.”

Lucas stood up and walked to the card table. “I believe you. But now that I know how you really feel about Mark, I don’t need to do anything to you to make you tell me what I want. Bring Mark over there” Lucas told the two men still holding Mark. The men pushed Mark over towards the table. Lucas kept gesturing to the men to move Mark closer to the table, until Mark’s cock was being crushed by table’s edge. Lucas reached down and pulled Mark’s long cock and massive ball sack up and laid his king sized equipment onto the table. “Let’s get two more men to stand behind Mark so he doesn’t move” Lucas grabbed Mark’s thick cock again and talking to Sheldon who was holding Mark’s right arm, “And you hold this up and out of the way.” Sheldon grabbed Mark’s soft cock and held it flat against Mark’s cobblestone gut. He marveled at the size and weight of Mark’s meat. Mark’s large balls were completely exposed and spread out on the table before him. Lucas walked over to a tool chest on the other side of the room and pulled out a hammer. Mark’s eyes widened, he tried to move, but was held in place by the 4 strong men that surrounded him, using all their strength to hold the bodybuilder steady.

“Magic isn’t the only way to steal a man’s muscles. There’s also castration” Lucas said as he slammed the hammer down on the table less than an inch from Mark’s nuts. The hammer hit with such force it left a dent in the wooden top. “Not only will your muscles go, but you’ll get fat, lose that sexy five o’clock shadow and your huge rod will forever be limp as a overcooked noodle. It will be such a shame.” Lucas raised the hammer high over his head. Mark tried to scream through his duct taped mouth.

“Stop!” Garry yelled at Lucas, “The dolls are at the frat house. There’s a hold bureau covered by a tarp in the far corner of the attic. The dolls are in the middle drawer.”

Lucas dropped the hammer onto the floor behind him. “Artie, go across the street and bring me the dolls. And be quick about it.” Lucas ripped the tape off of Mark’s mouth, “Next time I want the world to hear your cowardly screams.” Lucas walked toward Garry still lying on the floor. “And you better be telling me the truth or I will start cracking nuts, first the pretty boy and then you” Lucas told Garry as he kicked him repeatedly his still sore gut.

To deal with the excruciating pain, Lucas mind drifted back, recalling his visit to the old woman in the bayou. He hadn’t told Mark the whole story earlier. The old woman originally didn’t want Garry’s money. But she looked in his eyes and asked “You too are familiar with casting spells, are you not? Why haven’t you used magic to get the things you want?”

“I have only cast one spell. That was in self defense, to undo Lucas’s spell. With magic it seems someone must always pay for someone else to benefit. I don’t want anything that badly. I don’t want to see anybody get hurt because of me” Garry answered.

“Not even the man you has caused you and your friend such pain and humiliation. I know there is something he possesses that you greatly desire” the woman asked still looking into Garry’s eyes and putting her small hand on Garry’s huge chest.

“I don’t wish Lucas any harm. Sometimes I feel sorry for him. I just want to stop him from hurting anyone else.” Lucas replied putting the dolls into his backpack.

“Your heart is as big as your muscles. If you don’t mind, I will take that money you offered me. And in return I’ll give you some advice. Confess your true feelings to your best friend. If in his heart he feels the same towards you, you will become the man you should be.” The old woman then looked down at the floor and starting mumbling again. Garry started to look through his backpack for his wallet. The woman suddenly put her hand on Garry’s crotch, lightly cupping his manhood. The woman stopped muttering under her breath, let go of Garry’s package and put her hand out for payment.

Garry paid her the money. “Thank you for your help” Garry said backing out of the shack. He walked quickly to his car, not sure at what just happened.

Artie returned with the dolls in less than ten minutes. “Here you go, Lucas. They were just where he told you they would be” Artie said trying to catch his breath as he handed the bundled dolls to Lucas.

Lucas put his hand out for the dolls and dropped them quickly when he saw the acacia tree thorn. “Artie, remove that thorn from the wrapping.” Artie removed the thorn holding it between his fingers. “Take the hammer and smash it into pieces. Then wash the pieces down the garbage disposal.” Lucas ordered. Artie did what he was told without questioning the reason.

