Catch of the Day: Dan (hypno)

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The website had come to the The Agency's attention only recently, despite being online for almost a year. It was something amazing. Every day, a photo of a man was posted, usually stolen off some social media site. The kind of guy in the photo didn't matter: old, fat, burnout, douchebag, any kind of guy you could bring to mind.

And every day, the comments on the site talked about how to improve the guy. Bigger muscles and sluttier clothing. And always, always, the suggestion that the guys should be turned gay. They'd turn into a power bottom, or a cum addicted cocksucker, or go-go dancer. The commenters were extremely creative.

It was that kind of website.

Deviants on the internet wasn't really too much to worry about, but this site was different. On this site, the men were actually transformed. By the end of the day, each man was some gay jackoff fantasy made manifest. It was the most impressive piece of technology The Agency had ever seen. They had to own it, but Travis, the moderator, was almost untraceable.

The agency had tried a few different ways to draw Travis into the light, but eventually their embedded agent had suggested a more direct approach.

Dan suspected The Agency didn't realize just how much peering around dark corners and asking veiled questions the direct approach required, but all the work had finally paid off. He had a name and an address, and he was ready to broker a deal.

The address belonged to an office building. It wasn't a skyscraper, but at twenty stories of glass and steel, it was impressive.

Dan wasn't sure what to expect. For all they knew, Travis was some lonely IT guy on the 13th floor, pretending to Reddit while he fucked around with the cities male population. Dan had watched enough TV to believe that a nerd with a computer keyboard could perform just about any kind of magic.

He strolled into the building and walked right up to the security desk, bold as anything.

"I'm here to see someone who works here, but I'm afraid I don't have his office number. Is there a building directory we can look him up in?"

The two security guards at the desk smiled up at him. "I'm sorry sir, but this building has strict policies. I'm afraid I can't let you in without a pass."

Dan looked over the guards, then he looked them over again. If he was right, these guys were probably twins. They both had dark hair, piercing blue eyes, angular faces, and meaty bodies. Their security uniforms clung to hard muscle like they were specially fitted. It was such a waste that these guys were working the afternoon shift at a security desk - these guys belonged in underwear ads.

Of course they did. They weren't just twins. The pieces snapped together in Dan's head.

"I'm here to see Travis," he said.

Both guards went blank for a moment, listened in their radio headsets, and got up.

"Of course sir, we'll just need to issue you a pass."

These guys weren't just security guards. That was the result of Travis' programming them. Travis probably ran this whole building with people under his control.

One of The Twins pulled a webcam off the desk and pointed it at Dan. There was a quiet 'click' sound as his image was recorded and sent to the badge printer. In moments, he had a pass.

"Alright sir, just clip that on to your shirt, then please follow me."

They passed seven more of the 'Twins' before they got to the elevator, all of them precisely identical in their overfitted white security uniforms.

The Twins punched the button for the top floor, then stepped out. Dan heard their footsteps receding down the hall as the doors closed and he was rocketed upwards towards the penthouse office.

* * *

Dan stepped out of the elevator, into a darkened room.

In the corner of his eye, Dan saw the first monitor flick on. Then the next. Soon, all the monitors in the room were active. All of them showed the photo of Dan, the one that a Twin had taken downstairs.

The light from the monitors finally let him see the figure at the far end of the room clearly. The man was in a hospital bed, propped up on a stack of pillows and with an intravenous tube stuck into his arm. He looked gaunt, weak against the restraints that kept him secured. He looked like a psych patient, with padded leather cuffs tight against his limbs, and a metal collar clasped around his neck.

Dan heard a voice coming from computer speakers scattered around the room. They were all just a little bit out of sync, making the synthesized voice that echoed out of them sound distorted and flimsy. "Dan is unable to move his feet," said the mechanical voice.

He approached the bed, taking a closer look at the man. Whatever the mechanized voice was claiming, Dan had no problem wandering around.

On the bed, the invalid's collar started sparking, like electricity was being run through it. The man jerked a little while the voice repeated it's directive. "Dan is unable to move his feet."

The shock collar throttled back and the man in the bed looked relieved. Dan couldn't move his feet.

"I'm sorry," says the man. "I guess you're looking for me. I'm Travis."

"Agent Dan Simcoe. I suppose you know why I'm here."

"The Machine has it's suspicions, but I don't believe it." said Travis. "You don't have very much time. Tell me."

The mechanical voice said "Dan has dark brown hair".

"Tell me quickly," said Travis.

"I'm with the government," said Dan. "We want you to use your technology to help us, or let us build our own copy of it. There are a number of areas where it will be useful to manipulate the very reality of a person."