“I underestimated your intelligence. I didn’t realize you had both brains and brawn.” Lucas said to Garry still lying on the floor.

Artie returned from the kitchen and stood next to Lucas. “Artie now it’s our time to grow. Take off your clothes.” Lucas said while staring at the dolls. Artie didn’t want to strip in front of all these handsome, muscular jocks; but he had to do as Lucas said. He was by far the shortest, thinnest, ugliest, least endowed man there; as he removed his last piece of clothing, his underwear, snickering was heard from the other men. “Unwrap the dolls, Artie” Lucas said afraid to touch them in case there was another thorn inside. Artie untied the knot and removed the white protection cloth finally allowing Lucas’s spell to take its toll on Garry and Mark. Artie put the two dolls on the table, immediately he felt a strange sensation. He felt dizzy, as did Mark. Lucas watched as Artie’s balls started to grow, more than tripling in size. He turned to see Mark’s golf ball sized testicles shrink down to marbles. Artie felt the rush of testosterone throughout his groin. He cock started to harden, quickly reaching its normal four inch size. Artie began stroking his hard-on, it pulsed then continued to grow. Mark’s six inch soft penis receded within in body, stopping when it reached a very skinny one and a half inches. Mark’s tiny dick now got lost in his thick pubic hair. His body and facial features softened, his muscles sagging slightly under their own massive weight, his shoulders hunching forward. Artie’s cock thickened and grew until maxing out just past eleven inches. Artie’s body became firmer, his face more masculine, his hair thicker and his posture improved drastically. Artie could not hold back the ecstasy of his change, grabbing his underwear off the table and using it to catch his load as he came. Lucas felt the change too, but it was not as dramatic, since he was already better hung than Garry. But he gained a little more size in his ball sack and cock.

Artie squeezed the last bit of cum from his softening cock into his waded up underwear. Mark, like every other man in the room, was staring at Artie’s massive rod. “Amazing isn’t it?” Artie asked Mark who diverted his gaze. “It’s okay, you can look. People have always admired my cock. I bet you wish you had something like this between your legs; with your face and body, you would be the perfect stud.”

“Having a small penis has never bothered me. At least that’s the only thing small about me” Mark said defensively, taking a dig at Artie’s small stature.

Artie, whose body was surging with hormones, flew into a rage, “Are you saying you’re more of a man than I am, stubby. I take you on right here and now.”

“This is a fight I want to see. Sheldon, untie his hands. The rest of you move this table and form a circle around our two gladiators.” Everyone followed Lucas directions. Mark, removing the cut duct tape from his wrists, stood in the center of the room with Artie. Garry was off to the side of the room, still sitting on the floor. His view blocked by the other men.

“I’m not going to fight you, Artie. I’m like a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier than you. Let’s just say you won and call it a day.” Mark said while rubbing his wrist, not really looking at Artie.

Artie knew Mark was right. Mark’s muscles were huge and powerful. He noticed Mark’s torso was covered with bruises from his earlier beatings. Artie thought if he couldn’t win fairly, he’d play dirty. Artie rushed up to Mark and punched him in the gut with all the strength we had in his scrawny body. Mark was caught off guard and bent forward while grabbing his stomach. Artie then moved behind Mark and sucker punched him in the kidneys. Mark fell to one knee in pain. Artie grabbed one of Mark’s massive arms and tried to bend it behind Mark’s back to force him to the floor. Mark quickly reversed Artie’s weak grip and threw Artie several feet in the air before he hit the floor hard. Artie looked to Lucas for help.

“Artie while you’re down there. Why don’t you give me 25 push ups” Lucas decided to even the playing field a little, by speeding up the transfer process. Artie did what he was told, his body filling out with every push up. Mark got back on his feet still holding his sore gut, his arms and chest thinning as Artie got bigger. Artie stood up feeling energized.