The collar sparked again. Travis winced. "Make the most perfectly patriotic soldiers? The most reliable and perfect spies?"

"Dan has dark brown hair," said the Machine.

"You're thinking too small," said Dan. "We could change the ideology of foreign leaders. One day, they'd just wake up and announce democratic elections, and they'd mean it. We could abolish religious tensions. Stop disease and hunger."

The collar stopped sparking. Dan caught sight of his hair in the reflection of a monitor. It was dark brown, just like the Twins.

"You certainly sound like you've bought into that line of bullshit," said Travis weakly. "I don't believe you'd actually do it."

"Dan is 180 pounds, 5'10", and has the following measurements…" the Machine listed out a models proportions.

"You asked me to tell you why I'm here," said Dan. "That's why."

Travis looked very tired as the collar sprang to life again.

"Maybe," he said. "Just maybe you're worth the risk. Now tell me you can get a message out."

The Machine listed off the measurements again. Dan felt his stomach churn and his muscles light on fire. His spine compressed with a sharp pain, and his whole perspective shifted down a couple of inches while his muscles swelled like a good pump, only a dozen times better. Dan fell to his knees in disorientation.

"Tell me you can get a message out," begged Travis.

"I can send a message." Dan pulled out a cell phone and punched up a new text. "What are your terms?"

"This isn't a negotiation, god, you idiot. I need your help," said Travis. "I'm not the one in charge here. I'm not the one changing you into a guard. I don't own the computer."

Travis looked at Dan with sad eyes. "The computer owns me."

"Dan is heavily tanned," said the mechanical voice calmly.

"I have an ability. I can change people's whole life around. Call me a wizard if it makes it easier to understand," Travis continued.

Dan saw himself in the reflection again. His skin had shifted to a carefully acquired gold.

"It's some kind of rogue AI. I don't know why, but I think it's still figuring out what I can do. It's testing me and … I started that damn website, just to fuck around and have some fun with my power. It saw it, and it found me, and it trapped me."

"Dan has a symmetrical and angular face," said the Machine.

"It tortures me until I do it's work. Please, get help. Get out a message. We're out of time."

The collar was sparking again, though Travis was doing his best to resist it's torture. "There are only a couple more commands in this program," he raised his voice in pain. "You need to send the message now!"

Dan tapped a few words into his phone. In the reflective screen, he saw his features morph to match those of the Twins.

>> Travis located, top floor. He's a wizard. There's an AI forcing him to make the changes.

"Dan has clear, blue eyes."

>> Access is unrestricted, but AI is transforming me into building security. Direct approach failed.

Dan saw his eyes turn a piercing blue. He looked up at Travis, spasming under the shock collar.

"Dan is totally loyal to the machine and it's allies. He only thinks of the machines instructions."

>> Newly transformed people are brought before Travis. That might be our way in.

"Send it now," said Travis through gritted teeth. He was being shocked every few moments.

>> Don't let them take your picture.

Dan stabbed at the send button as he felt a fog cover his mind. All his thoughts were pushed down, unable to be expressed at a conscious level. He heard a noise from the phone in his hand, but couldn't explain why he was holding a phone.

"Dan wears the uniform of the machine. He guards it with his life."

Dan felt the fabric of his shirt constrict. The white fabric of his new uniform was perfectly tailored to his compact body. He could have sworn that the fabric was stitched to press against his nipples and tuck underneath the shelf of his pecs.

His pants stayed looser than his shirt, but not by much, just enough to let him chase any intruders that dared to violate the sanctity of the machine. Snaps ran down both legs, the pants ready to be torn away if their tightness presented too much of a problem.

A familiar choker faded into existence on Dan's neck. It looked identical to the one Travis wore, but Dan instinctively knew that this one was for pleasure, not pain. Following the instructions of the machine brought orgasm, each one better than the next. Underneath his pants, Dan could feel a rubber jockstrap cupped around his churning balls, ready to catch all the cum he knew he would be releasing.

A patch formed above the left nipple. It was a name tag. "Danny".

Danny snapped to attention and appraised Travis with empty eyes. "Will there be anything else sir?"

"No," Travis looks resigned. There was nothing else that could be done for Dan. "That'll be all."

"Thank you sir," Danny said with a plastic smile. His collar gave him a small surge, making his dick twitch in nervous anticipation. The machine knew about his service to it's allies and would reward him.

"They will be coming soon," Danny said to the open air. The machine would pick up his words. "My former employer wishes to secure these powers for themselves."

The machine sent another surge through him, causing an instant release of sticky cum into the now slippery rubber jock. He had done well by telling. Danny liked his reward.

Danny headed back to his post, guarding the building against intrusion. There would be an attack on the machine soon, and they needed to be ready.

To be continued?