“Okay, let’s stop now before you get hurt” Mark said trying to calm Artie down. Artie rushed Mark again; slamming his larger more powerful fist into Mark’s weakened abdominals. The air was knocked out of Mark, surprised by the power in Artie’s punch. Again Mark fell to one knee. Artie grabbed Mark’s arm again, but this time Mark couldn’t stop him. The harder Mark tried, the weaker he got. Artie was able to twist Mark’s arm behind him and force him onto the floor face first. Artie’s body was bulging all over with growth, not realizing the force of his new muscles, he brought Mark’s arm to the breaking point. “I give, I give” Mark said, his whole body in pain. Artie let go and waited for Mark to stand up. Mark slowly raised himself up off the floor. He now only had a slight size advantage over Artie. Mark put his hands up indicating enough, I don’t want to fight anymore. But Artie grabbed Mark’s hands, interlocking their fingers. Artie raised his hands to push Mark down. Mark pushed back forcing Artie to one knee. Both men used every muscle in their body to get an advantage. Mark continued to shrink with every push, his body shaking trying to hold his winning position. Artie got back on his feet using his bulging thigh muscles. He was now taller than Mark. Mark put his right leg back bracing himself against the force Artie was applying. Artie’s muscles exploded with size and power; his shoulders and back widening by the second. Mark fell to his knees, smaller than Artie was this morning. Artie threw Mark backwards with a burst of raw strength while releasing his grip. Mark fell onto the floor. He looked up at Artie whose massive muscles and cock exuded pure masculinity. He didn’t have the same beautiful lines of Mark’s old body, by his muscles were larger. Artie had the physique of a professional bodybuilder, every muscle huge and distinct. He looked indestructible with his hands on his hips and his legs slightly apart.

“Are we done here?” asked Artie flexing his pecs while looking down at the puny Mark. All the men started to laugh at Mark.

Mark felt humiliated and angry. He stood up and wrapped his arms around Artie’s torso trying to knock him down. Mark’s arms were just long enough to encircle Artie’s immense chest. He was able to grasp his small hands together and squeeze Artie with all his strength. Artie didn’t change position; he just took a deep breath and flexed his pecs, breaking Mark’s hold and forcing Mark’s hands apart. Realizing he couldn’t push Artie down. Mark started punching Artie in the stomach with all the force his thin arms could produce. “You’ve got to be kidding me” was all the Artie said without moving. Each punch of Artie’s abs made them stronger and harder, as the last visible muscle left Mark’s body. Mark’s punches made no impact on Artie; he didn’t even have to flex his abdominals anymore. Artie raised one hand to cover his mouth, faking a yawn. The men in the room started to laugh again. Mark stopped for a moment to catch his breath. Then he grabbed onto Artie’s thick foreman trying to force his hand from his hip. He put one foot on Artie’s massive thigh to get better leverage, but still couldn’t budge Artie’s arm. Artie just looked at Mark and laughed. Mark let go, his body now just skin and bones. He looked like a malnourished 14 year old boy. Mark’s last attempt was to try to pull Artie down by using all of his remaining body weight. He wrapped his twig-like limbs around Artie’s boulder-sized upper arm. Mark squeezed with all his strength, hanging on for dear life. Artie just raised his arm to shoulder level, easily lifting Mark off the ground, Mark’s feet dangling in the air. Artie then bent his elbow, forcing his bicep to swell. Mark squeezed harder, but it was impossible for him to stop the power of Artie’s 23” mountain of muscle. The steel hard peak grew larger breaking Mark’s hold. Mark tired to grab onto Artie’s arm; but it was too large and hard, and the skin too tight, for his small hands to get a grip. Mark fell to the floor on his bony ass. Everyone in the room was laughing hysterically. Mark eyes welled up with tears.

“I told you I didn’t want to fight you. You’re a foot taller and outweigh me by more than a hundred pounds. I tired of you Delta jocks always picking on us smaller guys” Mark said in a higher pitched voice.

“You’re right, little dude. It wasn’t fair, but it sure was fun,” Artie said in a deep baritone voice rubbing his inflated bicep, savoring its size and hardness. “Why don’t you put your clothes on and get back to the geek house.”

Mark walked over to wear Artie left his clothes. Mark didn’t recognize them, but they had to be his, they were too small for anyone else in the room. Mark put on the small size t-shirt that hung loose on his tiny frame. He pulled up the pants, rolling up the cuffs to make them fit his short legs, and held onto the waist band to prevent them from falling down. He walked towards the men blocking the door. They looked at Lucas, who was doing some pushups against the wall, adding size to his chest and arms. “Let him go, he has nothing left to offer.” Mark walked out the door giving Garry a final sorrowful look.

“How would you like more of a challenge, Artie?” Lucas said caressing his newly enlarged chest as he walked over to Garry.

“Definitely, and the name is T,” said Artie. The men moved away from the center of the room to give Artie a wide berth as he walked to meet Lucas. Artie was easily the biggest man in the room, since Lucas had stolen about 15 pounds of muscle from Garry. Every muscle on Artie’s body was fully pumped. His arms forced away from his body by overdeveloped lats. He brought his huge arms forward to flex his chest and abs while stretching his barn door sized back and powerful delts. He then flexed his broad back widening his shoulders, lengthening his spine and stretching his immense slabs of pec meat. His pecs continued to bunch and relax as he pumped his arms causing his biceps and triceps to expand. As he walked, his legs were forced to swing outward to accommodate his massive thighs; his large ass cheeks rising and failing with each step. His 8” long, semi-soft cock and huge balls were pushed from thigh to thigh as he moved. Many of Artie’s brothers were now stroking their hard cocks while watching this magnificent muscle display.

Lucas told Sheldon to remove the duct tape from Garry’s wrists. Sheldon then helped Garry stand as he pulled up his shorts. Both Artie and Lucas now stood at the same height as Garry. “Once and for all, we’ll decide which one of us is the strongest man on campus,” Artie said as he grabbed Garry by the arm, squeezing his diminished left tricep, and pushed him to the center of the room. Garry, still dizzy from the beatings and the loss of muscle, stood there disoriented.

Lucas walked over to the card table and picked up Garry’s and Mark’s voodoo dolls. He held one in each hand and then said “Like Mark, when I’m through with you, you’ll be a pathetic excuse for a man. Small, weak and helpless like these dolls. You’ll know what it is to be reviled or pitied, or even worse ignored, because of the way you look. You’ll have all your physical advantages taking away, no longer respected, idolized or feared. I’m taking away everything that’s good, just like you took it from me. T, destroy him.” Garry stared at Lucas as he spoke. He had never seen such anger and hatred; it had to be the look of evil.

Artie wrapped his thick arms around Garry’s chest and squeezed. The powerful bear hug made it difficult for Garry to breath. Garry put his hands on Artie’s shoulders and tried to push himself free. The more he pushed the less effective he seemed to be. Garry’s enormous arms were deflating as he struggled against Artie. Lucas felt the rush of power entering his arms; how he missed the intoxicating feeling of being a muscular man. He knew that Garry’s extraordinary muscle mass on his narrower frame would look incredible. He would have a physique more perfect than any bodybuilder that ever lived. And with his handsome face and huge cock, the world would be his for the taking. Lucas closed his eyes enjoying his intensified virility. The feeling was causing him to get hard; he had to flex his arms, to feel their awesome power. He raised his arms straight out, still holding onto the dolls. He bent his elbows, causing his ever growing biceps to peak. He squeezed his arms tighter and tighter, finally squeezing his large hands around the dolls with all his might. Suddenly, Lucas let a loud gasp, his eyes opening wide. Everyone in the room turned to look at him. Artie let go of the much smaller Garry, who fell to the floor in exhaustion. Lucas looked at his right hand and saw the sharp tip of an acacia thorn sticking out through the back of his hand. He turned to his left hand and saw the same thing. He opened his hands and dropped the blood soaked dolls; the other end of the thorns could be seen in his palms. Lucas stood there with mouth wide open as if he couldn’t breath. Suddenly a gust of wind broke through the windows and filled the room. Debris flew about everywhere. Lucas let out a shrill scream as hundreds of thorns broke through his skin, pushing out from the inside. His entire face and body covered with thorns. Garry thought of the old woman’s tale of the evil African medicine man and how he died. The wind stopped as suddenly as it started and everyone in the room collapsed into unconsciousness.

Garry was the first one to wake. He went to Lucas’s side. Lucas’s body was back to being weak and overweight. The thorns and wounds were gone except those in his palms. Garry thought quickly and removed Mark’s and his face from the bloody voodoo dolls. He looked around the room and noticed that all the Delta men were back to there natural small size. He took one last look at Lucas. He still had such a handsome face. He scanned down to look at his most admirable feature and noticed his previously huge cock was tiny. Garry heard a moan from one of the other men in the room and decided it would be best for him to leave. Garry hurried out the door and ran across the street to his house.

Garry entered his house and saw Mark lying in the living room virtually nude. Artie’s old clothes were turned to shreds by the return of Mark’s old physique. The small clothes were unable to contain his extra large muscles. The only thing still intact was the pants 32” waist band. Mark brought his hand to his face as he started to wake. Garry quickly ran up the stairs to avoid being seen. He went to his room and sat on his bed, he heard people moving about the house talking. Garry did not know what he should do next.

After a short time, Garry heard an ambulance pulling up to the Delta house, followed by two police cars. He had a great view of the street from his window. The vehicles flashing lights illuminated the darkening sky and Garry’s small room. He saw 2 cops leave the Delta house and walk towards his house. A moment later he heard Mark’s voice calling all the house mates into the living room. Garry pulled on a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt to cover his bruises. He also stopped by the bathroom to wash the blood off his face. He joined his brothers on a sofa, avoiding making eye contact with Mark. Garry did notice that Mark was wearing long pants and a long sleeve shirt, too.

Mark stood in the back of the room as the officers asked their questions. He stared at the back of Garry’s head the entire time. He kept thinking about what happened and how their relationship had changed today. He recalled all they had been through together this year and how much Garry had meant to him. His eyes welled with tears as he realized the friendship they had was over. Garry began to fidget. He hadn’t worn these jeans in sometime and they suddenly felt uncomfortably tight.

The police finished their questions and told everyone they could go. They asked Mark to show them Lucas’s room. Garry went back to his room; the day’s events finally taken their toll, he was exhausted. He decided to take a shower before going to bed early. The warm water felt good as it hit his sore muscles. As he started to lather his balls, he felt something was different. The feeling reinforced when he grabbed his cock. Garry’s large frame and thick chest made it difficult for him to see his groin in the small shower stall. He quickly rinsed himself off and went to the mirror over the sink. He couldn’t believe his eyes; his cock was much larger and thicker. His huge meat forced outward by a set of lemon sized balls. His own package now exceeded Mark’s. He remembered the old woman grabbing him right before he left her shack. Was this what she meant when she said he would become the man he should be when he confessed his true feelings to Mark? He also remembered how small Lucas’s cock looked when he last saw him. Did she cast a spell giving him Lucas’s most prized possession? He grabbed his manhood and loved the weight of it; his entire body now in perfect proportion.

Garry walked to his room, laughing to himself as he watched his cock swing from side to side. He put a Josh Gorban CD in his stereo system and crawled into bed. He hoped the mellow music would lull him to sleep. His room was filled with gray moonlight streaming through his open window. Garry laid there with one hand behind his head and the other mindlessly playing with his large cock. He looked up at the ceiling as today’s drama ran over and over in is head. There was a soft knock at his door.

“Come in” Garry said before even thinking. Garry saw Mark opening his door.

“Did I wake you?” Mark asked softly.

“No, I was just lying here” Garry answered while reaching for his table lamp.

“Please, leave the light off. The dark feels more comforting tonight” Mark pleaded.

“Sure, how are you feeling?” Garry asked settling back into bed.

“I’m pretty sore.” Mark said rubbing his stomach through his sweatshirt.

“I know what you mean” Garry said with a slight laugh.

“The cops finally left.” Mark entered Garry’s room and closed the door behind him. He walked to the window by the foot of Garry’s bed and leaned against the window frame. Mark stared out the window as he talked quietly to Garry. Garry’s eyes never left Mark’s face trying to read his expressions. “They told me Lucas is in a coma. They don’t know if or when he will ever come out of it. They also have no idea what happened here today.” Mark paused, his eyes filling with tears. “You have to tell me one day what happened after I left you there. It seems you saved me from Lucas again.” Mark paused once more trying to get control of his emotions. “Everyone is a little hazy on the details of the day. They are also suffering from killer headaches, almost like a hangover. Unfortunately we can’t say the same thing can we? We remember everything that happened. I guess because we were under Lucas’s spell for such a short time, compared to everyone else.”

Garry waited for Mark to continue, he didn’t know what to say. In the silence the CD playing softly in the background changed tracks. The song began.

I have been blind, unwilling,
to see the true love you’re giving
I have ignored every blessing
I’m on my knees confessing

Garry couldn’t take Mark’s silence anymore. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want it to come out like that. Your friendship means everything to me. And friendship is all I need from you. I take back everything I said, and we can forget it ever happened.”

“You can’t take it back” Mark said still looking out the window. “Words are funny things. They have no mass or weight, but are the most powerful things on Earth. I can’t…..” Mark stopped in mid sentence looking frustrated.

I have been wrong about you
I thought I was strong without you
For so long, nothing could move me
For so long, nothing could change me

Garry was afraid Mark was about to end their friendship and tried once more to save it. “Okay so we can’t ignore it. But we can work our way past it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me anyway. I’m not really gay; I think Lucas was controlling me or something”

“Don’t, just don’t” Mark interrupted Garry. He turned away from the window and stood at the foot of Garry’s bed. His voice getting louder, “Do you know what I was thinking when you said what you did?”

Garry couldn’t speak, scared of the answer, he just shook his head no.

“How brave you are. Confessing to something I have been so afraid to admit, even to myself. You were willing to sacrifice everything to protect me. No one has ever loved me that much before.” Mark spoke with such passion it surprised Garry. Mark didn’t say another word, keeping his eyes locked on Garry’s as he moved. Mark walked to the side of Garry’s bed and pulled his shirt up over his head revealing his prized torso. He unzipped his jeans, his large cock pushing its way through the opening. After undoing the button, he slipped his pants off and stood there naked in front of Garry. This time no one was forcing him there. Garry swallowed hard nervously. Mark reached for the covers and slid into Garry’s bed; the metal frame protesting the weight of the two muscle men.

You are the air that I breathe
You’re the ground beneath my feet
When did stop believing?
Now I feel myself surrender
Each time I see your face
I am captured by your beauty
Your unassuming grace
And I feel my heart is turning
Falling into place
I can’t hide it
Now hear my confession

Each man lay on his side staring into each other’s eyes. Mark touched Garry’s forearm which lay on top of the blanket. He ran his hand up Garry’s powerful arm, over his shoulder and up the back of his neck. He pulled Garry face closer to his and kissed him deeply. The passion the two had been denying for almost a year, exploded. They kissed lustfully for several minutes, their tongues playing against each other. Both men ran their hands over the other’s broad back and round ass. Garry moved his body closer to kiss Mark’s chest, forcing his hard cock into Mark’s abs. Mark moved his hand to grasp Garry’s rod. Mark’s eyes widened and he chuckled, “Feels like you have more than one story to tell me.”

“Later,” Garry said as he pulled Mark’s hard body on top of his. Their enormous, hard cocks sandwiched between their sculpted abdominals were massaged with every breath as they continued to kiss passionately. Waves of unimaginable pleasure washed over them. They continued to explore each other bodies throughout the night; the first of many such nights. The next three years of college were going to be full of good times. And nobody could take that away from them now.

I can’t hide it
Now hear my confession